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The Bienville Democrat. (Arcadia, Bienville Parish, La.) 1912-1980, September 11, 1919, Image 5

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Mlle parish
ar sesion f ti o
rhe present St, ( -o
,. M. White qure- to be
. tL. Coton. ed cost f ao
~e~s, maps,
- to order by the ports, etce
The above
st.nd nl.pted correct, copy
a corroadsº" ian the Polleet.
to tie president State of Loi
reporl 11rd anC September. x
ion as to A o
tioni was for alu
'of an abstract vitlem t
atported that Te for allrt
,ýpitel.ý took up their ('fense Jland It
1. ,T. 1. . Cur
Son r""l and Tax Collectl
" s :Parish ofBIi
{ ff reported road` To-Par. Ts.
pion, and twd To Interest
reported road'` Total Paris.
goo resaporte collected..
Wh~tar r e1) ttl Le gs coin
shape and bridges
"(orttY, rcporteE To Rda. Tx.
and bridges i Less Cot
To Rd. Tx.
N$ol, absent. Less (o'n
joe, reported road To Rd. Tx.
condition. Lkess Coy
, Smith, reporter ro Vehicle
and bridges in fair Less Cot
To Per Cal
' on paupers are as Less Con
Goof reported nc To check p
Parish 7i
.ý,olon, reported nc
,ý. We, the
white, reporte.' mfttý+t, hay
had been place ment and
tsked that Ito b( correct. I
CorleY, rported Sa:
;asked that she be Report
jt. `arish. h
mil1, abdýýut. "tti Partl
Loe reported n° 1st, 1919:
(n Will sty
with, reported nc :ao figurel
oded. the Police eIved a
Fnded.Banik of
urnrreo and 3. 5: 1919. Ti
ttee to see the 'leaded,
of the courthouse harrison
or trade tlfv en- lows:
°ghaUge on a new
osetl now 13 toe May 7th,
it is boitng use' .M1ay 24t
ýý,: " une lit
pded, Dr. H. A Tooke,
j 1Y l to emplo u
iB to see that th u
(pped (iaceordinl- Makin
Battle being 'lip They ci
be distinguishes prior1
ponded. the presi of.
",Jury is authorizet (hey c
,eountailt to eheci vouch
ak accounts of th signed
est .the, eofmitte( .o
lt'e||t, and reppr
ka and accounts hi a
tded the follow o
9tered and unui eani,,
.:hat A. D, Smi Ag
J_ury he and h.o p
'l/rrow for Boat.
yule parish, La Tl b
Eight.Thousand ti
d to pledge thI h
bilstrlct, not @1 - r
ldfrotltlld f
:' treli or WS
ke uultMlh Ku
so borrowed wh
# palr on road, tt
Sadopted by tb h a
uddthe follow ri
Sthe Police Jur a
dtthe ofer $bl fo
Itsfor gdle1. u
stict No. 7i,otpa
iJ and th sawm, W
'the president Ir b
4!'elver to SBI(
bupounhis comU hi
etary or cer~k
any and all re, .19
"ne and drau
i,e , neceS*? T. e
t'he proceedsl be
Iankft Oil
L. Coo, to, Vt
tbtThat the
( 'Uw" the azmount re I clg. Wd. 4,
quired toheton hiwd to cover eftbilt mercial Ba
ed cost o" making the nfeessary sur- Total amt. of
e"oes, maps, plans, investigations, re on Gen. F
ports, etc. Ward 5,
The above and foregoing is a true and mailed me
correct, copy of the original passed b. Smith .......
the Police Jury of Bienvilo parish. total amt. of
State of Louisiana, on the 1st day o0 on Bridge
September. 1919. Ward 5,
J. S. WILLIAMS, mailed me
Clerk of the Police Jury. Smith ......
Settlement with tim parish of Bien. Total amt. o0
vile for all Pari.th Tax. Road Tax, Li- on Road ]
cense and Interest collected for month Ward 5,
of July, 1919. mailed mu
.J. E. Currie, Sheriff and Ex-Oflich Smith ......
Tax Collector, Dr., In account with the
Parish of Blenville, Cr. I ehg. Wd.
To.Par. Tx. collected for July....$419.37 nmercial 1
To Interest collected 'for July.... 9.27 Total amt. o
on Gen. 1
Total Parish Tax and Interest Ward 6.
collected.................................... 428.6-' mailed m
Less commission......... 21.43 Smith .....
Total amt.
Total ........................ .................. 407.2. on Road
To Rd. Tx. Dis. 1.......... $184.75 Ward 6,
Less Corn....................... 9.24 175.51 mailed i
To Rd. Tx. Dis.2 ............. 12.51 Smith ....
Less Comn........................ ..2 11.8f
To Rd. Tx. Dis. 3 ....... 96 chg. Wd.
Less Corn ........... 05 .91 mercial l
to Vehicle Tx. Dis. 4...... 60.75 Total amt.
Less Corn. ......... 3.04 57.71 on Gen.
To Per Capita Tx........... 1.00 Ward 7,
t` Less Corn ........... 05 .95 mailed r
Smith ..
To check paid Jno. F. Harrison, Total amt.
Parish Treasurer ......................$654.18 on Bridg
C ..- - Ward 7,
We, the undersigned Finance Com. mailed i
e( mitte', have examined the above state- Smith ..
e ment and books .and find same to be Total amt,
b correct. Respectfully submitted, on Road
H. L. COI)N, .Ward 7
J. B. LOE, Corn, mailed
b Report to Police Jury of Blenville smith.
garish. Louisiana. by Jno. F. Harri
+en, Parish Treasurer, on this Sept. rcal. Wd
n 1st, 1919: nertial
Will state in beginning that I had Ta r
ao figures to work from until 1 re- Ward 2, (
ie ived statement from Commercial Ward 2, (
eBank of Arc.adia, La., on Aug. 25th Ward 4,
S' 1919. Their statement of this da rd 4.
the 'leaded, 'Tarish of Bienville, Jno. F. Ward 6.
use hIarrison, Treasurer," shows as fol ar7
en- lows:
iew 1919
to( May 7th, balance .....................$13,137.3' Ward 6
May 24th, deposit.................... 13.7 ess von
June 11th, balance of L. M. t Har
Tooke, Ph. Treass...... 3,9'8.71
)une 25th, deposit.................... 29.372.5( Warl7 C
lin. Making a total of ..............$46,402.3
'up Ihey charge old vouelhct Jh
he prior to election of under- The r
signed as Treas. a total
rest of .............. .......$16,491.39 issue of
izet rhey charge and return
heel vouchers signed by under- A. D.
th signed as Treas. a total
itte( . of.......... 5,728.25
uns his makes a total chg.
Bwof ............... . )I,19' I1
n~alnI .aitg a balance as per
their statemlent of date THE
Iii ug. 35, 1910 to credit I
idhof parish .$46..... ,46.35 46,482.315 EL(
LaTI1 books of the undersigned as FIX
indPrirsh Tretisurer show as follows:, 't
e tui hit no balance .from the Police
itS-Jury ot the bank to woork from, Mao
iiS when I r~eeved. tbe stat~nef men 'WI
fudfom' the Commercial Bank, x hta
O' oktheir total deposits, which3
S. ... .......as ...................t
e[th mubstiact the old warrantsPlt
Blntheyr bad charged a nd tr
owdwhich wets issued before pae
S l(my election as TFreas. their1,4.8
roa total.......................1.,4.... e_~
rotal amt. of ,ou, e~s sign
Q):~I) by Treas--and whieh
e.-were insued on July 7, 1919 O46, C thron
folw hs leves a balance of,.'. . $2,82.3(cs
tebarle :the Oonunerll o!
er Bankad.credt Ward 6
t hifrvoUch~er No. 17c, Issul. et,
ad1re t. Ilafftt Shoderc- Pan
o~t. ,otp~r now 41e5d . Thi
Mf'warraiU. returned _to .me vide
Idntlbyla_ier i. E. Los ..... . ly"
Is orn Thi loav.S ahalanc of ........ thr.
(I "trrtl ndi of vouchers- ol
. 61" 4. th
lahie919 ....". ... .-..... ... . .. 0 etc4"
ecSg?)Frasrer'S books show this j
aesdebla( eludcbinfl hecxks . h, a
k•fA ogtatu,I~ - ........,. . t.l.
~ . It- L *.Pe ab~. .$2,2.l si
tC....,,iciS? ,.." ?i4:. ~aihig .t~ "- '
.i,:.. ..a? .G.*S th
I t9. , bYoo'"re~ .1 "
Ik oYta"i.1. "iS2) Phat., .:"
a d O Ih , warr4ut ' Its
bmy PZ%.A. ~.r
.. . . . . . .. . . . .
e ..
.. 'Rºl~ .M- , . .i.ý.}I .Y 180.4
I chg. Wd. 4, and credit Co.n.
mecal BanikAcda..... 132
Total amt. of warrants drawn
on Gen. Fund for ace't of The sin
Ward 5, as per warrants The bra
mailed me. by Pres. A. D. When Ii
Sm ith ........................ .............
total amt. of warrants drawn 0nly a
on Bridge Fund for acc't of The we
Ward 5, as per warrants sham
mailed me by Pres. A. D.
Smith .............. 41.9 By V
Total amt. of warrants drawn
on Road Fund for acc't of
Ward 5, as per warrants She was
mailed ýme by Pres. A. D. the countrl
Smith ...................................... 9.0( city in the
I ehg. Wd. 5 and credit Corn- money to
nlercial Bank, Arcadia..........$ 572,61 the fashiot
Total amt. of warrants drawn queens. P,
on (len. Fund for acc't of
Ward 6, as per warrants latent of
mailed me by Pres. A. D. the world.
3 Smith ......................................$ 655.0- She goti
_ Total amt. of warrants drawn constitutes
on Road Fund for aec't of hours a da
Ward 6, as per warrants
,1 mailed me by Pres. A. D. sibly she
Smith ...................................... 37.2, - no m att
And the
I chg. Wad. 1, and credit Corn- week. Thy
l mercial Bank, Arcadia..........$ 692.27 back homE
Total amt. of warrants drawn was ignor
ri on Gen. Fund for acc't of S So she{
Ward 7, as per 'warrants
3S mailed me by, Pres. A. D.
S Smith ............ ................. $225.00 the ra.lin
Total amt. of warrants drawn etbook en
18 on Bridge Fund for acc't of a leap fr
Ward 7, as per warrants Then
m" mailed me by Pres. A. D. He kno
te- Sm ith ........................ .............. 12.25 in
be Total amt. of warrants drawn up if
on Road Fund for acc't of where
Ward 7, as per warrants he plea
mailed me by Pres. A. D. had not
,le Sm ith ..................................... 76.0f anythin
held hi
t I1hg. Wd. 7, and credit Corn- Poal1
mereial Bank, Arcadia..........$ 313.2: broke.
gad Treasurer's hooks show as follows: anyth
iWard 1, ('hgd. with a total of $2,309.5i
re- Ward 2, Chgd. with a total of.. 392.00 heroa
;id Ward 3, Chgd. with a total of.. 706:00 n
;li Ward 4. Chgd. with a total of.. 1,362.94 A bi
Ward 5. Chgd. with a total of.. 572.61 tlon 0
fol- Ward 6, Chgd. with a total of.. 692.27 money
Ward 7, ChgJ. with a total of. 313.25 him-i
$6,348.6 Ridi
Ward 6 shows a charge of........$692.27
3 ýess voucher No. 175 issued the ci
to Harriet Shodderick, pauper 5.O Ther
2.(Ward 6 shows a chargenih 1
of ............ ..................$6 87.27 His li
.INO, F. HARRISON. Ph. Troas. stove . i
The remainnor of lhe Police Jury dying.
P'reeedipgs will appear in next week'for foo
issue of the .Democrat. A me
j. S. WILLIAMS, Clrk. are twc
A. D. SMITH, President. blanket
- ' is moat
S ectto .' eIt Ordained by the T
Mayor and Board of Aldermen of the n
iettown "of Arcadia, Blenville parish, h
.Loulsiana &a speciaL session .convenled, k~
ch'that all customers or users of electfl( hw
current throughout .the Town of ArtL
frona. the )untcep'i .Ligh4
Plant are hereby required tO install PO
meters at their respective homes, an("A
places of business, at their own ex: o
2- Section 2. 'Be It. further ordained. i
,o0*etc., That the Municipal llgbtt Plan1 h
shall purchase insters and ins'tall same ~
in! thle residences and business housei
:4.Cthroughout the said Town; "sal6
meters to be so installed at the actual
i,2.(cost price plus One and 50-100 ($1.50)
tot the installation of. asme. th.
Section 8. Be it further ordained, T
etc., That~ the said. Municipal Light si
Plant shall make and collect a chargehe
of fifteen (Uk) cents per K. W. ;pro a
vided that the miuinium .charge tot
li(any month, shall not be less than Gmn,
and 50-100 ($1lG) for each reskience
82.(throu~hoult smfd Town an~d Trwo (,0o) H
Dollars for each-~busines house or of ol
rice in saidl town. He
j4. Sqetion 4. Be It further ordained
etc., That the~ failure of may cuetomel
r user :of-eleCtric current. throughou
Jhe Toi~i of Arcadia, LolsiAnn, i
224Xayhis electric light bill, or the i
| stfalpof meter 0n or by .the 51th oo n
24,441 te oth folloing the lnstallatuoi t
i-~~ thref shl b refused current froni
misd plant, uni l amounts due ar lf
- - ~tI~ . 5 Be It farh yoraie
otfh saua, oarincsh or parts ole,
, k ofAr.' "] O~~ ao
R.:vS.9m,;.a : a b weriruof v rit a 0:'e
ib hh*i ble 4iUSt, end to he l
1e4 t" cii old h moes, d ter : ,~s'
.... * 10-2t.a~temnt
s'" " Ii otj doore OSA te ur
r lt fItial, Parish g of Aak BletVillh
$ts at:l L' gieV 1..Sue
D;*. ?o N), Third ud.ici.a- Distri,
-f ' .* ed gt adile Court ad to Imei ' tllic
.i ndlAfef)s i ,
,. Is., ..-eM1 .~dhg~tbde o ~l
I.); ! .. ..li ooapaomft
-V f
~i c
- i .~ Irrra a
'r receitly
Division of
-- tloy sweet
The simple lass. it
The broken working man. vcirg iy w
When life entered the door. J)c':1zrtmeiit.
Only a gutter bum. '. Baton It
The woman who knew no Sipe Spy
Going inl
By w. Alexander Imlay
She was only a simple girl from
the country. She entered the big
city in the hope of earning enough
money to give her the clothing of
the fashion plate ladies and movie
queens. Perhaps she came with the
ilatent of making herself useful in
the world,
She got a Job. It was work, if that . -
constitutes a job? She slaved nine cates, whi
hours a day behind a counter or pos. sale by tl
sibly she stacked matches in boxes ment. The
-no matter she got the job. and three
$1,000 Ce:
And the salary, magniflcent-$1O a On the fi
week. The clerks in Perkins' store and $1,001
i back home only got $6 but then she tificates v
was ignorant as yet you see. represent
So she drifted along until one fine woman ar
night she found herself hanging over surroundif
the railing of the river bridge, pock- now safe
etbook empty, hungry-contemplating owners w at
a leap from the bridge-or worse. Registere
Then there is the worklig man. I cates cap
He knows no trade for he grew banks an
up in untrammeled America class Pc
where one is permitted to do as Governm
he pleases. An Indulgent father Stamps.
had not i~islsted on hlih learning
0( anything useful. His mother up.
held him in Idleness.
Possibly the father' went
.2 broke. Possibly he never had
Sanything. At least we find our
hero at forty, discouraged, know
Sing no trade, on the bum.
.04 A bad sason strikes his sec
.61 tion of the country. He has no
27 money, no friends. Then we find
i2 him-where?
Riding the rods to a better
2./ land, in jail and out, a knight of
the cinder trail.
The poor mana comes one dreary
- night to a cold home. He is
out of -ork. He knows no friends.
His children are huddled around a
stove in which the last embers are
fury dying. A small girl of four weep3
ek'r for food.
A mother in the next room-there
'k. are two rooms-lies In a bed of old
blankets and ragged great coats. She
is moaning in pain.
A little life is to come into the
world before many .hours have .pass
lA-ed. There is no doctor, no provis
OUT ions. There is no ire, no light.
ALT In despair the man goes into the
OF night stumbling against the cold
THE wind seeking assistance in his trou
v the There is a gutter bum who has
ithe no knowledge of how loathsome
arish. he rally Is. Drunken, abused,
reae(kicked and cuffed be dodges ail
lectrk human beings.
Like a trounced dog he avoids
nstapepl pope yet hd muit seek them.
,.ii At lst he decides that he is
ii ex doWnVr d out. He-goes down the
streetwivth longing in his heart.
lamed, Hb longs to tell some one how
nhedespiseS self.
I r - He has reached the turning
housei point. Will some one hold out a
Hal hal he laughs He knows
($1.0) 'the world.
alned, Then thfere is the womltn without
ight shame. Christ baE4Jfompassio n on
charge her kind but she iba ./come to think
I., pr that no one else <had: liarpy llke_
r~-o el. e ples her way about the streets
an 0n of the great city.
(p.00) Her cheeks ar Incarndline. Her
B or of seul is as red as her painted lips.
Her eyes are as full of guile as the
"lultd mIbshalmPen mind,9 •
ustomelUnVloved, much caressed,, hiited, a
lana~ pye¥ upon society she comes to the
the In last step down, then she finds go.d
e 5th o' in her heart. Does anyone else find
mt t fron So they run through tite annals of
due a ~life.* But hee iss what happened,
•rdained The simple girl went to a clean
piu't o: boarning house and after a few
I be a f yeara made good. She blossomed"
into a flower of pure woman
1ETTE, hogd
The workingman went to work.
Ingl man's hotel. He was given
sheltar and clothing with food as
I 'm h the lowly Nazarene commanded.
n' td~f' He learned i .trade and became
10U2. sefUl. He beoame a producer,
The poor man sent his wife
to a maternity home where she
'BBlneille. . reeived good care. His children
?.. hutee were sent food, clothing and.
a writ : The gutter bum was. offered a
ieove i chance at slf .rehqbllitatlon, He.
lrr fl.' glli made good. He quit drink, got a
rjr 'ifo Jaei job and was usful. .
meent, a··--c
the Cenr ' I The harpy was sent to a res
a, BIeenviih - v home and became a woman.
d 'sal aShe who was old only in experi,
enoe again learned the simple
19i9 love of a child. She wa5 saved"
ropttY, tto fOe the world.
Each was paved through th.
thetdedene Salvation Army and its orglat"i
atfsa-itlonfb r mankrind.
,oet. _________________
•l~ Op. .... .TPL:We~~MJL
iguett igbigfr~. geG Imf~Sje it Uld' CW~I8UIS
A,, ,.e.4ur~ jgjthegemsPsmt~
), i F8hetN t3. tml! Yer , 104.
:-wt " Niheflet m wre not to. in enS
~tsI W5S O B 1 lariads in Blen
tI2,014,, iWoOt~ peilalty of
:arvesting Sweet Potatoes, a circu Bu
1ar reeeutly issued by the Extensioib
Division of the Louisiana Statt
('n.versity, should be in the hands of e
evUry sweet potato grower in the ac
;:',,. It may be obtained free of
rc;1rge by writing to the Hortieultura!
l)epartment. Extension Division, L. S.
U., Baton Rouge.
Sipe Springs Oil Money Is
Going into Safe Investments. iy
Bringing inof o
;iew oil wells at do
Sipe Springs, al
* Texas, natural
S ly brought large
amounts of mon
ýy to many of Ii
its inhabitants
and a goodly
portion of this
has already been
invested in Reg
istered Treasury
t ' -- ' - Savings Certifi
e cates, which have just been put oq
s I ale by the U. S Treasury Departs
a ment. The State Bank of Sipe Springs
and three individuals each bought a
$1,000 Certificate on the same day.
On the first of August, enough $100
e and $1,000 Registered Treasury Cer
tificates were held in Sipe Springs to
represent $6 invested by every man,
io i woman and child in the town and the
surrounding township. This money is
k- now safe, is earning interest for its
owners and can be turned into cash,
with the interest, if desired. The new
Registered Treasury Savings Certifi
cates can be gotten from
jbanks and first ahd second
class postoffices, so can
Governmeqnt War Savings
Stamps. "
'ihe Ford Model T One Tonl Truck i in reality a necessity to the wide awake
retail grocer, not only for the economic solution of the delivery problem, but for
the bringing of goods from the docks or stations to his place of business, and for
traversing the country and bringing in produce. For years the Ford One Ton
Truck with its splendid manganese bronze worm-drive, powerful Ford Model
T Motcr, strong Vanadium steel frame, has been serving in every line of business
activity, and we have yet to hear the first complaint as to rear axle trouble or
motor trouble. It (ian the lowest purchase price on the market, and the cost
for operating and miaintaining is exceedingly small. In fact, the Ford One Ton
Truck has become a business necessity. Leave your order with us without delay.'
We will give you prompt attention and assure you reasonably prompt delivery,
a and give you an after service that will insure your continuous opration theC
S Truck.
W. R. Fogle, Jr
Minden, Louisiana
("AMELS are the most refreshing, satisfying cigarette you
Clever smoked! Put all your cigarette desires in a bunch,
Cwhelaresoldeveryy then buy some Camels, give them every taste-test and know
a sealedpackage' of 20 for your own satisfaction that in quality, flavor, smooth
clgarettes or ten pack/ body anS in many other delightful ways Camels are in a
theages (200 cigarette) cla by themselves!
vere carton. Camels are an expert blend of choice Turkish and choice
a strongly recommend Domestic tobaccos. You'll not only prefer this blend to either
, !this carton for the
lt ahome or io. supply kind of tobacco smoked straight, but you'll appreciate the
or when you travl! remarkable full-bodied.mildness and smooth, refreshing
1L J. IeyssdTolmbccCo flavor it providesl Camels are a cigarette revelation!
..Wiuat.g. 4ulh. C* Camels win you in so many new wayst They not only
mag. permit you to smoke liberally without tirin'4 your
e p. 'I 18 a package taste but leave no unpleasant cigaretty aftertaste or in*
pleasant cigaretty odor !
in the world at any price! You'll
~h a;.', ' 49 ,prefer Camel quality to premiums,
.r af:i. 4 coupons or gifts!
One of my Corn' hlui, boys who hii,
followed instructions will produce 60 i
bushels of corn on his acre, while his
father, who cultivated his corn by
methods he has followved for fort:
years, will not make 60 bushlels on thlre
acres, B. W. Baker, assistant agent in
Rapides parish, reports.
When you have an achey. strtc'hy
feeling and you are dull, tired and dis
couraged it is a sign of approaching
malaria or chills. You shoul act quick
ly to ward off an attack. IIERIBINEI
offers you the help you need. It
destroys the malarial germ. drives out
all impurities and makes you feel
bright vigorous and cheerful. Price
60e, Sold by the MIodern Pharmacy.
SInc., Druggists.
Caddo Arms & Cycle Co. Inc.
Everything in SPORTING GOODS
Old Phone 392 SHREVEPORT, LA. New Phone 103
610 Milam St.
S- -  
666 quickly relieves Constipation,
Biliousness, Loss of Appetite and flead
aches, due to Torpid Liver. 10.2
liae ms ~Ammunition
Shootinz ~hr
+ STCLLi~:

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