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The best evidence of our excellent
banking service is our continu
ally growing list of satis
i. fled patrons
,e are prepared to handle more busi
ness and should be-pleased
to add our name to
all gour list
mercial Bank
Arcadia, La.
If you are without
S insurance,'it is
either carlessness,
neglect or oversight.
We are trying here
erci to call your atten
tion to a most .n
Represented. '
W s ,, N OWN 0a o MAN"
o1 Are ere!
-surprised how keafnable you can get yotr children ready for
ttng them upat oui store. Reudy-made or piece goods..
g every d~yfor ourull line of Sho. to arrive. Just received
yt $ý1ý.O0. _ "
fine of Mte5 for imn and boys--prieC to $s. . .
t--, t F. -, lu.. White Clipped, 0. -, Hay, Chps
L:k & S u, I,.- ",
i~ ~ ~~~ 7 ;... i , ,;, '1:', '(":
• ~~ ~ . " . ., t .:,"" -•," . - , ",· I
n4 - 7
S t, a t, "ý 1. 4 1
,.ý . , '0..r w. ,. ". .d t -i.'. y'
" . " . ,- . I " ' .
a;t r u u Wr , , rtoneMýat * they have a deosit stop for-money
wh u4 t 5that thi bnk ers more than left in this ank, it is backed.up by, ,
6.4 thr k '9
ý sa f ety, tbat- sa vice, and the United States Government and it S ,0000
- roblems are is assafe ys safety can be made. If
p daiJ, investments you need money come to us, if you Stoc ld 0,
's rW ittil o they knpw hale.money leave it with us. You $13. 10
"e'w- ::9,,- u
m angyat ,t':k t s a hanceswlth will be welcome to use this bank n' OTAL$
n % t ,do d bud when atny money matters. * * , 0
v ,s 7F I0 ,Arcadia,
i r' F .- i Y ....
. ·'ý5sr! I·· .-'-r ,' :? 1 .. ..
The regular meeting of Arcadia
('amp 1'. C. V., No. 229, was held on
September 6th.
J. W. IRoberson in command. L. H.
Taylor. Adjutant read minutes of last
meeting which were adopted.
With an eye single to the devotion
and esteem in which every member
of the camp is held, realizing that each
roll call is more or less certain to find
some name unanswered, ahd that some
member has fought the last fight and
gone opn to the Great Beyond; Com
rad J. W. Sutton offered resolutions
appropriate and befitting in memory
of Comrads Mat Perritt, P. J. Colbert
and S. 8. Carriker who received the
summons and answered the "Last Roll
Call," since the last meeting. Those
present with that degree of reverence
that is typical of these heroes of the
"Lost Cause," unanimously adopted
the resolutions.
The organization then going into thle
election of delegates to the Annual lie.
union to be held on the 8th. 9th and
10th of October, 1919 at Atlanta, Ga.,
proceeded to elect the following dele
gates: J. A. Story, J. H. Greer, J. W.
Roberson and W. F. Bailey.
A resolution of thanks and apprecia
tion were adopted, thanking the First
National Bank of Arcadla, La,, for
their courtesies to the organization in,
furnishing it .with rooms in which to
hold its meetings and for other inval
uable courtesies.
On motion, L. H. Taylor, Adjutant
was authorized to write up these mhl
utes and request the editor of the
Bienville Democrat to, publish them.
L. H. TAYLO)R, Adjt.
Money to loan on improved farm
lands, through the Federal Land Bank.
Apply to the Central Blenville Na.
tional Farm Loan Association, I. E.
Sutton, Secretary-Treasurer, Bryeeland,
La. (10-9).
Germs are plentiful in the summer
air, we breathe them every minute. In
health they do no harm, but to those
who have a bad liver, disordered stom
ach or constipated bowels they mean a
fspell Of sickness. The best way to in
stur. your health is to take Prickly
Ash Bitters. It purifies and strength.
e> the system. Price $1.25 per hot
tle---CIt Drug Co., Special Agents.
Six cyliker Paige Touring Car for
sale or will etchange for Ford Tour
n1g Car. Apply to BIEN'VLLE
J WANTED.-9 cords of 2 ft 'wood.
--Apply at DEMOCRU t OffICE.
Mr.. J. A. Bryan requests the Demo
crat this week to announce him as a
candidate for the office of Tax Ases. it
sor for Bieuville parishl His an
nouncement is to -e .found in the
proper department of this issue.
Mr. Bryan was born and reared in
Bienville parish, having moved from
his plantationi home 3 miles west o1
Brycehbid to flibslanl at the age of 17 of
residing there 3 years.
Then just a young boy., barely out
of his teens he moved to Bryceland to
look after his interest in the Bryan
Bros. Mercantile Co.
1912 he was unanimously *elected
cashier of the Bryeelahd State Bank.
which office he filled with honor for
6 years. Having been solicited by his
many friends from all sections of the
parish, he resigned this position this
spring to enter the assessors race.
It is needless to say how many
friends he has made during his stay
in the bank, a¶d is regarded by all HP
who know him as being a highly en. ,
terprising, public spirited young man.i
found at his post of duty early and rl
Mr. Bryan is 27 years old and a er
. splendid type of citizen, well worthy tip
t of serving Bienville pariih as assessor
SHe is of a high moral character bt
1, strong personality and a fine busiue esh
Mr. Bryan promises if elected to
equalize the taxes as neqr as possible.
t and to give a fair and impartial assess
.ment to all, and to give his entire time
to the office. This is what the voters
of Blenville parish desire in the man dt
they elect to fill the office, and shouh' i
he he elected, we feel sure that he
will fill the ofilce in a manner credit- t
able to himself and satisfactory to the
people of the parish as a whole.
The Areadla Baptist church is near-. ti
1i4g (mnpletion, and arrangements are 1l
r being made to put the building in order ai
for occupanicy. (I
e At a conference of the members of c.
.that church on last Sunday, October et
the 12th was set as the date for the n
dedication service. The'ie will be a e'
special program arranged for this serv. o
ice, and committees for the purpose o
of making arrangements have already
leen appointed.
This church is a credit tp our little "
Cfthy it iiot oly 1ifi't 1hipWU `iiht f
revery citizen feels proud of the struc
. ture, and appreciates the spirit that
Smakes it'possible for this'building to
be a reality.
Mr. I. . Sutton, secretary of the 1
1 Central National Farm' Loan Associa- I
flon, of Bryceland attended to business (
here Monday.
Mr. J. G. Cole of Salles, was a bIusi
ness visitor to Arcadia Monday and a
welcome visitor at this office,
Mr. J. Auddle Bryan, candidate for
Assessor was a welcome caller at the
Democrat office this week. His an
nouncelent will be tound elsewhet hin
tids paper.
Mr. J, R.I Reagan, of Ringgold, was
a business :visitor to Arcadia this
Mr. II. F.Mc(raw, of Sparta. was a
welcome caller at the Democrat office
on ondltly of this week.
* b~ local sllitdou a La theyet rauio
of the g! 'thli..
"! toa or tarl h Eto~
j'ib When 01W tutb I.
rarmbtlab Ii o oud or Im
onn when lti k entl tr
tb the result. UJiteU
t so t armi .otl ia yUI
atmon .oo. tf iI t ii .
SWAT)o,- coa:rds of I ft. wuood.
-A+ 1 . at DEMOCR T QPI CI".
LaFayette, La., Sept. 15, 1919.--In
a speech delivered here Saturday,
C(olonel Frank P. Stubbs. candidate for
governor, attacked the appointive plan
plan of selecting members of the State
Board of Affairs. He said, among
other things:
"I am unalterably opposed to the
principle of an appointive State Board
of Affairs, which not only has failed
in carrying out many of the promised
tax reforms but on the contrary has
resulted thus far only in increasing the
tax burdens of the people throughout
the state. The spectacle of having
our elective parish assessors reduced to
the status of a mere clerk with au
thority to d no no more than list the ob
jects of taxation, furnishes abundant
food for thought, particularly so at a
time when our people have undertaken
heavy obligations in the form of
special taxes for roads, schools. drain
age and other distinctly local and
necessary public improvements.
"Under the new system evolved by the
great state administration-the State
Board of Affairs appointed by the gov
ernor-values have heen largely in
creased 1without correspondhig reduc
tion in thie rate of levy as was promis
ed, and it universally the case that the
burdens of the individual taxpayer
has been increased rather than lighten
ed by the sponsors for the new order
of things. haeded by the Hon. L. E.
Thomas, .
Elective Assessors
"In 1900. in response to a popular
idemand, the legislature in special ses
sion mande the parish assessor elective
The appointive p,)ower of the govrnor in
the selection and appintment of asses
t;ors was then recognized as undemo
('rati and dagerous. Since that tilm
assessors have been elected by the pe,
ple, but (hrilng the present administra
tion there has come into existence the
State Board of Affairs, composed of
three menlmbers, all appointed by the!
present governllor. anll armed with mlore
autocratkl power than all the other
boards, commissions and elective oili
cials of the state combined, anCl vest-1
ed with authority that is supreme in
matters of assessment and taxation
even to the extent of nulifying the nets
of the assessors elected 1by the voters
of your parish.
"In consequellie, the assessor you
have elected is an unimportant official,
without discretion or power, and per
cause he is subservient to an appointive
State Board of Affairs possesshtg ex
traordinary powers.
"The principle involved in his sys.
tem is vicious and should be corrected
without delay.
"That an appointire board, particu
e larly one who entire membershlp is ap
. pointed by one governor as is now the
a case, should have supreme authority
over ylective officials is unthinkabh
and vfolatite of the traditions of dem
- ocracy.
a "As the matter now stands, the tax
payer of Louisiana is a victim of 'tax
ation without representition,' and as
Syou recall our .forefathers fought to
e destroy that evil in the Revolutionary
W1 ar-Monroe News-Star.
Al We feel sure that a majority of the
property tax-payers of Bienville parish
will heartily endorse this part of Col.
IStubbs' platform.
e Sealed bids will be received by the
Police Jury of the Parish of BJenville,
State of Louisiana, up to 12:00 o'clock
Snoon on Novr. 3rd, 1919, for the pur.
I chase of the entire issue of One MIl.
Slion ($1,000,000)- Dollars of Road
Bonds of said parish, dated October 1,
S1010, maturing serially on the first day
of Aughit of the years 1920 to 1940.
Iboth lngtsive, and bearing interest at
the rate of five .per cent. pe?. annum,
Spayable seli-annually, on the first
days of February and Aiugust.. Each
Sbi-m nst be accompanied by a certifed
Scheek payable to A. D. Smith, presi
Sdeat, for Twenty-tfive Thos a a n d
($25~0O) Dollars on some tatilonal~
flank dolog business in Louilsiana, qr
xo. aomerolant bank charteled and.doing
busineue~ander the laws of Louisiana,
INew Goods At Low rices
Jos. Dawidoff & Co.
Arcadia, La.
We are glad to announce tact we have
secured our entire stock of Fall and
Winter Merchandise at low prices,
We offer to our customers our stock
of Dress Goods, Dry Goods, Ladies'
and Gents' Furnishings, ready. to
wear Coat Suits and Dresses at prices
that we cannot duplicate from the
manufacturer. We advise our custo
mers to make their Fall purchases
early before prices advance.
Come to our store. We will treat
you square.
p 9
Nothing contributes more to the comfort and at.
tractiveness of the home than good Furniture, and
our line of Furniture was never more complete.
, We have some attractive Bedroom Suites, Dining
Room'and Library Sets, and ºnary seperate pieces
such as Dressers, Vanity Dressers, Beds, Easy
Rockers, etc. Prices within the reach of all. Also
a good line of Refrigerators.
Syrup Cans
S We have just received a solid car load of
Syrup Cans and can fill your order for just as
S many or as fewas you need. It will pay you
to investigate our prices before placing your
order elsewhere. Wie can save you money.
Buying in quantities helps us keep prices
"The Place to Gpt What You Want"
Thbe cheeks of unsuccessful bidders
will be returned to them promptly and
the check of the bidder whose bid is
accepted will be returned to him upon
his taking and paying for the bonds
in accordance with the terms of his
bid, or will be held forfeited as full
liquidataed damages in the event of
his failure to accept delivery and pay
for the bonds in aeordancewlith thle
terms of his hid.
For further information address 1.
8. Williams, Clerk of the Police Jury,
Arcadia. Louisiana.
The Police Jury reserves the right to
accept or reject any and all bids.
Arcadia, Louisiana, August 1a, 1919,
f A. D. SMITH, Pre&
J. 8. WILLIAMS, Seeretary.
Misses Mary and Leona Col1 w*e
visitors to (;lhsland Thursday.
Mr. Albert Burkhalter of (libaland,
was a visitor here Saturday.
Miss Leah James left Monday for
Ilneville where she will enter school,
Mri. It is ('ole. of Suttol's Mill, sprnt
a fwe days with homefolks here the
past week.
JMr. and M1sr. E. P. Cole and Miss
Mary and brother, Ford, were visitors
Castor Saturday.
sir. and Mrs. rIoifca Sll.rr alutl
childrenl of Iirycelanll. were tlhe' 1Ilcsr."
of Mr. and Mrs. J. L,. Coleh' Sulday.
3Ir. and Mrs. . M. Simis auid
daughter. Fronie, spent Sunday whit
IMr. and Mrs. J. D. .Jones and faLi!l..
Mr, W. J. Stewart returned to his
holme in Lawton Oklahomua Friday
after a visit of three weeks to rela,
tires and friends here. M1r. Stewart 14
mI tlu t p trl 91 l1t mQotorcoL.

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