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$12,000,000 IS GOAL SOUGHT
This Sum Will Be Laid Aside Fro.
B aeptlst 75 Million Chmpalln Fdr
Work Among Negroes, Foillgn
ere and Other Projects.
While $20,000,000 of the $75,000,000
to be raised In cash and five-year
pledges by the Southern Baptists be.
teen now and December 7th will go i
to foreign misaicfls, $12,000,000 will be t
devoted to missions at home, It has
been officially announced. Home mis.
uions 'is regarded by the Batists as
quite as essential as foreign missions,
the larger sum beint set aside for the c
latter cause by reason of the larger 0
field to be covered-practically the e
O'.'re world. (
. , R. , D. rly,,
Of s Ga,, llSecretary of Home
I HI. for .the Southern Baptist
:yl dollars is a large
oompared with what '+e
doino heretofore," Dr.,, B,
ý ; 'my , .lltIng secretary of the
NI!Mo Board at Atlanta, de
"tlet it very reasoalale in
w'ith our abi~ty and small
w ift the needs of the
h hme, particular obliap
tta+,feftedthe+ center of
tom Murope to this coon'
m,,+~ rot! q .,in..
w+ay' we are to counteract,
*e + 01Gmany sad her+
w.orldl war. Our +youth
s4+/cs+ This can be done
s .echoo.',
teidebta ,c the soh~h
Ullllna te~lowheoe
ttIfh" Ud to aldvantage
i hur ovgaIsttons in'
4t putbla house of wor.
s']ore prelsin tiii .Ia the
Wth prejonce.in
Slfly~e 1:
,05ttls Ourl,
rua~i thotlns, i
work aotai
e. atrG. Of thei
fe.ri aktheta worthy~
w +h s Ch-itia ottisens
among the foeinrsI
&uii i+ th#+
.II V .iti tW~ 4TWR'
te:u ht· t. al
feel' TheiDty to Talk
They Come Forward and Untesitating.
ly Ing Humanity What
d Medlebe Has
It is seldom, indee at men of
prominent. especially men holding
high public office, willingly express
their indebtedness publicly to a pro.
prietary medicine. Many prominent
men, however, including supreme
court judges, mayors of our leading
cities, prominent state and county
officials, bankers, lawyers, doctors,
editors, lending educators, government
officials and even ministers of the.
Gospel have deemed it their duty t(
come forward and tell the people what
Tanlac has done for them.
These well-known men of affairs
have recognized in this medicine a
new discovery and a scientific triumph
In the medical world. It is a wel'
known fact that these splendid en
dorsements have been given Tanlac
time and time again, and they will
continue to be given just as often as
new tests of Its powers are made; and
it also explains why nlumbers of the
big*drug firms of the country are ord
ering it exvelusively ii! carload lots.
Doctor Prescribes It.
Dr. J. T. Edwards, of Fayetteville,
Ge., one of the best known members
of the medical profession in the state
of Georgia, makes a statement that
will undoubtedly produce a profound
impression throughout the South.
"In my thirty years of actual prae
tice as a licensed physician in the
state of Georgia," says Dr. Edwards
"I have never seen anything to equal
Tanlae as a medicine to produce re
suits. I have no hesitancy in recom
mending this medicine 'and I am pre
scribing it for my patients almost
every day."
Noted Texan Talks.
Hon. Archie R. Anderson, ex-sher.
iff of Harris County, Texas, is un
questionably not only one of the best
ktnown, but one of the most popular
amen that ever held Office in Texts
Hle served the people in this important
6fieefor It5 consecutive years. ,
'"I halt the worst form of indiges
tion, suffered all the time from gas
onr my .stomach and was continually
bilching up unmldigested food," said Mr.
Anderson. "I suffered With neuralgie
pains of the worst sort and nothing
seemed to help me Except in a tem
porary way.
'"I began to oeel better after tak·
ings i~ylrsl bottle of Tanlac and have
jiust now stattei oh my third. I'm
a different man.already."
H. W. BHIIll, president of One of the
leading banking institutions of South
Pittsburg, Teni., and one .of the mos!
suecceisful bankers and business men
in Tennessee, said:
"'. suffered from rheumatism and
-other ailments for n.many years and
Tanlac has done me more good than
I anythig i ever tried, I now wake uy
In the morning feeling fine.
'rwo teitaw all my friends about
Tanlae and am recbmmending it tc
•them, regardless of their age and
IDr,. . .. De LaItiPlerriere, of Win
tder, Ga., is not only one of the best
"imlOw phySela~us amn druggists lit the
state of (eorgls, but 1i also a man
f tltqnewve property and' wide lathn
nace teaklng as one of the leading
Plast ar blreaby required to nstaRl
meters at their respective honiw. a i
plaes of business, at their o -i Ot
Section S. Be it further oedl ,
ete., That the Manieipa Lht 'Sit'
selpil p are se meters and islgllh
in the reildenees and business hi
trougehoit the. said .Ton;- w g
meters to be so installed at the atiiuk
cost price plus One and 50(100 ($L
for the installation of alme.
Seetlon 3. Be it tartloher t
ete,, That the said Moan UA.
Plant shall make and eolleet 4t e .*
of fifteen (lic) cents per 1KWj
a "e .that the minimun  eba r
SsIar math stall not be les that i Oa
saut G0-100o ($1.50) for each rsdi
IthMPgoult said Town and Tw , (
Dollars for each business house or of
$ee in said town.
Section 4. Be it further ordained,
t c That the failure of any Cusltomey
or user of elecrtrc 'curri't Ihrgtlglhou
the'Town ot Awrndia, Louiiana, to
pay his electrie light bill, 1r the iu
stallation of meter on or by tie-8th of
I the monath tollowing the instllatitor
thereet, shall be refused currets frosa
$1a4 plant, until all amungts die are
ctlp 0, Be it furthier ordnlained
.te., iThat ol ordinanctles o arts of
ordiances n conlcthe rewitht be mn
th s ai a rherb ra
F c --Cnrk- '·'
*0j 'e~oci~~.s~
One of the latest additions to the
large and rapidly growing list of prom- 1
inent men who have publicly endors
ed Tanlac for thoe good it has done
them, is the name of Hon. Franl V.
Evans, former Mayor of Birmingham.
Mr. Evans is one of the best knowi.
men in public life in Alabama today.
being at one time editor of oie of
the South's greatest newspapers,. the
Birmingham Age-Herald. 'He was also
examiner of public accounts of Ala.
bama. In telling of the benefits he
had derived from Tahlac, Mr. Zvans
"For years I suffered with gas.
tritis and indigestion in the worst
form. I was habitually constipated
and had pains in my shoulders and
headache continually. \ My appetite
left me almost entirely and everything
I would eat hurt me. Finally I got
to having awful attacks of acute in- I
digestion, palpitation of the heart andt
smothering spells. For a long time
would have one or more of these I
bpells every night and I would wake
out of my restless sleep gasping for
"I bought a bottle of Talnac and I
to my surprise and gratificat ion I be
gan to feel relief after the first few
doses. I kept taking the medicine and
now my recovery is simjply the talk
of Birmingham."
eitizens of that entire section. Het
)as' been hi the drug businss in Win.
der for 25 years.
Recently Dr. De LaPerriere wrote:
"O(jur people are much enthused over
• the beneficial effects of Tanlac and IJ
" desire to say that it is the most won.
I derful seller I ever had in this store.'
Other prominent men who' have en
dorsed Tanlac are:
Professor Elmer Morris, of Dover
Tenn.; Professor W. A. Wood, of the
Central Graded Schools, Winder, Ga.:
C. C. COoper, president of the GeorgiaH,
Home Cotton Oil Co., Lawrencerlle,i
Aa.; Hon. .8. 8. 'Sheptrd, member of
the Atlanta City .Coimncil; Hon.,,eo.
Samuel Riley, former chief of police,
in Macon, Ga.; Hon. C. G. Lavender,
regiater of Willlamson County, Ten
nessee; Dr. IW. H. Brown, 4822 Char
lotte Ave., Nashville, Tenn., lounder
and president of the Protestant Hiomei
for Girls; John F. Carioil, cotton mill
superintendent, of Chattahoo~hee and
Atlanta; Hon. B. F. Whitingtoa,
Judge of the Rolston Court, Soutif
emaha; Neb.; Get. L. Bedford, Traiice
Manager for the OGastin Bacon Maou
SlactUtring Co., Kansas City; Mr JamsI
Traylor, Illinois state Mine and Kin
eial Ispetor, resliding at Peoria; Bev.
We . Norton, pastor of the W·feyr
Memorial Church of Jgcksonville la.;
1Rev, .A ~i Butler, pastor Centrfl Bap·
tist -'ubrch of iUskogee, OkIla.;. on.
R. W.- Dane, attornel of Taeoma,
Wash. uoi. :o. -W. Mainua,' of At
lautra, to three terms of sheri .:of
aulton County, Ga.; Rev. J;. t. 1)unn,
pastor of the Chuteh of Christ, Spa
kae, Wash,;: ,tlge 0. W. Kyser,
S120t4 W. 9th' St, Austin, Texas anl
uhndreds of othrs in every part Qf
a the country. .
o Tanlae is sold i Arcadlia by the
City Irubg Store and. by one relptI
B uepiantatlie in evcr tol 8.
eats, and 1 part wihekt. 'tdaun -.
Twoisr~cr~ked' crtnaarl o lr asi 1pi
eI 1 iot ouf bet  , ieG thelt
oth tWi a, Q roe devening.
¢o,,. m ~enit f the f8otoo/ lt
; t
S~r al so
:at, V. E. Departmuent of Agriculture
at Louisiana State L'nivers tiy
. the
State of Louisiana, Parin of Bienville,
Samuel L. Wiggins Vs. lE. F. Shutes,
No. 5038, Third Judicial Distric lea
Court. los
Under and by virtue of a writ of
execution issued out of the above nam
ed Honorable Court, and to me direct. ('i
ed, I have seized and will offer for sale thi
to the last and highest bidder for cash .
with the benefit of appraisement, a
the principal front door of the Courl
House in the town of Acadia, Bienvilic fri
Parish, Louisiana, within legal sale cit
hours on 1
Saturday, Sept. 27th, 1919 all
the following described property, to. th
wit: "
N. W. 1-4 of S. E. 1-4, Sec. 5, Tp. as
Seized as the property of the defend er<
ant and will be sold to satisfy sale m8
writ of execution and all cost.
This the 18th day of August, 1919. db
J. E. CURRIE, Sheriff. al
All parties are warned not to in any Ch
way trespass upon my lands in Bien- an
ville parish, La., under penalty of ca
This the 11th (lay of Sept., 1019.
10-16. Athens, La.
- of
Mrs. Pearl Woodard of Taylor is in
recepit of the following letter from her co:
son, which will no doubt be of much
interest to her many friends:
San Francisco, Calif., Sept. 1, 1919,
I)ear Mama: I mailed you a let
ter yesterday, but hare seell a good
deal since then, so I am going to tell
you about it.
The Pacific Fleet came in today and
it was some sight as the great line
of battle ships, dreadnaughts, cruisers
torpedo boats, destroyers asid subma
rine chasers and the coalers that carry
coal for the fighting vessels steamed
In. There were over one hundred in
all-twenty-six large warships, thlirty
one destroyers, about twenty submarine
chasers and the remainder were
torpedo boats and coalers.
They lined, up out at sea and came
through the Golden Gate into the bay
at 11:00 o'clock today, an( as each
ship passed the Golden Gate they fli
ed a salute with every gun on board
and after the' salute the sea planie
from battleships left the deck and flew
,ro d and mingled with airplanes
from the army" flying .field, and the air
was full of them--about 75 In all.
Then the seaptanes landed on -the
water and later took to the' air again
from the water.
The start off .by floating and then
get fasteV'"and faster until they are
just hitt~ibg "the wa~es, and then they
'leave• the water and' take the air arid
then; thiey are a boat no longer.
* . * ..' * "*. * .i it t 4, *
I wil close foq this time and write
you again to0morrowv eyenitig after the
parade. Write to me often. .With
love, from youlr son,
1]. W. D,
Y. Dl. C. A., No, 2, Presidio San
-The !F~lnl0, ,Fan In Japan.
It~l haIJ that the folding fan bj41fi
tiated witb':the people ot Japan which
fa likely. e.emghi to be true. For- We
jn searcely imagine a daiuty litit
klinono-.dala ady WithoUt her tail, eai
we? ;
fted eus cr old sores tetter
ett. -- l.S
{ , ' ;:*; .,'
- .$ ig'
It estlimated that at least 184 lives
were lost iii the storm swept, region of
the west gulf coast of Texas as a re
sult of the terrific gulf dtorm Suun
day night.
With the death list mounting by
leaps and hounds and the property
loss now placed in the neighborhood
of $10,000.,000, the people of Corpus
Christi, 306 hours after the passing of
the tropical storm which struck that
section early Smnday morning, were
just coming to a full realization of its
frightfulness. Every industry in the
city is prostrated, business of all kinds
is at a standstill, communication of
all kinds 14 still bady demoralized and
the food and housing problem is still
Releif is being sent from all quart
ers to the storm swept area, where
many are on starvation.
The tidal wave swept inland to r
distance of 8 miles on some points
along the coast.
666 has proven'it will cure Malaria,
Chills and Fever, Bilious Fever, Colds
and LaGrippe. It iills the germs that
cause the fever. Fine tonic. 10-2.
- 0 - -
Before me the undersTgned Justice
of the Peace, by Wallace Rogers, near
Saline, La., one light bay mare mule,
with black nmane and tall and stripped
legs, weighing abdut 800 lbs., and
about 15 years old. Unless owner
comes, proves property and pays all
The Ford Model T One Ton Truck is in reality a neeesit tthe wlde'
retail grocer, not only for the economic solution of the delivery problem,
the bringing of goods from the d.ocs or stations to his place of bus'i
traversing the country and bringing in produce. For years the Ford
Truck with ts splendid manganese bronze wormnive, powerful Ford
T Mtr, strong Vanadium steel frame, has been svnin every line of
activity, and te have yet to hear the first complaint as to rear axle
motor trouble. It has the lowest purchase price oa the market, and
for operating and maintainlng is ezcedingly smanl. In fact, the Ford
Truol has becozhe a business nesesuity. Leave your order with us wi
We will give ya prompt attbntion and assure you reasonably prompt
an ve you an after service that will insure your continuous operatio
W. Fogle, Jr.
Minden, Lauisiana
1 8 c o m
"I I
t Xn t.."e o t' ....c
nee b" IGARE T t
If yoat want to know what rare
w..nosual ejojyment Camels provi
S - mok them in comparison with
:1cilPrett In the world at any price! i
h rAMBuL8 are ap cigar rettvelation
• am. s eWayy rconsidertheml Take quali
O. l'efreihigf and-fragrance; or,
* . awonderlfl mellowimild-smoothness
r a ifnebver before gttinaclgarettesmoke l Y
C moIie  fullbodiedand soful1
..tisfsctton you marvel that so much 3\
4a$itt!smh : ind.cole Domestic tobaccos makes thei
so iwesistibly appetizingl And, the ble
'explafs why it is possible for you to smoli
* Camels liberally without tiring your tas
You will prefer Camels to either kit
of tobacco smoked straightl
e• .. . .,,. , You'll realize pretty quick, too, ti
,.Z.CAr .*I ... the many reasonsyou smokeCa l ,
n pt ifr feedom from any.unpleasant cigar
*'  rtyaftertasteorunpleasantcigarettyod
.....,,, ...Once you know Camels you woli 
t.... muchatock ipremiumns, coupof
S.Or 4iftei You'llprefer Camel qual :
- -I,.,@ M * C ,, .-stoa.·Sum, .
.·-. :z .
Si di be sold to
I the Ikt mnd highest bidder on
SSdtirdy, S ember so, 1919
at 11:00 o'clock a. m., at the offiee of
R, E. EIasley, J. P. Terms of sale cash
with benefit of appraisement.
This August 12, 191g.
R. E. EASLEt, J. P.
'When you have an achey. stretchy
feellng anrt you are dull, tired and dis
couraged it is a sign of approaching
malaria or chills. You shoul act quick
ly to ward off an attack. HERIINE
offers you the help you need. It
destroys the malarial germ, drives out
all impurities and makes you feel
bright vigorous and cheerful. Price
60c, Sold by the Modern Pharmacy,
Inc., Druggists.
Caddo Arms & Cycle Co
Everything in SPORTING GO0
Old Phone 392 SHREVEPORT, LA. haw'
610 Milam St.
R~ 4,
666 quIckly
BilIontsiiers Lou
achrs, due to

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