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v vh U R Po L L T A N O W or forfeit y o u r rig h t as a red-b lo o d ed
S,-- 'tiD en to vot for peidet American citizen to vote for President
(I id a t of the United States, U. S. Senator,
atThe Bienv ille Democrat
" e United States, Governor, U. S.
O Mgressan ori apNetny parh parish or city officer. This applies to
,ad women.
We welcome this opportunity of extend
ing to everyone our very best wishes for
a happy Holiday Season, and trust that
their share of prosperity will be bountiful
throughout the coming year-throughout
their life!
The friendship and goodwill exisiting be
1 tween our bank and our customers, we
I consider our :lost valuable asset. Valu
able not only from a monetary stand
point, but because it cements together a
- foundation of confidence. Our growth i
and success we attribute to the confidence
of our patrons in our ability to serve them
e shall ever be mindful of the welfare
j those we serve, omitting no opportun
ity of adding to their happiness and pros
perity. May there be many more-seasons
of good cheer and good luck for you and
The Commercial Bank
- -- -- . "
Like the treasure ship of olden times
full fraught with precious things, so may
Christmas and the New Year come to you,
ladened with all that will make for your
happiness and contentment.
We assure you of our keen appreciation
of your goodwill and patronage.
"Insurance of Every Kind Known to Man"
With Rabies
Killed In Town
A very vicious looking mad dog was lý
d in town this morning, (Thurso
) by Messrs. Ben Dance and Pol. a
Williams. We understand that s
the night he bit several more v
er before have we heard of so
y dogs afflicted with rabies, and
precaution should be taken a
t dogs running at large. It is
the case that a man owning a
prizes him very highly. Lots of
'he will permit the dog to come
he and his best friend, and
an ill feeling that will last for
It is also a fact that a
g a little 'child should prize
life very highly-even more
he prizes the dog, should think
alth and the sorrow it would
his home should it be bitten
dog with rabies. We think the
. d health of one little child is
more-ten times more-than
dogs in the whole world today,
when a mad dog is running at
natre little child's life and health
e have always been willing to
atan the privilege of owning any
1 animal that he wanted, except
tiger," in town or out-of
A: long as he doesn't permit the
to bother anyone else. But you
otut into your back yards any
you want to and you'll find from
to a half dosen dogs, some hounds,
poodles, some bird dogs, and
without any nationality. Now,
owned a good bird dog or fox
I woUldo't want them associat
with.a poodle, because I would be
they would be trying to sit in
lady's lap.
:a the least of it, this mad dog
is getting serious, and peo
aIld make some effort to keep
4Ps at home, because it is cer
' aselssu hazard to have a lot
Sdogs that are liable to be
etd with rabies at any time,
teund all over town and the
Qerhing and Mrs. Stark and
of Gibsland, were welcome
it the Democrat office this
ahing states that the marf
daughter, Miss Olive, to
DR Parsonoo of Belauna
Miss., has been announced and that
the marriage will take place Sunday
afternoon, December 24th at 5:00
o'clock in the Baptist church at Gibs
Both Mr. Parsons and Miss Gerhing
are members of the Belzoni high
school faculty, and have many friends
who extend them best wishes for a
very happy married life.
Mrs. Sallie )ames, t as Vs. W. T. Coker, No.
6129, Third Judicial District Court, State of
Louisiana, Pariah of Blenville.
Under and by virtue of a Writ of Ezecution
issued from the aboe named Honorable Court,
and to me directed, I have seized and will offer
for sale to the last and highest bidder for ash
with the beneft of appealsement, at the principal
front door of the Courthouse at Arcadi, Bien
ville parish La. within 1 salU e hour om
the followni d pes rbed rsM y, to-wit:
NE 1.4 o2 NW 1.4, SE 1.4 of NW 14, lees
10 acres on south side; 10 acres on west side of
NE 1.4 of SW 1.4, and SW 1.4 of NE 14 les
10 acres on southi side all in Sec. 8, Tp. 16, N.
R. 7 W., contaltany 110 acres more r le.
The property seued as bellal to the de.
fendant W. T. Coer, aad will be sold to atsfy
said Writ of Execution mad all costs.
This the 20th day of Decembea, 1922.
J. E. CURRIE, Seriff.
The executive council of the Arcad
ia Chamber of- Commerce met Sat
urday afternoon, Dec. 16th, at 3:00
Plans were discussed for civic im
provenmnts and it was decided that a
We. want to ex- cast in a Christian community in which this glori- er of every man and institution in this vicinity,
l press to our cus- ous holiday is celebrated. and thatwe believe we have the goodwishes of
CSEiE6U t o me r s and Let us remember that we are celebrating the birth them all, and in this hope and belief we are go
friends the hope of a Divine creature whose advent was heralded by ing into the Holidays with the same spirit
that this may be the exclamation, "Peace on earth and goodwill we wish others to exhibit.
G ree twn the HAPPIEST toward men," and try to celebrate it as we think
U Ifi 5 l S Christmas that this Divine Being would have us do so. A
they have ever We further ask that every one be assured that A erry Cristmas to All
spent, and they may be thankful that their lot is now as ever before we are a friend. and well wish
The FirstNational Bank and The First Trust & Banking]Co.
Arcandia, La.
;II w
whatever our personal animosities may be, what
borhood quarrels greatly magnified-there is thissub
effect, one has only to reflect upon the positions of
races, the most advanced being those of Christendom.s
China, the oldest.entity among peoples, has an admi
rable occasion upon whichngs us the citizensciousn strive to liquidate
somewhat resembles our pe Christmas. In Japan they- ; "
celebration, dustrifeng which the people go about express
bormas has a morels elevgreatlying effect d-than either, in that its sub
not only typifies p eace and good will, but carspiries the
essene of unselfishness and pure love, the most com
Christmas influence gainghts to higher life; its influence largelyts spirit
supports civilizhall permeatione the affairs of eventsry daypse in the yebarbari, they.
millennium will have arrived.
Chrwil produc e other days of Christian spiritnd. In the making
manyeffect, one has operating to rupon the character of humanity.
raWe see the goodst advanced beiadng the sincere ofand insincerendm.
we have been abl the oldeisty among peoples right, much has beendmi
rabdue to your coopration andupon which the nstly strive to liquidat con
all their debts. It is b national pay-p day, and in spirit
somtinuwhation of the same. Our Christmas. In Japan to you
mas has a more elevating l ffect than eithere is that it s
is onlye of optimism, good pcheer and hearty good will, but carrishes.
essence of unselfishness and pure love, the most com-ba
mon expression being the bestowal of gifts. When the
Christmas influence gains to the point that its spirit
shall permeate the affairs of every day in the year, the
millennium will have arrived. s
We hebe this day, and inwe mar not its ideal its leaven
will produce other days of the kind. In the making
of a newspaper we have an opportunity to view the
many forces operating upon the character of humanity.
We see the goodpace and god, but insincere, the
the selfish and unselfish. We believe the oavtn ofm
goCd is more active than that of the opposed forces. If
se have been able to assist the right, much has been
due to your co-opaytion and we marnestly solicit a con
wil produce _ othe days of_ the kind. Inr tin g to v
(Cwbopyriet, she
dueis~~ to~4 yorc-prto n eeretyslctacn
- -
drinking fountain for ho ses was very
much needed and should be furnished
by the Chamber of Commerce. Mr.
Turner, chairman of the council, stat
ed that he would get an estimate of
a drinking fountain and report at next
.The council appointed the secretary
to draw up a constitution and by
laws for the organization.
It was decided to call a meeting of
the entire membership of the Arcadia
Chamber of Commerce for the middle
of January. The program for this
meeting will appear in the Democrat
at alater date.
State troops have been ordered to
Mer Rouge. Moorehouse parish, to
assist in the inevstigation of the dis
appearance of two citizens of that
town. It is stated by newspaper re
ports that it has been determined by
secret service men on the job, that
the men were killed and their bodies
cast into a lake in that vicinity, and
that these lakes wilt be searched by
divers brought there tor, that pur
The men, whose names are Richards
and Daniels, were according to reports,
taken out by a body of masked men
some time last fall, and since that
time they have not been seen.
Before a thorough investigation can
be held the authorities feel that the
bodies must be discovered. Although
it is stated that they have located the
place where the bodies were- thrown
in the lake, the latest press report
does not state whether they have been
District Judge J. E. Reynolds, pre
siding over the third judicial district,
has been appointed by the Supreme
Court to perform the duties in the
second district, comprising the parish
es of Bossier and Webster.
The first week of the month court
will be held in Claiborne, the second
week Webster, third week' Bienville
and the fourth week Bossier.
This additional work is a recogni
tion of Judge Reynold's ability by
the Supreme Court. He performs the
extra work without any increase in
salary, and although the work will take
a great deal more of his time, he states
that he will be able to perform his
duties without permitting the dockets
to become congested.
We congratulate the Judge.
The information was given out to
day (Thursday) that Smitherman, et
al, had made two more locations and l
would begin drilling their fourth and
fifth test just as soon as the derricks
can be built and the rigs put in opera
We understand that the second rig
to be used in this territory will be
shipped in from Texas, and operations
will be started on both wells at prac
tically the same time.
We have been unable to find out
the location of these two wells, but
understand that one will likely be
located on the Anderson lease and one
a little souhtwest of their third test.
To All
A Happy Holiday
We welcome this occasion which offers us an
opportunity to extend to our friends and customers
our best wishes, trusting that each one alike, will
enjoy to the fullest all the pleasures of a Merry
Christmas and a Happy, Happy New Year.
We assure you of our appreciation of past
favors, and solicit a continuation of your valued
patronage on a basis of the best values for the low
est prices consistent with market conditions.
We wish to also announce that we will hold
our usual January Clearance Sale, notice of which
will appear in this paper.
Jos. Dawidof & Co. Props. - Arcadia
To all our friends and customers, with
whom our business and social relations
are always the most pleasant, we take
this method to wish for each of you a
Merry Christmas and a Happy New
Women And Men
Must Pay Poll Tax
Again we wish to remind you, man or
woman, of the importance of paying
your Poll Tax for this year, and call
your attention to the fact that you
only have a few days left in which
to pay same.
The gubernatorial and senatorial
election for the State of Louisiana will
occur in 1924. Before anyone can
vote in the elections held in 1924'in
either the primary or general election,
it will be necessary for him or her
to have paid poll tax for 1922 and
1923. The funds derived from the poll
tax payments goes to the current
school fund, which we are sure every
patriotic, liberty-loving, god-fearing
citizen is willing to support. Not only
that, it is the duty of every man and
his family to uph'ld the government
and the fundamental principles of the
public schol system which stands for
enlightenment and free thought.
There will be many important is
sues to be decided in 1924, and every
citizen should arm themselves with
the power of the ballot, this being the
only 'way that the battle for right can
be eventually won. The good, quiet un
assuming mother who doesn't like the
idea of going to the polls and voting
her Christian sentiments, should real
ize that the evil spirit will be there,
and that it is the men and women of
her type upon whom the responsibility
rests to offset this evil influence.
Messrs. P. A. McGuire, R. L. Wil
liams and B. P. Theus went to Baton
Rouge' this week to confer with the
State Highway Commission regarding
the' good road work going on in this
section of the parish.
Many complaints have been made by
local citizens regarding the class of
gravel being used on the highways,
this we understand was one of the
causes that prompted the citizens to
send a committee to Baton Rouge.
It is hoped that their trip will be a
profitable one, and that all matters can
soon be adjusted and the work prose
cuted with due diligence until it is
completed, because the work of build
ing the roads has certainly been a
long, drawn-out affair.

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