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Local Items Of A
Interest F rom
El Dorado
A short program was given by the di
pupils of the school on Thursday re
night. Fifteeen and twenty-five cents C
admission was charged and the sum of et
fourteen dollars was realized. Quite a re
crowd of patrons and frends attended :
the Chrstmas tree at the school build- e
ing Friday evening. W
Miss Lonnie Mason returned to her 1
home in Taylor Saturday for the holi- rt
dlays nad was accompanied as far as ft
Minden by Miss Opal Corley.
Miss Thelma Boyet is expected home al
to spend the holidays.
Mr. Lee Corley was a busines visi- c
tor to Ringgold, Frday. in
Mir. and Mrs. W. M. Turner motor- w1
ed to Minden, last Saturday.
Commercial Bank of Arcadia Vs. WV. I\. Sim
mhon, No. 6174, Third Judicail District Court,}
Slate of I.oui,:ana, 'arih of Bienvillu . . h
Under and by virtue of a Writ of Execution
issued from the above named Honorable Court h 1
and to me dirtcted, I have seized and will offer it
or sale to th" last snd highest bidddt r for cash,
with the brnefit If apDlraiament. at the princi.
pal front dlo"r of the Courthouse as Arcadia. Ilien.
ville parish, La., within legal sal hour on A
SATURDAY, JANUARY 27th, 1923 0t
the following described property, to-wit:
4 head of Mules, 1 Bay Mare, 4 Yearlings,
I Wagon.
E 1.2 of SE 14, Sec. 29, Tp. 17 N., R. 6
W., and all improvements thereon and theleto be
longing. j
The above described property seized as be
longing to the defendant W. W. Simmons, and g
will be sold to satisfy said Writ of Exrcution it
and all costs.
This the 20th day of December, 1922 .
J. E. CURRIE, Sheriff.
On January ith, 1923, at 10:00 a. l.,
I will offer for sale to the highest
bidder, the farm known as the Wilson
Murphy place, containing 200 acres,
80 acres under fence and in cultiva
tion. The place is situated on the
model road from Bienville to Ring
gold, about 2 1-2 miles from town of
Bienville. Terms of 1-3 or more cash,
balance in I and 2 years, with interest
at the rate of 8 per cent per annum.
December 11th, 1922.
One black horse mule, weight about
900 lbs., has long mane and tail. Split
ine one ear, white collar mark on top
of mane. Any information leading to
his whereabouts will be greatly ap
H. N. HAYES, Alberta, La.
Oxyten Gas Future predicted.
When the process of making oxygen
frotm air becomes cheaper, It Is pre
dicted that an enormous demand for
the gas will arise. Just as olygen Is
now used for welding and other pur
poase in which great heat is desired,
not Igrdually, but very speedIly, so
It will be required for imetlng and a
hundred other purposes.
AnnouncemenentI BEGINNING Announcement-!
Sat ur day, Jan.
We will open our doors to a NEW STYLE HELP-YOURSELF STORE. This store will be so arranged that you can wait on yourself.
Each and every item will be marked in plain figures and sold for strictly cash to one and alL Remember thisisnotperyonalbut ionly
a business proposition. It will save you big money--it will save timeand worry. It will save expense in our store, and give you your_
other way. We are not able to do a credit business, and as we want to treat everyone alike we have decided to sell our good
for casuh. ONE PRICE TO ALL. This means our goods will be sold MUCH CHEAPER than ever before.
WATCH OUR STEP! It will help you and me; it will help your neighbor and his friend. In fact it will help our country!
Just Think! You can go to Harper Bros, & Bolton's and save
from' S to 25 per cent on your MONEY
Why not do it? Yes, we will do it, and you can, and you are doing it. REMEMBER, Satday,January 6th will be a big day for
you and us. One of the big features will be the GREATEST SOAP DEAL YOU EVER HEARD OF! It is as follows:
28 Bars ofMascotLaundry Soapfor...$1.00 2d4Bar SunnyMonday Soapfor.......$1.00 25 Pakages Goldust for........$OO1.00
6 packages of Goldust FREE! '5 Bars of Fairy Soap FREE! 3 ilahiry and 2 ars Fairbanks Glycerine Tar 3Ftrc
Remember the day, the hour and the place! We solicit your patronage and goodwill!
(,,y Miss Mary Helen Key)
On Thursday evening quite a splen
did audience enjoyed the Christmas
recital given by the pupils of Mrs. ly
Capers' class. The program was vari
ed with piano and vocal selections,
readings, and lastly the beautiful cc
pantomime, Holy City. The pretty
evening costumes worn by the girls
were quite appropriate to the occasion.
The color scheme in decoration was
red and green, which carried out per
fectly the Christmas spirit.
School closed Friday afternoon with
appropriate exercises for each grade
and each room, in which there was oI
either a Christmas box or a Christ
mas tree. There was the exchange of
many useful gifts and then a general is
feast of nuts, fruits, and candies.
Everyone enjoyed the good tmies and 3
appreciated the giving as well as the
receiving of the gifts.
Mabel I,yon s and Kathrine McGuire
had the privilege of carrying to Gibs- d
land, the cup that was won by them
in the oratorical contest. This cup
was sent with the best wishes of the
Arcadia high school to the Gibsland
high school.
Arcadia high school welcomes back
at holidays the former students. As i
they come in for the little visits there
is always the feelings that they are
glad to be home again and enjoy com- C
ing to school. They say, without an d
exception, that "there is no place like o
home" after all.
We regret very much the fact that t
Miss Conger has been out of school
thi- whole week becautse of illness. \Ve a
hope that the New Year will find her
quite restored to perfect health. Her t
work was carried on by Mrs. Jack t
Davis part of the time and the last
tNo days by Miss Martha Fisher.
School opens again on Monday
morning, January 1st, 1923, at the
usual time. Everybody will be back
and ready for work with renewed
eneregy and stronger determination to
complete the work of the first term,
in a manner that will be satisfactory
to the school as well as to the individ
ual student.
t ------
it Hindustani Widely Spoken.
p The most widely spoken language In
o India is Hindustani, rather more than
- 2,0,00O,000 persons using It.
Rings Used in Egypt.
Egyptian garments were often faF
tened in place by rings which coaldi
be sprung open to admit the materlal
and closed to hold it Then the
r rings were curved at the ends so that
s they could be caught togethelr-and
- -behold the germ of the rit.odern safety
Spin! In fact, genuine safety pins we,'
known as early as 3500 B. C., tapl~ith'
* they seem to have been little used Ui
] Predicts Cotton "
Will Reach The
30 Cent Mark
New York, Dec. 25.-Although stock ai
market transactions are almost entire
ly for professional account all indica. .it
tions point to higher quotations' for
stocks and bonds. The advance in n.
commodity prices is also expected to ° r
continue. f
Predictions of 30-cent cotton are
made by the biggest speculators.
Recent strength of the transporta- L
tion shares is a source of much grati
fication to investors in general. Some t
of the biggest firms are advising the
purchase of seasoned dividend payers
on the theory that easy money rates
will make their yields look attractive.
Improvement of the common carriers
is due to real investment buying. t
Railroad stock prices are an average of
3 1-2 points above the low leval reach
ed on November 27 last and 8 1-2
points under the year's high price
made on September 11. Seasoned
dividend payers are the favorites.
Many investors have started to rein
vest dividend and interest money to
be received January 1.-Exchange.
6260, Third Judicial District Court, State of
l.ouisiana, Parish of Bienville.
e Under and by virtue of a writ of seizure and
sale issued from the above named Honorable
Court, in the above styled cause, and to me
directed, I have seized and will offer for sale
to the last and highest bidder, with the benefit
e of appraisement, at the principal front door of
the Courthouse at Arcadia, Bienville parish, Lou
isiana, within legal sale hours, on
the following described property, to-wit:
)NW 1.4 of SE 1-4, Section 29, Twp. 14, N.
R. 7 W. in Bienville parish, Louisiana, with
e all improvements thereon.
The above described property seized as be
longing to the defendant, J. I. Warren, and will
!r be sold to satisfy said writ of seizure and sale
and all cost, said sale to be made for cash to pay
k two notes for One Hundred Ninety-three ($193.
55) Dollars and fifty.five cents, each, now past
due, with eight per cent per annum inteest from
March 3rd, 1921 and ten per cent attorney's fees,
and on terms of credit until October 15th, 1923,
iy to pay a note for One Hundred Ninety-three
($193.54) Dollars and fifty-four cents due on
October 155th, 1923, with eight per cent interest
:k from Mlarch 3rd, 1921.
This the 29th day of November, 1922.
d J. E. CURRIE, Sheriff.
Pearl Thimbles.
Ladies of high class in China ust
d the daintiest thimbles Imaginable,
some of them being carved out of
enormous pearls, and ornamented with
bands of line gold, on which all man
ner of quaint and fantastic designs
n are engraved,
n A--'
Sex of Cities.
As viewed by the advertising man
s looking in all directions for business
id cities and communities all have char
al aeter. Indeed, It Is said that some
it have sex. Pittsburgh, Gary, Youngs
at town and Akron are predominantly
id masculine. Stores catering exclusive
t> ly to women would not prosper in
' those cities to anything like the de
s) gree that they would In such "femi-l
it. nine" communities as Htiverhill, Lynn.
Lowell or Fall River.
Saturday evening at eight o'clock
the members of the Oak Grove Liter
ary Socety, assisted by Miss Florice
Mobley, of Ruston, rendered a very
interesting Christmas program.
After the program, Santa Claus
made a brief visit and favorably com
mented on the beautiful Christmas tree
from which he generously handed
every member of the audience a gift.
Everyone enjoyed the evening and
wish to thank Mr. Lacy Collinis and
Miss Zelle Allen for their interest, for
the success of the occasion was due
to their faithful work.
Speaking of Ads.
Jon::ii , i. c h , :' st";k of lit,
tnil puliele it a eusteoel "V' r!',d 1h !b
ilcily, bitd it is reo'rded 6.it it
I't;(Iul! 't ol1d t.u trade.--'; a LateU
Charcoal Eph's Daily Thought.
i "No ftan ain't got a mortgage u0;
neaven," said Charcoal Eph, ruuiina
tively, "an' fur's dut go, dey ain' no
man sure a brick ain' gwine fall on
3 he hald right hyar on Broad street.
Eat a prune, Mistah Jackson."-
Richmond Times-I ispat".h.
Budding Romance Nipped.
j I was eight and he was ten. We
attended the same school and our two
i grades were in the same room. W\hen
e 4 o'clock came his grade rose and
t marched out of the room first, 'When
) he reached the door he would turn
toward me slightly and I would wink
at him. One evening the teacher
4. caught me winking, and kept me after
hb school. You can imagine that put a
,, quick stop to that buddhkg xomnance.
i11 Chicago Journal.
For Sale
The Mercantile Business of the late
J. Egan Baker, is offered for sale Jan.
1st. Only store in town, good cash
sales and quick turn-over. See or
"But if God'clothe the grass
in the field, which today is, and
tomorrow is cast into the oven;
how much more shall he clothe
you, O ye of little faith."-Luke
Sunday school was well attended on
Sunday, Chrstmas Eve day. With the
I holiday spirit in the air and every
body's loved ones coming home for a
brief vacation, everyone seemed happy
and well content.
Blest be the Christian church, the
Christian home, the Christian land Il
Brother Cox's sermon was an elo
quent but practical discourse taken
from Ezekiel 37th chapter. He drew
a beautiful lesson from the highly
figurative reading and likened God's
gospel message to a great river in a
very dry and barren land. The min
ister inspred his hearers to want to
live lives that may be as rivers of water
to a thirsty land, yielding good fruit al
ways in His name.
December 31st, 5th Sunday, ends
the year. Come, let us make it the
best day of all.
Remember we are one year nearer
Sthe Great White Throne or far on the
n opposte shore. 0, which is it with
"But when he came to himself he
n said, I will arise and go to my fath
k er.
Dally Thought.
a The man who can't find anything to
do generally hunts with great caution.
-Josh Billings.
A 'million men
have turned to
One Eleven
-a firm verdict for
superior quality,
15 f, 10O
Leav es -
Write ua-rn
TLse Bienville Democra

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