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Think not lightly of never so weak an arm which Strikes with the Sword of Justice.
VOL. 7.
THIBODAUX, LA. MARCH 23rd, 1910.
Ladies Organizing
til Over State
Lafayette recently (ell in line with a cirle
league organized among tbe Indies of
that town.
Oplousas, Crowley, Shrereport, Huston
Baton Kouge, New Iberia, Mergan
City, aid numerous othor towns hare
their league.
City fathers can not turn down ladles as
easily and they help the community by
being organized.
Lafayette recently organized
a woman's civic league. Lt omly
followed in the wake of other
progressive towns throughout
ihe state. Opelousas, Crowley
Shreveport, Baton Rouge, New
Iberia, Morgan City, Ruston and
numerous other places have
their lady organizations who do
other things than play euchre.
They discuss civic improvements,
point out to the city fathers?®
needed improvements, correct
evils and thereby assit their
respective communities to a great
extent. Men folks can not re
fuse requests made by ladies as
they can refuse those offered
by men. Suggestions are heeded
more so when coming from
ladies than from men, for they
do not dare send the ladies to
the warm places.
The good to come from such
o rganizations is evident wherever
the leagues exist. Crowley cele
its a iady's league las?" w""* od
Opelousas has had its league for
some four or five years.Thesame;
good work has been accomplished
by the ladies in numerous towns
without spending one cent of
money. In conjunction literary
and debating is made a pleasure
and pastime and much intellec-1
tual benefit isderived therefrom,
as well as brought into the
homes. Thioodaux was supposed
to hare a ««Mother's
Club 'some months ago, but asl
all other organizations which
point out defects and bring toj
light shortcomings and negli
ence, a damper was put on it
and we have no hesitancy in say
ing that political fear was at the,
bottom of it all.
Marvel Theatre,
High Class Moving Pictures.
OPE N DAILY FROM 4 to 10 P. M.
The very best of everything.
Prices : Childrrn 5 cents.
Adults 10 cents.
We keep them constantly on hand.
Phone your orders to Dupre's Gro
cery. Phone 149.
The Woodmen of the World ap
poiuted a committee of foar, con»
listing of Mr. Isidore Ber, Mr. John
Webre, Mr. Clias. Riviere, Supe
rintendent W. S. Lafargue and
Mr. Felix Hebert to make all
jnecessary arrangements for the
onveiling of the monument erected
to the memory of tbe late Sove>
reign, Ernest Romaggossa, in St.
Joseph Catholic Cemetery. State
Gooncil Comuiauder A. B. Booth
will be the orator of the day.
Piano tunning, voicing and re
pairing* Leave order withs Prof.
E- C'hol, Thibodaux and Prof. Ii.
Breithenmoser, Napoleon ville, La.
Tbe Bowling Alley in Main Street
ihas been re-opened. Mr. W. Cleve
tland Long is in chaige. Prizes
will be preseuted the best lady
aud geutlemeu bowlers weekly.
The Lafourche Levee Board
by resolution placed itself on re
cord as being against divore
ching the Red and AtchaMaya j
Rivers from the Mississippi. The.
movement is gaining consider
«.hie hpadwav and it will take !
aoie Deaaway duu IV wui ,
v **i than resolutions from a 1
^*1 .oa *"d to oppose the two !
|OVs Jüa * u !
stre »»ms from being cut off from >
».hp. fireat Fathers of Water. j
wie Uic I
XT „i 1
A biologist from the National
Panital is gathering data in the
capital is. S ...» r^o-ardin?
parish of Vermillion re 0 arain 0
teal and mallard ducks for the
ac/iortnininf whether
purpose of ascertaining wneiner
«Ational protection shuuld be
in these ducks. If the
*extê tided to
State Game Commission IS abo
' lished as well as the law too
mußt) amended the inconveince
experiwjQßd now will «nly be
substituted by A national law
f®' which will in all pwtotëtfty be a
' severe one.
Czar Tottering
In Throne
Speaker Cannon has at last found the
table« turned on him and has difficulty
keeping head above water.
Democrats, insurgent»
Republicans make
and dissatisfied
life unpleasant tor
Has to sit up take
for supremacy and
notice and light
control of Con
j Speaker Cannon who for several
! ®. e ® slona ^ as b ® en wielding his cxar
h *« orti Congress finda him
self at last confinedtoat least ob
8er ™8 rul «?- He ii forced to sit
' ^ notlc ® an ^ have a care.
He felt safe in the beginning in
having a few Democrats with him.
: But no *' tl ? e majority of the Demo
! cratB . th L e insurgents and Repubh
; cani ' ^ho have tirod being imposed
1 ' 0 " j 18 Pfrt 18 * n r have
; combined and forces old Pa Joe
1 had the time of his life keeping his
above water. Last week
- -- -
i Committee on KuJes.
j „ you haye a h()me t0
j J*™" papM
; g * ——
Mrs. Joseph Use.
after holding an a 11 night session
the regulars were unable to muster
a majority. In trying to force one
of his pet measures through he met
a majority in the opposition, to his
surprise. If things do not change
or Uncle Joe doen not yield the
people may have their ending
yet. He was removed from the
paint or
Oliver J.
Mrs. Joseph Use died at her home
on Rienzi Plantation last Tuesday,
afternoon. She leaves to mourn
herloss a husband and several chil—
! dren besides other relatives. Her re
j mains were interred in St. Joseph
; catholic Cemetery on Wednesday
! afternoon.
Woodmen .Circle
A Euchre.
Violet Grove 96. Woodmen
Circle gives a euohre at Protector's
Hall, No. 2, on next Thursday eve
ning at 8 P. M., March 31st- Ad
mission 25 cents.
those of a year ago by about
One Hundred Thousand Dollars.
This means satisfied customers and many new ones.
The Bank of Thibodaux
the'state of louisiana.
Twentieth Judicial District Court—Pa
rish of Lafourche.
MK9. vx. HAKVET VS. NO. 4l&i, 4163, LOUIS
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of
Two writs of seizure aud sale issued out
of the Honorable Twentieth Judicial Dis
trict Court of the State of Louisiana, for
the «parish of Lafourche, in the above
numbered and entitled suits, and to me
directed and delivered, I have seized and
will sell at public auction between the
hours prescribed by law for Judicial sales,
in front of the main entrance to the
court -house of the parish of Lafourche,
in the town of Thibodaux, on
saturday, april 16th, 1910.
The West H*if of the south Half of : a
! certain lot of ground, situated in the
, town o{ Thibodaüx, in this parish, mea
1 9Ur ing Ninety-Six feet and Eleveu inches
! on Church street, by One Hundred and
! Ninety Two feet in depth, between paral
> lel j iues which said lot is the third
j lot South or the lot forming the corner
I of Church street and the prolongation of
1 Rose street of said town of Thibodaux,
^untied East by Church street on which
It fronts, and Noyth, South and West by
1 la nds now or ' ormerl - v belonging to Wal
Gu j 0n aH( j others, according to a
pi an of survey made by P. a. Thibodaux,
survevor, .Tauuary 15th, 1(<78, together
the build f ngs aBd improvements
lhere on and all rights thereto belonging.
I To pay and satisfv the two writs issued
, in this case in principal, interest and
j co#tBi attorney's fees, as far as the
same may go
Sheriff of the parish of Lafourche.
Att'y. for Pl'fs.
$£arcb 16th, 1910.
Public Afforded
Rare Treat.
The Knights of Columbus were fortunate
ia securing tne services of Prof. J. C.
Distinguished scholar whose fame is uni
versal finds time to gire Ttalbo«ttUX a
date while touring the South.
Seat out by National Council to dell ver
lecture for Knights and their friends.
Last night at the Opera House
prof. J. G. Monaghan delivered
his famous lecture '«America
the flag and opportunity". The
affair had been pretty well ad
vertised and a rather good crowd
was expected. We go to press
too early to give the details. The
distinguished scholar, known
universally, arrived here yes
terday and was taken in tow by
the local knights and shown
about the town, having the points
of interest shown him as well
as the surrounding country.
In the afternoon the .officers of
tbe council received the mem
bers and their friends at the
council chamber, where they
were introduced to the distin
guished visitor. Last night, be
delivered his lecture at the opera
house. While we go to press
before hearing same, the
splendor of his efforts and ^ his
entertaining manner of deliver
ing as well as the reputation his
brilliancy of speech preceeded
him and put him in a class with
William Jennings Bryan as to
fluency, so that we have no hesi
tancy in saying that the lecture
was a rare treat and a decided
success from every stand point.
Besides Prof. Argence, Mrs. J.
Billieu.Miss Ludy Badeaux,Prof.
Guy J. Knoblocb, Mayor P. J.
Aucoin, and Miss Sadie Gaude
contributed to the program.
Worse than au alarm of tire at
night is the metallic cough of croup.
Careful mothers keep Foley's Hon
ey aud Tar iu the house and give
it at the first sign of danger. Fo
ley's Houey and Tar has saved
maii y little lives. No opiates.—La
fourche Drug Store.
Last Thursday was St. Pat
rick's day. The local 8ons of
Erin marked the day in various
ways, no public celebrations
however. The community at
large honored the day by wear
ing the shamrock and green, the
emblem and colors of the Irish
Ice was reported in several sec
tions of the state last week. Early
risers in this section maintain that
there was ice in town also, ice hav
ing been noticied in thin layers
about the ground.
Judgé Porter of Natchitoches,
reputed candidate for Governor, has
denied the report that he will be
a candidate on the prohibition tic
ket. In his interview he says :
"The saloon question is a social,
industrial, political and moral is
sue of tremendous importance to
the welfare of the commonwealth.
It ought not to be made a medium
fcr the exploitation of political as
pirations of any man or faction.
It ought to be submitted to the j
people for settlement by them at
the polls. I consider it too early
to begin the campaign for 1912."
Mr. Stanley Boudreaux (Jack)
returned from a few days spent at
Lockport where he had gone to pre
side over the post office the day of
the death and the day of the funeral
of Mrs. Prudhomme, Postmaster
BarrioB'a daughter.
Panama Canal
Exposition 1915
New Orleans goes out to muke strong
bid for the exposition to mar« the
opening of the canal.
Large delegation sent to
returned last week very
sanguine of success.
hopeful and
Report has lt that the next legislature
will be asked to make an appropria
tion to get the exposition.
New Orleans last week put
in a strong bid at Washington
for the Panama Canal Exposition.
Besides being closer to the
canal than any other city, New
Orleans is a cosmopolitan city
and her interests have been
closer to the people, of the La
tin American people, than other
cities. The opening of the canal
promises to be marked by an
exposition and since New Or
leans has had experience in
handling crowds as well as
an exposition it looks as if it
might be as good a city as any
in which to hold the event com
memorating such an epoch in
A delegation of representa
tive citizens headed by Gover
or Sanders and Martin Behr
man spent several days in Wash
ington mixing tfith congress
man and senators, as well as
as giving receptions to the re
preventatives of different for-,
eign countries. President Taft
was first approached and made
a friend of"the movement. They
returned last we^k very hope
f ul and sanguine of success. The
next Legislature will be asked
to place a special tax through
a constitutional amendment for
the purpose of assisting the
movement. The holding of an
exposition in New Orleans can
not but be productive of much
good to the entire state in hav-i
ing its advantages and resour
ces universally known. It is to
be hoped that the southern Met
ropolis will be
land the prize.
successful and
- - .
On Thibodaux Street» in the rear of
The Racket Store,
Thibodaux, La.
an repairing done prompt,,. Gnt
tenng A Specialty.
Wood ! Wood !
_ ,, . n
Sip El; ^c P Culla° rd pho e ne V 269
Base Ball
The local boys have organized
with practically the same ball
players as last year. All home
boys, with the exception of Gnit
terez, who will act us back stop,
old reliable Deine Knobloch not
playing this season. George
Linesetter has been selected as
manager. Good games will be
scheduled throughout the seasoD.
Two Per Cent Tax
The executive committee of the
Louisiana State Firemen's Asso
ciation met recently at Gretna, La.
President Charles Riviere presided.
A committee to act as the Itgisla
tive committee to see that a bill is
introduced in the legislature, levy,
ing a tax of two per ceut on all fire
insurance companies whs one of
the features of the meeting. The
idea beiug not to tax companies
organized under the laws of the
State. Other basin et» s was trail,
sacted and applications received
from other tuwus. The convention
will bo held af Lafaoetle, La. this
year from May 27 to 29.
j e( j f r0 m what it
Accept no substitute for Foley's
Houey and Tar. It is the best and
safest remedy for coughs, colds,
throat aud lung troubles. Contains
no opiates aud no harmful drugs.
Remember the uame. Foley's Hou
ey and Tar, and accept no substi
tues. Lafourche Drug Store.
This week the services at St.
Joseph Catholic Church were chang
has been in the
past few weeks. There were no
services last night, but instead the
same services together with a ser
sermon will be held Friday night at
seven o'clock. To morrow after
noon there will be the way of the
cross which will replacé the way of
the cross to have been held on Fri
day afternoon.
Architect Attends
Committee Meeting.
New Orleans architect attends meeting of
committee selected to look into remodel
ling of courthouse.
Majority of committee present discussed
matter after which committee visited
given architect by
•all inconveniences and drawbacks
all incon
set forth
The court house committee
met last Saturday morning and
the majority of the members
were present. Mr. Favrot, an
architect from New Orleans, of
the architectural firm of Favrot &
Livaudais, was present and fully
discussed the proposed building
with the committee listening to
all their suggestions. The ideas
of the committee were taken by
the architect with a view of draw
ing plans to submit to the com
After the meeting all offices
were visited and suggestions
taken from the officials as to con
veniences, as well as all present
inconviences and d raw backs, so
as to make the proposed build
ing contain all comfort and con
vience for the proper handling
of the business. The plans
should be forthcoming in a few
Would Have Cost Him His Life.
Oscar Bowman, Lebanon, Ky.,
| writes : 1 have used Foley's Kid
uey Remedy and take great plea
sure iu stating it cured me per
maneutly of kidney disease vhich
cerlainly would have cost me my
life."—Lafourche Drug Store.
To Mrs. Emauuel Labit,a boy.
j Mr. and Mrs. Josb.ih Gaudet had
the misfortune of losing a six year
| old girl last Sunday. The remains
; were takeu to Labadieville for iu
j terment.
amusements for the
i^e farmers from all
^we'ù SÄ«

trade day The H^da™
declared a big success and the
business was only excelled by
the business the day before
Christmas. The merchants got
the sur
rounding country were attracted
i there by train loads. The day
; was such a success that it has
i been decided to make the first
I and third Wednesdays of each
month trade day. Amusements
I montu iraae uay. .amusements
! a ? d inducements will bring peo
j P" "any town any. old time
Arevifed list of approved high
schools throughout the State has
just been issued by the State Board
of Education, in which we fail to
find the Guion Academy or the
Thibodaux High School, as some
prefer calling it. Those who think
it a high school might call down the
State Board and possibly they
will see that it is placed on the
Lake Charles is to have a new
theatre costing thirty thousand
dollars, which will be in readi
ness for the next season. It is
high time this town were think
ing of something modern as a
The retail butchers of New
Orleans have decided to show
the housewives of that city how
to purchase meat so as to save
waste, that is be economical in
their purchases and at the same
time to import cattle as a means
of holding down the price of
meat or reducing it i? possible.
The Catholic Church at Baton
Rouge was robbed one night
last week. The contribution
boxes were broken open. At
tempts were made to open
other special boxes but the
criminal broke the knife blade
on the box, blade afterwards
dropping into the box.
The plan to make "Dixie" the
national song has again been re
vived. Strenuous efforts ar®
being used to have it declared
the national song.
Houma has let contracts to build
one mile of cement sidewalks, this
will cover the principal streets.
Van Leonard, a white man was
killed at a logging camp near
Gibson La. last week by an explo
sion of dynamite, used in rooting
trees in the Swamp.
It Looks Like
No Parade.
Looks like the annual celebration of the
fire departmeht will be observed this
The last celebration left _ the town has
every appearance of giving it the slip.
The old spirit that possesed the people
for the fire department seems to be
dying out.
It looks like Thibodaux is
going to lose its last and ori
ginal gala day. The annual
celebrations of the fire depart
ment which have recently been
neglected and very much unlike
the celebrations of the past are
year after year being shelved.
Less interest is being mainfes
ted and the time seems to be
upon us when the celebration
like most everything grand this
town has been proud of will
only be a remembrance of the
past. Usually steps were taken
before this time to insure a
grand celebration, but as none
have been taken as yet and as
the matter is not even being
spoken of, it might reasonably
be supposed that there is noth
ing doing for the firemen in
If the old spirit that posses
sed the people regarding the
celebration of the anniversary
were still alive there might be
hopes, but as it is we fear that
our ideas regarding the absence
of a celebration will be realized.
In seeing this celebration aban.
doned Thibodaux loses its last
grand celebration
Richard Allen Craigin.
Last Thursday afternoon grim rea
per death checked a promising career
in taking from bis field of activities
Richard Allen Craigin. The young
man had just reached his majority
a few months ago and was engaged
in the real estate business in Gulf
port Miss., where he died. His
success was remarkable and his fu
ture was very promising. He had
! , ■ *• j « i
i indisped for a "abort while,
Thinking he had an attack of grippe
' -eleft h.srooo, too »onand was
1 uke " w "
lound that he had tiphold ,eTer
ÎUU11U tuav iic puviw *VTV».
All that could be done to spare his
life was done, but the Divine Ruler
willed it otherwise and he was cal
led to that great beyond. He died
at the home of his sister, Mrs. W.
R. Strange. His remains were
taken here through New Orleans
and interred in St. John's Cemetery
on Saturday morning after services
at the Episcopal Church. The re
mains were followed to their last
resting place by a large following
of friends and relatives. Deceased
is a native of this parish,he was born
on Rienzi plantation, where his peo
pie lived while the plantation was
owned by the late Mr. Richard Al*
len. He left here while quite a
boy, but there are many who re
member him as he returned
several times to visit his native
Who Come and Go
Mrs. Francis Knobloch spent
several days with her father and
mother in Baton Rouge last week.
St. Joseph's day was celebrated
last Saturday. At St. Joseph Catho
lic Church, several hundred people
attended the masses held that mor
ning. The Italian colony marked
the day by their usual celebration,
eaeh family or several families cele
brating together.
The Louisiana Press Convention
will meet at Opelousas on May 3, 4.
and 5th,Ihe dates having been decij
ded upon last month, at a meeting
of the execuiive committee. Full de.
tails as to program and entertain
ment will be issued shortly. The
association met in Opelousas twen
ty years ago and there has been
much improvement in that hustling
town since.
A recent settlement made with
the auditors shows Lafourche pa
rish as having receipted for $12,096,
Lake Charles will have twenty
five miles of cement sidewalks to
be erected immediately and which
will cover all of the seventeen
principal streets.
A jury in the District Court at
Donaldsonville allowed the Leh
man Planting company damages
for fire caused by sparks from tbe
smoke stack of an engine on the
Texas & Pacific Railway. Dam
ages were allowed in a sum over
five thousand dollars.
First letter from our fellow townsman
reaahes us and it is filled with interes
ting data.
Party visited Frisco, Honolulu, and are
■ow headed for Japan after which the
Phillipiaes will be visited.
Meals served a la carte and receptions
and lectures on board on what is to be
seen and what has been seen.
Last Friday's mail brought us a
letter from Mr. E. G. Robichaux,
who with his family is on board the
Steamer Cleaveland in the Clark
Tour around the world. Mr. Robi
chaux writes interestingly and is
elated with his experiences and
treatment. From here, Mr- Robi
chaux.his wife and little son,Alfred,
drove to Schriever and boarded a
train there for Los Angeles where
they arrived on January 30th,
leaving here on the 27tn. After
spending a few dajs there and noti
cing the wonderful improve
ments since hia last visit there in
1894, our writer proceeded by way
of the coast to Frisco. This was
his first visit since the recent disas
ter and the improvements and re
placing of public utilities in such
a short time, Mr. Robichaux says,
would startle the imagination. He
visited there all the points of in
terest, as well as all curiosities
and historical places.At the St. Fran
eis hotel they remained until the
day of departure, in the meantime
the Clark party returing from a
tour around the world, which started
from New York and ended at Frisco
met and were made acquainted
with the party about to leave and
cross over the same route, the party
just arriving had visited. The ex
change of acquiantances and rela
ting of experiences was very interes
ting and exceedingly useful. On
schedule time all were aboard the
steamer sailing on the Pacific.
Leaving Frisco on February 5th,
after being out seven days Honolu
lu was reached on Feb. 12th. Mr.
Robichaux says that wireless mes
sages were exchanged from on board
to the port at Honolu
lu and greetings were exchanged.
A rousing reception was- given the
party. The stay at this place was
only two days» but every advantage
UU1J tnu Ufl/OJ uuiouiugv
to s?e everything worthwhile seeing
! was offered. Mr. Robichaux drove
j ou t into the interior visited all sur
rounding plantations. He expies
! a « g himself as preferring the Hawai
j i a n Islands to any tropical country
he has yet visited. All on board
j were presented with garlands or
necklaces of flowers which were
! worn while in Honolulu.
! worn while in Honolulu.
j Leaving Honoloulu the cruise was
continued to Yokohama, Japan,and
! a t the time the letter was written
I the steamer was 175 miles from
; this port. After visiting all the ports
| 0 f Japan, as well as all points of in
| interest in the Flowery Empire,Chi
j n a, Java, Ceylon Bombay as well
j as different points in India will be
; visited. The letter was mailed on
board the steamer before reaching
Japan and we expect another from
him at the Suez Canal, which will
be in about two months. Previous
to this the coast of Africa will be
visited, the party landing at the
same place where Roosevelt landed,
besides other points of interest.
We expect fuller details and
points of interest visited the next
time. At the time the letter was
written the trip across the ocean had
been 5550 miles; 2490 from Schrie
ver to Frisco making 8030 miles
from Thibodaux, the "best spot on
earth". Mr. Robichaux says that
while he was not lonesome one
moment he believes as he has al
ways belieyed that dear old Thibo
daus is the best spot on earth as
f many "'he's,
»« the party, there ar<>760 passen
! 8f s, composed of ««sterners. peo
! P><= '"' m Nortl ' and ?' outh > bankcre '
brokers, professional men, clergy,
commercial men and people Itom
all walks. At meals the ladies have
to dress in form, evening dress be
ing required,the men wearing Tuxe
dos. Mr. Robichaux in concluding
asks us to extend his regards to all
his friends.
Divorcing the Atchafalaya and
Red Rivers from the Mississippi
is causing much comment, re
solutions and mass meetings
I pro and con are in order.
J, Y. Skofield of Baton ïfcouge
was appointed travelling sear
gent of the Louisiana state Peni
tentiary. Mr. Skofield was em
ployed at Bowie some yearsago.
The next legislature will be
asked for an appropriation of
two hundred and fifty thousand
dollars to build a sugar mill on
Angola Plantaiion.

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