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Thibodaux commercial journal. (Thibodaux, Lafourche Parish, La.) 191?-1959, March 23, 1910, English, Image 2

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(J. N. DUPRE, Publisher & Prop.
Entered at the Post Office at
Thibodaux, La. as second class
Correspondence on subjects ot
general interest solicited.
To insure notice of their com
munications, writers must furnish
their real name.
Printing Contract.
An important questiou promises
to be the centre of attraction at the
opening ®f the Legislature- The
matter is that of letting the printing
out by contract, electing an offi
cial printer. It is estimated that
this is one of the most expensive
as well as the least important con
tracts given out by the state. There
seems to be no limit to the amouut
of printing done, and while the bid
winning out appears to be low, in
the long run the one getting the
contract loses no money. Every
thing is printed, every bill, and the
proceediugs of the house and senate
are printed every day in the shape
of an official journal and placed
on the desks of the representatives.
In one session of the General Assem
bly there is a carload of printing or
more used, and the advantage to
come of such a waste of money has
at last been found useless.
In no other state of the Union, if
in any, is such wholesale printing
resorted to in order to secure legis
lation. It may be necessary to have
some printing. There is no gainsay
ing the fact that the bill proposed
Bhould be printed, unless some
other method to make the law
makerB familiar with them is resor
ted to; but it is equally true that
there is twenty five times too much
printing. The item of printing
at each session, as well as the prin
ting contracts throughout the year
amount to no little sum.
The good news is being spread
that a bill will be introduced at the
approaching session to cut down
this heavy expense, to do away
with the printing of the official jour
nal, and to hiyye printers outside of
the city of Baton Rouge bid on
the other work, not confining the
bidders to that city. The official
printing of the state has of late
been looked upon as a bonanza and
the life and death of the official or
gan depended upon its being re-elec
ted official printer. The conse
quence was that one of the papers
in the capital city was being kept
up at public expense and not on
its merits.
As it is with state printing, of
ficial printing, so it with the pa
rochial printing. The official pa
pers get everything and the conse
q n ence is that much public money
is spent uselessly. There are very
few newspapers that would not
print the proceedings of public bo
dies as news. As it is to day the
longer the proceedings the more
money goes into the public printer's
coffers, as he receives his pay at so
much per square. State work is
accordingly dished out to the of..
ficial printer« in the different pa
rishes, without any bids and the
best price is always obtained. The
same rule holds good for municipali
ties. Public printing is too often
the method by which the public
press is muzzled, the public cause
being prejudiced by means furnish
ed by the public itself.
The same condition obtains in
national affairs. The United States
government prints a world of mat
ter that has no excuse for being
printed. Carloads of matter are
printed and distributed all over the
country at no little expense. Pos
sibly if the useless and worthless
matter, stamped official, sent
through the mails by the govern
ment were not sent, the deficit in the
post office department would not
exist. If matters were sent to peo
ple who use it and who get some
thing out of it, it would be quite
different, but ninety nine one hun- j
dreths of the printed matter sent
through mail by the government is
seldom if ever removed from the ou
ter wrapper, and the other one one
hundredths is read very indifferently,
if at all. Then again we have the
government printing stamped en
velopes with return cards at a
Possibly if the proposed regula
tion regarding state printing is en
acted into law the time may not
be far distant when the national
government may stop theleak also
along the same lines. Printing con :
tracts however are possibly more
abused than any other contracts
and it is high time that the money
squandered in printing were check-1
ed in some way, for if it be allowed
to continue unmolested there is no
telling where the end might be. 1
Again, if the evils in printing con
tracts are not checked there is no j
telling but what it may be an in
centive to investigate other matters,
The good to come form a general^
investigation along all lines <js
bound to have its effect. Thfe only
disadvantage is that the measure
promises to be introduced by a law
maker from the minority rank and i
the chances are the administration :
forces will be strongly arrayed
againft it, defeating it and saving
politicalpatronage for the powers
that be. I
The Police Jury has at last turned
over a new leaf, seemingly tired
of chalking up everything on the
same leaf of the Sam* 1 old ledger.
It -was high time and since the
new teody had been- in harness
we had been monthly expecting
some departure from the old rut
and routine work, being aware
of the fact that there were quite
a few live in the body. At the
last meeting, as noted in our col
umns last week it was decided to
take some few steps forward
and it is to be sincerely hoped
that no one will put any obsta
cles in the way.
First, heeding the argument
and fact placed before it by the
District Judge it was unanim
ously decidedtobuild anew court
house or so materially change,
alter and remodel the present
building that it would practical
ly be a new building. The con
census of opinion being that the
present building had served its
purpose and it should be either
remodeled and enlarged or sub
stituted by a new building and
to that end it was decided to
spend on the improvement as
much as thirty thousand dollars,
if it were necessary. That goes
without saying, no one will
find objection to any improve
ment sush as the one proposed
and is a foregone conpluslon.
We wish at this moment to
compliment each and every in
dividual on the jury for such
a progressive and up to date
step. It was something that the
standing and wealth of this pa
rish demanded and it was wise,
to delay it no longer. We offer
this further suggestion however
that it should be made as hand
some as money can make it and
that the surroundiugs be chan
ged sufficiently to be in keeping
with the improvement proposed
so as not to detract from it. Thn
remaining ground left surroun
ding the buildiug should be
beautified and converted into an
open place, adorned with flowers
and refreshing fountains of
water, and not allowed to serve
the purposes which the yard
is made to answer to day. This
is not the first time we have 'had
occasion to express our opinion
and we believe the people have
the same views as We have. The
fact is we are more than satis
fied on this point. We trust be
cause we suggest it, it will not
be the only reason for disregar
ding it, aud have no hesitancy in
believing that the present body,
as at present constituted, con
tains no prejudiced or narrow
establish in connection with
farm a reformatory
Another step towards progress
was the appointment of a com
mittee to confer with a like com
mittee from the Parish of Terre
towards the establishment of a
poor farm and reformatory, com
bined with a house of detention.
The law provides that each pa
rish shall care for and maintain
its poor and indigent Lafourche,
we are informed from reliable
authority, pays out of the public
money something near the three
thousand dollar mark in pensions
to the poor, and year after year
the amount increases. The idea
in establishing the poor farm
would be to have those who are
dependent upon public charity
to live at the place and provision
would be rriâde for their care.
A farm is suggested for the rea
son that the expense could be
keptdown with trucking, poultry
raising and a dairy in connection,
and at the same time a pastime
and method of whiling away the
time and keeping the inmates
busy would be afforded.
Under the Juvenile Law, mi
nors under seventeen years of
age, can not be incarcerated in
the same prision with hardened
criminals of mature age. The
idea being to reform the young
miscreants or law violators with
a view to making them good citi
zens rather than broken down
and discouraged exconvicts,
hardened and made more vicious
than before by coming in contact
with criminals of all classes.
Therefore, the idea would be to
where the
boys as well as the girls could
be given attention,and after ser
ving their time they would pos
sibly be the better off for having
been taken in time and shown
the errors of their ways.
Another feature of this pro
posed institution would be to
have a comfortable place where
the insane awaiting deportation to
the asylums, could be locked up
and taken care of rather than al
lowed to wait in jail until room
could be found for them at the
state institutions. Most insane
P eu P' e have lucid intervals and
realize that they are in jail and
^^s fact alone can not but be dis
agreeable to them and cause
them more worry as well as ag
gravate their condition. Further
more, better quarters would be
more conducive to their recovery,
nroreso than the short discom
ftfrts of jails.
While the jury is in the proper
mood they should look to other
public improvements and see
that the parish gets ahigh school,
as well as remove the indirect
tax placed upon the peo^ie in
having toll ferries and bridges
throughout the parish. Remove
this lasting and disgraceful relic
of barbarism. In conclusion we
again conteLUnanï.**«' * n *" r
Easter is for the children, of
course, but there are. many
grown ups disappointed if, some
do not make children of them ?
The idea is to get something
either in a nest or out of a nest
to mark the day ?
Many hearts will be made hap
py on awakening next Sunday
morning and finding romem
There are a world of others
who from trying to be good for
seven long weeks may attempt
to be good for ever afterwards ?
There is no reason that this
could not be done, for any one
who wishes to be good for seven
weeks can continue ?
It is absurd to think that be
cause the penitential season is
over that one can resume nad
habits ?
There is so much satisfaction
in being good and happy that it
is a wonder that one who tries
can be otherwise ?
No greater pleasure equals
that which is occasioned by the
conscious performace of a good
action ?
Meanness and mischief,as well
as evil to others, always forces
remorse of conscience ?
No man can feel other than
mean to himself when he has
treated another as he would not
be treated V
Be good as you can always and
mean only when you forget your
self or are not yourself Y
. One is not only good when he
does not do just what he is sup
posed not to do, but when he
does what is not expected of him?
Some kids do not catch any
thing else but "lickins" and all
prevailing sickness ?
They are usually unfortunate
at any thing else and waste their
energy being disappointed *
The same is true of grown
folks,they catch all the bad news
going around and hear nothing
good r 1
good r
All they spread is the bad they
hear of a fellow, while the good
they are prone to disbelieve ?
The same is true of the lady
folks, and some of them make a
specialty of carrying and spreading
bad reports ?
No man should judge another un
less positive,even one's imagination
runs awaj with him?
Because an 'ndividual is suspec
ted by you. or because he leads you
to suspect does not make you posi
tive or him wrong ?
It is always safe to be sure you
know exactly what you are talking
about before you accuse ?
If it were not for the ladies there
would be a wörld of industries for
ced to retire ?
Just think of the amount of in
dustries kept alive by the patronage,
continued patronage, of lady folks '■
The toilet pin, the hair pin, the
toilet articles, powders, perfumes,
hair makers,rat makers,puff makers
and what nots ?
The dear ladies are continually
after something false, but are the
first to feel hurt if any one is false
to them '■
If it is not padding the clothes,
it is padding the head that occupies
most of their time ?
Paint, powder, cosmetics and the
natural colors delay their toilet
more than anything else '■
It is really surprising how a
great many of them are far from
being real ?
There are many real jokes gotten
off at their expense, day after day.
that produce much mirth ?
What would jokes be if the Eves
were always excepted, there need
be no argument to convince ?
\ Mother in laws, wifes, sweet
hearts, old maids, coquettes, all
are essential to the funny or would
be funny ?
The individual who gives away
lot of old things he does not want,
is not doing charity ?
It would be useless to try to con
vince him that he is not doing the
greatest charity ?
Anything you do not need or do
not want may do some one else
good, but it costs you nothing ?
If you deprive yourself of some
thing or give something that you
might use,then y©u are getting near
charity ?
The fellow who can afford a dol
lar and only gives a dime is not
doing what the good book tells him
to do ?
Even if the other fellow does find
it out, it does not make your chari
ty all the greater ?
The charity that counts is the one
no one ever learns of and which the
giver does not brag about ?
Good charity speaks for itself and
needs no advance or press agent to
make it known and appreciated ?
There is imposition even in chari
ity work and many receive who are
not entitled to same ?
There is nodale without an excep
Euld be expected f
No matter how small,
No matter how large,
Will give it careful
attention. This message
applies to the men and
women alike.
A. J. B raud , President.
L. A. B louin , V-President.
K. J. B raud, Cashier.
P. F. L egendre , Asst. Cashier.
G eo. M. D elaune ,Asst.Cashier^
CAPITAL & SURPLUS $135,000 00. 5
L. C. Waterbury,
dealer in
Lumber, Paints, Oils, Lime and
Fire Bricks.
Cisterns Made to Order.
Cumberland 'Phone 111-2.
Local 'Phone 37.
. v>/V
I nvest
35 Cts
Shinola Set
Why not polish your own shoes with our waterproof
- paste Shinola ?
Bootblack charges 10 cents. Shinola gives 100 shines
for 10 cents.
With the Shinola. policier aud dauber the task is an
easy «nd pleasant one. Shinola gives aquickj brilliant
lustre. The shine is waterproof and permanent.
When shoes get dusty a few strokes with the polisher
restores the lustre. For home and office.
$32.15 from Thibodaux
One way colonist Tickets on
Sale March 1 to April 15, 1910 inc.
Through Train Daily
Oil Burning Locomotive • Pullman Tourist Sleepers
Chair Cars and Coaches Liberal Stopovers
Rate Per Berth in Tourist Sleeper, New Orleans to San Fran
cisco $5.75.
Ask Your Agent for information and Literature, or write
D. A sbury , D. P., A.
Lake Charles.
J. H. R. P arsons , G. P. A.
.New Orleans
Registered by American Trotting Register,
Double Gaited, Besides possessing a. Running Walk Under Saddle
16 1-4 Hands Higù, Mahogany Bey. Kindest and Finest that
Standard Bred Stallion, foaled
1901, by Expedition, 14900; dam
Lucile Wand by Wilke« Boy,
3803; grandam Nelly H
Young Jim, 209, etc. See
eile Wand. Bred by W.
Peak, Georgetown, Ky.
For farther particulars, address or call on
Jos. Jeffries.
Stable opposite Frost's Lumber Yard, back eft
Drexler Stables.
RECORD:— Pacing, 2:11 1-2. Trotting 1 , 2:22 1-2.
on a one-half mile Track.
Has no Superior
Few Equals . . .
For relieving Sunburn, Tan
Freckles, Chapped and Chafed
conditions of the Skin.
An Elegant Massage Cream.
Prepared by
SWEET TALK—Terse and Eloquent—
The most glittering exuberance of grandiloquent verbosity
polysyllabic expatiation is not equal to its merest whis
When you spend Money for poor § When you spend Money for
sweets, it says-"Farewell For- $ licious confection it says- ,,
ever." $ taste will stay till you cooaf
§ again."
Nuf Sed
Choicest-Delicacies in the Line of Cakes Candies, Pies, etc.
Taste our Home made goods.
Knobloch's Confectionery,
Wholesale Liquor Merchan

C hh
FISSE THIRION & CIE Black Seal Champagne
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G. MALIFAUD Brandies
RAMIREZ Y OIA Sherries and Ports •••*'■
J. J. SAULNIER & CIE White Wiues...;
CORNIBE PLENAÜD & CIE Cordials B or ®1
418 Gravier Street,
Phone Main 2B22-Y NEW Ol

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