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VOL. 7.
Think not lightly of never so weak an arm
which strikes with the Sword of Justice.
HO. 23
Prohibition Coming
Ver; Rapidly
Our statement, *nd prediction of months
ago about to be realised and is stated
as a fact.
Bill will be Introduced in Legislature to
prohibit th« sale of liquors in all tortns
or cities of less than tlireo hundred
N*w Orleans will then be excluded, after
which the country will bo against the
city, then a constitutional amendment
will be offered.
Oar prediction of months ago ia
rapidly coming to be stern facta*
The prohibitionists are going to car
ry their fight into the next Legisla
ture. There will be a world of bills
introduced preventing the sale of
liquor or the issuance of licenses
therefor, after the first of January
next, in any town or city of less
than three hundred thousand in
habitants. In this manner New
Orleans will be eliminated from pro
hibiticn and will probably support
the bill as a business matter» for
cing all the liquor to be sold in
New Orleans or shipped out from
that city, A bill to this effect will
be introduced by our good friend,
Hon. Robert Roberts Jr., of Min
den La., who by the way would
make an ideal and tip top candidate
for Lieutenant Governor, and for
whom wc would like to vote if he
does not run on a prohibition tic-
After this bill is enacted into
law, we reiterate what we »aid be
fore, the prohibitionists will have
won their fight, for the country be
ing deprived of enjoying the sale of
liquor will be pitted against th«
city and a constitutional amend
ment will be introduced in the
General Assembly of 1912 making
the sale of liquor anywhere in the
State of Louisiana, contrary to law.
This will be New Orleans' punish
ment, if htr representatives sup
port any bill making the sale of
liquor against the law, outside of
New Orleans. Unless this sch«me
is nipped in the bud prohibition
will be with us next year.
Mr. Lovincy Rodrigue.
Mr. Lovincy Rodrigue, an aged
and respected citii^n of tbesixth
ward, died at his home last Fri
day afternoon. He bad been in
disposed for a while, but his ill ;
ness was not considered as se
rious as it really was, and his
death was almost sudden,, fori
he had been doing better that |
day and death claimed him as he
was resting in his chair. He had
^reached an advanced age. During
the years of his activity he had
served his ward in several capa
cities, as police juror, member
of school board and road commis
sioner, as well as his party, be
ing for a number of years mem
ber of the Democratic Parish Ex
ecutive Committee. His remains
were taken . to the Catholic
Church at Chackbay, where after
the services of the Catholic
Church, presided over by Rev.
Farther Schmidt, were interred
an the cemetery adjoining. The
fanerai was largely attended. He
leaves to mourn his loss, hi«
wife, a number of sens and dau
ghters, as well as grand chil
drens. A son, Mr. John Rodri
gue, is at present serving as a
member of the Police Jury from
that ward.
The Red Dragon of the sky.
Watch the children for spring
cooffbs aud colds. Oareftil mothers
kaep Foley's Honey and Tar in the
ni. ih, h-st »1,1 safest,
house. It is the best and safest
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mediate relief a vital necessity.
Contains no opiates or harmful
drugs. Refuse
fourche Drug Store.
substitutes. «La
, _ T _ , ,
The New Orleans papers last
week chronicled the fact that;
Mr. Oliver Malbrough and Miss
Agues Gamer of Hammond, La;
were married in New Orleans on,g
the 18th inst. The wedding at
fcracted attention, as the groom
is formerlv from this town, be-1
ing a son of the late Philip Mai
brough and a grand son of Mrs.
Louis Lamoureaux, still living in
our midst. Mr. Malbrough has a
number of friends here who;
will wish him well, and learn of
his marriage with no little plea
Violet Grove 96 Woodmen circle
will give a Fair at Opera House
jjrounds on May 8th.
New Bank
Elects Officers.
The Citisens Bank of Lafourche met
last week selected its officers and
Meeting held "too late for us to make
mention ia last issue, although we had
gone to press before meeting.
Site purchased to erect modern building
as corporations's new home and good
price paid for same.
The Citisens Bank of Lafourche
held a meeting of its stockholders
last Tuesday, after w® had gone
to press, too late therefore for us
to make mention of the reslut of
the election. There had been
rumors as to whom the responsi
bility of the success of the insti
tution would fall, but we prefer
red awaiting positive information
t»efore mentioning th* matter.
The first board of directors will
be composed of the following: E.
N. Roth, W. E. Howell, Oleus
Mire, Wilson Lepine, L. E. Cail
louet, Lovincy Rodrigue, John.
M. Wehre, Charles A. Badeaux,
J. M. Keith, E. A. Beau vais, L.
C. Roger, H. L. Sims, P. R. Per
cy, R. 0. Seely and Walter C.
Morvant. Of these E. N Roth
shall be president, W.E. Howel!,
Oleus Mire and Wilson Lepinre
vice presidents; H. L. Simscash
ier and Elphege Clement, assis
tant cashier.
The site has been selected for
the location of the bank, it will
be the corner of the Fleetwood es
täte, corner of St. Philip and
Thibodax streets, being a frac
tional lot thirty five by ninety
feet for which the price of forty
five hundred dollars was paid.
The building, it is said, will be a
three story pressed brick mod -
ern building.
Ascension Council Knights of
Colu in bus celebrated its fourth
anniversary last sunday oy giving
an elaborate banquet at its own
home in Donaldsonville. The
state officers and grand knights
of councils throughout the state
were invited to attend. Last Fri
jday marked the fourth anniver
9ar y 0 f the institution of the to
ca i CO uncil.

those of a year ago by about
One Hundred Thousand Dollars.
This means satisfied customers and many new ones.
The Bank of Thibodaux
Lafourche 8 Labadievllle 1.
Lafourche drove up the bayou
i" 8 £ " oas bats
" , , elr ° wn back
J lrd -J ,8"?® «"ted «>•
terestingly, but our boys were
far superior and had things
their own way until the ninth in
ning, when Knobloch who had
pitched wonderful ball,let up for
awhile to allow the fielders prac
tice, and seven runs were total
led in that inning, but no more,
Lafourche having eight runs to its
'credit the game was still theirs.
Had it not been for the batting
{est that Sid allowed in the last
roun d of the contest th e home
tK,y S W ould have had a shut out
to their credit. As it is, the
ame was f or them, but the cre
dit would have been all the great
er jf jt had been nine goose eggs
instead of making all runs in one
inning-. The locals batted fast,
good and strong and were in the
game at every stage playing all a
r0 und and credit being due all.
Kext Sunday Latourche will
m eet Jeanerette at Dautin's Park,
Diarrhoea should be cured with
out loss of time and by a medicine
which like Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy
not only cures promptly but pro
duces ne unpleasant after effects.
It never fails and is pleasant and
i safe to take. Sold by all dealers.
Land And Farm
Congress Held.
Congress tn session at Alexandria on
last Wednesday and Thursday attracts
visitors from all over.
The effects of sessions aro far reach
ing and will serre to advertise state
to its advantage.
All who had the good fortune to visit
the exhibits were dumb founded ana
have become enthusiastic.
The Land and Farm Congress
held at Alexandria last Wednesday
and Thursday was worth a special
trip to that place to inform one s
self of the possibilities of the state
in which we live. Everybody who
saw the exhibits of the products
of the farms and lands of this state
were absolutely dumbfounded, to
say the least. Lafourche of course
took no interest in the matter, and
there was nothing on exhibition
from this parish. All exhibits
were from other sections. If La
fourche had had some of its pro
ducts on exhibition it would have
made the exhibit all the more won
All sorts and varieties of vege
tables, cereals, fruits, flowers, for
age, hay, catties, fowels, h«rses,
mules hogs and anythtng and every
thing raited on the farm could be
found at this exhibit, the greater
portion of which were displayed
in the corridors of the court house
and the balance on the side walks
on the outside. We express our
views on the subject in an editorial
in this issue. The Governor as
well as a number of state officers
participated and the unanimous
opinion is that such exhibits and
conventions do only good and un
told good to this commonwealth,
in that it advertises our advantages
and opportunities to outsiders and
makes us better acquainted with
th« innumerable benefits of this
state as well as facts we never
dreamed existed.
Chamberlain'« Stomach and
Fjiver Tablet« assist nature in
driving all impurities out of the
system. insuring a free and regular
condition and restoring the organs
of the body to health and strength.
Sold by all dealers.
The Young Men Benevolent As
sociation celebrate their 43rd anni
versary next Sunday afternoon, at
their hall by giving a collation
which will be served on the lower
floor of their building. The anni
versary is usually celebrated by
chartering a Bpecial train and giv
ing an excursion out, but unable to
get a train this year the members
will assemble next Sunday after
noon and have a general good
time. At the same time there will
be a meeting «ailed for the special
purpose of considering several im
portant amendments to the consti
tution, which have been pending
for sometime. This organization
is one of the oldest benevolent as
sociations in this section of the
state as well as one of the weal
thiest» having a healthy treasury
and a home of its own. The asso
ciation has always paid its mem
bers five dollars relief per week and
a funeral benefit of fifty dollars.
The most prominent people of the
parish are affiliated with it.
The Louisiana Press Associa
tion meets in annual convention
at Opelousas next Tuesday, Wed
nesday and Thurôday. An ele
gant program of entertainment
has been prepared and » most
enjoyable stay is anticipated by
the delegates.
aefense. I
Northern Capital
Looks Oner Lafourche
Party of serenty capitalists brought
down hör« »toil territory between ttac»
l&nd »nd l(pckport.
Brought here by
floating bonds and
of recalmation bonds
brokerage company
making a specialty
Trip should hare its results as these
seventy northerners and westerners saw
possibilities here they never dreamed
Trowbridge and Niver bond
floaters, last week brought a party
of seventy northern and western
capitalist» in a special train to
Louisiana. They took them over
the Southern PacifiG Railroad to
Raceland. Lockport, Houma> Crow
ley and Abbeville. The object of
show them the
^ h 0 ;„*r„,i al m«d in these aiI _
an( nt n^a^ea hT^he nroner system
of drainage. 1 he territory between
Raceland and Lockport was
*k~wv.„rKiw îr^.noptprl and the eves
f thp viaitnr* were opened wheni
S I^ Zwn nctuT facts and
£ y of this secti on
the possibilities of this section.
The corn people saw _corn jprow ng
nni™ tLt werecTnvfnced
*1 wn anrl t^i'^ ^ixlns cou ld be
11 1 wh.rp onlv one could
r Th l r£
be made north, ihe transportation
facilities, by i use of canaJs and ba
yous also impressed the visitors,
very favorably. .
The bond floaters have no hesi
ÄÄ floated,
thetaets Wt home to the
visiting capitalists have opened
their eyes to the future as well as
the possibilities of this section of
the globe.
Week Longer
Teeth Extracted
And Filled
Without PAIN.
Dr. M.V. Smith
Painless Dental Specialist
Strangers Hotel, Thibodaux,
Will Remain Until
Dr. Smith's rooms are now crow
ded daily with the most nervous
people in this parish. All will
speak in highest praise of his mo
dern painless method for EX
All wishing work should make
Engagements Early.
Crown and
Bridge Work.
Permanent Teeth Immediately.
Popular Prices.
Examination Free.
White People Only.
Thibodaux is soon to have a
new plant, another boiler work
ing establishment and sheet iron
works, in which boilers will be
manufactured, as well as sheet
iron work and general repair
work given particular attention.
The planters in »his vicinity, as
well a* all over the sugar belt
and state will be solicited for a
share of their patronage. The
new firm will !>,* known as
Dapre and Bergeron and will
consist of Mr. Theo Du pre and
Mr. Charles A. Bergeron, two
experts ia the work, who are
well and favorably known in
this community. They are to oc
cupy the shop formerly operated
by Laughlin & Golden, the old
Bodley Hall, which is at present
being torn down and which will
be substituted by a modern and
well equipped shop, erected for
their special .ttttrpose,
The orfar
still gro
jln Appreciation
Of Services.
Knights of Columbus hold regular meet
ing last Sunday afternoon with good
attendance and plan surprise.
Mrs. N. T. Bourg a good friend and
worker for the order handsomely remern
bered in presentation made her by order
in a body.
Kesolutions adopted endorsing work of
Anti Tuberculosis league, following
proclamation issued by Governor and
The local Council Knights of'
crowd wps in
much business
attendance and
is said to have
Columbus, held a rousing and en.
thusiastic meeting last Sunday
aftei noon at then lull. A large
j* 4 ,
! been transacted. Among othe*
j matters acted u pon was the adop
; of a reso ution and . the a P"
' P 01n t men t of a committee com
; T "Â , • "VTiWork.
der> Drs L quis .E. Meyer, S. A.
! Avo J J Avo Albert Meyer!
; j Vr o ô j ^ I
aUCi . a u ? a
! r f <> lutlon expressing the view
co 1 unc,land endorsing the
f,gh t ma( j e against consumption,
^ tQ berculosi s, throughout the ;
i c , ountr 7 and m , a " sw « r tu a ^
! Çlam^ion issued by H.s Excel-1!
i V >ntC ^r ^ r0ve ^ n " r . . an .
i he National Anti Tuberculosis
; L ea g Ue> making last Sunday An-i
: ti Tuberculosis Sunday through
t the land. The resolution!^.
; when drafted is to be giveh to
fcl ie Dress
h Th h feat,0, ' e ° f l l" 8 even '"«' ^
! äs®
t „ d % a]r tor
T Bourg, a lady wnoso sons and !
|)us ba nd are members of the
■ derj and wbo bas a steady !
. , - , . ,
atyl faithful worker for the order. ;
Af tf r the meeting the members
i walked down in a body to her
i home where she was taken bj ?
surpiise anti where in a few ap
propriate remarks the Grand
Knight thanked her for her ef
forts and work at all of their ini
tiations, winding up with the
presentation of a cut glass pitch
ier and six cut glass tumblers,
which sbe received and for which 1
sheexpressed her hearty thanks,
demonostrating in her words the
feeling that overcame her and
telling with her smiling coun
tenance the appreciation of the
Lake Charles suffered a terrible
calamity last Saturday night a
great portion of the town being
iped out by a conflagration that
destroyed between eight hundred
thousand and one million dollars of
valuable property in the heart of
the city. The Catholic Church, a
convent, the Catholic Knights Hall,
several business places and more
than fifty residences being destroy
ed before the flames could be check
Lady's Branch, St Ann's
Branch catholic Knights, and
the Uniform Ra nk, catholic
Knights wi'l give a progressive
euchre under their joint auspices
next Thursday night, to morrow
night, at C. K. of A Hall for
their joint benefits. All are cor
dially invited to be preseut at 8
P. M. sharp. Adnission 25.
State Officers.
The State Council Improved Or
der of Redmen elected the following
officers at Alexandria last week :
Great Sachem, Alfred Gwyn; Great
Senior Sagmore, Paul L. Lambre
mont; Louis N- Boston Great Junior
Sagmore; Great Prophet, Emile
Louis; A. M- Melancon, Great Keep
er of Wampum; Dr. H. J. Feltus
and Phil H. Asher with George
Tread well, Great Representatives to
National Council; L. W. Paillet of
Great Trustee for three years, Fran
cis L. Knobloch Great Trustee for
one year and chairman of Great
Board of Trustees.
There are some condemned buil
dings in this town that are going
to be a source of no little trouble
to the proprietors in the near
future, unless they are demolish
ed and thus prevented from in
juring some passer by. The re
cent death of a young boy in
New Orleans by the cornice of
an old building stricking him,
while he was innocently standing
on the side walk,should be a hint
to all proprietors of condemned
and worthless buildings that are
èye sores
-i- 1
Meeting held in FaUjpr Dubourg's par
lor last Sunday after high mass,
which was well attended.
Plan devised whereby funds would be
raised to assist in completing the re
pairs occasioned by the storm,
Father Dubourg stated to the committee
that he appreciated their efforts and
would do 11
his share—church not in
A meeting of the committees of
the Catholic Knights of America,
j£ n jght s 0 f Columbus, the trus
tee8 of the churchj gevera i parif3h _
onerS) and the Mayor of th# town
was held at St. Joseph catholic
Church presbytery last Sunday af
ter high maBg in Father Dubourg's
lor The greatest harmony pre
vailed throughout the meeting and
the meeti immediately set to
A sub committee was ap.
tn namp solicitors who
P ,1 • i ! solicitors wno
would circulate lists asking for dona
tions from the parishoners to raise a
fund towardg de{ray i ngthe expenses
to repair the damage caused by the
t The nmount exDended is
in the neighborho od of two thou
sanand dollars and there is yet
something else to be done which
will occasion more expense. The
gub committee appointed consists
fM p j Aucoin Messrs A
|j ß raud and F L Knobloch, from
Megsrs 01eu8 Mi r e and
Th R havon terri
lhomas Koger, upper bayou tern
Phüip Bourgeois "ndTeonV. Bou
Fri , 1(lv „ftemoon in the
meet next Friday afternoon in the
Knights of Columbus Hall where
solicitors to present the subscripted
Hgt win be ap p 0 i n ted and the list will
^ imme diately circulated. Father
j) Ub( Hjrg stated that already a parish
oners,whose name he with-held,had
donated twenty five dollars, he fur
ther stated that the church was not
in debt and that should he die any;
day there would not be one cent
due by the church or on the
One Conductor Who Was Cured
Mr. Wilford Adams is his name,
and he writes about it.—"Some
time ago 1 was confined to my bed
with chronic rheumatism. I used
two bottles of Foley's Kidney Re
medy with good effect, aud the
third bottle put me on my feet aud
I resumed work as couductor ou
the Lexington, Ky., Street Rail
way. It g»ve me more relief, tban
any Mlieine I Ua.1 «»er ased, and
it mil do all yooolalm >? cases of
Rheumatism." Foley s kidney Rh
medy cures rheumatism by elimi-,
natiug the uric acid from the blood.
Latourche Drug Store.
The Improved Order of Red
men, in State Council assembled
at Alexandria, was the first se
cret order to endorse the Panama
Exposition for New Orleans, and
a resolution covering the endorse
ment and some method to fi
nance ihe same was unanimously
Navajo Tribe, Improved Or
der of Red men gave a very suc
cessful dance at their hall at La
fourche Crossing last Thursday
night that was well attended and
that proved a social and financial
success. All present report a
good timt! and the committee in
charge is congratulating itself on
the splendid success of the. affair.
The euchre given at Mt Carmel
Convent last Thursday - night
proved quite successful as well
as enjoyable to all who attended
The crowd was not as large as
usual but quite a large number
responded and the institution
netted a neat sum.
The selling of liquor to whites
and colored under one roof and
one license has been made an is
sue in a case at Lafayette in a
charge for violation of the Gay
Shattuck Law.
The grand Jury at Pointe Cou
pee condemned both the Game
Commission and the Juvenile
Law, in very denunciatory lan
A women at Louisville Ky, be
com ing frightened at the reports
regarding Halley's
comet killed
herself. She possibly made up
her mind that she would not be
disappointed and thus the end of
the ^rorld for her did come in
19lÇl We wonder where her
sat „faction came in, if this is
w' t she really wanted.
jChere is no cough medicine so
^ 4>ular as Foley's Honey and Tar.
It never fails to care coughs,colds,
croup and bronchitis,«Lafourche
Mark Twain
To Eternal Best
Samuel Clemens.
Mark Twain, known to
all readers of English as America's
hun«rist is dead.
Died at his home last week at a
well advanced age, griet hastening
his end.
Steamboat man, pilot, printer, news
paper writer, magazine writer and
last but not least amoag the world 's
greatest humorists.
Mark Twain, Samuel Clemens,
died at his home at Redding Con
necticut last Thursday, after an li
ness covering several weeks. De
ceased was a top notcher as a hum
nrous writer, and ranked not only
as the best in America but the best
in the world. H« started his career
as a steamboat man, acting as pilot
on the Mississippi River, and after
a time went to California where he
embarked into the printing business,
afterwards becoming a newspaper
writer, and still later a writer of
humor. His works became so popu
lar that he had his works publish
ed in books forms, and volume af
ter volume was added
to his collection. His labors
brought him considerable money,
but entering the book publishing
business on a large scale he lost his
savings and was soon bankrupt.
He still labored and reports say
that although poor he paid off his
His death was hastened or ac
celerated by the grief at the loss of
one of his favorite daughters.
Among the comments of his last
illness is one to the effect that phy
sicians reduced him from twenty
cigars a day to four, and later cut
ting out smoking altogether. In
his last moments o! consciousness
it is said that he would bring his
hand to his mouth, as if handling
a cigar, then pretend to expel
smoke, finding satisfaction in going
ver£ humorously through the ges
tures of the pleasure which was
denied him. The concensus of
opinion is that he will have no sue
Those Who Come and Go
Messrs. Franklin Aucoin and L.
J. Trosclair are in Mobile, attend««
ing renuuion of Confederate Vete«
Mrs. Constant Lane, of Kay ne,
La., ia visiting relatives and
friends here.
„ d M[g A Hcnn , ma0 o! New
guest, of Mr. Hdg.r
d f « Qll Sat „ rd . y , nd
„ n |i a v
Mr. Clarence Boorg attending
school at Jefferson College was
here last week, being indisposed.
Hon. A J. Trone was in New Or»
leans last week to attend the mee
ting of the Panama Canal Exposi
tion Committee
The bill making Baton Rouge
a sub port of entry, entitled to
custom collector and inspectors
only awaits the signature of the
President to become a law having
passed both the House and Se
A light frost is reported as
having been seen by early rjsers
here last Wednesday morning
and the thermometer was low
enough to justify the belief that
the report was absolutely cor
Prompt relief in all cases of
throat aud lung trouble if yon use
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
Pleasant to take, soothing and
healing iu effect. Sold by all
Bruslee Guilliot public school
fair next Saturday and Sunday.
State Superintendent Harris ad
dressed the public at the Opera
House last night. A large cro.vd
was in attendance.
President Taft appointed Gover
nor Chas. Hughes of New York,as
Justice nt the Snprene Court of
the United States to succeed the
late Justice Brewer.
Attention is called to the adver
tisement of Dr. M.V. Smith ap
pearing iu another column.
Good results always follow the
use of Foley's kidney Pills. They
give prompt relief in all cases ot
kidney and bladder disorders, are
healing, strengthening and anti
septic. Try tbem.-Lafourclie Drug
Piano tunning, voicing and re
pairing. .Leave order withs Prof.
E. Choi, Thibodaux and Prof. L.
Breithenmoser, Napoleonville, La.

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