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oat many copies of this paper to
horn we hiave been unable to see,
as nmes have been furnished to us,
'wh`, iow ould likely become subscribers,
pue to send them until notified
. do.., gardignon*-rfusal to receive
ndicating a wish to be considered sub
s ssfi~ . The subscription price is qo low
:; ilo"ai per year-that we hope every
sqbscribers, and send us the
1Di Gastoa Gladn, niow a practising phy
iiai of ermA teau, is visiting his family.
"Ms. Wam. Kelley is visiting in New Or
' - "This being court week a large number of
strangers are in town.
Mother Hyacinth of the Washington con
. vent, and Misses Curley and Splan, were
visjlrs. atthe convent at this place.
Mfr. L. S. Bailey after spending a few
" days in town has returned to her home in
.usan. •
-Dr. A. R. Trahan has rettrned from T w
O:rleans. Dr. Trahan will practice in- fa
yette. .
Miss Maggie Palmer, sister of Mrs. James l
Mitchell, who has bean seriously ill for some
time, is on a fair way to recovery.
Mrs. Numa Martin,- a progressi ve farmer a
from the Carencro.sectiou was among those a
who called on The Gazette during the week. f
Mrs. Louis Mouton left Monday for New
Iberia where she will spend some time with
her daughter, Mrs. T. J: Coleman.
Mrs. James Hannen and Mrs. A. Labe b
sand Miss Delia Alpha left for Washington I'
Thursday on a visit to the family of Mr D. n
Lalande. C
Tuesday morningThe Gazette was glad to
~iet. two of its friends from Prairie liasse
Messrs. Lessein Dugas and Edgar Kil- h
chirst. b
Two of Broussardville's most popular
young nmen, J. M. Olivier and Andre Billaud tl
were pleasant callers at The Gazette office
Monday. The young gentleman report le
Broussardville still moring onward.
The Gazette was honored with a visit
Tuiesday from Doctor H. P., Mrs. and Miss d
Valentine Guilbeau of Breaux Bridge who
spent some moments in our sauctim. tt
Go to Bagarry for a good shave and hai:- e,
We received an agreable call last Monday
fran Messrs. F. A. Broussard and Poland
Guilbeau, from *the vicinity of Carencro, o'
who were attending court. tt
Mr. and Mrs. Julian Mouton visited New L
Iberia-last Sunday. Mr. Mouton extended on
his trip to .Abbeville where he attended to ,
some legal business.
Judging by .the number of red cress to
bacco tags sent from Lafayette, as published
it is evident that a large quantity of tobacco
is consumed inr this town.
The Gazette was most happy to greet in
its office this week Ex-Gov. C. H. Mouton,
one of the leading lawyers of St. Martin
ville. The Governer is here attending to Al
some legal business before the District sti
Court. he
Miss Gadrat Mouton, who has been the Ik
guest of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Monnier for a n
couple of months, 2left Saturday for her a
home at Shell Beach, accompanied by her an
. father Hon. Ambriose Mouton, who came
here a few days ago to attend the meeting
of the Parish Farmer's Union, in,
Ladies and children haircutting at domi- hu
cile. L. P. Bagarry. af,
One of the sights in Lafayette worth tra- the
veling many miles to see is Rev. Father P
Forge's flower garden and shrubbery grove. ev
He has over 70oo different varieties of roses, me
and 97o rose bushes. This is exclusive of the ViC
many kinds of other flower found there. th,
There is a floating rumor to the effect that
a picnic brill shortly be given to the magnifi- ag
cent Beausejour Park owned by Major Sos- sal
thene Mouton. The profits accruing there- fo
from will be turned over to the High School
Mr. Georgiades wishes The Gazette to an
nounce that he has opened his ice cream sea
parlor, where all the refreshing drinks of the Pa
- season will be kept. Mr. Georgiades has to
had much experienc in his line of business, the
and claimsthanthe makes the best ice cream the
in town; ba
Messrs. Will. Graser and Leon Bagarry M
informed The Gazette that from the repre- no
sentationof the "'Black Diamonds" thd High ing
School fundwas. enriched just an .'en one cer
hundred doilars Th.' expenses sere a few the
cents over thirr.dollars. an
One can walk for blocks in Lafayette, sli
and at every step inhale the sweet perfume c
.of blooming flowers. Nearly every resi- ti
dence has its flower grden,' and the lover
- ofnature's finishing touch can find ample Plo
- opportunity to satisfy his fondness. bro
A day's outing at the present time would mu
be a pleasure, and there is not a more in- aro
teresting point to visit than Avery's salt say
mines. And while on pleasure bent a penny scal
could be turned into the treasury of saou
the High School fund. Our suggestion is Gaz
to run a railroad excursion train to the F
mines. Will some of our prominent citizens cha
take the lead ? - whi
We have recently perfected arrangements girl
whereby we can save a half dollar to each No,
of oar subscribers who wish to subscribe to cor
Kate Field's Washington. It is superflous sees
for us to speak in commendation of this well tain
known publication, but suffice it to say con
that no family should be without it. To enti
those whbt have not seen a copy let them
come o tstid to this office and we shall let
-then look over it for a little while. We hi
value it too highly to give it away.
Mr. Bent Toler was in Lafayette Satur- An
day to stand an examination for appoint- as
mnent as public school teacher. lie passed qe
... . mt.eJ..ee assigned to the Ulse des Cannes The
chi 1 - We trust Mr.Toler .will find his slice
tumprIiplsat i-' an
SfzAot rate took place in LaLafyette last
SitRday, and`some eight hundred dollars
` change hands on. thae result.
Miissda Moss aiker a sojourn of some
to weeks lauthe Cresent City retuned home
Wednessihy, much to the gratification of her
large ,cure'of friends.
hs Claide  Mayo, deputy collecttor Internal
reveni.wasin .town Thursday on business
we coeiid ed with has official dutiess
That fine workman 'Fred. Mouton has
'y been putting in some work the High
he School building.
Mr. Fred. Mouton has just completed
some changes to the residence of Dr. Hop
kins which improvements tend to give- the
whole a very tasty appearance.
y. The charming Miss Fabiola W.Itz, of St.
Martinville, is pending some days in Lafa
yette, the guest of her uncle and aunt, Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Mouton.
of Mr. J. M. Jones, of Carencro and Mr.
Harold Simms, of Kansas City, were in
in- Lafayette Wednesday on business.
Of the many pleasant callers on The
Gazette this week was Judge Allen, with
1w whom we enjoyed a few words.
Mr. H. VanderCruysen, lately publisher
of the Breaux Bridge Union, has taken
" charge of the business department of our
local contemporary, the Advertiser. We
welcome him to Lafayette and extend the
es hand of fellowship.
e The Southern Cultivator should be in the
home of every progressive farmer of this
er section. We have clubbing arrangements
se and will save you some money if you should
k. feel inclined to sascribe through The
Gazette. Call around and see a copy.
Lh Our good old whilom fellow-parishioner,
Mfr. Valery Ledoux, formerly of St. Martin,
) but now of Calcasieu parish, one of the
n largest land owners, and withal one of its
most enterprising citizens, was a pleasant
caller at The Gazette office, and, of course,
left a substantial reminder of his visit.
Major Frank T. Guilbeau, of St. Martin,
ihad the bad luck to lose his Kappa Sigma c
badge, made in the form of a crescent sur
mounted with a star, last week. He boarded to
d he train at Carencro for Opelousas; and
thinks he lost it between those two points. n
His name is engraved thereon. Finder can
leave it at the office of The Gazette.
There has been on exhibition some days to
since "a petrified man" said to have been
discovered in the bad lands of North Dakota.
What lends credence to the story is the fact t,
that J. Ben Kirkman is connected with its
exhibition. Mr. Kirkman would not know
ingly engage in any fake enterprise.
We see that the boy's 'of Abbeville have
organized a base ball club, and issued a defi dt
to any club in South Western Louisiana.
Now there is first rate material right here in
Lafayette to organize a tip top club, and the
our boy's should get together and knock the
wind out of Abbeville's favorites.
That prominent planter, Mr. Lucien s
lBroussard leaving in the vicinity of Royville
favored The Gazette with a call Wednesday.
I-He says that the fishing and hunting is very
good inthis neighborhood and invited The c'
Gazette to spend a day out there with him.
A slick thief got into the residence of Mr
, Albert Delahoussaye Wednesday night and bi
stole a suit of clothes. Nothing else, so far
has been missed. By the way, we noticed B
Ike talking to Albert Thursday morning, w
and if the thief is wise he'll put at once b
a great big wide space between Lafaayette
and himself he'll find himself accupying
quarters in the parish jail.
Some time since an agreement was entered
into by na those interested in all lines of th
business and the district officers,whereby the er
aforesaid merchants and others pledged bh
themselves to obey the Sunday law, and this ha
pledge they have sedulously kept. How
ever, at the present term of court two indict
ments were framed r.by the Grand Jury for se
violation of the law. We do not know that m'
the parties against whom these true bills were in
found are of those who had subscrll ed to the nm
agreement. It appears that a fight will be WI
made by the parties indicted, and that the m
saloon-keepers and others have combined Is
for the purpose of furnishing the sinews of
war to make a test. th
For the past week or two there have been the
several rumors on the wing to the effect that ro
Paul Cormier, one of the negroes thought do
to be implicated in the atrocious murder of ca
the Robertson ladies had been captured and be
that he was now safely held behind the de
bars. Under date of the I1th we received in
a letter from the chief deputy sheriff of St. of
Martin parish, inclosing the information that in
no capture had been made. Notwithstand- wi
ing all these discouraging rumors the offi- pe
cers of the parish have not relaxed one iota
their vigilance, and would be thankful for tin
any information that would furnish the he
slightest clue. th
Some people are solid on the goose ques- fto
.tion, but The Gazette is solid on the cake ou
question and this fact our friend Isaa- "d
Plonsky must have divined for Tuesday he
brought over rto the office a fine lot of the ligl
most delicious chocolate cake, and a pot of to
aromatic creole coffee. By the way Isaac wi
says that he can show as fine a lot of silk wh
scarfs, in all shades, as can be found in any abc
store in southwest Louisiana, and The an
Gazette adds that it's so for it has seen them. one
We notice of late that some of our ex
changes are quarreling over the claim as to d
which of their towns contain the prettiest the
girls, of course they all claim first place.
Now The Gazette knows a graceful, refined, sub
correctly dressed and pretty girl when it vi
sees one, and in this respect, Lafayette con
rains a larger number than any town (size in
considered) on this mundane sphere, and is
entitled to and holds the head of the class.
The Gazette's general utility man Louis util
Hebert passed the ,3d. annual mile past on afte
his life's journey last Monday, and on the the
occasion was the recipient of several presents. for
Among the many tokens of remembrance, the
was a magnificent cake, and on the cake con
question we speak knowingly, inasmuch as thel
The Gazette was favored with substantial V
slices. *'Loul" The Gazette hopes that you ledi
may have many more miles to travel. se
~t~~~ahiii~~; ;; .rr·~~*.~cr
last Dr. F. DeMahy one of St. Martintille
*las prominent physicians in company with Re.
Father Langlois frdm the same town, were
in Lafayette Monday and stopped with Rev.
,me Fatler Forge.
her Since it has been settled that the ground
where the cemetery is, belongs to the
Catholics of this community by virtue of a
nal donation, Father Forge will assume the
ess charge of keeping it in order. He has had
as a pr tinary step, a neat and substan
as tial fence built around the lot. He calls
gh upon all those having relatives or friends
buried these to consult with him in regard
to the matter. Heretofore it has always
ted been in a deplorable condition, owing to the
fp- fact that no one person had full charge of
he its keeping, but hereafter Father Forge will
have it attended to properly.
St. Good Work.
a- The Grand Jury impanneled Monday con
r. cluded their labors Wednesday finding twen
ty-one true bills and four no true bills at a
cost to the parish of exactly $67.8o includ
r. ing all expenses. And the grand and petit
n jury for the week cost the parish just $94.50
though. the petit jury performed no duty for
he the week but were paid per diem and milage
th for one day. The Gazette compliments the
Grand Jury on their quick and thorough
er The following are- the members of the
en Grand Jury: A. A. Morgan, foreman; Al
ur cee Mouton, W. G. Bailey, Odillon Blanchet,
re Eug. Bertrand, Ernest Bernard, Jean Gerac,
te R. U. Bernard, Andrew Moore, Adolphe
Duhon, Wm. Guchereau, Alfred Mouton, I
ie J. Ed. Mouton, Phil Broussard, Alphonse
is Stutes, Guillaume Bernard.
A speciality at T. M. BlossAT, watch
mdkcr and jeweler. Call and let me give f
1e you a fit.
t Findings of the Grand Jury.
The Grand Jury reported the follow true
Numa Kerlogand at als., rape.
Isaac Guidry, concealed weapons. li
Joseph Choate, stabbing with intent to d
a commit murder.
r- Philogene Williams, stabbing with intent
d to commit murder.
d Constant Trea,shooting across public street. t
C. H. Solomon, conspiracy to commit to
I* murder.
n Paul Martin, embezzlement.
Jack Foreman, concealed weapons.
Adolphe Guidry et als., assault and bat- fi
rs tery.
n Geo. Derouen violation of Sunday law.
Jules Savoi, violation of labor contract.
Joseph Deroussel, violation of labor con
t tract. U
a Irvin Meaux, murder. L
Isaac Guidry, disturbing the peace.
Eli McDaniel, violation of Sunday law.
Clemille Simon, assault with a dangerous
weapon with intent to kill. a
e Frank Riddle, conspiracy to commit mur- tl
i der.
Pierre Zenon et als., murder.
n James Haley, burglary and larceny.
Peter Crane, robbery. tt
e Eraste Domon, burgary and larceny.
Onil Clark and Duluc Broussard, acc es- m
n sory after the fact of stabbing with intent to ca
Grant Johnson, larceny. et
Thomas Rildeau, burglary. t
Alcide Thibodaux and Simon Navarre, ac- tl
cessory to murder. ra
Philogene Dumond, attempt to rape. lit
Tom Guidry, assault and battery.
E. J. \Veste, larceny.
The district attorney filed the following sl
I bills of information:
Edgar Doucet, Joseph Doyle, Anatole
Breaux, Marcel Baptiste, Louis Judice,
Jules Baptiste, for carrying concealed "
weapons; Frank Robertson, assault and
battery. th
On An Investigating Tour. er
In company with Messrs. E. G. Voorhies, in
J. Alf. Mouton and Frank G. Mouton, and hi
through the courtesy of the latter, the writer sb
enjoyed a very pleasant ride to the cele- th
brated farm where "gas oil" is alleged to wl
have been discovered. tal
The drive was over one of the lovliest,
-and far-famed for its natural scenery
sections of the parish. The eye gazed on a ne
magnificent pastoral ideal, and rested long- co
ingly upon as perfect a landscape as nature's
masterful touch could make it, and to the C(
writer proved as grateful as the sight of the co
land of Canaan to the weary pilgrims of ee
Israel. th
What an elysian! The myriads of hillocks; ac
the magnificent meadows; the shadowy ais- by
les; the sloping fields, at this time receiving pe
the husband-man's tillage; the serpentine tee
road; the pretty and numerous farm houses, no
dotted here and there on the peaks; the
cattle lazily grazing on the luxuriant her
bage, all focussed, tended to render the view lei
decidedly picturesque, if not truly majestic wl
in its grandeur. And the "'sacred fountains en
of feelings" glowed with rapturons delight tlt
in contemplating this wonderful splendor,
which far exceed the "'quirks of a blazoning
pen" to even faintly portray. th
Time sped quickly by and soon our des
tination was reached, and the proverbial
hospitality of the creole was examplified by
the courtesy shown in the opportunity af- be
forded to facilitate our inquiries and satisfy in
our curiosity in regard to the now famous wi
"*dirt what burns like gas." vol
Our investigation led first to applying a ac
lighted match to the dirt at the bot
tom of a hole recently made, and it ignited ha
with a flash, emitting an unsteady and some
what offensive light. Two fresh holes, fo ts
about 18 inches in depth, were dug by us, r
and on a lighted fuse being touched to each,
one ignited, the other did not.
It was noticed that the composition, from ere
the hole which proved non-combustible, is nea
a deep red clay, with much moisture, while br
the dirt from the other, was very inflam- bir
mable, is a black sandy and slightly gritty eat
substance, with small lumps of lime,showing, hi
evidently, decomposed moldl. The dis- Co
covery of this "'dirt that burns" was made Sui
in a singular manner. Upon the present spot ne
was a mound some four feet high and upon he
this was a pile of dry brush. Wishing to
utilize the land, fire was set to the brush; S
after it had burned, and to the srprise of a,
the family, the mound continued on fire, and a.
for eight days it was allowed to burn, until
the mound disappearc d, and still the fire
continued to burn into the earth around;
then, for some reason, it was extinguished. a
Without in the least claiming any know
ledge of its constituent parts, still our ob- t
servations would incline us to pronounce it thu
rlle a peat bed. If so, it has been demonstrated
Lev. to have but little commercial value. "To a
rere limited extent, it is used," says an authority,
,ev. "in virlous German factories, which happen
to be situated in the immediate neighbor
und hood of-extensive peat deposits."
the Returning from this- trip of investigation,
Ea on the.way,we stopped .a few moments at Ba
the bin's Chalybeate Springs, and took copionus
tad dranghts.of.this invigorating water, while, at
an- the same time, admiring the beautiful
ills environments.
ads The declining sun admonished us that we
trd must leave this realm made blissful by fan
sys cy's unbridled' capers, where we would fain
he abide longer. So, sorrowfully we drove
of homeward, and nature's beautiful handi
rill work had lost none of its charms-and the
reflection came most forcibly to mind that
this is truly the abode of happiness.
It was an instructive and most enjoyable
id- Carencro News.
tit From Our Regular Correu sdent.
50 Carencro has a very capable and efficient
or street commissioner in Mr. Gaston Blot.
he There are two candidates for town mar
sh shal. Mr. Placide Guilbeau and Mr. Iguace
Bernard, the present incumbent.
he **
d At a meeting of the `shareholders of the
"t, Carencro Union Oinnery. Company" the
c, following board of directors have been eleC
he ted for the ensuing year : Messrs. V. E. Du
n, puis, C. C. Brown, Numa Breaux, Jean
se Guilbeau, Valery Guilbeau, A. H. Prejean,
Clemille Cormier and D. A. Dimitry.
Mr. P. Guilbeau, one of Breaux Bridge's
young lawyers, was in town last week visit
ing Hon. Octave P. Guilbean.
Dr. Gerard, of Scott, was in Carencro a
few days ago. -
What our corporation needs is a good
road-machine. It would prove a great sav
1e ing in the proper maintenance of thestreets,
which are now in first class shape. The po
lice jury, if properly approacled, would no a
o doubt assist us in procuring one.
Father Laforest is to go to New Orleans,
t. to participate in the celebration of the cen
it tenary of the establishment of the diocese of c
that city. *** F
Our cemetery is in need of a suitable 1
t- fence. Those iuterested should devise some u
means of building one. 1
Mr. Henry Crouchet, our genial post-mas
ter, passed several days among relatives in
Lake Charles last week. c
** e
s Mr. Felix LeBlane spent last Saturday n
among his old friends in Carencro. Felix is c'
the same jovial, whole-souled fellow as of
yore. *I
The shipment of chickens and eggs from
this point seem to be falling off as compared
with last year. This seems very strange,
for there is no locality where poultry can be
more profitably raised than here. The range ii
can not be surpassed, and the forage is un
excelled. There are many families liviing in
the vicinity around Carencro, who defray s
- their household expenses by the sale of eggs s
raised on their farms; and this with very th
little labor and trouble. In a country such ct
as this there is no good reason why any one s
should pay out money for eggs.
The Guilbean rice mill is still crowded Pi
with work. *E
1 Our people realize that in "The Gazette"
they have a true friend, doing all it can to
aid them in their march of progress, and lib
eral in its words of encouragement. This is sS
in delightful contrast with the treatment we
I have receivg in the past. Our people should
r show their appreciation of these efforts in
their behalf by subscribing to the paper, th
which will increase the friendship and sus- L
tain the friend.
It is reported that the two large bridges be
near the Carencro springs are in a dangerous se
condition. ***
The appointment of our fellow-citizen, o"
Col. C. C. Brown, by the Police Jury, as ci:
commissioner of railroads, telegraph and g
eelphone lines, to re present the parish on is,
the State board of assessors, is but another
act in keeping with the wisdom always shown
by that body. Mr. Brown is a man of ex- ..
perience and acumen; and while he will pro
tect the interests of the parish, he will do
nothing to wrong those corporations.
Dr. W. WV. Lessley, wife and children, th
left here last Sunday for a trip to Lecsburg; al
where they will pass a couple of weeks in the
enjoyment of the pleasures afforded by
that resort.
Fishing parties .and picnics-are again all
the rage.
* * * Li
The local! board of trustees of the Caren- f
cro public school, in view of the large num
ber of pupils now in attendance, _ are think- of
ing of employing an assistant teacher. This
will prove a great improvemen. It de
volves upon the trustees to provide for the
accommodation of the increased number of
pupils, that will follow this move. They
have a great work. before them, and, will
no doubt prove themselves equal to the
task. The board consisss of Mlessrs. C. C.
Brown, V. E. Dupuis and D. A. Dimitry.
A number of relatives and friends gath
ered at the residence of Dr. F. W. Court
ney last Sunday to participate in the cele
bration of the anniversary of the -doctor's
birthday. As he has always shown a-deli
cacy in naming his age, we will leave it to
his friends to solve the problem. Mr. H. es
Courtney of Lake Charles, Mr. Mestayer of G
Sunset, Dr. Ursin Prejean, Duchene Cour- fa
ney and Charles Hiechelhiem, were among or
Services at the IMetho dist Church-First
and third Sundays. Sunday School at 9:30
Were all men to see, think and
act alike all of humanity would be th
sitting in idlecness, sucking their
ted Sheriff's Sale.
iy,: Y'TI'E.-No" 3825$"
or- Jas. j. Thomas vs. Frank Richter.
SByvirrtue of a writ of seizure and .le. issued frop
nt the Honorable Judge of the 27th Judicial District
3a- Court. in and for said Parish. State of Louisiana. in
the above entitled and numbered cause, and to me
Ns directed. I have seized and will offer for sale, at pub
lic auction, to the last and highest bidder, at die
at residence of Hugh Hutchinson in the second ward
Ifl of:the parish of Lafayette. State of Louisiana, on
Saturday, April 29, 1893,
between the legal sale hours, the following discribed
"ie property, to-wit:
-Lot No r. Two six-feet Dearing Reapers and bind
ers. both with their tools, and one set of canvas.
in Lot No. a. One old reaper and binder (broken)
without canvas. eveners or neck yoke or tools.
ve Lot No. 3. One old broken, binder, with canvas,
i- chains or tools.
Lot No. 3. Two second-hand cassidy plows.
le Lot No. 5. One Gang Hapgood plow.
Lot No. 6. Two second-hand Clark Cutaway hbar
at rows.
Lot No- 7. One second-hand Traction engin e. with
water tanks trasher and straw stacker, with lots of
ie tools.
Sheriff, Lafayette Parish.
at ETTE.-No.
r- P. A. Delhomme and JosepA Roy vs. Un
:e knowon and Unclaimed Anuinsals.
fBy virtue of a writ of fleri facia, issued by the
Hon. G. Mouton, Justice of the Peace of the First
ward of the Parish of Lafayette, State of Louisiana,
in the above entitled cause and to me directed. I
have seized. now hold, and will offer for sale, at
,e ptblic auction, to the last and highest bidder, in sat
isfaction of said writ, in front of the office of the said
Noustice of the Peace. at Scott. on
* Saturday, April 29, 1893,
- between the legal sale hours, the following described -
the property to-witit:
She Parish of horses, mares and colts.
Constable rst. Ward.
cane plants n said Public Sale
Notice is herebytain tractiven that prairie rttnd of an order
from thayettleonoblestrict Coureihty in and for the
parish of Lafayette there will be sold at publicyauc
Lion, to th last and. highest bidder, by.'the under
osigned Sheriff. at the last residence of the deceased
in this parish, on
Ttbordayeaux the 22knownd. day of abien tracl.t or swamp.
the followinr doscribed property, to-wit:
One certain plantation situated in Pilet'Cove.sn
the Parish of Ladayrtte. measuring five rpents front
bonended above by plantation of wrs. Ode.de Mou
ton and below by plantation of Raisin Wallisand
east by land of the Elstate, together with all the build
ings and improvements thereon, including the crop of
cane plants on said place. :
One certain tract of prairone and wood land:situated
in Lafayette Pnrish, containing eighty seven ouperfi
cias arpe on more or less, bounded north by Bayou
e orrug and Lake harlo, east end south by land of
Rosemoud Landry and west by land of Jacques D.
lMouton and slsters. Mrs. ihathilde Garndner, drs.
Odeide aIoton. prs. Euphemie Creighton, S. R. ol
SWallis. and assigns and Joseph Chpvallier and Elise
Thibodeaux. known as the Habiec tract or swamp.
One pair of brown mules.
One pair of bay and black mules.
One pair of dark mules.
One red mule.
One bay buggy horse.
One pair young oxen ; one pair old oxen ; two
calves and old cow ; one red cow and calf : our heif
ers : one ox cart ; one cane ar ; two old wagons ;
one buggy and harness : four old plows : our Avery
plows ; six collars and five harness; five blind bridles:
two spades and three hoes ; two cultivators ; one old
cultivator; harrows; hay forks; platform scales:
one beam scales; ene double plow; two sweeps; about
r vo barrels of corn; about h loacds of peavines; about
so barrels of peas; old cotton pressr lot of old lumbert
lot of brick th cane knives; one water cooler; one
armoir; one dresling case ; one wash stand ; one
center table ; four chairs; two rockers, etc., etc.
All the movables will be sold for Cash on day of
sale : and the immovablers one third Cash. and the
balance in two equal instalments, payable respec
tively February 5. t 894 and r895. bearing interest at
eight r cnt. per annum thereonl from date of sale,
till Q. with ten per cent. as penal clause, as. attor
neyts fee in case of suit on the and gregadite amont
reclovercd, the payment of which credit portion of
said purchase tribeto be scred by vendor's prini
ime to be represented by promisory notes drawn to
the order o the Administrator for th e use of said Es
tate. and in solldo, in case of joint purchasers ; pur
chaser or purchasers to confess judgment in favor of
said estate in capital, interest, attorney's fees and
oharges, and aruthorzing executory arocesn to issue
before any court of competent jurisdiction, in de
fault of payment at maturity, and binding them
selves and heirs not to sell or alienate the property
purchased to the proeudiec ot said mortgage and
right to sell atores Ctd.
Sheriff. Lafayette Parish. La.
Sheriff's Sale
. r. C diasnR. A.p v Gl lof 9 ankx.
By virtue of a writ of seizure and sale. issued from
the Honorable udge of the 7th Judicial District
Court, in and for the parith of Lafayetter State of
Lolasitana, and to me directed. i have seized and
will offer for sale, at public auction, to the last and
highest bidder, at the Court House, in the town of
Lafayette. Louisiana, ola
Saturday. April 2. 1893.
between the legal sale hours the following de
scribed property to-wit:
A certain tract of land situated in the parish of La
fayette and State of Louisiana. with all tile buildings
and improvements thereon standing and thereto he
longing. Said tract of land containring fifty supcrfi
cial arpents. and is bounded North by land of Eu
gene LeBlanc; South by land of J.J. Smith or public
road; East by land of P. A. Chiasson, and West by
land of NiMrs. Bernard Leilanc, being part of same
property acquired by vendor from Joseph A. Green.
Sheriff Parish of Lafayette.
Valuable Town Lots.
Lots Nos. 54, 195 and 2I8, situated in
the Mills addition, measuring Iooxl40 feet ;
also improved property on Main street op
posite J. E. Martin's place. 'erins reason
able. For fuarther particulars apply to
CARENCRO. LA., April 4, 1593.
Share holders of Carencro Union Ginnery,
Limsited, are requested to call at the office
of the company and claim Ten per cent. an
nual dividend on their respctive shares, as
per resolutions adopted at meeting of board
of directors held this day.
Treasurer and M.anager.
J. E. TRAHAN, Druggist, has
exclusive sale of these Celebrated
Glasaes in Lafayette, La, from the
factory of Kellam & Moore, the
only complete optical plant in the
south, Atlanta, Ga.
Standard anu Reolgterd.
Boston was sired by Baden-Baden, he by
Equity. Baden-Baden the sire of ]Boston is
a Kentucky derby winner. Boston will stand
the present season at Le Teche farm of Dr.
II. P, Guilbeau &. Son, at Breaux Bridge, at
5t5 Cash for the season, with return privi
keeps constantly on hand a fle line "
Silverware. :
Smith & Wesson,
and Colt's
Special Attention Paid to the Repairing of Fine. and
Comnplicated Watches
1DOrders by mail or express carefully filled.
LOCK BOX 137. T. M. BIOSSAT, Lafayette, L ._
Where did you get that hat ?
At Moss Bros- and Co.
What do they sell them at ?
At prices very low.
We have sold many, but wish to sell more of those pretty Straw
Hats you see so many of our young men wearing.
For Men and Boys we are undoubtedly HEADQUARTERS. The line
we are showing, like all other goods we carry in stock, are
"Cp to Date.
We will serve Beginning Saturday,
Pure and Delicious. Come, ye that are thirsty.
Little Diamonds-..
Thursday, April 20, 1893, 8 P- M
An Interesting Programme, consisting of Four Acts, by the Children.
Several Select Recitations, together with a well-arranged
repertoire of Vocal and Instrumental music.
Don't Missz..
That DOLL DRILLING, by x6 "Little Diamonds."
The SPRING FESTIVAL, with grand spectacular effect.
The QUACK DOCTOR, with all its fun.
That DREADFUL BOY. and the rumpus he creates in
the family.
Entire Proceeds for High School Fund
ADM ISSION ......................................................25 AND 15 NTS.
Cypress and Pine Lumber, Rough and Dressed, Shingles, Doors, Sash,
Blinds, Mouldings, Etc. "
Pittsburg Coal, Firewood,
McCormick Harvester, Binders and Mower. Eagle plows, Walking
and Riding Cultivators, Cotton and Corn planters, Hay Rakes an. -d
Stalk Cutters, Etc.
Mrs. John O. Mouton,
Hats, Peathers, Silks, Emr.o"
also, cld Is] lii
# m

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