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Subsersp10osD Price, $x Per Yevr.
We send out many copies of this paper to
parties whom we have been unable to see,
but whose names have been furnished to us,
persons who would likely becoi aubscribers,
and shalicontinue to send them until notified
rot to do so, regarding non-refusal to receive
it as indicating a wish to be considered sub
scribers. The subscription price is so low
-one dollar per year-that we hope every
one will become subscribers, and send us the
amount of subscription.
Rev. Father Stockalper will preach at
High Massin the Catholic church tomorrow.
Mr. Walter Mouton, visited Galveston,
Tex., this week.
Miss Josephine Hitter, of St. Martinville, r
is the guest of Miss Estelle Gerac.
The young men of Lafayette will give a
hop to-night, at Falk's Opera House.
Mrs. Armand Levy, of Lake Charles, is
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. Falk.
Judge C. Debaillon went over to New c
Orleans Monday.
Ladies and children haircutting at domi
ciel L.P.- Bagarry.
Dr. A. R. Trahan attended the State Medi
cal Association in New Orleans, last week. I
Miss Eva Levie, of New Orleans, is visi
ting friends here.
Misses Liline Martin and Ida Mathieu
spent Wed esday in Carencro. c
Go to Bagarry for a good shave and hair t
cut. (
Miss Mamie Bonvillain, of Terrebonne I
Parish, is here on a visit to her sister, Mrs. t
J. L. Duhart.
Ordway 5c Richard have been appointed
district agents for the old reliable New
York Life Insurance Coappany.
Let every one, little and big, turn out on
the 27th and give the Breaux Bridge talent
a cordial reception.
Mr. J. C. Nickerson, and sister, Miss Lel- p
la, went to Abbeville this week, and parti
cipated in an excursion to the Gulf.
Mrs. L. Domengeaux and liu le son, Rex, I
of Houston, Tex., are spenuina, some time I
among relatives in town.
There are a couple of mud holes in the
public road leading from thil town to Ca- s
renero that should be attended to at once.
There is no let up in the preparations be- c
ing made for the entertainment to be given
o the 27 inst.1
Miss Ella St. Germain, of New Ozl:ans, :
is on a visit to her sister, Mrs. E. L. Swin- c
A band of gypsies, in three large vehicles, 1
passed through Lafayetcte last Sundlay going
cast. c
From the reports that reaches this office v
this week we are pleased to note the fact
th t crops are growing finuly throughout tile i
parish. f
\1r. and Mrs. Hetndlerson, of New Iberia,
wvio ihadl been spen.ling some days with re
I tines in L..fay.tte, departed fur thlir hlone
1 es.I~ay.
M s. L. m nlI D)upre from St. Landry
par ib, has Ieein spending somie days in L.a- s
t.ayette with her dlaug'.ter, Mrs. Alb. l)ela
houssaye. I1
Meadames Isaac Broussarl anld Joseph l
B oussuard went to New Orleans last T: es
day, where they iere joined by Sheriff 1
To the lady who so kindly remembered I
iThe Gazette by the presentation of a mnagni- I
ficent and lovely Iouquet we return our
most sincere regards. c
Please hear in mind that all note or letter
heads printed at The Gazette office are put
up in pads with card board back and blotter c
cover, making it handy and convenient. '
Mrs. J. 0. Mouton, has not only a store t
full of pretty and fashionable millinery s
g iods, but, adjoining the store is as tasty a
flower garden as one would wish to see.
The crops of corn, cotton, and cane be
ing cu'tiv. t d by Italt ns in a field adjacent t
to the town presents advanced growth, per- s
fect cutivation and promises an abundant
The Gazette is informed that the ball
givenin Lake Charles in honor of the Py- (
thcans, now in annual session in that town, 1
last Monday, was not only a social success, 0
but the event of the season. g
Our bright young townsman, Mr. O. H.
Simpson, as veledictorian of the Tulane t
Law School graduating class, last Monday,
acquitted himself in a very creditable man- n
ncr. His effort was logical and covered r
subjects that appeal to the most thoughtful C
consideration. u
A special train pulled in Lafayette Sun- s
day, having on board Superintendent Mul- t1
vey, the road master, and nll section fore
men of the Louisiana Western railroad, who
werqdn their annual tour of inspection of i
tihe tracks of the company.
The eloquent divine, Bishop Sessums, <f
the Protestant Episcopal Church, will ad- P
minister the holy rites of confirmation, and, i:
also, hold services, on Thursday, June I,
at is a. m., in the Presbyterian church. t,
Of the indigenous fruits of Lafayette ti
parish are the scuppernong and purj le ti
grapes, mulberries, dewberries, blackber
ries, and a few others; but it seems the peo- a
ple have yet failed to turn these to profitable
Dr. G. Salles left for Houston, Tea., Mon- ra
day, with a view, we understand, of locating
to pictice his profession. Should the doc- 11
tor decide to stay over there, it will be to e
our loss and to that town's gain, and we hope as
he will meet with much prosperity. I
The children of the convent went pick- a
nicking last Thursday, chaperoned by the a
Sisters. Some fifteen wagons were
ceowded with young humanity, and it took n
one wagon to carry the eatables. We un
derstand they had a splendid time.
A change has been made in the force of sI
night telegraph operators at this point Mr. c;
Thornton goes to New Iberia and is replaced ,
by Mr. Beilar from the latter place. We C
are sorry to lose our friend Thornton.
Ordway & Richard represent over $35,
00o,ooo in the fire insurance line. See
S Mr. B. Falk, who always has an eye
opened for the comfort of the patrons of his
o Opera House, has ordered some new chairs,
, and with other improvements that he has in
, mind, will made this place one of the most
comfortable and attractive in the country.
I The hand of affliction was, again, laid
e heavily on Mr. and Mrs. Lacoste. Within
- a week they had the misfortune to lose their
r baby twins. The Gazette in tendering to
F the sadly bereaved family its heartfelt sym
pathy can only add that if God plucked tile
bright blossonms from your home it is for the
purpose of placing them near his throne,
and you have the eonsolation of knowing
that angel eyes now look upon you.
t When you want any fire insurance written
see Ordway & Richard.
An interesting feature of Mrs. Bailey's
school-being litxt door neighbor we have
ample opportunity to observe-is the ap
parent gaiety of the children on tire play
ground, during recess-they are merry, but
not boisterous, and seem to be so friend
ly in their playing. And we want to add a
well deserved tribute, which is, that this is
a splendid institution, and has earned the
confidence of all from the fact of being so
well managed.
Few blore.
Probably the only growing camphor tree
in the state except the one in Horticultural
Hall at Audubon Park, New Orleans, is to
be found on Father Forge's premises in this
town.-Lafayette Gazette.
Our cotemporary is mistaken about Lafa
yette having the only camphor tree outside
of New Orleans. Only a few years ago
there were several being large, fine trees at
Convent, St. James parish, and DI)r. L. J.
Edwards of this place has a couple of heal
thy young camphor trees growing in his
garden.-Abbeville Meridional.
We are infornmed that Mr. Pierre Gerac
has a very large camphor tree at his honle
In this town.
An Enjoyable Cruise.
A party of jovial spirits composed of
Messrs. P. B. Roy Aurellien Prilllenux, Du
pre Huhis, C. Debaillon, and Nelson Hig
ginbotham, (known far and wide as the
"rising sun of the West,") with Valsin BIe
noit as chief cook, and Bibi Landry as but
ler, boarded the sloop "'La Corse" manned
by Peigneur LeBlane as chief sailing mas
ter. Of course, the efficient butler had
seen to it that the larder was well filled, in
cluding some spirits in case, only, t!lat any
of the party should happen to run against a
The start was made made from Bayou
Tigre, thence sailing throughout the Ver
million Bay to Southwest Pass, skirting the
coast to Cheniere la Croix on the Gulf,
where the party was royally entertained by
Messrs. Severin and DeImas Landry.
From there the voyage was all along the
coast, and the stoppilng Iplace at nlight was
wherever thley happened to be.
IDuring the cruise a visit was mllade and an
ilnsplectio had of the Montagle cut-off,
from IIell-hohe ill Vernmillion bay to thlle
Gulf of Mexico.
The Gazette starteld out to tell all the
haps anld nmishnps of the trip. flow Nelson
wis mietamorphosed inlto the suni of the eas'.
How the stilngairees were vicious requiring
the frequent imbibing of spirits, until the
stingarces retired in diisgust. How no Imem
ber of the party could work in a fish story,
because every one was watching tile other,
but we are not going to tell tales out of
s:: o .1. Suffice it to say that it was one of
those trips seldom had, but thoroughly en
joyed by kindred souls who appreciate a
good thinlg when they are in it. Judge I)e
laillon one of thle party returned, bronzed
by the sun, evidently in rugged health, and
certainly in fine spirits.
The Fire Company.
Pursuant to call issued a large number of
our citizens let in the court house on last
Tlucs.lay evening, for tile purpose of organ
izing a fire compalny. Mr. Crow Girard called
the meeting to order, and in a few words
stated the object of thle nlecting, and called
upon iMayor Campbell to act as temlporary
chairman. Mr. A. C. Ordlway was called
u --n to act as temporary secreta-y.
After a g 'naral discils.;ion it was decided
that the best course to Ipursue would be to
re-organ me the old tire company and thus
save t .c tinme andl expense that would be nec
essary in the organinzation of a new company.
Iu accordance with tte decisiont of the
meeting memaicrs of the old companyll who
were present got together and elected Mr. VV.
Campbell as temporary presidelnt and Mr. C.
D. Caffery as temporary secretary, a. d pass
ed a resolution to open the roll for new minm
hers. They then nlade their report to the
general meeting, and a recess was taken to
allow all thlose who (lesireld to sign their
names to the roll of menibers, and thirty
three responded to tile call.
After all who cared to had signed, the
meeting was called to order and proceeded
to the election of permlanent oflicers, which
resulterl in the following: president, Wm.
Campbell;. secretary, Samuel Plonsky; treas
urer, Crow Glarrd; foreman, I. N. Saterfield;
1st assistant forcinanl, Wmn. Graser; znd as
sistant foreman, i.. P. .agarry.
A mlotion was then mllade and carried that
the president appoint a commilitte on lby
laws to consist of live mlemlbers. He ap
pointed as such committee the following genl
tlemen: Messrs. Crow Girard, C. O. Mou
ton, John Vigneaux, N. P. Moss and I. N.
It was moved and carried that the com
pany hold a meeting next Sunday at 5 p. m.
to hear the report of the conulmittee on Ily
On motion the new officers were instructed
to take charge of the apparatus Ibelonsging to
the company, allnd to see that such parts of
the material as had been borrowed was re
turned to the engine house.
No further business coming before the
meeting it adjourned to Iseet next Sunday
at 4 p. 1.
Carencro News.
rom Our Regullar Correspondent.
The new Council recently elected held
their first meeting on the loth instant, and
elected the following officers: A. Clleffer
secretary, Henry Crouclhet comptroller, G.
Blot treasurer, E. L. Estillette lamp com
missioner, Samuel Broussard street com
missioner, F. 1V. Courtney chief of police,
J. P. Francez fire commissioner, and I. Ber
isard town marshal.
The Carencro Brass Band has reorgan
Ized, and is composed of the following m1u
sicians: Prof. L. Tapissier, Messrs. O. P.
Guilbeau, Samuel Broussard, I ndo
vie Guilbeau. P. Bronssard, B. Trahan,
Odon Guilbean, Prof. C. Heichelheim, Si
monet Dreaux, and C. Bernard. Messrs.
I). A. Dimitry and Albert Guidry are presi
dent and secretary of the band. They should
be enccouraged to continue their organiza
tion, which is really the life of our town
and is composed of the best young men an
the place. * "
The congregation of St. Peters church
ore making preparations to tender a grand
reception to Archbishop Janssens on the 3rd
and 4th of June. The christening of the
bell, the ordination of a young priest, and
confirmation of many children, will be cele
brated in the best manner of which our peo
ple are capable.
Your correspondent will in the next edition
of The Gazette endeavor to give a full pro
gramme of the entertainment, which is to be
given in honor of the visit of Archbishop
Mr. Romain Francez, civil engineer, with
assistants are now surveying the line to be
traversed by the Teahe Railroad between
Arnaudville and Carencro. When the sur
vey is completed, the right of way will be
taken up, and the building of the road will
commence. *
Th9 Ferris Sugar Company is making
preparations for the building of two large
platforms facing the Southern Pacific station,
for the handling of sugar cane the coming
C. J. Sanders, a former citizen of Caren
cro now residing in Lafayette, was in town
this week, on business bent.
Mrs. "Totidem Verbis" and children are
in New Orleans spending a few weeks with
relatives and your coresspondent realizes
that it is not conducive to his good spirits.
Nearly $2zoo for boarding the jurors at the
last term of court. Vhat do our tax-payers
think of this? Meals at fifty cents, when
just as good if not better coultl be provided
at 25 cents. This looks like good manage
ment(?) Our Police Jury is powerless to
prevent it. Is it not the duty of some one
to protect the funds of the parish, and see
that its financial affairs are administered in
a business-like and economical manner.
Some people seem to think that the public
treasury is a crib at which those sufficiently
shrewd have a right to feed unchallenged
More anon !
Rev. Fnthcr Laforest paid a short visit to
Opelousas last Sunday.
Mi. V. E. Dupuis went to New Orleans
last Sunday.
Mr. HIunble, of Eula was in town this
Mrs. Henry Breaux has been very sick.
It takes about sixty per cent of the parish
funds to nmaintain the luxury of a court at
I.afayette, a great part of which is paid out
in fees and mileage to an unneecessary num
ber of witncsses. A wuorthless negro, s s
tained by his attorney, is permitted to sumn
non as many witnesses, as his fancy dic
tates, solcmeties merely to testify to his un
sullied character. Tie tax-payer "foots the
bill" all thie same. How can we ever ex
pect the parish, through its Police Jury, to
assist tihe cause of education, as long as the
preseot state of affairs is permitted to exist.
Toritr:.x VmsRuxs.
Royvill Items.
Frorm Our Regular Correspondent.
The incessant rains that we are now hav
ing are proving disastrous to the crops.
Cotton is the worst sufferer. So far, corn is
good, and a few days of dry weather would
enalble our farmers to finish up the "laying
by" process.
Messrs. Canmpbell and Voorhies were in
our town this week, selling antd hustling
tickets around for the hazar and ball, that
is to take place in Lrfayctte Satur.lay,
May 27. This is a good cause, and our citi
zens all over the parish should show their
colors, and help to compilete our high school.
Royville will do its full share, as several of
our people will attend.
Judge )ehaillon in company with Messrs.
P. Ii. Roy, BonntoCaison andl othersreturned
from the sea coast Sunday.
l)r. N. I). Young and lion. O. Cade were
welcomed back home Monday, after an ex
te.nsive tour through the Lone Star State.
IHouston, Galveston, and other Texas cities
w :re visited.
Dr. and Mrs. G. W. Scranton were visi
tors to Lafayette the past week.
Dr. R. 0. Yroung anld Messrs. It. P.
I.andry, B. F. Flanders, Jr., amnd P. II.
Roy were called on business to Lafayette
O lillon Blanchet. our Imanlsome and po
lite bar-keeper, "took in" Lafayette Tiues
Rev. Father Chabrier visited New Iberia
this week.
Our corporation clection is to take placa
on June mo. Two strong tickets are already
out in the field, with possitmilities of an indte
pendcet one conming out shortly. We under
stand that the manyvor is to appoint several
special deputics, so that ballot box stuffing,
etc., does not take place. CIIROKEE.
Broussardville Drizzlings.
From Our Regular Correspondent.
Timses are so dull that it is quite a task to
pick up any notes worthy of publication,
hence our long silence. Perhaps it is due
to the excessive rail, falls which have so
duumfounded farmers and others, that nobo
dy-save the youngsters-feel like talking
about any iniportant matters. Of course
time ':Glee Club', and "Merry Makers"-''no I
matter the weather or the hoor-will made
it gay, if not for others at least for them
selves talk of their "future better halfs" or
some one else, whose charnms are so much I
admired. Nevertheless it is pretty well
understood now that thle more agedt among
our young gentlemen are soon to give a good
example and cross over the nmatrimoniial line.
Next Saturday May zo there will be a
grand ball at St. Julien's Hall given under
the auspices of the Five L.andry Hand. Mr.
I). M. Landry, Manager, expresses his belief
that it will be a success.
We hear of a ball that lasted until seven
o'clock in the morning, The long duration
it is claimmed was due to the melody of the
music which was so charming that the guests
eveln as the mouse which was charmed into
e~enity by the sounds of the violin of one
of the musicians of old, were for a while I
freed from all earthly cares and were car
ried by the melodious sounds beyond the
regions of the kingilom of Morpheuus.
The new building put up by Mr. J. G.
St. Julien and to be occupied bh Mr. Henry
Fournet as a store is nearinig completion. It
is a very neat little building 4oxZo with
tin-roof and gallery.
Toe matcrizl, for foundotion of the real
dence to be erected by carpenter Georgs of
New Iberia, for Mr. PI. 1illaud Jr. have
been brought on the grounds.
Capt. A. A. Labbe returned from a trip
to Baton 'ouge and New Orleans where he
had accompanied Shcrilf Broussard.
Mr. Hebert Dillaud and lady were in our
town one day this week visiting relatives.
Quite a serious accident befell the twelve
year old boy of Mr. Clet Leblanc Wednes
day night, whilst riding back to his house at
about dusk his horse clashed with a sulky
driven at full speed one of the shafts pierc
ing in between the bone and skin of the
horse at the point of the shoulder, and the
other shaft bruising the boy at a point above
the knee. It is feared that the boy is hurt
internally. He was picked up from the
scene and brought home, senseless.
The Base Ball Game.
SThe Business Men of Lafayette have sent
a challenge to the members of the legal fra
ternity to engage in the strife of base ball,
and the latter have accepted.
The two teams are composed of the fol
lowing warriors, with their respective ranks:
Chas. D. Caffery, pitcher; E. G. Voor
hies, catcher; Crow Girard, Ist base; R. W.
Elliot, ad base; Wm. Campbell, 3rd base;
0. iH. Simpson, slhort-stop; 0. C. Mouton,
left field; Ike Broussard, center field; C.
Debaillon, right field.
Sam Plonsky, pitcher; T. M. Biossat and
C. A. Thomas, catchers; Alfred Mouton,
Ist base; J. P. Revillon, and base; C. O.
Mouton, short-stop; A. C. Ordway, 3rd
base; H. Hohorst; left field; B. Falk, cen
ter field; Frank Moss, right field.
Substitutes-E. Romero, J. Vigneaux,
L. Plonsky, L. Levy, A. Caro, E. Pellerin,
Jos. Plonsky, L. Nollive, F. Bellocq, P.
Umpire-W. E. Bowen.
Referree-A. M. Martin.
It is thought that a large number of people
from all over the country will hasten to La
fayette to view this titanic struggle. And
efforts will be made to induce the various
transportation lines to Issue a special low
rate for the occasion, and if the crowd is
oo large to be handled by these lines, at
requisition will be made for the ice-man's
Every individual member of the two nines
will publicly pledge themselves to keep with
in the bounds of christian warfare, and a
large force of policemen will be appointed,
and if there are not enough men in Lafayette
parish an appeal will be sent to the neigh
boring parishes for re-inforcements, and if
any doubts should arise in regard to the in
sufficiency of the force the Governor will be
appealed to to call out the State militia as
a precautionary measure-the life of the
umpire must be preserved.
A feature that should call out vociferous
applanse will be in the costumes-each play
er will be clad in a dlifferent colored attire.
Ample seating capacity will be provided,
but if by some unforeseen circumstance
there should not be enough to accommodate
all, no objection will be made to the men
standing up, or reclining against a post-if
they can find one. No objections to ladies
weartug Gains uorogh or seaside hats,
provided they don't open their parasols.
Game will be called at an early hour so
that at least one inlning can be played, as
the management feel that the people are en
titled to a show for their money.
Vhlen the unmpire declares a man out the
nudience mast not pelt him with brickats,
but the player may kick at him, but it so
much as a single hair of his head is touched
the offender will be condemned to eat, in full
view of the people, a depot hotel sandwich.
A keg of cool beer will be kept on tap at
second base, and every base runner will be
entitledl to a swallow when he reaches safely
that base. It is thought that from the
stringency of this rule not much beer will be
When a run is earned the base runner will
be entitled to an ovation-after the game, if
he is not forgotten in tihe rush to get home.
The physicians will erect a temporary
hospital near the grounds, and have within
all the things necessary for any casualty that
may happen, and a corps of the Red Cross
society have kindly volunteered their scr
vices and will be placed in charge.
Advices received from New Orleans state
that the victorious "Reds" have their vision
directed on the coming fray and will chal
lenge tihe victors.
If the dloor-keeper is not "Bunch"-ed
out of the gate receipts they will be turned
over to Treasurer C. O. Mouton, of the IfH.
S. F.
. For a genuine mirtlh provoker, the coming
game is at the apex, and its novelty is "out
of sight."
It is confidently expected that a crowd
numbering any way from 50 to 50o,ooo000 will
be present to enjoy the fun.
To paraphrase Mr. Golightly, you've got
a treat to cumme; and if you miss it you wm-ill
miss five treats in one.
Spring Waters.
One can scarcely imagine the large
amount of money realized from the sale of
the several brands of bottled mineral waters.
For the purpose of illustration take tihe
Stafford Spring waters-so thoroughly ad
vertised. To look at it has a clear limpid
appearance, similar to the eye as the Beau
sejour park spring water. We have no rea
son to doubt that the Stafford water possess,
as claimed, medicinal virtue. We know,
from a partial analysis made that the Bean
sejour water has some,-perhaps as much
as the Stafford.
Again, the sulphur springs in Arkansas
are much sought, in a word it is a Mecca for
those suffering from certain ailments. Here
in Lafayette is a spring with a thick coat
ing of an oily substance emitting a strong
odor of sulphur. It is not inpossible that
this spring may possess as much excellence
as those of Arkansis.
Again, the Babin spring water is strongly
impregnated with iron, and perhaps other
substances that might give it much efficacy,
especially where iron is recommended.
There are many other springs in this vicini
ty which if properly exploited might show
much value.
The Stafford water is put up in five pints
glass jars. These jars probably cost, at
wholesale, six or eight cents apiece. The
expense of bottling can not cost much over
one cent per bottle, and transportation to
this place we would place at ten cents, mak
ing a total of nineteen cents. What the
local merchant pays per bottle we have no I
the means of knowing but the retail price, I
we believe, is seventy-five cents each, and
there are thousands of bottles sold at I
this price throughout the country.
The Gazette can see no reason why the
various Spring waters of the Parish of La- i
f fayette shoul$ not be placed on the market.
e The Gazette further, can see no reason
why a sanitarium could not be erected near
the sulphur springs, and be operated with
r Is is very true that major Mouton has em
Sbellished his place, and has put up comfor
table and elegant bath houses, near his
t spring. But The Gazette would like to see
cottages erected at the several springs, and,
n short, make our parish, what it should be,
what nature has intended it to be, a sum
mer resort.
The salubrity of our climate cannot be
surpassed; the scenery is delightful, we are
accessible, by rail from all points of the
compass, and all that is needed to make our
town a Mecca for pilgrims seeking rest, re
creation and health, is to take "a move" on
ourselves and let the world know of our
superior advantages for the attainment of
these enjoyments. Let us ever keep before
us this aphorism: "Providence help those
who help themselves." And we'll get
there Eli.
E/oi Ilerpin vs. Uznhnocwn.
B3 virtue of a writ of fieri facias. issued by the
Hon. (. Muton. Jusrtice of the Peace of the Fdrst
ward of the Parish of Lafayette. State of Louissana
In the above entitled cause, and to me directed. 1
have seised. now hold, and will offer for sale, at
public auction, to the last and highest bidder, in at
isfaction of said writ, in front of the office of the said
Justice of the Peace, at Scott. on
Saturday, May 27, 1893,
between the legal sale hours, the following described
property. to-wit:
One mare anld colt.
Constable ist. Vard.
Sheriff's Sale
1 E lTE.-No. 3815.
Jas. J. Thomas vs. Frank Richter.
hy virte of a writ of sci re and ale. issued from
the Honorabtle Judge of the ,7th J udicial I)istrict
Court. in and for said i'arish. State of Louisiana, in
the abooe entitled and numnblleredcaulse. and to me
directed. I have scincd and will offer for sale. at pulb
lic auction, to the last and highesttbidder.at the
residence of ,-lush Hutchlinson in the second ward
oftthe parish t Lafayette, State of Louisiana, on
Saturday, May 20, 1893,
between the legal sale hours, the following discribed
propertý". to-tit:
prLot rNo . Two six-feet Dearing Reapers and bind
ers. both with their tools. and one set of canvs.
Lot Nc. 2. One old reaper and Itinder (broken)
without canvas, eveners or neckyoe or tools.
Lot No. 3. One old broken, binder, with canvas.
chains or tools.
Lot No. 3.Two second-hand cnssidy plows.
LotNo. 5. One Gang Hapgoot plow.
Lot No. 6. Two second-hand Clark Cutaway har
Lot No 7. One second-hand Traction engine. withl
water tanks trasher and straw stacker, with lots of
Sheriff. Lafayette Parish.
A Card.
LAFAYETTE, LA., May 18, n893.
To the Voters of the Town of Lafayette:
I am not a candidate at the election to be
held in the town of Lafayette, La., on Mon
day, May 22, 1893.
Very truly yours, JAIMES IHANNEN.
A Card.
LAFAYETTE, LA., May I6, 1893.
To the IVhite Democratic Volers of Lafa
I hereby give notice that I am not a can
didate at the election called for May 22,
1893, as I was fairly elected at the election
i held on May 1, 1893.
Respectfully, ALFRED A. BONNET.
EstraV Notice
The undersigned has taken up an estray
sorrel horse branded with the figure 5 with
a dash above it.
Owner is requested to come forward and
get same, proving property and paying
costs. W. B. CLARK.
IDuson, April 22, 1893.
For Sale
A lot. unimproved, in the town of Lafayette. next
to Wm. Cleg's residence. is offered for tale at
moderate price. For further information apply at
The Gazette office, or to C. H. lfaAtIt.u v,
Lafayette. La,
Valuable Town Lots.
Lots Nos. 54, 195 and 218S, situated in
the Mills addition, measuring 10roo0x140 feet;
also imuproved property on Main street op
posite J. E. Martin's place. Terms reason
able. For further particulars apply to
Standard any Registerd.
Boston was sired by PDaden-Badeu, lie by
Equity. Baden-Baden the sire of Boston is
a Kentucky derby winner. Boston will stand
the present season at Le Teche farm of Dr.
II. P, Guilbenu & Son, at Blreaux Bridge, at
$15 Cash for the season, with return privi
Quslity hrst saf Always.
J. E. TRAHAN, Druggist, has
exclusive sale of these Celebrated
Glasaes in Lafayette, La, from the
factory of Kellam & Moore, the
only complete optical plant in the
south, Atlanta, Ga.
S. Georgiades,
Manufacturer of high grade can
dies, of every kind, and makes a
a specialty of the
and especially the "I3OSS CHOCO
Grand Opening Sunday
where choicc Ice Cream, delicious
Lemonades, etc., will always be
Orders for parties, weddings, etc.,
iilled at short notice. He alsq
handles tobacco, cigars, cigarettes,
etc., and his establishment is on
Main street.
The Celebrated
Stafford Mineral Spring Water,
Buffalo Lithla Water,
Celestin's Vichy,
Hunyadi Janos,
Rubinat Condal
And other
Minera I and
At the
Ma ic
Brain and Nerve Tonic
keeps constantly on hand a fine line of
and COLT'S
Special Attention Paid to the Repairing of Fine and
Complicated Watches
fiA Orders by mail or express carefully filled.
LOCK BOX 137. T. M. BIOSSAT, Lafayette, La.
Miss Louise Revillon
Solicits a t
visit to V
* L 1J/ M4BGR
Cypress and Pine Lumber, Rough and Dressed, Shingles, Doors, Sasl,
Blinds, Mouldings, Etc.
Pittsburg Coal, Firewood,
McCormick Harvester, Binders and Mower. Eagle plows, Walking
and Riding Cultivators, Cotton and Corn planters, Hay Rakes and
Stalk Cutters, 1tc.
Mrs. John O. Mouton,
Hats, Peathers, Silks, mn'r~ad~ries, etc.
also, Ladies' and Children's Shoee ".

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