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ae , se' d at she Lafayette La." Poss-O ce as Second
Clam Mater.
'SATURDAY, JULY 8, 1893.
S To Attorneys. Administrators and
The mameament of The Garette deslires to callI
ithe autasma 41 atornueys. administrators o! estabct
t , ~.~Nusiw trpliatng litigation. ad its friends in
toasehr to the exceptional advantages offered by
i p for the m ublication of their noudces of sales
san. -The arle rculntion oa the paper. and it in
_ ea saiag popularity.ta Layete and parish is a su!
tca tarastv tso adverises that bunea enarus
tad t The Gazette will reach a larger crle than can
ta accomplithed throuh any other medium.
T4 TI VES. 4
In the matter of the public print- I
ing the members of the Policc Jury s
have shown themselves worthy of
the trust they hold. They under- s
stand their duty toward the public l
and that duty they performed faith- c
* As in duty bound, they let out c
the contract for the public printing, decided
jthtd decided that bids should be re- v
ceived sealed. C
The wording of the call The t
Gazette did not clearly understand, i
whether bids would be received so
sealed or opened, hence had pre-t
pared none, but stood ready to put a
in on4in any manner that would be Y
determined upon. It being decided e
that sealed bids only would be re- r
ceived The Gazette wrote its offer th
there and then proposing to do the tA
work free of charge. The Adver- a
tiser, had its offer already written S
and sealed and which contained e
the proposition to do the work and R
pay a bonus of zxo for the privilege. p
And the Polic Jury accepted the A
bonus and awarded the contract to A
the Advertiser. F
This action of the Polic Jury is E
commendable, for it goes to show T
that they mean to perform their du- R
ties without fear or/navor. pi
The Gazette is perfectly satisfied gr
worth the outcome. o
A Fine Number.
The midsummer Cosmopolitan, th
the first at the new price of zalj ca
cents per copy, though unchanged Ri
in size, excells any other issue of Cs
that magazine in the number of its St
distinguished contributors, in theto
i~erest of its contents and in its
overfowing illustrations by famous set
artists. Francois Coppee, William set
Dean Howells, Camile Flammarion. the
Andrew Lang, Frank Dempster
Sherman, H. H. Boyesen, Charles
DeKay, Thomas A. Janvier, Colo
nel Tillman, Agnes Repplier, and La
Gilbert Parker are a few of the Ct
names which appear on its title
page. Three frontispieces, all by
famous artists, furnish an unusual
feature, and among the artists who
contribute to the irg illustrations bel
adorning its pages, are Laurens, see
Reinhart, Fenn, Toussaint, Stevens, litt
Saunier, Fitler, Meaulle and Fran- dic
sen. The midsummer number is
intended to set the pace for the
magazine at its new price of X234
cents a copy, or $z.5o a year. The roa
magazine remains unchanged in size
and each issue will be an advance 1
upon ,its predecessors. Literally Ch
every known country is being ran
sacked for material in the hope to
bring The Cosmopolitan forward as
the leading magazine in the world. of
Carencro News.
torm Oar Regular Correspondent.
During the recent spell of terribly
warm weather, the thermometer
registered 94 degrees in the shade Poi
and zi8 in the sun. There were
several cases of prostration by heat tr
and two deaths, one being Mr. Paul for
Cormier, a very worthy young man,
stricken down while working on his
farm. jum
to t:
* but
During the thunder storm of June
28th the East en ! of the grand stand, M
on the Carencro race track was turn
ttruck by lightring completely dem- has
elishing most of the ornamental
- work, and destroying several of the H
main pillars and flag staff. The poin
damage will amount to about $40. next
Mr. George Melchior attended the Vho
ball given at Grand Coteau, on June
Hon. H. E. Toll attended the From
meeting of Superintendents of Public
Schools, held at Lake Charles last unle
week. we
r , poor
The picnic given by the pupils of of i
Miss M. Melchior's school, afforded meas
great pleasure to all who attended. Cour
A heavy rain falling in the eveninghavir
interfered somewhat with the pro-gentl
gramme, and the party was com-welfa
pe- fl. ned to return earlier than intended. . Th
* was
Mr. Crow Girard cashier of the danci
People's State Bank, and Mr. N. P. Youn
!Moss the wide awake merchant of of th
'yaette, were in Carencro a few This
~ dhi ago. a gloi
A little girl strange:has "been ad
mitted to the household -of! Mr. L.
DAY G. Stelly. We extend outa.heartiest
TON Mr. Eugene Bertrand died from
sunstroke several days since
Second * *
A large uanuber of our people
3" availed themselves of the outing
afforded by the Trainmens excursion
to Abbeville last Sunday; and de
clare themselves well pleased with
o cal the treatment received at the hands
nds in of the courteous committees who
ed By
Sales had the affair in charge.
a Sul- **
am can We are pleased to note the return
home from Grand Coteau Convent
'- of Miss Antoine Melchior and Miss
Graziella Francez. This grand old
rint- institution closed its doors for the
Jury session of '93, on Thursday June
r of a9th on the morning of which the
der- annual commencement exercises I
blic were held, and the usual premiums
tith- or prizes were awarded to the sev
eral successful pupils, who had ex
out celled in the different branches dur
ing, ing the year. Grand Coteau Con
re- vent is conducted by the "Sisters
of the Sacred Heart," which is es
The sentially an order of teachers, devot- I
mnd, ing their every energy and whole
ived life to the training of the young, en
pre- trusted to their care. Their methods
put are praiseworthy, and unique, as t
I be young girls under their charge are
ded expected to a certain extent to com
re- port to the rules by which they are
tffer themselves governed. Their enter- v
the tainments or exercises are void of c
ver- all frivolous show. Theirs is a
tten school of long, tried, and established
ned eputation, and from its doors the
and most refined and accomplished
tge. women of our state have came forth.
the At the exercises just referred to Miss.
to Antonia Melchior, was awarded the h
First prizes, for Success, Instruction,
Is English and French Grammar, P
Low Translation, Style, French History,
du- Recitation and application. And and P
prize in English History and Geo- a
led graphy. She was also the recipient
of the blue ribbon for deportment. P
Miss Graziella Francez received for S.
the 3rd Class, ast prizes for appli- P
cation, French Grammer, History, st
*ed Recitation, Translatiou, Arithmetic, at
of Catechism, and and premium for
its Style. Successful in English, and
ie to enter the and Class at the next S
us session. Carencro's reputation or
im seems to be safe in the hands of
on. these young ladies. R
a Miss M. A. Theriot of Alberinarle
ad La., spent a few days with Mrs. A. to
le Cheffer, this week. m
tIe * ot)
)y The cane, cotton, and corn crops
ho are in excellent shape so far, and
ns better than they have been for
s, several years at this period. Whatle
Ls, little rice there is, is doing splen- aI
'- didly. el
is * * cle
ae *
q The building of the Teche Rail
se road is progressing steadily.
ee *I *
:e Mr. Romain Francez was in Lake of t
Ly Charles several days ago. .
to **
ts Mr. John Nunez took advantage "V.
i. of the Trainmens excursion last ji,
Sunday, to give a race on his "track" T
near Erath station. Liittle Domin- ti
gue Roger of Carencro, the O°i
yjockey riding a mare from Fausse prce
r Point, that was entered in the race, t
reached the finish post all right, and Jury
won the race, but it seems that the a
Strack has an abrupt curve, too short ast i
for a horse at full speed to turn. ad
The mare driven by young Roger th
jumped the fence, and threw the boy h
to the ground. He was painfully 7th
but not seriously injured. 8th
- *** thes
Master Zacharie Francez has re- ode
turned from Natchitoches where he proc
has been attending school. N
Hon. Overton Cade will be ap- s
pointed Supt. of the Mint. What r
next? An election for a Represen. Mt
tative to succeed him, of course. tha
Who is he to be? Th
Royville Items. Th
Fromn Our Regular Correspondent. ofnce
What's the matter with Lafayette ? age
unless a '-treaty of peace" is signed, posite
we fear that your town stand~ credin
poor show for immigration. Wh ~
of late it seems that everyboby Th,
means fight. Editors, Lawyers, forth
Councilmen, and even Doctors are Frn
having a time of it. - Get together "
gentlemen and work for the future Secret
welfare of your city. C. H.
S. Be
SThe social event of the season Alfred
was the progresssive euchre, and Co
dance given by Dr. and Mrs. N. D. Mes
Young, last Friday evening in honor d ly
of the Misses Cornay and Young. as last
This beautiful home, surrounded by Bids
stately oaks and ash trees presented for fi
" glorious sight to behold. Chinese phc
a ad-' lanterns of all colors and descrip
t. L. tions illuminated the grounds, and
rtiestlight and happiness reigned, although
under control of the "mask of
night." To see the "gay cavaliers"
from promenade around with their "lady
loves," reminded us of the happy
days that authors love so much to
ople describe. In fact; never before in
sting the annals of Royville, has so much
sion been displayed. The programme
de- for the evening was euchre; four
with prizes were given. Miss Parkerson
ands and Mr. Leblanc secured first hon
who ors, and the booby was won by Mr.
Blanchet. After playing euchre,
the lovers of the terpsichorean art
turn sweetly and softly glided by the
vent melodies of the piano, until the wee
bliss hours of the morn reminded the
old happy participants that "t'is hard
the to part from those we love." The
Fune fortunate ones present, were Misses
the L. Parkerson, E. Gerac, Stella Tra
:ises han, Clye and Lizzie Mudd, Z. and
ums N. Bailey, Effie Young, Zaza Cor
sev- nay, Lelia Singleton, Louise Givens,
ex- Nita Scrz 'ton, Althea Roy, Lydia
lur- Theriot and Maud Young,
:on- Mesdames Cade, Noll and Young,
ters and Messrs. S. R. Parkerson, Jack
es- ;ickerson, Leo Judice, Givens, O.
vot- H. Simpson' Doctors Girard and
hole Trahan, A. J. Comeaux, A. A. Mou
en- chet, J. G. Leblanc, O. Blanchet
ods and R. 0. Young. We return
as thanks for invitation sent us.
are Misses Ada, Edna and Tulia Oli
m- vier, and Hattie Martin accom
are panied by Mr. Cibby of Lafayette, f
ter- were the guests of Dr. and Mrs.
of Screnton, Thursday.
Mr. Edward Primeaux has severed
he his connection with Mr Smylie, of
Abbeville, and is back home with
us. t
iss. Chas. Young and Wallie Theriot
the two Baton Rouge Cadets, are back a
on, home spending vacation with their
ar, parents.
ry, D. Bonemaison, our genial and
nd popular post master, paid Lafayette h
eo- a visit Saturday. o
ent After five months of hard toil, p
at. Prof. Webb closed his public school S
for Saturday. We are sorry to see
,li- Prof Webb leave Royville, as his
y, stay with us, has been one highly T
ic, appreciated by our people.
Or One of Dr. Scranton's horses was
ad prostrated by the excessive heat last
!Xt Sunday. The animal is a valuable BI
°n one, and we fear for its recovery.
of Mr. R. O. Young paid Baton
Rouge a visit Saturday.
le Suppose the young men of our
town would "get together," display
more sociability, be friendly to each
other, and organize a Literary so?
Club. We are positive that our e
Sboys could do it, anti why not ? I1h
or The young ladies would, we know, or.
at lend a helping hand, and with them I
- as fair members the `inks of our fo
club would be solid, and no "cy- ch;
clone of discord" could disband us. Mr
Police Jury Proceedings. re
[NIte-T'he Gazette will publish from the otjcial Mr.
record the mane wtek of its sitting, the proceedings ri
e of the Poli .eJury.l
LAFAYETTE, LA., July 3, IS93. ?a3
The Police Jury met this day in regular "t
session with the following members present: it
SW. B. Torian, J. G. St. Julien, C. C. Brown rece
Ford Hoffpauir, A. A. Delhomme, II. M. Wit.
t l)urke, R. C. Landry and A. D. Lan'dry. co°~
" The minutes of the previous meeting were TI
read and approved. Alfr
1- Mr. I)urke reported that the repairs on the R
Odillon Broussard bridge would probably J.
cost $15o but no action was taken in the
e premises.
The road overseers of the respective wardis w
made report under resolution of the Police Lafa
d Jury, giving a detailed statement of the work E
Saccomplished of which the following is a s
summary. .
't tst ward 24s men called 7 days average. s
3rd " 283 '" " 9 * . jort
r4th" zo8 " " sz , ,
5th " 231 " " 12
6th" 245 " " 7 " C
Sfth " xg9 " " " " to
8th" ,i83 " . " 8 *
On motion duly made it was resolved that wel
the stock law be and is hereby amended in pun
order that a limitation of tz months is fixed his
for the reimbursement to owners of any thei
proceeds, of sales under the said law.
Napoleon Melancon, constable of the 4th
ward, reported one horse sold under, the as r
stock law, the net proceeds being S8.*o which son
was ordered turned over to the treasurer. hou
By motionn of Mr. Durke the Police Jury ene
proceeded to the election of its officers.
Mr. Chas. D. Caffery here arose and stated cost
that he had been requested to ask that all
salaried offices be put to bid.
rThe following communication was also
To the Hon. President and members of the
Police Jury of Lafayette parish La. T* I
The undersigned submits his name for the
office of parish treasurer at a salary of two
hundred dollars per annum, with the further Mc
agreement that the parish funds will be de- Railr
posited with the People's State Bank, and be to yo
credited with interest at'the rate of two per hospi
cent per annum on daily balances. guest
Respectfully. Sund
The Police Jury then proceeded to ballot appre
for the various officers with the following peopl
For President-Ford Hoffpauir........4 votes. Th:
, "V W. B. Torian....2..... and
Secretary-iR. C. Grieg .............7 " presse
Constable and C. H. Keeper. tobe
C. H. Bradley........6 " for hi
S. Bernard...... .........................a *' atteot
Alfred Chargois .... ...............o 0 '
Parish Treasurer-Wm. Clegg ........7 of thi
Crow Girard. ...." monio
Messrs. Ford Hoffpauir, R. C. Grieg, C. bond
H. Bradley and Wmin. Clegg were declared and at
duly elected aad their salaries fixed the same visit .
as last year. Traint
Bids were received for the public printing their a
for fiscal year as follows:
The Latayette Advertiser bid to print the
proceedings in French and English for $zoo
scrip- or prini in English alone and pay a premium
and of $9 therefor. The Lafayetie Gazette ld
to do the work for nothing.
Longh By motion of< Mr. Brown, the proposition
ik of of the Advertiser to pay a ,premium of ro
per annum for the public printing in En
lers" glish was accepted and that journal de
lad cland the official organ of the par.sh for the
lady fiscal year beginning July Eat, 1893.
appy Messrs. W. B. Torian and E. G. Voor
h to ts were reappointed as auditing commit
Ie in It was resolved that hereafter the Police
Jh ury shall elect all its officers annually.
The following committee was appointed
mmine to examinine the treasurer's office and if
found correct, authorized to grant him a
quietus: R. C. Landry, A. D. Landry, and
rson W. B. Torian.
The following committee was appointed
hon- to examine and receive the "Index Book of
Mr. Conveyances," now bcing transcribed by Dr.
Ii. D. Guidry, J. G. St. Julien, C. C.
Brown and A. A. Delhomme.
art 'The sum of $25 each was granted unto
the following indigents, to-wit: Madeline
(colored), Adrien Sonnier and Emerenthe
wee Bonin.
The sum of $2oo each was appropriated to
4th and 5th wards for the purpose of erect
hard ting suitable school houses for the education
of white public school children. Said ap
The propriation to be paid out of funds collected
isses for the year 1893-4.
Mr. Bradley, the court-house keeper sub
Tra- nitted an inventory of all public property
and in the. court building including a complete
list by volumen of all law books in posses
Cor- sion of the parish.
ens, The following road-overseers were then
appointed for the ensuing year:
ydia .t ward.......... ........ Felix Bernard.
ung, 2d ward ....... ..........: ...... Ford Haffpauir. I
rd ward ............................T. F. ebb, Jr.
4th ewsard ............ ..........Firmin O. Broussard.
rack 5th w ard .............................................................
6th ward.................................0. H. Breaux.
0. 7th ward ................... ............... Eloi Bonin.
and 8th ward ............... .......Jno. H. Landry.
A communication fromt Mr. I. N. Satter
ou- feld, the road contractor, asking an exten
chet tension of ninety days in order to comply
with the requirements of his contract was
turn read and on motion the following was
adopted: Resolved- that I. N. Satterfield,
road contractor, be and is hereby cited to
appar before this Police Jury, Monday,
om- July oth instant, to show cause why he has
failed to comply with the terms of his con
tte, tract.
vs. The Police Jury them adjourned to meet
* at o o'clock a. m. July o, 18R93.
R. C. GRExo, Secretary.
of School Board Proceedings.
with LAFAYTrTE, La., July s, 893.
The Board of School Directors of
the parish of Lafayette met this day in reg
riot nlar session with the following members -
present; Julian Mouton President, Jasper
ack Spell, J. O. Broussard and J. S. Whittington
Absent: H. Theall, Dr. W. W. Lesley and
heir A. C. Guilbeau.
The meeting of the pervious meeting were
and approved.
and The finance committee reported that they
ctte had examined the books of the Treasurer
and found the same correct with a balance
on hand of $2420.36.
The Treasurer submitted the following re
oil, port which was accepted :
ool State of Louisiana, Parish of Lafayette.-.. L
Public Education.--WVm. Clegg, Treasu
see rer School Fund.
Isis Quarterly Statement :
ast CR. 6532ag
Tbe a By Teachers pay ........ , .......378.7
eientie. repairs. etc T..re ..97.. 0
a upe salarySso. and expenses So 7o.so
Trreaeiuers ommrnsoT... , ...70.23 .
Arsessor's commisJsion .......5.. . s
On TaxCllector's coiha. pl ia etc 7 d5 e
t ilding school houses .......... 87.6o
irectrs rsary and jrci..utals.. 4572
To balace n hand..............
r trha ctullr submLitted.ced a
T he r srintendsc sb, mi e ed a report . the
Rt chr sursof the ynrish l hich was accepte7 and oer
lr The orsignation of :dr. F. C. latilals. teacher of
the rousgrdn school, ues oreceived d aepted.
Isle Pilctie school. Dusan s.hool and Lafayette cot.
V, 1 orod school were recei.ed. read anhd ordered filed.
hr. A. n. GMartin. teacher of the Begneid school
I 1st ward appeared before tl Boared and stated that
his 'ohuol is so situatril that it is very inconventent
ur for maly of his ptpils ta attend, and that severat
parlies had offered the lasd if the lacatian would be
y_ chilged.
i Ted , atio of tr.J. 0. Broussard. scndhe by
IS. I. D. liernsrd, the trostees of the Begnad schol
are requested to select a more desirable and suitable
location for said schoole, proided that the land be
donated and that they report to this Body at the neat
regular meeting (October 7 i8t9 ).
ial Mr.JI. S. Whittingtod it was resolved that the oublic
s printeins of this Board be given to the lowest bidder
per ear said bids ta be handed to the Secretary of
this Bus! at the neat regular meeting. October 7.
5833. in open session. The board reserving the rIght
Lr to reject any and all bids.
i: On motion of SMr. J. O. roussard.duly seconded
: it as r.resolved that the teachers of this perish shall
tn receive the following salary for their services to
,~ wit: ist. grade. 645 per mouth; ad. grade. S40 per
month: and. 3d. grade. $so per month, and that all
cocplicting resolutions are hereby repealed.
re The following accounts were approved:
Alfred Bonnet, lock ........................ 6 .
R. C. Greig, hauling desks o.....
. Ao. coussade.lr.etp. p our dll....e.ond
ly . r. Davis. sundries tr scool hsoures ........ 6
ke 0. Bernardnetof donation ..................9s on
S. Whittington sundries for school house... puo
3o 0. Brof tssard. to 40e o
t.. i. Bailay. collecting polls m...e . sor 00
c Lafayette Advertiser, printingh ........... s . th r0
H. . Toll. secretary's salary th s...... o
t i. 0. grao u tond , ao m
Pr. S. Whitting ton a oar ease
aThere beding nou orther bsainp ihe oard a
joArsed. JoL.aN M.OUT.ON.
Secretary. Presid.nt.
S.Our friend Gus Laost is .the first
to "breakthe ice." He hasrhada T
Siwell dug, and hai s put in a force as it
b pump, and now the streets around
his store are kept well-sprinkled
v thereby keeping ten dust down, and
saving damage to his goods as well
as much ineconvenienceg to his per
"|sonal comfort. Every business
house should emula.te the spirit of
ulenterprise displayed by Mr. La. Jo
A Card of Terdan. . s.
MOn-r n Los . . No. 3..
L AJ.. Tt E, LA., July , 1893..
J. "Ir jte,'& of Abn o rtiher in fherrdl, Ad
Mre. A. J. Jo UA MT.
Railroad Tranmen desire to return thanks
to your individually and collctively, for sthe
hospitable reception tendered sr and our
guests u our excursion to your town,
Suondayuly2. Nor ordE vrmaningefro Tni
ushould adequtl exprsa otur feelings of
apprecitio e untirng effors of the
your town pleasant.
Thatyou succeeded goes without. aying
pressed tpon our minds and heats, neverT
to he eradiited, and to Mr. A. J. Golden
for hig address of welcome, and uneasing
attention during our short tyr, we cah but
a Gdp you, ' inivdayand It is expressions
of this' nature, which when extendad har
bond of friendship, that io ever enduring,
andshould the people of Aboerille ever
Trainmen reciprocating to the best of
yrOwEN. e.ofcin Chtrwap; sGent
C. H LUc TEDe Ch ot a ying
~as Always Bee.n a dlaer.
's penstest and well-digected effot
At has attained a
in all of Itt departments.
It Pays to be
Enterprising .m
7zesey ajrJwvc.tsit. mnd all tvad
------ T M~E
Whethr they agree with it or not.
They realiMe that it has the
Courage of Its Convictions,
DD THnaT IT z8
The Brightest Newspapert
PUoInSH ED IN THa sodurT.
Any newedealer will tell you that he
cannot embstitute another paper for
Dutar. sumaq r. eVARastr.
sr ra,. ,.ee or se,.. ,r.ee or m.
Journal- of Educatiop,
Boston, Mass.
-s published weeklry at.,..Sn• year, or $-tot 6
[onath. Many o the aeblst educaors in 'h: coux
uy a rgulaur contributd8rs 8o ls columns. It bas
la- rg lofnt. of .evera , ractica matter for
A four ptot supplemen so the J]oem is ppub
ithed montbly, Containing the New rrk Sate UnI
ow Exmltnintion Questions and Answegs.
TRIAL TRIPfo n-ra.s"--ta taken,
-ss pos l paid t.e Jsampe c r. treoT
,' m , plts d. sws 1pisc py 7 2ee.
Bhe eausejour Park] º
tn On the Banks of Beautiful Bayou Vermilion.
* EXCELLENT Spring Water,
Ac COMMODIOUS Bath Houses,
-..-. Lange Dancing Platform. Beautiful Grounds and Plenty of Sha.ie. Elegant Spot for Pic
tn- nics, Parties, Etc. Water for drinking and bathing purposes unnsrpa.sed.
Come and see the place and enjoy a splncdid bath.
6.ao - ---. -- _-- _
New Store!.
Alex. Delaihoiussaye,
LHas Just Opened newt to Lacote's a General
o f ,here at all times will be found the freshest ant inest graudes '.f goods in his lie.
An invitation is extended to all to call at his store.
Stoves, Harness, Carriages
oManufacturer's agent for Walking and Riding Cultivators, Disc Harrow Leaver Drag
Harow, Stalk Cutter, Corn and sotton Planters, Sulky Plows,
dtt Turning Plows, IHay Rakes, Road Carts. L
ni Corner of Jefferson and Vermillion Streets, LAPAYETTE, LA.
Land Attorney, Surveyor, and
Real Estate Agent.
S20 Loan Association.
1 This company negotiates loans on real estate, making payments of principal quite as e. y
as interest payments on the old plan of loans. For further infor"" wios addr or apply to
Welman Bradford,
Agent, Rayne, La.
~here Pure Drugs, Patent Medicines, Toilet Articles,
Stationary, etc., Fine Cigars, and the best of Wines
and Liquors for medicinal purposes, are sold at rea
sonable prices.
Also a few fine Groceries are to be had knd some
The Singer
Sewing Machine.
Is the best in the world; Light Running, Durable, Noiseless, Simple.
General Agent For Lafayette Parish. Wh
Office at J. P. Buhler Shoe Store per
Found Estray.
A brown beef, about six years old. ha&
been in my pasture for three years. Branded
" PA -
Owner is requested to come forward,
prove property, pay. costs, and take him"
away. - ALRX. D)UUN.
Lafayette, La., June 14, 1893.
Corn in Shucks
For sale at 25 cents per barrel.
For Sale Cheap
A young mare and mule colt at a bargain.
Apply to W. E. Bowen.
Valuable Town Lots.
Lots Nos. 54, 295 and 218, situated in
the Mills addition, measuring *ooxa4o feet;
also improved property on Main street op
posite J. E. Martin's place. Terms reason
able. For further particulars apply to
Standard and Regletord.
Boston was sired by Baden-lBaden, he by
Equity. Baden-Baden the sire of Boston is
a Kentucky derby winner. Boston will stand
the present season at Le Teche farm of Dr.
H. P, Guilbeau & Son, at Breaux Bridge, at
t5$ Cash for the season, with return privi
For Sale
A lot. sutmaproved. in the town of Lafayette. neil
So Wm. Cleg's residence. is offered for sale at a
moderate price. For further information apply at
The .;asetts oice., or to C. H. B*tinsv.
Lafayrette. La,
Sidney Veazey, l
Lincoln Ave., Two Blocks from Deplt
First clam rigs at reasonable prices. Care- F
faul drivers furnished when required. juntt
DR. T. . BHopkins
de waving returned to Lafayette, of.
r fers his professional services to the
e him citizens of this place` and the sur;
eON. rounding country:
Office at former residence, and a'
night and at night at Kennedy's old
rgain. W'id pract;.e in Lafa'yettl, St.
_ar, and Vermi.lion parsheAs, and
the Supreme and Federal Courts at
Opeloazas and Newu Orleans.
ted in LIVER Y,
fcet; FEED,
t op- AND SALE e
Tr. Lafayette, La. Paroprieotr.
Sby LAFAYETTE, LA. Priorietor.
on is
Turning of Banisters, Scroll Banisters,
Fancy and Plain Mantels, Fancy Glass
SDoors of all kinds, Brackets, etc., etc.
Lafayette, La.
Near Bank Building,.
are- PRED. MOUTON, - -- - rroprleter.
ant Lowest prices, consistent with work done.
All work promptly attended to. Satisfaction
Vermillion sweet Lafayette, La.
H. C. Sallee,
ic- Office on Buchanan street.
LAFA 7'ET7F, - - - LA.
PRACT/IC/.IV '; / i .';/ .,
(oflfloe at Resteac : . LAVATAET . La.
t1 neov. R km .
A I'Ft)A Yi A' .7 LA IV
AY :. ANO AR Pt ' iI. IC.
LFLrav"T!. -.
" 5.A-tte, La.
O. C. & J. MOUTON,
g L inc,- ,, at , , ,,ear 'depot.
Ladiles and c'i:n4rca'a Itarcatttes at DotIletl
E. Priollaud,
aod dealer In
Rich Jewelry, Watches, Dia
monds, etc.
Clegg'e Balidlng, Courtheoae Square.
Lafayette, La.
Cash tells the story.
Come and see
Mouton Bros.,
Lowest prices consistent
with qualify of goods.
SH. L. Monnier,
Dealer JIm
I Ceneral
Fresh Groceries always on hand.
"Old Taylor" Whiskey.
The "Old Taylor" is the best
Whiskey that experience, skill and
expenditure can produce. It it the
perfection of distillation from grain.

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