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Sufaee'+ou Pr•: i.a Per Yeas
Tru~st is beginning to grow an
noying. .
The, mosquito Itill abideth with
us-in all his gloryknd. viciousness.
Mr. aad Mrs Matal Billeaud, Jr.. and
Mr. aii Mrs. Hebert Billaud, attended a
1 o Arau. dfl this week.
Miss Amanda Sturlese of Grand
Chenier is visiting her aunt, Mrs.
Alfred Hebert.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Cartwright,
pf New Orleans, are on a visit to
their relative, Mr. R. W. Elliott.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Vordenbaumen
left this week for the World's Fair
and will be gone for several weeks.
Dr. E. J. Chachere went over
to Abbeville Sunday on professional
Aladin Robichaud has gone to
St. Martinville to help Fred Mouton
build-a residence in that town.
Ladies and children haircutting at domi
cile. L. P. Bagarry
The court house sqrare could be
made a thing of beauty by the
judicious use of a little money.
Jovial Jules J. Mouton, of Du
champ station, gave a pleasant call
to The Gazette Tuesday.
John Vandergrief took a pleasure
trip to St. Martin parish last week.
Miss Elodie Gueriniere, of St.
lMartinville, is visiting friends and
relatives in town.
Dr.. Trahan and Mi. Jack Nick
crson, of Lafayette, were in the city
last Saturday.-New 7beria Iberian.
Next Wednesday the stores of our
Jewish fellow-citizens will be closed,
being the day of Atonement.
Mr. Andrew Lemaip, came over
from Lafayette yesterday, to spend
the Jewish New Year.-NVew Iberia
Messrs. S. Kcahn, Henry Bendel
and J. Colitz spent some days this
week in the city the guests of Mr.
B. Falk and family.
Go to Bagarry for a good shave and hair
cut. i-I
The vivacious Miss Nickerson is
again in Abbeville, "that pleasant
little town" visiting her friends.
Abbevill/ Aferidional.
Misses Kate Rand, of Lafayette,
and Louise Miller, of Grand Che
nier, returned Sunday from a short
sojourn in the White City.
Sheriff Ike IBroussard reports
having had quite a time with the
poor unfortunate man that he was
taking to the State Asylum.
Mr. Gco. Derouen and family
have gone to Perry's Bridge, Vermil
lion parish,where they will hereafter
mike there home.
The many friends of Rev. Father
Forge will be pleased to learn that he
has returned from-"his trip to the
Pacific coast.
Mr. and Mrs.. B. J. Williams,are
the guests of Dr. Hopkins and will
remain until Monday, then leave for
their Texas home.
Misses Lodo and Aimee Mouton,
of Lake Arthur, are on a visit to
their uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs.
H. L. Monnier.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Mossiker, of
Orange, Texas, and Mr. Armand
Levy, of Lake Charles, were the
guests of their parents Mr. and Mrs.
L. Levy, during the holidays.
Dr. G. A. Martin left Wednes
day morning for the Fair. The
doctor requested us to state that
Dr. F. R. Martin, of Breaux Bridge,
will replace him during his absence.
Mr. F. E. Voorhies has leased the
residence occupied by Mr. J. J.
Mouton, and has moved therein.
Mr. Voorhies and family are now
permanent residents of Lafayette.
Judge Parlierson, Dr. N. P. Moss,
Mrs. Mills and Misses Lizzie Par
kerson and Ada Moss, after quite
* stay in Chicago visiting the World's
Fair, returned home Sunday.
The Gazette entertains the belief
that the organization of a Chataqua
circle among the young .people of
of Lafayette would be the means
Sofaffording much enjoyment and
instruction during the coming win
ter evenings.
Mr. B. J. Pellerin, relief agent of
the Southern Eacific Railroad is in
charge of affairs at the station here
during the absence of the regular
agent, Mr. JlJ. Davidson, who is
off on a recreative and pleasure trip.
We are informed, that the manage
inent have left nothing undone to
make the ball to-night at Falk's hall
a decided pleasurable and social
success. Th~opse attending may
safely anticipate a most enjoyable
t -
Hon. George C. Douglass on "A
Money Famine in a Nation Rich in
Money's Worth" and Hon. -W. H.
Standish on "Seven Facts About
Silver," both in September ARENA.
These are two of the most notable
papers that have appeared in any
magazine during the year.
Last Monday was the 5654th an
niversary, of the creation of the
world according to the Jewish
calendar and the Israelites of Lafay
ette observed the day with religious
services at the synagogue, which
was followed by feasting and general
On the occasion of the twenty
fifth anniversary (silver wedding) of
their- wedded life, last Wednesday,
Mr. and Mrs. Pierre Gerac were
visited by a host of friends who
wished them many returns of the
day; they were, also. recipients of
many tokens of substantial remem
It is said that the pay roll of the
Southern Pacific railroad represents
g144,ooo a year at this point a good
part of it spent in town. A central
refinery would in a year or two add,
perhaps, $200,000 more. The total
in circulation would make many
enterprises possible. Lafayette must
vee the refinery.
In regard to the complaint of our
corresponeence "Cherokee" in re
gard to bridges, we will state that
the Police Jury, at its last sitting,
authorized the purchase of several
car loads of lumber. When received,
we have no doubt the proper author
ities will attend to the bridge in
question. We think the Police Jury
is disposed to do their best, and
will give attention to, and correct,
all causes of complaints.
We had the pleasure of an agree
able call, this morning, from Mr. B.
A. Salles, of Lafayette. He was
here in the interest of the flour mills
of Cowgill & Hill of Carthage, Mo.,
which he represents in Southwest
and North Louisiana and the lower
part of Texas. Mr. Salles has an
excellent line of customers and does
a good business in New Iberia. He
starts out on Snnday next on a tour
of his North Louisiana and Texas
territory.-N-r Iberia Enterprise.
The Rev. Armstrong of Lafayette
after concluding a protracted meet
ing in Washington, returned home
on Saturday. The services were
well attended and Rev. Armstrong
delivered a series of interesting,
instructive an able sermons during
the week, made many friends while
here, and all who heard him, were
impressed with the dignity and
christian fervor, of his utterances.
Wzraingoon Argus.
A young man named Robert
Borrow, aged about 16, ran away
from his home in New Orleans,
enticed by, and in company with a
tramp, and on reaching this town
was apprised of a telegram from his
parents, stating that arrangements
had been made with the railroad
people to give him transportation
home, and would also provide for
his immediate needs. Notwith
standing the urgent request of the
tramp that they should continue
journeying together, Robert very
wisely decided to return home to his
parents. His short experience no
doubt convinced him that to see the
world a la tramp did not hold the
comforts anticipated.
* In driving across the bridge near
Moss store the planking gave way,
and one of the horse's foot caught
in the break and he fell, while the
other horse kept on pulling until
the carriage was over the prostrate
horse, when the latter made a strug
gle to get up, and did succeed so
far as to throw the carriage over,
precipitating the occupants to the
ground. In the carriage were Mrs.
Kelly, Miss Effie Young, Miss Zaza
Cornay, and in the arms of one of
the ladies was the baby of Mr. E. J.
Trahan, and the driver. Except
some slight bruises to Miss Cornay,
no injuries were sustained by the
parties. It was a very lucky escape.
The Champions.
Editor Gazetter
The Royville "champion" base
ball club, lost their "championship"
last Sunday in a match game with
the Pilette (Stonewalls) Club, by a
score of 4 to z6. This being two
out of three games won by the
Pilette club over the Royville
"champions" the Pilette club now
claims the championship, of not
Znly each s.de of the Bayou Ver
milion, but of the Parish of Lafay
Captain Pilette Base Ball Club;
. In the last game there were seven
innings played with the result below:
PiletXe...2 3 o 4 4 3 o-Z6
Royvillc,.o r o r o 9 -4
A Murderous Assault.
A murderous assault was made on Ed.
Brown, a brakeman, Wednesday night at
about 9:o, in -the railroad yards at this
It app ats that two Mexicans, who
on their way to New Orleans, arrived
here Wedesaday morning and spent the day
around the depot. They made the acquain
tance of Brown who invited them to take a
drink which they accepted. Brown says
that after taking their drinks they
walked to'the yards, apparently on friendly
terms, when to 4&b utter surprise, one of the
Mexicans knocke4 him over the right eye
with a piece of stone, inflicting a painful
and serious wound. It is not known what
their motive was, but the assault was most
cowardly. The Mexicans made their escape,
but Sheriff Broussard is after them, and
is doing all in his power to effect their arrest.
Carencro News.
From Our Regular Correspondent
The case of the "Parish of Lafa
yette vs. Corporation of Lafayette,"
should prove of con: iderable inter
est to all towns in the parish, which
like Carencro, are incorporated un
der the Act of x88o. No matter
what the decision may be, it is
bound to redound to the benefit of
such towns. Should the decision be
in favor of the Corporation of Lafa
yette, there is no doubt that Caren
cro, and other towns similarly or
ganized, can successfully resist the
further payment of parish taxes. If,
on the other hand, the Parish comes
out victorious, it will increase its
funds very materially, and enable
it to lend a helping hand to those
towns which are practically under
its protection. So the "vane" indi
cates a fair wind, no matter which
way it points.
-Our energetic street commis
sioner, Mr. Saul Broussard, has
been doing considerable bridge work
-Mr. Maurice Francez was quite
sick for several days, but we are
glad to note that he is well and
among his friends again.
-.Now that the Carencro base
ball club is regularly organized they
ought to adopt a neat uniform.
They have proven themselves ex
pert with the "ball and bat," and
with a uniform everything will be
-Brother "Cherokee" will ac
cept our thanks for the information
that "a representative has been se
lected who will receive the unani
mous support of the voters of the
prrish. '.' Totidem Verbis admits
with considerable sacrifice of pride
that he has no idea who the fortu
nate individual can be.
-The high winds of the 7th did
not do as much damage to the
crops as was at first expected. There
was considerable cane blown down,
but the beneficial effects of the rain
will counteract all damage. Rice
suffered the most.
-The Teche Railroad Company
are pushing their work with a vim.
A tap connecting their road with
Couvillon and Breaux's plantations
will be commenced immediately.
-The Opelousas biclycists will
pass through Carencro on Sunday,
September 27, and not the 27th, as
published in last issue of The
-Mr. Ernest L. Mouisset, of La
fayette, was a visitor in Carencro
last Sunday.
-Mr. G. L. Singleton has on ex
hibition at the Southern Pacific rail
road depot, a Keiffer pear that
weighs one pound and 734 ounces.
Mr. Romain Francez, chief engi
neer of the Teche railroad, has com
pleted the survey of the road from
Huron to Grand Point, which is
only three miles from Breaux
Bridge. We are getting there.
-Since Mr, Louis Stelly has re
turned from the Chicago fair he can
not look a yellow dog in the face.
Ask him the reason ?
-Dr. Girard and Mr. Alcide Ju
dice, of Scott, were in town last
-Cotton catterpillars have made
their appearance, but it is too late
to do very much damage.
Roy.ville Items.
From Our Regular Correspondent.
-The public roads in the different
sections of the parish may be in
good order, but, in the 4th
ward, they are, frankly admitting,
in a fearful condition. Daily your
correspondent must listen to com
plaints coming from reliable gen
tlemen-and these parties cannot
understand why no action is taken
in repairing the road, and rebuild
ing the "breck-neck" bridges along
the Royrille lane. Is Lafayette
parish so reduced that at least two
little bridges can not be granted us ?
Surely it cannot be that her cash is
all gone-still it looks like it. The
prevailing question here at present,
is, will the Royville lane be made
passable or not? Will the Police
jury always remain duimnb to our
entreatics, and must we cont'nuc to
Grand Opening
cale of the Season!
We carry the largest and best selected Stock of
Drycoods jClothingHat
Shoes. - Gent's Furnishing Goods.
Purchased direct from New York and other eastern cities.
Owing to the tightness of money we have
been enabled to buy our goods at a SACRI
FICE, and offerthe same BARGAINS to our
customers and the public. We are selling out
our FURNITURE and STOVES at cost.
Come early while the stock is complete.
remain in oblivion ? Our confrere's
"notes" from Carencro in last
week's Gazette called our attention
to the fact that we were "left out"
in the advertising scheme of Lafa
yette business men. This is no
doubt "un coup d'etat," but, "ma
foie" they did just as well, as we
would be ashamed if strangers in
quiring for Royville, were shown
the directions to take, and then
undergo the risk of breaking
their necks in reaching this place.
Next to marshy swamp our Royville
lane is unequaled.
-Regardless of hard times, finan
cial troubles, storms, etc., our boys
still keep up the fun, and know
when they have a "cinch." Such
was the case last Sunday, when
many a shining dollars changed
hands. Royville's favorite runner
'-Gabe," added one more laurel to
his long list of victories, by defeat
ing "Bonitta," the queen of "Lake
Simonet. Our favorite is gradually
ascending the ladder, and will not
be many a day either before we
tackle the invincible - . See ?
--An agreable "surprise" was ten
dered Miss Eleonor Theriot last
Sunday, the eve of her departure
for her home in Terrebonne Parish.
Miss Theriot has been visiting her
sister, Mrs. J. O. Blanchet, and is
very popular here. Ve are only
too sorry that her visit has been of
so short a duration. Amongst her
many friends present Sunday even
ing, we note, to-wit: Mr. and Mrs.
J. O. Blanchet, Mrs. D. Roy, Mrs.
O. St. Julien, Misses Nita Scranton,
Maud and Beulah Young; and
Messrs. J. Rogeur, Joe G. LeBlanc,
Charlie Young and A. A. Mouchet.
-Miss Anastasie Bonnemaison
returned home the past week from
New Iberia, where she was on a
visit to friends.
-Miss Beulah Young leaves this
week for Opelousas, where she en
ters Mrs. Hayes' Female Institute.
-Messrs. Edward Primeaux and
Albert Theall, two wf*our boys, but
now of New Iberia, were up last
last Sunday visiting relatives and
-Mr. Edward Estorge, one of
Broussard's energetic business men,
was in Royville Sunday. What's
the attraction Eddie?
-Mr. and Mrs Edward Pellerin
were visitors the past week.
-After a pleasant trip to Chica
go and other points Mr. P. B. Roy
and family returned last Tuesday.
Mr. Roy greatly enjoyed the Fair
and says that one must visit it, to
form any idea of its magnificence.
Many were the souvenirs he brought
back with him, and his friends "out
here" rejoice in hearing him relate
the many sights he saw.
MoUTroN-MouoN.-At Lake Arthur,
Tuesday the Izth instant, by the Rev. J.
Peters, Mr. Sidney Mouton, of Lafayet te,
and Miss Marie Gadrat Monton, of Lake
Sidney is one of the most popu
lar young men in Lafayette, and
has a host of friends who are happy
in the tender of congratulations on
the new ties he has assumed; and
the bride, a fair and accomplished
maiden, is the daughter of Hon.
Ambroise Mouton, of Lake Arthur.
The many friends of the young
couple unite in wishing them heav
en's choicest blessings, and express
the hope that not a shadow will
fall athwart their path on life's
journey to mar the perpetual sun
shine. And to which The Gazette
adds so mote it be.
MoUISvSET-LACoSTE.-At the Catholic
church, Thursday, the 13Sth instant, by
Rev. P. J. Healey, Mr. Ernest Mouisset to
Miss Louise lacoste.
The groom is a popular sales
man at the store of Moss Bros. &
Co., and t;hy br-id i- the c'narrnmn,g
daughter of Mr. Leopold Lacoste.
A large number of friends and ac
quaintances were present to see
them joined in the holy bonds of
wedlock, and to wish-and The
Gazette begs to join in the wish
that they may have "their lives
tinged with roseate hues of happi
ness, and that a full share of earth's
prosperity may attend their union."
Order of Court.
Josephr Plonsky & Son vs. Their Creditors.
Considering the foregoing petition and the
laws applicable thereto, it is ordered that
the cession of the property of the petitioner
be and the same is hereby accepted by the
court for the benefit of their creditors. It
is further ordered that a meeting of the
creditors do take place before Martial T.
Martin, Esq., notary public, on
Wednesday, September 27, 1893,
at I3 o'clock a. m. at the office of said no
tary in the town of Lafayette for the pur-.
pose of deliberating on the affairs of said
petitioners, and in the meantime all judical
proceedings against their persons and prop
erty are stayed. It is further ordered that
Ralph W. Elliot, Esq., attorney at law, be
appointed to represent the absent creditors
in this case.
Given at chambers this 24th day of Au
gust, A. D. 1893. A. C. ALLEN,
Judge 17th Judicial District Court.
Parish of Lafayette.
I here certify the foregoing to be a true
and correct copy of the original filed of rec
ord in my office.
Witness my hand and seal of office at
Lnfavettes La., this 24th day of September,
A. D. 1893. W. B. BAILEY,
Clerk of'Court.
Pursuant to above foregoing order of
court, the creditors of the insolvent
Jos. Plonsky & Son will be held
before Martial T. ]Martin, notary
public in and for Lafayette parish, La., at
the court house of said parish in the town
of Lafayette, La., on the 27th day of Sep
tember, A. D. 1893, at so o'clock a. m.
for the purpose of deliberating on the af
fairs of said insolvent.
And the creditors of said insolvent are
hereby notified to attend said meeting of cre
ditors at the time and place herein above
Witness my hand at Lafayette, La., this
24th day of August, A. D. 1893.
M. T. MARTIN, Notary Public.
J. W. NICHOLSON, L L D., President
The next session will open on the 5th of
October with a full and able corps of Pro
fessors. Healthy locality, good discipline,
thorough instruction, free tuition. Total
cost of maintainance per year $131.
For further informatian address
ALVAN C. READ, Secretary,
CARENCRO LA. Sept. 4th 1893
Carencro Union Farmers Alliance, invites
their friends to attend their reunion and
basket picnic, which will take place at
Carencro springs, on Sunday Sept. 17th 1893.
V. E. Dusuls, President.
The fine Percheron Stallion
well known as a splendid breeder, and very
gentle. Also some draft horses. Apply to
27 A. BROWER, Lafayette, La.
Cheap Store I
Watchmaker, Jeweler,
Gold Medal awarded at Exposition of
1878. Repairing of fine watches a specialty
All work cheap and guaranteed.
Lafayette, La.
`l Oppfosite MIouton &' Saller' Store.
ta e ,s an.t
J. E. TRAH., N, Druggist, has
exclusive sale of these Celebrated
Glasaes in Lafayette, La, from the
factory of Kellam & Moore the
only complete optical plant in the
south, .\tlanta, Ga.
:e:e:e:o:e:e:e:e:e:e:e:e :e:e :e:e:eoe:e: .e
.. M. I IOS E A'I,
V catehmaker e and @ Jeweler.
0 A
ao 0
Ruby-Tinted Spectacles and Eye
Glasses a Specialty
T. M. BIOSSAT Lafayette, La.
:®:®:0:0:0:®:®:0:®:®:00:0:0 :0:0:0:0:0:00
It seems they never were more plentiful in Lafayette than at the
present time.
It is natural then, that Moss Brothers nnd Company should be car
rying a larger and more complete stock of
Baby Carriages
than ever before, and these they are selling at very moderate prices, so
as to place them within the reach ot all.
Miss Louise Revillon
Solicits a to 5
Cypress and Pine Lumber, Rough and Dressed, Shingles, Doors, Sash,
Blinds, Mouldings, Etc.
Pittsburg Coal, Firewood,
McCormick Harvester, Binders and Mower. Eagle plows, Walking
and Riding Cultivators, Cotton and Corn planters, Hay Rakes ad
Stalk Cutters, Etc.
Wagons, Cisterns.
Mrs. John O. Mouton,
Hats, Peathers, Silks, Embroideries, Etc.
also, Lodies' and children's Shoes.

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