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Zatered at the Lafayette La. Pot-nOice u.a Second
Class Matter.
To Attorneys, Admninistrators and
The nagenment of The Gazette desires to call
the attention ot attorneys, administrators of estates
stose contemplating litigation, and its friends into
general to the exceptional advantages offered by
this payer for the publication of their notices of sales
4. The large circulation of the paper, and its in
creasing popularity in Lafayette and parish is a suf
Acient guaranty to advertisers that business entrus
sled to The Gazette will reach a larger circle than can
he accomplished through any other medium.
And wish Good work,
at Equitable Prices,
Sentiment is as old as anything
else, as is indicated by the discov
ery in Egytian tombs, dating back
to B. C. of wedding rings engraved
with a heart and two clasged hands.
A Michigan railroad company in
tend to equip each employee on
express trains with two revolvers
and a repeating rifle, so that in the
future train robbers shall not do all
the shooting.
Orthodox Turks shave the head
with the exception of a tuft on the
crown, which is left to insure a
a tight grip to the angel of the re
surrection when he comes to pull
them out of the grave on the day of
It begins to look like Mr. J. J. Van
Allen, the man appointed by Presi
dent Cleveland to the post of minis
ter to England, and who contributed
$50,ooo to the Democratic cam
paign fund in the last campaign,
will fail of confirmation by the
In.Brazil not i per cent of the
male or female servants will sleep
in their master's house. They in
sist oh leaving at the latest by 7
d'clock in the evening, and will not
return before 7 or 8 in the morning.
Anybody who can swing a shot
gun and find powder for it may
make an honest living in San Ber
nadina county, Cal., by killing
jack rabbits. The taxpayers,
through the treasury, pay o20 cents a
scalp, and some good shots are
making as much as $9 a day, which
is more than a city industrial can
make in a week at various jobs.
White caps have threatened to
burn every cotton gin in Mississippi,
that gins any cotton before its price
reaches ten cents a pound. They
.iave carried out their threats by
~rning several gins, so that the
owners of the others have become
frightened. All the power of the
State should be used to suppress
these criminals. Their existence
should not be tolerated any longer.
The October Arena will appeal
strongly to the Southern heart. It
contains as a frontispiece a fine por
trait of Mrs. General -Pickett, and a
remarkably fine negro dialect char
acter sketch by Mrs. Pickett. It
also contains a strikingly able paper
by Joshua Caldwell entitled "'The
South is American." This issue
contains two very notable articles
on the Money question.
The attention of the reader is
called to the change in the adver
tisement of the Columbia Rice Mill,
New York. It notes.theadvisability
m making, prompt securement of
place on its ridill roster by those who
desire prompt attention to their
shipment of rough rice. There is
also a suggestion that holders of
old rough will do well to send such
right along before new crop makes
it "take a back seat." In their let
ter enclosing the matter. Messrs.
Talmage make a note of the fact
Sthat the markt has toned up and
. present outlook favors higher prices.
$h.is certaily is cheering and a
i- bject for congratulation on the
tart of all who have made any rice
1ro whatever.
Under the above caption the
Franklin Vindicator says:
It is a self-evident fact that the 17th Jud i
cial District is too large for one man to
handle. This district, composing the parish
es of Lafayette, Vermilion and St. Mary has
a volume of criminal and civil business to i
dispose of each term which keeps the judge o
actively engaged upon the bench forty-seven
weeks actual time every year. Terms of
court to handle the criminal affairs is sup- a
posed to occupy three weeks, but generally a
speaking, the docket is not more than half b
cleared away when that time is consumed,
consequently those who are charged with P
crime must either be bonded out or kept con- f
fined until the approaching term comes st
The constitution guarantees a safe and
spi edy trial to all those charged with a vio
lation of law, but under the existing condi- to
tions this cannot be had. Trials are as a
speedy now as they can be made in this dis- ti
trict. The judge cannot abandon a regular tl
term of court in one parish to afford relief
and empty a jail in another thus making it g
necessary for prisoners to remain incarcer
ated for an indefinite period.
There are at present four terms in each ii
parish a year, with three parishes, making
the judge put in twelve months actual time
on the bench, and only about two-thirds of tl
the cases on the docket can be unloaded, in I
an outside estimate.
Considering the above and, also, t
comparing with the other districts, p
it is clearly evident that the duties
[ imposed on the Judge of this dis
trict are onerous and unequal and
relief should be extended, it L
would be an act of strict justice. c
In our mind, the judiciary in so t
far as it relates to the Circuit and 1
District courts should be recon
structed. And it is to be hoped that
the committee appointed to revise or ,
suggest amendments to the constitu
tion will give this matter their most
earnest thought.
Perhaps, a measure of relief could
be found in the adoption of a sys
tem akin to this : Let the circuit
and district courts be abolished,and i
in their stead let a judge clothed
j with the powers, now possessed by
the circuit and district judges, be
appointed from each parish to sit in
an adjoining parish, so that he can
not be accused of being biased, and
let the salarybe graded from $Sooo
to $6oo per year, based upon the
volume of business that would likely c
be transacted. This could be ap-s
I proximated by taking the amount of I
e business done in the preceding two
a years. The dockets in each parish
- could be easily kept cleared, and
l the rights to a speedy trial guaran
f teed by the constitution would be
secured at once, and not be an
empty form as is now the case in
- many instances.
It is probable that objection may
I be taken against the amount of sal
ary. But this need not be a stumb
ling block, and could be augmented i
25 per cent. and at that amount it I
should not be difficult to find men
worthy to wear the judicial ermine.
The main point in our suggestion
is to secure the quick despatch of
court business, and, we think, our
plan would work with effectiveness.
t r
The Sheriffs.
A special to the Times-Democrat
from New Iberia, says:
Sheriffs Cade and Broussard, of Iberia and
Lafayette, respectively, were here to-day in
conference relative to the organization of an
association of the sheriffs of Louisiana. They
have issued a call to atl sheriffs of Louisiana
to assemble in convention at Lafayette, La.,
on Saturday, October 14, r893, at the Court
House, at 4 o'clock, p. m., to effect an or- i
ganization of sheriffs. Any sheriff holding 1
1 office int Louisiana is elighble to membership.
Among the proposed objects are to mu
tually aid and assist each other in enforcing 1
the penal laws of the State ; to arrest and 1
bring to trial criminals and fugitives from
justice; to suppress lawlessness and crime ;
to bring to bear all lawful and reasonable
means to exercise their duty, and to accom
plish that end by prompt and energetic ac
tion ; to meet and discuss subjects of inter
Y est to officers, and the adoption of such
Lmethods that will improve the present system.
The sheriffs of Texas have a similar organ
e ization, andl after a practical test, it has pro
ven its value. The idea is to keep sheriffs
fully posted upon the movements of suspi
e cious people, and by some adopted system
be in communication with each other con
stantly. The organization will be non-poli
e tical, and if successful in its prin-ary organi
zation, it is proposed to get allpolice officers
throughout the State to join, and by that
means work together in enforcing the laws
Sand capturing criminals. The organizers
i have been encouraged in this move, and a
full attendance is assured.
A recent bulletin issned by the
[t Department of Agriculture, contains
:r some important statements and adds I
.e some interesting conclusions corn
ie cerning the adulteration of food, es
ts pecially of canned goods. The in
vestigations which have been under
taken show that the adulteration is
not confiried to the United States
but is practiced freely in Europe.
1, There are intentional adulterations,
but there are others which are large
ly incidental. The Boston Traveler
commenting thereon says that "'these:
r results are largely due to the meth- I
, ods.employed and especiaily to the
of materials used in canning, poison
ing to some extent the vegetables,
es fruits and meats which it is intended
to preserve."
s This investigation has shown that
ct where "bright plate" tin is used the
d contents are free from deleterious
s. substances, but that a mixture of
a lead and tin is often substituted.
Ie This is done on the score of cheap
ce ness, as lead is worth many times
less than tin.
P Report of the Grand Jury. .
To the Hon. A. C. Allen, Judge of the I7th P
Judical District Court.
The Grand Jury duly empanneled and
isworn in and for the parish of Lafayette, a
beg leave to submit this their final report.
s We have examined the parish jail and e
o find it in good condition with the exception I
e of the sewerage in the principal steel cell, t
where if larger pipes were used and a grate
abou; two feet below the opening, the now
y unsanitary and nnhealthy condition caused c
by said sewerage would he remedied. The
prisoners therein are well treated and cared
-or but are complaining of not having t
s sufficient bedding. t
We would recommend to the Police Jury
! to take steps towards furnishing a good wa- 1
ter supply to the court-house and to the jail s
s and would suggest that a wind mill and r
tank be erected in the court-house yard on d
the order of the one owned by Mr. Vi
t gneaux for his own use.
We also recommend to the Police Jury t
to take some action towards erecting an
iron fence around the court house and jail.
e We further recommend to the Police Jury
f the necessity of having a full set of the a
n Louisiana Annual Reports, a set of the acts C
of the Legislature up to the present year and
to keep said books in the court room of this
parish. I
s In view of the prevalence of disorders at
the public balls which are frequently given
in the parish we specially recommend and
insist that the Police Jury require all par- q
ties who wish to give public balls to take F
out a license from the sheriff of the parish, t
o the amount of the li-ense to be fixed by the
d Police Jury and the money thus received $
from the ball-givers to be used for paying
a constable or deputy sheriff, whom it shall
be the duty of the sheriff to appoint and f
r send to the collation or ball, for the purpose I
I- of keeping the peace.
it We furthermore call the attention of the
Police Jury to the necessity of having the
d parish titles to public roads recorded ac
cording to law. We have carefully exam
eined into the books of the office of sheriff
it and tax-collector which we found to be well I
d kept and all moneys collected for by pro
d ductions of receipts from the parish treas
urer and State auditor as required by law.
The clerk and recorder's offices are well
C kept and public records well preserved. We
n would however suggest that a coat of paint
L- be applied on the porches outside and inside
d the office would greatly improve the general
appearance and at the same time pre
serve from decay. We will also call the
e attention of the Police Jury to the had con
y dition of the windows of said office which I
- suggestions have already been made by
f previous grand juries. I
We have also examined the books and
vouchers of the treasurer and after actual
h count of the cash in the treasury found the 1
d same to correspond with the books and
The clear, able and impressive charge
of the court on our general and special du
n ties has materially assisted us in the perfor
n mance of our duties. The wise reference
of your honor to the dangerous tendency of
the times to mob rule or lynch law which
is gradually spreading in this and other
States has induced us to here state that no
disposition to public violence for the pun
d ishment of crime exist in our community, t
it but on the contrary the well marked and
n prevailing sentiment of our people is to ap
ply to and rely upon the courts for redress 1
of all public wrongs, but in furtherance of
a healthy public sentiment which is nes
-f ! sary to assist in the execution of the law.
r We take occasion to condemn any disposi
tion to mob rule or violence wherever it
may spring up, as destructive of the primary
ends of government, which is for the security
t and protection of the person and property
of man. The true basis of prosperity and
d civilization of any country.
n We find the public schools of the parish
n are steadily progressing as will be shown
a by these facts. Three years ago there were
only one public school in the town of Lafa
yette with a few others, under leased build
r- ings. To-day there are 16 school houses
' belonging to the parish and two other
schools which are leased, making 17 white
t- and I colored school in operation, also a
' high school building which is now com
d pleted, and which cost $3ooo and paid for,
m and which it is intended to put under the
administration of the School Hoard. The
e thanks of the people of the parish are clue
the Police Jury and the Town Council of
S.afayette for liberal contributions to aid
r- in the building of said high school.
Is In conclusion we must say that the people
Shave a zealous, alile and fearless district
Sattorney and to whom is due in a large
measure the prompt and energetic execu
ts ion of the law of this parish.
i- P. E. Cou*-Ir..ON,
in Foreman.
i- Police Jury Proceedings.
s LAFA~:ET'ri, LA., Octobler 2, IS93
at The Police Jury met this dlay in regular
vs I session with the following members present :
rs Ford lIuffpauir, J. G. St. Julier, W. B. Tlo
a rian, Alf. A. DIelhomme, R. C. Landry, A.
i ). Landry, H. M. DIurkc. Absent: C. C.
2. The minutes ot the previous meeting were
read and approved.
se 3ae following report of the committee on
-s puTilic road titles was read and by motion
accepted, and the recommendations therein
ds contained acted upon favorably :
T tLafayette, La., September 2, 1893.
io the Hon. Police Jury:
S- Your uundersignad committee appointed to
- examine into the titles of all public roads of
the pari-h would respectfully report that
r- they have faithfully discharged the duty im
is posed and submit the following for your con
sideration :
es That the records show that few if any of
the public roads have been traced and laid
out in conformity with legal requirements,
s, and as in many instances no evidence of ti
ties exists at all, it behooves the Police Jury
Sto take immediate steps toward remedying
.er this defect and perfecting existing titles, to
e public highways, many of which have been
recognized as such for forty years or more.
h- c It is respectfully suggested that the Police
be Jury employ some competent attorney for
advice in the matter, and first proceed to
n- the legal establishment of the main thorough
fares, the width of which should not be less
"' than forty feet.
ed Appended hereto find a complete list by
wards of all records relative, to publhc roads
found on file in the Recorder's office.
sat Respectfully submitted,
he W. B. TORIAN,
isS R. C. GREIG.
of Committee.
By motion the president was appointed
:d. to consult with an attorney and secure legal
advice in reference to perfecting the titlesof
P" the public roads as recommended bIy the
Cs co umittee.
1Mr. Julian .Mouton, President of the School
Board, here appeared and requested an ap
propriation in aid of the High School. G
By motion the sum of $150 was appro
priated for the purpose of furnishing the
High School, provided that the City Couneil
of Lafayette appropriate an equal amount f
for the same purpose.
Mr. St. Julten reported in behalf of the
committee appointed to receive the Index
Book, transcribed by Dr. H. D. Guidry, that
thecommittee found the work well and neat
ly executed, and therefore recommend that if
the book be received and the contract price
paid. The report of the committee was ac
cepted and approved.
The following preamble and resolution t
was adopted :
Whereas, The extension of time granted
to I. N. Satterfield, road contractor, wherein
to fIlfill the terms of his contract has expired a
on the Hst day of October, 1893; and, 'p
whereas, the said I. N. Satterfield has utter- b
ly failed in complying with the terms of the
said contract and has so neglected the public
roads provided for in his contract as to ren
der traffic both difficult and dangerous,
Be it Resolved, That, President Ford
Hoffpa* be, and he is hereby empowered t
to employ counsel and to institute suit, if in c
his judgment necessary, against the annul
nrent of the said contract, and the recovery
of damages st stained by the parisb.
Messrs. Wm. Clegg and R. C. Greig were g
appointed and authorized to reinsure the t
court house, on the best terms obtainable
for a period of three years, in the sum of
Constables Geo. Malagarie and S. J.
Breaux submitted statements of stock sold
exhibiting a balance in favor of the parish of
$4.70o and $1.23, respectively.
The following was adopted :
Resolved, That the road overseers be re
quired to have their quarter salaries ap
proved by the respective ward members and
upon such certificates the clerk is authorized
to issue warrant in payment for services.
By motion of Mr. Delhomme the sum of
1 $25.oo00 was granted unto \Widow Joseph He
bert on account of two helpless children up
on her care.
District attorney here appeared and signi
I fled his desire to attend the sessions of the
I'olice Jury as legal adviser and requested
that he be no-ificd of the wishes of the Jury
in advance in order to be at its service.
By motion the sum of 5O50 per annum
was granted and allowed District Attorney
- I. r. Gordy for the purpose of defraying
the necessary expenses incurred in his atten
dance upon the sessions of the Police Jury.
By' motion the regular meeting of the Po
I lice Jury was changed from the first Monday
of each month to the last Monday of each
The following account was laid over :
A. Cheffer, lumber .............................. $88.23
The following account was rejected :
D. Arcenaux, nursing Louis Martin....$2o.oo
The foll owing accounts were approved :
tMoss & Mouton, lumber...............$ 69.18
e J. T. Broussard, lumber ............... 24.16
1 Dupleix & Roy, rope............................. 1.78
- N. Reaux, assessor's commission..........692.44,
A. Glaiu, expert testimony.... 20.00o
J. F. Mouton, expert testimony........... 20 oo
SH. Billaud, feeding prisoners .............21.7 I
E. G. Voorhies. notary fees .......... 6.00
C. Iclbnillon, drafting road contract .. 25.00o
H. D. Guidry,transcribing index buokaio.oo
MI. T. Gordy, district attorney fees .... 45.co
S. Bernard. guard for L. Martin ......... 2-50
1 J. Vigneax,carriage hire.. ............... 7.00 o
There being no other business the Police
Jury adjourned until October, 30th instant
at the usual hour. FORD HUFFPAUIR.
R. C. GtcIrEG, President.
e Secretary.
Constable's Sale
SSltate of Louisiana-Paris aof Lafayette.
An,. 2/8.
Jr ustice's Court-- 7Tird fIarad
By virtue of a writ of seizure and sale, is
- sued byv the lion. W. E. BIowen, Justice of
the Peace ,-t the Third ward, Parish of La
fayette, State of I.ouisiana, in the above en
titled and nu:mbered cause and to me direct
ed, I have seized and will offer for sale, at
public auction, to the last and highest bid
f der, in satisfaction of said writ, in front of
the Court House, in the town of Lafayette,
Satnrday, November 11, 1893.
between the legal sale hours, the following
described property. to-wit :
One certain tract of land situated in the
y Parish of Lafayette, containing Sixty (6-)
superficial arhents, bounded north by Bayou
Carencro, south by Alphonse C. Guilbeau, or
assigns, east by Ella Guilleau, or assigns,
and west by WVidow Onezime Castille, to
h gether with all the buildings and improve
ments thereon.
T" erms-Cash.
Oct. 7, 1893. Constable Third Ward.
s Coroner's Sale
Lehtman Stern . "& Co. vs. .i. I.. Brotussard,
et a/s.--7th Judical District Court,
e Parish of Lafryette, Nos. £754,
3775, 3775w.
iBy virtue of a writ of f/ra farias issued
in the above entitled and numbered causes
out of the I-Ion 17th Judicial District Court
of Louisiana in and for the parish of Lafa
Syette and to me directed, A. Gladu, coroner
acting as sheriff, there will be exposed for
- sale at public atuction to the highest and
last bidder at the Court Hlouse of Lafayette
Parish, on
Saturday, the 14th day of Octo
ber, 1893,
between the hours of eleven o'clock a. m.
arI and four o'clock p. m., for cash, all the
:. right, titles, interests and demandrls of Leh
- man, Stern & Co., limnited, for costs in above
. entitled and numbered causesin and to a cer
tain judtlgment rendered in favor of said
Lehman'i Stern & Co., limited on the 26th
re daylv of Atugust, 1893, in the suit of Simonet
Leilane vs. Ills Creditors, No 3807 of the
docket of this HIonorable Court.
sn A. GLAitr,
in Coroner of Lafayette Parish, acting as Sheriff.
Sept. 23, :893.
at IIAN.
- 7/It judicial District Court--Paris/t of
of Lafjayctte--To. 3848.
id In this case by reason of the law and the
Sevidence being in favor of the plaintiff
and against the defendant, it is therefore,
y ordered, adjudged and decreed that the said
SJean Trahan Ibe and he is hereby interdicteld,
and declared incapable of caring for his and
n managing his estate. It is further or
d iered that J. Omer Broussard be and he is
or appointed superintendent to tile interdict
Jean Trahan.
SIt is further ordered that the defendant
i pay all costs.
'lThus done, read and signed in open court
at Lafayette, La., La., this 26th day of
ds August, A. D. 1893.
(Signed) A. C. ALLEN,
Judge 17th Judicial District Court.
Ailed August 26 1893.
(Signed) W. B. BAILEY,
Clerk of Court.
e. I hereby certify that the above is a true
ed and correct copy of the original on file and
al of record in my office.
of Witness my hand officially and my seal of
he office at Lafayette, La., this 27th day of
August, A. D. 1893. wV. 3. B.ILElY',
,l Clerk of Court.
Good Service. Prompt Returns.
We beg to call attention to the;
fact that we have commenced mill
ing for the new season. Planters c
who propose shipping rough rice
to be milled on toll-will do well to
write us as to the amount they are
likely to ship and the probable date
of shipment. This will enable us to
place same on our mill roster and
by the turn being thus engaged, im
mediate attention secured as soon
as the rough is received.
Holders of old crop will eo well
to send it right along before the new
crop makes it "take a back seat."
Do not mix the old and new to
gether as they mill differently and
they both suffer.
Care should be taken to pack in
good strong bags, also to mark
plainly that lots may not get m.xed
with others coming to us by each
incoming steamer.
New York.
J. W. NICHOLSON, L. L. D., President
The next session will open on the 5th of
October with a full and able corps of Pro
fessors. Healthy locality, grlc discipline,
thorough instruction, free tuition. Total
cost of maintainanc per year $131.
For furthcr infornmatian ::ldress
ALVAN C. READ, Secretary,
1-24. BA'roN ROUt::, IA.
The fine I'ercheron Stallion
well known as a splendid breeder, and very
gentle. Also sonime draft horses. Apply to
27 A. BRoER, Lafayette, La.
The system of Education includes the
French and English languages, Musi. : and
all kinds of needle-work. Every attention
will be given to the health and cnmifort of
those placed under the care of the Sisters.
For termns apply to the Superior. 1-4z
Alex. 1Teialhou , a e, ,
filas Just Opened next to I.acostc's a ( :rl
i V lj - a. .i ..,-,. ,-itt h- f .,,.! .s,., c.".- .t ,ý,.1 G-,;, i r:' "-s-; ,f f'.t - in hi;'ifi .
Stoves, Harness, Carriacs
1Manufacturer's ngent for 1'alking and Rhiing Cultivators, Disc I[arrow Leaver IDrag
Ilarow, Stalk Cutter, Corn and Cotton Planters, Sulky Plows,
Turning Plows, Iay Rakes, Road Carts.
Corner of Jefferson and Vermillion Streets, LA YETTE, LA.
Land Attorney, Surveyor, and
Real Estate Agent.
Rayne, - - - Louisiana.
Where Pure Drugs, Patent Medicines, Toilet Articles,
Stationary, etc., Fine Cigars, and the best of \Vines
and Liquors for medicinal purposes, are sold at rea
sonable prices.
A lso a few fine Groceries are to be had and some
SThe Singer -
Sewing Machine.
Is the best in the world. Light Running, Durable, Noiseless, Simple.
t General Agent For Lafayette Parish.
Office J. P. Buhler Shoe Store
Fo Tax-Payers on Immovable
Tax-payers of the parish of Lafayette will
take notice that the tax roll for the year
1893 has been deposited in-my office, and ac
cording to section 34 of act 85 of 1888, the
taxes on said immovable property are now
due and collectible and unless paid on or be
fore the 31st day of December, the same C
will be collected as provided by law with
costs. I. A. BROUSSARD. Sheriff.
Sheriff's Office. Sept. 20, 1893.
Dr. E. J. Chachere,
Office next to bank building, LAFAYETTE, LA
For Sale or Rent.
15o arpents. Land the most fertile. "
Good roads. In close proximity to the city of
Lafayette, the parish seat. For further in
formation apply to
L. NOLLIVE, Jeweller,
Lafayette, La.
Valuable Town Lots.
Lots Nos. 54, 195 and 21S, situated in
the Mills addition, measuring looxi4o feet;
also improved property on Main street op
posite J. E. Martin's place. Terms reason
able. For further particulars apply to
Standard and Registerd.
Boston was sired by Baden-Baden, he by
Equity. Baden-Baden the sire of Boston is
a Kentucky derby winner. ltoston will stand
the present season at Le Teche farm of l)r.
H. P, Guilbeau & Son, at Breaux Bridge, at
$15 Cash for the season, wTth return privi
For Sale
A lot. unimplrovc. in the tinl of Lafayentte. next
to WV. Cllegg'S reidlecc. is offrede fr sale: at a
Stlodcraette price. I,r further in firmll;ion apply at
Trhe a.tLe olice. or to C. If. I I-A-.-,
Lafayette. I..
Sidney Veazey,
.incoln Ave., Two Blocks from Dep>t
LAFA E T TE,- : : : ; L4
First class rigs at reasonablilhe rIices. Care
ful drivers furnished when required. junti7
Journal of Education,
Boston, Mass,
Is plblished weakly at -t4.5o a year. ,r 4. 25 for 6
moltlis. .lanvy of the hl.h at r.-dt:c:atOrs in the- '-.
try are regular contributiors to its coluatns. It hat. a
airee aitl,int otf ery d:cv. practictal tIatter lor
teaichrrs If all gra.les. ILt dep:artl.tits coyer emery
brltanch of a luc:tt.itl: l a-irk.
A fittr ater. sotunlemett t, tthe ['I. 'As?. is ptb
lished ,Taai ty. coiltaiingl the N tv' \'.,r' Sitate Ul;
f,,rm isx:atinatio,n Qut.-.t,:. a,,n A, : re-,.
T R IA L T R IPI ,1' ...., t , ,,".p.a ke, .
nIm ntahl; pmattaiid. :al1"l .+ :"r Itree-.-.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . ..
Notary Public
Justice of the Peace.
Careful and prompt attention given to the
collection of bills, accounts, notes or drafts.
Sale andpurchase of lands attended to. 1-19
DR. T. B.- Hicr kin
Having returned to Lafayette, of
fers his professional services to the
citizens of this place and the sur
rounding country.
Office at former residence, and at
night and at Kennedy's old resi
WiI fractice in Lafayette, StI.
Mary and Vcrmi.lion pars/shs, antd
the Suprem: and Fede,-al Courts at
Opelo., zas and Nezo Orleans.
F Sttable.
Lafayette, La. Parop2rietor.
LAFAYETTE, LA. Proprieteor
Turning of Banisters, Scroll Banisters,
Fancy and Plain Mantels, Fancy Glass
l)oor. of all kinds, Brackets, etc., etc.
Laf! -t/te, La.
Near Bank Building.
PREI). MOUTO, -- - 'roprictor.
Lowest prices, consistent with work done.
All work prr,mptly attended to. Satisfactio,n
Verniltiton etlct. Lafayette, La.
H. O. Sab!es,
Oftice on Iluclaanan street.
L, I vrr"TY, - - - .1.
E. . OOiI!ES,
ANI) NO()lTA lA U It C.
10/ / AT /l. lil' and .1OA-:1f:
O. C. & J. MOUTON,
.47 7A.\'V1' YS A I L" il'.
Linc,,n ,r.., nar d'et.
JO ( 1N VANIE l1GRIEl, Proprietor.
LdIIIEcs at.1 ClhildreLan' Halrcuttlag at Domicile
E. Priollaud,
and dealer in
Rich Jewelry, Watches. Dia
monds etc.
Cleg's Rlttlding. Courthtnuce Squarc.
LaFavctte, La.
Cash tells the story.
Come and see
Mouton Bros.,
Lowest prices consistent
r with quality of coods.
H. L. Monnier,
Decaler In
Ceneral I
- Fresh Groceries always on hand.
"Old Taylor" Whiskey.
The "Old Taylor" is the best
Whiskey that experience, skill and
expenditure can produce. It is the
* perfection of distillation from grain

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