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T A -Y T T. -- - G AE TE __
Don't Like the Idea of Being
Locked Up in a Coach.
The following protest is signed
by a number of gentlemen who are
very angry because they were made
to comply with the quarantine reg
utlations of this town. The Gazette
'believes that the gentlemen are un
justly .severe upon the ofiicials of
Lafayette. It is unquestionably
true that during their detention they
were not afforded the same
privileges accorded quarantined
persons in places where the author
Ities have the means to provide a
well-equipped camp.
The signers of this protest, as
well as all other traveling men, -are
aware of the fact that this and all
adjacent towns have established
strict :quarantine and it is the
height of folly for them to persist
in traveling from one place to the
other for the purpose of doing
business. Though rather hard on
the esteemed gentlemen, their de
tention here will be a good lesson
to them. They were the dupes of
their own folly, and they have no
kick to make against any one.
In justice to the mayor, we will
say that he has a great deal to con
tend with and he is doing his best
to discharge his arduous duties
fairly and impartially. He is con
cededly a very humane gentleman
and if he did not accord better
treatment to the unfortunate
.prisoners it is simply because he
could not -do so.
The communication reads as fol
Lafayette, La., Sept. x5, 1897.
To the Lafayette Garette:
We, the undersigned, hereby beg to pro
test most emphatically at the treatment we
'have received at the hands of the quarantine
officers in general and of the mayor of La
fayette in particular. We have now been
locked up in a railroad coach for over
wrelve hours and bave received no more
attention at. the hands of the authorities
than wo 4 car-load of animals and not as
much asiu ordinarily accorded to common
criminals. We are all holders of certificates
from the Boards of Health of neighboring
towns; one of us holds a certificate from
Dr. Mudd, president of the Board of Health
of Lafayette, for which he charged '$I.oo.
One of the imprisoned comes direct from
Chicago, while another lives in New Iberia
and has not been in New Orleans or any
-other infected district for over four months.
The rest of the party are traveling men who
have been here within a week or ten days
and have not been hnywhere near the sup
posed pest-ridden city. All of which could
easily have been ascertained by a careful
and intelligent investigation 'y any man of
common sense and with a little due regard
for the convenience and necessities of peo
ple.supposed to be gentlemen and away
from home. Parties were allowed to land
'who came in the same car and from the
same points as did some of us. When after
reaching the quarantine station on the
limits of the town (yesterday, Sept. 14) and
ainding that we were not wanted under any
circumstances, three of us begged to be
allowed to get out of the car and to walk
back on the railroad track as far as the
mayor would request, we were flatly.refused,
given no polite explanation or satisfactory
reason, but simply told that we "could sot
gel ours " The whole matter appeared to
be the result of a woeful lack of any organ
ized system or executive ability whichever
it may be. It is, however. very hard to be
treated as criminals, not given a mouthful
of food and kept without any communica
tion from the outside world, when a little
more exertion on the part of the mayor
could not have failed to make him ac
quainted with the true state of affairs and
could have saved us a good deal of unnec
essary suffering. Again we protest most
strenuously against what we consider an out
rage upon treemen in a civilized commu
pr. in the year of our Lord, 1897.
. Very respectfully,
Aooms LsBLANc,
J. F. HlaNIUraICK,
HauxAt* KLsRm.
C- arshcror Bottled Up..
- - Varetlcrohas withaut dbsibt the
y a - fthe whol e com
~ ~ .h --. ~gotht~gb
Are Running their Traips Under
Gieat Difficulties-A Hard
SQuestion to Solve.
The town Board of Health has
been holding one aand--twQ.Q -sessionsl
every day since last Saturday. The
board is composed of Dr. F. S.
Mudd, president; Dr. G. A. Mar
tin, secretary; Drs. Thos. B. Hop
kins, P. M. Girard, F. R. Tolson
and Mr. J. J. Davidson. At its
several meetings the board took a
number of precautionary measures
toward the protection of this com
munity against the introduction of
the yellow fever which prevails in
New Orleans and some towns on
the coast. At one of its first meet
ings the board decided to establish
a quarantine against infected points
and called upon the City Council
to take the necessary steps to bring
about its enforcement. A meeting
of the City Council was called to
receive and to act upon the report
of the Board of Health. The
meeting was held Monday evening.
The resolutions of the board estab
lished a quarantine against the city
of New Orleans, and necessarily in
cluded Algiers which formed a part
of that municipality. - This ar
rangement did not exactly suit the
Southern Pacific Company as it in
terfered with the running of trains,
and in order to prevent, if possible,
any action detrimental to its in
terests, that great corporation was
represented by its rotund superin
tendent, Mr. Billy Owens, whose
ponderous form appeared before our
city fathers and argued why the
quarantine should not include Al
giers. Vortunately the majority of
the City Council would not listen
to such a ridiculous proposition
and it was decided to establish a
quarantine calculated to protect the
community against the invasion of
a loathsome and infectious disease,
and not a subterfuge adopted in the
interests of the Southern Pacific
Company. In order to facilitate
the changing of crews, the Council
agreed to allow the railroad com
pany to stop the west-bound trains
at the brick-yards where yard crews
would take charge of the trains and
run them as far as the station.
The crews put off at the brick-yard
were to remain in a coach at that
place where they would board an
east-bound train and return to
Algiers. It was proposed in this
manner to prevent the Algiers
crPs from coming into the cor
porate limits, by being made to
stay in and around the coach, but
this arrangement was not suitable
to the Police Jury which lody met
Tuesday evening and forbade the
railroad company to let its Algiers
crews remain anywhere within the
boundaries of the parish. It was
decided by the company to change
the crews at or near Morgan City. 1
Men from this station were made to
go to Morgan City where they
would take charge of the train,
running baca to this place with
them. .
The latter arrangement, it seems,
did not work well and the last plan
is to have the two night trains (the
day trains having stopped running)
meet somewhere in this parish I
where the crews will be able to
change without getting off.
How long this arrangement will 1
last it is hard to say. It may be
knocked kite-high before the ap
pearance of The Gazette. In our 1
opinion it is only a question of a
short time when the trains may not
be allowed to stop, and then it will
be possible to have a stricter and 1
more effeetive. quarantine.
As far as the freight trains are I
concerned it a matter of impossibi
lit7 to know how and where they
run. They are liable to strike this
-aee at say tjame. frotm any I
only thing sure about them is the
cargo of hoboes they invariably
dump here. The question of how
to get rid of the tramps has been a
hard one to the guards. It is safe
to say that they will come so long
as the freights will be permitted to
r rnA through the town.
Froin all indications the trains,
with the exception perih'1po-f- the
ne carrying the mails, will be
stopped. Under the difficulties,
which are increasing every day, it
will be impossible for the railroad
company to run its trains through
the parishes where quarantine has
been established. Mr. Davidson,
the agent at this place, has been
very busy trying to arrange matters i
satisfactorily, but he has not met
with any howling success.
In New Orleans.
The news from New Orleans are
encouraging and it is hoped I
that the fever will be stamped out. 4
Only two cases were reported for
See the new stock of hats and i
shoes at Mouton & Hopkins'.
We employ the best of watch
makers and you can rest assured
your watches will give you perfect
satisfaction. T. M. Biossat, jew
City Council Proceedings.
LAFAYETTE, LA., Sept. 13, x897. E
-The City Council met this even
ing in special session with the fol
lowing members present: Mayor
Caffery, Councilmen Bru, David- 1
son, Hahn, Hopkins, Landry, Mar- t
tin and Mouton.
The mayor stated the object of
the meeting to be for the purpose
of receiving resolutions adopted by
the Board of Health, which were as
Upon motion of Dr. Trahan,
duly seconded, it was resolved,
that, whereas, it had been officially t
proclaimed that yellow fever is now
prevailing in the city of New Or
leans and whereas it becomes the
duty of the Board of Health of the
town of Lafayette, La., to r.rotect
the health of the citizens by guard
ing and preventing as far as practi
cable within its means the invasion
of said disease, therefore be it re
solved that the Board of Health of
the town of Lafayette, Louisiana,
hereby proclaim quarantine from
this day against New Orleans or
any other place wherever said di- t
sease is known to exist and hereby
further recommend to the City
Council to enforce this quarantine
by law, without delay. .
Upon motion duly seconded it
was resolved that no party or par
ties shall be permitted to stop or
remain within the corporate limits
of this town, unless they be pro
vided with a certificate eminating
from proper authority that they a
have not been in any place where
yellow fever is known to exist for
the last ten days past, and to be in
good health at the time of their ar- t
rival in this place.
Moved by Dr. Martin and C
seconded by Mr. Mouton that the a
resolutions of the Board of Health i
be adopted, and it is further or
dained that strict quarantine be and
is hereby declared against New Or- s
leans, including Algiers and all s
other points infected with yellow s
fever, to take effect immediately.
This resolution to apply to persons C
and goods.
Moved by Mr. Mouton and sec- s
onded by Mr. Davidson, that goods Ii
be stricken.out of this resolution. a
Dr. Martin then moved to amend a
the original resolution so as to add a
thereto the following: "'And s
goods that carry the disease; char- 5
acter of goods to be decided by
the Board of Health." Yes: Bru,
Davidson, Hopkins, Landry, Mar
tin and Mouton. ,Nay: Hahn. I
Moved by Mr. Mouton, seconded '
by Mr. Bru, that all persons who
wish to aid by guard duty in en
forcing the quarantine ordanance to ,
report to the mayor for duty with
out delay.
There being no further business
the Council adjouned.
Cu&S CAtFSRY,. Mayor, r
Adopted by the Police Jury of
Lafayette Parish.
Sheriff Broussard Appointed
Warden and Will Try to Keep
Out Yellow Jack.
'LAFAYETTE, LA., Sept. 14, x897.
-The Police Jury met this day
pursua t6'all by the president
with the followi ng'-2m~urbers present:
R. C. Landry, Ben Aug482..J.o A E.
Primeaux, Alonzo Lacy, C. ,.
Brown and M. Billeaud, Tr. Absent:
Alfred Hebert and Jno. Whitting
ton, Jr.
By motion, duly made and car
ried; the Police Jury resolved itself
into a Board of Health as follows: By
virtue of the powers vested in the
Police Juries of the various parishes
of the State under act 92 of x982,
be it enacted, that the president
and members of the Police Jury of
the parish of Lafayette do hereby
constitute themselves a Board of
Health under the following rules
and regulations and the officers of
the jury are hereby elected to serve
in their respective capacities on the
board of Health to wit: R. C.
Landry, president; R. C. Greig,
z. The coroner and parish phy
sician, Dr. A. R. Trahan, is here
by appointed health officer for the
parish of Lafayette, and is em
powered and instructed to carry into
effect all ordinances, rules and re
gulations, now in force or that may
hereafter be adopted by this Board
of Health.
2. It shall be the duty of the
health officer, to inform himself
thoroughly as to the introduction
of any and all infectious or conta
gious diseases into the parish of
Lafayette; as to the presence and
progress of any such disease or
diseases at all points infected or
where an epidemic of any kind is
reported as prevailing or where in
dividual cases have occurred or
hereafter may occur and he shall
adopt such measures and precau
tions as the rules of the Board of
Health may provide and in case of
of any emergency *be shall act for
the moment as his judgment may
3. In case of the occurrence of
any infectious or contagious disease
or diseases anywhere in the State
the health officer is required to
adopt stringent measures of quar
antine as may be deemed most ef
fectual for preventing the introduc
tion of any such disease from the
affected locality or localities and to
this end, he shall atithe proper time
with the advice and consent of the
president of the Board establish I
quarantine guards to enforce the I
rules and regulations of this ordi
4. It shall be the duty of the t
health officer to carefully investi
gate all sources of danger to the
public health from collections of
filth, or other nuisances and to
adopt prompt and stringent mea
sures for the abatement of the
5. In case of any danger from
the introduction of any infectious
or contagious disease or diseases,
or if any infected clothing or goods t
should threaten the public health in
in any Police Jury ward of this par
ish, then and in such case the
Police Juror representing such ward
it empowered to act promptly for the
suppression of such danger and it 1
shall be his duty to report the facts t
so the Health officer without delay. I
The president was authorized to
confer with the health officer and
to establish if necessary a pest
house for the isolation of any per
son or persons who are afflicted or t
hereafter may become afflicted. with a
any infectious or contagiousdisease. c
The president was empowered to
act in conjunction with the authori
ties of the town of Lafayette in all F
measures necessary to preserve the
public health.'
z. By motion of Mr. Brown, the
following was adopted: Resolved a
thata strict quarantine be and is
hereby established against New Or- a
leans, and all places infected with
yellow fever or that may hereafter
became infected.
a. Resolved that po person or
persons shall, be permitted to enter
within the limits of Lafayette parish
unless said person or persons exhi- C
bit the proper certificate of health
to the satisfaction of the health
officer or a deputy appointed by I
him. Passengers on railroadS, or I
railroad .emipoy * shall be per
imi~tt~ ,t tDhe parish. u
without stopping or disembarking.
Provided however that should the
danger became imminent the health
officer is empowered to prevent the
passage of trains or other vehicles
through the parish
i 3. No goods of any kind shall
be allowed to be imported into the
parish from New Orleans or other
points, without the consent of the
health officer.
4. Sheriff I. A. Broussard is
hereby appointed warden, and is
authorized to execute all measures
for the prevention of the introduction
of yellow fever and he shall in con
unction with the respective mem
bers"f the wards appoint guards to
enforce ih- i-grantine this day
levied. ...
5. Any person or perso1 , vio.
lating the provisions of this oAt
ance shall be liable to -arrest and
ejectment from the parish or shall
be confined in the pest-house and
it shall be the duty of the warden to
require a strict enforcement of this
The following committees of
safety were appointed for the res
pective wards:
1st Ward- P. A. Delhomme, Jos.
Dugas, Will Clark.
2d Ward-W. J. Harson, Eraste
Hebert, Jos. Spell.
3rd Ward-J. D. Mouton, W. B.
Torian, L. Billeaud.
4th Ward-Odillon Blanchet, H.
M. Durke, R: Domingeaux.
5th Ward-Andre Billeaud, J.
G. St. Julien, Ophee Girouard.
6th Ward-H. Durio, F. W.
Courtney, J. P. Francey.
7th Ward-P. R. Landry, J. O.
Broussard, Darmas Broussard.
8th Ward-Louis Whittington,
Antoine Broussard, L. G. Breaux.
The above committees are re
quested to act in conjunction with
the health officer and warden and
afford all information and ad
vice that may conduce to the safety
of the public health and the preven
tion of the introduction of yellow
fever within the limits of the parish.
There being no further business
the Boazd adjourned.
R. C. LANDRY, President.
R. C. GRExo, Secretary.
Anything in the line of dry goods
and notions at Mouton & Hopkins'.
Will do Duty to Protect the Town.
Pursuant to a call issued by
Mayor Caffery an enthusiastic
meeting was held at the court
house Thursday for the purpose of
organizing a more effective quaran
tine. The meeting was called to
order by Mayor Caffery and was
presided over by Hon. Win. Camp
The sense of the meeting was
taken as to whether we should have
a volunteer or paid quarantine, re
sulting in a vote of 40 to 32 in
favor of a volunteer system.
A committee composed of Winm.
Campbell and A. E. Mouton was
appointed to act jointly with the
mayor in the establishment of a
strict and absolute quarantine with
the aid of volunteers.
The committee was authorized to
confer with the Board of Health as
to the advisabilty of shutting out
trains as far as practicable. A
large number of citizens pledged
themselves to serve on the volun
teer force.
Quarantine Dots.
Crowley was the last town to line up.
A special from Natchez, Miss. reports that
that place "has closed herself like an oyster,
and will keep her shell closed till the frosts
of winter come."
"One ham, one piece of pie and one cup
ofr:offee each for twenty-five hungry peo
ple" is what the people of Houston, Tex.,
thought a genteel sufficiency for twenty-five
men, women and children who were de
tained near that city for several hours before
allowed to go th ough.
This town is determined not to remain
dry. "Liquors and a few other articles
may enter Abbeville" is the decree of the
medical authorities of that place.
Atlanta, Ga., has opened its doors wide
to all refugees. Now Chattanooga and
Montgomery have quarantined against that
city. The action of these two cities in saut
ting out Atlanta is regarded as a joke there.
Monroe is quite determined to keep out
King Jaclk. A Mr. Shootwell has bien ap
polinted a guard there.
Pest No. 5, near the refinery, seems to be
Judge McFaddin is an ex-Confederate.
He has been doing duty several nights
along the rail-road track. The judge says
the bursting of the torpedoes along the
s track, the "*who goes there" and "corporal
of the guard, post No. 5" of the quarantine
I guards remind him of the stirring days
along the Rappahannock back in the sixties.
r Twenty-three hoboes were collected at
post No. 5 and sent out of the parish Mon
day night.
All mail from the East is fumigated be
fore distribution at the post-office.
Dr. Guiteras, the government expert, re
ports four cases in Mobile and fears an epi
demic there.
Natchez is probably the best quarantined
city in the whole country.
All persons, except physicians, ministers
and officers, are arrested if caught loitering
-n the streets of Water Valley, Miss., after
I9 p. Ia
Koscuisk Miss., has quarantined against
the human i'e, excepting farmers who
come to town to trade.'- -
"'Love laughs at locksmiths" and quat-3 ..
tine too. A Mr. Collins, wishing to enter
Terry, Miss., to see his fiancee, was refused
admittance. Hearing of this, the young
lady procured a buggy and proceeded to a
neighboring town where they were married
Any carrier putting off goods at Opelou
sas is fined one thousand dollars. A fine of
one hundred dollars is imposed on any one
entering that town without a health certifi
Quarantine will not prevent Moss
& Mouton from supplying the de
mand for lumber at lowest prices
from the large stock they have ba
Watches repaired at Biossat's.
Obtaining Mioney Under False
Mr. Jean Breaux made an affida
vit this week against J. R. Gray,
who has been working in his saloon...
for some time, charging him with
obtaining money under false pre
tenses. A few days ago Mr. Gray
gave Mr. Breaux an envelope to
keep within which he made it ap
pear was the sum of forty dollars.
Gray in the mean time borrowed
some money from Mr. Breaux, say
ing that he did not wish to break
the seal of the envelope contain
ing the money, but that as soon as
he would do so, he would return
him the money. Now, it appears,
the envelope in Mr. Breaux's keep
ing contains but a Confederate bill
and a piece of an old newspaper.
Gray was arrested on the above
charge and lodged in jail. He is
supposed to have been a Confed
erate soldier and to have been once
a tax-collector in one of the nor
thern parishes of the State.
Court Items.
The 17th Judicial District Court,
Judge Debaillon presiding and
District Attorney Gordy represent
ing the State, adjourned Friday,
after having been in session for three
The following cases were dis
posed of:
Monday, Sept. 13. - Sylvestre
McClinton, concealed weapon,
trial by the judge and convicted.
Jacob Thibodaux, carrying con
cealed weapon, trial by a jury and
Jno. Vincent, concealed weapon,
trial by jury and convicted.
Tuesday, Sept. 14.-Sidney Sing
leton, carrying concealed weapon,
trial by jury and convicted.
Sidney and Jno. Singleton, stab
bing with intent to murder, trial by
a jury and convicted.
Wednesday, Sept. 15. - Alcide
Bourque, pleaded guilty to an assault
with a dangerous weapon.
Paul Davis, Adam Bernard and
Casimir Edwards, shooting with in
tent to murder, tried by a jury and
LeMontet, pleaded guilty of an
assault and battery.
Thursday, Sept. 6. - Bernard
Picard, pleaded guilty to the charge
of stealing a ride.
His excellency, Gov. "Fster, tii
many other prominent men of thb~t
State will attend the Great Sdo.tU
Fair and World's Exposition,9a

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