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"-. A . . - ..
I eas . Labe La. Ntea m - Second
SATUDAY, Ss rralsza 25, 1897.
Bill Heads, Ball Pro
grams, Business Cards,
Checks, Dodgers, En
velopes, Letter Heads,
Legal Blanks,Note Heads
Posters, Shipping Tags,
Wedding Cards and all
other printing to
-At- .A.A r , LA..
And they will receive
prompt attention.
Every time the authorities of this
town or parish adopt any ordinance
which incurs the displeasure of the
Southern Pacific Company, some
wiseacre coolly informs the com
munity that the railroad people will
take the round-house away from
here as a retaliatory measure. The
recent quarantine regulations of
this town and parish have necessa
rily caused no little trouble to the
railroad company, and people who
know all, or think they do,
are cculating the worm-eaten
chestns about the round-house..
The Gazette appreciates the fact
that the railroad company has been
of incalculable good to this town.
That is undeniably true. The Ga
zette is, however, pleased to state
that the people of this town are dis
posed to also recognize this fact
and to accord to the company all
that it is entitled to. But those
who believe that this community can
be bluffed by such a ridiculous
threat have evidently formed a very
low estimate of the character of our
The people, through their repre
sentatives, have taken the necessary
precautions to protect themselves
against yellow fever. It was not
only their right, but it was their
duty to do so. The question was
not to show their gratitude to the
railroad corporation. The ques
tion was to do what they deemed
necessary to avoid the epidemic of
a dread disease, and because they
acted as intelligent and sensible
communities the world over would
have acted, they are told that the
railroad company will take away
its round-house and in this way
deal a death-blow to the town.
All this talk is the veriest non
sense. The Southern Pacific Com
pany is neither a philanthropic nor
a sentimental concern. So long as
it subserves its interests, the round
house will remain here. When it
will better suit its business to have
it somewhere else the removal will
take place, regardless of our wishes
in the matter.
In the meantime let us continue to
deal fairly by the company and let
d~ esteemed friends allow the
round-house spook to enjoy a
much-needed rest.
Spectacles at Biossat's jewelry
The recgption of Demas at New
Orleans by a gang of negroes and a
few men with white skins, is not
calculated to please the Lily Whites.
One of M cinley's appointees in
4his4the is C.*W. Kindrick who
will "be consul at Jaurez, Mexico.
Kindrick atst.t be a daisy as be was
oem of the men who Spoke at
theb reception tendered Demas by
the aiggers of New Orleans.
Bouklem's Arnlc Sealve.
The bt- salve in the world for
: Cuts, Brufises, Sores, Ulcers, galt
Rheum, Fever Sores, Tatter, Chap
Si .~,ands, Chilblains, Corns, and
if Skifi EuptiUk and positively
'ha - ? .am :  "orrý;s `"
meetipfg' of the " a tt.s o
owing to quarantine reguilations at
was. thought preferable to hold it
in Alexandria, which place, at is
hoped, members will be able to
reach. Judging from all indications
The Gazette believes it will be im
possible to have a meeting of the
committee any where in the State.
Members of the committee will
have a sweet time in reaching Alex
andria,. or any other point if the
quarantine regulations are not very
much modified. Unless there fis
an early and favorable change, the
constitutional convention will be a
rather tame affair. The election
for delegates is to be held some
time in January and if ) ellow fever
becomes epidemic in New Orleans,
quarantine thoroughout the State
will be so strict that it will interfere
with it.
The statistics of the increase of 4
insanity in the United States have j
been given many times, and there
has been a disposition to attribute
it to the high rate at which we live;
but European statistics tell the
same story, and insanity seems to
be getting a better footing not only
here but in all civilized lands.
The English statistics are not
quite as complete as ours, but they
shed some light on the subject. I
They show that in x859 the propor
tion of insane to the population was
18.67 per so,ooo (or one in every
535), while in 1896 it was 31-38 1
per Io,ooo (I in every 319). The
increase has been even greater in
some sections. London chronicles
an increase of 28 per cent in the
four years 1892-96; Nottingham of I
5o per cent in ten years, and that,
too, in spite of a decrease in popu
lation during that period-1886-95. ,
Life may be quieter in England
than in the United States, but it is
sufficiently exciting there to help
swell the number of the insane.
Nor is this increase confined to the
urban districts, for the rural sec
tions of Dorsetshire show an in
crease in the number of insane of
s$ per cent between 1873 and 1893.
The world is growing madder every
year. The excitement and pressure
of civilization are too much for the
Iberville South.
Demas, the sable senator from St.
John, has received his commission,
qualified and taken possession of
the Naval Office. On his return
from Washington he was received
by a motley crowd of negroes and
whites and congratulations were
offered the conquering hero, who
has been placed by the president of
these great United States at the
head of the Louisiana Republican
Demas made one of h:s charac
teristic speeches and touched slight
ly on the conduct of what he called
"those treacherous sugar teats" who
had tried to stab their noble leaders
in the back. He denied the tight
of these men, who he said had be
trayed their party fora mess of pot
tage in the hope of getting nearer
the pie counter, to put themselves
up as judges of his political worth,
and classified them as strictly Repub
licans for revenue only. He bit his
white party associates-the Jlordly I
we-are-better-than thou sugar
teats-"a comin' and a gwin"' and
told his admirers that the powers
at Washington now know who were
"the people" in this neck of the
The charcoal statesman also an-;
timated that the planters would
soon discover wbo was boss and
would be forced to bow their
haughty heads, if they desired to
cling to the g. o.p.
While even the most itony. i
heartai feel for the "respectables"
.in their great hurmillatiot and dis
tress, they have brought the shame
and sorrow on themselves, but if·t
-aay, keep thligth they must bow i
S , lack at.. And! I
--. tae.ad-loysla - bli
L~-an~~greet Rcth'iln C-~7: '
ý` The uanorgf1 e hes tille.
with leW forehn
ers, t i' i:-.tea..sd perhalps the
most of theta an andesi all class,
but they were, neverthe less, human
btelgss.whose lifte end ~liberty are
vouchsafedcby the law of the coun
try. Besides the question eof their
lationality, it is safe to say, had
no anfluence on the sheriff and his
mob, who no doubt, went prepared
to put an. end to the strike by the
free use of winchesters, had the
same crowd of men been native
born American citizens, the only
thing that might have deterred the
villains from an application of the
same remedy would have been the
fear of having their own. carcasses
filled with lead in return.
Take the butchery from any
point of view, tempes it as we
might, with every circumstance
which might lend excuse or even
palliation-and it stands out as the
most attrocious crime ever perpe
trated, and worst of all committed
in the name oflaw.
Can a people with human in
stincts, much less a people brought
up from the cradle of human rights
and liberty, read the accounts.of the
cowardly butchery of a lot of half
clad, starving, unarmed and de
fenseless beings, without standing
appalled at-the hideousness of the
deed ? Such a butchery leaves no
room for discussion; for whether it
was the results of callous inhuman
ity, or that cowardice which the
sultan ffers as an apology for the
massacre of the Armenians; it is
equally disgraceful to a country
whose administration of law is cal
culated to be firm, humane and
In no European country-Tur
key or Russia, possibly excepted
would troops fire into a crowd of
men running for their lives, who
had committed no greater crime
than marching on the public roads.
In any country of Western Europe
such a massacre would stir such a
wave of indignation as to make it
unsafe for those whose hands were
blood-stained to roam at large.
Let us hope this, the first sample
of injunction by winchesters, will
be the means of furnishing the
death-blow to "Government by in
i junction."
Electric Bitters.
Electric Bitters is a medicine
suited for any season but perhaps
more generally needed when the
languid, exhausted feeling prevails,
when the liver is torpid and sluggish
and the need of a tonic and altera
tive is felt. A prompt use of this
medicine has often averted long and
perhaps fatal bilious fevers. No
medicine will act mote surely in
counteracting and freeing the system
from the malarial poison. Head
ache, Indigestion, Constipation,
Dizziness yield to Electric Bitters.
5oc. and $1.oo per bottle at Wm.
Clegg's Drug Store.
The Times-Democrat is being
condemned in some quarters for
publishing the facts of the yellow
I fever cases in New Orleans. In
I giving the facts to the world the
T -D. is not only doing its duty to
the people of the entire State, but
is also doing more for the city of
New Orleans than could be done by
t pursuing a different course. The
people in the country as a rule are
disinclined to believe the statements
of the New Orleans papers relative
to this matter, but the honest and
straightforward course of the T.-D.
in publishing the news without
varnish is securing the confidence
of the people and the paper is help
ing its own city in doing so. Of
course the few selfish and narrow
Iminded business men of the Cres
cent City object to the facts being
given to the world, but the reason
able and sensible ones surely see
the correctness of the postion
taken by this great morning daily.
The paper cannot lose anything by
continuing such a course. - Iber
ville South.
Stands at the Head.
Aug. J. Bogel, the leading drug
gist of Shreveport, La., says: ",Dr.
King's New Discovery is the only
thing that cures my cough, and it
is the best seller I have." J. F.
Campbell, merchant of Saford,
Aria., writes: "Dr. King's iew
_iscovery is all that is claimed for
it; it never fails, and is a sure care
for Consiumption, Coughs and Colds.
I cannot say enough for its mnerits."
Dr. KinR's New Discovery for Cost
Ssumption, VCoughiind: Colds is nadt
an .xpthnent.. It has been tried
I Glrqqua ir acentury,, andt-to
for ii!b ol mold: y'!iet Courtier
des Eta is-'nji " ..
Everything from a game of marbles
to.a game,of. base ball at Great
Scott Fair and World's exposition
at -Scott, La. Oct. g9 and so. 8-3t
Oirtir a. Moeuton, " " *
Lafayette. Louisiana.
Trespmasing on my premises is prohibited.
Private S;hool :
I will open a private school September 1,
with accommodation and appurtenances nec
essary for thorough and systematic instruction
in English branches. Tuition reasonable.
Special terms on applicatign. See card.
R. C. Gauno.
Mouton Bros. " "
Dealers in......
General Merchandise.
Lincoln Avenue, - Lafayette, La.
and Missouri
Will- be offered
for Sale by.4m
SIDNEY J. VEAZEY. within the
next few Days.
of newspaper excellence;
brinful~ o Interesting read
lag matter; foremost in
influence, standing, popu
larity, circulation and ad
vertisdlg value.
law O.LEAIM. L.A.
GAILtY perfect eneyclsaedia of
cutrrent infornsual The
sn pamln =_ Lpert hrsm fall As
sUDIY. sct-e a ited ress
11 I. gPbse service. Yia't
afraid to be without it. It
a Year. is ecesary to y. -
An enlart ed edition.All
the pecitl features o the
s AT. _dm. aily. augmensted lchoic
Sea Sa Year Hamontbuos New.
ktWhy Do Youpef
to other cities to have your
can have the same work
rdon e at The Gazette etc.
just as well and for thed
samed rmoney. WThe have ao
nice - tock of paper always
roron hand and od ara ort notice
we wil lt furnish yoteu withe
ss avo psports ucda sUfeen
any kind to other cities to have your
Printing done when youneed
done 3t The Gazette Oftcee
just as well ainess.d for the
same moneys are havie a
nie astock of paper always
on hand d at o ay ort notice
we will furnish youa with
. .. . ... .
+ý. %1' . ,° .-_ : - :ý ,  -- t :`' __ :.f^· l r: '° :, :
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Southern Pacific
OoE "Sunset Route"
With Buffet Sleepers m'A STI
Only Standerd Quage Line
Running Through Sleepers to City of Mexico.
Night and Moruing Comacctiom at
New Orleans with Lines to
S. I . e o. was, l., ,,ll.d  ,
Gcn'l Pass. & Ticket Agent, ,G. . & T. A.
New Orleans, L. Houton, Texars.
I M frv tj. " - m.....
,-I Žk..W-uh tu,

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