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--At 6we BSomae Fowaunmte Whieh
He Found ,iholent
i Keeepingl the Disease Away
Durlng Trying Timnes.
. o. Plicayse, Saps. sa.
Dr. C. H. Tebault, the veteran physician,
lh.o has had constant and extensive practice
i- yellow fever visitations since the war,
iid ho was-.health officer of this city dur
tag ep·dleamic -of 1867, believes that a
eas deal depends on cleanliness of iocali
ts, as well as of persons, to prevent
the spread of that contagious disease.
br. Tebault has great faith In preventives.
Meeting him last evening, a representative
of the Picayune asked:
sIs there any possible way of administer
ing something which might shield a person
liable to yellow tever from contracting it
when exposed to its infection?"
Dr. Tebault replied:
" In 3866-67 1 was health officer of this
city and had just returned from the confed
erate army. I was unacclimated, like all
these who returned. The epidemic of z867
was the moat general epidemic this city has
ever had and it was the mildest, because
of the reaeclimation of its returning citizens.
Being in the midst of it as health officer,
and in connection with my own practice, I
toncluded to test the possibility of hvoiding
taking it and put myself under treatment
while actively engaged in my work. I es
eaped, not only that year, but several years
afterwards under that treatment, and only
finally had the disease after I had stopped
the treatment for the purpose of reacclimat
ing myself by braving it. Since then, dur
ing the various epidemics we have had of
this fever, I have repeatedly given it with
stCcess to patients who are unacclimated.
In s878 the favorable experience repeated
itself. One prominent family, living in the
tmidst of where yellow fever prevailed, left
the city when the first case was announced.
After reaching the northern part of Georgia
one child. was taken seriously ill and this
brought the family to Atlanta for more care
ful treatment. The physician in Atlanta
advised the gentleman, in the interest of
this child, to come further south. The
father accordingly telegraphed me and said
he was willing to run great risks in coming
to New Orleans; that he had heard me
speak of this preventive treatment and if I
would put his family on it, he would be
willing to take the risk and return to New
Orleans. I advised against thts course, as
he was out of the city, but, as he begged me
to undertake it for him, 1 wrote him direct
ing him what to do, and told him when he
had taken that treatment for one week for
himself and family to telegraph me. At the
end of the week, he telegraphed he had fol
lowed my directions and awaited what I had
to say. I teleprahed him to come. IHis
family consisted of himself and wife, three
children, and two white servants. All unac
climated. i;s home was at the corner of
aronne and Euterpe streets, a raised cot
tage and was surrounded by a nest of yellow
fever cases. The entire familfescaped the
.'At present, in view of the scare which
obtains, I advise my patients who are ap
pirehensive to take the same treatment, and
masny are doing so. It is a simple remedy,
an excellent tonic, even if one were in
health, and therefore can do no possible
Tblhollowing is the prescription:
Quinine Sulph., gr. C.
Linchonydiae Sulph., gr. C.
Puiv. Iactopeptine, gr. L.
Ft. Capsitles No. C.
S. One three times a day, one hour be
fore or one hour after meals.
The above is for adults or children able
to swallow a capsule. For children of 5
rcars and under I give the following:
Tincturae Xanthoxyli, 1-2 drachm.
Glycerine, 1-2 drachm.
Batley's Liquor Cinchoniae. 7 drachms.
For a nursing baby 1-2 a drop to : drop
three times a day, and to older children
from two to three drops three times a day.
Half a drop can be produced by dropping a
a drop into a spoon and dropping that drop
into another spoon.
The simplest way to administer it is to put
it pure on the tongue, and the baby can
nurse immediately after it, or the older
child can take a drink of water. Adults
who cannot take capsules or pills can take
six drops of this liquid three times a day in
a little water.
,-This seems very simple, but the simple
things sometimes do a great deal for us, and
as nothing is suggested by anyone better
than this, I give it as the result of my own
experience for the benefit of those who
chose to try it.
"I would recommend all infected places,
or supposed to be infected, or under sur
veillance, to adopt this treatment at once
and give it a thorough test. This treat
ment i s distinctly recommended not to the
sick but to those who are perfectly well,
and before any symptoms are presented.
As yellow fever commences with a distinct
chill, this treatment would prevent that chill
if taken an time, and, of course the following
fever. If sickness of this description oc
curs in the Mississippi valley, let this treat
ment be followed at the very outset of a
threatened invasion of yellow fever, and if
nay experience is not amiss, I think this will
be found a very valuable suggestion. It will
certainly give hope to one who cannot leave.
and who has a terror for the malady. It
will also give courage to those who have to
return to infected localities. Before enter
ing an infected locality, the treatment
should be taken for at least a week before,
and it should be taken faithfully, without
any intermission, in the infected locality,
unatil all danger has passed, and for a short
time afterward. This prescription ought to
he put up by druggists who should com
pound it faithfully anrd not change it in or
d4r-to cheapen it, because if only one-half
the quantity or one-fourth the quantity is
Jven in a capsule, it is not the suggested
Dr. Tebault then said that he had not yet
seen a full explanation of the suspicious
cases in this city.
He describes the symptoms and stages of
yellow fever as follows.
-"Yellow fever is an infections, acute and
e* ttlve fever. The eraption is so faint in
some-cases that it .is overlooked before the
laytcian sees the case, but if seen early and
a close inspection is made an eruption will
he found on the skin and on the mucous
Ieiembrane of the mouth and fauces. The
emuption indicates that there is something of
as irritaont character. nI therbloll, sad is
doubitless the cause of the changes found in
the internea viscera, especialy the stomach
- .-:-... cai- ., mucous . o t1
lis amisturasef the macous of the sto
associated with blood and the gastric juice.
This irritant substance circulating in the
blood damages the kidney and is the cause
of the albumen found in the urine atsocated
with this disease. Yellow fever has three
stages, the first febrile, is ushered in sud
denly with a chilly senation, and often a
distlanct rigor. Fever rises rapidly; there is
asbre or less headache and other pains, and
more or less irritability of the stomach, with
nausea. The first stage lasts from twenty
four hours to three days. This is followed
by a remission, or second stage, where the
fever subsides, pains disappear, and the
patient either rapidly convalesces or merges
into the third stage, known as the stage of
collapse. In this stage the fever becomes
very much higher; the gastric
isritability increases into great
nausea and repeated vomitgs.
Albumen is found in the urine, and frequent
ly blood oozes from all the mucous surfaces
and is passed by the bowels. Black vomit
is associated with this stage, the patient dy
ing from exhaustion or gradually recovers
by slow stages.
"In the first stage, the peculiar odor of
yellow fever Is found about the second day,
and the eyes and capillary circulation are
congested. - All of these are intensified in
the third stage.
"I believe that where a continued fever
of three days' duration, completely remit
ting about the third day,-is associated with
black vomit and albumen in the urine, and
jaundiced appearance about the mucous
membrane of the eye, and a slight ;aundiced
appearance about the surface of the body,
associated with pains in the head and back,
and other portions of the body, and more or
less gastric irritability, it matters not if this
be an isolated case or in the midst of many,
I would consider it yellow fever.
"The shades which separate the symp
toms of the yellow and remittent types of
fever are sometimes so slight that the bil
iouns remittent has frequently been consid
ered and classified as true yellow fever, but
this apparent similarity vanishes on close
and continuous inspection, for the essential
and distinctive marks are observed which
stamp each with individuality.
"The differences may thus be summa
First-Is essentially infections and found
in cities.
Second-Chiefly vigorous and young con
stitutions fall victims to it. Colored popu
lation less liable than white.
Third-Temperature in bad cases very
Fourth-Usually attacks at night.
Fifth - Severe nausea and vomiting
throughout. Epigastric tenderness early
and decided; black vomit; headache-occi
Sixth-Hemorrhage from gunms and va
riout parts of the body.
Seventh-Tongue clean, or but slightly
coated; pulse variable, becoming slow in
last stages.
Eighth-Eye highly injected and humid;
expression often fierce or anxious.
Ninth-Pain in back, very severe; also
pains in calves and over eyes.
Tenth-Delirium rare; mind generally
clear and cheerful.
Eleventh-Urine generally albuminous,
suppression common.
Twelvelh - muscular prostration slight;
convalescence rapid; no sequelae.
Thisteenth-Liver affected and slightly
Fourteenth-Spleen not affected.
Fifteenth-one attack affords an almost
certain immunity.
Sixtrenth-Morality very high.
Seventeenth-Peculiar smell often per
Eighteenth-Never merges into intermit
Nineteenth-Autopsies show great con
gestion, imflammation, ulceration and soft
ening of stomach; liver enlarged, fatty,
yellowish in color, its secreting cells filled
with oil globules; heart often exhibits disin
tegration of the muscular fibers.
First-It is not infectious and found usu
ally in the country.
Second-All ages and constitutions liable,
and the weakest more so. Colored popula
tion liable.
Third-Temperature not extraordinarily
Fourth-Usually attacks in daytime.
Fifth-Nausea and vomiting moderate.
Epigastric tenderness slight. Headache
Sixth- No hemorrhagic tendency.
Seventh-Tongue heavily coated; pulse
varies little, remaining quick until oon
valescence sets is,
Eighth-Eye and physiognomy not pecu
Ninth-Pain slight or absent, headache
Tenth-Delirium frequent; mind always
Eleventh-Albuminous urine rare; sup
pression also rare.
Twelveth-Much muscular Frostration;
convalescence slow; sequelae various and
Thirteenth-Liver not affected.
Fourteenth-Spleen invariably affected.
Fifteenth-One attack seems rather to
predispose to others.
Sixteenth-Morality slight.
Seventeenth-No peculiar smell observed.
Eighteenth-Often merges in intermittent.
Nineteenth-Autopsies show congestion
of stomach, but rarely inflammation; liver
of an olive or bronze hue; not fatty; spleen
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ady of the American nation., amd
statistics show that nerve deaths
number one-fourth of all deaths
recorded, the mortality being sain
ly among young people.
Is the grmnd specific for this great
American disease. because it goes
straight to the source of the weak
ness, building up health and
strenth by supplying rich, abund
ant too an pure blood to the
wora-out tissues, rousing the liver
to activity and reqguatig all the
organs of the body.
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