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U1I Not Take Place - The Train
Stopped at Rayne
My Armed Men-Other Towns
Wired the Train Cpuld Not
'"Thus far shalt thou go, but no
fairther" said-the people of Rayne
-a the doctors of medicine, punc
`atinag their stern command with a
thrat to shoot and kill.
.The train carrying the delegates
from.the various towns along the
Soithern Pacific road passed
through Lafayette Wednesday on
its way to Lake Charles.
Aboard this train were: Dr. S.
R. Olliphant, president of the
State Board of Health; Dr. Carter,
of the United States Marine; Dr.
Guteras, the celebrated yellow
fever expert; Dr. Alfred Duperier,
of New Iberia; Drs. Smith, Tarlton
and Frere, of Franklin; Mayor
Labbe, of St. Martinville; Mr.
Weeks of the Iberian; Ex-Sheriff
- l ere, of St. Mary; Beverly Miles,
of New Iberia; Superintendant
Owens, of Algiers, and others
whose names The Gazette does not
know. It was purposed to run the
train as far west as Lake Charles,
take in delegates along that route,
returning to Lafayette the same
evening. At this point delegates
from this town and parish were to
join the party, after which the
train would have coptinued to
Alexandria, thence to Shreveport
where it was intended to hold a
conference with a view of proposing
or devising a uniform plan of quar
antine. Preparations had been
made by the promoters of the
movement and by the Southern
Pacific Company to. carry out the
project, but the best laid plans of
the wisest men are liable to be
brought to an abrur.t termination
by the edicts of King Quarantine.
When the train reached the cor
porate limits of the unpretentious
village of Rayne a body of deter
mined-looking men armed with
shotguns and rifles, signaled the en
gineer to stop. Then the men de
clared that the City Council of
Rayne had decreed that no train
should be allowed to pass through
the town. It was proposed to go
through at any rate of speed, but
the men said no and threatened to
tear the track if the train moved
Rayneward. Finding that there
was no use to persist, the medical
men as well as the crew decided to
return whence they had come. Be
fore leaving an unsophisticated fel
low, who failed to properly under
stand the temper of the people,
boarded the train to deliver a tele
gram to one of the physicians. He
was informed that he was wanted in
Rayne no more and would have to
go elsewhere. The only thing the
foolhardy messenger could do was
to remain on the train and enjoy
the hospitality of the- gentlemen
inside the Pullman.
The train returned to Lafayette
at 6 o'clock in the evening, stop
ping here long enough to take coal
and water for the engine. The
party did not .go any farther but
concluded to go back home as a
telegram fiom Opelousas stated
positively that no train would be
permitted to pass through the town.
Similar messages had been received
from> Crowley and Lake Charles.
-.U.r the circumstances it was
- led -that it would be pure
Sto attempt to continue the
Wlp. Dr. Duperier stated to a
ieitizen of this town that they had
bee~i very much disappointed, but
they would again try to carry out
-'-thelr project.
- .Ooitrord the train was the well
yellow fever specialist, Dr.
who was trying to make
Sway to Texas where his services
are lin demand.
- 6'.he train was in charge of Con
di:t, Lasted and Engineer Greg
To REun-Meetings Held at the
Crescent Hoel Adopted.
Asking a Change in the Quar
antine Regulations.
Sunday night a number of people
met at the Crescent Hotel for the
purpose of discussing the question
of quarantine. The assemblage
was composed principally of em
ployes of the Southern Pacific rein
forced by citizens from the parish.
Carencro was well represented as
several prominent citizens from
that place were present. Many
residents of Lafayette were among
the audience, but it is safe to say
that few of them were in sympathy
with the purpose of the meeting.
Several railroad men who live in
Houston, but who have been de
tained here by the quarantine, were
in atttendance.
The meeting was called to order
by F. H. Gregory, the well-known
locomotive engineer, who stated that
they had been called together to
take steps toward the modification
of the present quarantine regula
tions so as to enable the running of
trains under certain restrictions.
Judge Alphonse Guilbeau, of
Carencro, was elected permanent
chairman, and C. F. Latiolais, of
Carencro, and H. A. Vandercruys
sen, of Lafayette, were made secre
The following gentlemen were
nominated and elected vice-presi
dents of the meeting: Dr. F. W.
Courtney and L. G. Stelly of Car
encro, John Hahn, J. B. Coffey and
F. H. Gregory of Lafayette.
Before the transaction of any
business, Judge Guilbeau made a
few appropriate remarks, stating
that the object of the meeting was
to have railway traffic resumed so
as to enable planters to move their
Being called upon the following
gentlemen made short speeches:
D. A. Dimitry, J. R. Domengeaux,
Drs. G. A. Martin and F. W.
When the time came to appoint
the committee on resolutions, the
meeting encountered some difficul
ty. Several gentlemen were re
quested to serve on this committee
but not being in sympathy with the
movement asked that their names
be stricken off.
The following committee was
finally appointed: Drs. W. W.
Lessley and F. W. Courtney, Wm.
Clegg, J. M. Jones, J. R. Domen
geau, and H. E. Toll.
A recess was taken to allow
time to the committee to draft res
The committee then retired and
after a short meeting brought in its
report which is as follows:
To the CAairman and Gentlemen:
We, your committee appointed to
express the sentiment of this meet
ing, beg to report as follows:
Recognizing the gravity of the
situation and the responsibility
resting upon the authorities in the
emergency that seems crowding
upon us, the impending danger of
the invasion of a fearful pestilence,
would suggest that all effective
measures be taken to protect the
lives of those we hold dear, and at
the same time mitigate as much as
possible the deprivations attending
an absolute quarantine; therefore,
we would insist upon the adoption
of a system of quarantine and re
quirements from the railroad au
thorities, that would at the same
time give us abslute security, and
allow the people to. dispose of, and
move their products. Also, allow
the necessities of life to be brought
into the community, excluding any
article, about which there now ex
its areasonible doubt as to carrying
sug~Vhtt~-is meet
measures for carrying out the rec
The resolutions were read and
unanimously adopted.
On motion of C. F. Latiolais it
was resolved that in the event of.the
failure of the committee to secure a
conference with the parish and
town authorities, that said authori
ties be invited to attend the meet
ing at the Crescent Hotel the fol
lowing day, Sept. 27.
An adjournment was then taken.
At 8 o'clock Judge Guilbeau
called the meeting to order.
Mr. Wm. Clegg, chairman of the
committee apppointed to present the
resolutions to the constituted au
thorities, made his report. He
stated that the Board of Health had
postponed action until the result -of
the conference of physicians is
known. As to the Police Jury, that
body had held no meeting.
A motion was made and carried
to tender the thanks of the meeting
to the committee.
Win. Kelly moved that the ex
istence of the committee be ex
tended twenty-four hours. This
motion was carried.
F. C. Triay stated that he had
presented a petition to the Board
of Health asking for a modification
of the restrictions on the trains.
He said the petition was signed by
r66 persons.
On motion of Mr. Latiolais a
committee composed of L. C.
Stelly, J. M. Jones, O. P. Guilbeau,
was appointed to wait upon Health
Officer Trahan and have that gen
tleman appear before the meeting.
The committee left the hall and a
few minutes later -returned with Dr.
Dr. Trahan was questioned and
cross-questioned on matters of
quarantine. He answered all
queries satisfactorily and enlight
ened the meeeting on all matters
pertaining to the quarantine es
tablished by the parish authorities.
Secretary Latiolais wanted to
know why it was that no freight was
admitted into this town but that the
pay-car was permitted to come in
and pay off the company's em
ployes in currency. Dr. Trahan
replied that the municipal authori
ties were the proper ones to furnish
this information as they had allowed
the pay-car to come.
At this juncture the secretary
read, at the request of Col. C. C.
Brown, a long protest fron a labor
organization of New Orleans.
Mr. Brown was called upon to
express his views. He said that he
believed the agreement entered into
with Mr. Owens was safe and prac
ticable and afforded ample protec
tion to the people of this parish.
Judge Coffey got the floor and
urged upon the railroad men the
necessity attending the meeting
which would be held the following
Upon motion of Mr. Stelly the
meeting adjourned.
Judge Guilbeau opened the meet
ing. The crowd in attendapce was
much smaller than the night before.
J. M. Jones, member of the com
mittee to wait upon the town and
parish authorities, stated that they
had failed to obtain an audience
with the Police Jury as that body
had failed to meet, and as the
Board of Health had not acted
upon the petition, there was
nothing of impoF e to regort to
the meeting.
Some one in the audience moved
to adjourn and the proceedings
were brought to an end.
Before adjourning Chairman
Guilbeau thanked the meeting for
the honor that had been conferred
elaectlrnjIhim President 1
Of the Board--No Fever at Roy.
ville-Absolute Quarantine
Against the East.
The Board of Health held an im
portant meeting Thursday night.
The following members were pres
ent: Drs. J. D. Trahan, T. B.
Hopkins, G. A. Martip, P. M. Gi
rard and Mr. J. J. Davidson. In
the absence of the president, Dr.
Trahan was elected president pro
Dr. Roy Young made a clear
statement to the board concerning
the rumor about the existence of
suspicious cases of fever at Roy
vile. Dr. Young stated positively
that there was nothing at Royville
or vicinity that bore the remotest
resemblance to Yellow Jack and
facetiously remarked that the coun
try was distressingly healthy. Dr.
Young added, however, that he and
the other Royville physicians court
ed an investigation and would be
pleased, to assist the Board of
Health in establishing the absolute
falsity of the rumor which was
causing some injury to Royville and
no little vexation to the people of
that town. The board appreciating
the generous offer of Dr. Young,
appointed Drs. Trahan and Hop
kins as a commission of experts to
visit Royville and report the result
of their investigation to the board
with a view of quelling the excite
ment produced by the circulation
of this rumor.
Mr. Ed G. Voorhies addressed
the board in very respectful lan
guage. He said that in asking the
board to establish absolute quaran
tine against Iberia, St. Martin aud
Vermilion parishes he expressed the
wish of a large number of citizens
of this town.
At the conclusion of Mr. Voor
hies' remarks the board considered
the proposition of declaring abso
lute quarantine against the parishes
mentioned. Upon motion it was
decided to recommend to the Coun
cil the adoption of quarantine regu
lations permitting no intercourse
with St. Martin, Iberia, and Ver
milion parishes and all other par
ishes or towns receiving goods from
New Orleans.
Hon. Wm. Campbell made a
short talk pledging to to board his
best efforts to organize and main
tain a volunter force.
Mayor Caffery stated to the board
that Mayor Daboval of Rayne
wished to know if the Lafayette
board would be willing to meet the
Acadia board in conference for the
purpose of considering the advisabi
lity' of running a local train from
Lake Charles to this point. Mr.
Caffery informed the board that a
train was now running from Lake
Charles to Acadia and it was sug
gested to extend the run to Lafa
yette. Mr. Caffery was authorized
to communicate with Mayor Dabo
val and inform him that the con
ference would be agreable to the
Lafayette board.
The Board then adjourned.
The City Council met immediate
ly after and adopted the recommen
dations of the Board of Health.
Graded School at Broussard.
The citizens of Broussard and
vicinity met last Saturday and took
the initiatory steps toward the estab
lishment of a graded school.
Among the gentlemen present were:
Prof. R. J. Morrow, School Direc
tor Aurelien Olivier, R. U. Ber
nard, M. Bileaud, Sr., Ed St.
aJulien, Adolph Gerouard, Messrs.
Montet and Bryan and several other
leading citizens of that community.
The School Board will be asked
to make an additional appropria
Lion and should this not be sufi
clent, the citizens will make up the
difference by private subscriptions.
It is the purpose to employ a com
petent teacher to take charge of the
school with Prof.. Morrow, the
present teacher of the Broussard
For a Modified Quarantirne.
The following petition was pre
sented to the Board of Health of
this town at' its meeting Tuesday
. tah Hesn. 1avor and Toas. CommS am
Board of fedIt and Pelce sJary f
tle Paiirs a1nd Tosem of Lafayette:
We, the undersigned railroad men and
citizens in mass meeting assembled, do here
by petition the Hon. Mayor, Town Council
Board of Health and Police Jury to modify
the quarantine restrictions as they wese pre
vious to Wednesday, the sand, z897. Hop
lna that you will take favorable action a
an early hour. -
John B. CoEey W B LIndsay Jr
J F Bowen R Guidry
F H Landry BA Stulting
4 Roger J A Burkholder
C H Lusted ET McBride
P'J Tierney E Moiseet
F C Trisy C Olivier
H Jagee J Poinboenf
Jas Hanoen J Bochart
Wa Kelly J E Peferkorn
F H Gregory Jasper Vasbuig
G Mitchell J GCruse
W H Parrott C Lusted
N B Atkinson W A Clark
Alcee Mouton P Mouton
R A Bailey Felixs Aucoin
R L Cochrane Jr J B Coumes
R J Tanner B Donlan
F Dans Sherfy Ed Brown
W C Trisy T M. Eves
WD Muff UA Hebert
Thos For T D Coleman
J F Guidry E Right
Onezime J Mouton R B Tanner
Iy Gankendora J A Garvey
E Peferkorn J F Kelly
J D Cotter J Bouchard
L Pellerin W S Dorman
E Bruce Pickett He bert Mouton
P T Corrigan Joe Lisbony
L Chopin " Victor Chopin
A T Gentil Joseph Roger
DJ Smith L Basin
F Garnett A B Heard
A A Mouton Ed Chase
A Singleton J Martenson
J E Rusillon W Porkin
A Coumes J W Johnson -.
W Leas P McGrath
RH Jackson A R Lisbony
W H Kimmer Robert Salsman
Ed Span John Bagnal
3-ean Brun Victor Lgvy
0 Delhomme J A Delhomme
F Dersanade Lee P Walker
L A Veazey Edward Hebert
D A Cochrane A Siadous
Arthur Couret Otto Wischam
B H Wilkens A J Sprole
SB Raney L Prudhomme -
E M Tanner Felil Fourcade
Alf Chargols H Senac
F Lombard S Clements
Leon Plonsky A Hebert
W.m Otto R L McBride
Emile Romero Felix Gerac
D V Gardebled Joseph C Breaux
L Levy Ed Broussard
Albert Delahoussaye F Otto
C J Sanders Frank H Clark
Robt Richard H L Fontenot
I Haggarty A O Patureau
Louis Lacoste J F Emery
J E Weigel Jr T Rogers
J T Allingham P Basin
JB Hart Jno I Bell
J F Mouton L S Broussard
SBroussard W A Phillips
L F Rigues Paul Demanade
A B Denbo A P Bandier
Vavssseur Mouton F H Mouton
N P Moss John J Grauer
B A Salles L L Judice
E McDaniel J 0 Mouton
E VanVrsaken H G Keunecky
Joe McGraw Phil Crouches
R Voorhies Sidney J Veazey
H D Delahoussaye W Hines
Placide Breaus John Bunt
Louis Hebert L Serret
J Vigneaus A G Ledoux
0 Baron E Bodenheimer
A Dl Martin A Degres
Ulysse Bra Pierre.Domecq
Henry Essewine.
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First. It is a self-evident proposi
tion that yellow fever- can not be
conveyed fron one moo-infected
point to anothe soxs-Infected point.
Second. It is a matter of daily oc
ular demonstration that certain
classes of merchandise do not carry
the germ of yellow fever, or any
other contagious or infectious -di
sease whendisinfected in accordance
with well estabhshed sanitary rules.
Merchandise of this class from
countries where there is infection
twelve months in the year, are con
tinually being landed at our sea
ports and allowed to be distributed
among the American .people for
daily consumption, without any bad .
results, after undergoing the pre
scribed quarantine regulations.
Third. It is equally true, and of
daily public record, that passengers
can not and do set propagate an in
fectious disease after submitting to
detention -and disinfection.
The Ie ong are scientific facts
in actual daily demonstration, that
can not .be eantroverted by any
amount of ment l ,_ sentiment or
shot-gun argument.~
The practical adaptability of any
one or two, or alt three, of the
propositions just stated, to our
present and greatly disadvantageous
situation, will not be denied by an
unbiased mind, and an intelligent
adaptation of our needs to the fun
damental principles underlying
these propositions would relieve to
a very appreciable extent the de
,cidedly inconvenient position in
which we are now placed.
The moving of the cane and cot
ton crops, the marketing of country
produce and the receiving of food
supplies and other necessaries, is of
secondary consideration only if :it
can not be accomplished without
the risk of introducing yellow fever
in our midst. That this can .be
done in the manner already stated
will be gainsaid only by those who
are want to usurp the right of set
tling questions of this great magni
tude by a simple twist of the mind.
it has not been left to the people of
southwest Louisiana to decide the
merit of the principles here in
volved, but the conclusion has been
arrived at as the result of ages of
scientific research, a conclusion
long since accepted by the world.
It is the province of any people
to exercise their privelege of taking
exception to a great truth
acknowledged by entire nations
and, in a country where it has been
thought wisest for the majority to
rule, the minority -has no altsrna
tive but to submit.
I have not purposed by my -re
marks to impugn the conscientious
ness of any man in adhering to his
individual opinion, but simply
wished to make known my reasons
for sympathizing with the move
ment for a modified quarantine.
N. P. Moss.
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Daily reports from O
have not been e
during the past Th
bulletin from Dr. O hant to 3tis.
Trahan is as follows: 'Repost
*4 eaUrs ending 9 p. m. (Sept.
W4 cases. $ deaths. Total cas

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