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Only best and latest, tihe neatest and prettiest suits
Kare made by Fred Kaufman.Store
Anti if n t, c d :-.NN KIND O1 JE WEL'RY, or have a CLOCK or
K raus ' St re, vhere good, i e fincCrtt-class and
A re, the prices want yourthin the rade. Weof all
,For 21...-will sewll you el to call at
PLOWSpring :
Su.\very ( iatn) oiy have yo .r measure75
Avery (Imitatiton) A.. (). 2. i5
\vertaken. Aimitation) assorted lie of sam-2.50
lalpwin'es to selet fro ..o
Only best and latest, the neatest and prettiest suits
are made by Fred Kaufman.
LEVY BROS., Local Agents.
L.,ne, .%tar N,). 2,). . 3.50
L .S ' We want your trade. 37
ýý.will sell1 you .
Avsery (tImitatiotn) A. 1 ). 2. 15
\ver~y (Iditati101) P,. () 2.50
Balidwin', C(O 4.00
i.. tec Star Nn.2 3.50
I.' toe "tar No 13.7
l.,,ne Star N,,. 22 - 4-75
S"P:i re'ss Corn an ti o 'tt.,,, I '... r o.. o
WVt Iave a big stork ,t a:! farmtning and builders' hardware, also
barbed wite arid nail.
.. LH Vordenbaumen.
'!`) visit our store just now. The
't), ois that we niow have must go,
tO i make 'mu)il for our
Spring and Summer Stock.
IlatIll] ():ti Stiek and must sell our
go0 -., cfrc f t i oth r st son sets in.
Now's your chance to get fine things for
little money.
Lafayette Clothing House.
- Property Listed.
lEighty-three arpent. ,f cane and ci tion lnd with comtfortable residence,
out-houses, two negro cabins a L.uit and wagon sheld: anil fenced. Si t
ntetd 21,. miles from town of I.af;ty ettc.
A plantation consistin tt t 4So aces of lir-t-clc ss cultiva.ble lantd, 20 acres
iof tiomber lanil, all fenced. \'ith a goo, -conmfortalile residence, containing
eight roomtn.; alt a large vteranda , ototkc hounat, milk-house, good well and
out-hou ssc.. Eight negro cabinus, with ct tttt 1 i ,sei, in connectt ion, two 0
S i;.rt s with sheds Situ ti:c l itn l.af..et'e airTh. liv,: ilts trois tm the town
of Laf:vettc an! one nti!e tron i.southern' I'.sitic raihiad. One hundred
acres of the aht,)ve- can he manll, into first-class ,tee lands. Cane, cotton, \
cor t and soect pitatoe,. a ,t nwv being grown on tihe plantatiotn.
. beautiful cottage, containing eight large rooms, two fire places;, walls
S are all double and l tmaile of the best ship-loppel c' press lumber. A large 4
cistern and glood out- toscs. Property tronts 150 feet on Lincoln Avenue
antd hIas a depth of 125 feet. It is enclosed byI a good picket fence. Sit
uatt.d five blocks from the Snouthern Pacific dept i. Plank walk all the
e ay o rniperty. l'rzcc, 5,250ii.
Florty-three arpentst. ,f high rolling lanI, with residence anI out-houses, 
tiarn and good well; fenced. Situated ,ne mile ani a half from town of
~ ~aaTen lots in NtcComh addition, with tone good cabin on same. Price,
-. SI4oo... , - "
1 HAAIN-Tien arpentts of Iunni on ILncoin aventte in thie town of
LafSyette. Can be laid out in town lots aid oi t money m out of
-IThlle(.Finishingf Touches
\Vhich display the real beauty of
hard woodtn can ibe added inly when
the lnmber itself is of good quality
and properly manufactured. To
s l e st. re dei-'ra lie ri-sults, get yitur
,t ,oldings, dors, wirtdow sash,
shutters,. fl,)orng, ett., at A. J.
,,~ROSS', dealer tn reliable lutm ber
-__ .T ~ Well seas,,ned, our lumber is easily
io itn "worked," as many carpenters will
oho,, . A.J. ROS"kIN_~
Went Hounrd.
AR 1RvIE. I.EAVI': .
No. 7 .. . 1:43 a. in. .. I:58 a. m.
No. 5...... .. 1.55 p. mn... 2:15 p. Im.
No. 9. 3:26 p. nm. 3:46 p. nI.
No. 25 (Sunset Limited) arrives at 2:55 p.
in., leaves 3:o5 p. m., on Monday, Thurs
clay and Saturday.
East Bound.
No. 8 2:3 a. in. 2: a. 2:46 n.
No. 6 ... 12:01 p. in. 12:21 p. .ll
No. 0o.. 1:29 p. mi. 3:49 p. in.
No. 26 (Sunset L.imited) arrives at 2:55 p.
in., leaves 3:05 p. m., on Monday, Thurs
day and Saturday.
No. 72, arrives at 11 I:45 a. m.
No. 73. leaves at 2:25 p. m.
C.hirch Notices.
C. C. Vier, pastor. Preaching
every Sunday at Ii a. in. and 7:3o
p. m. Sunday school to a. m. Ep
worth League, Sunday evening 6:45.
Prayer meeting, WVednesday 7:31 p.
m. Song service, Friday 7:30 p. Il.
Last Sunday night Mrs. T. D.
Hays, of Waco, Texas, led the dlc
votional meeting of the Epworth
League to the delight of the mem
Next Sunday morning the South
ern Methodists will observe ''Good
Literature Day," which is set apart
for the encouragement of goo t lit
For Lagrippe take Humphries 77
A 25c bottle will cure you. lafa
yette Drug Co.
Mrs. C. Girard returned Friday
from a visit to her sister, Mrs.
Olliphant ot New Orleans.
You will find the most complete
line of Humphries Specifics at
I.afayette l)rug (o.
Miss Grace Bullard, of Spring
tield, Illinois, is spendling soille tim:
with her friend, Mli.s Flo Rkassay
Don't neglect to attend to that
insurance business. Phone or write
to Felix Mouton and he will call ono
H. M. DL)urke returned froii
l'exas this week;. Mr. D)urke had
gone to the Lorne Star State to buy
a carload of mules.
Coal, coke, pine and ash wood
at the Lafayette Wood and Coil
Yard. 1-26 tf
Notice to Firemen.
The annua! meeting of the Fire
Department of Lafayette will take
place at Falk's Opera-house, Mon
clay, Marcih it, 1901, S p. m , for
the election of tofficers.
F V. Mo I'Ox,
Secretary Fire l)ei,artme,,t.
D)o you use printeil stationery?
If you do,call at l'Ihe Gazette to see
Ihe samples and 6et tie prices.
Look Over My List
Phoenix, of lIrooklin: assets over
Philadelphia Underwriters: assets
over SI6,ooo,ooo.
()rilent, of anrtford, Conn.; assets
over 520,o0o,Oo.
Mutual Life, of New orki: assets
over $325,753,152.50.
L.afayette, La.
General Insuralnee.
Life: Equitable of the United
Accident: Employers' liability
Assurance Co.
Boiler: Hartford Steam Boiler
Insurance andl Inspection Co.
Tornado: Home Insurance Co,.
,of N. Y.
Surety. Bond: American Surety
Co. of New York.
Rent: Home Ins. Co of N. V.
Fire: Liverpool & London
Globe; Royal Exchange; Royal of
Liverpool; North Br;tish and Mer
cantile; Greinwich of New York;
German American of New YorK;
Lancashire ot Manchester; Penn
sylvania of Philadelphia; National
of Hartfrd, Conn.; Mechanics and
1 raders of New Orleanis.
FELIX MOUTON, Solicitor.
I)isttinlti.he d Visitors.
Several dii-tinguished persons
passed through I,.,t.ivetit this week
and h,,nored the S' ihi,.rr Pacific
stationl with their ipr i-nt just a few
i inutes. Mint. Her rn lartIt, known
to fame as the 'dlivint Sarah," and
the great C(quelin, wi,t) were on
their way to Ncv Orlceans from the
'Pactfic coast, paid Lafayette a visit,
but as their stay was iccessarily
short thIiy failed t, "iro, iti" on"
'thei local Ir,"-s. Prt" it at Ha-. S
wit) is sa1 to rct \c e t, annual
cotnl r,.,.tiatn o" ti55.c.o to shape
:i.e dle-.tti.ies i the Soui ni-ti-t Pacific
, yst -i, .1ir tlio  Si-Krutt . u-tn t, M r.
Van Vite k anril other big guns of
it, rallw ,y ti rt U- -)'.-t.' One inight
at tCe ,t -t:ort tcClipylirlg some of the
coutpani 's finely equippjed cars.
Ih(s Gould party passed tIlrough a
few da) s ago on its way to Texas.
The Tinzes-Demorcat.
Twice a week, 12 months, $i.oo.
Joe E. Mouton, Agent.
Miss Sarah Sct,vill Whittlesevy,
viwhose paIper on labor legislation has
jist won her a I'h. I). Irom Yale,
ts the only woman who holds both
a Harvard and a Yale degree.
For sale at Lafayette Drug Co.,
Diamond Dyes, by the gross or
single package.
The Norwegian government has
purchased the private telephones of
the country and the telephonic ser
vice of the kingdom is now in the
hands of the government.
Felix Mouton will write an in
surance policy on your I:fe or prop
At the Buffalo Fair.
S(;ov. Heard hIas joined a number
of prominent citizens of New Or
leans in an cft trt to have this
State l'ruicerly repIresentCie at the
Pan A.imtr an ixlsit,,n to be ih ld
at tufal,. Ne v- Virk 'he par
ishes of Acadlia ai(tl (alcasieu have
already tkie steps it l takeii part in
the l.ouiiara -xhitnt- :t, will tt,
al1 In : lih r power i , it:,ke. a crelita
ble dlisplay at t ei: :ulialo fail.
Other parisics a:tve a-,) explesseCi
ant iittC. titn of p)artt'ii,:titt in this
progrcssivce I)iovvt-ilnt. I Iave any
of the citizens of l.af::\'ette consi
dered this maiter? It not, it is
abIout time that the) -!,ou id.
Nearly all the law r. of New
Hlainim s ire arc itis;rou-; t'f Laving
a court itt ai,:ea'a s c .tll-,l itd there.
Ml re than, tv,, thi'r .., , t.ict have
signed a p:tition it iav. r of it.
The Gazette
En velopes
Anid will print them
at very low priccs.
Ihe following real estate trans
fer- were recortlded in the clerk's
office during the past week:
l". C ])eniston to \Vm. G. Burke,
75 acres in secondl ward.
Victor X. ellot and (Gaston Hlot
t,. C. C. Btrown, 61 arpents in sixth
iward, $i8oae
I)rs. N. I). and R. O. Young to
Mrs Sralsin Wilson, t oo arpents in
fourth ward, $550.
Mrs. Valsin Wilson to Toussaint
anti Paul Jostep)h. 85 arpents in
tourth wardl, S1473.
Minor heirs or Francioni to Dr.
L'hits. I1. Hopkins, right and inter
lest in lit in Iafavette, 50o.
ienujamuin (Grithn to P. L. Re
villon, lot in Lafayette, S$oo.
Elati Broussard to Fernest Meaux,
half interest in 4o arpents wood
land in second ward $40o.
Alcide anti Leo Judice to Joseph
H. Stutes, 44 acres in second ward,
Alcide Judice to Gustave Duhon,
75 acres in second ward, Str36.
Pliacide lireaux and T'heophile
B1reaux to C. C. Brown, 6 arpents
in sixth wardl, I55o.
Alex IDelhomme to Antoine
iacquet, lot in Scott, Sio.
A. J. Ross to Edward A. Han
son, 3 lots and improvements in
Lafayette, $2500.
Do You Need Envldopes?
The job printing department of
The Gazette has just received fifty
thousand envelopes bought at most
advantageous terms. Those it.
need of envelopes will do well to
remember this fact before giving
I out their orlers. We will furnish
andti print one thousand envelopes
tor the price that they would cost
withiout the printing.
lioner Roll.
'lhe following is the honor roll of
the I.aft ett High School for the
month if February: Laura Mag
non, 1.oise Constantin, Jno. W\\hit
mneyer. Arthur lttiniboeuf, WVilliam
I-IHggiibothani,t Alex. (;uidry, Sam
Plo sky, Helen helt, Etta 1) mnel
geaux, :s1latilde Richard, Annie Hell,
Aiktta (Gulicy, J<ff Caffery.
Fine writing palper in boxes, Ioc..
at the 1Moss Pisarnacry.
N1rs. Alma McBride has beit in
Franklin several days.
Ladies' favorite writing paper,
Ioc. t box, at the Mloss Pharmacy.
I ast year the total number o)f new
t)ooks pliblished in the United
Statcs reached 6,356, or 653 more
tllan in any pre- ious year. There
were 662 new etiiions of oll fiction
and Gt6 new novels, showing a dc.
cided reaction towards novels of
established relputation. A special
feature of the year was the reissue
of celebrated books in fine and
carefully edited editions.
L.andreth's Hulk Garden Seeds are
the best and cheapest. You get
your money's worth when you buy
I,andc rth's. Sodl at the Moss
The first municipal crematory on
record has been opened in Hull,
England. It is a model establish
ment, and cost 1.2,500. The charge
for cremating a body is S5. In
opening the crematory the mayor
said that it was a dejparture from
the established lines in mnunicipal
enterprise, but that it gave every
promise of proving a great public
benefit from sanitary and economnic
points of view.
Have your printing done at The
Gazette Office. All we want is a
trial order.
A\ religiouis revival is in progress
at l\ nn (Church. near Kokomno,
Intl., .vhich is of practical effect.
The meetings are conductel by
Miss G;ertrudlc Mon of Nobles
ville, girl cX-angeist, eighteen yearse
of ge. As a result, nulmber of
f.lmily fetud in the nicigh tborsho 'd,
octasioncii lty tlisplutes over line
fences and marauding live stock,
have 1 een settleI anti amnlicable re
lations rest, retI. Bitter lifetitme
eniemies shook hIands ;it the altar
andt several entire families were con
verted. ITwo iren cane ti town
and paid notes that were outlawed
and others paid store accounts, the
-correctness of which hIad pieviously
been questioned.
Again Attracting Attention -- Ru
mors of Renewed Activity
Among Oil Prospectors.
It is rumored that oil prospect
r, ihave been negotiating for land
in tl.h Anse la Butte section. It is
rp .rtedl that tracts of land have
i-en leased and that farmers in
that neighborhood have been asked
to give options on their farms. We
have not been able to ascertain
whether or not these runmors are
well founded. It is safe" to say,
however, that before long some one
will be willing to invest his money
to find out if there is any oil at
Anse la Butte.
The investigations which were
conducted last year by Mr. Lucas,
the discoverer of the Beaumont
geyser, established the fact beyond
doubt that there is oil in the neigh
borhood. Owing to the cessation
of the work it was not ascertained
if there is oil in large quantities.
After reaching a depth of about
5oo feet the boring was discontin
The Gazette hopes that a com
pany will be organized here or else
where for the purpose of conduct
ing thorough and intelligent investi
igations at Anse ia Butte. The dis
covery of oil at that point would re
sult in incalculable benefit to Lafa
Never have we had a nicer line
of writing paper to sell for ioc. a
hox than that which we are now
selling. Moss Pharmacy.
Miss Sarah Frith, of Bunkie, is
the guest of her cousin, Mrs. T. N.
A Negro Killed.
A negro, named Raymond, was
scot at a bail near Duson on Mardi
G(ras. Ie died a few days later.
I)r Nouton, the coroner, held an
iiquest but no evidence was ad
dtlcedl throwing any light on the
ui,:nicide and Raymond's slayer is
still unknown.
liutv your shelled corn for feed or
seed at George A. I)eBlanc's, at the
chi stand near the depot.
Luuber Yard Changes Hand.
Mr. A. J. Ross has sold his lum
ber \arnd to Stewart, Lewis & Tay
Icr. Mr: J. R. Bonnet will have
the management of the business.
Stewart, Lewis & Taylor own lum
her yards at Rayne, Crowley and
Creole onion sets. Moss Pharmacy
Mrs. J. A. Laneuville, widow of
the late Mr. J. A. Laneuville,
leaves next Monday to make her
home at Raceland.
Attorney General Murphy of
Arkansas has decided that women
arc not qualified to serve as nota
ries public, but that the official acts
of those who already hold appoint
ments are not invalid, though their
commissions may be revoked.
Only One Jones.
New Vork World.
ie had never seen a telephone,
and his friend was showing him how
it worked. It was in his office.
He called up his house, and the
wife came to the telephone.
"My dear, Mr. Jones is here,
and I have asked him to come up to
Tlhen he turned to Mr. Jones and
"Put your ear to that and hear
her answer."
I-Ie did, and this was the answer:
'Now, John, I told you I would
never have that oisagreeable wretch
in my house again."
'\Vhat was that," spoke out Mr.
Jones Women are quick. A man
would have simply backed away
iroiti the telelhlone andti said no
mlore. She took in the situation in
a secondl when she heard the strange
voice, and quick as a flash came
back the sweetest kind of a voice:
"..WVly, Mr. Jones, how do you
tido? I thought iy husband meant
another Mlr. Jones. Do come up
to dinner. I snail be so glad to see
After having served about 12
years in the employ of the Southern
Pacific R;ailroad Company, as
blacksmith at this place, Ed Mc
iBrltde has resigned that position.
Creole onion sets, Moss Pharmacy
Of the Southwestern Louis
iana Industrial Institute
Will Meet To-day.
The meeting of the Boazd of
'rustees of the Industrial Institute
which was to be held last Saturday
did not take place because of the
non-attendance of meabers, only
three being present. I'he members
present were Prof. Brown Ayres,
Capt. Buchanan and Mr. Martin.
An effort will be made to hold a
meeting to day when, it is hoped,
there will be a full attendance as
business of great importance to the
institute will come up for considera
tion. The dormitory and machine
shop are to be built before the
opening of the Institute. The Ga
zette is informed that the local
banks will offer to take up the bonas
to be issued in order to realize the
money of the town and parish tax.
If a satisfactory agreement can be
effected with the Lafayette banks
no time will be lost and the work of
putting up the buildings will be done
without further delay.
Mr. A. E. Mouton has been prac.
tically relieved of all responsibility
pertaining to his duties as contrac
tor by the architects, Favrot & Li
vaudais, who have accepted the
main building of the Institute.
Henry Gankerdorf, a Railroad
Fareman, Brought Home Un
Last night just before going to press we
learned that Mr. Henry Gankerdorf. tire
man on the Alexandria branch and a most
estimable citizen of Lafayette, had been
brought home seriously injured and in an
unconscious condition. It appears that a
cylinder head became detached from the
engine and strnck Mr. Gankerdorf's head
with great force, inflicting injuries of a very
seriouus nature. Owing to the lateness of
the hour we were unable to get any of the
Early Golden Dent Corn is su
.perior to all other yellow corn. It's
the earliest and most productive.
Sold in any quantity at the Moss
R. B. Mundelle, assistant super
intendent of the registry system in
the post-office department, was iin
Lafayette this week" and visited the
local office. Mr. Mundelle is, ore .
of the most competent men in the
government's postal service.
The Times-Democrat.
Daily, one month, $1.oo; 12
months, $iz.oo. Joe E. Mouton,
Races on Theall's Track.
There will be races at Thea s
track, near Royville, on Sunday,
March io. The principal race will
be run by the horses of Aurelien
Hebert of this parish and Rousseau
Broussard, of Vermilion. Purse,
$200oo; distance, five arpents. Music
will be furnished by Prof. C. C.
Landry's Crescent band of Brous
sard. Admission, 25 cents; ladies,
A complete assortment of Dia
mond Dyes for sale by Lafayette
Drug Co.
A Good Appointment.
Gov. Heard has appointed Frank
D. Chretien judge of one of the
criminal district courts of New Or
The Gazette believes that Judge
Chretien's appointment is a good
one. Judge Chretien is a man of
ability and integrity and w.ll no
doubt do honor to the bench., He
is well and favorably known by the
people of this section, who will be
pleased to learn that his services to
the party have been recognized by
the governor.
Creole onion sets, Moss Pharmacy
Eugene Lyle, of Dowagiac,
Mich., spent several days in La
fayette, visiting his friend and
former schoolmate, W. V. Nichol
Fire Co. No. I.
On last Monday night a meeting
of Fire Co. No. I was held for the
purpose of electing officers, but ow
ing tolhe small membership,pres
ent, it was deferred until the next
regular meeting, Monday, March 4,
when the consideration of a new
chief will also be taken up. This
organization is a splendid one and .
quite prosperous, having $82.58 In
the treasury and being free of

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