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White Teeth
are generally perfect and
sound, and at all events are a
much prettier feature of the
mouth than dirty, discolored
Then Again,
when kept clean and white,
are less liable to decay, which
is due to thoughtlessness inI
teeth care. All teeth prepara
tions in a general way are good.
We have them all. Some bet
ter than others.
Euthymol Tooth Paste and the . . S White 'rooth Powder
are endorsed by all dentists.
We know that these powders
are as pure, and as beneficial
to the teeth as is possible to
obtain. We have them at the
Moss Pharmacy.
The Same
attention should be given in
selecting a tooth brush, that
you would in selecting a tooth
wash. It is not all people
that can use a stiff or very
hard tooth brush. And yet
there are some that find a
hard, or stiff brush best, then
others a soft brush. Our stock
of tooth brushes vary in prices,
from 10 to 75 cents, each.
There is
no question, but that we can
please every body when buy
ing tooth brushes. When you
are in need of a good tooth
brush remember the place.
Moss Pharmacy.
P. S.----Have your Prescriptions
* filled at the Moss Pharmacy.
L:lrg;e Mleetings art Rtoyvillc lnud
EIroins ard.
Democratic rallies were held
Sunday at Royville and Brous
sardville, at which large repro.
sentative audiences endorsed the
candidacies of the gentlemen
forming the tlroussard-Scranton
ticket. Those present were On
thusiastic in their e(xlpressions
of support to the ticket, and the
remarks of the speakers were
generously applahuded.
About three hundred voters
were in attendance at Royville.
The meeting was held in the
Catholic chu rlch-yard in the
shade of the oak-grove. Mr. P.
13. Roy was chosein president on
motion of Judge Parent, and tide
vice-pr)esi(dntss chosen wiv(re Du
prl 11ulin, Flr;tnc',is L,1lanc,
Andre Hebert, Theodore Mor
\vant, G(,rarid l' tnwlro, A. L.
D)Syer, Dupire iBreaux, and IIa r
risen Theall.
Judge Julian Mouton and Dr.
(;. A. Martin made addlresses in
Frencll and explained the issu".s
)preselnted to the vo)ters in the
co'ning primary.
Dr. Geo. W. Scranton, whose
home is in IRoyville, also spoke.
Iie did not attempt to ldeliver a
set speech, but in a conversa
tiinal tone, Ihe addlressed his
frieinds of thle f, e'rth war(1l'l \wlls
neighbors hle has been for thei
Ipast thirty years, and who have
found in him during that, time
a most faithful physician and
fl i, nd.
Sheriff Broussard also mad(e a
speech, andt in an lecttive alun
nor refuted tihe charges whichI
have been current throughout
the parish relative to thme Du(ll
tax law.
The mnee'ing at ur()ussard(ville
was held in the afternoon, and
fully one hundred(l and tifty voters
were present.
1 r. A. A. LabbOe was choI(len
president, and the vice-p)resi
dents were S. (hre(ig, .Jules E.
Langlinais, Au rlien Olivier, Du
plessis Landr y. M. HIillcaud, Sr.,
and Martial Fatbre.
Dr. Martin, . udfge Julian Mou
ton, and Sherift' Ii(mu.-,sard vwere
the speakers.
.Lowi ial(tes . t. Nt(e (vOri(llls .
lor'gan's L; uisiana & Texas
lRailroad andl Steamtship Conm
palany will sell tickets, frian La
fayette to New Orleans and re
turn Nov. 4, t and 10, 1903, with
return limit Nov. 11, 1003, at a
rate of $14.1(, on account of meet
ing o)f Four States League. For
a(ldititonal particuhlars. apply t+o
hlocal agent, or to( C. 11. Ellis, I)i
visio)n Passenger Agent.
The place to buy suits and
gentlemen's furnishings for the
fall is Prejean & Le!lanc's.
Mouton Sisters.
a a M iHSady-to-wear IHts.. "eils,
I IS Vel\vets and Ribbons in
c leading styles alnd pretty
Fasl lira i de.igns. Prl'ict's rettsonlattble
Opposite Boissat's and near LAFAYETTE, LA.
the Blue Store.
Furniture, Mattings, Carpets,
Shades and Wall Paper
at Fascinating Prices.
On account of moving into our - .
NE V BUILDING on .Te flrson
Street (opposite the Blue Store,)
we are fenow disposing of our
entire stock of Furniture -
Mattings, Carpets, Shades, at'
Wall Paper, Stoves, etc.,
at greatly reduced prices.
This in ordcr to save repacking, drayage PELERIN & DECLOUET
and handling. It's a business prip~sition
with us and you can save tmoney. Ilease
give us a call and see what we have toa tte, a
offer )ott. Lafayette, Ia.
LRelllemble1.r we always (44) .whlt.t we Advertise.
I'o,.4t tllih-i Ini NeYvw (Qtiarters.
Postmaster Domengeaux and
his assistants, Mr. Frank Do
mengeaux and Miss Laura
Pharr, are now occupying the
comfortable quarters in Pierce
street provided by the govern
The new building erected by
Mr. Leo Doucet under cc.ntract
with the p iostal departiment is
tire-proof and was built for its
p)resent use.
Mr. DIminengeaux has installed
100 new l::ck boxes of the stand
ard type and 12 new lock draw
ers, and hei now has 22' lock
boxes and 100 call boxes.
The public can expect an ('f
ficient diitriiiution and handling"
of mail.
Contractor J. A. Vandyk. lhad
the work of the construciion of
the building in hand.
Buggies, buggis, Ibugics.
Ove'r 100 for your .election at
The Lacoste, Hardlw; t. Store.
lool4t Iall at l iStiit4t.
The Institute boys will phlay
the foot ball eleven of Delcambre
Academy this a!torn,))nu. Coach
.J. Ocey Herpin has liadl the team
under linanage eit for so011e
time and a lively game is prom
ised. The game wvill begin at
2:30. The ad m issin fele is
twenty-five cents.
SIed ):ut s.
The Magnolia Mills. Ltd., have I
aI gotd1 supply of red rust l)rooii
Sseed oats. Phone 6.5.
Sessinl oft tle (outrt of Ap':al.
Judges Julian Mouton and T.
Don Foster held a session of the
Co ,lt of Appeal dluring the
<<.eek. Tl ree cases came on itap
peaI'l. The judgm0ients in favor of
tl.e G(erac heirs against Isaac
Burnett, and of C. U(. l3ienvenue
against the representatives of
the late Ed mond Pellerin were
arrilllled. The case of D. B.
Hulds,,n against the Lafayette
Compress and Storage Company
was tak'en under advisement.
(;t to Plr&.jean & LeUlane"'s for
gentlemitn's fiurnislings and tine
suits fir time full.
A negro boy accirientally killed
another last Sunday a ft'rnoon at
U3rtussard ille. Tl'hree of the ma
were returning in a wcago()n from
a hunt, and a hanimnerless shllt
gun, in the hands of one of tie.'
boys, exploded, the load taking
effect in the head of the unfo)r
tunate boy who was killed.
ShleritY 3Broussard's de puties, who
happened to be in Broussard
v\ille, at the time, arr:' ste.l thi:
other two comnpani,)ns and 1lodged( ..
them in the parish jail.
Seed (;ts! I'ced ( :i - :
Kansas City feed and seed
oats at Magnolia Mills L'td.
Phone 65.
I)cald ;gaaisllt thlle Allspo),itie
Sys tenan.
Though The (Gazette has con
senttd to )print a laudatory bio
graphly of General Jastreomski,
nevertheless, some of the inci
dents in his life may have been
onmitted in it which today are
quite instructive in view of the
cry which the general has raised
of the peoptle versus the bosses.
As the appointive system main
tains the Iboss, The (lauzxtte sub
inits the following to those who
consider seriously the slogan of
the doughty general. He was
State printer from 1Ir0 to 1,5.'
I-He was also Chairman of the
State I)Democratic Committee.
Under President Cleveland' see-,
ond ternm, through influential
friends, he secured the apploint
mont of Consul to Peru for four
years, at :3,400 per year. Gov
ernor Foster a))ppointed him
Commi.nissioner of Agriculture in
I'-!,-, and G(vernor Heard, upon
his becoming Governor, ap
po)inted him his Private Secre
tary. He has never held office
exceplt under the al)l)ppointive sys
tern save when elected Mayor of
Baton Itoug,,. Not only himiself,
but his family, have been bene
ticiaries of this satme appointive
.John .Jastremski. a brother, is
Superintendent of the Deaf and
DI)umb Asylum at Baton Rouge,
and has held it for nineteen
yvavrs. Eugene Jastremski, a son,
was alppointed to a clerkship in
in the Agricultural Office in
Baton Rouge in 1S.c, and still
hohs:-; down the job. Henry Jas
tr'i·nski, a son of the General, is
SicC:'-tarry to Jo-in Jastrelnski at
the D)eaf and l)Dum ib Asylum.
'lhe largest assortment, con
sis-tiing of thle latest patterns of
wi;nter lap robes, at The Lacoste
Hardware Store.
I ):-a: is ot Mrs. .. G. Parrkersoni.
Mrs..1. G.J. (. Parkerson, wife of
Judge J. G. Parkerson, died last
Sunday morning at her residence
in Lafayette, aged seventy-four
years. She was buried Monday
morning in the Pr ,testant Come
tery, the funeral services having
been held in the Episcopal
churchl, which o)wxs its existence
in a large measu re to her charity
and gtoodness (,f heart. Rev. C.
C. Kramer, of New Iberia, con
ducted the burial ceremn( nies, at
whiich a large number of friends
were present.
Mrs. _l Pa'rkerson leaves her
hlusband, the venerable Judge
J. . P arkerson, and eight sur
viving "hildrren, IMrs. N. P. Moss,
rs. C. D. C;t:lfery, Mrs. E. P.
Mills, Miss Lizzie Parkerson,
and Messrs. WV. S. Patrkerson, of
New Orle'ans, S. R. Parlkerson,
J.ames Parkc.rson, and C(. MI.
ParIkes s(1on.
For years she was resident of
Lafayette, and the loving qual
ities of a nmoble womanhood that
she posssessed were known to
imay who now niourn her loss.
Everything for the tire place at
The Lacoste Hardware Store.
Genierlfl .Jmlst reniski at ('larenllrio.
General Leon Jastremmski, can
didate for governor of Louisiana,
will be in Carenrc.ro tolnimrrow for
the fair. The Gazette is in
formed that liHon. .T. Y. Sanders,
1candidate for licu tenant-governor
and other State politicians will
1So) be present.
"Uncle, Josh Spruceby" will
be presented at Flalk's opera
house Monday night.
WANTED--Mien to learn bar
ber trade. Tools, diplomas, 1)0
sitions and board given. Years
sav\ed by ou r method of free
work and expert instructions.
Write today. Moler Barber Col
iege, New Orleans, La. 2t,.
Andrew Prejean of Car'ncro,
is now taking lectures at the
New Orleans College of Den
tistry. rThe young m-an writes
that he is quite successful in his
studies, and The (Gazette extends
himn sincerest good wishes.
C(all on F. F. Carter for good
crayon and pastel work.
The I). O. Irotissard 1Bridge
Matter T'lake- Up, atilt a
Bhad1(g(t A.doi)ted4. Allppro
printtion fur Schools
The plolice jury met last
Thursday with all members
ipresllnt except Saul l(roussard
of ýtrelnero.
Attorney Mouton reported
that District Attorney Campbell
had refused to I)roceed against
Ralph Foreman and Alton Fore
man for collecting of peddling
licenses on the ground that the
jury had mlade no special ar
rangemnents with him for said
suit. It was decided to leave
the matter in the hands of the
parish attorney.
Sherilf Broussard appeared
and asked for extension of timui
to settle with jury for taxes and
licenses of 1901 and 1902. The
jury granted time until next
Mr. Mouton reported in be
Ialf of the coinmittee appointed
to ,locate .site for the D. O. Brous
saLrd bridge, that the commu iittee
ihad held conference with com
mnittee from Vermilion and both
coin ulittees iad unanimously
agreed to locate said bridge at
Colunibus Br ussard's place,
llle nine arl>ents above tile o(ld
site. IIr. Catfery appeared for
a num lber of protestants from
the fourth ward, objecting to the
prol'posed location for various
reasc ns and presenting a peti
tion againt the adoption of the
coumlittee's report. MIr. Iou
ton argued that the site was the
pjroper one and was the best to
be obtained in the interest of the
whole parish. Mr. WVhittington
also favored the proI)posed new
site and contended that the adop
tion of the old site had resulted
in the breaking of the bridge by
steam-boats several times.
Hon. Overton Cade addressed
the jury, giving the history of
previous negotiations with Ver
milion and acknowledging the
D. O. Broussard site unsuitable
and favoring building the new
bridge some -0 feet below the
old site. Mr. Blanchet stated
that he thought the building at
the new site would entail more
expense than at the old site. By
motion of iMr. Buchanan, the
replort of the commuittee was re
ceived, action postponed, and
the same committee continued
and instructed to ascertain
further as to costs of different
roads and approaches to thei
various sites recommended.
The committee on a budget for
1904 submitted a repo(rt embrtat.
ing a total expenditure of :;-,
455.00, $7,000.00 being for pul,
lic schools.
IMr. Buchanan objected to the
appr, opriation of $7,000.00 for
schools, urging that the schols
were ncot run according to law
and the school authorities should
be rebuked by cutting down ap
Supt. Allemain was called uplon
to exl)lain complaints illade,,
whiich he did, maintaining thlat
while there may have been some
irregularities and defects in tile
administration of the schools,
yet, upon the wholh'. everything
had been done for tlhe best by
hlimself and those. associated
with him. Mr. PWhittington also
contended against increasing the
school approplriation and favored
pIlacing the pIro)osl'd increase to
bridge and road funds.
By motion of IMr. MIouton the
budget was athl iptd as reol)rted;
whereul)tn Mr. Buchanan had
entered upon tile ,ofticial record
the following reasons for his
voting llnay: "lBecause I believe
that tlthe all)rollriation is larger
than is necessary withl an eco
no(imnical adinistration of the
-schotl fund; andt because of the
gross vIolation of the school
laws of the State by the superin
tendent of parish schools in al
lowing books to be used in the
sclhools not authorized by the
State school board."
The transfer of land for a pub
lic road by L. E. Lacour and
Paul Martin was accepted and
ordered recorded.
By motion of Mr. Lacy all per
sons' obstructing the public
roads running from Scott to
Opelousas and from the Le
13esque place to Homer Chias
son's, were notified to remove
said obstructions by Jan. 1,
The treasurer reported bal
ances as follows: general fund
3s3.76; special road fund,
After approval of accounts the
jury adjourned.
1 i nstrelsy.
Ward & Wade's Minstrels will
play at Falk's opera-house, Sun
day night, Nov. 8.
Hawes hats at Levy Bros.
Mr. Arthur Crooker of Lau
derdale Springs, Miss., and Miss
Medora Lindsay, daughter of
Mrs. W. B. Lindsay of Lafay
ette, were married Tuesday af
ternoon at the home of Dr. A.
Gladu. Rev. Father Forge offi
Miss Clye Mudd, daughter of
Dr. F. S. Mudd, and Mr. E. W.
Chase were married Sunday
evening, at the residence of the
bride's father, by Rev. A. C.
For tailor-made clothing go to
Levy Bros.
The Gazette has been re
qluested to publish a biographi
cal sketch of General Leon Jas
tremski, candidate for Gover
nor, but regrets its inability
to do so in this issue. It will be
printed next Saturday.
Levy Bros. have a full assort
ment of dry goods.
Miss Irma Voorhies has re
turned from St. Martinville.
Geo. DeClouet made a busi
ness trip to St. Martinville last
Satu rday.
Prejean & LeBlanc have just
received a fine line of gentle
men's furnishings and suits for
the Fall.
C(arlohud of Beeves.
A. J. LeBlanc & Co., the
butchers, have received a car
load of fattened beeves, and are
preLpared to supply the trade
with the best of meat.
Paint that gives satisfaction
sold at The Lacoste Hardware
"hIIhe Cetent WValks.
At a meeting of the city
council Tuesday night, prac
tical steps were taken to
hasten the construction of ce
Icent and plank walks on the
str ets already determined upon.
The (;azette was informed by
some of the members of the
council that the completion
of the walks is a matter of a few
Watch for Ward & Wade's
Minstrels' Parade at noon, Sun
day, Nov. t.
"Falk's Opera-house.
Lovers of the theatre will have
the opportunity of seeing "Uncle
Josh Spruceby" at Falk's Opera
house, Monday night.
;Go to Levy Bros. for gentle
men's furnishings.
Miss Lasalle of New Iberia
was the guest of the Misses
Blanchet during the week.
A visit to our store will con
vince you we carry the stock.
T. MI. Biossat.
Miss Alice Deffez has returned
home from Opelousos.
Mrs. T. N. Blake has returned
from New Orleans.
Wedding and birthday pres
ents at Biossat's.
Luke A. Olivier has left for
Louisville, Ky., where he will
continue his dental studies.
At l)yer's, Royville, La.,
Hunters will find a full assort
ment of single and double barreled
breech loading shot-guns of best
makes, also hunting coats, shells
and implements.
November birthday presents
at Biossat's,

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