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He wu tbrl7 two-and-twenty,
she wm o sey svenuteen;
He of boddlng hobp antd plenty,
She wa If ful no a queen;
He had olriu f.eaturee,
(As easisa aitr,)
Bhe the daitlet of rreat'ur,.a
Was possemrd of oguleu hair.
He ld hr andt was eslipn'd.,
at uliti heUs manly Mt) le;
He prufewmed bimaetl reraplured
In a v.ry little whilte.
e nepan.'t very shyly
Love l hantl'y knew as ye.,
Fur Dan Caltlll's very wily
iu the way he spreds his net.
He itll often went to woi her.
Several times wthin a week.
And wesid whsker genrly t, her
Thee sett nothlut hrlvre speak,
she wonid hearken to him gladly,
(Just as maidens always al.)
He derlare he loved her madly.
(Which was very likely true.)
Re asleg the lane was straying
(An oeanrrence undesignlll.)
she was there engaged iu Ma,ing
(qiIs pl uuw..ly, uuinad!)
Whloi Atleih, in his spielatr,
titeln .evry g.ld-t Itr-.:
I eotawlael isu a.,eiat* ,'tnder:
"BI ye brietsl' Anlt she. uki " "Ye.t'"
Care of Cows.
A correspoldetl of tlil' (Coalllltry
O Gentlemasn, writiag ns t ise' h .a,-a oft
cows, says: It i· very' i llioraltaslt ili1t
cows are well provihded foe iil every
way to aflolr thes tilhe grce'atest
colurfirt--the ilmost essnasniasl poillt Ios
beconsilered byl the dIlilr.ymllanl. TIh,
cownI mnset Ies IItae' qulalt nsllll. mant
fortable; punre wnler, fromt sp,.rings. or'
ipumps, is of greast ilimpl'rtuaN'-. siud
sladle satl.cient for :a ra'tel 'lat troin'
the Imrsning slnt ill the IheaLt of thea
day. The neusesity of Ipulr Y ater is'
too often oaverluooked. Thie t·sow,
pasting with heat, i Iforced to thei
stagnant atddle or Iool, coveredl,
perhaps, wifl grPetsl a'tu. .tail
when to be milked, rita is ibdele haor
rtied fromi the Iastiura, by dlugs or,
iuconsiderat', boys, landl theil little
milk in her buag ia in a I lwr ,,,isali
tiot to Itraiialsh her inlllllllsan osawter
with miilk troan 'which gosal lhats tar
can be nalde. Thell mt:terial lir
oholoe butter mllust iirst lae alllssllllshl'
tured from t lhe rcow;. lHer ga'lner:ll
health nasat be seacuread bIy all,nli.
dant ltiipply of bhil nslai tilesh prol
daciung elementsl ill all shell eatst :llnd
drinks. It the blood is pure, the
whole system is in a healtihy state.
From her blood the milk is iproduced.
It one Is iupllure, soi is tilhe other, Ino
natter what thelu casew mnay be, Iandi
thl-- causes cant he illllltsaaredl by
scores There are many w'ayI thlit
cow's blood can be aicted al ly ieg.
lest in winter, as iu sumluer. if the
eow is caret for in every pasrtietlar
the kind and quality of food ands
drink, snitable st:sllint. in winter,
ki mad il gentle treatmlenllt inl allI
things toward her, slhe will ret urnl
these with conlpand l inter. it ill the
pall. Where there art, defects ins
the milk from u.sls , - .sus ;shatever,
no skill of the dalirss mIan et n makel;
g~l Ilbutter osat oraf it. I lin C1tltii.
dent that thera who spleak altd write
upon the rsls-as of making buttear,
myself incllhlded, have talo often'l
omittedl to begin at tihet lstrtitg
point. Trite, ilamuch has ilea I s wia alyi
said, and gosal adl\viae', gicln ba y s'till 'n
menacing ait llse of l Ill' lellaVy lillts
that occur afiltr uilking. Iut the
way of Iproasrisg tllha milk lh:ats been
too much neglected. WVhell the
, milk is Iannti aislt ulslllr' thler.' is little
left to tihe skill of l'
Perfect li ,'nslitei ? .cl'·eYstilig.
"'1, A - " 5M U v'e.: 'thing tIl,a
with, anld pllure, swee'a-t amir, iree' frollt
all ofl'n:sve odlors, are' tilt- esa-itlltials
after imilking. Th'lie real art of lhutter
tmaLkitng crilllllainc'is Isehroa tilrali igll
the milk i'rotll tlhe cow. Take good
care of the cow, stll lithe Iimost
needed refiaorm ill butlter tla:inll g is
To Remove Mildew.
Wet the spaot in lenmotl juice, theou
spreadl over it soflt Rn:aIpl a 'nd chlk
the hotteat r asa ofa thle mn will h.,;at
IspO II it for half ass hli trr. is nat ita
tirely rla'tloveali ra-piaat the Is:l5t5,' or,
wet its ca',ar l'nss .ia'., as,,l la., ita
the sun; or, o;as ta;r fin Ihos-r or two,
andl then apret;l ian d h s'atn. (h.r
mix .aft Iaoap, ikr l'eral' slt1rlcn'.li 1ll
al sf mtllc h silnast tagithllsar. saail
tlliO itllas luiite t( 'all'i'y . it. hi l ssailss
jsice. ,ta reasl thIis ol aot h i ct a ofsIa
the ls.laa anlt "apral'd ill tht1a'1a1. .As,
sIpasn. a a la drial wet tla s' n Ig: iin
with tha. samaitas tssixtltr', sassll lssiy isi
the tests. anits ret-a ia' litse oalerhnatia
till leis; s iu dilaplsraas. sii" % l"
tpotltaall . o lta Welattiing 'all la stitli
cletit. Or w aet It 5151t it clsisllrh
of lime jlst lissolved its wlater, iaii
then lspraal iin the ss t osly ta'ew
ilsnute's, theii risso. Reiet if the
msaillhw -a soal sll raeliiova'dI liiit do
toot let this preiparattion rimain bias I
Sfew miutes at a time befor e riis
lag, evt ift the proteie has to be
repeatedlsesral times, at callosride
of lime will injure the cloth if left
on long.
hor'radldhs, by gratings and aixilsg
S5 9 e temple where the
tapla i to tbhe rsm or shoulder.
-~ -" -o--- -
I. . ek'ch arit• ·ad lease
iibod" else to practle it.
Light i Stables.
Neitbher cattle nor borses should
be sdalled in a dark stable, as all
&ulamals require light in the day
time. A hore kept Ibr months in a
stable would be liable to become
blind. Ill regard to light in swine
peus, a writer says that two sown
having litters c,,' the 18th and 2.'d
of January, respectively, were kept
in two rather dark, but warm tem
imrary sties, land had to occupy them
till about the mniddle of the month
of April, when, for each sow with
litter, one of the permanent 9ties
was opened by selling the occupanlts.
At that time the pigs whiob had
been kept in the dcark, but warm
temporary sties proved to be less
lively thean, anl mael iuferler in
weight and size, to tboee of any of
the litters raised in the less warm
but well-lightedl permanent sties,
notwithstandling that the difference
in age was very small, that food anid
care had been the sIame inl every
respect. On() of the litters born on
the 18th of Januarly, which hadl eeci
dlentally the etIw lighted sty, though
sitiullted in the northwest anld couse
qluently coldest corner of the frlinloa
Ihhilding, exhibited the most rapid
giro Ih, and the hitler Iworn oll the
f .il l aJiuacsry, which haid the dark
est sty, hladl eaulde thei poorent.
It is itollot' lhIce ilccl,.idc ('oCllnt
Wn\Vgel that w hel bins oly l soe hal
1i6nel aInlt llisgrnieed hirseflt alt tlle
aininiig tacl l the h!l inlier ctailed
I he nial.pply )ylotl init i, hip rene,
iid a 1pi' l t il the in le, alhIl ii W ith
Ithe words "a dishonoiilred l'g ssia
ollehe-r has no placet left in life."
waiilked eciietlly eiot. Thre soe sehot
himsellf and the fitl ler never aslfered
his nlii to be mcentiuned agail n in
hi1 hearing.
lie gave her a l hearty smacggk.
"I- lcet kiss like thaet," she said. "
wanllt ai s weet, lender presarec when
Iunl kissei'. I d I I ' wanct iey firen
works." Ife left olit lihe explosionliI
il Ihle lneit s;et.- -'-r,'ci r 'rrex.
faiith is .,lnlleit ies per .otnitled Ias
at e11g,'11h111e f'eci:el, cinging ttic a "
waC.lhed rsuk;l bulet a twtter personifii
catil iiulghu lde i al hutheaded n-lle
Icily lng a; Ibilttle l ll patent halir re.
sthrer.-/ PIIbwDSrC\ .riri.
I IlOl'tt 1 li
HIone'r i'lerult - I. E.(' hurch %nonth.
I it. v.J. A. i'. tIKEIi. 'a0i. ( t.
Ti llp i1T. h r. hi -- l'irl t I u'Ici llt iin c'r
Imitc h, an ilc II''k.it., in. Irat i' .'h ,
e.achl n1 1 ltl h, lat 1 ,I 'l'k . 01 a.. :1. m Shol i ,ar
S alllii ila t p. in. Ati#nan -1 birnt .slll
Is. a nt i a. .1, said s i.ic. W eilliinam "
(' luiplt-el' rth Sueidtay, at :4{ p. ii.,
lianea  UtIl (Ireult.
lIrA. .1. It STONE, P r.r0>:,
('4 hilgii t-gg Ir , ithati t I1c1".l'k a in
'i' ( 'hala l- ,. .t albic t, i e a p ia t
t , Ihtl -,,pt1 -S u ,,dt " at l p it I
I,. i . rillu h 1 - t act II i t III
N. l ena I. ci Ieli- itcl at : ip It
Liihou ('irealt.
ll. .III "It'l l , .1. 1 1lT N. P.t TI ·t.
I I . r -i ,, T t .l,,'lih, i l ', i Ik an,
111 1 anhr- st S .Cill 1 h " s .' " n 1 Ii
ýii lm ll, ',1 -'1 hbiid ý,ll,.ath, 11 :. toi
i .la' .1 ,-i-- -iF t lll, .alll lh, i l 11 1
'lalbore ('irel tht le a'rlotlt I
( hlr h. t 'ai t
I'i i. ici-- -lr · l., rn . rl atl.
....Y.· - 'ai r-t , b th, at ih a iin
aI',l'i ' i . 'h II, I' ila- "" at :4 II ill
7 ln ii. ht --,- co1ni " at 11 i
tIh,.k,,. sivlur- ~ ", , t .1 ,1,
It u .I" i l ii-- i gat ia . ill f r a.'lhi i
c , Ailath., at 11i a tl
: h oll t .---i'.r-1 1,ilh SaiN d . th, at 11 a IlU
ri'r'bl rerlun.
Ill v,,... .T I L Ill ,a1 N pr."a hel Ir lti.,
Iin r. I-t .114 hl: s ;.bblthi of *.., h i ,lI nthl -
atr M di, ,l, l i :ill,;t h of c".lr h Iol IInth-
.\t Atiheni. 4th uhbh.arlh oif ,"1"h mn* riah.
Cumberland Presbyterian.
ili v. G. N. 1'I..\.MV'rr pre.a,.h,.l to .t1.
Il'i,- aaclt 101ii r a .i t iio , I:.. Iile' nittih ot
l1i, - r, ci iii h liat Ill liluei lnet h i.
I Let. .S. S. .%iAItT aip rhncre Ito l. ,'l
'i i di, c tlli ir t h  ie ath 11 act S h atipl.
iilh a \" ,t Wlti . ,' icrIt-' I .al.'it cc. t
ul r It iih , il -i-lw il ca i i°i i. -
thlir a A I h l, ilA - lt c . -lr i-- cg . iAi-tici.
ac, -, I .. - \t E ir 1.1,i.. 4li
Ilt '. W.'. . uli LLAND gicaichti,- ait
ulhiltica. lti t..lhi,.i:h in a e h i'li iiih .llc01
$:.cturciday blit- Ior.
Primilt c Iltptlit.
II ry.c 1. :t . SIeb tifKElc prac .,. c i ti .b.
Pc,-itai l tSaclliith ice eielih icolitith--At Auw
tl.ecuahl.i:11 aiebbleh of c ach leciciih.
Ith''. rI..I . it HOlW. I:i) I aciiah ut iti.1i,
uti rh .ith i lhth ?uic c l eac h c ac uigle.
ltrv. E. M. N1..likttT i l' iah'he- at t'u
l.-ii Ilrl . e t,, gict-- u iiorgli icf llusccr. cn the
.licait.,4 auIt Elclhr aceh ruad, :ilt tlibclth of
eact1 mginith so I Satlnrta tafurc.
Price of laullg Reduced.
pir hcidredt I will inake weikly tripg co
(11e. 17. 1-77. 9at3nm
Stat. OEEeera
Lieut. (.vernalr. LUOU A. WILTE.
Seretaryof State, W. A. 8TbTONa.i
Aturnaay 4jaetral, H. N. (Jl)EN,
Aat. ' J. C. E(MAN.
Auditor Pub. Aerla., ALL.EN JI.HLL.
Trraunr, . U13 ('ET
Sill. P'ub. ttatcatioaa. RH. M. LI"$1Ettt.
Sapr,.- Ceurts
('lhict Jt'tiae, T. C. MANN!'('.
Aara'aotatLra, Lila las., J. E. h..%Ua. \"
11th J·ladl Dat+rietLAr
"Ii "rirt Jat. a l t. 1
Attari""a A. A IK'INAI.E.
20th icY.aesrlaI D1$rIcts
Ne4a.'tor, A. H. U;EORI
Claibore Parhhks
Ifp. e alatava, JIOI*IN VIlN1;.
ti'vt. Alit. p. t.. lU U41'a N R. II.AVERS
('terk !haet. Coaurt, DRHEW FEtfUt$4JN.
S!1.tiff H. W. ilKI'KATI~t('K.
'uL".ml r I t .C l Iat. 1
T'i art J.ss , AI'II .A BI'.. 1. : Ia .
T:.\t'ulertr, . S F. .\1(1)('KP
(' rn. of. H. '. 1IAUliMI 'N.
I' ·ra II I at.4' ('ur I. Hi. c.I); . i:M .
444-l7 Jlil.'. ' ' f. . C .'A l * ' 1( aN1 .1,.
1 i.~aa, ~.1... ANIAIEIN '.
"2, ~ ..it' J. tI. III1; NI t.
"Iata 4. J\\'.ti '.I
r;t . Jta.i~, . F.IAFORDK.
I 4444.t14l4', 11. .\a. ( 5
.1. F. .taalfEl.ANI..
\%':iana 1,Jul.tia.", ('..1. IA AIlt;11.1:,
Co4tll ..l4" \.\'3. J1.a t1:N aflN. ..
Board of S'('looI 1Jirectiiia.
\ar1,114. 1 ie. O. A. Stata. Sa
( .i. t.E.'i.n, \\'a \\. rAIIKIN'tIN.
Town of Homer:
\Cataar1..tavat. " TW.IN NA.LJ.E.
4 a'la'atnana,, 74. II. It"CIN.
Au. 1'. . INI S.
.1. 11.KrL I at7..
( un rabl. .1 N. 1lºII.F: .1N
W'ard a7t J riaar. v, S. . 4I1AIIKia '.'I
I44 .4'Illa a. I'. W. IlAHLf:N s.
Borytyar ard ofpSrtrhso of Matll
1. ah aIl al a 11,444'
I 4t.a N. 1. 1'aI:jI I ISI,)N a. g , r t
Aht rat E. JII.. 1 \ t
14..t...l. S .11 \1 d l ;, I u . I
W.J. I.Ea. FaoI.ia. .410I 1,4 IA~tKI i'i'IN
4A1ayaur, I . 44/44,4144
I'T:It tºF" JTZ
laAI. \\' E1 1I...4/.
Ar ~ ~ A ('..VANES.I4l~a
(`l ,~r of F li..ar I~l, It. D.~ Illllllc·;t slºn i
Il..a nra rT..D. . II ARIL II
H ow , o ist 1I I ow, . I .
I ."pnrt+.llr ilc.11 4 1 S lj4 4 Ii..
Atnv·-a.. !".atl't'al , r it 37 A
I,"iaart. 'nat . , a 0 At at 1
.1.'1 On, r I · itrand. t rain r A.M. ta 4. I
"ia " l Altiaa ala... i rti L l.a. . ;It 1. P Ia.
7.rlaal.Ia " al" .54" '4444 "" ISila rfaara
I I I'p art. ii. lhfI.I'a P. \I
ra'4ai) 4 at4ll at la l a In la
a. Iiultta 7aaaI ramIla ill tla 1 Isail tn t
Anlvev 1 'ed .-. .1 It at . 1' !Ispr
ra"I.:na .T raa laiaaraa. llr .atiii .. dlalla.
tAl , aar Iala. 4.: hat,'. a lar 1Iaia."s ta
lioa. i.ti.ti l l raa1 a a11uasap r a. a
~H. Icl~t Pn~A It
Arrives liar ala,' a at Iiniira1' \
Ila' t ua . a.ii andt n.taau.' ait.aara. atu
Iantaaa'at ol' Laa. ea'uaa l~.l I is ata 1": wi tl
Ila.4.t a n a nd ra Vaal t. ha Ia(I t.al ' itta. ii'
ta4 tilta l~ta,44'h al~ a at'7, 1 iair tal
l\1..na.t \ lr.a r I ata i'(' a fro l .aIa. Mtt. toi 4ata.a
I ' ail. 8 aIa ill al l ta. Ia *la.Fa'nijatioa lr i
liaat D r-i:i . \\'iii I ta .a :1:.at at aaN lt
(C. ia retain1K to It~rlafl.
A4Itl-WrK 144411Tt tiJ44~ E Oi iil aal'a oATe
rJt th~ll Ra atmlaiatlfiriaa ll tr
Requiring the services of
200 Horses! 57 Wagons!! 175 Men!!!
Van Anmburgh & Co.'s Great
COLOSSEUM will exhibit at
Homer, Monday, Dec. 17,18 77
Doors open at 1 and 7 o'clock-performance commence
half an hour later.
i '
Rememlhr, this Establishment will not split or divide,
but the entire Show will be on hand as advertised.
Remember tke Dayi aSd Iate..
Will also exhibit at HAYNESVILLE, SATURDAY,
Dec. 15th, 1 ~i.
For parti9hlar see P'rogrameil and Large Bill.
Heamer, Leuidasma,
The publliention of the GranratAr l b
gun under the namst farorable. elstel
f.taulIt+. It's eianicial Stallti4 g is weerl
isto no olther eoluntrv 'pawr in thie IhtI..
Mleter-. )I-CHAtNw. and tMM tIslse twee
Ith. Ie o.t a.ivent e n . in the parlh gm
a:tering its pnblta slt ieti an a:nstlnuned Ih
the II' rIlI.setnt. The .IMhrriptinon lis
reniliv lntslsllsirn Iever 400 nlulme with a
trtctry a+nuranres of a large iaurease.
At regardl it+ lit rary merits. its seleatlI
will Iw alof the choieLat andll most asleig
kind. called ll ira t leading
:maga;lzinese alnd news.
papers of the day.
We cnfldently anticipate doubling o
circ:lati,, an ithin the next twelve
monltb, ths, th offering to
Usefulness and Proft.
The Psbliisher, with an experience of s!
Can guarantee the printing, in the vr
bet style, at abshort notice, of all
That may be entrusted to him.
Charges Low: Terms Cask
To th~n Isho advertla by tkye.
It Ia :tendsdl to makeo
A Paper hr the Psepb."
Their panuroges - mUIIoCi IbOid.~i
tHievall aoclielted; aiod ltslWu
-.- Te -.- Ele b
?soe Tchnsr Eleewhe~i' fi

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