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3. R. BAIMUON, PuhbWer.
*OM3.U LA.,
W.Te egiSy, -*IBan. e, 3alt.
R~oSvals were unsrooa'on yesterday.
ee msahe of seeatoee n sales Saturday
0ea0d 1ies of lettinsg the streelt this
benrit's sales of valuable property neat
savirgs Books are breaking all over the
PIm The Is maid to be responsible for
lae unpleuson t weather.
bThee is m ezodus of debaulting bank
detal to mrsigu olmes.
Many of our ecrhnlgeo ear to Ito in
the usual Christaoma style-a- balf shebt.
Robert J. Lonany is the Radical eanmlhl
ate for representalive from ('atllo prish.
S--c- - I
Our latest dispatches indicate that E.ug
land It making mlghty preparatioua for
We publish to-day a notice of the dieso.
lotion of tlh, irmn of J. B. & T. II. More.
Reas, up to date., bom but in the prise
eoutie of the war against Turkey, v4l,412
Up to the tth alt. over Un0,000 of toaz
Shad been paid in and several parishes to
hear fom.
- m --._
Nmers. Mitchell, Young, and Duke, all
departed for Now Orleasn on Moday last
by way of Minden.
W. I. Wi, Eeq., is the regular nominee
of the Democratic party., in Caddo parish,
fur representative.
Duell, the Washitgtlua corrhe.tl.iild,.lt -j,
the N. O. Ditemui.at, thinks the l'acliic
laiir suad bills will fall.
It l*a little singular that the gold vain.I
of a silver dollar i I1)l etmlt whille the
gold value of a paper dollar ts iJ cenrlts.
- ---+0---- -
A. MeCranii hoas lii his entire ats k of
geode to S. Y. lla.lney, and hams IH Irsd tli
the same party hii stiore houi, fur too
-- -·---m
Mr. O'Doeanell Ji the Ih'llluoratic nllli.
see for Senator Enetis' vacaniit place. T'Itl
emlnee is a woirking man and rlellres.ot
the liboriag laIs.
One bhundrel and ight arrests wsr.
made Lh New Orleans frllo ive i,' hI. k of
the 15th to meil hbolr ofl li ulll. I lrait
me egg.elgg did it.
We call special attention to the lotinare I
arn of Mear.. Moriiandl A- itlI .eil.nIl, t
both of them I l1iver g.iinl.nwiln and oif Inll
pIPll perience in the bulii esit,. ti i li r.
The new lhklll Intie N,, iator frli '.', ta
forna apl warl i -n s runl.l befor I. i l0 I.
arid alvc'mted in. own i li.-onl, ti., larl. i
himself in falvor of the relmneirlll,-l i.l I t
sliver anid fre. trcli-.
We have had tihe phlusreii. f in,., tilt ,tr.
Arthur Levy, of ith. heoii .I.f I..l.. l,,% v.
Shreveport. Mri. L,.i " i. tin t lnl -I.l. I It
to Claihltale. tie lilformii li that Tliiiki.
Bank i Kihrev.t ...rt hi t. f.ii,-lt.
We have h:t lb l..i pleai.i- of mietmii
with Chasi. tK ackbulrn. I t... e.liltr ,if th.
Hope City Timy iis. ('harlt, iitfi s m. tllt
his father, h. Ith Ilni. 'W..In lapr Ita ,b.t.u .
is impnriittig raphily i ih, .ith.
Will our readers in I irti.il,r pltrish kinl
ly inturli uo of chanige to e li ut-h I tit
church apln.intmnirts fir the year 1-h
We wish to piuthth ia illrrt lint, bt musit
depeind on the m iter ilof u :ithe varin.
churches and the nluiult,lerL tuiin ltvel for
The smreverport roYt. get nio e.it.r 1 . t.
That eoloreil iiitiviluil tilt tintl. by ith.
mud-.hole, two iuil.  u this \ille lf th 'l ,
charging tll he cal gt for Idrving Itirounih
hie G ld. The mnomlilr that a Sri, riirt
bliilts houseL i in tarteriilt ilis th,
darky its Ulitrie.
A.C. Jt..  . r b.ire . J. Sicott,
a-ih Judge, fuir shotiug i a igro that
was caught st'aling wuusmky. The evi.
ieeee of Marcus Etle, the twin. itmal witneu
forsefe, ce, prementeid mne reimarkatle cotm.
tradictieon, but the acused w* no t houlid
over, the judge crunsuderiuig, we irumme.
that there was iiot problable remue of ith,
defendant's gpilt. However, the eviiteuce,.
most be examliied bly the granil jury.
We rece-ivd some weeks so, through
Mr. D. W. it-ris, our urbane ileuessta.r,
a bestiftli song ait music., iatmitlt
"Wkitqpr You'll be Miie. Lu Lve"-airds
ied meI by Jue. T. Rutledge, Ltdd.,, &
rmnticel trainleg having heen neglectest in
east pout, we pweesnted the musii to
Mre. .L Julmesn, one of the meet seumo
redstetas l1 our community, who
p' emesees the pilce charmtin, anid s
thought we when we heeril the wont, sung
biy 0aeet asd cultivated voice sl ew msy'
age. We hops to receive other aleoions.
Sumn the ean mant.re.
Tbe ommnouht'tiam pablisdlb idl anoth
er coltmn of this day's Ouardian ha fron
the piasn a valned ftieudl of o,,lr, whol
Ihas frrlquently itn the pant auvised the11' wo
ple, and geerailly to their adivantage.
I',r him plronalliy we have tlt. hw lgnst
reg:rd, atIn usuatll. hea to hi.s lp inilt lltA it
a pr,,fieusnt sicseres',' to isies 5g,., seslisrcir
intellilgence tald holnesfy of liurl,~c'. BItll
it I*s not smposiahlt that a prelaslts It *s.sllul
all tlhlse atrlniutre mray be wringl,. and ii -
asmulch aS ourt cr.rltepdlt nt, ai is ir at'e
letter i lituse ediltor. Iggelstl is tlh aliltn Itll
cotlaing aercaalln that a little opltsits ll fromls
nit willld s hit hebriahbd m snjl'sl n-lit soi
harts, we prolnc in brief splacur tI tfinri.l
Ithat oplusiiti.n, las ing hisn to be the'
juIgs. of its gasI oir bait rr"sst:t.
Si% have ehal tlut lttie tos aiy e, it.lrialls
0at1 tlt a contl itulti al toil ( 'lii 7elinl . "Its'
subject b .s t'ni treated tof I xtlh tu'ti ,l l'
inll a asries of r otmilltitiCitintpl's tillt' t ie l'Ir
dianlt. 1 , rou ld n otilt implriotr 11 1 n thltr't
ier nlsnesa 'of the rtiea ftlln "llll ittll."
anil therefore qui .tly enirlrse tlheml. And
we' Bud that with tlult few exceplIttuus ttie,
pe-p'lr of ('lalsl rne' niave. diue ile' '10m1i..
True, olnr contributor intitrm si Is that thl,
etirena in wad ll six in this prish lhaite'
aialmt talltnlonaly s'igIned a iwtit.ln teo
the' Le'gi'slattre tsl orhtder a conventson..' s.
i)oubttlea that is trte. WH'se lavre Oftlen I*'
narks. d that 1i i et.11 e, sign I titilst l itth
great reidtinit.ss-in n tti'nsll teolt nnl l ill
it 11esttiu-ns-tihe .nlll. Meait fre.quieint tllle -
ing palle.rs h11 lly Iopl.site. in theeinr tlatu:Lre.
Fi ir esnIple i.tt in islitnut unitel rsilly r1sn- i
tedi that Wll"IF.i. Arorik fis she I .let tax
tullrt-tor we haire Jeae for is'art.
thi re ils ieno causle of complainiit againist
Ihil-y'tt we observte w ith te irprls' tlat
me claiminiig ' to )e hiis t11et frit1rs aire
signing freely an epplctition for the alp
'intimenlt oI f ianotther geitltlemanit. $t1ieh
action is ithe' result of a siingular 5wcaskuess
w' iIh 'iie partIatellettis tiie slsi or . l men
from saI,ing 10. t',nwqantlnl]y tha' gor*.
a ma, tteLr u- IIeee n i tigaii iti, IotI toi grit lftI
the ma' n wie has. the pIaper thle.y tgn tlsit
Inornst a tlll l t uisltk Inil more sl iut it. lnislet
they sh11uld I.e' I1t'd 11n nci awktisetel ipo~tl.
titt lty lthe 'r tot ready .tseet'it. Vie %eh.
lure the i n tii h t i that an ISt t es. . Li1Isetl
iu'nh lrtis t tie', ' et i s / co f*ti'ti enl, igna
t illro.t r |;r gnalturn wr h 'l1i.nl r frll"nd, lI 1t
gra111t hi: t wuttrd s. ix r l ot h t i cier asI r|I i s,
tll fi.vior it"' the eoein t , nil , thee dt 1111 ' lithe
Iltll t1 1h e, d e ntIeI'ct al 'in ,press tnhei ,1r
te' 111 1is iof .il1 t 1ri .cenlll
%11 ., r..n.-llI| 1, w ioth in n .tni'tt Iit .1.stie ,
thi. facet that toie S en wI ;n ix. .il, hi st
nltg. :nnltieit ' l oi ur fe/ et. Ae* s lein- lsrly
epathtletti In the .l1t ,1es.,n,. iced that
at r% I .1111 .% t11,". | li.h d i htte fl + 1' (Insed
it ,itet In11 ci l l te int .t the I el t ' I tIe rlia t tby
t.tles ftlat IeI:s s,' t k t 11ki place Inn 1.1111i
Illnan. Ande that vetry fit furiish,.te iin
:pt ilsstr-'jtieen If Our own tlaii re..s1n
fitr olje'sting to a ionventetiron until uwe
iare - 1tesi,,lis'd tlat th ' th e - .el. f the' littien-l
pmt t In ieiii'e.ii Aiscei te lh sh.atte 1e1l.
Itle w tllle r ki-jee s. tn, It . ,11t ithe , s01le -
t'ull t 1't 1 n c l iu te l i f i ll t trlhe tee"
in :In ell'ti1n. I n' mn" tr llr ,ntl r tihare
t ithl ire tih indigi intron I,.n-s.,l 1% thie' nl
iltzr, eIlntl of tn.it% l1"ple xIll ( I , l| n * t oi
tikw tall e t 7'1 i1 I.cliitnllg ti the 11 je11 1it
let t t p r S tith 'e eel ti e " t't IeII
l-.;Il s ti. It i. l' '. r I.e%%s t.,ec tcee -
0I thi p1 .... 11 :.. i .t l : :';. , r *i 1.,c 11i.
' :i , h e  '10 t r, t ie . l' ' ui et t i 1 ."
ci 1i t Iele tideI t ei e d e. g t, t, i . . , ,,s,'
'i; f' l full .t ti h . i , c hRci , t1 1 1. t,
1 1'.1 ',"i % , lt r .,t1 ShllJ~i , ' i t ' 1 te 1 i ,1.1.10i !1
. 1' a l l " c i"" l iu h ,f ,, u hi n '..f il -II ti 1 te
\1l) I.l |a, o.n 11'Un 1 1, 1% u ,,*te
1, li t %ite' e h. 'ts 1 c,1 ,, et It.|n ell..e ,I s ,l
1 tit l it lt t ,11 t ,l t, , , n ... tcic. t..
. .tcc ."ec i t I'.i l.ii ct.i,, 11''" " 1i-,.- , c.c, hti c
' ,,, 11 t~l* ,l,~ tli l it, \ tc-" tetcl ~tecu
. ell1 " n 1 I it idi.' : , 1 .l l 1 : 1
'so lcn 1 t e .t . tha Ieetl" .- 1 I lIt. t ll.."
. ,lel d tee 1 ''' i:.c et it t h te,. ,t I .
tae e |t IIc tt I*0 t er r , t - i' ttn teienl
I%' te|, , ,,,ft 1 ,,ie,,.,,. t ,*,. te, t, t hc t tt ,ie iltt- +
hi)i , ,j i, . 1, %cte- r tnnt , i t. hit pr. f- t e
l'seai it %1t t e-tMo t n e-t . 1111 %% ..e ,.an l
.tJcr sei e't ti e11' 'c ilnt 1t -l'.i ltte r kll|-.
1Ve siieitt teu l ,e t nc l1 i hit a n .s rlt ,f t . 1i.
i n' s ti u f tht h i n : .a-te C .e t C.. Ic t t oee
tnl ;It st tee ,t Ice fter sh l e i*n* t i i w et 'll cc
it+, iitsie t e t ie .t Iset: it | ecitl. s h ii* tlecs
se lkit llo Inise ,' is Iceets ci lle'it I e'*'st tlfllihilt
,ere itsl tit sti' i s% l tie|ctt. 's ste scsi d le
tihe' re'eldt sf tee ineg leetie 'et Ile in n 'i" .
ilt ee'n1hlti,,ll n 't' w 'e gt Stt to se r ei odl
Ift is'tte thtis it er ci's re i' f tne
n.I tstatst n f lhe' tllettuter set :stss,'te es'l tst I
ilsat Iss.sv het reer,,i . td t, s th ' ei,,he Cit ictit'
time. ihiut a tiiecre' eet'teiit.' kii'ess ledge tf
the intstcrm et lee' 'A st estehsleslhe ' ill lee
of is'lo heli It hiuh itt rirt.nllsnting hts peti
tieii,. 's'tple will tnenall" esigtni ithiout
A.t nmjeerily of all sininsts'rs itt New York.
C he x i'e ,t th e s'e tf t h s' rll s s soll e a n sitk a n d ht"e a
devil of thieir festhsrs. They , lrses ass
ahlsta st'scseeiuts taiss-n lief itn the strtlho'
thu ittil. In their 'esutinsitsg ult they ignsore
atthe hrhnalete, tics' atld heet irtm businuem.
'erily the wsrle improves.
The Car.' tctlhs'r. of s ed Riv'er i'rish.
fell out lately, a Mr. Tllstiiuits 'sieinitg ' ith
.stth of the biotbera .Joht R. ('Iart 'nsmit
t.d to arrant. Thompaon and the stiter
('ar isajatesd the aheitl' ine.' ansi e'
lishang'si 'sissetts with lhetn. Afb'rward ants
ither attelpi was made to 'rreast thsemt.
tWlthtat .Ae're agissit exrhlang0'i. Car'" was
-'sbot dowu ted c'epturte, ars Thodapeua
ersea see.
[C muw uauii'atr Il.
Constitutional CamvoM on.
.Mr Editor:-Allow me through
the coluntrns of your laper to informll
your readers of what is being done
ill this Parish it order that our i{ep.
resent atives may uunderstand thhe'
seutiwent of the people with refer
euice to ia Constitutional Co(nven
tion. A few of our citizelns bteing
inuformed that thei w Ipeiolt of Hien
title parish were pet itioning tlhe
Gtenera.l Assembly on this slllject,
determinedri to ilct ii. eoutl*rt, andl
:evel.r.l I"titionis re Itwing cireiala;
Itedl rayling the Senate atnd tlouset
aof IReplresentativesi to mak lllsk iroti
sionl fr a c)nstitutionalli conventioll
ait the ensuiltg sessioll of the IA'lgin
gitluire. (ihl the sutbject of constitu
tionall revision there is, I suppose,
but one opinion. All see and tel
the llecssity', but how antd whens
is tile lquestion thait gives rise to
dIiflerences-sumen favoring legislai
tive ameslldmeuts, others a coavlen
tioll. The advocajtes of the former,
i. e. by unldllealment, urge as one of
their Ihe:aviest objections to a cons
venitio -is tthe exxlnelts attachitng
thereto. Again they chaium that ill
ait ew eoastitution we will Ihaive to
vote oni it as it whole anlld thie pirob
ability of havilng nli.ny things still
objectionable. O(ne other that 1
lhave hIeard, to mny mnind too weak
to notice, is ihat the interest of the
sosutl ern part of the State sand the
river parilshes are diverse to thalit of
the nortllern parishes, a:lnd we will
siltfer byv tilhe ulllbitillts illn a coISti
tutioual convetllntlil. And still onei
Ildore tis frasil, that we sna tail to
elect dhlegaltes % ho a ill l'prove trle
ati1 tl1iOtic i i.s as a ell as I i.e enough
to io ai hat a e talunt lonse.
For oine, we :ire ill favor of a is tir
reiltitution eilan;ttistg from the i
Itllilgenei of the l'i p'le of this
S;tate, slitl in triing to tieit, tiihi
Ialje(tit tailts lhciee ,t aw shal:l ,oler
same o lf the reasnis tliht prompllt 11s.
In the lirst plate. at'eoriling ito
the plroisionals sof Ihe plirsenlt rtn
s tlllit1iot, only three ianullls'denlts
etll be slimsitted tio tihe peoplil alt a
tine' without said provisions lie re.
pleai'ed, iil to dli thIis it requite(
talll Iotlslths , ;Iand thllis a t least ill
voll ta M i O eas tild two ele'ctiotls
lielorie we could hita.s' to euenre lithe
reliet byv l.egislative amlenldmsliats
ise nselu. li.rv thillkitg at0nl
kLllsts hluit iti gilsllie;iunt eistinili
tional stlalistellsnts, lie th l evller si
ilt atlls h lal r, hai' rlhae ill ea ltl
ity o pellrsl Oal coilnelit litr tlhfiae.
olputlatitll tl le give tlheiisalvtao
ltilte tI Ilte siglate their worth. asl
thus Ithey Ite always i" t atilieal,
rattlild by at eihlet ansiue tlha ol th
iraisei . It is is idn'ei , it st iglsht
be th:,lt dIleg.a ate tiliglt bea aovei
Itei l l a ia e i ll s l lly It s .sl pte ll tdie,
of so esitr1pt is to (1'1t1tia' :t t-as-ti
tilltiu i 't(ll a asies o jl a -iei'lililable. lh1lal
lhis piat al.  iln lIst th isa tiii , iv taI
the (iHres1nt. Jll tielt of nlll Halie ti
re. ilin t, a nig . n acw lhol"e tiiai.d
i.la-latttel bae stllbintteld to the lseti
pIc thitl a sill dihiitli i ither thet
lir aitnlil f itleis or (ha er salititrs.
or il thrawiilla g the .at lipointig
ptter t"t the ovllloer , ior inll th
Ithing tlhat ao lhl atliht tihe ilnterest
ior poiterllf Ithe resit iens ii .s it
imore proslealllat at isty te tetore
indils reiet it the sel ection of idel
gaite than e lltle.tatilets Stuel,
ial ti.sii Itaolilt ollr ohtolia.tsts is toi
Iaitlintg a-is cositetaptible to tloeserv,
ousr titase.
It is true we sliall have to veot
u-lit the new cosistitlition as -
i hole, iil that it lntayv have objec
tioabile fealsires, ssre'lv nieo tisore
thiat the preseilt, and the gbhiucei
are altogether fstvorable to leus
anidl tiheis we are left the samse r
soslrc8 as stow, of ainlessding atit
l Iwouhl suggest that just oese lilr
vision in the new constitutioi
could save all the cost of a conveis
tlitn anal be isifssuitelv better for thl
state, that being i, change to bieti
asial seisiosts instead of anitinsil. 1',
S have too sinclh legislatiots, too mns ;
oicers with too much salaries
Who will dare gaiinsay this but th
interested? It is aslso urged tha
we need a political sabbath after
struggle of years in order tha
every politiest sterre be qutieted, inns
the strife asset bitterness of year
be buried, two ask the deliniueu
taxpayer whose home has been soha
for taxes, if his condition will admi
of such a isabbath; ask all theae peo
ple who voted for those who were
so loudly calling for retrenchment
janid reform if they cawr louger wait
for theta to fulfill their vows, and
if you get no anaswer sooner, next
Jovemllaer, '7t, you shall hear them
answer is their representatives
come ntot nlow to their relief by a
newI constituttion. In this parish in
less thllan one week ward six speaks
out by latition almost unanimlousnly
for a convention. .n one day in
Ste town of llomer over one hutn
dtred niames were signed il a most
enthusiastic tanllnter, only one man
refufsing hlaving og-ctions, and one
decliniung on the grounld that he
a had given the subtject but little
thought. .Aladl so far ias I have been
able to learn none opipose a conive
tion except those now holding of
fl nee, and this is not to be construed
as emltbracinlg all that do hold office,
aor as a reasam that lromlpts them
enatirely. I do not regard this the
time nor do I claim to be the man
to lresent the objectlionable features
!of tihe lIresent constitution; but as
'--to the bIsRt nuolo of relieving our
si elves, I ha:ve Ino doubt tlhat a con
vention naill be the chealest anad
the only way that will ever satisfy
the 'people' of this State, and give
San a goverlnment that will secure
proslwarity to the Ijeolle. and afford
that shelter atl irotection that
shall invite and encourage emi
I grants and capital that will devel.
op the resources of otr State. Then
let every man feel his inlterest in
this ttsubject land get uip ltittiolns
and secure every voter's naale who
f tHels thle weight of taxes and waants
relief. aJ.
State Immigration Convention.
[N. ,J. un ,tw ýy I1,Ita.]
Itt answer to our request in last
week's ,Delta, ( iovernor McKtaerv.
Swho is aln attelItiv'e readetr of this
paplr. Itfavors itsa rad.la s at ith a val:aa
SIle 'taullllllllli';litiona o the Ilalatagral
birl 1'Covention here unet Inth.
I hr numlronuJ pIrr ish ex'hani e..s will
help t 't zalo tst.e a 1 rteptlltshing
fill- :ls tiele.
r Th' I ilah I .day of ,'i.aaltlry iesxt 1h1at
been .app-.intetl tthe da:v for a State
n I ' tl el'rIti t to Ie lMda it the city of
N a-at Itrla,:lS, Iii t ake int .taa sidera
tion the fto tpr eatlat.lils which will
aleaIl to a laagae, influxi of honest and
Sthrift's immigrnlts tolanisiana ith
in a rleasni lel. * spll e ;' , of iallme.
It is to be holaad. ;tar -rrttinly is
expectl d that this e , vetltion will
a prove a stneaeasa, aln this hot1t. and
exltelation arte tiunled in the belief
that tltahraughat l ha' SIiatie wa. 116-I dp
itt interes't u ill Ile talkela. in, the
- Iamattter ias to aall-telt the I t etion of
deleoatls to this I totv-t't inni ta hose
t.ht.a ,tetr anl :ahtili.t a a ill aitrii.ha an
ac o sllllt tlh I,.th peoplel of Luaiaisi;llt
Sitelnd tIo inatigrate ate a l a .stailish
a S t'-n .,.-fil shealme for imlttaigratiat.
:at like her sister Stlats of Te'ar ,
'ltorhilt- .rkaIn'sal ai a l t ita sissip r i,
;aad iaaa-xh;alstilh' soil, thotsaaads of
inal tritol. tl' ala from oither tee.
tins tao laeallt ats to hltilld tip our bro.
This a inil tia tia l f itveoelt, laoae
ýoing thi t t l, aath lit-' Mata i.te"init
Shi- Iost ,rl toil aetmta. ra,.td Iy tlh
tpalltetl alla: l l.atultown r. anlal it is
to titi' l.t-as at o ur citlien. tha; t wer
ra ,v e.-lIetiatl 1. apip al. to take an at"
i e li - interest its tla 're v,'tiott to ns
eillae ing this ctt ot thle 14th of
a .llatt, uaIr' next.
It talet ne to it thaat a meeting
" is .lcall in evi y parish, :taItd tilhtl
Snithabl leleg:atdl as are aerediteld to
tle ' 'talvetntiot; arill ntt waod for it,
alu imlpetns t ill he givnc to this all
ittl ior:tatt movetmnlta t ahi, h will
at trte t tno very ha d and clin l, atela
it a ithla rusCle ald ha:in to help Its to
ereblnil l.ouisianla mai aake her whlat
she ought to bte. one of tlhe richest
Staites in tihe I'nioan.
h We hetl a,l trust that not a single
) parish will be unrelpr.taed itn thae
o tonvelttion to tassemnble, tlhe success
or fatilre of whlicht is fraught -wilth
weal or woe to our State.
a The N. 0. )emicrat of the'22d
lc. i ecember says: Up to date thirty.
six tax collectors have piresi'ltedi
their thtal settlements at the Audi.
Stoar's oftlce for the current year, eascl
a, one showing by hlis acconats that the
e. colletionas or Ihe current year have
d greatly exceeded the anticipationsof
event the matl anguine, and the very
small delinquent lists sbowing tbe
na willinguess of the people of Ilhettate
s. to support the govertnent of their
own selection even fterexperiencitag
years of burlenmome taxatitoa.
Il the opinion of the Stateeofiiaals
the prompt paymelat. evea witha re
daeed tazation, will he ample now
atand for years fo eome to meet parom t.
ly the ilnla.rest tlan the indebtednesa
ha of the State.toud will also enable the
at State to itivest gradually in hnternal
a ip.'ovemeaats. atch as the construe
tion of s'hool builaings in the airish
es. a featare which, by the way, will
id hw fullh set forth in the annnal report
ra of thea unerintendeaat of Palbio Ed.
Thera is at pureent a hall in the iteables
It on the Meotian hlor4er.
Fall and Winter Goods,
Centennial Curiosities,
,orw on Exhibition at the Mammoth House of
OU17R Stock has been carefully selected in the Northernrand Emtg
i Pities, to suit the people, antd we are determined not to be undeug
by any House in North Louisiana or South Arkansas.
Cotton is down, and Goods must follow!
We are now offering (Goods at the following Low Pricem
Fre,.h ('ali'. 1 yard a id,. It cent";: Large sire Rhawl, fromg 75 eemta o
'li' ... fr,. nn t, 6 .. t, color, guaantte,.d: l .asti' wg sho.es, 1St and upwards
t sea l4homl (' tt-tn, ti,. I*..t, I yd wide', 10c; I.adisr ' fin,. I)nm (*nwls, Oe9 , worant
l.iusys, from 15 to 20 ceruts; 2 yard wide Irown Table Cloths, 5xg
We have the largest lot of
0 which we sell at astonishing low prices.
(Or $ti.k of Ladiet'i. M.in* and ('hildren'a Shoes were selected. In Philadlphm
loston markets,. witlh great cart as to duralsility andt style.
We are rc.ivintg dily the latest style. of C'LOTHNG miand FURNISHING 000 C
for swrn and 1Itl'is. HIATS of the latst.t fior Ladies, Gentlemen sad Boys.
t I' ('all and examine our magnificent stock of French and Oeem
llOSll ERY, which we offer at great bargains.
Saddlery, Hardw:re, Tinware. Queensware, Faruittn
l)ru.gs. I'erfutner.v, t&e.. in great quantities.
The worldrenownecd SINGER SEWING .MACHINES, at _l"
IIt'GG IES and \WA)ONS of the best make, at the.Mammoth Stae
,And everything usually kept in a first-class Country St
if Jou id/ not AP i.:hat yjoa trant, aik foa it.
I' IHides, Tallow, Wea~ ('otton taken in exchange for Goods.
Farumsrville. J.ouisia.-a, October 31, 1'.77. tt
Lou.IMlan State University
B.\TOaN tl)II ;lE. LA.
T II: ,ur.r . o f -tuod.v ,.ttn rmc, a. u 1.
. uh it f I.it, rattr, r ld o 'irie i . Fuitiuf
:mli t l ,. t " th.' t. Lir.av al i Aplipar:ati,.
an. fr,'e. No il'r.lntl al I" u atallllL ationl
Gf e , t. p.y. I 1o1a¢1,lucludhng washing,
light-, l"u. 1, |lac'kml. lne,.sling. medical
att'lirtil, &c., fi.. ft ) p.r moutith.
L F. it. ly'1", I'Preident.
Dec. .. 1 X7. Ill:4t
Mt. Zion Seminary.
'[<II .Yr* r.i+,, of fit. 11,.ti1mlon for the
, 1 " r i -7 , w ill  .'..ll n ' uot
Monday, the 4th day of February next.
I.' ,- of ltl .. @': and $ l3 p r unotth,
It,;r . " +ý r m1o,,uth.
W. 11. I.I:-LIE, P:i'wipai.
li,.,'..i, i-77. I 'lw-2 "
Price of Hauling lReduced.
\Y)W i. th. u . I. r lto have ytulr ('lluls
. n 't.a hI t,, ,.i. .i, , It auit u,!l, fir $1
t.'r hnuulr. a. I, il make weekly tripe t,,
-hr.lllepollltt. .r' ,al altentlon given tol
.il wklI a,'I a oll| ca l, .
(1,"t. 17. 17,7. 9-n
TOY EG.AN, Driver,
1 .lKES Weekly 'rrip- to Nshrrelport.
I ('are anld iattlitionli given to all oderei,.
Pric.i lhwa, and prompt tripe madle. (ave
Tium your bunein.e. lOct. 4-10tj
Partitlem ale,.
lnuceenionu dl Dl.mpwy Applewhite.
BY virtue of a ecmlmirsion to me directed
by the Illonirable Parih Coullrt of the
paril of Claitlrue, I will mill, at the Court
ionu doliur in the townl of liotner, on
Saturday, the IUth day of January, 1t7_,
tlh ti.ll uing decrihbd tract of Landl, mit
ttiled in the Iparish of ('lallorr, to-wit:
The northwest quarter of ettion nuilne
ten, Townihi p twenty-two of Range five.
Alen. the Net halfuof the monthwr.It quarter
of atertlm eighteen, same Townshlp and
Hange,. Also, the iant half of the mnltheast
quarter of Section thirteen, Townlshipl
twenty-two, Range six. To Ie sold by
order of Court to effect a partition.
Terms of sale: Ceas.
IDeec. 11. 117 . (p f ) 1 :
Pstlatii. Sale.
Suceasion of Jess Applewhite.
BY virtue of a reommisuion to me directed
lhv the Howar.ale Pariah Court of the
periuh of Claiberno, I will sell at public
auction, at the Court-boahs door In the
town of eHomer, on
Saturday,tbe Ithday fsJauary, 1876,
the following described Land, situated in
the pariah of Clatine, to-wit:
The west half of the moutheaut quarter of
ectian laineteen, Townshil twenty-two,
Range five west. To be sold by otder of
Court to effect a partition.
Terms of sale: Cash.
De II. I'. (pftA) 17:tr
ing at the 'tore-houue lately occai
A large stock of
lIDy GooD.c
BOOT",' -
and all articles usually kept in a
store. My terms are strictly and
it ally cas. I have purchased my iMi
I..rson, and have exercised the
ear.' in their selection. My priesm a
low as ther of any other boseurna t
try. Give me a trial, and you will l
.. C. LAWRA*3
O,'t. 17, I'7. 4
S tllyv. ilite you to inspect mylar
beau.tifully selected stock of
consisting of Dry Goods of every
tiou--(lthlug, Hats, Beets sa
andi almost everything kept in a
Having determined to change
uis' from the old establishbed rtal5
credit and no pay, to that of
make it to the interest of theb
gooda to buy of me. Before
where. please call and exdamin
"A penny saved is a penny
Oct. 2L4. 1t77.
Piano and Organ Age
ITAING accepted the Ag eesq
1 ebrated
Pima Kmmsa etu C.., New
I am prepared to sell int eluss
the lowoet cash prices. Tie Ii
Smith Pianos combine every Im
in tone, torch, power and
have everywhere wee be
utation for sarkrJlld ele,- and
Dy. All Plane sld by mw w1il
makers' suarantee ber ae
alas reeleee m aesm} l
delivered, therby~
ing In peret ordee sad ae
reselve ordere Ar the ioeA-d
serpaseed ia the rMad e e
dorsemaet of all t he lee
copmpmer in urimpe sad Aen s.l
as low as any frat cam Gam.,
All inntroumete mssd slO
em'. For deunszs l 1, l ,
ply to
Prof. Mea. La Iemes ir
Ie am etgalI a. seen
I' 8" or1 I tt rra.

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