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• • , ¢ € . .J
Trs e o i
sear InMtl vaas. .............. .
Three . .0 .............. 0
Qa ,U.S,-t m t1C In spm or lai.
iatifn:, ,., 400.; alihttal iiaer
ton. 50 cents.
I o. ea..S 1 1e4 us 1 year.
I qure, 4I 1 00i3 7 7 0I10 015 (o
3 .. 00 24 00
Prof,-eioutl and busiue s cards, of ten
lints or line in length, $15 per annum: for
eaI soonth,. $10: for three tinntthq, $7.
wlil I.e inerted.i at a.bt.ve rates.
I..,.tl wlverts*tmentt.l will be charged at
ri.il rate.s, where iel, by law: otherwi.se.
at alspial rates asI pblllbhed above.
gr S;eCi I it ntites 20 cents tier line.
Fun.tral tti'~ of Ie,4 thin tell lines.
-a r I ~rirnage and reuigiots notices stearted
Job-.work execated In the neatest style.
and at reasotaleJ prices.
Angust W2, 1l77.
ightwath Ananul Seaso begias Sept. 6th, 1877
'FIclE T TEAC.\IWER will All every
[ llertmteut. Eittltal atteuttiul givetn
to MCL'.'.
Btoarti pr month of fotr weeks, intclud
ing washilg. lights. &c.. $15.
Tuition, ~3, 4 and $s. No e.xtravagaluc.e
The Insttntitt i4 strictly non-sectarian.
Snd for (Catatlgue.
T. .. SLIGII, Prest..
lHomer, Claslumrne pariah. Ia.
Aug. 22, l'877. l+
The lrand Cosell U. F. of T. North La.,
STIIL h.,ltd its next annual meneting at
SHOllMER, commencinig on Thutrsdiy
July Idth, I d.
(1. L. (ilkint. (Or W P; Mis Mattit Mays.
Gir W A; Adam iN iladson.. (Or (': Mi....
Thbohwlca .Mctariantl. (r A C; Matx Fuatle.
(r S: Alen. Itarkedahl,-(r A 8; Iolhm W.
McFarlandl. Or Tr: .Mim F;nont. Parker, (ir
A Tr: John A. Miller, (Jr ('hap; - Ives.
Ur 9,ent.
Po,.t-o·rie , rr r " r S.:.;., VYi, n, La.
Aug. 2L. 1i47. I:,
Homer Council No. I, U. F. of T.,
Meet. at the Court-Holae erery Friday Night.
T. S. iligh. W I': Mrs. Adella Aligh. W A:
A. T. I)orman,. S; Mism Lida Scutt.. A H S;
J. B. Ott,, ('ont: Miss Kate .itnllnne. A (':
J. A P:trker. Chap: R. P. llarwell, Sent:
R. T. Vaughn, F S; II. W. Kirkpatrck, Tr:
A. C. Caihoun, C Dly.
Aug. 22, 1577. 1:4
WTILL practice in the Courts of ('lai.
r t"" Jaekson. Ilient ill.,. Linenih
and L:,. u, and i the 8npr.me ('nurt at
Moonre. A ,:. 2. 1'77.-1:y
Judge 3. 8. Young. Jon. A. Iii, hardtUIon.
PARTNERSHIP li.utted to the parch of
lailborne. L gal Iuinias. :ai. .4 tto
by either partner ell J ~eksn. I'ntn., Itstli
vlI, and Linouln perishe*, and bInfore the
iSupreme Court at Monroe.
Ang. 24, I"m. I:y
1I1.L practice in the Cnnrts of Clai
)T borlne, Bienvalle. Jackson, Unio:i.
and Webster, and the Supreme Court at
Aug. 22, 1877. 1:y
bi. 1. U. BUiCHA DSON,
HAVINGI risnn.l the practice of Mciii
n Clie odtter hia services to the citiueiis
t C'laiibornel patrsll, it the various branches
of hia profesrnon.
Ose .r t the Drug Store of Joo Shelton.
Aug . Y. 1?,77. l:y
WILL attend prom rtl and fccieatly
to all bueiness IW hi line. Charges
to,lerate. Residence 8 miles acnthrast of
Honmer, on Trenton road. P. O., Hlomenr.
Aug.n , a le?. 1:y
AM now repared t re-paint and var-,
- 4bh Carriaes, Bnogies and Wagwmsn at
thor notice. Iat)ifalon warrante'. Sm.
pIht of my work can he seen in Homer. I
will also varnib OLD PFCRNITRE and
rPt ar .e~efnable to suit the times.
Caitl ad qrm e at the old stand of High.
toter R I~er, 8. E. er. ublic aqLnare.
Aitt. 19, lSWrt. 4
Stat Wh ' We ls t is rwe ed
r~r's here
Plantation Nepplies of all Kinds.
I.beral advancea made on Couttn. in
,·sh and n.pplies.
Aug. 22. 177. I:y
8. W. tWLINIs,
(bncemanor to Rawlins & Murrell.)
tallon 9, clotl ati
f ,nmi aion -la 'tri/tant,
No. 8 V Uln.o *reet,
NEW OlI.E.\N".
E. J. HART * CO.,
Importers and Wholesale
Grocern and Commisslio
Hores 73. 75, 77 a0nd 79 Tehl,npitonlala t.
W.rthounae. 3.9.:5, tI. and 9J FcTh-upitoulna
street, Nowr ()rleaua.
Aug. '22. 1.77. I:y
L. C. Jurey. M. G;lli..
O)mce ................. 14 Gravier Street,
Anug. ., 1i77. I:y
John C'haff, W. If. ('haft,
C'hristopher ('hatff. Jr.
OBle. ...............No. .2 Union Street,
Aug. 22. ,77. I:y
S Whol'.ale D.*ahobr in
9" Canal NStr,.t, and 1"5 (.'omnumtn Street,
Ang. ., I177. 1i:y
E. Page. '. Moran.
//,*cluejale lealeta
Hats Caps and Trank.,
No, 10 ................... llgazinle Street,
Ang. 2. I 77. I:y
Whol,.a:,e lDeahers in
Boots, Shoes, Brogans and
No,. 1211, 12 and 1 25. .... Common Stre.et.
Aug. 22. 1e7. 1:y
Iml~lnj tcr and Ih.aler. in
Hardware a~ii, Agricultural
No. 71.................. . Canal Street.
Aug. '2. 1x77. :y
(Snccraaora to limnnh. RIalda in & Co.,)
Deal.ra in
Hardware, Steel, Iron and alllread
No. 74 Canal, and 91,93 and 96 Commonl rtts.
Ang. 92, 1577. 1:y
Importers antd Jobbera, in
Hardware, Cutlerby, Guans
and Pistols,
Nao. 601,603 and 605...North Main Street,
Aug. Wi, 1877. !:y
3 Fgrt RW !Ptt iEEFW.,
N Tereday, The and Esr .
u moorains of db 'e, will
hnrflath tpee p e o Homer ad arl nMd
lug conatry 44th FINE FAT bEEF, aley
taughlteerd. Prots ae m 4 to east.
pee oad. Paeenos lir ag in theb coantry
wbo wish to boy beef, a d the buas log
osly once a week, woald do better to ba
Satay, Ta t day I usuallyn k
ouo will do wellto tr me ~gal. I
gaeS t 4 mcas II 6so.
An. .. ee~ no~ - saw V~
Teach, teme, techb,
On every day the week,
And thrash, thlrasldthrash.
Fromn your lhead dow toi your fist.
Reading al san iiling and writing,
Grammar and ilgraphy,
Till a pun bn)'. braiuls
Are Aitll oii paill,
And he's tirt'd as tired can be.
Write, writse, write,
The UtontuaU you're out of line,
AndI wrilt, write, write,
Until it is half-lamt nine;
SIurtehb .id rcrible and scrawl,
And hilt and blulr atond smear
Till tle racrbr comles
And walrms your tIbulms,
Aud uaket you to I ever so queer.
Work. work, work,
Your r"xalplllh-s until ele'eu,
And uork. ork, work,
Your .et.mjplts t han,ln till seven
PoUads nl 'and our' an d druais,
I)ramn ad Iunlll n atltd IunIIII,
Till you I t so imad,
Yon are i Iilsra glad
When the bull for :tsus aomudla
It Is, oh! for a beautiful plane,
Wber never a seebsol hobus is,
Atmd it's ,h! IrF a bs~lp1y land
VWhrre Iever a t.aclter lives:
Wh..re tslm. luaurllri 1d kits gr,'w wihl. I
And :t flhw, (sl h,,lhr ind .sh,,ut.
Alnd tiher'm neverr a look,
lint a ct't tilisk
For to tislh anud to al :iul abouIlt.
And it 'l oh1! for the happy tilme
When I get to be is mlua.
aA n l wi+Aud I rD t 1lq " aui, j1 ltlill
And I,ca1 w ii l n,,h lill ji ;m,
IVhI, I r-an |ut t'wakA bloil
ois7' 11.1 tleh ii" t ImN'k , .est,
And I ans put ink n his fie.t',
W Ilh nt'e'r a fre.r to h-bea i t;
J'l p andI wlll In'lllntl nt ral lr;nll,,
And ilithr aul yell ul Mhaboilt,
And I'never a3 i noi
To , l,,, thl,- feels.
Nor to keep ise frem going out.
[(iRkmond I)ipatch.
Washington Correspondence.
7 W nal.artox, D. ('.. Dec. 31, I'T7.
'The rush, bustle ansl gayety of the
(i plital has died away, and the he
gira of tired Legislators hais been
woven into history. Here alnd there
one lingers, like some stray swallow
il ittiiutumu. Perhaps he has a iat
place uponlt bone committee with
jower to sentd for persons antd pa.
li'ra, or perchance the dlraft upon
hilt sinall(f) salary would be too
great were he to journey to his dil.
tant home. The aslenlce in the ro.
tunda, lalls, and lobbies is blroken
now anld lthen by anll occasional fiwt.
flall reminiding one of sonto "+lian
qlet hall deserted." A few days
land the lobbyist menit, woIImen It'I 111
buttonl hole manipullators will return
nud tihe legislative miacliiie with all
I its side shows will Ioe net in nmotion.
'('hritntmis withi its joys iand estlivi
ti.es is hohlidiM iin its sway the lt uoi ng
;lnt old. What a wreallth of happi
ie's saiiiisi'lli the yonuig lhearts
these nlmrry lhtdy. Wa.higtonl
layis andl gill~s .s'n1 I l t' I, t i 1111hiU ll11.
!in tlls thils yeara ti 1 San ; t:a ('llll
reliins srlielmIe. What i ph',usanl
n 1 torylll tll'esem' hli tl.\ s lav t ill It
hearts tit childieni! Aln 4;1i, us it
we'rt in the dull slerelt of the vyear
W'llithe'r we aire to have the "U)0t.
itr of inir lI s)aiiet"-like ('iminis
lotre V;ll.lerlilhl's chiilntl'--or tlile
"'lifg 1laiht" s.tmis to h; lle' Ino itIfit.
e'nce upon the 1lllll1h-. sit' nube of hlig .
her. T''hei nUptil fevte'r has hleros Ine
ai re'gnlhir eliidemiie and schl halhhe.
lorn are ,fleteilg for tlheir lives.
1 )r. Marly Walker, that "whalll is.
it" tf our cit'y nlLH'ar1 daily on the
strelet, hat, (atlts, ientie sted all.
ie-r tiny feet isnatsd ill his sanglI
tittislr biotsari its pridel. Hits Ip
'Il;\lnance attractsl grnait attentioln
1and she has aIS her lictors a
ct'rowd ot tlmalll iotsa who insist on
laughling on all tccasition. Sllhet.
Shas brought ulit ag0instt tlIr' (hity
ernamellt for a tler'e pay. lie MaiyS
shie wits ready and 1wlillisg to work
;but w:I utalRasiglte'd, ergo it waltes
pay. Tile C'oempltroller held, just ai
a joke, that shesholnuld iw paidil, hut
Ithe inlle'rngibles eilt who )l.uslat
out the money determilin .d that nei.
ther hsheshe, or it Idshoil be paid for
service not remdered. Exil, tre fet
live Mary-pantsi and all in bilgh
SThe red sad stone structurel
known as the 8lithsonise laustitute,
with its beautiful Igrounds Is an at
trctlioa to every one valting Waub
ington. It's history in a rmaatle
one, and not gesnerelly known. A
En o( p bt 11 yer- oM when
e ~ of Independeep
wn ldl w, rw a lived durinl the
osar o3f 1M19, and who never Iteipptd
toutt into ti0i, tc";lr'? had au i ti
mate friend ihere-:andl only :one'.
lWhen the fiotnerl diet in 1M29 at
r(e no he let) a large estato to a
3nephew nuoin the utoldition that
shoud he dlie ehliililessa the inone
should go to thile tonitel State~ to
toun aUt 1Vaashingtonl ";ln estatiltish3
3nenlt for tile increase flnd ditfilfiton
of knowledge atnoing moen." The
niephew died withont an4 heir all3i
the *.:0I8O0,00 wau left to the U.
8. After two years litigation in
E':nglhad, Rihalrdl hush the agent
t'tr thlis conltllry sutweei ll in get
ti1g to New York elevemn bIoxes of
gold or hialt' a m1illion dollars. The,
mInlnev wlas loanedf to Arkamnsas flat
a;lud was 3slltnllieltred Iv thilt 'tIte,-
the bmId1 give.n ian IecUt'llit1' weret re
lpdinteit and of ,.im3n3s the amne1'
waI all lost. The (iovernlme,,t ".
fillatt iairid In;tdle, a) atfirtriatlim
to 'over tile ainu11)1 itand ill 1-17 tihe
collar stonle of tihe prei'.lt11 SlitIi
mUasiaUn--llnamlu after the donor
4ulnithllnn-ws. laied. The fund now
amOuntsl to 171400. Thie librar3
11numbers 7.t00lt volllmes. Thel prvn.
rot great need a Iisioe rounn. _}
the forty govenml' enilicts reJi3e)44'iteti
at the CentXeniial thirty-toulr gate
the choicest of their exhiibits3 tlio this
Institution. The lpresents were vial.
tied at $30o001) and are now packed4i
in boxes rusting and moulndering,
Saquiting the tartly action of Con
gruas, in providing room for their
A bright story is told of the late
Mrs. Gen'l. Hooker, a former belle
of Washington society. At an even
ing party a fasahionable young dandy
was tatked it he wished to be pre
zselnted to her. "Oh yes" said he
languidly "trot her out." lhe over.
theard te remark and wh h e wasl
presented, she adjusted her eye.'
glasses and looking him over from
boot to ushirt collar, quietly remark
ed withi at gracefuil wave of the hand
-"trot him back, I have seen all
there is of himt." FAx"
Colored vs. Bald-Headed.
Ye;arsl :ago tile tin uellkllown
hiirui t " V & ('Co.. 11 3ont11, agents'l
for ta lI a11ir line 6f A.ustralian
pIacke3t ships, receited .. letter of
i niry tfrom111 ('ininnalUti. ('3urre's.
iunl llc e follh wed, and s0etlll ht ilii !
%l 44.es were englIged for Mr. alld
Mrs. I.Jos1pih Ilattldhti, their 4un .Io.
sph. Jr'.. :111 .11-i: It;i che, lwho,
were p , t3. 34 r, e' to pt t: ....;li
.t'" " , 1' :|i'[% lir_'lt,} n i lt l,:; I
Sharp. whe1..1 l A . t)333i. 3l3'i ts33U g 3
wouid sil I'l thil l,;.% fllohwilng,
nets ller iterftifIit *..
()1n the ingllle diesignalated it
yliolllg ial:tl'ke' ' txq isitl, i;Ntr'tillg a
tall lhat ni ivlory Ila led- e l. ain11
h3te.3I lid , t i' t-h ' e!g^. tly ;pll pl i:lttdI
Quire ;tad demanded:
-"Is n I yl~ er de llle olf WV. & C'o.l"
"Yes, it is3. g1w1 l edl the senior
SIV. f'r ll ehild his dellk. frowniing
!lover his gih boltell Se ellhes il
the intrumlr.
'VeIl, .nhil, m134' :nd4 m3 olk. aet'
•1ai'll Shal. nl lI i- llt I
' Nolr it I kllw, it-i11 aire lout
goit it dl o , a . li , h t lhitg."
a2illtw 3o, s:it! I)inlll'lt I corrte
34 Ind whtlg aiiNl t'ril Cinulilnati, and4
engage itsshaege, for aiy ftler 0an
iltuldhr ianl ,list ll!l:irhef'
"Wh.At! is .r lnile ttlh a tehld"
roarrd the di+.t im Ad r agent.
"Yes, atal, my Inme's Hat leld,l
fiti' l)4'r lil'ejtui-tt net
i i ot"--t
ethify Ine wth ee yien w eri thler ot n.
"ag y inu time tetltbil dhi' yon
utly il"ne di .oth wre bald
The toi ollfl i
Tahtlt aiient in joignde. Atlened1
ola W., annl although tiAa onr three
anarmwger e who lregrreld to hatid
ithe holr line dr'wnllac nt ile of l a
,hip's aecond cabin gave olp mheir
lerthu and were rcfanhihc their pai
.rotge numbo, the Hltdhe.h osplae.
entl" cailan in thle . hharph,
The theoe of eveltiyon in hon.
SThe Six-Buttoa Principle.
[N. Y. .riwe]
Ait hoough the frlunaldrew reform.
er alnwa3 deuwonlntrate at their au.
hlaun co,,LvestlltOl I that the I)praItier of
suppl, rtilgi stockingrs by what are
,elcsatel y tenoed lilatules insures
the lmotral and physisuwl rull of the
*x. 0o00 rcll, *"A.flOl snbltstituote for the'
elemoluiee'dl artlicle of dress. hons let
)letoI j:l'v.oeltol. ('el tniln lr'e nerfor
ulters have. it in true, deviard aI 6ss
te.u of Ihal.\arl brails, antd dlownl
h1,ule, which tlhy satsert are fair so
(lt for to, the deadly ligatour, hail the
lntrihetc of'lil this riatting riKginlg,
1ned the *dilliculty whicht inexperieft
tid perI1ins hlod il iitsl ma011,a lmeslot,
haive pre.lrnetlle it fro, llo ning ilutl)
ulte. The inexlwrinctelt womanl
Wholel tho1u.1 rWg.ed is very apllt to mnake
mullstke!, and to tihd herself aLnd
,linig ualltltr I-b re jileot, llt I ell le
iltlare of having hlit1ii'd 5lawlV) 0l
ithe d,ownhai.l se l hoie te hIdl enllli
ilntended to teike ti 5sall pill t ItheI
hal. fotds. Thi., tfew perm n except
dre,+ e tl.1es.. s riIgged witlh tlte
imloro,'.tel mhtukiosg geuor, uniit eye'd
the cot. 'e1,oeo th lt, for the Ipor:Iw .of
eatUching oll early stit ltilg-trltill, tht.e
lti'.jspol-d ligaturt had itls iaiUltit.at
it'll vi hl sages.
AtH)ou two montlhs ago) the lad1es
of thretIc' eltiagOusll1 eollltin iti Penn.
m lvaln ea mene. leuceneitiel.v vilitvd
by it slight, grines iul tta etsiuasiuimmng
innlsg wslnilige, whso ailnnotlltled that
s.he a ls thei agelnt of a "*V'osll(lih's
Ireoaics-R.liU m Ike evaoleI.nt Asaloeise.
ionll,"llo thalt slhe desired to call
t heir at lenttioni too new itiveltiton lf
illaneli..e hlypelic ristlltes. The' Inew
it llntionl cousintt of the apllhc'altiol
utbe Isx-button glove principlle to
bhoiery. Of ctourte this is a delltict
sllubect, but, in the interest of reforml
nllud public lcortlity, It mlust he ills
cutsel. It In idle tor us to ignore the
existence of stuckings, mud it hs cow.
ardty to shriuk from pertriraiug .t
Ipublic duty because it oinvolves ll
tllusion to a delicate topic. Let us,
thenl , go boldly forward und relate
the strKnge cotudlut of the unlmuesoaU
inlgyotolg wouna Iasll reported lmnong
the police news of at P'eeusylvania
Wh'hile the aubstitutio of buttons
for ligatures or rulning rigging
struck the laties of the three "ouun
ties as an admirable invention, the
nlmazing chetll e with lhich tilel
agent of the illeged nasociation of
fsred! to sell the improved garments
er;stedh immens.e euthllusinsm. ShBe
said that the only object of the atd.
swsiltiotl was todo good, alld that it
was therefore prepuarted to sell the
Ie'st quality ofsix.butlonedguollsat
oone.illf of their origiial cost. In
cotlliliotimion o.. Isis statemelnlt she
suhuintted lithlogrltllaic copies ol let.
teas rtot P|resitlent Hayes, Mr. Til.
1tden, Peter Ceoler, Stanlley Mat.
tIlhew, asllt other em5ilen9t statesl
etienl, itI oft ienl aosserted that lot-.ey
fi lt thIt tile ientrdtU'.-tioill of six-hilt
tIetl Ihoierrv %Vi ,s4 lt1' greattest 1)ho11
s.in e '' .o"o1(l e4o. reelt 'jitno ttite*
.. . ".r'" .,:' ,1. 1 !i "i. . ..l Shills Of.llr
. I "l 1 ! i  "i f ", ** .-'t it 1 11 o f o I-l
. ; I :.ºZ t eIei' ,'llt ti o their ire
1+104"4t,1", ..h.r+,. ts . In additiull to
tlsle, iet ,le. the lgalt elltibioel at
ilmpllte otf thel garrnlellt ins qtelstiota,
Which lapsareolll.l to e Iof the very
lwet lquashly. Tiloe Olpilrtunity w;is
ie1,. a telI. hift l rudtenlt Iadly conitll
tle-ll.H t iso it l to pas otiiprolvt, and I
aeie a el Isi o% ise to '0h090n the agout
.apItlil orrhore" .tt ..at half:t dozleu
p.lit, I llbt. bpid fienr uls delltivery.
There w. its. howelver, one litt le lore
lil.inar}3 wlhisl thle aget insiatiul
.a nos tellispensltble, if tsle was to elxe
enLe ther orders to thet satistieution
Ilt her entsi oneIrat . Thle thuman itonil
sehrnks leiIn ll1ent lling this pre.
tlinotilar, thnt it itelot bet ignoretd.
If the buot tos esr', to ohe of iany fu.e
they mot1oti bhi ~. oll ced in tnhltionl
to tlhe ltton-ul lele that the garnllst
Iwusl eni et nither toeI tight neor towr
los.'. kIeol.ce, when the tagen't pro.
dilerd i tnlow wiloo'etl are andel a note
ti liNk, lor ae w o1 thle mlatter wits at
tnace su:otcetleld too te .eorre't. and the
gerllls Ii n)le obejk eti'ls thedihslhl
wlth 1ute rselir- dnltioee. Thus, thatl
to houtse. hIouglouioottoot inatt the
wthlole of thrt.e coootiet', ohriog
teh fieuslt poobulition with the hop,
holiery, and tilhlog her inloe heok
with statitihes. Ufortrlnltel., Ilat
otherwise italtA agentt dratok too
tneh whisky tl It, 'lhst town wlattI
sloe visLted. sl, being nrnIste'| for
disorderly endnlct, coeinessed thalt
aloe was so namn.
When the Indies who had onle1 d
idlbuttoh bhoIery leaned the trth
as to the ultasailmit agelt and the
thte which toad tefallen bIm, they
denounced the wrteh with Iesu
vigor, ard wier uaomie5ut
eot stati lo )atemealr,IS lls
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neat week the sale ofm1 vl
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A deputatloa p11
waited upon the i jq t
ll ip jail and debiiaidl
dIhlit destrlwtion If bs tI .
To this request be d.e itd fii
fle adnmitted thit MbWPii M
ansmcilntion did not it m <tit
be land no inteniuon tm es~ ibgtles
onters whiub blhbdeos-ed ·aN s
had given him, but be iapluideid
that he wasai earnmt er, ead
t hat be iteuded to0 L ` 6m
stestilics ill question, in p!4d i t
tile ledictl fraterunt)yg IDlkr t
oivinmt.edl of the blighthlmg lt
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could shke his dejermsinuetion..' "M
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him to, grieve myV bad., b the alertper.
fiern that dity. '(h Mwdigset
pmreitm left m lmell ehneb in-dewu
In spiritsll, aslid after vildlyv mmplyhig .
to tla, helrl aIeerl for amn itmunedln
-itlnbiddimlg lke tiuhe magi uEt to publish
hil mat.imsiaw, want howUe ad Irrt
,ed their lalure too heir jitt It
Thue onle questiou now agitating
tile uleblic imnd ill rmP'sin- i
whether thnt wretchehd '.i ~lli
re;tlly pnlmikh his atdtisthis. Ie
,mntiii.ncey fa one which cannot be
clltempimntedl withouit a shudder;
'lmt at the sme thime it is posible
ihat there is renter or leassritmh
Ilie Iprtemeihlm gIlm of adapting the
sixbhattmst glove prisladle to(iore
eolteric gamnuaets. and that thebpe. *
teledd reformer b la l reall* solved
the problem with which jmalridmanal
dlrres reformers bve proved theI.
selves incompetentt to grapple.
Dadheasig eM th Newspaper.
The Rome Seuthiel ries to es
pl)in, and its language b plate, and
as follows
"Theme is no other blaes aon
which the publio levies amed besov
conutribullous as aon the newspaper
publishing business. An oratsai
tion Is setting up iO tbe ilOf
festivities, for example. It ii r
the use of groudis, pays fo refea
ments, gets $2 worth of tiCdets apd
$4 worth of bills printed etta)e t a
newaspmaper oer pr somtlerhes elda,
and t.eu exsct free advetlg
from the paper to an extent aotuilly
worth from $2 or $3 to $10. The
mere announcemenat of a plan
sociable or festival is a matte od
news. but turther than that p ap
adlvertiaement, amid ouLht to be IspId
for. The resalt is that a gaeqt
pro.ortioa of t"e proits of seady
all entertaimenuts of this kled is
money whioh rightluliy belong to
mnewspaper publishers. The, ater
the thinimg is ovse, the mwager Ia l
come ill wkh a allng string o reol-.
tionm, with which to rob theppahis
er of more valuable apses. The
truth i, sihat apses itn a wumppp
rel :asellnt money. Is As. vlu
,itwney to the plebilher. There
no nore reason why he shesbi give
it away thil why a sereIott ishas
give away his goods. Pat of the
simnee of the paper is slod to businaes
menii for advertising purpores the
reat of tihe space Is devoted to later.
eatinag rendinlmg matter. Os the last
the publisher delenade fer the at.
tractilona which shall sell his paper.
Eit hler sarpce elpresents sash to bhi.
Yet the bnsiaem man who bays
spree to the amount of H, dteu
bnya a gratuity of loast span to the
amount of 01 or w, or eves mase.
The manasgers of eativale, pisles,
or Rtiler house elatertsaiuseut sea
nit buy one cart's worth of space,
bet ill the sms expect the tigft
of several dollars' worth of Cpis.
The mlinister who never advreuims,
luay want apace to the aIosst a
dollar or two weekly, rw teo adver.
tislwaeut of coming sermons. The
halitlician, even tCrogb be Ibiu to
keep his nabecription paidM t b.
manmde column after cooiloe ethal
able spiece fiee and rarely as ms
Sua m1atbllmnk yra for i. liPer .d
alnmi ime ImeWalwiwsar man, taxed be1
a ullml aInY other naiaOe ulam, eajoys
die high dismtietie ot Ieleg nrrd
edl asa eandhesl by tqeIshLuIso s
mueigeabeors? -
Those who emnait misme sib.
t,,k at more tihs oes ide-e th
imulanme sheet, tst alwt ys shews
the gildedM di dsI,I uitheI id
they am u sew ap id lsI
sui si ar Lbs taobs IL
*55. *5)

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