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.~, P A AIINII , abUIber.
tSAT , -. W---U , 1ter E ..
eURU. LA.,
W.m.. se| . .-1 a.. . ... s -.
With the hegllsnlg of the New fear we
m t retlrs ear thank to the poiple of
Cilcierme puribh fr the nplport they have
given the Orasiaw lidue Its birth. We
had attelpated surees, but bha also feared
that ear ecimees would be atteded by lt
leat the oeeMl amount of trials which a,
beset the average ewal'per. It afford
as espeastal gratibeatei, however, to slate
that me oeplauatse hve as yet reached o,r
ase, and the rapid loorease of our nobecrip
ties list gives evidence that the G(transt..
is rapidly gowing in the favor of th,. peo
ple. For all thi we are grateful, and shell
endarver to reader the Ot'attwAz yet more
werthy of popular regard.
eBo we want more soeulriber. It is
true that we have over 500 names on our
mblamriptlon Iata in Claiborne parish. alone;
yet there are 500 othere who ought to read
their parish paper--o read it without howr
sowing It from their irlghlbr. Ior the.
smuallam of Two Dollars anl Fifty lCntsl
we fhruibh a paper which meets all the r
wante of the people. So. at least, uor sub- I
scribers tell us. We wish to adlvan.e. and
with each additional na•me on our list we
se that nmuch more able to improve our
paper for the benefit of our readers.
Our readers will take untice that we as.
poet help fsnm thcm. EsJiry man who eiub'
scribes for the (i'aRlt it can with rase
proure the natie of another toi swell onr
list. We are thankful to our lpatrms for
past favors, and do not think we ask too
much when we suggel t the above easy
m·ens of helling ls Ilul thelinmelves.
Iruinkinu usm- in lisatrop killed a littlh
negre boy.
The plice jury will nLake a onusiderahIr
reduction in ta1ra this tear.
Peter (l'D)ouellt has been elected Itste
eunatl, in plar. of I1,,i..1. It. Ilutan.
The I'. N. (ivl rc .it L .s a .it a ijstin .
Samuel J. Ti-hlel'ti'l c" vi I hs itis i'.i tai .
Mehl-baits iII NW 'irk lprp'.I dinIIg
away with th, prirse t system of commer
cial traveling.
Cotton in New'l(rlleai a il the Gth Inst
wasee quoted us follows: ("il ordinary 19.
low middling 10).
---am -
RI. T. Ldletter,. of ltImmerdIld, Lha
been apisniiteil pirlmh chool director, vice
J. W. Nicholion, resigned.
- a--* -
The estimate of proa'llellh epense. of
the parish of Clniliri,,i for the year 0lI7
Is many thmsil ldollars Ie than h aual.
Oin Thursday lait - hald st.l-t l d snow
and "-ai, the llt r.,ilt Isiin;" .slush ni itil
thu freeze cani.". ('tld weuitlr i.i, r w.iI
- --am
·The ,rilln ICaitohr. wias rieo hl " nn last
Patitrdal Arrling mi,,nt. wire nllel:lh with
the creditor ard the factory lasqeld to re
eponsible partIhe.
Next week we will n.,v. or fitrer. Th.
publisher will move his f..niily. and thun
new devil will more lhaven suid earth or
have a row in the olfcle.
Turkey is still the worse for late mn.e
mente of Rosanians. EIightliil i llits tol iii.
terfere but gete profotindly suiiit'tedl tli
all her iululer.
flenator CtokernsI. of lM:.,uri, will ,lt-.
pos aI aim.ndill lltn theo 1hIuiti*l !atr.
Constitution prohibitIIug tll. I olinuilKng
ef Rehel t lihters or their wsllws.
And still we hlve news of 1tailri'
vavtngs banks aill over the ioiuity anii
nmlowers of whulveals- dhle.d,,r isl thei varl
ons wester anud nortthru clite are anl.
noonced daily.
W. II. Wise, ;Iq.. a demol rtt of promn.
neoce in shrivelsrt. has been elected to
the legislature by snot :ki u ijnrity over
Looney, radical. lAsun-y was unpopular
to his own party.
Much ildilliiatiin i e'.;'.. sal aal.iot
the town council iI teiupr.aslU, qaltll lts
becse the"y refused to nitbhohll licli,.r i
fomI driainI lualot.a nlttil the plill,
could vote om Ihe prohibition qletililo.
The weather unicrirtel lio yestrlli:iy
after h lolng old spell. Niiw i. lis le illll
In p:spect nd thet leet anId pirlhiil,.
anow agin. Ahb! Monsieur Tice. i hat s
fearlfl weather oontll we barvo ag.ust
It is miaid that 'Pattersn. of Sooth (a
ella, will reign on ui account of il health.
If ha hould reigtl adeInocralt o itt b elect
ed in his plae andm the enat will thin be
e.j.s!!y dLivkud, the viice,-prird~ent ha i
the castuig v "
Placters woald he well to rruad carefully
the atiehk we pblish io-day fret 'n . n
chaip a the set f rotton. The Lrta
trse stated Iuish pronE poltive of thi
peeprlety of the system of falinlg we
have always arge l d upon oear peiole.
The iw tllarif bill o hpreeeterrl to the
ems. at Repressutegrea hr It. aipItwot
paea. advrasgsaru s. The pnresent
telr lw hiasemw eve 1lIe iject to
duty. heme w il haI e en y thre bhe
p& Ii late •a if Ia the remote Etere
we sIghtl have flee 1trad.
In a abort while the majorllty o .
thle wards ist the parish Will Vote on
the liquor question and w ill deter. dk
mine whether or not in their reelae-e ,i
li'e limits wlhisky shall be midl.l. till
The police jar hlave ordered lec.
tionsm and thme IMeple mulst detler I
ine llfor themsenlves whethmelr intllos.
i'iating liq(iialr shall be the bane ofil
i lciety inll l'lhihrne parish, Thie al
result of the electioin is altnoemt .er- tii,
tainl. Mulen of the highest stianling i'
haviioe signedi the Vlarious IW'titioln; ,ar
otherl wlo haive Iltld ino opportunlity ,,
for signinlg expressa their sIcymnlathyl , ca
lllnd the colored people' tire said to
b illUost unanimoull s ina favor of the
ulovulement. lromu thete facts we
mllly salely predlict that in the year ui
187l ill those wards where elections is
are ordered, no whli.ky or other inl" r
toxicatinlg iquolsl will be olenlly a
sold. With evein this favorable re- e
sailt the lmatter call bill for a tiuleI
tit* an experimemnt. It remaniis to be , i
aren whether or itaf. ate'r a trial is '
haltad, positive pirohibitlios will act'onlm gr
plihal the desired result. Ins other I
statl'es it l;ln fliledl to plrevenllt ldrunk. e
tenetalt' alnd dlimI,'er. lilt inastucllleit
Wis the theorel im.:ml Tempnleraunce maIlilll ,
hil a subliemee faithl ill the etllcal' Ie
of lhis cherislheel plau, it is not im. in
lproI r, ina jultitie to his ardent views i11
of reform, to give the project a fa;ir
trial. tr
We canl with all sinlcerity urge EI
ouir reaters to heartily aid the piro V
hllnitioall moveumenlt. We have'o every"
desire to see the traffic in liqlorne sIN
reguliatedl as to awlay with all i
the ofils whlich it ulndlucibtedlly
eaouses. We will not therefore olu li.
Isume the expleriameemt to be tridl.
Evenl if we lhavei' gra've dolblllits Is to lIn
the ismsiheility of a gotul result, w.e '
caisalt believe that iprolhluitiml I i
w olell l make llattersl w'orse thnil a,
they aire' now. m
We tlherefoire Irge all mel to volte' fi
for the lprolibitic tonecl auset their ir l
Ilcen'e to indlhm'e others'' to do the
simrne. Above all exert a Iwaerltul
indaeta'ri. over thile mo rlidts .amln -
unaalerate drinkers. Thle drcumakard
will usuaally be fnllcld all right. I!
We'' arn that a tall will Man bi, ilitro, i ii
1riu. ti:i, it, ji .ll lll l ,d a ilc n i t i iasl I
Ihoin r v.:, II .I t' l f', rr , M. rtI,'. l' rr) , '
alit .4 ill I to iitnimi,' Iri.ial n ilS lit '
t ir. Tit" ) onli i t,. .Il ai1 l ta 11,+ht im ulortant lrm.
r ig al i ill " h" of in i'nwl, Ipr. atlt iii a lud , "t
i n 1i'\ I l, lludeiil t hti he iii l'e.i ilt flr til. a
sei.i'ia wonh.llg I, .al. I I. i p li l lt i1 wa lt
of ithe pi oplat h it the l. hr.ii e ipMrl-hiea a 11 ing
T iii. 1111.len tlo Ell . Arktil, nlll, all 11 1 itgiir.
. i ie. it th" ii I..ktI M t t I ,e Ca . The ..ll t
prit "r pl:aia Ia the. riouti ti u he' r em l hln i . (
' m.l iinut ,i - w"latn"l pip ' go :and 1,', 1ou t Ill' t
i ri.altl l ent ; it it I 'rroied s lrnt, El r t Ii
'it. c. tul ltir h it.. lisl Ml-~liolu .ii o t 'Eden,
..iltae of lit'f v er t e lldlll,lll 1ui4rlle unll l1
'ilstil, glat. e'* t .i l l wat 1 1ii , mi w hi ltl a
lost i .luate, uiiur ilil atitr1datu I $.lm itiatolr.
u nl . .. It tll -t , will o dll uihl, t give the
I 11ia i.mti' r l ,m i tVu,,n' , lit ali tiaii4ii l. im i
S nIlolin In llaters i l itf'eal in . u ngdl will , r
Salwa. puiblis.h their contri.ntinnal i f pro-tI
r peir. We r.e rve th. irit'm il '"e of cliailnge
Uii1 ai"L uil a lm-a. W.ii"%liia tli-r lai%. l h. " t
' tligid. Ati ju- t h ri l it lh itol ti -l luatl,u
'tt it e h ty l t hi ta " i q iality ithat reaitriay C . I
Irlailly' a -mir- i l.Klun ait llic-li, tallr pra . It
ti.h Is to tllw wrilt t . 'nl. and lil, ar -
s' hial'tm-a.ive iiiw f i'orimt.e. he'g ;lu pin,l'l i
iordilqs Allm li thmi i. l ttr i t hi- ie Jite', .I
ifni he k au yitlin I i Itm 'iuj,imare very " tlili hi I
a. fwlly win thait the ul irishir sctiutriil imir y itw i !
r. s hort. c .lra we wi r ll rt l h ( .hii hu pr al . I
I I bau i cir. iet .h r ui' fromi Inl.nmililti n ,
antilotenl. i a abl thi ue l ator i'h Is.t inll(;rm t
Pafor ihe klmin lht milo l "owe tlR atl h.e
& nrdl. with II. C;. Odwyn asu puli.laer.
S(hler ie'w cliontrlipolmrir is eatlly plinltet
)i ii cld iited aitk tut.Iil.. W', rhe'rfully
,lai, m tlc tLrg ('liruile i n our msm'hsngmm list
uand wish e.ur-l emI'.s to Il.w alw veaoutnre.
W'e kane tbhat Pro. Illat. ISmitlh, ofI
Tlr--etna, ba beLen electeld ireidellt of Ho- i
a nur Colltege and will aweiae tIs* ditateo
tI l.i positlo llenst Rmtmllwr. Pr,. E Smith
bLa lahely viited IlHomear aud met with all
' ihearty reception from nleal frn who
Sn.ew hi, whe a m t A A B ttmrpe C('
Mir. Editor.-- cot the ollewlusg parr
Sgrspl frrom your mue of Jan. tud. 145": '
'"A m l-risy atsal minisat.rsia New Yl'rk.
eaxorpt tllb aofe l tLºCtlir and Epieropel I
claew lIes, ase going s iare bark ion flir
devill of their father. hey esre- s as al- 4
sasat unallimlusu dIwils li si Lre ri.t hush.hx
hell. InI their snlmmlnilnl Ip,. thev ignlre
the brinanet*ia.. lier, aud llit Irnu btusat-s.
Vertlt the world to iuprirttl." t
Your inforIant is inl great error. TIh'.
"going aqnuar hack" is by a cmp,:ssatively
autlauprtas t a .at cailt 'l "(',llrtg .tiinal!- -
sita," Iand wuithlr the I'relhsa tal'rul Iat
3l-thltlist are iluolveal in it. "Tlhi qulls
ti,,s waaslisr-nsa.I and ,se-tl.sdl-fr a sIna".
ar o.f ra ntrits.-70(W yearn ago. kilry
asli Kelly aansd all that thtes n ew lights
are noar aSlayig duliss the fjirstL pert of the
-atltre th wa tery. "V rril) fll- a ,otld" of
CosIgrRgatinI.lists i goiusg blhIs kwardt.
Hlomer, la., Jan. .rd, 1i'7.
Our Reverend friend has not she same
aneatis of ilformnatuu with osrselve. amIsd
is not thsrefore s well Isukld ou the cur
rent t-pirs ,of the day. Had he lhave h:uI
acu-s It nlur exrhallge lint he woild lut
make the misftaken nl1asrtioun found in the
above ce,aruaill, atioo.
)Dr. larrar. of Ioaulon, an Epicruspl dl
vita of grnuatl liaustition aind Ca'llon of.
'Vertlninsst.r Alwlhy, lha. taken deridaitedi
grianldllll pilt Iqs llls'tia 'u s aga;liIt IH ll.
lrairy Wartl ll chelr, ac ilnglegatioiala;ll ..
rprezsrsin.g IIh sassue o lllii0n. The etschri
alUent raislls l. l thll, sIs, ar.atli n lll f a Isisef
a, ,Ippslsate to Ihalt of all artas.loix earts,
lbsd tillS Net Ysrk IHeraldl to pal'"tr nti
e prt'sl iuonll f opln5llni frli at hellh r ali inll.
in New York. Tha" t tiis utlil toili t ii.a t
indis idals.1, the' rseirtetr, is s-nst Ips. hla
litervit"winag nli1.aa1i 1 and thelI rearsll 1i as
i tounlting. lIHra, let ties tuoIte from lhe i.n
troductory part of nit articls is the N. 0O.
I Iemll tcra, whichb articleh in made uti of, t. r
vlewe of Isading uisiuaitiri ii Ithat city
who, it habuls be 'ails, differ from their
º Ne.w York brethren:
"The nsenssluion irminntalc biy Ibrchvr"tei
eirnsns, lan which Is. virtuaslla dslied Ilthe
,luspintanls of thle $vrilsptul s. is it da tisell
sof tihe Trrniiit and Ilies. .hlst is a ItIsral
h11ll, Isat rsa.is.d tihl .iti y as. wll an i thrisa.
thsaisghtsit tiae country. Iwts. is a a ra
men stluIf hiss not msads a vest srI sisl
s uitn -astss , e osi . ss a".a-. it si ppl -ts, r I. .
lu it I auir rtpit te IaI al . ft, al.'l a 1 . ss, I Iet -
l t aiwa are I ll rittlie baIsltl ls' I Iti' tiltst ,ý
iltl nlinalll llll t l ~..1 n .it1 ofi 1.  aii, .s , de
i. ht ua ru l lam ia i. sic rsah lle ill s lii N1 . al ls -
I ul id,l t hla, rtt a. s siht ia l.a Oa ,l t' t .bun
It 3 l il atiter I of s ti. i rl.I l ts i 1.ti.t ll lit
S f*to ritoila llas i nt iills as isllwu I t a hl,
, In l tlr lne wilt 1 a i r, saI"'tl fi- ll s ll .r is iIt I
iil to she sil ei tald lthai i t . f ha d.|. ,,tliiil
uiit 1ist Tha ' ll nt.r."r. Ii5.1a t .I I.te ll lt e th
Sitli ter i tas s il tlitas. Iat.- i-.allt sp, " . atl rI
tI fi e t-l l ahl. l i ttlllit .l al tith. ia la.g of thal
ci fIll ur anlli a'  in.ia of he:sl %i, a- ill11""
w. gwt- Itoblhb. I- 1it -he r ll n . ' thalt iour
crletg, as a rail-, ntts k to the arth.1dsI
Ieachl laga ui theitr satisiill dtl a.uiuiati e."
Wi' regret that isa the sthlitrlrsti miatl
gsavaig away of satr excha nges prs'tents
i al iiragr i.rl.. It is ai rt.i e l hiwts vars . that iit
New ' urk ih t r e l t ne'ti -te ai li'tlistrs ar
i lnot ia i' i t i l p i i t l lsi ll' l ill.
igr.t tiltait w. i nll at .. riiisI the ia is -isa
we' l hiv.-a ssi Ilihu. lDr. ( ti.lv, a I'r a
SIstarl ll, ii ta. sint's e n-li w. i-an rt.- Al
till I.h further asI frnat l ls ami Ii l.i ll
will , rfiirn.h.d i 1r. I',tl k.r c.rat r throul h
a clunitinatIo or to hlim paulatl'l.
Cost of Cotton.
, Hills. Thos. 1'. eslltla. 'I n5slllli' on P ll.
alr it AgriltiltuI itsar the 'i ihta soll
Gteorg:ia, IIh'tt l it l.alrl".. ll a s'is.'ni.tr
~" to a tl h111+; f!llP f ttin r bit (rtI'Ie nt11 o f 1
' Iss i 111141-1 IIIIIlh t sal itill ilis. lil "lit'
IrsaIlal.tkr hisgaia r in lll iiatallli loalf litsh
il5ss tt,. tigir.s i'.,r lsitsial fat wlhisl.
otoil taai-sll h its jsprto i -esIist bltt hhrs
%w ! ' I ic ali their prlovi.aia ,lilp lit.
at lsileol, amil l1.i I Ilsl,' I.)st ligilla'h e
r iat hih it collh I, la rlslui,, lai
" lthols hlnlig aill their llLioa t llnlur.t
let., ana Inre tn 1w1. tt evs . Thee
hie ilr, rills il Ill' lries.  i he ni Tir
of't ninrllhl r 'l%%"a lllIsIl~crtvl lai- Ilelrl.
( vel% iºrrstll l lhlrrl, .ll. Tille Keltl"
ial ait' eriagt e inlI i llrin the iifort
Stionll Rent ill, shovell that it (lvist Ithe
il , ifarmer wilho rhleind hin lrne isulpilie.
. 15n11 enltl !slll Iad, 1tol Il 1 per leoniul
to plrohdue ittlitOt, while it eost t-i-t
farmer who Iouglit hi suipplies four
te(li CeInts petr Iulilatl.
(f coli-e it is illunierltllrel thlait
thi -* tlilllres (1) Iel. rereSitel It 1ew
nt'lit- l 'Ost oif srotlicliuli, but rthl sr
hit th tiguri-at it hii;| the falrlter ntllst
i is-l his erop to tase hillitf trolm
The mclinrusion is, thtt ther falmier
i tIo hliss mnde id lt Ii'raile crop of
t time II silpl llll of -ori, fhiler or
hi rl, s'ruli. .Jiilttt s, 'Pgelaht.les,
-t hnconi 11i1d ihilti, etc., aittl has a stock
., oh ila" i hogs 0itille for iexl .-t, a
,. has tlone at pirotllsbhle ys'sar'ts woark;
itsntinsliut ill liropllrtioln sat he has
, tiegleteli thtsi lllilies, his prollmt
have itseli lei antil li-s intil ite op
poasite extreme it reialched, when be
will have iost by bis tarm oieratiots
aof the tear. All of which leadli to
the cot;victiotn tihlat i) whaltever light
n it nmia be vihwa.l, it is evhilett that
the trite plsicer it to Iliversift; to
phiailt largely sif siturti, iits, wheat,
isiaar etite, Ioiilte w d other eritps
i ttladatl Ito or soil ianld climatte.
"- d thius aloukl he donIe with it tie"
to dilret profit in theisll|vtes., tantll
o not as massa-iy stbtidiairy to the cot
The loney receivrl for the cottoB
tprodnleed on a farm, might be maile
the measuse of the Itet proatsont the
ho wtole faurmitg Opisrations. The
*o geunral adoption of this policy,
wstntl t.-.e..Mrgley rmedue thea n-.
gregatte of the cotton clrp frA a few
~eltre; but the rellltiug improved
talditio, sf tlhe farsers-l-idedl by.
the lsimulll of laileger prie',trs--ollni
ill a elsort tiinirelhle lthrel Ito ne pltVl
the ilneracillng deIaInul ftor the eta.
plt-, 6tilhaet deviatilg f'roll a svI
I'tm whala i s has Iern taugsllt them
by oloug asnl Litter leomas.
More Coautrtits Afloat.
t' NITB, STTCT" 'rsHK·:.t tY )raPtRTMaET,
err . t s..rs i'e Isat s I.ms .
Wssasiiangtanu., ).,re'nllll,tr 7, 1i 7.
,r. --, ellt' 'a %tt":ia tl 'rt Svrvice
.\g,.tt, New trlea.ta.:
'Sit-A new e-oallterfelt $" tolfe
ton I the' First National .Bank of
f iltuiover, i's., bait muade its plwl'ar
a;nce. Thie aimlwr is very thiu mud
color dtlrk. )&ste Febralnry 2'. l1861,
alitu Iwhring sigIatureas of F. E.
Spinerand t. .l('hittesulen.
,tAbout &ptellber2l0,' I877, a well
i exeantte' conniterfeit fi3 isite on the
First National Bank of Tasma.quna,
15I'., madeJ its laplwarantce. ['Iamf
thle face of this note tihe letter itsi
t the wonr "dlllnres" has a blurred
h lwk, Ias thoutgh done in palilting.
On) the buck the word "owing" is
stlwINtll ,ownig$" asn the wort
- "tlhotmanid" is slwheled "tllhnsctdl." .
I Thle e'unterfeif t $I3 note on tile First
. Naltiolna l link of ilanover, 'Pa.,i. I1
. printed from the saile phlte acs tile
Ti. Tala;lila,. aln! tlears the saetlle char.
a cterislies. withI the exceptionl thllat
the wol "towi.'" hIlss tleIs correctedl.
huilt to dotls cill b discovered overs
Ihe n ,,rl.
It ouid itw well to advise news. !
papelrs in eour vicinity to give pub
lieit% tIn lt.e fatl. nlld to t nuggest
to tihe lubli tihat aIl notes onI tIhsese
ubanks of the denomination of $3 Ibw
"' re'fiutsd.
,JAs. J. lIROOKi. ('hief.
Watching a Rfle Ball's Flight.
Tiree gentlelnen, meltslwrs of the I
At I eutLt'Itr Ititle eluh, ya.eterda:y Ilfter'
n cllt sl twere, in th t iae ' 11 flit " lriihtth ,
sride e'hootilt,. 'foe Iltlat: i re wu s .I) - I
i nt'ls; all clt es' Va t'"t' th tiI
*"I s'reedinsi"htile-s. Fe.e11a tilte itul
Iao ta it te .tr1.I t i't ,t edtls grad
' , lll'y alc',rtdel. .. 1 tih at ic t utrill tele'
k .a',,l b. huit .5 in,, t 'e,. lirmly tixh tl
In Il r itle Inct1111ists s tree., at as tlis.
t ltlie of pelriapi. airry te er t nlat, a t'
I lina' INilt flll r lori, sr ltlintl. (ane efl the
shtter., t hilt laekig teIhrouigh the
. lat.s teo mark at shot eat' sint ot ta his
I .tasl :l liens,. exclaitsen d tlhat h e sal i ,
t" lih baill asl it i.,I11 nll its .tuScine. I
The Iininieelineai tus a aI reeit el
tr wIth incredlulit,; hot one of the
otlsh r lshooters wentt t ahe glasas..
aind he also saw the ball aelmot ni
l at 'left the gun. said tihlsh its
to' whiole lilhlt,t nearly ,t Ice whhle line ofa'
.11 1 ' t'r.i tct'rl . ntail it struck the
r targ.'t. Sip ic.tterta..'i a'. and liiaaiti
sfill 'aa thin eie asilt that every ball
w'as 'atcihe II one tert i the ot her of
itse ge'tll tle'lSeI; eanil it is alnl ueetsali
1.10r thO t tl" point at st uhi' h Ihte" l sit
'a aa tltI astr ke' iti. targe't e'unhl Is eres,
Istaie le ait hatll .:iterk. It was avs-t
siste sal n tlul i iha:t lit' tar'y nsl istlia,
aie t!ae 1a6l1 easuch Isalaatwse'rvi. ait -Is'
St.r .V '. I lralad.
Ifaa ut.l:, IA.t. e a. '. i's.-.
-i rot Il ,n of Ai a, r .Intel s iHr0t1II ust
it as a .1 n.
Ia l .i i * " .Ir . ..aaIe- a.11, Sta ,tr: .t 1 . t11. t-:
J . r t |a h e I ' A , Al . '. . e
>I It i.e ull" 1 .\ .1 ' , 't at4
i11 a , tN i .ll , , .I.t
Mr' '.1t:lltta ' kaPaRT:
T" the tl.eer ,sI . 4,t.,ee of tshe le'n'
, '.. c,,lh , ,." rIIt.m t. r ..t iaI l i'.s , t. tat . ha
1, r t- ' na s t- r.a.ta rt:
iam F' l l 'an a .\m anr~ha & CO., htsew,'. >:,. torat
l sank Itrat.tg .anm , tine, . a, t
" Wi Iharres., ' , tiea
'I' A. 1". ., ,nt ,. lit c, t 'tl "of 7. 1 is) till
c T t.al, I":, sni
ie lc Tr.'.eaUse, r' roejp. to hal. :ti 555
* II " I9,,.iw,,l f, illv.
,i . MARTIN NAI.lE. ('et'r.
11t' M .arn. Itn..n a'd1, Ws -il w"' r, apl.int'llt
mr. ; ,',nllllitt. ," I .a. lllssnat -. tIhe P'.-nalt.,.r' ', saa I
ankl.' e 'an etimate. of the lprbableh reese f'Ar
rt iritrhg unn'-a.do te prctta.r resticat -.
i Th'ite atar-bal  a. nlastrrnelted'i te, n'tify Mr.
'r T. II. K nnaihr it rne'gsar'i to k..eeitnti a raclslr
sIt ti Isarke. t .ll et e. Ales. te ec etifv MI. Na
lhin anstlih to plt uj a vi'ise srow uow
n rannlllllint at IarCs on the' tet'n's.
S()1 a1alion,. it Was
et' (5nreltnet. T'hset all maln peraas~* withije
tie t 'nite ef the' en "rnrtie eftans'r, tea" i
taee' tee' mae'sf te ansI 4i'a. aat armpt'
e Is, thie isri,,h rad iaw. ta requie'd to werk
o.r sas te'l .strata of it e tletwn ten dayst inuring
, the ' ,ar I-7,; prvidn,. thlal each tand every
'k tien..les lal l .hall tee a'eml'it fren strn'et
" wrk foeer aid 'el'ar by paying lw t dre~llhan
tr, I t th" C'I etor.
k; a '11ie tterl nthen aedjourned till next reg
ats I ular nnsen 4tilng.
Isa (aign',) J. FER1UBON, Mayor.
II. Di. Itn.rfno,, Cle'rk.
tag Adveuteed Leteus.
to T EITEsHn below, iflno ellnl for by the
=It j13 1It daoy of Fbrnar4y, ld78, will lee ut
I to Ihe ead.Letter oulee:
At m.l Flor Morse, Jobh
to Bluk·mcrk.Kiudred rayl oary
t, Hnro, E R Pmherton. Howasrd
SIsrwwn. HRaCbel Salmnon. Jobh 1 1
te. IIti-at, Pa Ct " thmi *t F t 1
'I;lrsnn., lttett irtnag. Weley
e'an, slarash h,'larnl, Leyd
nII , lark. Liaey ,!nitb, C W
,t- i ;ile. Intta tamsth, leals
,(;nI.1 Jam' Tsusp, Mrs rJosnph
Hickrlreen, J M Taylor, Richardl
o1 llelrd. John Wht. ReV Van
se .hobnc.at, R-bt Warren, Mn It J
he Htendcren. Mins(A Wahington.Armt'd
b Jack.oo, 8tis Wood, Carouis
Kine.y, MR Wori n, JJ V
Y3sJLyone, P Tn s Mi •A
g-,t Fw HARIRI P. P.
Fall and Winter Goods
Centennial Curiosities,
Now on Erxhibition at the 3lammoth House of
Ot iR Stock has been carefally selected in the Northern and
('ities, to sait the people, and we are determined not to be uulds
by any louna in North Louisiaua or South Arkansas.
Cotton is clown, and Goods must follow!
We are now offering Goods at the following Low Prics
Frenc'lh Calico, I yaenl wide., to Cets;: Large size Shawls, from 76 elnts te$
C('li:icwi, fro.,n : to, 6 ets, c.lur,, guarauteed: Lates' peg Cbtoa, $1 and upwards;
ea Island ('Cotton, the te.at. I yd wide, 10t; Ladies' ftine Pres Owods. lOe, worth
Linsryc, from 15 to U cents; 2 yard wide Brown Table Cloths, 36I
We have the largest lot of
which we sell at astonishing low prices.
Our Stotlk of lalies', Men's anld C(hildrenti Shoe were selected In Phlladelphilal
Boeton lmark.ts. c ith great care as to durability and style.
We are recracviag d.Iily the latet styles of CLOTIIN(I and F''RN'ISHIO 00 0
for Ileen st llc Ihy. IA'l of the lhat. t fahllnli for Ladt-., G(entlLiwe* and Boys.
I' ('Call and examine our utlagniftliteuIt stckL of French and Gem.
li( L I'IRY, whi.hl we u'dltr at great lhargain.
:a a'lIhrr', llartlIware., Titwalre, Quieeinsware, Farnitrl
iil)r . . tI'rfiilterv, &i(.. ill great quuantities.
The world relowled SINGER SEWINGI i MACHINES, at redud
BUi(iES anlld WAONS of the best make. at the Mammoth Ste61
I). STEIN & CO.,
iAnd everything usually kept in a first-clase Country Stve.
If t'(u1 do not see' itrhat yu want, ask foe it.
ry Ilides, Taelba, Wool and ('ntton taken in erchange for Goodl. .
Farmn.rville, Lonissana, October 31, 1477. t110
Loulidana State University"
ItTr'ON Ittll'tt: I.A.
1.t. t I, i. l,..ir.l . m,, l a01 . z, wn::m h n .
I ".g| ' i I. ,l .- . I tn t , I+ ll t u. m Idi. l
.I . Ilta fI. Pt ,. Iint.
3it. Zaon Seminaitiary.
'I'!ll: *.;., ,'i- , If ri,1. It:t1:nitan f'+r tlhe
Moeday. the 4th day of February nmxt.
l:t t.-. ""f at:tima ., ata.lt ; p.. m,.nth,
It rd a- p" r na..th.i .
W . I. I.1:SLIE. l'r;n" ipl.
) . t . 1 +: . hti.:nl "
Price of IHaulinig Rleduced.
t4I ' i+ th!: tint. t,, hate %llur ("f lo n
I har thni- tit -!r...poi "t nnot ...ldI, far #1
t»-r hadred, I w ill n,: k,, w,., klt tripl to.
Nihr. vevpa.rt. l',raiainl attntiniu gIrl.a to
Sall orderi and la .,a..
('cf. 17, 17. 9::m
TOM E(GAN, Driver,
AK.OE Weekly Trips to Ihr.evewprt.
('-arr ai l ai tlltntlill givten to all orl r . '
Pr i+',i low, 3.:n11 prompt trot+ ina wl. t;iae
I--- -- --.. .. . .. ...
arIlUem blate.
tn'e.intn of th" UlSsy Apll..shite.
I)Y virtne of a comminllon to Inme diret'.d
. bht the li.iorablel Parih ('ourt of the
iariah of C.latirnw, I will Iuill, at the Court
Ihosam to.,r in tln tiowli of HlIua.,r. .n
t ualarday, the 1th day of Jasuary, V147s,
Ithe fiollowmg den.ritwl tract of Land,. sit
i liatel in the pariah of ('lulborne, to-wit:
The nrthwe-st quarter of ection nine.
f tern. Township twentty-two of Range the.
SAlan. the went halfof the mnnthwest quartter
of Section eighteen, mname Townahbp and
Rage . Al-.. tbih enPt haltf tf he a-theast
quarter of Section thirtorn, Township
twenty-two, Range six. Ti be sold by
order of ('Cort to *fect a partition.
Terms of sale: Cash.
a Dec. . 1877. (pf08) 17:ta
Psrlille Iale.
SaeCessio of Jaese Applewhit..
Y virtue of a commimsion to we directed
by the Huuorable Parish Court of the
pIriah of Clauborne, I will sell at public
suction. at the Court-house door in the
town of HIwmer, on
Saturday,tle Itth day f Jalaary, 1871t,
the follow ing described LAnd. s ituated in
the paritlh of Clailmrne, to·.rit:
The wear half of the mootheast quarter of
Section nineteen, Township twenty-two,
Range Ovea wS. To be sold by ordw od
Conrn to .seet a partieo.
Term of le: Ca.
Dee. It. 157. tsea, 17:ta
_iug at the. Store,-hua lately occuptls
A large stock of
(' l:a 1711N.,
anwl all art i.,le a':uall kept in a fist4Is
t.r, . \y . rt:l.. :r, trlctly maid empl
a, .::1 c..l. I h:v. ", ira haumd my steskm
i.rh-', anl hat., x.,rcisad thale gregi
i ta l. i Fl t r i ',.c My prices iai1
,er .a ham...aof aty ,,h.rhaearin thecs
tr ast . :.,, a 'lal, uaid )you will bel
tih, d.
_a, a. r. '...
_ faity invite u nto iaalweta flay lsrl
tmalntifaully arlerted stock of
conmiating of Dry hoods of every eU7
taon--(CLthlg, Hats, Boots r at
antal a·lut .verythilg kept in a
Harring determined to ebange Ismym
inin from the old establihed rut i I
credlit and no pay, to that of csb ,t
make it to, the internlt of thosew I
ganlds to llaty of lme. B. fare blgyl
where, pleame call and examine myMs.
"A penny savaed is a penny made."
Oct. 2'4 1tt7.
Plano and Organ AgesE
-U AVINC accepted the Ageney ft he
-1 ebrated
Plua lalufhetarmg C., low t-a
I am prepared to sell irst aeles sP
the lowest cash prieee. The MI.a
Smith Pianos combine every iri
in tour, touch, power and d
have everywhere won fir the eb.sles
utation flir aare lled arteuflse and
ty. All Pianos mold by me will haI
makers' puarantee fos svre yesrat
also receave my personal upervle
delivered, thereby gtntaatot
alg in perfect order and tune. Ira
reoelve orders fer tIhe eeLbal
surpassed in the world, and ha -
dorement of aUll the leading mesbiS
composers itn Eulroe and AieIs .
as low as any frit clase Orps.
All inatruaeuals sold by m wl
pearmnal gtaraatee In aidltloe to
err'. For descriptive alstU p1Mu
plyr. to
ProL Music in flamae Fseae
"to 2530
goEs las thearagh
Ir ame Uste asg ute I.

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