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~------ ---------- ------ vii
Sept. 1t. 1,,'. 6:y P;
Caus RIalipta.
We will continte to publish under this w
hoadlig the iamei of thase who each Ie
we.e pay np their subscriptions. This list Ile
is int.-nle1 a- a m,'em:ran'datm for the pro. etc
teetin of subscribers against possible f
errors in our books : tl
J c t',k, t2 50 J B Killgore, 2 50. t
J W It.sjon, 2 .'0 J I. Brown, 9 t0 tl
W It i.,.tltter, " 50) W I. O4k,., 4 :')
BI A Irudlg. V . G W Walke.r, 2~ :l
R E Tbhompl"e. 2 0 J T Chapmane, Is I
LI'e. FatlerStou 2 : R Symulmons, 1 U at
quarterly Mleetieg Ntlice.
The frst qcarterly Mleeting for Homer
Circuit will be held at Homer, Jau'y 1'th c1
and 1t Ih.
The (q.rt:'rly H eting for Ilaynoeville It
Circuit will be hcld Jani'y 19thh and 20th.
- w"---- a
With the new year WV. J. Taylor has en
larged his business. In addition to the b
sale of choice groceries of all kinds at low
prices for cash, be mak.e a specialty of a
buying dry hidel at the highest market
prie. 1
We call attention to the adverttemnent
of A. McCranie. His debtors would do I
well to s,-ttle at as early late as posille as
the oldl business must be closed ont. Pre
vious notices of Mr. McCranie in the Guar
dian ni-ant business. Settlements must
be male. Call at Gladuey's store and
close up your indebteduess.
Read the advertisement of Johnston &
nlutson. Nevcr agate may yon have an
opportunity of procaring the valnable ser
.ices of these accomplished gentlememn.
The most beautiful photographs ever seen
ino Homer are those taken by Mr. Knutson.
They will close ot the 20th lust.
Read advertisement of Tom Kinder, the i
moast reliable market man we have had in
Homer for years. The superabundance of
adipose tissue which covers the frame of
the GARDtaer'e editor is to be attributed
to his patronage of Trom's stall at the mar.
ket house.
Prof. W. J. Leslie infornms us that a beg
killed by J. D. Pennington near Arizona
weighed 576 ponnds net. Ttie deceerard
was two years and fve months oul.
Horse and mule drivers shou;d take no
tice of the fact that Col. MeMiten testiies ,
that his advertisement in the (;uardian huba
been of tret Uadvantage iti tuin.
The investigaitons of ie parish attorney
sad presented by him t to th Ipolice jury on
Monday last disil soad the startling f'wt
that over 80,000 ac'rew of lalid in this par
ish have not bos assess. l for years. Ar
rangliermenta have beeCn made" toe obviatee
this trotcle in the future and to cllect
the taxes for yeaurs past.
For the first time siccee their appouit
ment the new lolice jnrcrs were all tiogeth
er i:n a cometing of that Ilcsy. Mr. ('hailsll.
thea Irenident, iproIIIind a recr:aniiiztlun.
It, w:a electled presidenl t ullalnituutlsl alnd
no changesc were madie. The, cirua Ilccineiictr
are all good menl and will rtllcdecr tIheir con
stituents valuable service in all their leg
Our goalo friend Dr. Potti has become
one of the noble army of paragraphists.
In the "All Sorts" eolmin of tke- New Or
leans Times the MainstAeld Reporter is crel
ited with brilliant sayiilngs. We doll our
hat to ther, Icletor, in r.verencc m nle of
the few, the iwmortal few, who were not
born to die.
A fair correspondent signs her niame In.
fel, and wants to know if we would like
letters for publication on the fashious; or
if we refuse that tempting offer, how meuch
will we give for writinlg stories one year.
The fact that Miss lufedia spells Guardian
with a small g -frces us for the present to
decliue, what woulld otherwise be, a tempt.
ing proposition. liad our correapondent
Auraished her same we wonld have kept
silent about the letter g business.
We respectfully call the attention of the
varioue consltablt throughlnot the parish
to the annexed sections of the priuting law
of the state of La. It will be seen that all
jnudieial sales must be advertiledl in the
perish paper. It will perhaps save much
trouble if eonstables would heed this law.
We hear of seveal sales advertiedl by
poesting written notices. Such advertise
meant will net do It is but just to the
partie oncerned thai estensive notice be
riven of the ale of prioerty, so that s
luge a price as poible may be rsceived.
Resa the law sd act in aecoordanco there
Sc. 14. Be it h esesd, eek, That
Ia al palohee e the State outeide of the
I s of Orlises, where advertiseme--s.
are reinred to be maode in relation to judi
elalhsesdlnls or in the ale of pert.
** sf ibad iheen be a ewsa
et pUhlsIa th lprish, the dver
tiseuage lao dooelt ar hoamaad
or lb plsae Ise as h, sda at Iwo sotb
pubhlic plsee In dhfereat part, of the per.
ish: pro thi t as sls judicial sat
I ga I lvartmuneeits uinder inbli:atiS,
bhe e thie ast btcoes opa.rative, the pr.- (ter
viou sec'tiius of this set shall not at.t
the same, but it shall be legal to eontinae
the adv, rti-r.meirta in the pa is which
they are being pblished, or a ether
daIily newspaprt pubnshed isn t Eush ii I
said parish ior te hbalance fe o time I
dnrinl which eneh advertis mints should
respectively have to be continued to co
plete the same according to law.
Pr.c. 17. Be it farther ented. ere.. That
where there are two or more inewsplapern
published in the parish, the defendant or
party invented by law with thei dirictiou of
the proceedings shall have the right of
elechting the newspaper in which the ad
vertisement is to he made. if applied for
within three idays after notice of such prn
'eedingn, or the seitlnr. msa*l uitunder lth I
prnceen;: bhoul the def.enldaut neghl-t to
asIct, the plaintiff shall have the right to
to so: anid, whould neither plaitiff nor de.
feidlat select. nor the party intvetced by 5
law with thri dirretioln of the proceedigs,
the sheriff, eontable, clerk or other lith'er
charged by law with the carryinug out of
the proceedings, shall select.
- --~--t-.- -
List of Patents, dated Dec. It. 1d77, is
sued to residents of the States named be
low. Relported by C. E. Foster. Pat. Atty.. 1
509 Seventh It., WashinKton, D. C.:
It. R. Swathney, Louisville, Ky., cotton Es
J. L. Jones, Oreenaborougb, N. C., plug
tobacco. is
W. A. 8itton, Cleburne, Texas, carriage PI'
axle box. Pa
J. B. Hyde, Whitesborough, Tex., steam A~
botiler. Ex
G. W. McMellon, Manchester, Teon, bee Pat
hives. 1s
J. L. Goodin, Montgomery, Tex., treating Set
plantS. Pa
t W. W. Dweson, Madisonville, Texas,
o plows.I
a . It. Bradbhaw, Fayetteville, Tenn., Cc
B F. Hardeety, Washington, La., carpen
ttern' clamps.
II. Dunn. Nashville, Tenn., bag fastener.
W. R. & 11. G. Attiueon, Franklin, Ky.,
evaporating pan.
k T. Dowling, New Orleans. La., shoes.
L. i. Adkins, Americas, Gs., animal
D. Bronatgh, Kentucky Town, Tex., cot
ton plaunter. E
n W. Littlejohn, Jefferson, Texas, rile bar
. role.
8. Folwell, Memphis, Tenn., brick molds. th
W. F. Jenkins, Jr., Richmond, Va., car- tII
Si axle box. 1I
n J. W. Lillard. 8uray, Vs., car-axle lix.
h ire hrebr notifled. that I have slld my at
riltire stock of gasals. and leam . mtoy st,c'. It
g house, to S. Y. (ilalnhy. I have retaitned lt
nim vault and sale, andI; will coutinlUe m lu
tsa fce with . Y. G(ladniy. All lwrmsn i in- .
ld hltcd to me will tind me at ill tiltu.epr- 1i
pared to make settlemenilts-to r"ceiv,: Cut- I
ton for debts, and to liurchase Cotton Ibr t
ch. A. MeCRANIE.
r; Jan. 9, It7. _i tf
un t ai y kiiidl tnus.t avail therielve.y ,,
the present iopp*rttulity. as we Mill pisai I
t tively clise our l'lh.t, ralgh Gallery oil Mat
r- uirday, the Stith dl.Iy of Janltary, A. Ii. Ile1.
Ir. a' we I-gin traveling iiutediately after
tihat date.
te This inmesas Inlmlurss. No pictnr-s isill
it be t:tkru after that ,te.. F
Jao. .i147 * 21tf 1
ite - - --
"II. .1
FROM thlis date unic the clme of the I
W illt, r I will ntly triieg b.f;tai Pirk t
std t) the litnCr Marke-t siNCE A WEEK11
- re My meaut will tie of the Ita-t quality. nii.lt
! dre,.+dl anidl asn liesalp a+ cani Ii s,hl ill this
-ismarket. Will oipeu re.gularly thre' tim,
" :a week with thle wiiiii .the .f tih easmi i.
Jan. , 1 7*. 21:
me Ie
its. Mherlr' Sale. 1
)r- Parish of Cailinrn,, vs. W. Jasper Black.
l- hutrn--Nio. : SJI I)istrict Coitnrt.
cur I .a*Psef Lesi.ies-Parih of tlaiborer.
of IY virtue of a writ. of fleri flaian imned r
lot I 1) out of the D)intriet Court in aiind fior
sail i prihb atnd sitat.e, in the astave entitledl I
suit.I have seized al w:ll proceed to sell,
to the last aIn highest bidder, within the
In- legal hours of sale, at the Court-house dior i
ike in tle town of IIm-et. on the
or First tkatrdy inl Febrlary, A. b. 1878,
ch it tling the 2nit daynof aid month, the fol
ar. lowing dsicribed preqlerty. to wit:
an A Hener and Let of land in the town of
Honier, Ising parti of the northeast qiar
to ter of the rmthwreet quarter of ti&tion
apt. twenty-three, Township twenty-one north,
cnt of Range seven west, commenting at the I
anstheast eorner of said forty and running
pt ilne went two hundred and fifty-thrue and
ome-thint yards. thence idue north four hun
dred and forty yards, thence due east to
hundred and firty-three and one-tbinrd
ards. thence due south to the point of
the enning, with all the improvements
l Pro prty to be solid on twelve months
time, without the benefit ot sppraeirment.
: all Purchaser to give his twelve niouths' bond
the with approved personal security, bwaring
uch eighlt per cent. interst from da, of sale.
by Jan. 9, 1857. [prf W] SI:te
he Baykin &Meadowe In JutleeCe Curt
redW. T. MDowel,
BY virtue of a writ ,d 6. fi. tome dhvt
ere ed hi the above entitled causo, by D. A.
J. Carmate, Jastles of the Peace in and
hat for Want , of the perih of Clailborne and
the Sates of I~motiaa, I have sisld stts.fo
a lowilag desribed propert,, t wit:
sdi- An undivided half Lioteret in even
rt Tbouand Five Hundred ponds of Seed
s Cotton, and FIfty beht el Ces, more r
hles, andon
S onda, tie 21ts1t da of Jams. 1878,
ws- teno delclk . m., .hall pressed to rell
ver- the same at tlhe FsMdene of J. J. Duke, o
hem the lest sud hd M hdder, ler sash, wish
mee, the eeit aft t.
hr T1. iCLVIDOI, Cesebb.
pe- J.Ls m pmi uit
Homer Prlce Cirrest
Cerreotetd i t sI e» 5as suA
TIES-4*e ; R.
HIROOANS-41 791P 7l pair.
BUTTER-iMjofeArr b.
COMFEE- t e?6 S.
CORN MEAL-7r H bu.
COAL OII,-lnsuranmw. TIe 'ý gal.
C.ANDLE-I-- o tw" It·.
CLEAR RIB ilulE-Ilce '0, lb.
SCHI(KENS-..'oe. -
I Ell~'ICrio t--itlie t  N 4d,
F11.01O:-410 u~i·t tho bbl.
11AIlt-14a :c I.
liIOs n lto- - e l b . ttb.
ILARD)-1iwlic 4 lth.
MtoLAII:.il.- , .:.s V gal.
t ICKMiM.lI.l--1V t. 1 kit.. ali
r N.ILL-4)4 I lb. tori
PRIN - I'-'- "~,  .
'1OWI1)EI -4. 4' 1. l.
H11 EI- 1. .
SAL"T-=4J J 00 "t nick.
8St:';AR- ll'ar lie '1I.
Hotrr-#t hi i m.ark. To
TOB.A'I'O--Ai atr' j I.
TRACE CHAINS -Tir c pair º
SEslmate e the ProbalMe ae*
meenm of the Pariah of C t- he,
su se, for the year 1IS'S tai
Pay of Jror ...........................$ .0 o va
Eprun. cf erimalial prusecatiosia, 40(0 00 I p
O Parish Attorney, st.lary........... 4u0 00n Ita
Parish Treasurer, .......... 0 00 let
Am*raming taxes, ................. 3 00 pl.
u Public printing, .. .. .... 00 m
Ext,.idlug tax on tableau, ...... 150 00
Parih paupr.......................00 Mnt nO
Pay of Police mem.m r ........... 5 01(O wi
Clerk of Police Jury, salary, ..... I 00 h
SServing parish papers,........... 100 00
Parish lPhyician. salary,......... .l 00 as
One-flfth of Parish Bonds and b per
cent. intereat, ................. 1394 57 e
., Contingent elpense, ............ 1000 00
Total,.....................$13,144 67 Ia
(Signed) J. II. CIIAPPPELiL,
Prestlent Police Jury.
r. Attest: B. D. IllAtntI!,
a Clerk Police Jury.
Jan. 9, 1i7n. 21.'6t
S. F. Bailey, Wife, )No. 1309-Parish
I- v. Court of Clai-. I
E. G. Thomas, Husband. ) ,rne parish, La.
tt IN this cauae, after onlle duly jounued by l
1 ditfenIdat, and by reason ot the law awln
Is. the evideneu on the trial being in favor of
Ir. the plaintit and against dofendaut. and it "I
bwing proven that dtrendatlut is in emnar
ranled condition Iweulltiarily, and that he is 1s
indebted to plaitttll tu the stun off ftitr
m hunmred dtllars tor parapherutal ft'adsL r
ceived asmit appnrpru.tt'd by him-It is or
tered, al ljdged sll dle, reed, that platatil C
have jl.lgw'lult ag.iist dlefe.'idaut for th I
IE aunt of fir Ihunldre d.lla:rs. w It h le.rn.t Is1
ti at tivou jr cenlt. wr 5iiltll tirom h).. i t" i r I
. Iktlh, 11177, with recogniti.nl of her slWe.ial
ed irivil0.ge "l defendantsa p-rasnl lad i.i t.
u .tlbe I ndlr..rty accordlnll to liaw. lll thalt
il she sl tarate inll prop'uy frlom hilii asoi
r,.. have the administration of her own atta;lrs.
t.- Thius Ione, reaut nd d iglned in ,lcitn Ctllirt,
Ar this IttL tal of DLuenlber. A. 1). I-7.
(iigined,) N. J. SCO'l'
lrtate of Louitsiana. I lereby certify.
al'.rmsh of Clhibuor-l. that time l.above si
tIrWuing is a trlue copty of the original
jilmdnm lit im i t n 1 iii tip .t)ile. A .t it
S nIls U my hanld lstil ullietal seal. ion
t if insO tlhe ril iday of Januiary, A. DI.
ýI l l",&.
Dt- IREW 'ERGI')ON, (:lk. ). ('.
Jail. ti, I-: . -l:.t .
o biii Cmastabe's Sale.
r- VTatr. ) lii Juistice Court-Ward .
I.,ht. t' via. lI
1'Y virtu.- of a writ of A f"in. to' nl irret
1) ,i in the ahot" enitithd i .ii , 1' 1). .1 A
.I. 'arlath 'rs, .initihe of :h." 1'.+111 in a41 d.!
the. lr Ward . of the parishl of t.lilblt. rn ant
rk ~tllat' of Il.ii tia.n, I have a II"4el tlhei fl-
K. I.owinig it . ribed proltrty, to o it:
'I Three'' Tholtsaºl lwund.tl ot S.tedl ('ullttni,
bls intct rl It.io . n ti ind ll
.Ii londay, It'he 21st 1 dary f .Janl.. n 1H. i
t1 st teii a Itlcwk am. s.. oliIl pIr-e'l to ..Illl
S the 1nlllr,, at l. .o, ' thel. In. t n111d htgh
eat hutler. for cashl, iath the tneii,.iit ttf ap.I
R. T. McCL'I.ENION, Colinst.tble..
ek. Jiai. 9 1.17L 0p 4I 0 .:.'t
. r Stre-etWforklag for 8t14.
ed illE T i NTH cT Ft tiR '(iORKINi rilE
tir L1 trets of HIouner fir thilt y ar 17", a ill
Blet b let out li
wil. Saturday, the 12th day of lasery,
air to the Iowast tlddter, at thei ('onrt-himni,
dIosir in said townsi. Thl work to li' done
araordinig to siipclcations, which splecili
S, r.catiolsll iii le seen at any time in the
fol Mayor' taloe'.
By order of the iBoar of Stelectmeun.
no Jan. I, 1,78. *0:t
rt. Netlei e of D isolaieo.
the T E partnerhip heretofore eistinig b
tIng twen J. B & T. I. Moreland has this
land ay been dieolved by mutual conllent.
iu- Parties indebted to, the Atrm will aettle with
two either member of the Brm, whose receipt
bint will be valid.
Dec. 99, 1077. 90
ata. fIHEa Ilnrsignd will contione to run
sod the MORELANDI) MILL and OIN, ead
rin ask a eoutinuuace of the lberld patrl
e. berettbee given. They intldi, by strsCt
attention to bUIMtnem, to merit fvor and to
give llrasttlou.
Dec. S, tary. "90:
-Lherll 's sale.
Josph ottrubslk vs R. . 8.Haye--li Die
triet Court, No. 3M10.
sad IH·ome aeo Dtete Coetd wil Cp _e
e a thE sgal bere of salt thb Ceert
878 Two a Mhsq e WMi y Asga;
is. tT.m Iof. hwtl tIU egKl? I e
ueot iaert, fpfN w ~u
tewt jfda isremassen.
THE exterlaes of thin lsetitutine, for the
year lR8i, will tcommtc'en onc
MordaI. tIe 2slt January ter.
Rates of tI.itic,. , Ju ai $m4 j.r mnoth i It.
b~uo day of aedmieluw. lu.d guc I-I
fauiliea at t' lohwest rates.
W. J. LER'LIE*, Teachers.
A. HAits, n
Nov. 28, Ir7. 15.tim
Notice To My Customets.
clnlllls. Noet.w ere all dltne. aIee the's"
that teeilt pay I m" y I lI mk elt, for I meal,
MO)NEY-lI m..t have it. I Kiv yo. faire
waeni.g. If Ihi , un.et.ry iin .. iiiel h)v lot
J:anntrv. I h:all Ipr.let- t Ie lll Ie by law.
an, It i ..l weust I -av. I will give gemet
price' for cotton i srttler-e utI..
Sept. 19, 1-77. .:tf
To provlde a revenne toin defy the expenses
of the erplnrtlio of the town of Homer r1
fier the yerr 1e7,4.
le it thdistNl by thiL My'ar and alrtres
the t ra of H.eatr, That there hoe sld is
he*eley" levi.sll and ameed ac ad valou e n
tax -.f right and ourbhalf illla upon the
vallle of all species of proterty, real and to
SIeereenal, situtated ln tol town of IlHomer, h
Sfor the year Ilet. lunm which th Sltate
u levies awl arweme a tax, for geIneral pr
I pme'i; acd a spi-.ial tax of oiuand onc-halt
U mill. es a CrIoc.tery tax; acid a Liceelnse ta
0 Vl'on each and eve*ry prprie'er or part
SnOr entgagee in selling sepirtnons lilnour
0, wilt*e, er.. by the drink, the sum of one
I hllcutr dollar.; J
I Upon eacIc antlt every person engaged in yE
t alling gelneral merchanldiae, the sum of if,
Steen doullas;
Ulon each and every person engaged il
7 selling drugs, the sum of Afteen dollars;
) I' In arli l and oevry person keepillg tell.
lirSar or poI, tables, the saum of lfteen dcol F
I7 las fr each table;
I'poe each and every person selling spir.
Iitnola liqlner bIy the bottle or gallon, the
sum of fifty dollars;
I'ponl eachl acnd every person keeping a
restaurcntt or eatinlg hoeise the sum of
twelve dollars and #ifty cents:
Upon each person engaged in keeping a T.
livery stable, the sum of twelve dollars and
anft cents;
.b pen each person keeping a bekery or C
i beer-shop, the sum of five dollars;
A. U'leon each keeper of a ten-pine or bowl.
v iclg alley, or shootinlg gallery, the msane as
, levied by the Sttle;
Upon eamh hawker and peddler, the rnm
itof fifty dollarn
r- Up ea*rb menagerie or cirrcs, the oamt
of seventiy-tive delllars;
i Upon ea.h and every side-show. varieties
. and rt' ., tilr*. th 14 11 of ltwel ty ,!llars;
I 'ptn e.ah .~td .'v.rr iperon k l ir,.. ' n.. 'ay
gam~ of .h c,., th. , llam of OFtl * oll ,-:
Itt t n ' . it rllc ll. tI . ,ltcai nf 'l i ll . I
I ttvesw or furntit re', t!.' Ftn ,f t i I e '- ,-.
er lare ".i ;fi:"t rent.;
1 I' 'I .erah kerel,.tr of a bhetel, the surn of
I tw.·,t tr stel::e0 l a ift cellnts:
a 'ton i.sI.t k ,..peer of a varieity store .r
All if ,on rtIl, cv. the sum of twelve dollar.
. cnt lity ent:
rt I:Ul.t ach practirilnl tihyt.risi anaI at
' tornry, thli Kleln of Irn dollrr;
Alny per".n lpu.notn othe.r tra'dcc or pre..
ttenis not e.rinrtene enierate , upon whieh
the' Statell levies a tax. shlll ln ) tecldollars.
SAlrnvel Do'. II. i-;7.
f.( ictned.) J. FEIeHiUtIONt . Mayor.
at At:e-t: It. I). I itte t.ne , rl'.rk.
The Fair Grounds to Lease.
rilE FAIR G;RO)'NS hIrlnigi'g te the
I i Al.I .Tll 'U I Pi .l ., I . lEt e . Nel Al.
SFAIR A,it i '!'.rit will he. l.LEAEl fer
- the. i.rr of Five lears, andi. *.*ld
Iilds will lee rtee-..ived fir IIt.. le'e.- of mtid i
.rnlllllt, .ll tIlhl F'IRI" IAYof FEIRI:
AllY. I .1. Seriti, tieiic, cait llt nee-ni ly a
+ -allilng it tlelu' 'e..t-ilce." ilc Hcm'r, by tiies-e
thi-. h od,'r l t l c the Baired of Mafan:egtrs
,,f e hsaid A.joeia.liolit.
ee .It I. W"lRIi, l'rest.,
.e W. t:IFttA ll),
F. A. IIIlI..EY,
I.. W. HARRISII, .,ev.
D.c. !', l77. t':7t
[l T Wlit.l. IE AT II. IG. Itit9O)K'. LOT.
li- l u ll n'iorth lof Imllier, oui the ~,'th
ip- i et., withl
It0 FIl Males,
.tR in IIOER on lrathren clayd, acml will
a. Ic.c n ltower thl: ever Ieefeece odrierd in
thli, umarket.
J. U. 11II1M.
S Tle. It, 1.7. t:Iaf
Constable'* Bale.
.itte, of Lousline.s, P'rlish of Claiberlte.
on J. A. 1'. Klino v. J. I). .Whaley--n Justice
iii- Court, Wlard 7.
tihe D Y virtue of a writ of fieri facima iaaenid
) out of the Jostie Coutrt of Ward Ideveel,
said parish and ltate, and to mel directed,
r. I have reised and will sell, on
t Wg l y, U a m day . 1r hmmer tIPt
at the C'olrt-thouae dar toI the towe of Ho
mer, 195e, pondse of Lint Cottonl, mo or
br- les, and t100o bImahels of Con, melaed a the
his prperty of John D. Whay, to stisf" mll
ith Terms of rale cah, with the honeSt of
ipt appraiement. T. C tale.
Derc. St, It. (pfP ) 19t9
run tr e/ e .luckua. PathS of Cl1esr.
Jnd J. A. P. Kno v. JnI. D. Whaley Ist laI.
*S* In Jaton~e Coert, Wed 7.
ret DY vilrtN' • wrt of I rt f reae il
-'to D out of thie Justee Cetoi Weed ,id
BSate aid pirerl, and to es dlsuetei, I
have meised aid will erll on
o WedaNeIs, as 56 By of Ilea, 1?,
-st thsCourt.bemas dere in tm l*w, Het I
mer, lt1 monada odf Lint Cuotte, seme or
teIr. mad 10 ieshaI of Corn, sellaet a the
Dia. rt, cf John WhaleyI to -atIr aI
Teirief m ale , with the bent e *(
the t.J. T. OTrs, Coneath.
D De. 'S, 17. (Vt $) l9t
me m atd meeme -r e S m d edt r
np withetlhihert sell.. Toar blls with
omes me aesil sat ea srrll he paid.
1 waw 1 TWA a MoeT.
. J. 3DllOM.
IAtbe, Dee. 17i, Id. * Iedit
AT TI8S tr-VlfC.
The Obeapest Plie iu Satu r "W s; ;
I I at the popular Dry Goods House of
Coera of Texacs ad Upriug Stareel.
Apt. I, 187'7.
F. Yartri. I'. W. 8pike-.
Buck's Brilliant Stoves,
M ,tlufacturl.r» std Ilears in
Pl'ItlNt STitBET,
Oct. 17, If77. :3m
Fashlonable Shoe sad Hat House,
St Texas Stroet,
BO(OTH, 8HOF.s and IIAT8 from the beat
Manlufattnrr, ,and will be told at prices
to defy olnpettitio. Any style of Boots, CI
Mhoes or Hataera be ordered
Oct. 17, 1 st7. 9:6
a. ISUrTFrs,
Coorer of Texas sad Spring Streetn,
(Next Dour to C. It. Burnside,]
Furnising Uuds, Cothing, re., dko.
Oct. 17, I77. 9:as FI
Furnishing Goods House, F
17......Texas Street .....17
Oct. 17, Itt7. 9Sly
T. Poland. 11. O. Jnuln.
Cotton Factors,l
Wholesale Grocers,
Receiving and Forwarding N
Coretr of Crcekt aid Levee Sts.,
sHIIerirtl'OlT, LA..
Oct1. . 1-7. 0.1y
N. Gr. alg. R.W. FordI
General Commideona erchbats,
Dtal.rs in
Grocerles and
Western Produce,
Ageute for
Pratt's Improved Revolving eead AeM,
00, II and 9s Levee,
sUiEtI 'El'RT, Ld.
Oct. 17, 1e77. 9:ly
N, W. mUsPHY,
I| ANI'VAC i'tR.t t all k:,sd. of TIN
I WARIE andl 11O'E l'UTNI1sillNG
.1,t)itJ. l),s-ler in all kind. of Iastitng
a1l ( ',ki ntll,,res. No. " Levee 8treet,
., tStree rt, La. o
Cumpston Hotel,
Mllam Street, betwes Slprelg ad Market,
ýHIRE| 1.l'ul;T. L.A.,
O : I\M.ock fr,,mt It.;lnsrld tolpnt; one and
. Ii,..ls l:.w Iks 1 ta *t,"s ena t Lamuding.
:. .. :'.li:.g four st.rhli high, wiih all
ti 4I.rul nIlllr..vfl enllit. and rusnlvl nirllfs.
i i t r el rs..l:stlllr -- A'eomnlsl*nlltaI 1 isu,
o rr. J .AM~. CL'MI'sTON.
I (let.17, 1'ii.-'Jly lprirtao.
T--r" I------ I
30 Texas Street, - - Shreveport,
I'EEIt P nl ay" on hlsnd the largrest and
TOB,. " a., i f'O "ritt 1R ,
IrINF rt aed LI QloR,.
S Oct. 3, 177r. 7:6m
1, James F. Uts. Joleph B. Smith.
Dealer in
Heavy & Shelf Hardware,
Iron Pipe and Fittings,
Agricultural Implements,
Mitchell Wagons,
- Ez l s' S p Uples, nerds, at.,
lesa. to end It ISps$sget,
Oet. 3, 1se . 'Iats
e B. k 3. JACOiS,
4 Cotton Factors,
I sPtoainr5 AD sIAsL u IV
S ardwae, cutlery, Goaun
*f Liquors, Tobacco
and Clgars.
_lIBad L1 DreBa MA.5 Ot CON.
'essep sesees
t: ag.s, tin, . -e
L rer ma el ebmi, ae.h,
WiM. Ela ,as
Ne. 16 Tnas Stmt,
IIAS hr saels, at whuakesi san st l, s
full luae of the bllowilaaggssd
ParMtttwe, Ckars, MeoLes _Wt~,.
dute Sad an~d M b rs, .Weag
Paper, Lao&,w Gyi. PlItes,
P ,etw ave d £ ,era , o .
Picr ue fat Pries e. p,
Nov. 7, 1977. Imo
I. J. CAIrTINSt s O.,
Dulie it
('Ims, ,,am sad Crek ryware,
$asm t.. Wedslme Wart.
Cutlery and House Furnish
ing Goods of every
FAne Sfwer.Plaied KimoE Forks,
Spoons, Case, fPiter.,
Fruit Bealte, ere.
Ohildren Carriages,
Looking Glasses,
Bar Fixtun'e.
A large amettaet of
TOYS and
Musical Instraments.
Goods ceafully packed-no h.brgI for
Me. 37 Tue St., bemtws Mrl & Spib4 ,
Oct. 24, 1P . 10.3a
osasaes IN
iooTs asu sesO,
FURNITURE a Specialty,
Ne. t .s Oe Love,
sept. Ia, 1,7ll. _te
M. Roost
Wbselee Deler tl
Havana & Domestic Clgars,
Tobacco, Pipes, Snuff,
Whiskies, Wines
. and Brandles,
Ne. S et the Levee,
b Shrevepert, . . . Leesan..
t; $J..t. , 1?. _ 6. m
*nW. M. GALL,
No. II t IWitsJ Srees,
One. Bleek feem I.e.Iread Lp anad Stam
6eat Leadiai,
SBET and VhbLap.t ~ Iaed in The City.
Good Tablh. c:su,,rtable Rooses, Ciran
is U.l, P-lite Attenti'-,. Call al awe. for
S,,,elf. Sept. Il, 1477.--67
T lIlAVE on hand a splr did lot et FARM
SI UL'L8--aid will rot $1a.,e to be esp
ipd ftra the Illsour a.s rket--which I
will all at the lowrest pitr... Bartl aso
' tr avtlsag cspemn to pay, 1 will be able to
tan r.ill thoue who dat e their setdk slesr
ud tnl, i.
!dy stock can be area at R.glain'a table.
We. P. OTIS.
Hamse, io, Oct. 3. 1t77 7t3.
T eqs¶eB Sdake seasedus to Matrn
" tlnne t to hr ftiends and easteoee
br thr liberal petroe ge nl the poet sad
- aleial smlatas of the sass I theiir
t will s l ston L srM w 8
S.-v tea. al o, wwme. I
will do b esifur my slas o
say am 6el , no Gatne herw tac sy
he, sad eet. as seo dvastage sl g
-. me thbti pes ¶ u eI coea r
-lit thea etme., th. a-.v etm,
w Iis.La, U a. .
I ,ldes Uppe r dL-udilg.
Sper L oadingr I tites the fr ao
of ed hkdiug the ee.s aemete
a)r : m. *
*rrrt q ol

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