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OL. I. HOIER, LA., WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 16, 1878. . 22.
_~~ ~ ~~~ o .. . .. . _ . . . . . . .. . . .=- ..,= .....,. . . ..m_ __ I ~ nn' nllbn I ]I II
* etar in advauce, ...............01 50
months.... .. 150
S ont ............... 1
Tvdoer fmen
e geam, of en.s joub in spaen or km,
at inaer . $ 00; each additional insete DR
ti reiml. prn. ya
squ5re. : 011 5 7 10 15,)1
{ 9 11 Id 2500
itet, i 3 15 500
.n.Gwionsl and hIwi ses eards of te6
r Iof in ngth. if, peet anunm for t
Sonth,. $10; or three monrths, it.- c
Sulverotie.m lent oUf greater lengtb A
il i.,sertewl t anbove rates. -
LTiJ'ai, vertiwaete will , ecrharge £a
T he st .ir fioxed biy wlow; otherwise
I a n d f r c ae r a t e sLG H . P r o t . ,
special rata as p ibliebel ab•I ove.
0 pecial.notice n t0 st per lime.
Fulloral no~tio'N of ieeeq than tnu lines.
At sriaf1e and religions neies insertedlal
Job-iwrk ei.enteI in the neast style,
at resnaoable prioss.
FVICIE rT TEAeIIEM will Al1 every
t i'LC Ont. Espeaial ttention given a
Boastl rr month of f~uncr weeks, Tnclud
ag wahing, lidhts, *.. 115 W
Tuition. Gl3,5 sad r . P;o extres agtlc a si
The utntiaimnt iorietlr o.neor taiss. -
Sed fer tatsh , jL1 6. ty t.
H,,ner, Claibare parih, l.
Aug. 22, 1 '77. :
e rud Cosseldl U. ,. oIf. Neith 1,.,
ILI. hold its next anniial meting at
HOMEIR, emmesneiug on Thuday ,
sly ifth, I78. Ju
S. L. Gaskins. Or W P; His Mattis, Ha,
r W A; Adam H Davidson. Or C; Miss
enulcia McFarland Or A C; Max Feuale, C
ar ; Allen Barkedie. Or A d; Johp W.
eFlarnd. Or r Miss Fannie Parker, Or or
Tr; John A. Millt, Or Chap; - tres,
t-Oee of Grand Scribe, Vienna, La.
Aug. tJ, 1C7. 1 -
Pnemr (ni .hO. E, U. l: et T.,
Metas rihe Ct rt-Heue teru Friday .igkt.
T. 8. llilgh, W i; M. dama Slilgb, W A;
A. T. Dirman, It mc Lida Sicott, A i i;
J. B. Otte, Ooed; i IKate Aimmons, A C;
J. A. I'rkAl, Chap; . P. Harwell, Nest;
S.T. Vatghn, F"i H. W. Kirkpstrick, Tr
A. C. Calbon, C Dy.
Aug. 3, 1877. .1:
WbLL practice In the Courts of CI
brne, Jackson, Bienville, Lincoln
mad Union, iud in the Supreme Court at
one.rn. Aug. , I177.--1:y
Judge J. S. Younlg. Jo. AA.Riehardso.
T"VNT s WC * 0A .
13E 3LT! atitt £ to tCour lai
Claibor. gslhst d e to
by either part an lackson, U nion,
tUlle and L aesols tnisem, C4sa te
lug. a, 1 17T. :y
VIL paties in the COresc of CI
ILL pwea Jeei. a , Uninon,
Wtbegeis, Disevi.Je . .m,
ad Webster, sad the peemss Cornt at
l!, t . CL A :y,
WAVI tn resred Uthe prastle of Mli
Sinclue tesn hims erviesa s"ish in rrs
of lalibeme pseeia, in th e vanie bnaseoe
of hi prufestiosn.
Omce st the Drug Stort of Joe Selton.
Aug. 1. I, 1877. 1:
ILL altto d prosptlv and effiently
Sll basine in bin line. CIge.
mioletdte. seeidtuee a miles stbeet of
low.r, ouant rea d. P.O., Homer.
Aug. II, 1T7. 1:7
cunIhol A ST PaTnnS.
te. ae remmahie to salt he thmes.
Call wsd~l-me at tisoltd ofng--.
t he beemles to i.
wept 11, seessJUUS r LI
& a * S
TURsNlA , LA.,
Plemadai sIur a SW l mad. .,
Liberal advances made on Cottona, I O
.ash and supplies. LilA
Aug. 29, I'77. 1:y A
B. W. BAWLEW , 0
(Successor to Rawlins A Marrell,) A
fatUan !vactar and
F,#mn4r.J.iou _#'echant,
No. so hJates ,8rTe
Nov. 9, 177. 1.5:ly
3. J. mASTt Ce.,
Impertrs and Wholesale ball
Grocers and Commission '
Merchants. 01
Stores 73. 75, 77 and 79 Tehonpit ,nlae at. 1I
Warehbues 3,6,117 and 9 Tchouptulaa
street, New Orleans.
Aug. 3, In77. 1:y7
I. C. Jurey, M. Gillis.
Ollee................. 194 Oravier Street, tUs
VEW ORLEA.N8,, L.; an
Aug. 2, I977. 1:y N
John Chaff, Wim. H.Chafe, tic
Christopher Chafe, Jr. if
OS..ee............No. 5W Union Street, H
Aug. ', 1577. 1:7 to
Wholesale Dealers is il
Sd Canal Street. and l2 Cowmeun treet, I
Aug. 92, I77. 1:7y
E. Page. P. Moran. b
U'/waLelale geale_a
I li
it uSt, Coap and TrumLak
- No. 10...................Magaulne Street, a
Aug. 92, 1877. l:y
ON E REsAr CO., 1
Wholesale Dealers in
of Boots, Shoes, Brogans and
Not. 121, 123 and I8..... Common Street, g
Aug. 2, In7. 1:
STAUFIEr, lWemgAS & Co. ,
Importers and Dealers in
. Hardware and Agricultural I
o10.71............ ....... Canal Slumst.
Aug. 9P, 17t. 1:y
- A. IALDWIN & C0.,
a (nuccessors to Slcomb, Balwin & Co.,)
Drlesl in
r ardware, Steel, lros mad salryee
No.74 Canal, adn21,93and S Commo Os.
i Aug. U, 11?7. l:y
Im·prrs sed Jobbers, ai
Sardware, Cutlery, Guns
and PIst.le,
.1 NesSl,US mis...Nelsh MC C ,at.
mA 9P. LOrIB, MO.
. Aug, ,ta . 1.7
mnnt mgemt miu·t
1 FDlEB F BB-al ,
ed.Plses esmeto e 4m.
D. t m0M. D. KIMDEL
A. u t 1',9. 1--.
"bruhk tat bestlmemusT s, chal
0 bm of dthe Manry may, '
And sing, my ron and blaMe-bld,
Your sweetet carol to.day Io
For my love Iha written a letter, milip
And the world is all in toag
He is ruming along with the roses, lart
In the fairest days of June. am
"I me counting the days between us, nth
Is am countiel the moments and houss
Telling my iea likT e a solemn na, aand
On a rosary o"f dowers; is
For be saidl, when the buds of themoso
Are dushing in royal red, one
Hie is coming toelaim a pnumiss.
(I wonder what I have said) wo
"Break into sngs and blemoas, bri
O birds asml tidLs of spring; ii
Lilies, scatter your fragralnce,
And, sweket-.t ,smmg.linrl, sing; o
And, skies, dl rgold re simrbinse
On the lbranttftl days of June,
For my lore is ermning to s-e me, tak
And the world is all itn tul."
Mrs D). M. Jordan. or
[For the CLAIsax n a GaUwe.U .
Much has been said on the sub. sell
ject ot Womsu i all alges, elspw, 1po
tally in reference to her mind and vie
education. It is doubtless a back mil
neyed theme and yet remains a lab
mooted quebtion to day, whether or wb
not, she is suseoptible of as high pri
education as man. We do not know pal
positively that they are, taken as a the
whole, because as a whole the ex- do.
periment has never been tried, on tal
the contrary it has been carried but a a
to a very meagre extent. Never lea
thelers some have s:ruggled on in mai
the face of oppisition and tidicule mn
and proven to the world what wo rel
men can become. This high eduesa bil
tion of woman is but in its infancy. art
If it had been put in force eentariae she
ago, and these "barbarous custotms he
that have deseended from the dark cii
ages" bad been exorcised and be- .m
come extinct, we might have seen tel
to4day bow universally this christian an
civilization would still be moving to
onward and upward to the acme of MI
all that is great and good. be
It bua often been said: "Women se
never invent anything of utility." s,
But why is thist Why is all the sa
deliheate and lutrieate working of th
maehlteury the fruit of man's fertile in
brain, which no doubt they cousidt. am
or as proof soalclent that they are dt
indeed the "lords of cretion" and if
the "stronger vessel" It is becase f
her mind has never been trained to di
think, her school education is dif 1.
rrunt, and leaving the schbool mnns
' she stands still, or retrograde, tI
whilst man's whole time and nmutn. it
- pation Incessantly calls into play tl
the exercise of his thonght land h
learning, which is the foundation ti
of his future succres.
While women are considered "
highly accomtpllshed, for them, if T
t* she is allowed to go thnough the i
collegiate course that is provided it
- and assigned as her only suitable I
Sand especial course of stuldy. Very I
true, many are allowed to go to the t
I highest branches of mrslese taught a
mnitl three acadenic shades andi
et take a diploma, and just as they 9
have been taught that mind must I
predominate over matter, and their
minds last begin to euinalte that
diversity of thought from the dil. I
eeTut castes, and begin to attain m
ld that alseilty which is "tbeyond the I
comprehbusion of bureau ken," they
am placed in the fashionable circk'
Ts. to visit watering places, study the
Sarts of dres, sad fira ith biuy
bps and swells as the basis of ber
social reed. 8be rapidly rtro
Sgraden into tinsel that is othing
mae u tbhan "Uoeudlial br or tiak
ln tag eymbal-the min hLeming
aspervertd sad dauk s a Egyp'
~. tian agih Othen th l SItoaate,
puanarlly, ass kept t baud to
n Lake quilts, miH ewe, s d was
dishe. A yeeng sam asy think
at tb time sbe kindly ssutad him
mheb rmtiLd and gremed over
wote ittmm maethema t
en the vu vestiuae, she eskld
olveothe dit nei patitm d ob asi
tore her mIad a- epaset z
au m s u m heleu p0mw,
m .m..eehau eris tagdlr die
ery work for seabomtesa or per coot
uhases bas yielded heruel to the and
weary, nnesaenial matrimonty for Ito.
tlne, be wonders if this prumidsing JIw
minad sas mude to go so far and no that
farther-a dead element to Ill a tloe
amll space. As he plod on in the Ier
matter world amasig hisl fortune am,
and perhaps attaining a reputatlon. weru
his pidde forbids his taking such a we I
one and leading her into the outer bet!
world and presenting her as his "
bride-their pursuits ure now a wiel
dialerent, she so incapacitated tosip kint
pgreclate him illn his aspirD !on or to her
sympathise with him in his under- mimi
takings. She would he a clog rath. der
er tbhan a helpmeet-left the alma lot
mater to become virtually a non- any
enity. grK
Some time since there was a pub- don
sibed article stating "that it wats for
sellishness it their counservative op- sae
ionmMnts, rather than a decided oon- cat
vcltion of the inferlority of woman's Ind
mind, that iuaSenoes them to choose tbi
labor that is more remunerative and me
which allows more liberties and set
privileges, and, that the coarse on- cat
paidkl drudges work is distasteful to wa
them and is thrust upon women to at
do." Now that as a rule is a mis- wh
take. It may be so in case where Il.
a woman unfortunately gets a shift. sri
Iess husband, hot generally when a ato
man is able to live easily and at all
much liberty, the wife is allowed the
relief from her domestic respousi- on
bilities in like prolportion. If they as
are poor sand be bha to work bard, If
abe is expected to do the same in an
her sphere-though I think the prin-. lie
ciple and custom of placing so many enr
men in clerkships, book.keeping, lop
s teaching and other work of the like, p
a and keepinl womea in idleness or we
rough work is altogether wrong. wl
f Many women of willing minds conld
be fooud to discharge such duties, "1
n and let the healthy, "stronger vesl la
, sets" go to the field or any work et
e suited to his muscular strength and is
,I the country generally would be tI
e more prosperons. tRogh work of ti
. any kind thriat ullmon wonlen breaks as
down their delicate constitutions. w
d If they are considered inefdcient e
for mental work let them be taught; m
, doubtles they have naturally as it
. igosd capacity to learn as men. gi
What is Mindt Webster says its it
, the "memory or reasuoling power,' tl
A in other words it is the soul, the
y thinking and feeling capacity. Then wa
I has Woman but little oult If so, a
in then why is her inluence so fell and a
acknowledged over the Ietter clan# I
d of thinking men over the worldf n
if What is it that keeps hin within r
Ge the xoundaries of rself relpet, hold- d
-d lug him aloof from all that Is ignoble? t
Ie Its on ooeount of what she will a
rv think-with the majority of them- t
ie to keesp her regard. to make himseif a
ht worthy of her. If they do not al- S
at ways sot out this p.ogrnmmue, they e
y at least pt on the assablance. Our t
at greatest men eredit their mothers a
air as the nucleus of their success.
at Women have mind and talent, great
i. er or maller se the ease may be,
in as it isin mran let theem be em
he larged, and prftet the talent and
,ey developest as Cod inteoded, or
la else le would not have given those
t talents. All know woman is moe
.y observing than mss; what be esee
her by weel, sb e se theoghn Is
r.- Iquekly it is termed iotaitde. All
arl bhtory and philosophy shows that
-. ealtstios 1 womea is ti he me
.ag ir* n . ans of the advanes st
y. o/ makiLd. o"be is a atmeal
it, physiael sad annmj let her u.4d
to chemistry, /atomsysIae ad phyalbbg.
s -lo htr bee o itnheatase, htoasi
inka Islaga aid art. lt er "hews
hum the sTses ofr maus I. the mmd
ro and n*t Jwea the lager tips,'
Hea. ad heMbr bhea - atelenly a
uod whso bad bum seo say and e
sid Ifoigo emmuages to inearpdllu
amd . * thse peoptessuhip o alth
Kos. hleig rsemainotl a e m Id. d o
ad the Ualtted Staes.
;it we.. se he was main ador
_-_ .-- "----
co ns is the chard of Oebwre , hot
and was sent on aM emnbas to note
tomn. We read of Prisills ex- Iad
pounding the alriptun, to Adiolls- -tae
tht is preaching. We read ofdr But
number t women as ftrlew Lh high
ere in the work of the Liad. die- for I.
am, Deborahb, Anna, and BaIdab We
were rpphbetess, and nowhere do that
we are woman had a band is tle oom
betrayal and cr~lituion of Chlrist. exi
An a mother and teacher, she all
wields a large inlnene over man- whi
kind, and the all imnportant wbrk of to I
her training and rearing young in p
minds and hearts, which neesusarly lntel
devolves to her aperide sephpre and tra
lot in life, should not be limnited in ha
any resource that would in any de. U i
gree aeist or lsupport her in her ar. ulp
duoun andertaking. and it is just Nor
i for this rea mr above all others, we cul
Sshould undertake to advocate her suta
ctause; and by this wise and wide nor
i inouence justly devote herself to Mn
this field of activi ad eventually 'tis
I make man as pire and tree as her
self. Barely, the truly reied, ede
cated andl cultivated woaiee do not
want man's political eld, or would
aspire or condescend-I don't know
which-to be a "Womuan's ights to
s Lecturer." However, should came sy
arise where young ladles desire to tia
e study for a propbsslo, none alidid
t allow prejudice to sway them to u ere
I their favorite bee through the eel' the
ored spectacles to meeb an eateut
as to ridicule or discourage them. lit,
I, If they desire to devote their time thi
u and talents to the good of the pub- ens
s. lic at large, why not give that lib- oe
y eral culture for prbfreo ml ai trasnlg j
t, or which they plead. -"aeaes lese
e, generally ensues from a properly I
well directed course," ao matter in I
I. whatever eause it may be directed. pi
d A writer several yerem ag said: tai
s, "There is a gariag esptraaof that oh
s lavish education of man and eco lit
-k nomical one of woman; it is econom- wi
id ical parsimonious and mean, and lol
ie this too by the very ones who set
of themselres up as the special fridids wi
as and patrons of the sew Another Hi
is. writer says "If the method of co- e
at education was adopted it would be th
it; more ecouomical and heneial in ee
sa its effects son the ebaracters of be
girls and boys-the roughness of
s Ithe boys is softened and refined by
" the fenainine presence, so the shy- a
ie ness and want of conoldene are w
mn converted into dignity, set.t-ontrol t
'n, and staminu in the girls by thie uas
wl auciation of the rougher ses; emou
as lation in study anil behavior are w
Ilf more active; fewer achools and larg- t
in er classes are ecouomical. The only v
Id- I drawlhck is a physiologleal ques" l
et tion; the decision must come from g
ill science. There i uneess be.
s- tween mien and women physioally c
elf and mentally, and ence wrong to t
ai. assume the identity of methods in Is
iy education favorable-tbhey may be
Our taught the same things but employ
mrs metlnl s adapted to the physical
m. condition of each, or the pyasically
at- weak will sarfe they may be equal t
e,. yet not the emme. S&eenea llonen
m- and not eotbis is competent to de
end cide the nature of this differnee.
or If the dealsioa o science is not I
cr abided by, the health of the girls
an will he reined, and with theirs tHlt
rea I tthree geaerateim.
so I Though none have a right to et
All tail ooamitutiousI debtets apen their
hat pr eogeny, yet it l a boandes duty
_- they owe tselvesr a well a to
tet otheLtrs to strengthee the mind a
aiI rus preaUtkebtoI pnurve hltb.h.
asl Ift her elsramuses meer dedirntly
aIgy. eI lat play her uwemaoly, phi
swe boukaheples, he., ye hu mine
sri tu I bet aS* to trhi , sd r obe
ime,' e, pewer la hbn ur week. It i*
as. luads .my a sln dmuetls ik, us
-- If I they ur sr a4 NIw e s
m et twnem seuig Ii th
. . . - a ,. mes -s a
Ga---_, @Usp Uhli, 
hobat of others. eioms wmes an
noted eve arw pteribl msltd
Lady Bklesiages, Madame de
Seael, Madam sioedm and a ais.
Bt as to espaermatlIg pos the
higher deestles f oyeast rwela
for roiiaslous, why mo try ht
We havue bed odAise ervmes
that yea r ell mes e e mpaee a
ompetlu8 with youls ms i the
existing odlgpelegsuan em. *tPeM
all things ai bold hat to that
whkichL igod' We ese este ao
to thosem who are gainine gmed
in pseAs"loeal pursitts, tloth atn.
isterlal and medical, and the lat
fraternity smar yet Q eve e as to
bang their b ,ap, spen the wllow,
as did the werdpig ep a ao old
apsn the banks of the ephiakLte.
Nor are they being adopted by fl.
uulaplas alone. bet oeva dll imask.
stone prides is a daughter helm i
our own New Orleans, the ntsateo
Mrs. Gales. If these dwaet ls
'tie lhtil to fhertr dilae.
I The Frt Pr of Urshes.
((Fiave Dtss.)
The greatest desire of dadU Is
" to broome a me. N ow the lMe
Ssymptomn of virilit , the bjrt t pe 
o teet atep in Ipit aLrkedi by the
This Irr pel t o bIneebes e i
Sevent tbat the htber loag be ar
the mother drede. To beift sems
Sthe bletnlni of abandonsal.
She looks wth mateed eye at he
I* little feock east hatdo laree, ii
e thinks Isble earl4,y anl at as
. end Alseady! my" role w Ise
cease. He will have sew tanut,
new dedre--be is no longer amsell
I -his landviduaitlt eerty s iall.
I is sombody-be is Ia br.
On the ooetrary the other is do
lighted. He g his a leve,
as e looks at the ltt! aeed elit
SprojestinI ftm the piaa*e*o eam*
: taps thebo little bog whbse osatere
t clearly deaed sudes tkoe ew r M
ments, sad tbhiks. *Reawneit-eo
Slittle rasal is halt. Like se
a will have bread eheider, ailo
d loins. How Armly his litstle hr
et set on te rmeard.' Heo wMt to
are him wear u enoto-e leb
I willing to buy him a palt of t
er He beginsto seo blmessf l thelb
a bIring who sprang &m hiss, d
looks at him with aew yes, ad ba
the Arst tims, he dsleovere as as.
e iedilg pleare in gllgI bie I
of Au to aby, be Is druk, bhe to
rious, be Is triumphant, thouh
somewhat embarrased with lis
-*. armsd aenp, and we maS say,
e without wiMing to deaad him, beIl
Snot unalke tbho poodle dogs whLt
have been clippeat the appeaN
et summer. What tralbles hp
ea little man most is hle past. How
ire may grave eo n, I ask, esperlae
the same inIearmeIa l He hb
that breebek ~sts, th:t now be
rsquir new attrtin s, nw m e
Pn* munts,a new tone o e vlbe bhe
em gnls to obsrre reoveitt of hip
gins, who ip not dlp with It.
1H attte ds, awkwlrdly, some mw
ly caline setm, and tils osotnk be
to t ween hblPast and prent gi rL
in him the mmt soeald it Ithb
be world. HiE little Ht ck tmts ha,
leatd be beomes glsitly earaged.
cal In 18 the l slate ther
lyt ired the liabas bly the State of
nal theS t. Louis Hotel propert , to be
um, seed as a pte-.Jleesm apped
de priasted I to pay f'or s
smie. T set direetad .thata
me. half tof one mill on every dollar
not leotd for the general fe-d be rI,
es year srt apart to pr idoie i
they mae..ad
eu* am w ibe
heir ' * k
olass ste s WIi
I a the ea r
Ip- thecaisagn IWeIe egiWMIt ema
of be =Y be b
min When
e t, h .
isrl Whmsasa~

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