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MM 1peIe wee !LO. . eimss /eesu.
t. D. AtB11ºt , PeM}Ierer.
IO1Et, LA..
W.lllmelesl,-m e 1s. I SI .
Cotton oatdatrtlay last, in New Orleans,
std at ton 9e.
-----.'em-- -
Read Town Council proorwe.ll and re
pat of e.eers.
i. ii. Twitchell, of aed River parish, is
appointed Cuonel at Kingston, Canada.
The jury law ham been so amended that
-all junre ar entitled to one dollar and
ifty eent. per dlay andi mileage.
A woman In Ohio who has besl refused
admittanre to her hlashald's esick room has
appealed to the coursn f.r an injuontion.
The hardest rain of the senes fell on
ld"ay anight, the tb nurst. ridge. were
washed away and in many platis the romdr
pandered impassable.
Itnday was the loveliest day of the sre
sea. Everyboly went snat to churchb, nd
the etriet were thronlge with promena
dar the whole evening.
** t- --
The preernt I.egiulature has passed a
law requiring I'arish Judge s lo le at their
eires every day and keep them open for
the trmauactiln of bnCum es.
• - - __
The cirelwaes, alvertising sheet., sud
other nail matter belonging to the Louis.
tana State Lottery Company will sees be
l*tied at leading poet oioee.
At Cheyenne, Wyoming, a snow storm
of remarkable violeaea fell on the itb inst.
All trains have stopped running. Suow
ten and twelve feet deep in same places.
Theren i no longer any ilulbat about the
pacilestion of Cnbl. The Cuban Junta
to New York and the Spanish Emhlbsy in
Washiugtoe have al. a satisfactory
settlement of all tronble.
Nothing particularly exciting is happen. I
Ing in Europe. latest dispatrhes inli
ante that the cnofer..cen will recommend
the English occupaftfo of Egypt. This
will quiet the roaing of the British linn
no doubt, and no further trouble need be
apprehended thereafter.
No mail Monday night. The bridge
over Walnut creek is washed away. The
Minden mall. however, brought as a couple
of threvei.ort daili'e and thaus o are innt
left destitute in point of news except fromnl
the State Capitl. and from tbhat Inwality
we have her I enn-l;lr fPr a while.
The Inancial eonnlition of Virginia is b
sprmeratdl to be deplorable. A.t last ra
conats there was only $10.3 Oi in the trre-a
ary. and no pasibility of getting any maor,
oon.. No money was on hand to pay theI
per dirn of ieaulrlrs. We venture that
no eutra session wascalledlafter that un.. I
Ino mall on S.aturday. Thb. romul w.a reami a
derc imlpasable bly th,, lieCy rain ,of It
Fr.:tla niglit. Fa.r this rc;.emn We are lint ti
prepared to gic t full anll regular ar~auulnt If.
of the doings of the l.giilatnre. A to.le. ia
gram to parties heire llnfarms it of the call- v
itg of an extra rsaelon of the I.gi lattire. e
On the 6th th' houllu ail,lnpte a reuslu
lotion apprlprintiaig $ll ,.iLt) to kaeep the'
mouth of lRed river open. Fix thousand al
dollars isaipropriated for publishing the
aslendments throughout the state, weekly
ia the country papers acd daily in the
cial journal, three moInthe previous to
the election. It
A friend who hab been stludying Tier's
almasse with rare inforns us that he is ti
geaerally crrect. lie prcdicrtdl the strnl I I
o-f Friday night last. llearing three facti t h
we at ones benght a eopy from the Post. it
master, and now will be able to encontuler
changes in the weather by reason of pre- It
paIration beforehand. trI
Decidedly the neatest thing of the day p
is the book line is the Half Hour Serie of d.
alrper Brm., New Yorh. The bhooks are tar
beutlifully printed in lond slied t l pe. The n
itle page revels in every one snmething N
,hotee for him whno ppreciates good litir' r
tare. Mr. Harris, at the past-oaee, has h
thesad other ' aluable hooksl a
We have blsen delulged with enntribll- e
loq--petry, stories, etc.--in tIle last two
Seeks. let our enrepollnlleit ramsnamler f
that the Ortntla is a small paler, cud if
their eoamunnicationse tn anot pipear in one,
two, thre, or perhaps l cve weeke, there is
still hope fIr them. We are naeerat alhen l
Iher matter with which to tlt np our col- tI
om . We rsceive mrtu ,farty to sity pa- it
p es ah week-manyI of thta of great u
pewrn ad strength in tIle lalnid. Friai a I
iemh as thee we can ausally procure siL- i
e--t valunalie Uatter to oeatisfy oar rel- .
- But we like to enaeorage er frienuds I
- Iame. If we eoeld be hear4 to make
e ..., and weoauld he edeled, we bullhl di
-ug them wrho write fuor us togivremat. m
tes of men lual iatereal-thl happciags cI
r ShI t Jsighbehood; the pebhle anm t *
ed i to h planted il mrs, cteo, pete. I
tenud emil gral lew ase the bsehebse II
wha what e esloaess cele Orpr. t -
scns le S era blaa athsest; bt i q
esiaraimee pwerm s s lees later. h t
eat m wUill y hear wih tbC; blt they I
- atews sour asivaelenee -
tie. Nicholls a hbel grwell lp -
tisd to be tred to sal lmo sas i rm o
1b Legislatars. The esiy doe ekse as
trot IMlN da7y aJeaary have bee pamse
n a manner not Ma all reditable to ths.e
who sit in our legislative balls. The few
-nd.ividnal. who wished to consume the
time allotted slam in houeme labir have
kssa ovsrrumad b hShe lbes apusata, fusy
talkers, and now, at a cost of over thirty
thounsad dollars to theState, anothr iftfeenh
lays iv to he dievoted to the work which
tigt have been accomplished in thirty..
T"wo year ago we would have louked up.
on all this as a matter of course. It w
nothing for the radicals to do these thilgs.
lint we almticipate usomething b.ttmer frum
people who were of our own stripe. We
symlpathize with the Osveneior in his umor
tificatom. We know that if he bw the ual
we think he anlnt fe.el humirliate at thi
disgrareful albuh, the sham.funl negligenuc
of thole who wentt iltouotic with him.
We thiuk it likely that there was an act.
ns necessity for au catra msusion, but that
iccassity only arose lmeaive legislators did
not do their iAnLy at tihe regular term.
What is the cause of the singular indo.
leuee and slow baste of the general assem.
These mern at home perform the dltties oi
the hour with sulcirent alacrity: Their in
terests are not nIegleted by reason o
their delay lit givitng them attention, and
It seems to ulr tllilitiaited mamindt that unl
less there hIt Almmnme advrlle: ittllecllrese ill the
mnsphere in ant, albnt the city of New
)rleans, law-m:taket might advance more,
might uaccomplislh more in slmorte time', by
giving to legislation that energetic care
that they give to their own affairs.
We have been sluw to accuse our repe.
s;natives. We have know n that there was
-a thingsn easy to abuse.
We delayed lmng before eo nnmsning the
sel thonght capahle twenty-foltr nmonths.
igo. We hbve entleavored to lind exuuse
!r inaction, blut, in tie face of facts, can
o longer furbear. We smlemnly arraign he.
,re the people the fifth Legiilature as in
apable. as unworthy the trusts confldedl to
herm, as triller who have wasted valuable
tme, as dronmes who in their idllenels live
Stlhe lpelle's means If there b any ex
ime, anything to urge in iuitigationo, we
couid like to hear it. Tihel glal laws they
may have paedl seem to have been bit
ups thrnown to the pmople. They weigh
nut little with 1s when conmpare with the
lme lost in folly and idleness.
The people will very soon begin to hear
nm candidates for the various offices.
The mmice seekers begiin to boil in tc.r
on ye'ars with the vegetation, aild as thei
aves inicrease in size so do they bhgin to,
mnrgeon aln,! blossom anId hend gracefully I
the breezes of popular opition, aim n iols to
Splurkedl for the amlorumcnt of the bIn l
We heard of the first legislative aspmir
t jist as the will cherry tree in front of
ar horme began to revanl on its branrlcles
a tiny points of green, and nIow that Iti
lives ire allnmst full grown we hear of
tny mseker fTr f.une and hmiioir anll t, mo
tren. Like the earl) Iugs and temi dr iir
Ives they arc coy and tnlullllirn- they fear
tr mnt, lbt tIlt gerni in tlh'ere,. and aitlh
iorablte weatthm will .rmuin )hnirt into full
l inlnimmousi growtll. It -ill ouon to lie.
l'oped that their favorite soil, that
Iich will gires them their usuot gigantic
wilth, in that whrch is enrichtt nby tihe
intake of thoselm' who hiave gone before
Inll. No special vitality of their nwn
ken tlhem to live andl grow in beauty.
is rather the wantlof lifte i thllose whose
sces they aunhll ocun,y. Consider the
inn ofa majority of thiose waho will oon I
ntl themlllves, anmid you will at once
ink of fngii. I
''e want tin anch acione as these for
Imsllllllltg to thie warm climate of the
te Caplital. Let us select those that
ee a harily vigor of their own. To dtrlmp
metaphor and speak more plainly,
advise th11 people, to ply special heed to
apirantl who present no recomimeital
a save the capacity to attack those he
old fain succeed. It is no pmioof ca
lility. the power to pint out anld n- .
in the fatlure of other. The abmltty I
ttack an official rrcmrdl, as mich. proves I
correspondiug power to do better. I
yl ren of lnullt tongue and ready pen
point to tIhe lmptnple the wrongs that
se been dnme, thie errs of mission
ml comminintm: hlit not so many. when
(ed, can proo thetmselves incapablm of
ular offense.
Lt the poople think of these things h~e. i
omomitting themselves to ally maln.
Reral ReIe..
h people complapiin tihat our taxes areI
ur-nous, bt di they ever think that
re Is smething wors. which is more
nriouns to the Ilta interests of the com- I
wenalth than the rate of talationt The I
etion of itate and natiotnal talation
i inlton insilgniicance when comllparale I
th tile terrible conlditilli of rural tho
gybrfu', which has e lte a lhil rlenl so
at as to delrems industlry, tlimcurage
velepseaut. and take away all enjoy.
iat in agricultural Ilmrilita. O(r farm.
complain more loudly lthan aly other
o to( d s~sdr ts do tbht give lthat
t- aad attention to their replair whichb
; sheokld Is it no too commea kr1
em all to huvbery theatlgh the work sad
t Me e ha dset If all hbands appolr
_-. this yer woea work the LI tims
lllgently l. o t wol hnM sba tlyI
AM Cttes. .m. atrvalm.
The lonei. 8. am. od eorgOs,
made the fabwlmng ties mad point
ad remarks Is a qapseddtvered by
him, a short time agol in that state,
He amid:
1 tell you to day, I care not what
seasona may comae, what large cropl
.0ou may raise, still, under existing
eoalitions, ymu will ever grow poor
er, who produce cottoo, and the.
will ever grow richer who handle It
after it is produced. Without a
great change, the sauthern state
are destined to become so many
plantations, practically owned by
northern people, and southern people
so many hireling slaves to work
them! And iu this condition you
will reap scarcely the wages anld
not half the respect you accorded
your former slaves. And yet, the
very reverse of this fate is in you:
power. Under the present policy
the next generation of southern
iwople sill become the poorest,
the most powerless and the most
contemnptible of earth's inhabitants,
while under a wise policy, the next
generation of southern people may
become the richest, the most pow.
erful and-the most respected of pco
ple. Whieb destiny will we eboosee
But, you ask, how can this better
destiny be secured? I will tell you.
First make cotton your snrplus
cropt In thele five words lie the
:damson locks of your future power.
.Make your own fertilizers by re-t,
ing, cropping, grassing amn manur
ing your lands. Thus, you become
independent of the guano merchant.
Your cheapest and safest line of
transplortation runs from your own
fields andl hog pens to your own
barns and meathouses. With no
debts for your supplies, you will
need no accommodation debts at
two per cent per month. Thllu you
become inldependelnt of brokers,
cotton flactors and lien merchants.
Yon can then sell your cotton at
your own time, to your chosen buy
era and will get your own money.
N.one of these things can a plnater
do who plhants oil credit and borrows
money to buy lhis irovisions.
IBut, you say. the western states
raise provisions so muchl chealer,
we caml make more umoney by rais
ihlg cto's nnd buhnyiug fromn theml.
This is the teaching of figures, and
a greater lie was never taught.
Now, I affirn it is cheaper for
yonu to raise your own provisions
than to have them brought from the'
west and given to you at the near.
ast depot free of charges. flow is
thisf in the first place, if we raise
1,000,000 bales of cotton we will get
no moore molaey for them than we
rwould get for oneahalf thalt nnluwer.
rhea, out of tile same amount reali
ele, 3ou pay for raising the 5,000,.
NNinjust doutble cost of prloduction.
IIalf the lahmr ;etal supllplies employ
:l in raisaing 5,(1100,000 bales of cot
on could ie employed in raisingil
iupplies withlout reducing the vailue
tf the' catton crop one dollar. Ihot
lf this laboInlr woald raise more
h:all you needed for salplies. You
nldl employ mutch of it allso ill en
ichinlg your lanllds antt inmprovinig
our property in manny ways. Thena
'on wonld come to the end of the
ear witlh your crib full of corn, your
mnoke llatses full of meat, your fa'mi.
S full of samiles, yourself full of ilde. I
emalence and your pockets full of
aonaey for investment. And how
bould you invest itl In cotton fac
ories on the waterfalls which (od
ats eilt all through youtr country to
an spindles. This would make you
idelendeut of Old and New Eng.
rad both. Then, also, you would
aine your own implements of lhns.
andry u hicl would make you in
epentdent of Pen nsylvanin foundries
nid Massachusetts workshops. In
word, every improvement would
e built up ill your own country,
il all the profits of those impro'e.
ants would go into your own pock.
Go on as you are now.going, make
ig cotton your chief cirop, and slav.
ry is thle doonm of your children and
our children's children forever. A
ople who depeund on other peo.
le for food alnd clothiung are nod
)ust be slaves.
A Olegrace to Amelca.
Thecause of Free Cnuba has receir.
d istaggering blow; a blow that if'
ot faital, is by far the severest
SIlich that sacred cause has ever yet
After filghting heroically for nine
ears, the most renowned of the Cu
an leaders have capitulated.
All the Generals ot the Central
epartanent have surrenmderedml to
be Spanish Commmander.in.Chief,
ad are now being ned by him to
adRuce their companions in arms, in
le other delpartmeuts, to followa
heir example.
It is hard to inoeulpate men who
ar so many years, almost entirely
elf.saupportig and sel-dependent, I
nl pitted against such odds, have
eld their own in a thousannd aghts,
nd made all the wold weondler at
heir valor and coustaney. But it
a harder to hear that men who had
mg since earned immortality, bave
mtered it for the paltry bus ea a
w years ofa dishonorable life.
Jo uothereolom wepusblih what 1
a koowo; and that is sad enough. (
I Ieavwe little room for hope. Bet I
Maneo ant Roloff, in the Eastern
sad Villas Departments, may still
span the Speaes o*as, and add
their nmes to Cuba's roll oftboaor
by dying for liberty.
For this catastrophe our own
countrymen ar far from blameless.
They have stood by and allowed a
handful of struggling American
heroes to be blotted out of existence
by Spaalsh tyrssay.-N. Y. Ban.
Sent off e a Misiuon.
From the Telegram.
WAsnuINOTON, Mch. 2.-A prom
int Louisianoiano is the authority for
the statement that the story about
Ieonlar act louisiana having been
sent to Cuba to look after kiduapled
negroes is a fraud. lie says: "The
truth is, Leonard has gone to Yew
Orleans as the confidential agent of
the Hayee Administration to plead
with Gov. Nicholls and the other
State authorities for pardon of An.
dersa and the release of the other
Returning Hoard scoundrels. I
know positively that Leonard has
gone on that mission. Reonard rep.
resented that he stood pretty well
with Nieholls, and for that reason
Hayes seleeted him. The matter
was talked over on several occasions.
Hayeve aw it wouldn't do to under.
take any arbitrary interference, and
so he sent Leonard to impress (;ov.
Nicholls that the whole North is up
in arms against Lonisiana becannse
ofthe Iatauiring Board prosecutions.
You lee Leonard knows all about i
the frauds that were committed, and
hayes was not called upon to admit
any new person into his confldence.
This Louisiana fraud is a more sub.
iect with M:3ayes. He doesn't like to
talk about it, and Leonard so thor.
oughly understood the situation
that it was not necessary to explain
to hint how Important it is that all
the secrets of the Returning Board
villainy shall not be made public.
It only takes three days longer to
go arolud by the way of ('nba, and
that scheme was adopted to prevent
the real object of the mission be
comning known and discussed in the
lpalwrs. leonard got an indefinite
leave of absence from the louse,
anitd you will hear of him in a few
days in New Orleans, laboring for
the tReturning Board."
ThMe Sold ine of sergla.
Atlanta Constitution:
We can safely assert that the
mines of north Georgia in five years
will yield as much gold as those of
'alifornia ever did. What more
doea a man want than to pick niup
nuggets worth:forty and fifty dollars?
Only lIst year a party of road hands
working the public road near I)ah
lonega dug up a plug of gold as large
as a man's thumb. A countryman
hauled at load of cabhlge forty miles
to thin city front Dawson cousnty
dulring this initer, anld had in hii'
poekct along with his tobacco and
knif two pieces of gold that could
not have been worth less than $25.
lie was inst as careless withi them
as if they had been it coupleofbuck.
'yes lie was. carrying to cnre the
rheumatism. We said to him: ,"Is
ther much of this kind of g'oll in
countyr" "Yes,' says he, "but you
have to dig for it." "Well, why do
oun raise cabbage and haul them so
arl"' tle replied: "Well, you see,
stranger, I habve to bring my wagon
tlown to Atlanta to carry back salt
and iron, and a few dry goods for
the old lady, and cabbage is about
as light a load as 1 can hanl. I gen.
rally dig gold when my crop fails.
We find the following passage in
the speech of an Elko (Nev.) lawyer
to a jury: "Here we have a physi.
ciai, a mani who from his high and
noble calling should! be regarded as
one who would acorn to stain his
soul with perjury. But what did
he testify, gentlemanf I put the
question to him plainly, 'Where
was this man stabbedf' And what
was his reply Unblunshingly he re
plied that the matt was stabhte alhout
ain ilnch to the left of thle medial line, g
and yet we have proved by three
unimpeachable witnesses that be
was stablbed just below the Young
America hoisting works."
- Ir
A Western editors throws up the
ponge with the remark that
*it tloesn't pay to run a newspalper
in a town wheroe the business me a
read almanacs, pick their teeth i
with herring rails and advertise on
he courthlouse door." We don't d
blame him for quitting the business
inder the cireunmstanrean, he
ad made up his mind to starr
Dnrinlg the palucking season whi j
Ihoed on the last day ot Februsa .
it Chieago, the enormouls number
f 2,470,000 bogs were slaughtered
td packed at Cincinnati, St. ILuia, 6
ooisville, Indinanlalis antd Milwan. p
ree. The aMngaste number of bogs -
mbed at Chicago during the past aC
rra 3,940,0soo.
Two commercial travelers enm.
aring note: "I bhavre bee out three
seks," mid the Jest, "and havel'l
aly got four orders." "That beta l
," maid the other; "I have been aout
our weeh sad are ouly g et oe
eder, asd that'ehu oler h the
lmm to eome hems.
Dr. S. Y. WEBB,
. rugs, tCb ficints anlb nitinats,
iuse "oilet voa/u,
Sancg 7zair and aAth .tathca,
Perefumeey wnd 3anic taclgd,
9.3russ ad and
Grass and Garden Seeds, Stationery, Glans, Putty, Toi
and Cigars,
The Porest and Best WINES, BRANDY, WHISKY, &e., for
nal purpose.
? '* Fbrticilna' prescriptions accurately compounded, day or night.
Hoomar,'La.. February 13, 1 +7w.
Consult Your Interesi
Before purchasing elsewhere, by examining
--Stowk of
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January , North de of Public Sqas, M
January Jt), It5.
Cabinet Maker and Undertaker.
Fram ese Cradle t* the Cols.
Tmuli 0uI AD Tim.
I VARNISIIED. I make a specialty of
Co mi, from the plainest to the finest,
and guarantee better work for less money
than any establishment in North Lonistana.
A lot of all esies kept cunstantly on hand.
References-All who know gpld work when
they set it. Feb. 27, I1r47.-9*:6m
.which they are daily receivian from the
eastern cirtle-all pnrcbased at low prices
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Ladia are espcially invaited to eumine
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1nd nilght.
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SSpecial iadcetmasto ad ureasuable
diaconut to Physicians.
Feb. 6, 1678. 9_:
Iv vaelt ad uate. and will eontlane my I
with 8. Y. Gladney. All peronns in-I
to me wIll find me at all timns pre.
to make settlemente-to meeive Co.
ae debts Ml a parcebass Ote for
. l A. MeCRIAN.
a6 mIWO e e IE .
,s a t, ma. _v o H IN E
Sarles a mot reaable rIes.
Dowd . and Per da... ....
LI my ol. .t.do Tnkese j
eb 6. IW R EIw
THE nndertigned take oceusim ten
Sthanks to their frktde and -g
for their IPW.rl patronage ia the pub ,
solriit a comtinuauce of the esame
- Rtevlrinu d erwurdmklltl
give my personal and undivided a.ua.
to the same; will study the lnestateai
deavor to please all who petremisms
will do bilinees for my elsetmemalhe
any on else, no mate:r bow low theMt
be, and claim as an advantage Ia
me their patronage that I cam
freight tom arl to twity-tfor hew
tier tha other, thus avoid
wajons. O TnOl
Minden, La., Oct. 15, 1077.
itaden Upper Landli
11 per Landin, I ta the att
hippeers andt Consignees to my eeiUrr
WAIEHOBES aend the thekmee
of the road leading thereto; and
tbhankb s past favors, reped8
fnrther eonaigments of ucomal S
As my pecronal care will be gives
business, my patrons may rest esases
It will receive prompt attentioa.
H. A. iA*MB
Oct 3, 1877. H. A.
FROM this date until the elm  i
Witer I will only bdtig dsaad_
to the lomer Market ONCE A
y moat will t be of the b qut .
dressed and as chaeap a e a
market. Will open m aythue
a week with the TeO-ntl hd ute
Jan. 9, 1878.
Noticee To My CosemS
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