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L. H M- L-A-.-. -- WE D ES AY,--- - 87. "-,-- --- -- '--
OL. 1.1 HIOMER, LA., WEDNESDAY, MARCHI '20, 1878. INO. 31.
... . ..... . .~ ~ ~~~ ~~~~~ HI i . . . .I. . . . .. I] . . ... . . . . . .. . .I. .. I- . . . .. . . . ., " m N rr I I i I I
Terms of Subscrition:p
ue ,. *r In advnttc ................
u hts . uo
Terms of AvertIslag:
Le +are f one inchi in spare or IeI,
t ~1, rtiin. t, 41,; each addlitioal inser- DRY
Si1 rests . "'. " i I I
equate. it 3 tog r :1U; 7 OItn 4 ;N¶5 0J
. 9 IN 1t 11 l1 144 21 ti N :I . IN4
. I I i i ": ( "1 - t ' I I ::, r! 1,0
itt N ,,, " I i iNi ;, l . ino
, , i - ·I4 43 Ii; IU)!IY) "`"t
, I, "2 . ý g, m :t I. h. .+
• 1 I. I 1 'th. i .I1 per IL iinu mll foLr I.il
. ntl1litl. , *It: fr three Iolitthts. 7.- eash
dte,.t~« l t tentiut of gi5.t hr tlgthli At
_ill :,, I-rtei at .-i t rat-..
",1 ,,l ,,i rtise.tieolt will bP charged at
".I It I-, h t cl~",, , v h v b aw; otherwise
t "'. r I t, a+ pal, sle,'d above.ý.
S" I i~ i ltie"  c'I1nt' t'r lirn.
.'+,r." ,~a .4 114 it thain te hni ,
an.! ,, 1 ~1r , .1i,1 r'igl/oU+ luln twel. intolrted
JnM.wnrli eterrte', in the niatest style.
AllsuI' if I '. 3-11*t.l," prtct"
lghteentbh nua i.uaibglas iept. t7 I
,'I' I 'llT TEACHERS will fill every
I I,. ! rt:alt. Eapecial attention given
ItcirI 11" r lsoth of foot weeks, iaslad. 10
i,: .4 .L Ill,. Lght, L., $11.
St o..8:. 4sod5. , atravpaasS
Tie, It l:ttloo IsIetletlye aeo-etarian.
Sc '. t. 'l . "S LIGH, Treat
Homer, Clakbrse perish,l
A'tg V2. I1!.s
The (;rand o('ounrl I. F. of T. North La..
1t 10 R :11. illnm swsuli onh Thilred.i)"
Jul) Ithb, 71-'.
(i, 1, ;.i.k -, ir W I'; i4 i .M itt' Ma. ,
Gr W .\: Al:.tii II liavidt-ti. (,rl : i - 1
Thie.-l I." ,. I'.trlan t , tr A C': Mau hil'l,, Ii.
ir '. \ll.:i It.irktl.,il,. ir A .: , ioh W . i
McF Irtlmit. Gr rr Mties Fhaiie P'arker, .r
A tr: J4,htn A. Mil hr. tir ('hap: - Ivh.,
Gr $o:t.
P,"-"tt I:Tlie of Grandl .cribe,'Vienna. La.
Aug ':. ,77. 1:
Homer Counlil No. I, U. F. of T.. i 
Mit 'it the ('iat.Ifot e ctwy Priddy .Yigb1. W V
. tE I'E It: Ij C
T. W. !Ih,h. W i; Mcr. Adells Siligh, W" A:
AT 6.1 rnan, R.; Miua Lkida ,tott. .\ It i':
J. 1. tilt, Cotlt; Miss Kate nuni,, . A (;
. .t. 'Prker, Chap: R. P. Harwell. Stint;
R T. V.iutin, '" II. \V. Kirkpatrick, Tr:
A. t'. 'alhoun, C t)y. I I
A_ . _ ,77. .:77
• -- -- ( of
" v -... I,. T. Vanghn.
'Il.I. pratice it the C:otirte of ('lai
% h rne, JrIa kson, B ien ,ll., 1 onl oln ,iCl
tiut I 1'1.1u, and IIn the Supreme t.ourf at
Monroei. Malrch 13. ercM-:-4:yv
______________- )1
Jnldt . .I. S. YtoinI. .Ino,. A. Miehairdsii.
Il IMEl, 1...
1)lTTNEstItllt' iiiu itI to the patri.h ,of
('ht: ib.rue. Legal umne+s attended to'
hi etluer partner in Jaksoll, t'uiul, tBien- I
v4.. i... j.i.t l.i pr:ashts, Und before the
bupret.,t Court at Monrote.
Aug. 22 77. lv4
TtII.I. practice in the ('Courtl of Clai
V hrnet . i tleIlle. J Ckti,tl, I'nion.
anlt WVibeti, aw.l the SLllrene Court at
liAug.  2, 1+77 I:3
AVING rt%.'itu'd tthe practice of Mtcdl
R eine of iTr h:+ t-rvlern to the cititenf
of Cla'iiorie parish, in the various ranches
of hibt proifntion.
Ol01e, at ItI, Irug Store of Joe Shelton.
Augl. ?,77. 17 I
1'.I. attelnd poIply uand eflieintly
Sto all lhuuines' in hi" line. 'harls I
in'tclrate. (itrihletie Nii luiles ,ntitheait of
Hoimer. n Trentonu roau. 1'. O., Hunter.
Aug "2. 1'477. l:y
REMA KSrMA LE tl il;l~5lN.
Th, , lia of the leading literary paper
(f the Vest, TirE C'lllnt'A.o LiEnNt. is riily
rt.ark:ble. i'nliii it Ilntridtoeiltionl to the
tims lt.adily.C lial ne!i in favor. aIIlll io llin'
aLeowleCdt nmllmd t io pIe ll-r ,,1the
kiti iti th , c ni. itiitr'. It. i lle nlt ii, il ii
th, itl;irt. iof its pubtulllht to plrodue' :ii
tt1I,.r hf nith moral chtaracter, lll tiait Ih.
rI,,nj time sill it at a pirice re~tist4: t willth
the trw'.et hunr limes. That threy hi.e
me~c4le., and wetll, toi. the thmlwllids of
resu4. of Tirll. Litea aeatlellirnl f(rlm
Maitti. toi Tera anul from ol,.gn tl, FlridIa
willtl artetinilir. TIER Cmi.RM~ile nail
3-a htrg, f,.rtv-eight cdnmn oweeklv lpet'r.
which eontaie toeries Iuth coimplete undI
contllntl, in c sb number, writteln by the
t Lautiturg ol thei day, a.dl eti 'ariety
o iirmirtion iteriettlg to evemryp o. I.
Tlb. suhacription price of THr Lvtw.o.r Ia
eal $.50 Iper pear tg pelt, sad It iN
qlll en _ tl t piulra to ethle pepom ci
the ehisasr wbteo sll L .i year.
e esplhe of shis reteatibe pap whi be
Cent to ea emn whL oe iid e w·e a
'hbL hei 9 r THE LernLz. Cbheago,
)tFCtEt\'IX;. )'eelcWAIIetNe; ANI' And I
OF a1 <Foct IX
(.AM'IhNI; 1,, Hl64 ;:N(;, TIE~S,
1 WAtioNs. ('ARTS. itt'(.6IELt, Is oft
Ro('KA11A'.11'S.I (EtOXKINO Yt.
) T)Vh1S. F URNI
Plntatllon suppllis o.f all kinds. IAu
r l~iberal accl ceenee macdee one (cetton in
- cashe acnd .cppe . Andl .
It I Attu. 2.. 1-7. 1:y
3 WIc.,I"eal, iealeree en
ulilj and\Vrt
.IP/(1l,/a/11 T-71 .?/I/W, NoSm,
,1I ,,,,
Ia.Ne Orleans, La. 1 Ad
131W.- 64. 1-7. '. 19:3111i
E. wil,-- -- r \Vl
H. [[IUC, :. tº. ý. "f1:i:S F.. \. Y.
H. KERN & ('0. 7d D i
in anqjy d au/di '1hy ,40 /01.
d" 104,1416 and 108 Baronue Streect,
Between Poydrn and Periledi "tn..
New York Offce, 41 hlcceleece Stecet. 1 rced
Feb. 47, SL'- t
". W. RilWLU14 lecra
- (5eacmnrcrtee It enlira * Mccer,-1i Oin
S4dUAI .~.'~(LeIo (rill! net
It . tA I 1'noa tatrrcc(, '"I1I(
Ncc2v. U 177. V.t% 54e.
S-- - ---~ he'it
E. J. E.II41T A Co, lenut
I.. mportcrti and Wholesaletr
cu _I ~·_-_-r llP
a' Grocers and Comminlis'Ion ctli
MIerchanits. t.-1
S tor.es 7t.e 77 amt 79 ? nt~ ~ccie feI' l ecel1 +e. 41;11
A(. I eeare"ulceecc 9ae .e ,'l. e:4.t7 acn! Y.) reli pc icicle-i Ii)
strre c Ne w I~rlecace. aº
A: ceug.c 1,77i- - 1 - \
'tits JVREY & (ILLIW, tir:
.) (c0 1lMcISSN MIitt'IIA1N IS.
- oil ..... ... 1:14ravur Stree I. all
Acg. 22, 1ý77. 1 ; ,1
-- ----- I
Joh hu h a .IccTe. W~ill 11. ('h l' teedl.
Vhri~eoel clcer (1, Cft", r.
"1 t 1 OV Ai r()llllli'S ANN) ( 1 ::I ºli
I m. e ............... Ne.. Im cicce t. Its
me,n NEW, tJILE.4?.. L. !14
Aug. 1477. I.c ki
IE. Peeme. 1'. Miercin.
h if ir ; litY
it In RI"1'Je aIC eale lee~
leD- I-IN'c- 11
flats, Caps and Trunks. 4.s
N, 1t)................ !eMccgnzeeee Strect. \\
\'F1Ii (Idl.L4.!V', LA.
:ceg. 211. 1+i,. l v y i
h li- [email protected]!N HiENRY O CO., "I
cet.Wheele.,e"c l). alei', en
1:c Boots Shoes, Brogans and '
1, º1 FATS,
drdt" ,
iifnee \ I». 121. 1Vt and 125.....e(' ncln Street,
crhre- \'E*VE uRL(JNXC, LA.
ton. u2. Ia.1
1:y UTAI'FFEU. MllrBE&DY ! CO.
Imporcre and Iteacrs een
Hardware cn4e Agricultural ,
srR Iplements, I
ett ocit ..\0-1 7...... .. (I'anal Sitreet,
Icy lcFW ORLE.ANS, L.l. ;
.5. , .2 ____ _L_-
~cprA. 3ALDWIC'I & COb~ )
tll (4nceeueeecC- lee ~'lec enell e htacllwl & ('n .) i
I:f lotic imcrlereeuo ~ler
': CUTLtRY ((;.INS.
lice-. ccIMI'1.E)IETS.
eelll Sle nll nlt~lY rlt ., uemnemoo itr.
tee!' of Ang. 2~. 1cc., I y
lecrula Si~~ei13 EA~bWA3E CO.,
Fel~ ll Impcwte-e.a ced .Jee,)dn f en
Ci hardw~are, Cutlery', Guns
~~v·xh Noe. 61,6OKIalcd tij.Nofb Main Street,;
editis ST. LOUIS. MO.
bicago.AT TRIll OFPICE
The prI,*ut Inalo !r eh.,.rful no the dawn of lI311st
And tlr Ihluig iln tl t fal ut .re u iai charlinig. 13 tle,
light i aad l : fashi(
ye.t, nolhi-g t'r tie weary ran the rwret hard
e h:sllltall, t throw, it lilt)
Like tl,." wldderlnIg fit memory to the jo r'li
of .1;g ai~ . rehltli
The sunlhi.e of the, lnolutellt, lunbruken hnrl
tbu11Fbit M4,11, ohld i
t h ,,un h it e e nw , .
Is oftn' ,lietkly rullht d likei the. waters otf a wialk
strrnin! Itldrk
Yet. thn,,h that Ullt he ldarkened and the re.ti
trotei teI hneltkst u ertlotw,
Naught eiao ,e "troy the sol-ce of the jou'y eriatt
it tol g lago. swag
And when, w th lgrief and sorrow, the heart to .c
i t Mtiitket low , oitl
i tle g.iniy cror e . Ile .
\hll te, atpelt. dal k and aw ful.iotr ni anrtc d mi" rt
phlarses., hw,er
It i. ese.et to revel futdly in the jyo of IVer
h,.g ,:wo. spirit
W'hel itl nli forllllltun "s.e*; ,u the fri.enlds 5. " ever
mintt lever', I 1l1ati
No Styltupatlh c:llu give ui to dry the buirn- I ulltr
tou te..ir- -at
Wh.et tiendel r lopei" are (lying frtnt decep- I ll
Itle'- ti I l -0u5-
'TI.e seteet tei 1.111e t" and ttten to' the joys. giotus
I" lung ago. Lreo
Aud ltie, lt.'e mar, Ih i", eatded, and its tut- is go.
init tellrly ' ier- wre'll
I Whent, lthe. b'reaketr' atud thl,. iurgte dash iflorn
uII,,I the h' . h n mor: III(I1 :
It is tlhe'n t hel ll is tli.-It that oeur memo.- I
re,, hLa, k).ard ti,. Il
I terorally toItieI h 1t h l holt tt  jy. ifl gngo. tt i I
- " *-w.le'
It was a vast silence of pines, ()
redolent with b,,s+itiiic breath. and Yet
tiutitlh.ed wit i the dry dust oti lt dead teat
bark a:ttol matiltedl los3.st.,. lyiAng ctuss
on our backs, we looked ulwartl hulol
through a hultired feet lof clear. tiltne
unbhrokcen interval to the first lat- on t
o'al lbrtclihes tht formed the lhut tof
cattopy ablove us. Here land there ttol
the lit-re stin, fromt wlhose active will
lperse.Ct ion we hall .ju:tt es'apletl. jeet
.'ertchel t 1s t lirough thell wuoods. loar
olit it's keen blade:i was illnled :and ' sltu
tlrled as.ihle by i:teraat:ll boughs, ive
and its bliglhtnes. dissipated iii ,
1ealulots Mists th1rou1ghout the tab
rifotg of Ithe ddn brown aislesti atol
tituI11td tI3. W\e weore in allntitlitr wii
I atlllini-tltere, ulltde a llntloither sl . ill- pro
oloetI iln aloothe'r wuil than tlhe nll
di1zzliug orue we' had jult iquitt'el. lool
'lThe gave silence seemed so nottch il
a part of the grateful ct0olcnesst thal h1t:
we hesltitated too speak, altl her soime tc it
nollUllsts lay quielly outitretched 1nu
ott the lpine tassels vlere we lihad ai
first thlo alii ouirstelves. I:ilnally.L In3u
1. oice biroke the Silence. ito
A..k the' old Maljor; he knioows Ii
0. all about ll r ilt II
T'Ihe 1"rer' l her' o!llded to. til tihe
del tih: ll u ilitllt? title, olls tit. s'Ilf. ' se
ee. thliat I wlt it "Mijuir," or hat I hlie
at, "ittil." or t hat I knew alinythinig ag:
ni atlotoit "il," .,r iideed whallt "it" re hli:
eitreil to. The wliohole relmark wa as wI
t. itertly one of the uisual COIlVt'i- Th
j!ional feeloers to 3 convers ation-i
kindl of socihal lreaimbile, Illite co br- I:
Ioin to our sct.lilg 'lill ilnt rse. ilt
it. NewvIt 130is1'. as I was l .ilt ,ww Inl
knownll its tlhe Maijr, ilperhapl s for lo3I
l0 Metter rtasoni thatn that lte, s;t'
sptaker, ni old journalist, wa Iin
alwi a 4 calledI octetr, I retoogoniz. l l0l
the fact i) far as to kiclt: ,ide tol ilno
intierv'niiog saddle sollll that I (lcoull fig
see the sileaker's fac' onl a level kt
et. with liy own, and i ill nothing. Ill
,Abhoult Ghosts." said thlie Doctor, tr.
:after ia pause, which iioboltl broke tit
Sor wasi expected to brlak.
"GliOlSl sir. rThat's what we w11li1t of
to kino. tll What allre we doig hliel' o11
Sin this llianik old iiuaittolelttiin of I'il. w,
Saverts eountty-if it isn3't to iid out bh
I otething about '"eta, chi" 1
.~No btidy ep lied. t
,'lTor's that hanittted bhoiso at in
.I t' e City . n'n 'Lt b or than ie l ; I
mile or two ti.ay, ani) how. Used 31
- to be just oft the trail." of
0. i A dead silence. It
The h)ctor (addressing space ni
Al generairlly): "Yes sir; it was a ii
iighlty tItleer story," li
Still the same reposeful indifler- t
et, ence. We all knew the Doctor's it
skill as a radesteur; we all knew I
that ta story was cowing; and we all s
Sknew that any interruption would tl
be fatoll. 'Timite and time again, in d
our pllrtospe'tinlg experience. hl a l
) word of polite eneonragement, a U
rash expre.5sion of inlterest, even a s
I.d tit eager attitude of silent exslw I
tancy. brolght the loctor to a sid. t
den ehbtllge tot stbject; time tnd l
time igutiil had we seen the tnwairy3
str.rnger stanot almnzied and btwil- t
Sol. dered loeotweett our town indiiflen t.
anol the silteihn terninatioli of a
"1 promiintg anneobte, tlihrotgh lhis I
.,. own utinihtky interfereniee. 8o we
said dothing. "The .,ndge"-a-tn
other instlice of arbitrary noinen
hblature--pretended to sleep. .Jaek
.tlsgan to twist ti cigarrito. Thorn
reet, tot) bit oft the endn ot pine needles
" i Ye', sir." contlinued the Doctor,
- coolly, resting the beak of his head
on the palms of his hand., "it twas
I ither eulone. All exeept tbhe
VICE murder. ?'BeEfs what gets me, fbr
the murder had no new points, no faro
fancy touches, no senutieut, no muse
mystery. Was jllt one of the old Ivery
style, 'subhead' paragraphs. Old ridge
fasllioned mliner scrubs along on door.
hard tack and leans, and saves up' steps
a little money to go home anl see go ft
relationis. hli flshioned assassin RaiS
sharltens tip knife, old st le, loads Then
old tilittlock, brass mounted pistol; dlo
walks in onl ohl tislhioned miner one the d
dark night, sends himu home to his the
relations away back to several gen- knife
erations, nlid ialks off with the Then
swag. No mystery there; nothing to wt
to clear iup: subsequent revelatiolns up it
only impertinlence. Nothing for stillt
anly ghost to do-who meant busi- he at
iews. More than that, over tirty Theti
murders, t11e old kind, committed leap
every year in ('alaversr, and no --cl
spiritlal post obits coming due inchi
every anlliversary; nio ssessmnents "l
made onl the pearce and quiet of the the .
surviving cotminunity. I tell you on It
iwhat, bass, I've always heen in.- Tli
clined to throw oil on the ('ave City ".u111
ghost for that alone. It's a bad Mfex
pr'ecedent, sir. If that kind o' thing that
is guoing to obtain in the Foot Hills, outa
we'll have thell trails full of chaps, mini
'formrcly klocked over by Mexicans Ti
anlld road agenlts: every little camp whit
and grocery v ill have stock enontgh Somn
on hIand to go itito business, and, hide
where's there atuy security for stir- witl
viving lifti anld property, ehll peni
Whliat's your opitnion, .ludge, as a imp
fairi-minided legislator" shot
or cntiorse there l was nio response. yon
I Yet it wits pa it of tile I) .to'li's sys- nsl:t
I tean of ;llgraationll to INecoine dis. I
ottssive :tt these toonllents, in the hnlt
i hole o(f iltterrulltiol, and he colt his
tinutud for s~olh molleltS to dwell oft
on then tetrli!e pojssibility of a state tlhr
(of af aims in wllicl a gentleman co.l
i cltl Ino longer settle a dispnte calt
with an enemy witllhout being stil,- mat
.ijected to succeedinlg spiritnlt eln itt
huatrassnmetnt. int all this digres it?
I stun till upon aplparetly inatteut- l
ive ears. ronl
, "\Well, sir, after the murder, the 1
e cabin stood for a long timle deserted hai
s and ten;attli'ss. Popular opinioii we
r was against it. One lday a ragged siot
Sllprospector,' savage il it Ii hard labor le
nt il hlrder ilnk, catlle to the camp,ll its
1. lookiig foi a place to live antid a gin
i chalitce to prospect. After the boys' hell
it hal taiken his itleasre, they col- din
e cihidedi tlhaut hle'll alreaduly taikled so aml
tI niuuhl iii tlie way iof diftih'ilities that ly 1
da ghost nlore or less wouldni't be of as
a I illh il lntl. So they sent him
to the hauilited cabin. IIh- hall is inn
Sbig yellow dog wilth him, about ins sli
iigly andl as savage Its himself, alld rat
i, tiel lloIs sort i' eontrrlllatihteil them. it
f.' Peire. tron a prjlntitetl view Isllit, wal
i tlhat whlile they iere givinig the up
V. .ld riuli.in a shelter, hey were beit
I lhtelping in the .iaie of Ch'lrilstianiy twe
ig tgainst ghios anl giblins. Tt'!ey s>t!
. h;ail little taitlh ill thli c i ian, lint di
is wenit theltir Iwhle pile tit that dog. wi
it- lThat's whir' tl'hey were tistaitkelt. ev
-a *'The house stood almost three tw
it. 1:llntlredt ftiet frolll tlie nearest cave, wR
e. and oln td. iuk nigihts. bitig in a hoIl- si
I tow. twas as loutlt us if it halt belt. oil
ior ' tl i' t top of Shli:st:t. If yion ever on
lie saw tlhespott lwhenthelire was just Ill
as mIooll enough to brintg oiit the little lit
.Id sturrouillditnilg cltliomps of chaIlppIral li
n1 tlilil they hkedli hke connecting MI
it Iignres, and tmake the bits 'of iro. itn
cl ken allirt.l glistetn like skull., you'd aI
begin to Iunderst.rtandll howi big a eiin tfo
tr, tract that man and that 3ellow dog lit
ke tu ilt-rutiok. rt
ik. "'lThey wait into possessionl that di
lit afte inoon. :ilit hl |llll-iITimnes set TI
io lout to C look Iis sllpper. IIWhen it tr
al. wias over hle sat. ll n l y tilhe tem t.,
ilt hers antid lit his pile. thie .ellOw tdlog w
Ilit0g at his fee't. stlldeily 'Iap! o.
trall!' cottits from the doolir. 'oute in
at ill,' says lhe tmani, grltftly. '*Iap!' ti
i a a gint. 'nm ie in and lie d-d to h
ed otil,' say.s the man, who has 110o idea i
of getting aup to open the door. ni
lint Ino one rtslontldel, and the next ti
ace ainome'nt strnaslt goes the ontly soennd y
a palte inl the oi:ly i iiilow. Seeing ri
tills. odt {-Ir*tl Tilnes gets tilup, with o
Cr. thelt devil in Ihis eve aund a revolver
ur'a in his hand, followed by the yellow ia
tew dog with every tollth show ing, and d
•all s\iinlgs ojleu the door. No one o
hiu there! Itut as the man opetled the't
it door, that yellow log, thllat had I
id a iteen so c0hiltler iefore, nldlely li3 e- '
a gsill to crouch antd stel backward,
n a slel hty step, tret'iilillg and shiver- i
we lllg, aitd at last crluches dlown in t
mid- the' clhilney, wiitlout even so muich
andl its lookinsg at his niaster. The nilu
ir3r slhtus the door shut Igaill bihut
-wil- I there counes another smash. Thit
tit', tilme it seetlis to come t~from insilde 1
f a tllhe cabit. and it isn't tntil the mnan
his lookts aroulnid sall sees everytlliill g
we quiet that lie gets upi withoutL
-an- leakinlg, and makes a dtash for the
neo- door, ndl tears rollnd outside the
link eabhin like mall, bilt nds nothhitlg i
orn- but silence Unl darktnesaa. Then be
dies comes bhack swearing and ealls the
dog. Bit the gKret yellow dog that
etor, the boys woanld have staked alI
hetl ei their money on, is cronetlll under
-'a-l the bnnk, and has to be draggld
the oat like a coon from .albdk trn,,
, tb and lies there, bls .e statling
from their sockets every limb and oat?
muscle quivering with fear, and hib well a
very hair drawn up in bristililg from
ridges. The man calls him to the lad
door. He drags himself a few was I
steps, stops, anits, and refuses to mara
go further. The manu calls him pun
again with an oath and a threat. hunt
Then, what does that yellow dog quite
do? lie crawls edgewise toward for at
the door. crouching himoself against the I
the bunk till he's flatter than a pros)
knife lahide; then, half way he stops. to th
Then that d-d yellow dog begins apatl
to walk gingerly-lifting each foot who
up in the air, one after the other, his b
still tremblinlg in every limb. Then Ipatic
hIe stops again. Then be crouches. been
Thesn he gives one little shuddering hiit
leap--not straight forward, but tip want
-clearing the floor aboot six expe
inches, as it-" And
i "Over solnething"-interrupted boys
the Judge, hasitly, lifting himself "f
I onil his elteow. pati
The Doctor stopped instantly. fire.
i ".Jtuan," he said coolly, to one of the diets
I Mexican packers, "quit toolin'rithb is is
that nato. You'll have that take his
,out and that soule loose in a other agal
s minite. Come over fls'ii'y!" HBut.
s The Mexican turned a scared, II
p white face to the Doctor, muttering the
i somsething, and let go the deer.skin had
11 hide. We all uplraised our voices of hi
W ith one accord, the .lndge mnoat I tisti
I penitently atid apologetically, and, lie
a ilmplored the Doctor to go on. '1'1 ll old
I shoot the first nmasn who interrupts saiid
N.a ou ngaitn," added Thoruton, pIer- ovel
- nos:sively. yoa,
lint the Doctor, with his hands rill
e lsainguidly under hlis head, had lost
I his inlterest. "Well. the dog ratn canst
II oft to the hills. and neither the tert
e threats nor cnjoleries of his master I ilhs
ts could ever mtake him enter the witl
e cabint again. The next day the Alsa
I- man left the catnp. Whlat time is ow'
- itt S.etting on to aundown, ains't
a- it? Keep otff Uly leg, will you, you Ino
ti d-d Grenaer, anid stop tumbling ~1spi
rounld these! Lie down." tcel
e s! But we kntew that the Doctor thi
ld hadl not complleted his story, and nat
in we waited patiently for the concli- cer
-d sion. Meanwhile the old, gray si the
,r lesce of the woods again asserted dic
p, itself-but 'shadown were now be i mo
a ginniing to gather in the heavy bles
vs beams of the roof above, and the I Iar
i. diml aisles sceneed to be Inarrowing cbi
.o antd chlosing in around us. Present- tht
at ly tile lthetor reeommnenced lauily, not
of as if no ienterruption had occurredl. oul
nt "A I said lwfo're, I never put tw
isa much hiitli in that story, and Ye
as shoullhi't have tohl it, but for a Ihe
id rather curious experience of sy ownl. si
m. it was ill the spring of '2, and I ip
t,, was ole of a party of four, coming feio
le tip from ()'sNell's, wIshen we hail ev
re been snowed up. It s a.s awful eli
y veathier; the nlow had chlallsged to tbi
cy sleet and;t rainl aiftr e crossed the as:
sit dividel, and th e at;ler was out eve'ry- tut
ig. where:; every ditch was a creek, sil
every creek a river. We halind lost to
,ec two horses otn the Trntlh Fork. We
ae, were dead twat, oft the trail and lo
ol- :loshing round, with night coming of
'II on, sand the level hail like allot in th
aer Iour ifaeis. 'Things were kooking, wi
-at bilea.k ansd iiary when, ridinlg a in
tie little ahead of the plarty. I saw i;L t
rlp light twinkling in a hollow beyond.
ing My iorse was still fresh, and call- at
.ro ilig out to the boys to follow ine TI
I'd and bear for the light, I struck out lth
oniu for it. Its anlother moanenlt I was.
log beflcei a little cabin that half bur
rowed in the black tchapparntl. 1
hat disiioUited aind rapped iat the door.
set There was rt n  eslpolse. I then as
it tried to force the door, but it wasi al
m. faistened securely from within. I
log was all the niore surprised when fli
alt! one of the boys who had overtaken tl
lute Ine, told me that lie had just Peen t;
ap!' thlrongh a wilndow a srian reading g
to by the fire. Indignant at this illn-.
lea hospitality, we both made a resolute p
nor. onset against the door, at the same ,
sext time raising our angry voices to a
and yell. Suddelily there was a quick Ii
*ing response, the hurried withdrawing r
Sith of a bolt. and the door opened. t
lver "The occulpait was a lshort, thick i
Ilow set. mall, withl a pale, cairewornr face, I
and whose prevailing expression was I
one one of gentle, good humor, and pa- I
the tient nuftering. When we entered, e
had ! he asked us hastily why we had not
i e- 'sung ont' before.
ard, "'But we kmneked~. I said, inpa
ver- tiently, 'and almost dave your
n in door ill.'
uclh "'Tatt's nothing,' he said patient
man ly. 'I'm used to that.'
but "I looked again at the ian's pa.
This tient, faithful face, and then around
iside the cabin. I anu instant thle whole
man situation flnabed before me. 'Are
ling we 'sot sear C'ave Cityr' 1 asked.
hbout ''Yes,' he rellied, 'it's just below.
t he You must have passed it in the
Sthe atorm.'
thing "'I see.' I again looked aronnd
un be the cabin. 'Isn't this what they
a the call the haunted Ihouse?
that '.He looked at me curiously. 'It
i al is,' he said, simply.
5nder *.You e-n imagine my delight
rlged Ree rwa sol pportaIky to te_- the
tr, whelde ssry-as wok doe. to abe
ratltg bi reak, mid eeo e It weuld pm
ont? We wer too slab11 IW"
well armed to fear tricks aor dauga
from ontsiders. If-as oue thes
had been held-the disturbeace
was kept up by a band of eonotalM
mraudlers or road agents, *th
purpose was to jpreserve their
haunts from intrusion, we W04
quite able to pay them back in kta
for any assault. I need not ea t,
the boys were delighted with
prospect when the fact was revealed
to them. The only one doubtful or
apathette spirit there was,oat ber
who quietly resamed hbl seate end
his book, with his old expression ot
patient martyrdom. It would have
been easy for me to have d4tt
hinm out, but I felt that I did eq
want to corroborate anybod .
experience; only to record my owe.
And I thought it better to keep the
boys from any predispoJgol terrr
"We ate our supper, and then ast,
patiently and expectant, around the
fire. An hour slipped away, but ae
disturbance; another boer paa
as moanotonously. Our boat ead
his book; only the dash of hall
against the roof broke the slleeeb.
Here the Doctor stopped. Snes
the last interruption, I noticed e
had changed the easy slangy atgle
of his story to a more perfeet, r.
Itistic, and even studied meaner.
Ile dropped now suddenly Into his
old collhinial speech, and quietly
said: "If you don't quit stomtbint
over those ritals, Juan, I'll bbb
you. ('oune here, then;' lie down,
awill your'
We all turned fiercely on the
cause of this second dangerous In.
terruption, but a sight of the poor
tilhlon's pale and frightened thee
withheld our vindictive ton ,es.
And the I)octor, happily, of i
4 own accord went on:
S"iBut 1 had forgotten that it was
t no easy matter to keep these high.
:spirited b1o's, bent on a row, in de
relit snijceetion, and after the
r third hour passed without a super
I natural exhibition, I observed, fiom
i- certain winks and whispers, that
they were determined to get up it
dications of their own. In a few
moments violent rappings were
; heard from all parts of the abin;
e large stones (adroitly thrown up the
g chimney) fell with a heavy thud on
the roof. Strange groans and o00.
, nous yells seemed to come from the
outside (where the interstices I
it tweeu the logs were wide enough).
d Yet, through all this uproar, our
a host sat still and patient, with no
nI. sign of indignation or reproach
1 i upon his good humored but baggard
i felatures. Before long it became
It cevident that this exhibition was ex*
l clalsively for his benefit. Under the
a: thin disguise of asking him to
Iet assist them in discovering the din.
V turlbers outside the cabin, theose in
kside took advantage of his absence
at to turn the cabin topsey tarvey.
r "'You ee what the spirits hare
ad lone, old man,' said the arch leader
ig of this mischief. 'They've pset
in that there floor barrel whble we
a, wasn't looking, and then kicked
a over the water jug and spilled all
it the water!'
d. "The patient man lifted his head
III antd hnooked at the flour.strewn wanl.
ne Then he glanced down at the floor,
lt Int drew back with a slight tremor.
as "'it sint water!' he said quietly.
r , ",'What is it, thent'
I "'It's BLOOD! Look!'
or. "The nearest man gave a sudden
en start and sank back white as a
aS sheet.
I "For there, gentlemen, on the
nl floor, just before the door, where
en the old man had seen the dog bhest
,n tale and lift his feet-there! there!
ng gentlemen-upoltn my honor, slowly
illn widened and broadened a dark red
ute pool of human blood! Stop html
me Quick! Stop him, I say!"
o a' There was a blinding flash that
ick lit up the dark woods, and a sharp
iug report! When we reached the Doe.
tor's side he was holding the smok
ick ing pistol, just discharged, in one
`ee, hand, while with the other he was
ias pointing to the rapidly disappeaj eg
pa figure of Joan, our Mexmse we.
red, quero!
not ",Missed him! by G-d. amid s
Doctor. "Bat did yo hear hiirl
pa- Did youa e his lrid foesa he rn
our upat the name of bloodl Did ye
Ssee his guilty eonacience in his bet
eat- El:t Why don't you speak What
are you staring at?"
pa "W',as it the murdered amab
and ghost, Doctort" we all paated I see
ale quick breath.
Are ,(;"host be d-dl Nd Bat is
that lMezicst vaqaero-that eurs
low. i Juan Bamirez!--I saw and sbe
the his mnrderer!"-Bret Harts.
nnd Besides the Idlad and dli lb th
they country theem a now lb bsheSIMbi
It $d 8 o ,0 0 oo , o e e b pS _ip b - t i
ighti AbiUllsoor
t~ I pa to - l
te twipleee trne
I Pe dilernat wetio# .

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