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S ies sG r i. O.L Itmra Siwe.
I DP. ILBIIION, PIblisher.
DIb TTO1 B. IATEI. Editer.
*I*O3 , LA.,
Wed.e4tmd,-SUMeh It. SITS.
Ad still the erelnet ptryll gre on.
Tfe Stat Tat this y'ear is sltent 13 mills.
Cotton sold nl New Orleans. on the 'd..
at ie. -
Croqunet i yet the popular game in the
tourthouse yard.
Mrs. $natbworth'is greatest novel for sale
at the.' poist-O'tlc.
- ,..- -
The Baptist church Is to be celled and
renovated generally.
116 de-aths in New Orleans for the week
ieading tie llth icn.
.Alerson is elny lurged strengly for ('oul
Ihour at New Orleahes.
Ieatif1tlly 1tundn tboks at the. pat.
ofce fur only olce ldollar.
A choice llnt cf the cheapest eand Iwest
booke In the world at the plat oflie.
Jamt think of it, lathes! A.t ('ok lt.ck
for only twrut .filve ~nts. at Ithe pa -otier.
TIe weather Ia4, be,4t qclite .arrm. buth,
a yet we hIave oeecn no white coat ,cr straw
The Count of lMonte C('risto, the must re
smarkable Icovcel in the worI, for sole at
the post-eolDte.
Leonarl, of ('atlln. is said to, have' gi'ven
Jonas, of New Olheasll, the lie d(ci.re onl
the last day oef thie et'sicni.
The eltra setston of the. legi.liture was
aIJounnud on "'Iela;y the I:ct hI IcIt., greatly
to the eerprise of the pollpl.
The seeIonl of thee ltltrict 'CoIcrt at
parta was brief. The dcl. kets wer aill
disposed of u I. l al thl oe we,.k.
The grave- trd wcll bscclc Ioo repair. 11.
We uOlte quite ta iieutitt,% of lum.ber
thrown of rctl. ifor thi.- n,.w fe c.,
' . l'. ll c rr hal Ic',e IIc aip, Inted JIU.it
of the l'eace of thI. I-lth c:IA3 of this palts.h,
and W II Mchlmtue., ('ountable, aecoii.t
The New Otrlea.n l)encocrat uc1cr.etatct'
that the decicion of the ilprcec11 ('o1I ui
the Audc.clcn ra,.c is gei.cr ally couucuccl.ted
by the n.ciac'ere of the batr
Ve 're ctcer obltigations It tch" loc.
.1 It. Fl.eulti for Li.e u aver-r We. have re.
ceivid quite ac nntl.e-l h tokcuc c Irielai
tive documllhcc iI utll I hins f.acik.
Col. (ehorge. V11:l:nc .M1,t111. Ic to 0ic11.
Oral Atee'rics. u-Irtrc'i at Wcmshtelgtonon c Ih
-tllh Instat, ant clllee Iihas bee.c ll' , ..telc
tation with i,.ay. a aut rue.tctcuhouc,,- c
Capt. W. W. F1aener has ", rcteter to thec
lilehland lt.ceu drclcuing to i..` a ran,dl
ate for ('cogres.I. I1. huu..c ait 1lI
health are h-v rc.aso,te for retuctcig ito rul I
the field.
The Mctcnc t-cucccrat 1.1 ct- pc r tc d
entirely at L.c.nc e 1 . lr cltc at t: I:. ,
Tompkin 11 11 Ic .. I-c - '. t-rp;,t . \I'. 1111.t
that he and the i lcte,  uI a cLcv .- t .t nclc itn
The pcretc.d, tt of the ItMcc-crartn sitate
Central t ciccci1c.II,. h il e. it.le : ,ec.t c ,t.g ,I
that latdy for the lt.t ,!:,iy cof ci nu .xt
Ta hisi hy say of p.lparc.tcc, fi r the (fr.ll
Demaln. a "i.t d l le lcr., ullt.lr-ht'et ic
series of re ihlcl t cs IetI.r, th.e 11 .1t. high.
ly cotIUettdihcg th-' ccanrse c Gl..v c'lltr it:
a presiding ,tilithr. The re.ol.sti.tu. tI,.
tllu nmsu«]y a-dopted.
Ron J. .1 luck,. io at h ..N.. WeIhat.
chrtl ,t had tic, plh'.n re .f ccl.l-tnc:cl the
t'olt, 1. 11. t, . absen lm ronthc hcl firnm
ting acc, ct ,i ,1. i... ct cill duubtle.. k,-eepl
him buny fr u-,,s 'c kc..
3tr. Jcnas. of N \rhicate. chalh~lngdt
Mr. Leconarc.fi of ihrev l, lt.ls I MIr.
LeoInard bad gisn htcn ie i tco lh' t dl. a
ealiou of the loa. cf Rt'creusattv c,...
Blt frctln cltersetneci aecd thic' ctc l,,.
was arran1'ec ge .c cilhccct c tlighlct. "c' ire
pleased wich th, c cc pIl terctcohit c Lc a
velr" prelsmg cccc-lueck f-r a dtcel. lhceh
genlleten ae t aeIcecl ' el the 1tlte tcacot
lVel spore eite o r f ictcn.
Gem. Ycctcccg rm.cie 1d icucce o1i Suldtcieay
icc the legislatur, le I. ft eIco ciccicrecce cccii cf
worry or toS"at winoc our old fc i-t.cc. lihce
leneral was ric•rlacret of the iciic+e cucccrt
sat ouotnclltlt cf the' Iiciac-. aec fmctc hci
pailtion very latecrion. lihct ci t hce c'a
paciy atni willinceec he diuetlem astc.
Pi:bed smore than maey othere woucl un.
dor stiailar eirum~tmsta.ce.
The merl autcte r ,er> clcw aiccct
biaging in spring stuck. cf dry gccac. Icn
the absence of any kccwleige of uew a
livslM ef goods in Homer we teeg i. call
the attetioe af oor re'adera to the Cae't
thatM. A. Weill4 now reeciving new gu.
they oem Sad 1i ea solumes the cards of
b ,ellm beams in ebreveport who will
be pleased saarvstheem.
Fil C.gurlmIea) DMstit.
The death of J. E. Leonard leaves a ve
cagey in the Nhtlonal Holne of Repre
amntatlvre frn the Albth Comgreiual
district of lmnnimans. aet presume that
Uov. Nirbulla wiU order an election ti, till
the vacar.ne and in view of that f.u't it in
mnportant that the Ilnmen.rnl'y ,les. t if Imen
llair amoi, IprtuIhurllt antd a p. lh. In:tlt ill
It" party. It intrem, tlat (ongriwm wi ll
varilous state l rnm t'llltlll ig ft II rrIIllu l
hoI Im e. Hlilt if an Ci-i-rttint ik h ,-I-l we sh,11.h11 li
pAilit utit a Kiamit miUl fmtr the. tit .11.m)
witl the openly d i.clareld ullenlt li of ir
lloulsal tng hills far the r."g1lar t s.rl.
The.. l.nora fir iit.- lmtamtiimal pai t if th.i
prt rnmllt mam'miul Isn . m b.. riathi r a pllltv biut
if wa e elect ourll a l , . ll .r erl li. , hemi.,ll ll.
diatmilyi sore ti 't at can ueirrd mith Ihie
amli.t raniihdtI.l at the r.gular hel tt i loi
hnm.r to iism r-muntit etminmcy.
W't have fir ori-elv Tre fIxrd illmtin a g-i1a
limian mIIiiiuli- to .n itl.r on. in theII di
trilt I11s lpoint if integrity and latlity.
('le. Jil. S. Yinglllll , of (' l:ila ri pa:srsih,.
i out r ihi.'I, IEifor ' i'grmm for limi th e h i.ll
,lpir.mil anld flr tihe regular tertlm. IeIm is
Il.pitlr l n lhis n ii plarmte., an lld thllighunt
Ithe amhol jltlimli-i l lTh lraiCt of live pi.mri,.ihei
ha. ml hl mt tit frm llll m iih hta me tih. Alri .it.imt
rmlmtileCl e Ii hi.m illtess for the lmmlltmon.
It hlm m Ien.+ .i a mi.:mI y, lio %%hlh. ..sla, , tli,
wlt 'ri liartimimo i lf t1-| liIt. it ih;, Iiul :
lrsnml.-r.iml.ilnal m-an.1lth il, t I. l ,.1il e. It.
lieve that ('i lI Ymimg wa. lithi Ia.mt $i..
$m- stmil yeiae ago hbI rimi "mg.mlt Jol."
it.,. .ri ta ti e of def-it bli t stmii tih . lI,- ;
l.arni-st ii thi . itm. brt e ave lit, f.lt it lmti
lpotlt at thll t thi pam-rt mtuhlmi noi t I.,., 11 .
irgnilI im on/m h l. t' tihit k . !'". , 11.h,.i .-t
oif hi (Li  ai ta r ii r "lhoiill IN. e ti - Imit
ih late i lii m i tII i rg. the clhimat " I- ,Il.
Yc milg -era.m'.ti wt- bellh i hming in m ivm i
waly littedil tou ltih lm.ilm. ni t : Itmll h1 . nmi ii
ntletigth forte its uttl ,,hbt',l. lu atlltulo
wer 111m m t l lthat he1mm It ll. , 4 Im,1Ii1. mI lI .I lIrge
mlli i.nii i ti ' iI t . r pmiI ,I m ,~ Ii s fi i tl .
mw, ~1iel uri- tfiilt mIoi iIl111 I i \ 1.i f ill" tllt
tlntrilll. Im:lwm iill thie mimtt lt lat"".. tgr.at
i ti tlt ilgt Imti hie.
Andersn Released.
"lT w NIprtclne ('runt of Lti .I isAo thtunl lh
thief i.tit ie MtmanuiuImg hatle' Irlm-ri,'it i
rlet l isll u lI tin t- Sltate mi. I h ,li INum I .\ nd,
mi}l a.-ttitng ilmils thei 1, .. t if th pr.
lnd I da. im- st tmm i .I mile.e l- t .1"iri "I, l
lihiu r.m iult in in i'ii . It , ,l i thi-i l p hi ,
lh e, t l im mut mi i m , ta il . ii"i, mIn: ii ,fi th -
Jllink lrlll of t lmm .h llomilii m rIr 1 Ix ha d l- ,
p imd that tlirh pl I.lel ti irml, ul l" If it . n'
it All i-am i thf l ii piit-iii o hiii i . . 14mtilr. mm ml
wut ,nt l,' ,m e m Ini,,n N , i- tmi . l t h, wim ,,l
uks l. of " pundlllltning powerI
e h ontproll l t pr , to ..! noh,,t the ct
terttne.s of the ,s , ri-int of the inal~rtn.,
t '.rnrt. The gentlilmen who ] 'n pl," th.ut
imlinpit Ii IhnI ar i I r.,.I -il n 1 thl lii.. ,it"
Ip rr tl aii' t i rg u nll ii l he I hl '!" a' J i,m ,
thi e r, thl *',,. li.t . lt. Iim-m g;111 ILto i
m mll h u mi ii' th i r t mmmjm: . mhl - i prmlll t"
mIl t me p i ,art ii. t m-i at - 1.I.il, tu.n t :at wm
\'ie ntirlet hiillb %uitI agri *mnIhintit l -
I lw i* that it t Iu .ptlle fa th. ari. of
lth. Lii to I.i h tl i gro mll). i vllhan. who "
d..rv,, ti d t-t.ii . Li f all h1ii ta. le
ltIm- iil t I a ll i ti hag il: iii i ll I i  ii i -
t rl *l hl ,"n* t man i r,' t, ;1 to, h .tu, ti,.
im lra m, i',la t ii tl mtheil fi : , in i t i u l -li .
\ , . k Wi$ l " n,, ,tl:,i 4.l the ,i! .- ,f ii.
, l , It is 1 , , t i t h ll tm-nm :, t im
.i i t. ru le i .tin . ll ,i m li i , i ,i ...
i ml i lr t .,a i 1. t e I : l I! . ,ii, * i , t .:, t i
\\1I t,,h ,l. thi I .. I i lt t i .m i pji i ut.'Jd ii.
t11. l i . , Itt 1. h'i .' . e to + I'' I'' dl
lrl n1""b 1 tL.. l . 1 " .t tt l , .I ut lin a'l asll
\\.l 1:'mm t t hulll1.i tim . t i ti ' dtim lii-1. w'mm
t t l. Ir.! Ilw tIh iotn ...t 4.f t'- I(.t ral
Mle arln , a:tlm ,, ,4 ii ,l '.. il ht to L "i i l,i.
rtrlt d I'. ll a 1 . ~- t!* u, . ,. ;a. II t ' -
Irl i,.. rt , hI I. i,,iI a::him 't ,om i i la lli
-milm , . r' "" tilk mif tl m:t f imr' ga it:'
ni t , l' d al their h r l m "tiltr , l nl rit I IipmtiIti
le'mfl thkt t;n lltl.r oath -it, il mute or nme
,ia e-\' .."uit t pm.tm der to polmlar l ,:;ti
tiltlt . ,l.tu ng i ll 7. y a tl . a-f the tnI.
l t th' |,,,.g pl, ret'w,'ituh.er how 1,,tri,..,t,.
-i'Imemi ,' il t-im " I1m m i . hu n t-m h i l the b 'i t a
tmmmtm.ii e tm i t.e tmi-r1mm,.t Wat ' huimjmm. t hin th
Wion.ll t 1m tmmmth lit ath, mm~ mrmii, hwm
minh., thatmilatr, n .Im-nate 'ithier tlnm ath.
a r prll him tiety h,1 ra i i, ( chumh tler nL.•t
MWrillgn a nim Ill htnu. This mght larem han
m't-aidi-ltmt tim e t-mtiem l haes amtn it e
dn that uixt hen Anatory wr drt.nk
that ltih+m Akn*** wer,, dertd drutnk.
The Last of the Legitultir.
The N. 0. Times wriles the follow.
ing oblitary notioe of the Legisla
Iture just ended:
The fifth legislature of Iouisianll
has passed nto i history. After aI 7
days neini)onl, it Ihas closed its n'
counts, ald its membters are onll their
wany to tlleir hounwls. Il'ore the Pen- I
liont etlied, both lparties ntadIe their
political siNeeches to the people, 8n1
told themn what haid and what had
not been done in the way of leghsila
I:'xeplt thie holdilg-over senlll'ora
it is dilnhltinul if very umanl of the
Slite lawmanlker t\'ever conlSe back in
Ihe ca:lt;llcitiy of legislators. Somie of
th[ tlU hlll't waniit to, ai they foiniti
Law ISakihg :i Iilitil lessi', thlatnktnl
andil a iutih harder task than Ithi3
ets.t4ed. IFew ol' thleln, have wOel
,Itnblic noticte, antd nonee of thllem
I.lme. T he e iamjority of tthet,. how
i er, a: lrv away with t t hle tie coIt
 'ious3ness (it having donle their dtl3)
to the best of their ability.
All of the Ittae'sureis ismentioued iln
Itie proliltunati,ln of1 tihe governor.
cei'lling an ext rat selNion, were i)pasised
erul'pt the ctity chllarter bill, which
failhdl inl lthe iIous. The Selnte
exp'lired lisetly anl with di:lgnity;
thlie 141u jo.l'tully tnal sontewhn.t
,nijili. The lnnntrvy lne'ItINters t ill
gin inme to tiell their t(ons'tilt4entl
h11;1a the)\ lill ill till' w;iy of malkinllg
Ila s; the ei t ll) m ety lS. ' rsr ach il s 1 1itt ill
to h in h l i s tlei ie 's . 's :14r id h101t
its ngaini. The laite 1gigslttur will
sisime be fl;i.g'ottetII in the exc'itelnetnt
of, electing ai new legislature.
Information Wanted.
III:NlI:Its41N, 'Tx., I'et. t21. 1$. S7.
I ditir lirhli.h itn "rl'lrqt'l,h: 'Theret,
il it i lan het.' hy I t' f nle iil'( htrhi'
l)enhreu. ie h'as n itnlei'al at ie,'
lldy h'ere. It is rlepnortedl Ilhe has :a
wifie ill Mninone, L.:. I'liase, write
uiSl' tIle' flcts inllllniedieiate'l. ;s I ml
ctry I4ucslh inlltere'sted Itn the s.mlll'e.
R leslcft iully, I1. T. Bt uK.
SThis ntniist be Mr. Cha'Iirles Ntebren,
I ho ferte.rly lived in ('laIihinle parn
isilh. it'iie\'dl to MInrehit se'. alnd
s1.bs.weq'Ei'tly marriedi at 4ihw Lut%
4lt thins litV. He hais at IItisciiti\ iis
blc,k I),4. a; gliti l4lngiet' iliand ;a:il
;anmI nt t a. . 1ie + lllll. '. l ainS I
be at' hair direser. or sleinltliig ott
ihe sort, but in tothitig Ine.g. .lilg
11 1- 44ti [ that we hal;te hinind of.lr.
N'ehtn, hii hlas abtnut s'e4niteeil
4wi\''es :stili 10 i'O cinS'ieni!C'.-f)l/iit,hl) ie
' h," part r al idh .. t., .s,,,. r e ll 1,."
r r+"t umuthered by I an nt of ouI r r,"shl ."t. 1 10..
'lepult ht.in wi %% hi cll ' .t v.i - i % ' ., ill ,n,"..
hli. n l arr.lllll i l ! ltl h til l . thi p.I:i:h l~ a
% , 4i ti ¶ Ill i all i ,ln. i* itri i
T'ill: Tu- lth llt,-1.11 :.-.\ c'orres
plii,'dett witiug ftitlni A.s1hlny, Ih..
ito the St' . louis.I Ih' lltblan asnk.;
111 is instl.' t aS t filni s:
tWill % ln plea-wslt ini;trm thl. readers
tlf tl our tiire. l\ l) thll silver dIlll.i
r'tii' litini 1 1 litlgrlin' its I"lhd I the
S"tladl, lr," anilll i, undet r ithe
Srenlt act of lillongress, it ibeelhinlS it
ilega ,l teder Vry rtlspetf ull),
that i:l1it' to dijstiingliish it from tinhl
Stliiand.4tl tdiatli, and i e lt'is it is
euli4'nl to ltnita4lde' 0o41s tIrad' a it ii
1'hlnti . whle I It ,in et l ' ritn , ;lid
l.ul , allalt ll,'t s if tilt, t itt allA ntilh
t., "he) :t- nut lega,1l h ihte sr. Sni
iei tihel, silte. r hill: th:at hill 4il1
itS kes the .tali ni ,t tilletr l !ollar oif
I h2 . gl.ilus, legal thilder. It wo,,nMh
III n.niiitil iI inh ii,intenit to make
inouthelr i114I,4ll t " 1'o 1 .ilt li'i h,'.il
ie,',1er ilint '. ith the lith S, . 1t, n
thug li lt ¶ mImi I. lrm iding 'litlereant
There hsi s lle" i muci h r isnen ssini
alntt the nuiiillim'er tof Imtn e'nlgagedi
ilt eithetr site at tIe t ,ittle it (it4i
1 shining.ll i It li l '1pstI in ili 4.1 i iti t'
deiut 4l41 wI lflee. Iin. Iringastrinl'
.t itinlaite ll the Confederate' tieree at
3'2.tIMtI mne and file F'edi'eral tuee at
1.03,1N nilil'ne. in. UInmlilhrel sa 4 riLti's
I4o lis' i'hIiit1t41h 'iitnj3 \li'ti'kl 'rhienis It
lhe'tr oil tine' Sihiibct. li' *'viientiit4v
gi44's o4'ter 1'tIt tiglrne'n wilh gr'eitt i'ail,
Sniti nmnaknit tin lei' t'lle'tiive thtahl" oI
then I 'ofnthtllui ate inifainntrny 4,353ti Iime,
ntr aihlilieg thie oinltttinrs. .,i~l, t.7
alcadi .'nrmnny he 4'st iintntntes at ;s,
;3 tisisi. 'lihe to l n f i ll ml ii i n , i
ttliti 'y, i' l ri' . h ain llrt , nl vl ost
ginanois. nnmgnslil 'torjn,, elngilie.er bri
aiilh', e'tc.. iin .1hta elh'1l rm.ilr, Iiient nl i
Ililinilhnrews puit at ta., 17.44 wIile l'e'"
tetil o" 4ill ,urlints watat 74,'*i. Tih'se
lfgi'r)4 anret plrovbbly the titoet Narent'
iate' tlhmt lei', btwee l iven ii.-X. (I.
Al'l' I thii tn owin of I ,ti mnnr t'ite'd
Thit I'iian'in i, ini.iimken a. to lhe f(rhts.
The ltnwnn II inrur In ii ,r 4itent otn ith
lS+ -I linl o i'll Inll ntiJt lin. I il $uitund iy.
Thrii a rdt il whi,' h th, town it a tIalc '
vtel.d Oln tihn prohihiintin of thn salt' lf ini.
thicatling Ihliquorlant tithe in'i-prn'hibttion.
Atton',n.r (fenlinrstl (bgat ii ha. le4 a m-
lion, for a rt'iihnning ii th, Anlderonau case.
ti1 in hardly jna.ible that the motlone all
be granted. $hould it h. it will have th
,ef_'.'t to causais the' deeiaion of the lower
cuirt atd wlUl a.nrd Aleruo• to the peil.
:-"ntary, ulnle ,ny i~hntihapa pardnr bta.
The Legslaturs.
The following uotice of the Legis
lature is from the N. O. Democrat:
The legislature adjourned yester
day. We do not prolpoee to criticise
its record until we have had fuller
time to review and investigate it.
There is uo doubt that it hats tailed
to accolmplish nearly, if not all, the
sweeping reforms which were antici
pated by tile Ieoplle, and that there
it a w ide aoid very deep feelinlg of
disallppointmlnenlt at the ile;gre results,
tt so naly pledg.es. I.'ann theother
hlandl, the very exhlausltive speechl,
re itew in;, tthe legislation of thie patSt
twO sessions. madile in tle SenIte 1)by
.lr. White on MMonday. a very full
s. uainlsis of wlhichl we Irintted inn the
I )lnnlce'rat eltt'rdaly, shllowtlt Inll't
sdispute that mneh amore Inhas bheeln
'lIone tlhats wasit generally known, in
tilht way of rett I'h'ineni't.
()n thie lhole, tine, results cannot
be snatisetat.ryl., but it mallllt be borne
in nlinl that the I)Democrlatic nmlijor i
Sty asI very sUall; thatl nalny of its
nmemnlbers were inlesxetienlced, andt
t hat the refranmu nmovements were
Ielmbarr'assted at evely step by tile
powerful l I:a lieal minoritty alnd a few
I Democrats, whose nIatiOlln IlImst re
main nllulC'oautstble Inlpon anyll known
theltory crt'editable to thlem. Ilow
ever. ill at day tor tV'o te will Ibe bet.
ter iable to fnrlmn a jaust estilmalte of'
thell' h te thlt s',ssioll Il has btetnl to tithe
Mitt'.te, iadtl ill tlne luneailttilnie we wishll
Suar (e)ttl tfritends a spleey iiVa e I
honnetward to thelir taniilie's.
A vote on the bill granting pen
siti of *$ I'e mounthL to all soldliersI
anti ssilaots of tint' war of 1812. or
tlheir twieIowsi, regiardless of their
"rebellion recordtl," show ed that ' the
:arnaay" oft irrtcolncilhlable tianlltInpho. I
iai.sts is gloauing smnaller, and nears e
lit'he v:nishing point. D)uly twenty
one vh.teil were ast againstil it. Thle
nil\ ge'tla.tlah1 i Iho spoke again.'st
it was  tr. l. ce, e of Vt'ermlont, wlno
ni allt.ttat *"0Rintlinag fromn tihe lhen
stits of tlhe' bil all who pariticiplatedl illn
thet reelliun." Mr. .11 tl is of n':llng.
lisp hirth :anil tiucation. and it isea.
s' to see whiy lie shIauldl th s nlurnse
i as r at ih agaitst the soldiers w ho
were . si dsloh\ al s to tight for this,
tounntrny ag.ainLt iEnglandt in a.'12.
'The total t'rece.ilpts Iof ot'fi'·e ill the
'nited St.lttas lir I77  este :311.21It
I:1ltspoutlds. 'Int t'scnllnlllllpt ionl dlaling ,
Ilithe saitl' Ipetl.lal was 3:11l,4":),143I
Ionillids, aalinsllt 'i 2..'ajt.2i 1i" : 187I6,
hlatiag 1,"19!1.2_:.; gain ill 1877. It!
1t31 the Iconasalptiona vtas 184..22.,.
7ilit pounttald: 111 I MIdi, I '7,l013,78i,
antd in 18 1, 306.64i1,7ti65 inlnds.
The greatest conssumption in tile last I
twenty-sev'en 3 ears was in )]75
Swhell the figunres reachlled 3017.6 11,
I)llint thie yt.ear 1I77, 111. t!'
tutns of tnre'ign sugar we're inmported
Itby ti I "nittdtl Sate.s. l and tLhe l.tlal
'c'asitnlll iOll olsl ta)l solaaestic rla foreign
salgars tfil thlie saanmle yea; r :tn a;i;i1.1114
t4ons. :a'1 i'ncreaste tof 78$25. tons ver,!
1 7t. In 1.'34) the conlltalllption was
'.tit. l;i; ton s: inll: I NIt, .1.,281 t nns,ll
and in i .1;115, 5n:1Tl .t1'l, 2 tnlls.
.\ tll'antas cantell'e used in Alnska
is :a fishl eight inchet's long. almoast
tr.nsillalnt, alnd very lit, t lne fat
ittni llapmlt-te uadll u teary .sw'eet. The
ti itlts slni thlis t.hl, th ien light
it lt the tail lannll it Iburns willn a
Icleat, .las kIh;g tla ne \ lhit'l tins'
i iatl i ill n ltt et' or it;nishl.
l'he It.lapti' t shatnlh at I ' tl atoºtt In,
'It,.a:. nIaU t ) l ng al a' t' U'lstillsd rlit'
eI'tlr of its Innsll'rt'ls. The tiet
$"ant, laý tt.hese, liat\ eight ttnrtledI
Id l eilta' t' ir, ant! tlhook plosses
'iatll ant then tchI1 all nrt'i tIs.
l'a.tmna.ster i 'tl r.' *' rnefni t ed
to n'alaw lit0', ut tt nen . 'ttlil'rlal lin
I'tlicnI ia thet' ight aof Illnt'lniH'rs of,
I1,nlll 61'cnta,lit hn.rs. nal  s dltinittrl
a:l1arldel a r contract liar int' "Fotl
'~'olth i ail Yuma rotle to (oil. I' li
'lnt Ijn'esidentt. it is stated in
Wa'ishingtol. will aniake no dihianges
ia th' ithins'" tauli'es iln ilnisiana Un
tilc t'olh.(t'trship is stttled.
Solnn, sat't't lttle i''rn.ss which
we hitt ve Ilinit'a't t'.nra'l'tllh :wa\' inn
the wistae Iasket ask, "'Will the
l{'t inias('oanne Agas inan" l&.ali., now,
we tlaant't knntnw. \'e io'' I heI' will.
ltlit'he shl.er bill hIns p.laSel, Ann
letrson is inn janil, ('langress is in sea
sioan. civil service, reot'orsmi is too sick
it hohl Its ienad nUp, Clansdler anmd
''ahletl Nal< tlaa'rla wds a bargain, tine
tiax ana, ittkey Ihnni't beeln reduced,
, ten Batller is mad, ('ox woa't keep
-Ialiet, tinmes are lanrtl, and l'rhaps
lthey will tlnink thcamaeh'ea better
oll to stay where thet ate.--Bur.
In Mtasachnnt-ta there it a munuh larger
nntmter of womean thta 1 nell'n. Inn the Iast
fow year. nnnr'r t'r l:alaa tint js, ttsous have
'eaa Ir'es'natlltd a'h ltn itgalature of that
$tsth' ouking th:sa llygamy tie legalized.
The legmtisltnrr halvinag taken no action
som' jartis hsv,' naade a law for them
seet'e. natl ar.' nw living to polygam'.
So.it'e arrn',ta have been made.
ILrd Napir, of Magdla, is to be eom.
miandr-.athief, of the British army io ease
of war, air Garnet Wootely to be second
' i '(0maanI
Dr. S. Y. WEBB,
irugs, tJhbuunes anb. ft
3ne 3udilet 7aua/L,
.ancq y ait and Ja! at ulAa,
.qe4',umeri and .ancyu etid&
*tuAhel and
(irass and Garden Seedm, Stationery, Glass, Putty, Toby,
and Cigars,
The Purest and Best WINES, BRANDY, WIBISKY, &e., br
Inal Ipurposes.
" l'liactiais prrewriptionl accurately compounded, day or nllght.
lloner. 1.a.. 'cbruar 13. I '.
Consult Your Interest
Before purchasing elsewhere, by examining
- Stock of
T HIE BIEST and CHOICEST of Everything in my liue at the LOWEST PIIIbL
1 TIIE C.Sl.
A fine assortment of the best COOKING
STOVES, Cheap for the. CASH.
I one Cheaper or Better ever Sold in Clalbhms.
A F'utll lli.M of TIN-WARE alwavr in stock. A firat-clasa TINNER' t
larlt at work, TF\i'E and OTHER RIEPAIIIIN( DONE TO ORDER. =1l%
iand Mo dratr P'rlcer.
North side of Public Square, IamelkL
January :eu. I7" Sib
(',blluetMaker and Undertaker.,Ch
SFrom Sh ('~ raHI* £0Sh (s~ ~. j~
T H R E E S O R E A N T E .
I ' AI lN I s\I 11. I ak e a I ,pi. Mi la ty f A 1 *
's A l l \"1"" ~ I ' t · i s I · lr ·I. fc r Knl~\ I
CoUUn. tutuil tl. I,. lliitt to tile-t iIICt, tit
oil girat~tti. At tiit.".r work ft i me i~.ttit ti
114111 cur V *tnl'ii, blo ta n Nutil I oi.e anaont
A It itf :ll i. kijit itunttaiitlv oil hnuil. aI
It...ri~t.iiiui-AI n h ktiiiw got.! ioik it hen1'
they Mt i t. }'it.r, l'7* l -l-aims m
r TIlE 110 IlE (1sFt D. STEIN & CO.,
ý "ii . h tlr y A ll (· tutu º m e tigrll ii. f m te
, a t."r titl.-all it.'. STEd at oI w I 'll . e,
ahJ ·1t .".l ' ~11l ·1 . ,r the tun..c 1 f"t e..1. '1 be t
rudt. Ilatr" v .; ll I." wIill too ("AnsiE- to
t e l oit t., an ld · .tii"k t ae t
, ( L "n Z~tItnES,
A ltitu' . a1u.nt ", t igai slt't,tn ",a" et . and
]) Il U6(+;IST,
TOIACCOt andl (I&.ARK o batit quality.
P'ate Lititort for Mcdkical paurposeo .
Ti. atiIt aplproved Patent Midtcinedo 1
1'r.,."riptturla C can h ..( ~ .umpoundedlrt day tit
ania oughat. 5I
New and tiIsOund Gnrdenj Seed. 11
la' m i" .cl tiulimyt nicole atid rr:ct.talt. ,
tijacotint tt Phlivr jci an..
Jj.1, I'Fli't)'. IJNIºIITT1r T: WE L
are herehI notiiled. tih3at muwld my
entire nt.. k o~f g...1+. and lensed m Iinrr.ot·
bonn', to Su. Y. I ,l:iijn,"y. I hlami reitailne
j ilittlt till .att., mini will ontitau e mY I
odre with tS . 1". U(iut iv. All prisottaiiin. 11
clibtt lit me will tutu tn.* at all tone t re- i
p:srttt tomakerflattttititt-to rteeivea.(oit di
ton for debt,, acid to purchbae Cutton for Al
Jan. 9, . i. 21:tf 4
T Marke;t the most reasonable prices..
heard and ILocsinl, per dsJ,....$1 00 I
Single hel,..................14 00 ai
At my old stand, aur Tanbry . tab, m l
Feb. 6. I8P WILLI Sum
_IIE undersigned take occaston to m
1 thanlllk to their friends sedeIleM
for their libral patronageo in the Iid
whelt a cotl.tiuace of the soeri
IleeelvnIg and Forwardlu
gve liy llt I.rw. l and undivided 610
ti the ailmti; will study the LnterIseId
deavor to please all who patealatra I
will dto business for my enotomnsraolea
iany ollne else. no matt ir how low thinlI
ii , andl clhiim as an advantage lIJ
me their patronage that I ea dIm
freight from asi to twenty-four [email protected]
lier than others, thus avoidin 4J
wagone,, THIOS. I
Situdeu, La., Oct. 15, 1877. B
Mlinden Upper Landlip.
i -eer Landing. I invite the attaeid
Shipwras anl (',mnigiecrs to mayeeUU
\WA.REIt l4.Ei and the tboe5lgl
of the rtoad l ding thereto; an
thanks fur Ipat favors, rea1Petfa1i
fnl tliher conu.lgnmennt of cotte aid&
As my perwiial care will be giav W"
blqillnes., Iy patrons inay e m eYne J
it will receive prompt attention.
Oct. 3. t1877.
F ROM this date until the elm ad
F Winter I will only brnl Sd
to the Ioliher Market OC I
My meat will be of the beta qaulI
,re sld and aa cheap as earn Ihe aIs
market. . Will open uhulu II i
a week with the aeginu
Jan. 9, 1i73d.'
Notice To My C
1 counts. Notes are all die, a"Im_
fhat ,don't pay may look en*. ir
M.NF1EY-I must have It. I gi.
eariiinlg. If the money a US
January, 1 shall poeoed to oem I
nil I mean what I say. It 3IWW
prices for cotton in settlemeet&.
.Sept. 19, 1~17.
Lock and Gan.gS- Itd
TN front of Witter'a Cabin"l I
1 door to & Y. Oladsyk. All
anted in the best wel art ,
diapatch. bewl in  a • i
All work waMne
CP Work not etabas Is eat h Ma
WILL ak weely .
i be m to as eb r arw
Jaem.s.. 4gesUar
Jam. 25. U8

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