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sept. 26, 1t77. 6:y
( I have placed a unumber of Acconnt*
in the hands of W. J. Mercer fur collect ion.
T'Ihee bills are due for work done solme
tarmeeo in the Recorder's uofee. I walnt
the money. and havre instructed Mr. MI. to
elone them out. Hope no one will suffer
bimslf to be sned. BU. ). HARRISON.
Cah Receipts.
We will continlue to Inthlish under this
healing the names of those who each
week pay up their nobscriptions. This listI
is intended si a memorandum for the pro
-etti,on of subscribers against possible
errors in our books:
WJI Reams, $2 s 501 RTl DwaonSR , 8
Mr. T11ro. Kn,RTtM' hals shown nsa hbe~ i
t.fcl Sd1 watch latel'y ordered by him frrmu
Chicago. The watch was deliered here
for a lady of this parish 't a very low price:
so very low, in fact, that the pueiaihusr es
ress.ed thbe greatest uati.faction with her
barg..ai. Mr. Koxrti't. throu1,h his ac
,insuita:eo witt t:he leading cstablishltneits
,,f th. c-oultry, has remarkatlo facilities
f,,r Li:ng orders. Itohusfuruisbed several
ge::tliernin with r.liatle watches for fifteen
,Iollars. These watches are of the very
beat workimanlshil, and are better, far bet
ter, than any others usually sold for twice
the tmoo:,.y. Mr. KonaitM is, besides all
th.. a skilllul workman in the watch and
Je.welry repairing lii:. He is in the em
,:''y of Dl. Wasn, and has his shop at his
Drug Store. lie will take pleasure in or
d,.riug watches and Jewelry for any person
who tt.ay call on him.
W,. were under the impression that W.
J. TaYLOR would putlish a large adver.
tiset:net about this time, but as he failed to
.1.. so it bcotres our duty to call attention
to ti..- ftet that ho has a large supply of
tho best and lheiapeat goods ever brought
to thit market.
Storvs auil tin-ware, choice cotif ctiii.u
srie., famiily upplics. almnost given away
by E. L. Johnson. Drop in and see if it is
not thb positive truth.
Why is it that E TLLtoT it sells goods so
ebelip is the query of his numeron s cue
turners. Because he buys for the cash frmui
good houses and does his owtn hauling.
|Fr:h gatlo just received.
"Wh..t ion's that gatllering mean at the
.niuthbe.st c r' r ,i th e,|uarc!.' WVh" Itts
the p .. .' ..:re.stei tI , l: it V. (.
i.lt 'r.lnewly Ipaut-dl bug . 'rTlev are
rrctutig a slolati,. ('all A*itn ,'eI him.
There are several hit houses on tihe pubt.
iiL sqlpare that would look twtter if turn
down nold piled 1 up in a ilry pilae One es.
Ieat illi, ori the cast aide, fornherly 1 ui.
pie, lty Il Weil & Irn., is ai ey.es.re, .and
is qlit aleut toh powil r r..itgazie in dry
. i s1o.
Tite ,ti.tr Ii t', th. ehniie inoks stld at
tl... pont oftici firie Mr. Hlarri tol or,,. a
neri'ipply evetry we.k frotn his t or upon-t
d .ta iln New York, I'hInadelplt.i and If..
W. J. Iet ams. of Miuiten. nmade a short
5isit to our town tile other day. O) r old
frinctui looks well and has the sam.e hearty.
eoarth.l manuer us: of hilt. 1He speaks in
the most flourishing trtms of the iCAitl
:ir., ande l.ft with the editor the green
backs for asiubirriptttu.
--- t- -
Sad Accident.
We learn with sorrow that our friend
W. .1. Smith was the victim of an unlfortu
nate arc.deltit on saturlay last. III attempt
tug to monunt a wild mnle just as be was
leaving town, his foot was caught in the
stirrup and he was dragged for some di's
tance. It is thuight that perhaps he was
kiked Ihy the animasl. lii. hg is bruken
hotve the ankle andl the ankle is huadly
fractured. Dri. Arbucklb and Gladlney
arc attending Mr. Smith, and ee under
tan;d they holw to save the limb. Oitr
friind casnmot possibly hIe in better hands.
There are no better 1physieiansi in the par
tsh. I'nhrtheir skillful attntion we may
hou, for L e s ,,at. Wi itenld ou r- symnpa
thuli te our frietit and his f;alltily. alltd
hope soon to meet him sontllld ant well.
Ltssn%. La., March 2(4, 17.
St. Etro--Dear Sir: reeling an interest
ti your Salbblath Schnol column and believ
tug yuuI to be ton hileral to coti1ne it sitict
ly to yourown town, I snd yoo thi . infornm
ug you1 of the fact that we,too, have an in
teruttinlg Sabbath Schoeol at Lielsn. Ilav
ingsolved your enigmas of the 2Oth inst..
I herewith send only one answer, it biing
the longest. [This answer havintg een
pu,llshed liat week, is omitted.-ED.) I
will not troumble you with atnstwers to nm
Ii'r5 one and three, bat utbmit the follow
W'ho said to Saul, "Stand thoen still,
Swhule, that I may shew thee the word of
Who was the son of Seth in the direct
deacending line to Chrslat
To who, did Pasl y1 "I have fed youa
"tb milk,. se4 not with mreeat?"
Who took a hundred prophets and bid
What was the name of the . ife, of Elitn
I, c'lh?
t'Ih ,In dil .1 'athall love as his owin soupl
"Til initials to thll. abnoy answers will
spell the niumler of the chapter of thi. Acts.
of the Apomsth. s asigind as a lesson for the
Bible class of Lisbonu Sabbath Achol.
N. E. M.
11AY*r arv, LIP.L, LA., March 26. 1l;71.
Mn. EnDIon-W'Ve, the st1tletnits of New
Salemnl anuda:y Sclll. tendellr Inany thalnks
for the spaceso kindly aIppropat.l in
your valuaile paler for e'mitniu which is
very gratifying and imnpros log t. thi, .Voliing
people. I tsend an ienilma. also soluttou of.
nlutrber one by "S. 8. Studellnt":
S llt'Tr--Ta1iar; Sirsml; Shiloah: L.y
dia: Ishnlael: Geeles.*; lerolias. The ili.
tials of the anstwers spell the name-T. S.
Situ It.
EsLNiaw-What were the names of the
tirst, second and third sons of A certain
king that were slain in battle, at which
hattle the king himsinelf was killed!
Of what people nas lie king?
What is it that "maketh the deep to boil
like a Imt, the sea like a pit of ointment
and tn:lketh his path shine after hitm"?
Fromnt what mollnnt were the celdar trees
and other timbers brought to Solumon of
which he uilt Ithe thOemple?
To whomr did Natmnan, the Syrian, go to
be healed of his leprosy?
What famnily of the Israelites refused to
drink wine, or any strong dlrluk in their
The initials of the above answers will
.pell the tlllln of a very northy nllister
of the gospel in North Loutsiasa. E. ).
lDid, Thursdayl . March I l2ah. at half.past
four ,'clock, p. um.. AMBRIWl IlI.AChK.
WELL. at the 'reidetnue of htl son. Wau. R.
Blackwell, uine utiles fronm Homer.
He was born Fabh. 14th, 17,9, in Franklin
county, Georgia, near C'arneesille; w as mar
ried in his 24th year to a Miss Gober, and
in the 2'thb year of his age j,,ined the Meth
odist church. lu early days of his chris
tian life was made to officiate as class
leader. a;ud was evtr actise and eticienlt in
all church tnatters till too tnuch enfcbl.'d
by age to take luouIt part as in fornlr
year,. when youth anold strength were his.
'Pr,, .nits in til.' sight of the l.,ird is the
death of hts mains ." es. ts .-..
To say father Blackwiell was a t.e x'e.
p'lary and censist'',lt ulmember o01 thIe church
twouldI he a fe. hhi tribunte t.o titl inmelory of
tlte whose lift' and ee'ry. ente.rgi were.
whohly consecrated to the pure t Iachiutgs
andl high ipreenpts uf oour blssed christinrl
ity, ever 'rvicitg ale. pI andI hlutiihle pi.tit .
•ct strict in t1." adiv ra.a,, to truth, h otw
ari, justice. whiich call'tl forth r raelv-crcn ce
if fr.,'tn itC all who knew hlmi that will
• I * I :1 * .I.' .it ti. mt iii .-usy oI f 1ll It:lilte.
'li t,..-,l ti klnw' h11111 best ;tlirti tllhat
., : V a F . y pa+.red with,,it atl'.rhlig
fresh awic.1t,'.t of lai' entire rtiadinies,, to
rtn, t lhi-.l rld aLll Savtior IoI freet auni full
jtI'. ltimoll y i ftt tht . l .t 'r rei ady t io ri.et
di. h llii n ihi the .guluL s shouhl call hsit
ifrlllm ttm.tt eternity,'f'l C ':ll Thatsni. I Iltus f
laeui Ictiteit i it,  n h ,' t a.s oi hi ', iht-Itirst
, 'a t . t i d f( , un * i h it s . ': d m . p e . c e f u l . i t s i g n -
i, t" t, Ile I.lf,r te ill I \tht l asked ih) ,v, I
tlli. stanlhull arm ttld hir 1.' " f h ley was
rearyt, e t"l itw1Ol!t. 11Fililtgt.w . til* ii t's.'"t
sll rl anse'r to , le r qtlu' ll , tir llen
Delingtt hi. l.st Ill a ', hetl- .uc;red much
hltilt, ' aflirlion, i l t helt r it all with , rrll
t in pl titn.ce a ,tal flitt, rit till E'atlh re
uh ist tI himt and t. feli .lt.e p qsirtwly, sweet
ay. glaorini ely. as . si stlll tole t llt mterllt
lhtrtl g l mt ) lng t a'ituint, Ia c with farth
.' r I . h , -f t .n , 'lu trm . ,d u l -. , t l l- s l h j .'r t
ofi rt lii tg h' I'i,ri-lir thotln. I have of
tlen h re..'. l to h11 rtti. t. l of his ' arlhste
lconvictions of silln. auIl hsllon er in toLi a
low die ,ofr the rlo'% , of (.iI eto Isla own
hearti and ir s hopl of Ellvt,, till hi t..mul
wouht alt.ln tro catch ilthe holy inspliration
of divine love anltd It rnl' ng lerry. and
would ea'rn stly exhort histi fnt luend run a.r
htives to set about the greatgt ork f their
O'w salvatlin at oie ', waitisu' thte.
against the eror of pnryrof ratialtion; aell
iol of f-ittih Ihrgln to al dm1e prayrrfn
to hile learer hIce trto thrvinlig each daye
t iw buetttr aed do hore gseel for oure
What a truly wahtiful life i the 'lhris-o
than'e Father I . has f E ft a rich ioherit
he'-une-thie h'mtte.k and truly piheas example
of a (phtros jan. Thiuagh w,. nathegI r L ark
his thtrig fwar steps; lha gh hisg.tat te.
urch vacantt c hoirngh hnis wrndinf gren
h" a itp e an | psvis g kio' dne , sati are nth
oet the sweato oJ mory of w irloe-pat will
Ftill hve i this hfart of thois, when mourn
wil aheetle and ani hin emring ahtd going.
p irl ze gone to by with Chriet and tati
who have alres y r amhat the othea r o hof g .r
nthe green abed. of Eden," and has doubt
,,an Juiewd them in singing heavely strain
G ro that wa mtai0 that he eight live.
othor hasre of Joneas to welcome yon over.
iMoon we shall reet ahot*.
**. .. ,
FIRST MWAT [email protected]
tIIE crontrol mi inmanag.nment of the atmve
I llorganization having IStell plraced ilnto
t/e hInsl. of th,, lMe'nt of lliri,'ttor, they
pro-mIme to hate an E:xhaibitiom at their
mrm.m.li. o,, Wednmday, the First day of
lay, 3IrT.
Alny une having an arti Ie to exhlibit is
invited t, I do ao. whether a premiumu is uf
fe'ret in thile, ('tUl:m gl. ,r n-iit: it' fmn:llll war
thy, a unitale prveun 0,m ill lm, awarded
b) fie jmudle.
All .iuiri'. f,,r articles. to be rehiitd
Ilmat he. Inadu hv lo uO'o'k a. m. on that
day. nall ruuler it covnerltelet.
miates. ulmml*NIl for visitors from - a. W. to
S p. .,.
lRefreshments of all kinds will Iw. ftnund
in albudimieilm' oni the mgrousmt at mluemlermte
.\ dralw mll-rlom ill Ile in readiness fcar
the onmmi m'iiienm e of ilty islttmr.
E:very mrtidme or animail within the en
closurem of the grnlmls dnring tlhetlav shall
I.e umd.r thie drreeti, of thi lmranl, of Ih
rector,.; and whilslt ery jumtllh, pre·rll-.
tion will 1t takeu for thei, 'afi. keepinlg iof
the sanmelt.t l, ti',.ty wllI. illn no case,
he raslnlo.ille fr damIag, na or Ioa.
Thie eflime'm of thle .Smaml t' bil ' mh open inI
Homer fromt this dlate ti, remei. iig erutrres.
For the f,.rtest trotting hIorse' r mare
twice, aroundml thie rilng............ $ 5 0
For the immtenlt pacilg htomrse or mare
twice aroundllll th inlg ....... . . (110
For the fate'at t'-trutuW home ,,r
mare twice aroudllll tIhem ring.......  00
For the fastms.t ihrm..' or mIllre ruTn
ning 'ne-fmrth mIil. ........... 10 0x)
F;'r tile famtet timtle once arllllnd the
ring, 1y.Wyarlds ................... tl UO
For the most graceful lady rider.
Riiing IIit
For thel most gracef'ul gemntleman
rider ................... r steel Sptns
To close w ith a hemige tourmamen',t. ar
raIgerl with fhllre Is3 lts dlnd fmLmtr Inmhedges
piits Ilacil fifty fI;rt lapart. with a hedge
3 feet Iigh till ards first frotm each post.
Eittance firee" iln each, one dolllar.
R. P. WElII., Prm,,t.,
F. A. III.I.EY',
J. FERG(L';tN.
April 3. 'mN. Directors.
sealed Pr.p.s*Is
r1 dersigmed until Thurmsla. the i 5th
instant, for the hiuldhng of a ('hitrch at
)t. Zion. Speciti,'titions lmay bw e.el s at
Lalr & Allen's mill, 5smvin milesa orth ,of
Hloumer. It. II. ('LEVI:IAN. II
". A. LANI:,
April 3, 17. C'outmlltl e.
Y I;ALI.tERY will heim open for the am.
1I enmmlmol;itin of the publcht• oUn Friday
at,,i Ndaturday of each week. I will talkc
pitl.r ms ,O thhme dIays., IanIli no nimt r. I'u
iemr tIm Ciru'imttlac.mas will I m anmy work
exc'ept as sttntl ,'above. My prime.r are Ithe
laIIme ais hcretufore.
W. , J{OI '4Tt)NT .
April :1. 1'7". 3:1:
\N N the public amlare. .nmuth of the coiurt
ihimn.,'. tenl omr tm.twI tltm dmm ago. a Lady's
Breutpla. The ownelmr rie get tile it. .mtmI'
m.ili]ing ,n m VII..Im I: t.l ,vm ', ilmmrrmling
tmh,. Irl.m ty ;i'. p.m ; .m $1i for thiis n tice.
Aledm :1. I;'. a:1:1
. Peuasioua: Pensloms;:
't I1.1 1E :', and Sailors andl trlisted ntiI
o 8 f War of 1-1.1 r inlian Wart. their
Smli.",. all .linlrsa whllmi llamnllis hiave
h,'itII ,hro.pl.d flonm tith, roll.. lan now se
nr lelln.imn. SNnt stamp, wihl flil hi
.ri f es cmn' t to Piot -mmi:'as. A& lliRt::N. Patent
Alt torn.'-. :.'i 7th t., \at. slmhington II. ('.
A lpril :t. I, . ::1:Imm
AdveIrtised Letters.
I 1:I'E:iR tIm Iowi. If not ,:,ilm1i f'r ht" hi.
it mni m mt. o 'f M 7,, mill b. sent t3m
mh l . al-Le'tter Ittli'em:
II. m, ri.:ltiblt ll:lrrli. .Mi,- It
hrurlett, ' .\ Illsn. A C'
Ithsa ., W \\ l.i. ,iimsi rliner. .t
( 'haptan. I lM IA . I
S amenttmnm w .itms 3Imrphymi. Lemvy
*ast, ''..tslh- n .14lmlmmomm. lI en
u.hba-..Mr. .M S.othern Elxtpre
Ilarringrrni. A Traylor. IRtlot
mi1mini. I \1' Trmgnrtihen, J W
Hillinl.tarthmrl. J P 1Iri., .I
Ili,.,nl. t'Ike' Wardelmr, J
\V'rrel, .Miss (
D. W. lH ARRilS. P. N1.
Filing of Tablesa of Debts.
E:.llat, of J. n. Iltarrw, decraon l.
Staitm of I.ansianaa. I'arne of Claiborae.
ST iiTI('tE i.4 IllIE IltlY e;IVEN. That A.
\\ V. Iharrmw. E,'xem ntor of maid estatte.
a ts  th tiled in my offthe a tabll aim of
New, thermtrea. unless opmps;tifn he
mad, hereto within the time pre.acti-'d 1y
law tlhe .ine will Ie allwinw.l homnlogated
amIven md-r ty hamnd amd tltimal u eal
.tn thia the *tnm day of April. A. D.
IhREW FER(;tI' N, (ltk D. ('.
April 3. 1-7. :rS::tt
Estatm, of J. 8. Itarrmw, deeased.
State of Louisiaa. Parsh of ('laiborne.
B)Y virtue of a comtmi-ifln to me dirmtemt.
i) V the llmoriable Parish ('nrt cif tme
pariah of CIalthmrnm, I will mcII at pumlim
umtimi, to the laii and mighest Imidher, iat
the late rnnidetce of deceased. in the towi
of iHimnier. mmni
Thurlday, the 4th sy of April, 1si478,
thIe fiilloing dro rteid pranoai lroperty
beTningim to siim estate, to wit:
One tmule. one wagon, one buggy, 0 headt
of cattle, fartming titelsil, &e.
Aind, in olmedienem to the requirements of
ma-i rnmmiasion, I will m.l at the Conrt
house dnor in the town of Homer, to the
Ilst and highest bidder, o0
tatarday, the 4th day of Nay, 2878,
time following described real estate belong
ing to said estate, to wit:
The est half of soutbwest quarter see 10,
iszly acres nn weet imlemmec it; see 16; south
bal of south half of northeast quarter, andl
north half of inutheast quarter section 17:
northeast qnarter of nortbessi quarter see
13' southwest quarter and west half of
northeast quarter section It; soath half of
sonthwest quarter and north half of unuth.
west quarter of northeast quarter enetiotm
9, townabip 13, raeng 6--all situated in
said pariah and Stats.
Terms of slie eash, to pay debts.
A. W. BARROW. Executor.
April 3. 1878. 33:ts
Letters patent have baea mimed to Mr.
R. N. ('samp, of this parish for a very in
geniust frming implement with the abory
nae. The Chopper hba been tested by
Mr. Uamy ol his lown farinand hee peeved
a perfet success. It consists of a olble
plow stock near the shape of a wagon
onntd. with a *heel that runs with, and
directly between the plows. The plows
havr a ywing or mold board on the inside,
the tends of which are jusat fat enough
apart for the wheelc to revolve without
strikian. Thse whleel is 30 inche bihigh
with sx spokes. the ends of whirch are 15
inches alprt. (tit the rtwi of the spokee is
l' shaltd Ihux. with the osaeu part front
.while oil thss' ground; size ias, t"z 4 i'rbeis
'rThe astl of the whe'l run, In galdgeons,
whlsih are attached to tih.- I~ans of stock
dirrettly over the wIngs osf the piow. The
plows rillt atrridl or onl both sliel of tlhe
cs.tton row; the wheel rlnllnsing directly no
the CatOMMs row. to thme plsw' Inove, the
wheesl sai'p frum box to mIx, tlhey Iseing
thei distaunce apart the ruttoq is dlesiret to
be left. Tihe pilws cover all the cotton,
graas and everrythilng that .ia bIetween the
hozes. andl. a rilihs Isoxeas trike the ground
ill front sof the ilssw, and remllain there un
til the plow palss, the lirt is heaved up
arunsdllll tie Iholes. andll as the ioses are
raisstl lp the dlirt crlultslmbs inll on every
way ralnid the planlt which the hox pre.
serve.d, sever illp the little grata immedi
at'ely arnllll the cttaU plant. and leaves I
it brnrald nasl nirely "ditrteal" with loose
pulvleris.l dirt. Thus with tllhe nmachine,
one mull asndll ,sie hinssd, it dlesaI tif work
of 2 nmlles and 3 or 4 handsl; and mnell
titt'er. for it almosat roimpletely cleano it
anld l.asils It ill a atlindti)on thiat one hand
with tel' Iow sull ilo tile wosrk of 1 or :1 the
e'ssrondl wrkilg, tsn.:+) inthing of the lux
lriantl grm tll of the cottonll after heing
worklit with the nmssaiine. Thei first coat
of gr:an tIwilng detrn,yed, the victory is
won. f:r that is tlhe gransi that gives the
trouble in aeitivaating a crop the old way
sat barrntg osl asnd st.raping oat. Any man
a li I rat nmake' a +sal plow stick ran" make
one of thes al.llshinesls,.--edj'hite Telegraph.
fi Pl'eri'nae wisl,1ng to obtain farm
rights for the atbove agricultural imples
sInllrt Ivmay do st t ailrsmillug
1:. I. M!.t'i.:'N DON,
at Linlan, La.
Prirc--Five, dollars.
Notice U. 4 lanternal-Revenue
Special Taxcef.
U'NI)ERI the RI.vise*l Ntatntea of the I'si
I t l SItates,. ,+''ti nlls :t431. :1237. :t 3.4,
and 1111l, every peIro eugagel in any husi
nens. a\ sart lion. lr eliplllloynilt. us hle reill
dtert him haI:,,It to a Ilscial tax. is requiredl
tos proscure and platr and keep aon.piaously
ass hi. retali.hme.t or pinse of besiares a
I r.p druellatlill g the pyiellnt of saidl spr
aial tia far thi slw'ei;lt-tax yea:r seginlinig
Miday I. I'd". Seetianl :t244, Itevised l itat
Itses, dlesignaalte who are liable to slicial
tas;. A r'eturn. as Ipr"sritlwd in FNrm II,
is alma re.uired by Inr of es\.ry lr ia'r liislle
to x .,'i:al tax ats alev, '. . eletrrr i aentaltieare
p.rthr.ed for non-comp-lince' with the
IsforegOisg rePllliresllllant.. or itor ellltitl illga
sla Illaisasl after April 3I. I'1-, itlhout
Ia.vII'mat olf tax.
Alplication stshoMildt be malde to
IOv. ('ol'r oft lnt. R,.vessi, at .lislaed , l.a.
I. lar.h 1ts. li7 . :tl:4t
I I.I. be atleslt from llomer some two
mInilthes, aild leave it. A. IIRIIXJES in
htll;ar,.e i'i my htnIllliton duripg my Ishnelwe.
lie It asthiarLteal to iigll isyi nsame ill cloinig
up ieany of my usstatandiiig debts. lie will
Ise is hand at aill isnta", in the ofsRae of Inmy
iuew astire., to rt.l.-sve cotton or mosney on
accounits asltdl iotes.
F'.I,. 2i1. 1-74. 'l :tf
W. hI. [email protected],
Family and
Fancy Groceries,
P Hil kinlc. iThe be.st of evatrythinig at
the io, .at Ir ,.e.
-0 ('all at the sl IFullritures SRtore. sauth
of tihe (t'urt-horsae.
.h,. til . "J'. SQ:
Ilaynesville Inh titute.
Tl" Ex.raises. of this Insattittion will
j enlnlllttinre oi
MONDAY, the 4th of February, 1878.
ta'T",F 'l 'iT'bab-$J. 1: siaid N4 per
month fromni aac of lsmixtsssion.
Itsomal san be oistainit ill the town atld
virility at r ,aw'as slh' rats.
.t. E. MsI)>tI:. Principal,
Mi.. JENNIE IIEARNE. Ax.itant.
Jai. "3s, l"'7 . 24::1ie
Notice of DisolUtion.
ie paIrt.'nerhipl Irtafore existilng ee.
twee i.1 It & s . T . I Msrilanld has this
day hewen dli.l\ds1.d by Inllultnl enllmnlt.
.':srties isdebtt to tie t.'tra will settle with
eilther na.imt,.r of the tirm, whose receipt
n ill be valid.
.I. B. M)rtEI.LANID,
Die. 91, 1,77. 2tom
TFE ndlltltr gllsar. will rloutinse to run
Title MOHEI.ANil MiI.I. and (GIN. andt
ask a Isusltinanlllle of till liberal patronae
hlret.ofare gi .n. Thle. inttend, by stritrt
ateastiosal to blllne.lss, tsI mrit favor anal to
givive snaiese'tictn.
D',. 29. 177. il:6m
Suceeslem Sale.
Sacn:esnions of M. P. Cann anad Polly Cason,
Stlae of Loisiasn--Parish of flaiorne.
BY airne of a oenmmition issald out of
Sthe Honorable tlhe Parish Court of sailt
Iarish asM iltate, to me directild y D)rew
rlgan, C'lerk of tlse 'iitriet C'outrt, I
wrillpuroesil to sell to the lnast and highest
biddler, within the legal hoasrsl of sale, at
the late resideae of said deceased, about
It miles west of Hosmer,
0. t.atray, the 16th .ef Mr, 17t6,
All the personal property hbelooIin to said
snueeesinllna coulltln0t of CorUn T-'oddr,
IllgF. C'attle, Males, e., ke.
And, in olmietesee to the rcquirenents of
said esommision mentioned ahove.. I will
sell at the Court-boltse doar, in the town
of Homer, withih the leal harse of ales,
Os 4ttrday, the th daI of Apail, 1818,
All the ireal estate ielonig to said Osee
eeerionsi s follows, to wilt: An undlvidesl
half intermst each in the north half of the
northwest quarter and the northwest qeai
ter of the ntheasu t qularter nof seeto
tbirty-three, and the smeth half of nsouth
halfof ionthwest quarter of sedtion twenty
eight, all in townahip twenty-two north of
rang1 eight west, in sl pseish and BLtate
eootainig 180 sre m nore or le.
Tmser of iale cab. to p·a debte.
Z. LEE, dmr.,
Marhb a. IW77. tS:.
The Cheapest Place in Shreveport to buy
tlotbing, Snots anb Sots,
Is at the popular Dry Goods House of
Cormer of Texas and Sprig Street..
Sept. 96, 1177.
Ceroer of Texas ad Spring Sreets,
(Next Door to C. H. Buruside,1
Staplt and Pamey Dry O**d. I
F'urnishis Uouods, Clothiung, Ac., tc.
Oct. 17, 1'77. L:6m
Furnishing Goods House,
I. LEVY k CO.,
17......Texas Street......17
Oct. t17, 1,7. Ilty
T. Poland. H. 0O. Janin.
Cotton Factors,
Wholesale Grocers,
Receiving and Forwarding
Merchants, "
Corner of Croeket sad Levee Sts.,
Oct. 17, I"77. 9.ly
N. Gregg, R. W. Ford.
General Commission Merheants,
Dealers in
Groceries and
Western Produce,
Agent. for
Pratt'. Improved Revolvirlag ead G1,
0. II and !! Levee,
Oct. 17, t1577. 9:ly
IANI'IACTUIRER of iall kind. of TIN
1 WAltE antd HOUSlE FI:NItSiINtI
(001)S. I),aler It all kiund, of Itlating
andl t.'a..king sto.e. No,. 9 Levee Street,
Oct. 17. 1'r 7. 9:ly
Cumpston Hotel,
ilam Stroet, between Spring and Market,
NE Bllik from nlailroad I)pomt; one and
O kahalft luckn frumn teanmlmat Iandlig.
Ne.w Bullilding tfmr stories high, a it all
i.l enl.rtt inlmlrovementa anlld con)Vtliencte'
Prices reastnable-Accommo.lation, mlupe.
Oct. 17, I77.--9:ly Proprietor.
30 Texas Street, .- 8breveport,
K .EEPS alwaya on hand the largest and
e,..t asaortmnct of
TO.I).t .('CU and (IG.1 RS,
- ISN. and LIQI'OR.H.
t Tl:'lT.s .IELLIE.
FIRE. WflAKS. 4e.
Oct. 3. 1a77. 7:6m
James V. ltz. Jomeph B. Smith.
'TI & 81MITE,
Dealers in
Heavy & Shelf Hardware,
Iron Pipe and Fittings,
Agricultural Imiplements,
Mitchell Wagons,
Engineers' Supplies, Belting, &e.,
Nos. S, 10 and It Spring Street,
(crt. 3. I?. 7 6m
Cotton Factors,
Dry (oods, Groceries,
Hardware, Cutlery, (uns,
Boots and Shoes,
Liquord , Tobacco
and Cigars.
LIBERAL A1Dnr.vrxEs MADE OX cox.v
Texasm Street,
Slrevepert, La.
Sept. 26, 1577. 6:6m
ML. @s0e,
Whboleale dealer In
Havana & Domestle Cigars,
Tobacco, Pipes, Snuff,
Whiskies, Wincs
and Brandies,
nWe. e she Levee,
Srevep, .... Leelabia.
Sept. 98, art. ****
Wil. asmas,
e. 1 Teasm ISrLeet,
As for ale, at wholeale nd retall, a
fhull line of the bliowlig poOde:
Fruiture, ('Clairs, Mattrs, WiE
doer siade ad Retuter, Wall
Paper, LeeHy el e Plate,
POemrM Vad Corrd
Mr Prige LUe
o.?. t1tT. ItiE
DIU m.l I.
Fancy and Staple Dry Gooda, ke.,
Ne. of Teroa 5n4mt*,
'rEa*'ZPOZT, £i.
Oct. 17. 3eMt. . ~
oPLeaOlsallEM OS.,
ROOT mand sueOa,
FURNITURE a Specialty,
Ne. e tO he Levee,
HRlhr5FPORt, LA.
Sept. 96, 1M7. gak
No. t 3llaam Streeg,
One Block jfore Reiead 1.yet tad 8a1 .
ot . Ladin.l,
BEST ad Cbheapest Board in the Ciy.
".G Oac~l Table. Comfortable Boomu, C'leo
Beds, Polite Attentlon,. Cull and are for
yourelf. Sept. NS, 181mrf.
Lat of Juares for the A tsl Teen
of the Dimrles Cear, It,"
I State of Losrieiae-ParieA of Claekse.
BE IT REMEMBERED, That on this toe
S16th day of Febrluary, A. . D 7d, we,
the undersigled qualified Jury Cnaomis.
stolers, met at the Court-house I the towat
of Honuer, Claiburne pariah. Loulasula, he
the purpose of revilung the general renero
and to draw the venitre for theo April Term
cf the District Court of Claiborne pailsh
oommenciug on the Third Monday f ad
month, and after cbooeiug eighty personn
to complete the general veclire, in plaes of
those drawn for selr ice at the last ters of
Ssaid Court, proceeded to draw the Jurors
Ito serve the first week of the onet regular
term of the 11th District Court, commen-e.
ing on the 15th day of April, lUtI, It bItig
the Thl . Monday of said mouth, when the
following unnaed persona were duly drawa
to serve ad Jurors
I. Dunn, J F Ward I
V. Tbigpen. a 3 3
3 Wafer, Zack 7
4 James, (CT 7
5.. liamas, R F " 3
6. Kiligore, James S
7. Morlis, Siumean I
M. Oreer, R V "
9. Oree.wood, F C 7
1o. Itly, J H I
II. Delaney, J 3B "
12. A inger, E F " 3
13. Hill J ' 7
14. Ree, I F " A
15. Allen. R A 7
Id. Hyde. J 8 1
17. Nickelsou, J W S"
IS. Curry. J II " 4
19. Kelley, 0 A "
90. Norton. Henry S
21. Allen. F L ' 7
W2. Raluer, J W "
93. Hleard. J O "
24. Collier, PC " I
'S. White, Z T " S
96. Jarrell, AM *N
27. ltt lk , C~C
9r. Ledbetter, W I . "
49. Shelton. Iveroon "
:w. lIond, JJ J 3
31. Williams. 1) A "
32. Thima+, It B " 3
33. Britt, L )M C "
34. Thurmain, L F " 1
35. Davis, M " I
3t. Cuuokae, W C " 7
37. Gray, Jne I
:t. ,,rtou, BA 7
39. Wafer, J B "
40. Orr, J T "
41. Foutby, W P "
42. Thurman, J I "
43. llit, T J "
44. Etgliah G L "
45. (rilaer. ilartin , 3
46. Kimbell, W " 6
47. Kerlin, Sam " I
48. Wheeler. J II " t
49. WillYn, T W "
0. Kentnely, Moses " 1
After which the following persons were
duly drawn as jrors for the second week,
elnllanelcing on Mouday the 2aud of April,
A. 1). 17$
1. Bridgetra., T Ward 3
9. Jarrell, 8 R " I
3. (;arrtt, 0 W " S
4. (ilh.adney, Bill " 7
5. 'Wire, CII "
6. llilley, FA " 7
7. .Monncref, A W " I
P. Wafer, J C "
9. O'Banon, W H " I
10. Steverou, Henry "
II. McElwr, J 8 "
12. Snider, W C " 6
13. Gray. Elbert S
14. Lewis, Marshabl "
15. Tahlor. J H "
16. Oake, W L I" I
17. Mok, Pat " 7
le. Walker, R L " I
19. Kinder. A 8 " 7
90. Warable, James " 7
91. Watson, J T " 1
S. Reynolds, J B " 7
S3 O'Banon, 11 Pierce " I
94. Watnnm, WA " 5
94. Alford, AB " I
96. Killg,rr, Allen " 8
97. Landers.. E "
WA. MeClewndn, Jamso " 5
9. Huaty, RL " 4
30. Monk, Merrell Jr * 1
The Board then adjtearned.
Preet. Brd Couiairee
I etify that tIheb rore and bragy is
Strue and correct list of the Jars &ao
for the April Term of th orhes La is
and Nrthe parish of bl the Mte
lest. Olven eode haed selafly, aM D
Feh. I?, 18nS. bat

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