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Me 1p4im al, . 0. LIwnme's w-.
Pbtibber mad Preprieter.
_- , . ~ .-----1~-=
03 3.1 , LA.,
Wedaelay,- Auguast 27, 1879.
We call attentian to the advrtlisment
do A. B. Leetieur, in rcfrarnce to Registra.
The Jury List fnr the O(ktlber term of
the District Court is pnblisbed In another
The third quncrterly meetilng (f Ilnert
elreaut will be held at Tnlip "rat Ratnrlay
sad madaly. The ofRctal nI enermn of the
gtlrel le eIeperially Invtrdll .
We met in town ni Mntllsey list Col. R. T.
D)awesi, who statesl that les shealith is Iuw
better thalln for 11tan) Juisi-iths Iprt t1le'i"
Ids,'a many friendls lu town are pha'eeld at
hie recovrry.
Messrs. A. W. aLsrrow and BI A. Bridges,
two tof our liverly mrchanrlts are unw iln
Rt. ,llis suilsclitlig fjll storks, that they
may te. iprelrsred to meet tihe t mlly wants
of their ctustlielllrs.
Mr. A. A. Whleeltr, ennisissl intltructor,
fierleerly of tIei- Itloni. r .ITa.io.svc Frunil
Instil t.-, is irk in Id..t. is he r. hr. has si.t.e
Iisgeriig foi many days. Owaiig to theI
debility of hIis g1eneral )etem. Mr. Wheeler
recovers bilt slowly.
A IBaptit district meettig w ill hte held
at Liainsen, sir at tIe. Risnky lfpriigi (Chulre i
nea t I.in ,ini, e n11111'i i 'tes u ig il Ftridslt 111e It.
We sttpleseIeuthat lte-e suliet.iae lave heard
of s t tlesr ilehs tigi le" l ll lll 14 l ite s I ttersilcr ie,
as I bey aenlll l like mesll'it ing. e'llc lll as
well ase the prechler,. WVe ipre4et Ilarge'
audientcre anil strgly singinig.
Patillsl C.Lesset tnieat )lliii'ey, ande Il, I
threer uew rease s eIlt ke-"k. Vie str- ex
treeeely sorry efie the lin Isi iess sele il
-but ), tn s1shU ser tit I h11111. i , lplie itllt e .
Li.e iin islu , tli ., NeS ('onsis t i o1 i 11 i
bre adlted ll Ite.e-ll , ti. r i s.1s thi.e lpapers,
aunt liheni vuis. pllobatsl.l lth II will Iee ni
use fitr tlu , s.. u i-s.s l. tIlle. il - ( ,,rt.
The rain fI ll i nII i"lslsti v lseilt Jlai5si.s~
flight ilnd .iatlsrdn, l ; ltheeis Iue1 t ssiiss
bard neaerly all tie, t llle. 11 IIt a e niel t
thiuk of tite great tl nsllwint storlles.
Useally on sir stnllst the1,e V~tt if 4 Si. plol,,wr.
about which it ststal te1p555trere aMe .55
nmuch as ,l eig 61e 1i a tei-r ti . II .ani ,(se .
CIottIllo srle s weril e l a Ie e II s ll e ilerissel L),
the .steenr; il it Iw i ..t ief s taue . sesl
piea asistlieu io t t lh,, le 5 ,IIl Ii ill itrles
phllca ioln Inuw 11111 ith .il l.nn ~ ll pro
bably tCase-ilt Ints fl tes o t 1testos is st.ight
The Ibys. arsound) townI Lre- I neg tinle
sport t ws-e s .-l. ) . sat I tMellenrsr' i0 t .sers, l,
alIOItnig thl grape ll irs thatIl is ,d i, l he.
lmo ll e trllctii"e tol thi1t elis n 1 itnt. l.e
emesete r lsye tehat Mrs. .l. le lult in ie ult
till m books at hW th ,. , s f 1 ,llestiolll, slIe
ilubtllletese lls. s-re , thies. ( thi,,hls it ilhiether
the hins or this hslee e:t the ie r I er. grpestil,.
Retmnestr tol Ithlllat it 5.,ls nii lIpple tehat
 ltt Ise t lllenther E I  ti l  II. eellll t i ns I Ia
(sinem all u" reuetsi t wai t um ist soiI t, nispt
ing  tie itu ,IpeI ig.II WII ell les at.Ire
A-dIam if yol u. get lome. graps iland et l
ut a lit th.m, youst RIltee is goe- Iil a1i i
the Editor.
Maesr. White, Pattoln, Duike ands otherl,
a hunltillng party from l.i, ete, .iet.I
thnllrlltgh lner .,ttnrdary se their retcrn
framl therehl-te, wher they .pnt h el.ek illn
Chasing anltl kii(ue ih.,r. 'Ieh. tseb ) relirst
nerees-eight l r lt kiledl. Illrln, lntlt hers
dileltfiul. These y1tig Nkilliri4e Ire the
roughly dr el-na inst ast rain that Ii.a fill
ing so intesl-e'ly thei-k is Satsrei:) mrn
ing. Thiugh unt W s sts Lnfrtblle in ther
return trip tihey did n.t t'-rget to leas,
anile of thre ishl il-et , i aslth al. of tllir
fl el-ilt in ll,,ese -r W .e o.il se a t tit was,
highly applireuteds , wi.e did Inot get any.
Boys, if yo, . outs kilels dreer, you kept
within thbe liiunlat st tfh t, law.
Ton manly eIgs it IItner. As we, walk
.1 net els1 the front street very earl) )es
telaey I rnllel inig as .ter lslis,.4e y I t" 1i
annesoroets l se- tt"1 e smte teel 5a5 Ie*tll ii1
preasively, that we hald leoltei chtins tee
our room. Tiere ii as iehg eih is eith
dug, hut is nssetthicetg ash tieslie it tse the
other eses  al weliest tle- erisii I. Vie- ctsiekel
that 'resis Kinielisr s.sl1t1t Ie Ir. lsnesroIahtsl
emnplssyel' by the Tolne t'ceiittl t;r a few
nighta. Tse tenlmtir sef iles~ isle-1t |lhe eta
micisheel, aecl l erll i t nra. nslieg/ .rossc eli .st late'
ho11ra or thlire ii ill e ii e-slihesIne, suet
then-well, sise-tes wsll c ih sit that lbs)
haid staid near their taseillasy.
We receiviedt eels M,,sliay hlat tWo itlmieN
of co1tton we-tel arnt eto lne tey inear gtseesl
friend, 0. WV. Ahmalezatedr. The tail lieeil
are each tg ise-he,. Ilaeig, ese hal Iii.. Isell
and the othir sight. Thsi, eiettlloi is of tIhe.
Aleseader P'rlstlc Lies slci is a st,,1eg
evidesee of Mr. Alexaisetl e'e tilte farnning
qasltiles. In his prile atleeite he trq'liest
to haag this alweii'll-tI ill 551CC iatke untal
heat... Well, frie-iet Waeh., alisle they
are geest we m1st state the facts, tIi"y etr
beatee boA.o. they arriveel. On .ilturehi y
len rt. C. i. Sraifu left linabef coltot t
with - eithteen inchee lung coetinan,--g
I? beUrl. We do not know the nme aof
Mu. Sealaks eotllo, bet It to evidently of a
pod hlid, aod we think entitled to the
Us, uibbo s ' ea , ee, ga ye.
The questlIon oC nlrtiing to Kansas baa
beae agitatel l lately in ance portions of
ClacIhrne parishi ly tle edcreel people.
01 thisi qulstioln we wctld aelvia, eonr rcl
orestc friecda, as Col. Jhellc 8. Yong dieit atI
Lisln,t in a el'e h tbhat Ice m eet tlelrr a
few lays ago. If yoe feel dieleeesi ge e
to Kansas l all, make up a pablic purr
of a few dlltars sed selelt ocne nr twi,, or
e.en mrc, if )ao dneite I.t, of n,0r c srr.
rre-lgonslelee cuee --e n ice w heelI yeecc will
have. reellel tl(enc.-tl o tlhat r;icte-, allcd thell
act ulpel tIeIr repert; ieee.I d eo rlcarry
yceur women seed lehlcree therer o tente.er
tbse inetenlcsa ede whLichl ei-rr lfuals to rceme
to that dilaste, IIIeetl you kLnew that yonu
will le able t, Andl or luihl Ic,,lcece fer therum.
YuT mnllstl rme-mlw tbhatl ill Kallsastilen.r
is lnot we eleltitfl as it is leere, elec tlley
I e~ec calees iane whtcce- lecIi ce-eeceeecetatety
h rc e, i l ahi e, theerec e-lje te, wee lie et "
sleieeeet ene,.-lurcaele Chlere, rt-.lecially te
on- ef Afri.am e ,rei e hie, snas ereiteld I.e
ge-atI itelrlr. (iasl to hle le aIed lasweld lli
hfe, icl, at lIset a lelepie1il. If rlll l a terriil
re-glene W*e weceelCncid lre te ceeerecl leceelc
ef tlailesrnce tee Islcrn a lecsececl Ic-iele ceeceiielf
hlleeir race wleo I-t the, swlllep lrlller
Int Weeler uscd Strielg fer Xaeras, anet
SIee aftelerwirde were ftl1aelleel e w cgaleneele.
seed faemieshing tramlIs ic the stlrecst of Sc.
[ucns ansd lcllOg tiLe bault If lhce upl-.r
eme0 isiIeIi.
W1e recgly lelow fromn the Cehilesgee Timu-s,
ic wheIle the' Irei ehreee acll ed . iee. haretI ilel
ac-ciccees cef Mlr. Wiell un, eo f .ect anlewel ic;"are
eeceircs t cer l 'e h et tee Ilill-rlt theteeelsi cfe Cle
I tcll.reet fmee IIh c lllceal. cOll eeeIIaeii cen sC Ieta
reaeieg to it lia e oll lored rel er lnllf thellll
TIe cIdiniea coteetien cef wvree eee.
lac Icte el b id t ic-crc Ilecete. ceiciscee t-i
hleneettie e it l ne-' IeICivi l. l iet rel-x hi Iegge-rlce.
I th eeill e teeIi le ee icece-. 'ti ecie C.ine,
i~li(( iilo. tli' Z 1I('lltlllo I.IIlIo "Ill(l~ll~~l"
geIhe e teooieseciecleIl -ehiet tee u |hle'leercl I-le lie
SIel ellr l 111el io llc le e se h-e i ll lle i ell see
elet eeith h icic,,I eei r Ith Ib il i etec i' ee l 'ee l -
lhall lila d~ice h eec. tee- ~llee- iiiioc ecieeeee .1ic
1Ililmlinaoo, oo" I iIlitol iintn, h le i lln l I lel il
eitll c iclll le e . lli. eel r l ee ce osi.e. .l l ic l e111.
efeie (rle- sen t , hioe kme-- Keeeiieiile . el ote
all Iain t l, lio hi, lili l n enl simitaonl~l.%
cci\ ii Iceel ec cIh, il lellllll i. illi. l Iiie
eec lr-r t e  l eh. nilt h it l licle ie e i- oi f dee
n('i eei IIel.l, ciii- hee ci ee , e*.c1.iee l I1t
cc h le eclirlnol e\ 1eel iic. Ii ele rei ce lint. II Iecelec
IhoII thr lo, ,Ill, |mn0d negI r" l llnII IIr
l~ I hn,. p li-eoln-lh aI Inl~o . t , In o,'l oi
Il clle-l dlie . II', . e ccc ll iolll ll 1i- etir
i e iii I hce ci li hi e - ciN t Nici e ec i the nele.
eeciee ciu te l I. i th , ee eIe1i ,1 r. i eie l ni
Iccie. I 1 111:11 1CIeH.* c-c icce*iec1ic elect
I'lilll llllil  lilli lilllllil l$ I nlll, , ll~ ilil ( I I~
hit l. ill ce Iccecc c lioiI g l.rI cc I iic il eel I-,i
(lne ci1p I 1i. ii ,i-le Ic. I.iu le ii~ l 1iii cii-.
ticere. chig nt cuci rile c oeei ecrtis r n-vc et
h e III.~~1* Ihe~ betw der r set loath III 1 udi111
dI , tIc r ieiii- c ., Ii ic 1 ii- . iii t e hl if
Nicc legelscia ice gene iiceeeee clicy cseee .e-*
ee c-eileel iee ., e ci1,i| clii lli e 'Ihit Ii lii e g lcii
icirt nt n. c icc c litd e.a cccii 1..i lee-de
cll le ccc I -lclcec ecI l e)l cIIId I Ielel cci%
ccre e.lf e fiiiee i flll, lic . li- . ce licll ieell ih ellh-i
CII c-iirllel llelllhV he . ille ilel i ei-ilc Iolc-eeeih'
I. l I eee..I I h c iliiitioi.i. l ic i cc Ih,,-.e,(P
11. 11 (iKIl(.iv,,I :il,( ~.1i l ll,lil . Xlll\o illoi.
il .ll ee cIi l c , i,, .l eiei e ei, cce I,,i Ih,,
ii cIcleacee ;llic i i .eei ee.l o eJll ill hil l- ice. I citl
Ihi Il Ih t . :I . , 1111 Illinwa lill lh,' n Ii(l
,,ire Ie ,1ci 1 c11ee iih . I i le c :clel di g1o Cccii.e.
li i irle cc lllelg i l ceec Ilcelie1l1llo, Itr c Iel .
Ii ence-c te, i ie l ice-i iill~l i ci cec,I~ ici cccliiril0 .
.ticrs i 'll lcec i o llc Ie ll I, Cle- I1in iilrelic ie
negolwllni, hel llo th at~i ilollilt o if , d ing ; Un
wh i tieee. aI t dee c-e-- c in .-ee i c f i le eeeg
eel Clliitc" cc i o. ,ee ceilo I.- I, .% 1 ciiiec lit,- l ic-e llcce"
Iel ci' cllle wihi Ie it ie i. li e lh.i Iol l ihee ht -
erl : iccecll Cuere l e.o~l lho i~lelec eclicel Iiihie.ec
Citto Sitr.uc Ih L b.y LIhtllig. l h
Rcc. J. T. usI)e cleoe h ecrei Iie. Iei Icci-elh lli
ihr lel, wiii  ,,1 Iso la 1 . , ll ,.sollldi hIn v Ing-
ill" Ihelil inpnIhl t oll fl ,IF nilCillh ir ingI
eiceci cef i ec icic ll llceee ioiieice-, ecee.li l ice- l ekelo
citk cvicc-i ccc. etc l·(. c 11iii ecce- ie · ~1 leec-te iec
)ir . l Il (i llr ro, 111 Jill\· (llllillOt il|"11111 HI'IIN
',riih ll hce- ihiceticlrlc herlel.e -!loii Iiri i he
te.ed lihde-cc Ir l ci lae c itie ice'i il llCei Ieelr
dcl le- ice-iiee.th i ined dee- rnes i.tn eccee
el ee... e tl1uileiie i.ee - i re-ct eect ci
ke.ecclo lcwinn* h tY ieR cc let-rli-. thee
ieee . ce . T.c cir c -lleciet tilie -. iii ejellere
ITeee I c ic e. le eln eceigee- ciht r e nee hkiic
meal t hi~me r t I1t I nii flll ' l ' fh i |1;11t1
te ie Il l it' 11c Oeelle lec alcee. il cc li,- e . i.
.ill, ii l' i lt · ,III1 11,, fl od" T l.l~l~illl( Y)I,. 1
lh~lll1· h, illo('-liilrlll hIll lit ,Ihr I1,I. |'I)Lin,
ieee. cieii u iilo cir hateliiI r clll,-rIt tIh h
Iren lie-t lirenve- tee l-citet.ier ti-cc eal eci-cc
alnsika cctc- re- ecele.ie incen Ciiin-w cicc eew l
taitc.- ieiiige wcisi -cc et Cciiirs lice. cire
ntliletl-i II e cll. il i h th e i lol. llie ll -if
lei . Tcli ,iti ic ll*c e- ll hiei- . Thle in -i r n l
ceeccecceci tir il h ic-c ieel eer il :i e ,iel'- eich-c- ih'c
ieee-ct her ollt. c iII tell i k II clllll e tlh Il tie
- ------ -
U .im hllll , Cello l emililIll  il. ll
ice Chich c e iee lice i se icet. r 1-).. havei
elecey ie, d f cle'tice bil tineheeei- r -fal e
cic lee v-c-ili r. 1 ieee ,e -h. ii. rth ,iie r id tcc li ic
IHee;eic aini ticii leiMe rd tiht th e c Iel*
Tlke-c e-tei iine-e Itiec. li, e. e n.ealcc te cc
eteii g t-eni atceiiciol. l lire- ci ii ..eis .-
iseiit,. c i helu i hl cciiig e et .iiicc-le eil-cih. de-r
cci eecli. Ich- ic- ia c d :- f-r iirllct i. aecel
chcr ue el-cc lc I iceecs ciirice" drcll cc1 eeiic.e
lrcecr e - hsci ic-i c-ir 4 ccl-c i cie lic. i-tesih
stl recc et eec cc Viieie ree ri-olert.
theit tfe. lh l c lee-acl bre, l et' l he i erelt
ilthe reaac earue ar. T nD - e
man iccca o wic i l hee t io l hsee l. lhe i e- )'el . ct.
th gcant Scerttheerninnn qeeee-o. c. I
Hclaey thetilngs arc letisukcos it o the leceath
m'ait .y nt , ,,,h i tan it. . ill tw hre,.n boIt,
eyt that are starthing sto.. . his etl, r
Ieq sat'|atc- ta ytrowoostlliN . Crio.r
to totwnih th e astw . One|b, of. II
Yoililr and il t t i 8rl . Y. il m iilliils lii Ialll
;Ir. ilt 10 liit one llT' . J.Tayl orll an'i nolbrt to
It-rx; ulllis r .titnon i0i)- ewr byl~. Wlke
ill h I a m mt , olllri il . OIII Illllhll il . t l0 l
unnhi tw lhinlran el l *r - hlrd Io lh siiniii
name eaiiily inelrtlinIher brottnhl, bueIhen
stuppe olay e Isrr ruyleinsOU Ioadti.a
las. Te mrke w llla nl-, n in Itomer
tlt. world. lth Egyptiaa pyramid., tlhew
arren. dla.'rt of liA ihare, the Niagara
Falls, Ar. The astronort· tells uls of It
plaieta.ry world, ulelntiouing Venust. )irs.
the al rth l, naI ll and sun nlld tfi nl ellllllu
swrr ofi thile Divanity dillTlrnyed il thIl.
e*º,g' iiin of their laws tmtt a.tinti , l in l
rlnt to rap mani in a mhroid of ithotghlit
fr ages; nlld aulling tajile ull itheI. is tthe.
(GreruiLk DTllar. a nIe*wslpalwr thlat e(.ome
In we this wek ,ristliing with tall rltitlrial
ailehr nisder the lheald of 'i ill ion the
War-'path." in I i hih tIhe rditor woorle his
a"srdl high in lth air, de.larre' war to t11he
ilt. alhmihrn ti Bi and doiwn in his tlwlligeretnt
"lathl" w it a rthmi.sal fu'ore, and i, tlttitlda
by saying that he meant nothing but a
Thi samo sheet lihs a long enmmntica
tili eir ,ih' III tnie of J. M. Nix, who says.
"I shlitld nlt perhnlp of paid uilt little
ailttenton it flop (t uaritiuni s nrit iciasnfs."
Now, if the mnemtry of )r. Nix in in
itracltliherois nt Ilia gratmlllar in tilea riVe
nt.-rinf in leatI, we r.i- nitt sutirpried thati
there are iffltrtites of olinitoin a io thlie
examt word that err- r.iud in Ihi,% Athei
unl sp.Ieh. As to, lt gRenler iof t1e editor
of till-h fnardihisi, wet irl, ' e.- to awillt 111.
rerturn, anid asttire Dr. Nix that ihe shall
knoww Ila m.x. "ltid eggs" tred fiol
"ratscllhilltg it Iring th.rr fito I th striirf ie."
There iota •sienfliar alur thllt ne*ve.r lrl.n tit
shIwt their wherllseinii at ull the iame
might lIe lwid of thin Pammunlnlirciaien. Al
it tlhe (Giiarlian Iwiig ii " nttlii.dhl stlet"
this is simply il nit aglginn of D r. Nix,
and prses u -thiug. It in n knolwtn rile*
f"it e.i el, lit he wiil t ,lltl w gr n fa"rt
ti lst provel it, or ti.e it w ail fall al ill-.I oiI
at hin fret.
('.. J. J. Dike lpre.vtlts th. editor of
flit (;i.tn riliail tl-t tlil tItI' %q';is rlluriiit 1llt ill
tih li ntrdian with f line watermelon, tard
flitl, it hy .1. .I. Et pItir i .tr. t Miat , mn lay
thlnks, (',Il. Thr eyiltt r Iis n t hinren , hIt
ifif p - tld ,t.a b roiofht .l oIe ,Isn til
whole (Gardlll inroune Itha:n joint sra llnl
tral from, pOn. We h:nvo. l|ng known
that filt f (' lu. %nss ti t iike of fruilan.
In hitn priv'ate notI " Ihi ('olI. add.I That
th. ltong h..Lkdl-for en'olnll werm h lns at
1.1t put iii : ll .11qitnu tt ftit itt tilt lt' : blunt
(A fliN hLth.11 I . l knoiwiti tliit Itrl.ilihr i-,i
'a.'!. ill hi- rhout think it fil i tso calfh
.ljullry, , Ie n g sh t ll e . . The' (1'd u ln.I'k.
%- I h t o iog erven l'rni lg hi. t|a o rop.
11" 0 . tuih ;0i1i lis.l' i t-u. t L'.artln r. W\'IInil
. tf . h a tl illt ii'y I tIre like ilo t. W e ll alil t
s illt ('Il. t ue I n ' I.Itotion for Ithrl.htor
ito attell.t, I, . (',l u tpI-I.ilhtig int l.i.hus.
nt wsi, si ugg tl Ial lhe malkei miple
tprep lehttif s, for we think Ithe rdihtr will
Ivero it itl l lweek.
Tit.i edit.or f""f lit si lU N. ni ii.ontpt
ig.d lby t ,tmi u itf hi lll r frliti nt, Insme
on01e. to I.a ' a is i t toi his hi oarr pallll r . tllpn,
whi nla |l iln |li ier parish mlld lil ulter
livre in l n l rim, for n n r u'atof iCnri. Not
onut Ar biu. sod man11 a ple'a'.ntif nonsnias
lktI wtlll It brolunht vviitly to hi in ital
Shle he tilt, nnll h. little chair in ftlet
urnity cirelu' on inc ma.g l v.,.anem hy hiM.
Atl ntel and prohnltis tnihl to- hohl hims
unwl, wh ile it hi im :lgintion Iti. paies
over tilli herti deed of hits r:nlier I.,a.
.til. Thern t nothing hohet.r it tlhe. lit.
ao oIrIIo nil to viit naged plntme.nts t l the
d! h,.ntn,,l.,. May rvrry Inlllonllt lof
yoelr psect riwll r to thone of ple.nr.
W'* rinwtno sanr. yoa iong for Ill.- (;r-,,n
line k IDllar es h-. ling for }in ntlr,:ady.
Shall We Neminate?
We have not se"nII nor heard of any ef
te, and tby hII Dhc e lnirhrtic ,xill urnti
:mnmante. of ('e beho rleil,e . . unding In
atn rirg:tizalion of the porly for Iher rSn
iwg ,hrlation il li.retmher nxt. lhmi tf
floe r'oulrar we has," heard it m.id n lnth"
-tre.t,, that it wa:t the eIthr i.oli, to
mlake tnt effort at orga:iting Ihr parfty for
afti onl aitlilnl i.retfore if ftet" Il a rriral
oat fll° e'Xsnt ed thrir ein pl,..-pl- 1,n
laid ad! fiied for th.ir own iw..litl. mud
Iol hile 41i,.otlliture Sled cultrn' % o Ill .
tlil of her lina.tes.
It i% t .e of tilte flilinsuite'l al print il'
of i'.hii, al parties to have all ,telirrs,
el..ially ill bolh the Iegilative anti ex
realist. . d.Iaml Utls. rho-n Pn ral Isdlhi-nl
_po ea ab I re li of th ilatale.iMo
tIeor mn I,, bhav so In boldly arrmyad
tllftaels uagailnst Drunwarae , who de
,1onlll.0 ther party to w hicb tihey oce bhe
lolg.grll iti fwing warte. than;l tlhe rkeplblican n
party whlictl tIbhy ftghlllt ue brreily in a
Ih-ea rattl ranku, till at ct our reprc
I.atllc.n, ol,lei our tailr, recollr our ti
dleIns ItI pre.eile ol r l.otr ca(lrts. III 1l- Ir
sw.-r to thll it IsIa . sw aid thal they are d
all geutl min.ll. uand abtilt latch he the case I
wI. nIlalI, I i- liltthr realillrd inar tniltiii. l
lJM Itieli oair path 'llt htilvte s11ferni., shet
w ill have eist a lamiaitl in politics thaJlt
abl Inow hidi andil aflther will have oln t
it. AIti fuarthlr, we* will et guilty a1 al
lsterpilg entllitrila hilt he l. eem)"y ateljide
ill mld tiak the reins of goverrltueIt
froli inor halnds.
We kinlle that there has lben more or
al,. ,liMallifalltlion and twrangllhig at
ever l to fi ase Mew, at. intg a there aie
tiflhri. Hllt will a huddlelt race, fir a lach
Il:s iy are- a.lnairinEg, IvalI t hi. iaf aImatis
fC.l till I? Tlh. sane tiaan are. i ht.r tto lte.
at ite giieerail rlactiVn whli voteit laut
yenc at thel two p.riii• ry lclCltiosll AnI l
art thlre aliy retlrictlis plretlilt g
vIterra fri tcmlll l hning usid viitig frllE
Iheir rIro tln p rfll t I "Ir r e'u it I a l g nt. rllr
+-ii'41. r JIIe- r Iaii l jir taIIIl i i Jl tr. Ite iii ot
elect ii l.ils e ItIhl i a liiniuory elli n ollru
w.ayl- ie. aiiia i .d aways ' itll le., ptrvi-rst
tatiioig poli:ticma. Ai.lh t ret is Ijawrr in
a ,atnIili ,fa r, l thief. IiaI b in tile Itllill
r;.ielit lv, w it llre lhirt. hiert1ielatic 1larty
oif fiahil.erei. Iito I." up alltd iing, lithat she
a.illy get Iitr furi- ll euclt rtraltl tIhat sIhe
e l. ale Iito ivrrIrlaa the. ,latis al f lthr p.
i ItiuK pIarli,"s, at thill rrlain her prleti n:
pIunwuai.Un. Nurislg would be, nlun."
atrngllatntl1 n btg iaI It. (to te li.tsnk party iui
Niirth leli.iiit tha t I 1.t l-it fr taueIi flmh
I I- r rt lllks ol-h rii m.lll. tiji, n oi (C ilt.lere r
to tlih teex l .gi.ilturiev; aluto-i.- - °ltnitll
tli.- .tauil,, rat Il I ,lirty would I.e weakeiirl
W, lh i Ililt . u thin I sIlutI iin he eitu-ase I
cailll ic nit are llluri- that tile tcanlihhaute..s
w ill liay a.hl , . tl ir li ,i 3 u l nlUltipull> i.it
uili lllatil fil r hti i g ul o* f t"l ilte lPatly.
Thi, I' "Ih"l uill ri - t.1.ie,,ar that all ,11i acr,
;llis l lsa i , llthtld. nI,,, ,I lh.ir rP tl, l ,li
elseIgli fuilr ti lhti fil nf lwl sitllw, -- f
thre ,lh ifr nul..iir tsuluuh ,hit ,la pi,
to "o' ati wii at tulng. Anlt lf ttie
ilit ,lv p.I 'r a ,niiwi s hi etrlli.g Our
ofihtIa flrl lhe.ir iplitiIal rankl they
will la ut i. tt il iig I, l ihl ii, lit'
iural .t.iuie a ll lit ll I. Ilil. aiod raplily
liatly wle lutwrl lthi lhiutlig tai e era,
hlht tl lr.% patY tis g ,ill, if l,*at, ig iltI
Iu-el. ,its irgr-w,, iuhl lI halr pat t ill ,igr"u
t~ wns II aplapr ltlat thatf it l ' of11 itf
nitll w i. ht, a hll ri l n l lllinllt
fn it .ll ,t i l i iiltst of iw-tll, W i lt i. A:ald
will t lititleler- IIraic pathiy of ('luihiriie
i.ilkele ittlf hi.' iu.s l.t- ilth it Is a Pi li-h iat I
its fillhthg? L", twI r ru.fii hs dtel ti.
hltu. t:lrtll::- ['ill u.lll pllel"i pflilr
flit-e - f .1,1i0- 1 tt iinief ) 111 1-r
phl. ioth IWl.h rn Iihhl. $rietiyt l I :i
hat isl pail ht
Ti i lI..l. 1.. .hrei -. a eit llils h ld llI
rii perirrn.ue durin, g tltli f nlul a io
l'mnu'r I'+i, tuidl t.aiieiu to hiiav thiraniguh.
I.' i:tanu -.ui I t- i w lhli of it.
lite i)Iif-l s ti whit, fuinlit, todingi
-4fi rle ltulf, tic 27 Iser r.ait; .17 rlt.i
flnetilse, a ih :it.a, or 74 per cei.nt. ale.ftlite.
Imh lalre lI. teh ialll% alaflit tle, tlit itullllld
inlg thi pluatlti aftutenftion, w hert tIhe-re irer
flrgt f.anlUili'V wif Itllnt a ailglt- apl) tif
lih ,.applie.ud 240 whlite families; 131 cil
tor ii funiiie,, anlilil 2~.6 iaelivi alaais.
fThell witlt liitiitit iof laelks friluh-d
>. the I. ie-,tl fir thin cauiuleaa wau $. ; IJ mi;
$tll ..i if which wi s alu ,,iutel t ti l pfil
laeIf "I -: f,.L' - tl g. fi, t l i ' iftisrtl. r tilt a
Ieweih. Isfe ing iult, $1 i 15 rttarnical to aid
in4 inll ar itlaralitlles it othiler lneed)' 1 ti-lu.
.Al l ti lhis I;it itenl $14 43 gieterrueitlyv
cultriltifeild at lnteer: 2 hl at Liullin. sill
iole- or Iwo .ntail fetrlitfttlen1as I1i laie
I ititutll thlugh Cllarilictuir, ,te we aret
-till olit Inlte th11111 *ltg 00 ill ert.-m litf
rreciptis. eMia' we nti efl-wet that Ithi.
a 1il e moire tIhlan aniilet ile It) it ntrifill
tIilll fhis fuillf
tle,-n iteeft this kietl of weerk atlti-al VI ifi
f-erte tie the Is-tie-vlletit-ttly iial t-ill
le-naitt arte tit1er tw aneIle dlre-ct ito lh.
u -,-i.ef , etr h-iiiihl to fee anI eflh PitIatfra ef
aity i"f ffae CIhtiurclhe, as the-y are all rep
reelntial in the iletiety.
J. A. 1Y". AMt, it
S. W. II. S., 11t3 (U:nmi St reef , O.
Yew Or.calls L., Autg. 14, 179.
alifatr hliutl.I telsatti Ihe Neew (tuaii.
illit n a. Th ti Ailticar Nplpr,, i
hiie1P uitrlllPttI Ihi ilrlrwlay atf lijui
ltatrhial aat-t uttniait lattilen, atjitiI lah
'laiiVat ihe llli .rdlleral Nol teltet cileif lil
S-tatif AllIliltlr, ntir iIIilen tolll t eiia. tel
lill, wa itte irI tsit hl, liti Anali
eir will fl-ftftits Irtamia hut NalIlbiht~-er it
tiilat Ime N tl i it iaiitttati tct Iha laiilli
inaaition tor Aiialifair, atial nillel iit
('m tnttfl aiii si itaii cti lIhe Ith at itnti .
ilha izatttlitig, att, tire anuistlla . "ill
lt ilalast etatiteill. Hieu' tIallct ithe Ata
hito r, tat till tit a'rfl, t ill la)?n t a acit h iw l
aiaa sit" lprlIHp ttl Vouiti atiaiu. ait hIt
alid alitn iis 13-I fnI-itrafCIl . It tha.
fim.et, lilr qnetiaofln min ht lrier.
whethahr Julaitiatni teilhid lh-at alo
withat a N Iw Caltntitiutiion. ur
Aadlltor Jmnwlt.- - Ih Tele
On the 10th lnst., at the residence of J.
H. Winmet, Emit., the father of the bride,
bMaa Faalat.i li tlsrr and Mit. WItl.l1AM
HaItmatl.l, with Rev. Mr. Hyusou as uo
iatiug minisater.
In compmpany with Mr. J. R Ramsey,
the editor of the Guardian visited the
resilence of Mr. Wiuaet on the above
date it response to his very kind invita
timn to attend the marriiage of his only'
child. It is a short ond pleasaut ride
froltm lower to the home of our good
friend. We arrived just at dusk, andi
fnuind quite a number of the Ineighbttrs
Iseamiled to do honor to tihe bL'atiful
young lady to whoet they were all greatly
At ti o'clock precisely, the bride and
groim attended by Miss Aubrej alid Mr.
Frlank Bridgeman, )Mie Lelia Britlgeman
anal Mr. Thomas Anibrey, were ushered
into time preasence of the minister and
rcomnlply. The ollnds of mnatrmunony were
tied I,} Rev. Mr. Hynlou in a brief but
impresiim e d Iw beautiful manitner.
After tile nsual congratulations to the
halppiy pair, all were ushered into the
aitiitlg rimom ahere was spread just such a
miinpwr as alesm thie heart good to think of.
Time lvish and tasteful ahtundtance of tihe
Imoulltifully spread table attestel in a
rtrikinlg amliner the prmlwerity of our
gil l friend and the hoapitable instimnct -
nof his nature.
The giuteta, young land lit, after partak
ing heartily of the m.lmgant re.past, g:mve
tleielmtu vea mli fuor ruri l ena Itrs tio nlimim -
e it,-d renjmu) anl'it. Time )i.ni; IpIoplh flnllilll
Siiph.amnle iIIn prommntllhesll a1md t thime iiimuuretit
to-llid nliltrhful giamlns whirh give silch a
rst t to the social entertaiumlents in the
soumn try.
The, edlitor amill his enmpanion at ten
m'li.k madle their a y to tile home oit
that tlrimer ginltlenl:li, Hiltulnomi Iltilge.
Imail. a2mlm slwit tite night. liIt tihe Imori
ing at at earl) hiar, in compmnmily with mour
hoImlt, his* aill amitd Invrly dalughter, , we
letllnrd tio Mr. 'Winlaet'., mh hi iall s* l.
taully rmi-quemtld tihat we ull brteakfast
i mith hhill. imre ni" tiound quiIrte a ullmlulber
r it 1tle guestms mlhol hmadl remt.:mtiled ll'er
niliht. Amnimig thsl w*e Imtije•l lthat iourl
loti n m fie-nd. )ilemsr,. liugh FkI.rs:mmi,
)is. i. hrltitio ainrd .I114. ll]imgt11 of , I.mkimti
It ig!.t all ht llmr;ti i l I1 1 aft, tl Ihit ir mIght
AI l ho nlr- m ri mist li sit m uui i.j -
able tit mile. rThe .ihmtor xii .*r. lEmis,•y
it-iI, enlaim .ill) thait t it  humim.i e Iput on
ri , mimi that they thad mi imlmt Iplemasote
mi m ibi. lie ilt Wmoii ti ll i folrgmotten.
ViN,. mIteml t ui r thImimlmk timo lur giimial
lnut mailll ill filme fticei ll I nhoia i t I.a
gb nii. mani trim thit tlan i tite r) tie blemimed
a l th mIt li happiie thro Iltgh life.
The fillming taket'n fromli thint
V'anhiiimgnlli TIi silitllu'. will plirine
iltpm i hi l ti to I Itlio , hlihillriln,
hut itrnui mmidi sisters of mlmeeased
h Isriliersi unl sailor ls:
SIt bhits l tisq lercited that Illlilir
l tli olltrtiil l o if iwl rrialr ii of pel
Si-mIme Int Iw, limittliit whltichl, iuittler
the old pct io snntallu., ran l .gailIst
ilotnt who Itln lm rriull without
m' hmlving ailieil fsir it ilmnion withinm
ilbe' lears fromI thi death l of tlli
g ,hlier, tin 'hildlretllt anl brother.
1 tllnlll aisltelr ofl i iIteuidil alollli'er
iiiwho mri e re ttnller sixtilteen tsirtl of
Ii. ge sit f i lia 4it ill" e ' Tli Ih tter's
i. deaith, ll im wset iglltltii tIo ali'e ilt
l. sllplillvtiln hlir lision lit iIere iIthv
alttaitiil the e age oif twentv'-out
. .irs, havie eli amswept illv, iso
ihtit niiw me lit rllln widlllw sii it smli.
aetr imlii mlii.i iln lit. ervit, .or,
iiter diis'haril ge, it I isiihililtm
m hilh originmitmI hile ill Ih it ter
it h.of Ii xolliers death uhtlll n oil tbtle
mit' mlii Uiiritime llimit iii ilim, ii
Iof ter mar-i mige, aitsi idtd clsue 11.14
Sout rl eivsi hI Ilt smmnemm. Also chili.
ml dmeni h Is iti e n ' or ho nonmi
I limlhle iltilm d urmrl piaaHioll tulIer
Sli t' mlii iNtmaion mowa I l i'mtaats ofsi
it tlie i iiltgeat ha ilrng lltt iliwd tit
itmiw lltim ; l iaa tlm-t h in i n t rm il miati-m
i i if l I iiler aixtii- i g trmia ofll
f lmrlus it (th- a llier uha-l ri'n ht
iniithl r mlh m, Imiilir shilti mumr
:'hihlhne amirviminig itin, mmiul tie
t li neil.rmit i ht ham iuii Ili li t.
re lilmt. Imll'others aitlil sisters mtt.
tuliumetl the aigmi of aitt'mi 3e-us).
iom Iitiv t mrliii cltiirn. The climm.
. s milmit- reherred Im limilier lemmal lt
i thnitmiiutmti, mmmiiilt hia gmIi litewmm mill
i he helie ineilug iide tim tItth-ii, imaum.i
i iimill an iit'm e so nuemxwlmerl.yt1
. Ulmmi the hmvitlm ii Ime mlidullhowaiim-ce
itof tIheir eihinma. imr imimirlniatmmlim Ith
m. Ilia) hi!d tmi titlle to Ieimlatima.
I A - ACTURE-D v BannyT &
era. (tillera qitrhnn. UCthmn . Dtiptheral.
utilthl tn all ltrimggitas m mu Agents iii the
Electieo let Tuesday la eeemrn , lSt,
Housa, La., 9 tb Aug., IMS.
Edltor Geordies-Many feuda of 41,.
GLADNEY would respectfully aunse
his name as a candidate for the L .il
ture, in Decemlter nest. and hope be wll
allow the use of his name inl s uch ap ity,
subject to Democratic action.
We are asthoris.d to sannoosO Jedge
E. M. GRAHAM. of Viennua, Lincoln par.
ish, as a srsulidate for re-election to the
1lce of Jiudgi, of the Thinl Judicial Die.
t In t, cousml*iid oif tin. pist ishel ofClaibrmte,
CI ioln and Linicoln, at next election.
We are althurited to announce Jadge
J. E. TRIMBLE, of Farunerville, ItUlei
psrish, as it m.todidatl for Judge of the
thlrd Jnldicial District, composed of the
p rishle of Claiburne, Usnion and Lineola,
at elxl electisou.
We are authoritrd to announce Judge
N. J. SCo'ol as a candidate for Judge W.
the ThirdI Judicial District. compFeed ot
tbh" ois ibres of Claiborne, Union and Lia.
culn, at next electiou.
We are autihlrized to announce F. E.
MAYO. Esq., of Farmerville, Vinion parish,
as a cianlidltte tfor Di.tris t Attorney. Thiir
Jdlic'ial Diattiet, conmpsld of the parishes
of Claibsour, Union andsi Lilscolu, at nest
We are anhllirized to announce Jedge
J. A. RICIiARDSON as a caunddalte for
Di.trict Atorn.V. llThiird Judicial District,
tu,,Me-sd , list tasrise s of Cia iborue, Va.
ion anitI l.niiln, lit nitxIt electionU.
Wt nre. anthsrit.sd to ulllnoiicel JAB. A.
SRAMSE'Y. E-q., ,ft Farmsrvil.r, Union par
i-Is. ilas l Is ;ndiltu tr i )t D Ii ntt Attorney,
Third Julistis l) Dsstltt. csijomu-ed of the
parish- of Cl.;i1,urne, Union and Lincoln,
t it lexLt election.iII.
Wr r. are ntlhorizil to aunounce ALLEN
iBARKS.lAI.E., oif V'stisa, Lincoln parishb,
a. ii r:ni.htlie fi'r rte.,l.ctisn to the ofce
1sf D)istrict Antriwy, Thirdi Jndi.ial Dis
f iict'. cossowd of lh0- inns aheasif llausbuorne,
I 'lion anld lluiscl. ll t nltt election. *
r We. nr nhitlsrizdl to annonnce JAMES
S.1. i'Ps)TTs . c:anit.ate firC Jerk of the
li-trict Court t o Csliburne parish, at nest
Selet tion.
SWeI nre authoriz,!d to, nnuotnee J. T.
BIAKER l as ciuililat. for Shel itf of Clat.
Is oilt" pturl , it itxt elelitil. *
W,ai r" is uthoriz, (I to slnnolunce ALEX.
IRLt\il.\AI) us :s a.ihiulati for iSheriff of
.i ( o t.rI pli t I ln. itt neI t elrctsioun.
\We arl i tllltiiussl to aI nnounce R. T.
.Mi u'I.ENItHiN cs .," illstatl fitr Sheriff of
( lat-,rne ,.u ill.h at IIn't el'ction-subject
to a )'sii.stratilc souiuation, if there he
, lnl. *
Xe are saitliorized to annosnce '. F.
AYCo('K ,as a c.,lsishs, ftr lSheriff of Cili
i it *" iparish, tur Ine t slectioi. *
IWe are anhli( eslli ito unhiionice O. A.
S;MIT as a enntdulllt fur Sheriff of Clai.
iLr .i pl isI"hl t U ,ist lscti On.
We ate anthuriztd to iininnee J. IH. M.
1TlAYI.OR l a c.stiiatlis" fuisr Shelriff of Clali
hrnu" parth, ai Ii it sYl asI. e f I
Wt- nrre ntrllllllltld to annnclllle I. N.
Ill.OVER as :I candilit. for Sheriff of Cllii
l r ,s jiullt sit, at uI-ti ie ctisis.
FOR J'. Ti 'I OF TilH' PfEA('--Word 7.
ii't- ari" inthus,,isl to aniOnnce B. A.
F(liRT'>lN. oi Assis,o.. a us candidiate for
.Jus.t, . nt tii, l-s-,.u is Ward 7, at the nest
W sie nrs ntht iild to.ii annllortliate R. P.
IiAliWEI.L is i ristanlai e fstr Constable
iiin Ward 7II , at ns t l .t s. tlion.
Tenas Street, near Levee, Shreveperl,
r II. cIne and st . of IIOll'EIIOLD
t F e'ItNITLIsiE. Wandow andeu, Wall
Pi1iatr. I.,.naig i,,lia. aiinIu PI'lhtee, Feath-*
srt.. M3litrtisi.. (,-Corui.. ail Picture Mloulds
ijge., tol ('h' hld.,' '. Curl i-ge..
hiGlazd ~'.al, Dlius andi Blinds, a spe
ci lit .
r' All G.aisal at iBottonm Prices.
Feeders and Condenaser
Victor and Great Westerm Cam
Slls IIand Evaperators
I' j t , l. th is;- ,inllg. stl.. etc.
Si ss'i fur cuitl ulass itl pricir.
Shreveport, La.
S Jlly 30. 1Q79. 50.4m
I E have ter.ctsd asnsd have now in raln
VI is,. it Orh-r, a (;HIItT MILL, in theIl
tilwils i Holsllllr. Our enin is the ee ..
hsrstid "Kiig Pirttilth." Ousr mill lI of
f tt. la-at is t Iutli.-- f ths fllhIl.s Fl'ren,ch bret
i stisss. (srinsitng i'usi, Tuedagy Therl e
r days uast NI'atnrdayss. sstiafaitlFs gna
suilts*. Cit Lashbptrcure. M alfr is
r The cr'lhrlaed "Bn,wn Giln," wltLh ll
i iihrlnl ini trlirs.initsli , lsl a i lne Pre ,
.all it lashhsd Shim 0iiiiiiiiimer, and enitee
Klilisinl nis rtnil-iiable tirtns.
Girve os a tritl.
May Ji. t*:9. 41:3m
Reerla aerad Forwardling ersLhat,
pERSQONAL attention liven to all Cottem
r1 s slrihltgsts tslitrunted to hbi care.
JsIII 9, l7V. 47nm
*. U. & R. A. ALLEI.
T our mnills, 14 mile North of teer,
a 'u re unw ftirrlaihinll Lumber a wee
mnalue rateI; making eltter aMeals el
i'ssear thain any otlher ill in then --.
We have the rtenownedl BrownG Olin i
Inhh toonmd.rb I.rnc ellsen ouaItad wriLLA
Sran llnis y job is tihat line ehuIed lIn
We dl tbe patronage St the peblie
will uarna:ee Ytl~lsf· Cact.
JCy t . U. A.

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