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J. B.LE W) 1
Sept. i, ,mi «y
Newuspper laws sad Iteglatioas.
1. Sabsorier who do dnot give express
notice to thecoutrary are considered wish
lug to esetiune their subecriptions.
.U If subscriber order the discontillu
aneO of their periwlicals, the p.bliaher
may continue to send them until all ar
3. If subescbers neglect or refnse to tnake
their periodicals fr.m the office to which
they are direetedl, they are held respon.mi
ble until they have settled their bills, and
irdered them discontinnel.
4. If sutmcribers move to lnother place
without informing the pubhiihers and the
papers are sent to the former dinrction,
they are held respousible.
6. The courts have decid,l that "refus
ing to take the peri.elicail fret,,m the ofnice.
or removing and leaving them unrailled
for, is prim rfaie evidence of iutsentioall
6 Any person who receives a newspaper
aud makes nee of it. whether he has order
ad it or not, he is held in law to be a sub.
T. If subecribers pary n advance, they
are bound to give notice to the publisher
at the end of their time, if they do not
wish to continue taking it; otherwise the
publisher is authorized to continue send
ng it on, and the anlwcrilwrs will be re
sponuible nutil an expresa notice, with
,aymeut of all arrears, is sent to the pub.
Cash Reselpts.
We will continue to publish under this
heading the names of those who each
week pay np their subscriptions. This list
to intended as a memorandum for the proe
eettoa of subscribers against possible
errors in our books :
JT Tigner, P3 50 J B Shaw, .$ 00
JP Ogletree, 4 00 I H Bridgeman, 2 00
J Anderson,.................. 50
A first-clam Chicago Singer Sew ing Ma
chine. good as new, for sale. Apply at
this osce.
JOs SsLTOmx, that polite druggist, still
holds his stand on the north sidle of the
publie square, and keelps always on band
the bhut brands of whiskies, wines, drugsa
Ae. Medicines compounded on the short.
sor notice. Don't leave town until you see
The Woxoe5t.L S Eloar is a medicine
for the times. The fall of the year iscom
Ilg and sicknese i prevalent in the land.
Those who use this wonderful, magic med
icine may peae through the entire season
looking rosy and pleaant all the time. It
ise esurprisingly cheap--1 per bottle.
W. H. ELU.oTox still wsont the people
of Homer and srronnding country to know
that he will continue to sell at exceedingly
low prices, and always keep on hand a full
supply of meats, dour, fruits, candies, etc.
Give Willie a call, and your wife, little
ones nor those you love, will ever com
plain. He Is continually receiving new
Mr. Jxo. E. Mowus, of Trenton, La.,
paid our town a visit last week. Mr. Mor
ris is a gentleman of large buineas expe
rtence, and is engaged in the receiving and
forwartdiag business, to which he gives his
exclusive attention. We cordially rerom
mend him to the favor of our readersnwho
may have shipments to make to or from
The mill, gin and carding machine of J.
B. Meax.axo are still in ine running or
der. The gis.ing seanon is now on hand,
and no where can yon get your cotton gin
a.d quicker and in better style than at J.
B. Moreland's. New core is also about
ready for grinding, and here is the place to
get it tarned into meal.
Go to Blow.'s Hotel on the sonthwest
corner of the public square, where the
"Hack passengers get their meals," and
God fresh, wholesome food fur the stomsch,
served out to you by the politeet of ser
vante, and thereby give patronage to one
of the best of hotel keepers. And for all
of this extra pains and accommodatin he
charige but a pittance. Give him a trial
call and ye cannot resismt afterwards.
It will be seen from oar usnoneomonte
that "Many friends of S. Y. Oladney" an
nounce hie name se a candidate for the
LAgislaturs. Mr. Oladney habu lived io
Clathere a long time-his iuteret is Ially
idetleod here and with s. He is well
knoew in tbi perish as a s~oceessful, active
bouineeo mea, and if elected to reprerut
it in th nest Legislature wilt no doubt me
tsas the ine repetation as a law-maker.
We auoneoaee this week the name of F.
E. Mayo, Esq., of Fermervllle, Union per
la, a a candidate for District Attorney
fr the Third Jsdicil District. Mr. May'
is -wl known over the District, havingl
lived Ia Lam rville where he he pre
kse his pmoasioe for new a long time.
He i a ed manu ad shrewd lawyer, and
a. had eseMdoable eporteeeO in the
*em ho seass ad if sheeted will nodeohi
give setlsetl.
Yrbe essgekhycmae MSM, Evap
eaters, seger air ueaean pd5 Shos Cep
per, e Galvanled Ia, fusr ele by
Alan Ire. Pipe a d lisiagp, M aiss
Seppls eltingl d Oauesd Hadwar,
es5 Mall, sRes, Saeel, Weedwak
April ir aS. 5*4m
M'ew .,duead.& m ,nt&.
Lime of Jlurers le the  e**e r
Term .t . C., i19?.
BE IT REMgMBERED, That on this the
Slat day of August, A. D. 1879, we,
the undersigned qeadiled Jury Commise
eloups, met at the Court-bouse to the town
of Homer, Claihorne pariah, LeulisLna, fur
the purpose of revising the aeneral venire
and to draw the venire for the Oct. Term
of the District Court of Claibtrne perish.
oommencing on the Third Monday of said
muonth, and after choosing eighty persons
to comlplete the general venire, ill place of
those drawn for service at the last term of
maidl Court, proceeded to draw the Juirors
to serve the flrat week of tihe next regular
term of the Ilth District C,ourt. comllnlcalt
ing on the 90th dsay of Ort., I+79, it li-ing
thei Thi.l Monllay of said monttl. whtle the
following named perusons were duly drawn
to serve as Juror-
1. W H H Walker, Ward 5
2. J E OG.dy, " 5
3. (: Hars, " I
4. C )Duke, " 8
5. A 1) Mactsm, " 4
6. TE E Iil.y, " 5
7. W M Kasiglaten, 5
8. A It Barrlilgt, " 5
9. Thtanam-Awhbrey, a " 5
10. HI C Dltche.r, " 6
It. Jusplh Campnl, " 3
1U. F .1 Lee. "
13. T . .Mullellnix, " 5
14. D 8 ('lplp, " 5
16. R P Welh, " 5
16. J B Kendrlck. " 7
17. W W Drmanlll, " 7
d. AF Blrge, " 8
19. George relprn, c " 9
0U. TH Tiugle, Jr " 7
21. P F Otey, " 1
lt. taln u Marelaalnd, c " 7
IN. T B Wilkinamn, " 7
24. J W Clingman, " 7
2. J A Knighten, " 5
96. W 8 King, o* 3
7. JE Knox, " 6
2$. J M Holleman, . " 6
99. W M Cannefat , " 5
30. J Pink Kendrick, " 7
31. T J Kirk ptrick, " 9
32. E BIllock, " 1
S3t J Joiner, * 6
34. 8 F Iay " 1
35. J M Mrgintie, " 7
36. E D Waters, " 3
37. M J Pittn,an. "
3d. Fred Miller, Jr " 4
39. T J Uray, ' I
40. O E Cnmland, " 6
41. W H Matthews, " 1
48. A T Bratley, " 4
43. E Blagl, " 4
44. J E Fowler, " 6
45. T 8 Awbrry, " 7
46. Buster Beck, a " b
47. J M Hudlgeun, " 5
48. MM Sills, " 7
49. Taylor Davidson, c " 3
50. J M Alnman, " 3
After which the following persons were
dally drawnl as jurnrs for the second week,
colUanencing on Mulnday the 27th of Oct.,
A. L. 1879
1. J W Hayes,
2. J 8 Heardl, " 6
3. A 8 Martin, "' 4
4. TB lFord, " 6
6. J SOray, "
6. Peter Brooks, e " I
7. Tillnasml Howard, " 6
8. James Kight, " 3
9. Piikney Taylor, " I
10. W R Geutry, * 7
11. J J Olover, "
I1. J J Aluman, " 4
13. R8 Tyler, " 6
14. E It White, " >
15. W N White, " 6
16. M H Glatdden, " 7
17. E Burns, " 6
lI. W D Murrell, " 4
19. T J Caliwell, " 5
20. T W Howarl, jr " 6
t1. J F Oreer. " 1
92. Calviu 1) Skinner, " 1
10. T W Simpsaon, " 7
24. John Owen*, " 2
9S. Wash Jacksun, c "' 8
96. J A Elue, " 8
97. J T Grwr, " I
98. OW Reeder. "
99. L B Blackburn, " 7
30. T J Monk, " 7
The Board then sadournri.
Preet. IRkmrd Ctuuissiouers,
J. T. TIt;NER,
Cl'k D. C.
I certify that the above andl faarerging is
a, true and correct list of the jlntrs drawn
for the Oct. Ternm of the District Court in
and fr the perish of Claibornne. its the lIst
inst. Given n.der my hand ofucially, at HI
I mer, La.. Agnrant 92d,. 1"49.
Aug. 97, 179. 8.6t
I iarish of Claiurorne will be opened as
At HOMER from Wednrsalay, October
Ist, to Thurl'ay, October 7th, each day in
LIaBION. Wednsdany, October 8;
I'4MMERFIELD,, Thumlnay. October 9;
GORDON. Friday, Orctlor 10;
HAYNEI'EILLE, Sa&ttmaynt, October It;
ATIIENS, Monday, Orctober 13;
MACEID)NIA. Tusaln., ktlotaer 14;
a HOMER. fnll Wednesday, O(ctadler 15th,
till Mnoir, NoveNmber 84th, when rwgli.
tratine will close.
OOnly those wihon failed to register in 1r87
, iaid 147, sild ths, who brhave grown toa
magnrlty or have aeqnirl residlenre sillce,
ars reqluirel to register this year, it beiaag
I oly a revisioo of the old regiistratlon.
p A. B. LI'EI'UR.
Aemeanor and Registrlr of Ulsianhre.
Aug. 27. 1879. 9.4
A BAY HORSE MULE, wbhitish under
Sbella, 14 or 15 hrnia high, shout ive
years ol. Said male was stolen frml nen
at the colored church on Flat ILek, near
Dr. Webb's, on Sturday night, 16th inst.
I e delivery of the nmule or thief, or any
informatio tha$ will lead to the reaeverv
dpre rty, wll e liberally rewarded.
Alirm ur eall on Thornton Bridtgeman,
lve miles west of Homer, or on the uuder
I gIeed at 11Fat Lick.
Aegeet O, 1879. 1:3St
Ammienemus Netee.
rHE alvis4 A rasemet Rolls of Clai
A her e, parish, fee 1879, am new mne She
al the esorder's nce, sad will renil
ope in daee etiou S t-irtr dae
Jnly 310, Ir. 60:M
ighty a .f aimprse plad ly
ug Swn il. sout of are. Ies.al,
e te haed by erly a leahl ate ti
_h asU.
Mercer's Planter,
For Corn, Peas and Cotton.
This cut is descriptive of the above named valuable Ag
ricultural implement, for which letters patent were isqted to
W. J. Mercer and J. 8. Young, on the 11th day of March,
Screral of these Planters are in use in Claiborne parish
and were thoroughly tested in the planting of last year's crop.
We claim for this Planter that it will give satisfaction on
rough ground, where any plow will run.
State and County Right, for sale. For particulars, ad
dress, MERCER A YOUNO, Homer, La.
Homer, La., Marmb 19, 1879. 31.r
`IR. A. A. WHEELER will remalin ill
Im Hmner for the pnlmmlw of giving isl
atrnlttinl in Music. He "ill give special
attellntinl to the Pmlano andl rultivation of
the Vitre. hinging tnllalnit n clame.. All
usher intrumnmt i taghkt either in claem.
or singly., ither at his rouem or at the rea
idenre of the pupil..
Hie trutsa that lhiL three years' reallence
here ha. proved a saumrient guarantee of
lhi rcalecity.
PIAxn mand Oanax Tt Ftxo and the R.
PAIR of Mnmical Inatrummentsa A lPCIALTT.
Roomm im the seconld story of the build
illg aljoining the Plsmt-4 re. Ord(le can
Iw left there or at the Pet-ofee.
Jmly 2, I79. 46:tf
Iamprtarlt I the Puble.
rHE under.igme.l is unw runnin a Tri
Weekly HACK LINE fromn HONlER to
MAGNOLIA, connectimng at the latter place
with a daily line to Hope. Cemmmnmtliue.
and commtfrtable hack. are provkled-g-ral
tllams anld careful drivers. Hacks leave
Homer Modaylua. Werlhemlaya nsd Fridays,
mnd return tin days. fllowing. Fare, $4.
I alums nlam prarej l to receive an1d ream-.c
mmnlate, in dtrs claemn nyt le, dy id ll mionth
ly l.mnlers and trailsirlt gmuets. at .nmy
lUmmring Homtr. in Hemner. Price. are rea
enmnable. ad fare land Iatention nmeep
tioable. T. P. HAMILTON.
Homer. June'eI, l149. 44:
BOMER LODGE NO. 48, I. 0.0. r.,
MLEETS every lMondaly night at M ,m'clrck,
M at the Leldge Hall, nemt door below
Ruaglailml' Stalhle.
T. H. K.mrtm, N. G.; H. C. Mttrrtm.L.,
V.G.; J. Hllrtn JmDAx, Treaumrer; B. M.
McHcNmYr, Secretary.
rr Brethren in gmnld staninig lit other
Lodge. are invited to attend.
May 14, 10479. 39:3m
Lucecselem Sale.
Sucee.ion of J. L. Bnchnamn, Deceased.
Parish ('mrt, P'arish of Wrelter, La.
BY virtue of a oenmmianin of minle, enma
i mmting from thbe lHo. PIriamh (Court ,of
Webster pariah, and to nie directed no tihe
1Jth lday mit July, A. D. IP719, I will sell at
the ('omurt-lomea dear, in the town of Mimi
idea, Wctbmter parimh, La.. on
Saturday, September it, A. D. 1879,
Ietwem.n- legal honmr, tie Telegrphl, Limme,
kmknmwnm a the Homer end Minden line, t.
gm.ther with- all the Iiaulatora, Wires,
Brackets, Batteries. Ac.
Term. of sale mash, with the beitllt of
Said prolerty ihld to pay delbtl of aaimt
msunrmeon as per tableau now on ire it ItIme
Clerk's ove. of this eari.h.
Sheriff of Welter marish, La.
Jnly19, I. 1. (pr fee $ll) d4.t0
I addition to a very large stock of DRY
0 )GOODS and OROCERIES have just re
ceived a full lilte of
BUIL IAIL CASES, of all atylea
Thmee Cauo. can h said 31 alnd 6 per ceut.
lower thami ever offered betfre;
A Ane lot of COOKING STOVE8 amd
The renowntrl PIATT GIN. frmm 40 to
80 Sonw, with feewder mld Caodeuaer, all at
manflll tnrer's prices;
Thimble Skein, at from 06 to pS.
Remarkablly low prices. Come to a.s
July 8, 114 . 49luam
PIve m.adred Mara Reward.
Theo Iilowing has Ibee forwarded to au
for pnhliteeis by W. P. Smith, of Prt
Union, La.:
A Descriptian of Willi. Wright, tibe Mar
deerr of W. H. Baker, who was a ensiseM
of Ouasbita perish, and murdered on the
19th of July, A. D. 1878I
The age of said Willis Wright is aheat
Syears. black m d heavy met, wemi mi about
ta pinelM, Ave feet emiht Inchemg bamld
has a slky leek; mpae very iumi md
Nag keeps aue ea nearly asatand to very
A reward of (0) Five Hrndsed-idlas
will ha paid re dUeivary of amid Willis
Mo. L L . oA L.
Per GaOo. D. TOma.
HIomer Masonle Institute
for Young Ladles.
TwsatsshAaauali3esagesmebpt.?M, 1
Boarnl anl tuition per moeth of four
weeks., inacludiug washing, lights, dk.,$16,
II advance.
Music on Piano, Organ, Gultar, or cultl
vatio, of the voice, ncludeml with the
above, 510 Uo, in advance.
Tuition, 3, 4 and 6 dollas per mouth.
Incidental fee per term, $1-is advace.
For further particulers, send for Cats
T. S. SLIOH, A. M., Preet.,
Homer. Cliaborne parish. La.
Ang. 6, I .7 J.
THE TWENTIETH Scholastic year ot
this Institution begins the Thir Day
of leptember Pact.
R. A. SMITH, A. M., President.
Tr.Ias: Payable monthly in advance:
Primary Tnition, per moutb......... 3 00
Intermediate " " " ........ 400
Collegiate " " '" ......... 6 0
Contingent fee per sesion, In advance, 1 00
aIard, washing, fuel and lights, per
month ........................... 13 00
lHmemer, La., July 3. 18719. 49:t11
W. T. Hadley. D. M. Hadley.
THE nndersigneRl are prepared to do all
kinds of (tIIIN and MILL REPAIRING
en the shortet nlotire, in a workmanlike
manlier. IHaving all kinds of Gin and Mill
lmaterial onu hatl, they are prepMred to llt
Ip a (i.n or Mill complete. Makse Fans and
Thrashers for Wheat, On1t. Rye, Barley,
&c. &end in y..nr orders for Thrashber and
Fals,. as none will be oade uln les ordered.
All .r.lers pronmptly dllet. Special atten
tion given to nitting nil Machinery. Boiler.
patsching, Ac. Sheqp at C. Chafe's Wood
Shop, Miuden, Louisiana.
Minden, March I, 1979.
P. &.-Any Gin or Mill work that can Is
itoe at the glishone, such as slearpening
or uestting inl new rils, Ac., a ill lee pr,,mpt
lt attender to Iby writing to the undter.
signedl. II. A B.
Southeast corner Public Square,
IHE nnder.iglled wilh great pleaenre an
Slllela'nc t hi, fri.Hls, uenstl,,uns and
the publlc gelnerally, tlhat hbiu aluoll has
lun eltirely rrmunl.leel, an.d will now, in
elegsnce oft fulrnlture. taste in arrangenlent
aed qunality of Ithnor, comepare favorably
with anlly er in the State.
FINE WINES of rarest brands.
Chamlagnle, Claret, Rhiele Wines, etc., etc.
CIGARS of all greled, from the nea1t re
qni.itely luvoted dowel to the t~est dumeo
tic brands.
BRANDIES, French and Doewestle;
Rye and Bourbol' WHISKY;
Canned Meats, Fruits, Nuts, Candies.
Groceries, and neefectioneries of all kinds.
Give me a call and you will be plenard.
March 19, 1o79. 30:y
. hlvitel to cmntlne the liberal paatrue
Sthely have bstowed oa the uedaesiga
*th. The btet of
/Iineh. .iqU9EA and 4;gau
always on hand. Customers always treat
el with politeness atl rigid impartiality.
aID,'t forget the BAR and BILLIARD
SALOON on Ibe west side of the imthlie
square. J. FERGOUSON.
August it, 1578. I:tJ
V CARDING, 3$ miles southwest o Ro.
Terms as berstolbre.
Homer, La., March II. 179. 0:.tf
T. S. ess1,
,ae and ,4illiad Jaloan.
mElll as b ead at aN time. a lan as
s I a emetof all hiuac of Ligqurs sad
Cws at lboe h esus, ad aM t va
rhhfe S(i g Cell es.
Irr~g ai
The Cheapest Place in Shreveport to bay
nlot ing, loots anb S£ot5,
Is at the popular Dry Goods House of
No. 53 HIasm Street, mnet deer to J. A. Jaeobs,
Where e will he plased tomeet hisl olr iends and esemew· H.lBe E al nOw mea
to ll all orders ontra.ted to hie eare, end wi.1 guarantee u.tinfaetie as s. Be
will leave lsm wo weeks for the East Io bu a larg. 8PRINO and SUNLER Mot hIr
~aeh, andl will ulrr spaial indeIrrmenta to time whIlasal. trade. His ple beelned e
is now at his new steaN, No. M ilam street, until hie new hows ls bulls.
January 13, ti7. 141di
1oltsale anb Retail iruggist,
Shreveport, La.,
haEP8 eou(·otl on band a co.pleti aseortment of everytbin pertains to the
DR UGtO BU81NF..a. Am,- Plints, Oils. Van.isbr, Brush., Window OGus sod
)ruggllt (ilsamewar; Gleunro S , Powder, 81,ol, Ceti, Wrae, Gene, Pitoles, sad Ited
Amaltmetio--ll of which are uaeruad at fetwr e purel. ele79.lkl,~
The Western mail arrives daily, at 7}
I. m.-departs East at 7 p. m., sad arrive
+t Mourne at 18 urst day.
The imstesna mail arrives daily, at 10)
p. m.-departs West at 104 p. m., said r
rives at U arelveurt It I nost day.
Hepe Mea:
Deprts at 7 a m on Monday, Wednesday
and Fr ay-a-rivr sat 0 p Tueday,
Tharaday a Sturday.
thrmmwiik Mail:
Arrives Tuesday and Friday, at I a
Deparls " as a p
Mt. Laesm Mall:
Arrive Saturday, at 19 n
Depaots, at 1 p m
Gardes Mal:
Arrives Saturday, at 13 a
Departs " at 3 pm
Arrives Satauday, at 11 m
Departs Wedasedy, at 1s m
Mails ele. hait a bear before doper.
Meone Order boea flem a aL . to e . . p.
Post Oeo. open only one houar on San.
day, after arrival of mornl.g and venulng
Parties calling for advertised lettems will
esy "advertieed."
JULIUS sNs Sss , .........rp'r,
melard 91., ILSGE, La.
HAS been newly trnialed throunghout.
STale supplied with the bet tbh mar
ket afords.
Perday ................. 0
inglre mels ............ I
]Lodging per ight.......... M
February , 1s87. al:y
MSn. 3. . ILLAND,
W OULD r.spectfully inform the Ladies
Sof Homer snd Clailmnrne parish. that
sha keeps constantly on aond a flue stock of
renstting of Ladies', Misse' and Cbhil
dre'so liatr and Booumets, Flowers. Riabbons.
Trimmings, (llk oand crape)-alas, a full
line of Ladlles' and Children's Iody maulde
Dresme and Underwear of the beet mate
rial. Also a full linw of real Hair Braid.
Frissettae Cnrle and Pnfa, Lace Collars
and Handkerhrlefs, Bridal Wreathe and
Vriling. All rdiers sent to me will he
prouptly antl carefully attrndd to. My
ala ta .au he arn at G. G. Gill',. Hnuer.
L=a.. and ordern left with him will receive
prompt attention.
Mournse La.
April 30, 1879. 36,m.
Ni1s 3. A. IU.3W
DOALEa 1in
Mllllinery A Fancy Goods,
l(t.nal-, French Flowers. Blask Craps,
Shtu-, Ac. Millinry sladl Faucy (Inuns a
el'c3lilty. FPrst quality custom work at
low prices.
Agent fior Mane. De,rtrt's Relial.l Pat
ten and Vasbhi",e Hks. Salaraiptiola.
received for LDraoret' Monthly Magazine.
oe. S Milam street, Shreveprt, La.
April 14. 1871. 3f64m
Me. [email protected],
Whelesale Seler I
Havana A Domestle Cigars,
Tobacco, Pipes, Snuff,
Whiskies, Wines
and Brandies,
n11. S Texsa Steeet,
3Sr.vepsrt, . . Ledeblsaa.
After the tat of September. ~!78, the
terms of anlmeriptlmn to the Weekly Time.
will be redneed as ianlows, money to se
campany the saeriptese Is every Ia
1 a ........1 .yer........... 9
1000 .........1 yer............ IT
o epe........ year............ 00
W ep ........1 year............ .ws
Pt' s Phs r gp. r all M of *e . +.
semit by dra.t, ps e ts t . msey . der,
or registered letter. Addes
rdam  Mana'e.,
Speelms. espies maSues on appile ithe.
N eorth La. Stao Co. from Ramer, La.,
a·Rer July let, 187&
O13O wsTr:
Hemer to Minden, ............. l
to ellevue, ............... 4
to 8breveport,............... 00
Apts or eas aDrguge:
Homer to Minden, 1100 poends, $1 0
to Bellvuae, 100 " 3 0o
to hreveport, 100 " 00
toDousle, ........ 400
rto Viemvas. ........ as
to Trenaton or Moorse,........ $ 0
iMer to VDems, C t . $1
to Forhe.rlle, . 0
to Trenton or Mores, 00
IP Fifty Ibe. baggage allowed tobe pee.
sg. J. D. EMERSON,
N. Oregg, R. W. Ford.
Oeudal CoVmmluiou luerehats,
Dealers in
Groceries and
Western Produce,
Agent. for
Prtt's Improved Revelvng Weed wal,
SS, $1 mie Levee,
Get. 16, 187. Orly
Ave. . .OEL,
3IEV 0 ST,
Cer. Tes and Market st., Shreveport, La.
(d qf the "UGold. Muerger.")
u monition, Finh-Tar"kl.e,Oarden Seeds.
t Being the oyunT r.nlar graduate in
Pharnmey stabliehed in Shreveport, Pbhy
iciart ean rely on Pare and Fresh Drulp
compounded In thu best meaner. &a:ly
/W'kole.ale f, oe and 4orm.
mit iLn diechant,
Cor. Levee and Team sets., Sevemiort, La.
.ROMPT personal attintielgiven to all
bulessuentrusted to me. 6:ly
3. & 3. JACeOi,
Cotton Factors,
SImporters and whboalel dealers in
TPr 0*35, ROUUat tassls.er,
ware, Cutlery, Guws, Boob, -suho,
Hat, Liquor., Tobecoo aa Sugars, tar
street, Sbrevepor, La.
Prompt astention gives to all business
entruted to un, and liberal sdvites made
oN consigamente of Cottea. i.1y
JA-R CVUPW U t........
A. GU IU .................ctue.
Milam street, betwees Kttt sad  a Ir
UPbolstel d eattuees
THE adersigsed musessa eN tees
of Clalberse eri thIt ei
in the L'PHOL8TET 1uuhaess
dM sme rupaesi emt M4ed -
She, mu Rent M Im sl t'S, -R
A. . W. AShr. ,' -
0. C
Te. HSl
IknRo l et·;~i% C~~~~~

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