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A line,
A hook,
A rod.
A brook,
A man absorbed in ishing:
A east,
A bitp,
"A trnmt"r
"You're right;
For this I have been wishing.'
In camp
To lie,
With trout
To fry,
Farewell to cares and sadlnes!
No care,
No strife
In such
A life.
What health anid rest aitd glnaildns!
Then enme
With me,
We'll flee,
And spend a month together,
Byv atreriai
And lake
Sti trout
Wet'l take,
And sleep in stormy weather.
His Coat.
A good deal of amtnet'mett hni
been caused in dry goods trade cir
elee during the pant few dayas h.
the leakitng out of a little story aR
the expense of two young gentle
men who itre widely and filtvolably
known in the traith. The father o
these y3otung wenl it a pritt.inlleit
Market street itrchl;llt, lnotedll foi
his large wealthll, shlllretlwd businesLt
ability anld grealt econlonly, parlticu
larly in the tint ter of wearinlg tal
pairel. The sotlw, who itar, lticll ell
of elegancle al tatli e in di'ress, Jlate
for a lonig time born a plilrtict.llhi
anlltilpathy to a certain venilertihilt
coat which hIts clulng to their res
pected parent for utaity 3 ears, anil
often tried bIy tit. ruatiou to initittce
him to sell it to the rag mat atnd buy
a new one,. but the old genltlelman'st
invaritble reply wits: "You pleg
shlentl lonllttey enlough for clotllhes
for one fanily. )is goiat in goouli
enough for ltt'." At lelgtlh, knlow
ing their father's ftlllld s fi lor a blr
gain, they thought of a rute b3
whicb to inlluce himt to lay oil lit
old gaTrment Iand get a Inew oine
Tatking the coat ,which the father
hadl worin they went to their tailoi
and instrutcted Iit to take it Is r
pattern as to size nidtl to lit n;make
the fluest eciit he couldl. "We will,
s.idt oine of them, "gllt hllhter dowl
here o il somi'e prl.rtetis' or otlhr nil
then you mustit setll hiti that tcoat
No mlatter Ihat he ofnirs, yo talke
it and we'll piay you the balancei'.
In dun time the tuils received wore
that the coat was l liiisheld-p-rie
eighty dollars. The next ililrliiun
at breatkfast the eldest lon cannalll
renmarked: "F'atber, you uwill be
goinlg near the tailor's to-day, Ian
I wish youl would sttlp Andll tell hits
to be sure anld senld home my nec
coat to day for I hlave a lparty to
attend t to to light."
"Very veil, my soil, I vill do so
but I don't see what you iptys vail
with s manily goats."
The oll gentlleman delivered hit
imessage, iand the tailor' oplportuti
ty had come. Fingerngll the veaer
able garment, Iht rettiirked., iWtrnst
sively: "You ought to have a nen
Coatt. It i a it shame for a rich iatl
like you to wear such an oil gar
imet as that."
"Tank yotl very much; but this
goat is good enough ifor mlle."
"I hatie got tumletrhilg," iersis
ted the tailor, ,Itlht I belitre will
fit you, ittil it is the greitelt bargalit
that yo ever i healrd of. i uiltl it
for a celtonier, bilt it wans i lintflt
The prlicet of thlit tcoit," suitl the
tailor, jirodtucilg the gllrnltt, "i.
eiglhty tiollatR, buit it noni't fit the
man I nilmale it for, anltd I'll let yot
have it for next to uothiung. Tty if
The coat was tried on, and proe
ed a lwrfect lit.
"You'll never get mach a bargain
again if you live a htlltdrttd 3ears,
said the tailor. "You may have
that coat for forty dollars.
"I'll gift you twentyfive," said thu
old merchant, who knew cloth whet
he saw it.
"Take it."
Carrying his old coat in a bundle
Ute purchaser went out arrayed it
the eighty dollar coat.
At sipper that night be sppeare
In the famoiliar old coat and in ex
eellent goed humor. To hit soni
be aid: "1 made Ia ice little bthin
to day. VeI wu a de tailor's
bought a goat-a nice, fine goat.
The price vas eighty dollars, het I
got it for twenty-five dollars. I put
it on and had not gone a square pe
fore I met a friend. He uoticed
my new goat and shpoke about it,
and I told him about bow I got it
so sbeap. He offered me thirty dol
lars for the goat and I took it
made five dollars in fife minutes."
"Yes," said the sons, dolefully.,
in chorus, "you've made five dollars,
and we have lost fifty-fire." Then
they explained. "My gracionasl that
is stad," said the old man, when he
compreheuded the situation: "but
let die be a lesson to you, my ahd-l
dren. Never dry to deceive your
fader."-PhiladelpAia Times.
Raise Your Own Seed Corn.
The tilme to plant for this is now
while the corn crop is going on, or
under cultivationl. It is a reasonable
thing to say that a tenth may be
added to the yield of corn on any
farm by using seed that has been
carefully raised for the purpose.
Not much attention is paid to the
selection of seed by the average far.
titer. The man who reads and thinks
about the Mred used for his lrops,
select* the best he can find In his
crib it plantinig tiime, and linds Ithat
this laysl. It pacls still better to se
le.ct eailr from the fall previous to
planting, from stalks that bear two
or nearle pe-rfi'ct ears. A better
pl!anll sill is to pltint the corn for
'seed in a small patch by Itself, and
ginlirll it against all the accidents
that must attend its growth and
r.,-lltivation in the larger field. The
grllUel should hlie specially prepared
tar this purpose, and utadle rich
enough to supiiily all the wants of
thie lilant. It should be thoroughly
enltiviateil e'ery two or three weeks
until tim grain is full in the ear.
Like piro lllces like, in coiin as ill
cattle, alnil the milk awild the tassel
a re boith fact-ors in givinlg cbharacter
to the le ar. Though theli male and
fetllUate hilosao,t ill the corn are upi.
tion the saille plant, theli ils to se.u
rit% for aeilf-fertilizatinn when anll
phl:at in grown in the open field.
The illlen from i barren stalk may
fall uponii the ear grown frolit select.
ed setee, and this ear may he imper
fetI , or be a cob with little or lno
e-orn one it. If the eirm seliectIedl for
se-ei lhave beeni fi-rtilized by i nobiib
bin stalk, tiele nbbin imperfection
goes down to posterity. In a small
piece of corn planted remote fom
other corn we maiy guard against
the accidents of promlsoeonlu thrtili.
fstatin, atndl accure. a far as lposlible,
corn with a good pedigree, and pleer.
feet after its kind. All barren
stalksa honld be cuat et, ntill no
more stalks he left in the hill thatn
will give perfect ears. If the owner
will epltlt f'rnom this patch the eacr
iest anlld Itest formed ears, for his
stdccl. alind follow upl this plractice for
a few yeailrs eti will have a nlew va.
riety anlld a large increnas in his
yieltl.--A nterican Agriultu'raliat for
A Petrifed Corpse.
C(. Clinch. twenlty years ago, be.
ried ait Ftolmici a child thlatt died at
tife age of three years. Tlu litt!
girl's bodly was placed fir a cnlln
that was inclosed In zinc and her.
metically .ral.ed and that is tar
Iilacedl ill tile ortditary wOhlee grave
loz. The grave was dug la high
ated dlry groutld. Yesterday Mrs.
('liucli alid hler dliughlier went to
'eolsoimn to iliaitller the leody anad
briaig it to SacrallneiitQ to be lilaced
in the family cemetery lot here.
TlThey exlwectedl to thid only a few
honesll, actli took with their na prolper
box ill which to lllace them. Their
surprise can be imagined when they
Iountd lthat the coftin, from whlich
the grae bhox hIad rotted away, was
exceeedlingly heavy--at least three
or foIur tilnes as heavy as When
lelaced ill the grave. Ottne small
hole otlly liad rusted through tbe
zinie. The metal was cut, and the
coffin opened, and the body found
to be eomltletely petrifled. The
child lay betore the mother as no.
teral in fbrm saclid Atrate uas when
consigned to the Igrave twenty-on
years ago. The features were per
feot, anti face, arms and hands like
alabaster. After exposure to the
air a short tim this pumuot white
nae changed to a light yellowish.
or tlnt with a bade ot bMr . T'he
body was solid stone, and to the
blow gave repoes as woel4 -
ble. The clothing waee petriiedl
likewise, and the bnequet of lowers
upon the ebhild's bosomn and a little
doll that had been placed in the hol.
low ot one arm were also turned to
stone, as was the hair ales, and in
deed everything in the coffin and
shabot the body. Iergs numhers of
people viewed the boud at Folsom,
and the unanimous judgment was
that a more penect specimen of et
rifiention they had never seen.
Sacramesto Cnies.
Choice SelectlNs.
Kind words ptodece their own
image ia me'as seals, and a beanti
ful image It is. They soothe and
comfort the hearer.
What brevity characterises Scrip
tore prayers! They are direct
irithout familiarity or cant. Many
of them are voiced in a single
breatb.-Lenis 0. Thorepsooa
He is truly great, that Is great
in charity. lie is truly great, that
is little in himself, and that mnaketh
no aceount of any height of honor.
And he is truly learned, that doeth
the wilot if;od and Iorsaketh his
own will.-1'ko.. A. Kempia.
llow often in the course of life
we find oorselves in need of a strong
religleeios belief. Why this need if
there be notbhing to feluitl It Why
should onr hopes be ast toward a
great future if there he no future
worthy of our highest living I
R. A. Gardaner.
When a child is learning to write
it matters not of what words the
copy is set to him is onmposed, the
I thing desired being that, whatever
he writes, he learns to write "well."
When a man is learning to be a
C(thristian, it matters not what bhis
particular work in life may be.
SThe work he does is but the copy.
line set to him: the main thing to
he considered is that he learn to
live well.-Rer. John Caird.
('Christ taught men that humility
leads to glory, self.denial to saeines
and that wings of love to Godl and
man raise the soul from sense and
sin to the beatiC vision of the In.
ifanble One.-H... t&mst.
It is abount as hard to find a girl
whose marriage is announced in
the newspapers who isn't "beanti.
fil and acomIpllished," as it is to
flnd a man who bas just died who
wasn't "bonored and repeated by
all who knew him."
Every person wto keeps chickens
should raise garden peppers. A tea
made by hoiling them in water and
added to boiled potatoes or corn.
meal dough is statl to be a sure
lpreventive of cholera in fowls.
CAklgo Jernel.
A young gentlemati in the coun
try recently sent twenty five stamps
to Boston for a method for writing
without pen or ink. lie received
the following instructions, in large
type on a card: "Write with a
Two newsboys in COanada, conver.
sing on the difference between Eng.
Slish and American time, one said:
"If 3ou had a brother in England
a nd he died at 12, you woould get the
news at Montreal tour homs before
he died."
Strange explosions hrve reoently
;oecnrcd teeseth the" Tenenees
River, near C'hattanongas. The wa
ter, seventy . ve feet deep, is tlhrown
up from two to sis feet, and aedi
ment from the bottom comes to the
A eelentist claimo to have dis.
covered a species of wasp that
does not sting. What lots of fun
he muat have bad iu experimeuting
before he found it.
Two thounod evee hundred tore
of puddled Iro wee turned out at
the Albumy ed Beoaselser irom
worka In Marsh, tohelgest pedecs
on reooe4.
A esat whe peursued bty to
clous dog may not be feeling quite
as well as nsual, but nevertheless,
she presets a fbur-stright appear
IW The publi are asked
to read our new and improv
ed Schemse, to be drawn in
TICKLTS n"y ~*.  a- e 
I propman.u
This is the only Lottery ever voted on
anid nddured by the people of any State.
Leuislan State Lottery Comp ay.
IIoorporated in I155 for 95 years by the
Legislature for Educastional and Charita.
blsr purluewith aCa·ital f $1,000.000U.
to which a rrve funood of over $ ,o,Oto
buh since been added.
By no overwhelming popular vote its
r fralcbie was madle part of the present
tlate Coastitution adopted DeceLber 2, A
D. Ir9O.
Its Grand Single Nnmher Drawings will
take place monllthly. IT tV X SBcALaou
l'oTro se. Look at the fullowigsrchemce:
At NEW ORLEANS, Tuewday, July 11,
I o .,
I'nder the personal supervieon sad man
agement of
*ea. e. T. UAVIRasARi, ot Lislulau,
aud IeM. JUSAL A. EARLY, of Visla.
CAPITAL PRIZ, $76.000.
100,000 Tickets at Five Dollars Each.
Fractions, in Fifths, In proportiou.
1 CAPITAL PRIZE.........P5,000
1 do do ........... I,0uO
1 do o ........... 1o,000
SPRIZLES of nodO.......... 19.000
G do .000............ 10.000
10 do 1,0110............ iu.5lu5
10 ale 500 ........... I.000
500 do *0 ......... ~..000
1000 do ti............ 000
9 Approxrimnilon Prises of P:0.. e50
9 do do 600.. 4.buu
9 do do 50.. 3,50
1967 Prise, amoustiulg to..... ,500
Appliostlos br ratr es ls atesld be
modeo oll v iebs d e Oomplqy In
Paw fshIe Ilemosete. *ret elsarl,
Ilving Ml I Sed S aorers la p.
l malS sil r eely oll
Pew Orlekgs.
flit mwsenmocrat
The New Orleaas Democrat and ?*e Ot
lease Timee Consulidated Do
ember 1, lMtl.
A representative newspaper most ind
Its way into every bhsltnes est.abllshmeoa
sond to every Sveeide aroend whie elnsters
even the meat erdliary intelligene. Is
thre say quasto i I the minds of the
people living in the .ouutlhwetern and
Jnla 8tates that the Tinwe-DEMOCRAT is
that paper that t esmbodies all of the ele
mate sad possses all the qnalities that
they can expect to and ino a avorit juur
The enterprth, pNsh and progress of the
New Orlese Dsaucsat daring the put
eigbhteen moethe have become proverbial.
No Joornal published in the South bas
made cheb progress in the same perod of
time. The New Orleans times has been
for many years reengniaed as one of the
leadng journals in the country.
lie colaelidated lssue, TaH TIaus
DRaocea?. will embody the best elements,
the highest virtnes of both. It will sim
ply be, witbout question, the ideal paper
of the bealieas man, the meehani, plant
er, farmer, the family, the people, of all
classes and conditions. It is waste of
time to ennmerate the excellencies of its
lesses. It is the embodiment of the mod
ern newspaper. Every department in it
has been raised to the highest etaeneerd.
The Daily or the Weekly Tants-Dr.moctr
should reach every plane of Iessnoes and
every home in the Southwestern and Gulf
The samhcriptinn rates for the Daily are
as follows, payalle In advance:
One year (every day) ............... it$
Six months............................. 6
Three mnths........................ 3
One month.................................. I
Postage prepaid.
The rates for the Weekly ts as follows:
One year (Saturday) .............$1 50
Si ol,1ths...........................5
Three mnithsl......................... 50
Poetage prepaid.
The Weekly is never less than 19 pages
in esa, and is real y tIe. best and cheapest
weekly paper published.
Tie Demeerst's Iluastted Almasme
FPr Ibtea. and
Hand-Beek of SGeeral Information.
An elegant work of 120 pages, $x464
inches in nie,. printed on finely tinted
book paper, illnetrated thoroughly with
meet Irantifueel egravings; snd containing,.
beside all the information pertaining to
the calendlar, statlstitil sand gerners inferm
ationnn vearlsnneslljecta, end apecialty Iop.
on the plitiral aude ivil diviheios. popula
tion. names sf of trials, State and mnnici
psl: records of peat electines. productions,
railroads, geological formations, etc., of
the States of Louisiana, Texas. Arkansas.
Tenneassee, Misissippl, Alabama and Floeer
ida. will be mnilte free, postage prepaid,
to every selerriber of the Daily or Week
ly Tus"-RDzacaarT.
Send remittances to registered letter,
postal order or draft, at our risk.
Address all enmmennietions and letters
New Orleans, La.
THE traveling pnhlic ancl regular Ioard
era will find this hbse as cosmfortable
selid well supplied as the rwuonrcesaand con
dition of the country will Iperrmit. The
charges are very reasonable. The Stage
SStand is kept at this Hotel.
I have also attached to my hotel a new
and commodisons table, well auplied with
provender and water, and a good atller al
wave on hatIl to attend to stock.
The traveling public will do well tn give
re acall. A. J. REYNOLDS.
Homer to Minden, ...............- - 0.
to Bellevue, ............... 4 00
to Shreveport, ............... 6 00
aelhgAs or antra Baggage:
Homer to Minden, 100 pounds, 11 00
to Rellevue, 100 2 100
to Shreveport, 100 " 3 00
homer to Vienna. .. ..... .00
to Douglas, ........ 4 00
to Forkaville, ........ 5 OU
to Trenton or Monroe........ 6 00
height or setra Baggage:
Homer to Viennas, 100 hb. $1 50
to Dnglasu 2 00
to Forksville, 2 50
to Trenton or Monroe, 3 00
Stages arrive and depart daily from
Shreveport and Monroe.
Irespeetthflly solicit the patrouageofthe
people. promising fast time and easy stages.
F. M. THOMASBON, Snper't.
May 9, 15)0. 41:tf
EfT of attcrntion givs sLek by s zpt
Srleeed groome.
Sbathers Carrlaeo amuftetory.
The dndraged tpeke pleanre In mnk
ing knoav that hbe i pYrrwed tomannfhe
taren npair Cwssrtg . D gr0, Wagey ,
4a e, ~e1Reedy made week always en
ear. FR. END21 .
Ibee.La. ug i~ ~. 17
State n0mers
Governor, 8. D. McE ge
Lieue. (Uveruor, G: L. % A L70
Secretary of State, W. A. b6k1 (,.
Attorney General, J. C. L.A
Auditor Pub. Accts., ALLLN JLkC
Tresmorer, E. A. FLkL,
Sap. Pub. Education, E. 14. T
Supreme Court:
Chief Justice, E. L. BERMI'rFl
Assciatee, C. E. )LlIti,
A" W. M. IvT,
F. P. POa'.
United States Senator, W. P. KELLOGg,
S " " B. F. JOltg
Representative, thb Di., J. FLOYD ZI.
Ilth Judicial Distlreth
District Judge, E. M. GRAHAM
Attorney, A. BARKSDALU.
20th Seastorial District:
Senator, J. D. V ATEIIII,
" J. C. VAN(C3
Claiberue ParLakh
Representative, A L. ATnlt
Clerk Dist. Court, DREW FEROIlp0p
Sheriff, J. H. M. TATLOr
Tax Assessor, W. J. ) It y '
Parish Treasurer, J. It. Fi5')'Otg
" Physician, S. R. RI('HAPF ty'
Coroner. S. R. RICITAl IFOj'
Porish Surveyor, B. R. COLEMtY
Ward 8, T. D. MEADOW'S. Pwet
1, IR. J. AIpI
i, W. L. A0ll,
3, W. 8. COI'ELAkb
6, T. W. HO'lAkD
7, L. R. LA'
Clerk of Board. J. R. RAMSEI
Ward 1, Justice, J. M. BARIBE
Cuuotable, C. HI. THO1iH olI
Ward Y, Justice, E. 0. Lthlblll,
Couutable, W. H. clrKAMIE
Ward 3, Jstice, J. A. bkOOIB.
Counstable, JOhN (I,16..
Ward 4, Justice, J. S. kit iHA I ttS.
Constable, VM. ALl )AII
Ward 5. Justice, R. J. BtI GEs
C'onstable, W. W. bIl I 1111
Ward 6, Justice, J. 0. COIELAIID
Constable, D. J. IIICIe
Ward 7, Justice, J. FFR(;It'FO 
Constalle, R. P. HAPIIL
J. W. IlAlt,
Ward . Jnstie. D. A. J. CARATHEII.
Constable, JESFE A'CO(K.
Board of chool Directors.
0. 0. OILL., President,
J. H. CHiAPPELL. Secretary,
Town of hMoers
Mayor. J. E. HRULI,
ielectmen, 0. 0. OILL
" B. A. PlIt6Er
" W. W. AbtIbl(UE
Marshal, A. C. JOlNE
Clrk, J. R. RAMtE.
Treasurer, D. W. ItALmis
1t8I. NEW YORK, 1U81
The Str, for Il9 w ill make its filteit
anunal reolutiotn under thI ptrestmut 5,55
sgenenut, bshiling, as alsa), for ll, li
and little, loan and graciousa,oa
and olapplly, ltepubliltn said DeI
cratic, depraved and virtuous, intelligsst
and obtuse. The Srt'i's light is fore e
kintd and wonankit,tl ,f tvery sett; bet
its geutal wanrmnh is .t, ,i., e~, di. wshile
pnru bht dtisc,,l: i.t ,I, MI '.. .Ileists g
barks of the pes,.stei. t! nwitL.k,i.
Tie 8t . f 1- w u ii I.* n.i nper oft
new kind. It ,!oi.i:h ,I ir tany td thel fers
moed ta notuilt.uIt tie . tnperdlu tse wet
ultd pitl nu itf j, ott atli tt. It sate
tendi to ri,., It i It f It' , surcci In  t. , cti
v,ittiot,, Iu ys' all th," n ws of tlhewmid.
oni:nti tg i,, ,* f hit f h nan interres, ial
cotttnnltllliltg ulpn ,lairs willt the ar
lessol. of. anluatte indell .tlorate. 115
lleItIss if this ellp rin . it | a.s hi e ass Int
of Ttl' it'N. It %Itt.'tId a peraltsl t
ch:litg it the style of Alelito i, to, 5l p
pI L. t Irry iu ipirtaait jiotrnslt ertL*I
til its tih country in the e ole r o, ts, 1t
hai. 1, ,t o si s lh il al fter toi it N. KEvty
isnpnsthnt j ,r:tal snr.,y , t i ite t , is
I ioto, no, t. i a il Ioi.ttt ori I y the art
·f Tit St nt. a ' .' ttple.
sla.,jun,truth-telling, and interrstuiotg a
pn r".
a liberal use of the means wbhikb
atnndant prosperity affords, we ie
make it hbtter than ever before.
We shall print all the news, pattlS
into readable shape, anlt mneasurig tio
pirtsrner, not i the traditional )sar tlh
tint by its real interest to the Ieople. Di
tauce front Printing Honer Sqeae lad
the firt nnsiderlation withb la L Yk
Whenever anythintg happens worst ac
portinlg we grt the part enlitrs.w hl
it haplpens in Broklin or in ik. sr.
In polities we have decided opietei
and are arntnnoed to empress thftIl
langoage that can be umnderirovd. 1i
asa what we thilk slon meown snd trats
That hbhit is the only aectet of Tam 5
pol-itieal eirse.
Tou W ai.ty St x gathers into
pale the wl.t matter if the eve ll
isues. An Agt rinitltiral Drparrlw.t
nenInall.d merit. full market reljorfta. 55
a liberal proL.ortin of literaryl, si.lea
and domestie intelligence onrarpleti Ur
WieKLY Sttc n. and make it the .esta
paper fur the farmers bouebold that va
ever printed.
Who tteem not know and read atoi
Tur P. roAY Pvc. erah antaher of ilM
is a G(olesnda of interesting iiterftso
with the "eat poeirv of the dary.p
everyr line worth rea ing., news. lIIIes
matter ennnlh to al ala good.-iled .
and Iniuntelv more varied nld euteft
ing thai any bank. lig or lttlef
tf our idea of what a neswapperohidi
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