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Claiborne guardian. [volume] (Homer, La.) 1877-188?, September 26, 1882, Image 4

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Why do aj e la od mad M aban,
A at we time soi. warn oat about
It dea's adw sid bredlng to people at all
'Iast sLe tl ll Mhea smes o ot-bll.
me haIwve a. respest, I speakingk-they
"That a nmad that lives over theo ward"
And otheres erel s and an awful san,
As to esy old maids ae ugly and boao.
OM maid generllty. are not an from ehloie.
Tu tell them theeough, wou't make them to
And yet, I am Iare there would be happier
If there were more old maids, and fewer
One of the beet lads I ever kilew
Was an old maid alta dAifty-two,
She was noble and lgoal, .ne amie and kind,
Poassesg a strong, iutelligent mind.
This good old not was kept in the shade,
The reeasn why, she wee called "the old
lie was reastud like omerone lone and I l
limply becaus she would not be boeml.
Re thankful, old maid., for ynnr nitnation.
lee ye have, indeed, a sweet conortlatin:
There weald b es divormes, misery snd
If we had "ten tbousand" old maids more.
-Paoelo (Tests) Watcbmanu.
P et the Sirl Who Ar
"kiM" the Nth Carolina
Wluid Afeet.
Iiraemoyvntu.s. N. C., Any. 13.
The ail young girls who started
to walk across the *outatuinsu of
this btate, metiomied in tihe din"
purbee a few daa ago. arrived lat
this plae yesterday. The girls are
In exrellent spirits, nnd no'with.
standing the. faet that one of the'
youngest is foot nore from the tnm
ber of miles which they have trnmp. ;
ed, they anr thonghlry in ear.tiw.
The girls will rewain here for a day
o two to rest and rernperate. Al:
snas is Miss Effie Btylius recover'
fom het sore font tlmey will resume
their Jourtey. The girls. tre all Nin.
horeed, one or two snmewhat frek
led by their esposure to the ras of
the su. Even~ with titleee llarlld.
vItageIII they are quite allrra'tive
and greatly admireduitl y the yoa
men in the villages through which
hey harve pased. The pedestrians
hare been onl the road tow Rlloutt
twe R datys. During that titmec
they have camlped out tour or flve
ghta; once in a desolate forest in
blrry county. They were dintuilh
in their sleep ot tlhat wtn'sinmo n
"soIue ounlg hears tlhat were
sanderiug mIamnt. The gila l hail a
couucil of war sald cantm to
eoneluston that there was no
lor alarm.
of the fair trampl is armed
a small bowl I knife and rrevol
and two of tbhem look as it they
physically capable of taking.
of themselves iin an elai'nml0terr
man or hear. Miss Bettir
r, who siems to be etommain.
ia-biefi of thie part'y, suar. Ithiy
hlee kindly treatedl a herever
have atollped. Every lhoue,
which they have applied for
ng or foo hlleas Ieenu tlIhrown
to them. Miss Drelnr tidhti'
few of the females whom they '
et hare manifretei a dliilte,ai.
t give m hem Ite r*i.l shi nlrr.
however, the jolly little s.ap
Iadded, were intvariaIhly spin.i
who were faidil iinto the age
Iand yellow leaf. t: "(lin
hole, aidi Miss Deundar, ',we
Sqpletlid time, and thougle
ye su0ered , oIme privtatiolmn,
tre tuea fully terlmiel tier our
The coullutry tlhrougle whis h
traveled is the uamlat bug.
I ever sawi. Te nlurrow or
blloeitmg we will reurant
i diree'ainlg mur er'iue
lt.e Edhi Muetaiihns. Ie
Ivery delflluit Iroiegramllle
to go where (lee tnosr
se mweeery invites us."
party are amateur laila.,
two otbhlrs have sonmle little
lketchilug. All of tile
dremnd with a view tol
ease. They nctke ten
mileI a dlay without "
'they do not eslptr to re
their trip before 15th of '
ed by the ceness of ,
thAeeo as aoerage nf
pseter petnoie to each
misy of them behs
g rmosemad ti. I
Extract MT logwael's Speega. s
S Whoeveor dake rilht elotheo him.
elf in a snit of armor which arrows
of pjuldie' mol l not penetrate,
buI t whoever does wrong is repnnal.
ll. I h for all oonseqnenes to the lnst
qy sIgh. to abe last tear. You are told
, by Merrick that you shouole have no
sympathy, that you should he like ti
aln icie'le. that von hbould he Gal. I
' like: that is not my doctrine. TIhe I
higrhlr .yon get in the arle of heing of
,r hes grander, nlohler, tenderer you I
rev will b come; kindelss ii always h
evirllcuac of gIreatittes; malace is
the property of a small soul, and
ad, whoever allows the feeling ofhroth.
erhonl toeille its his heart bcomes ta
id wild hewst; not a kintg's crown or
a dlmsated sword, nor th judlge's
robe, hbecona them wi h one half as
good a grre as ua ecy ldoes, ansd yet
: the only meray we ask is tilPs' cy
aI of an hotteat vnlrict. I appeal to
re. you for my client, Steplhen W. dler.
.ey, It'.auiW Ihe evridenl e shows he
in i nalea of itetrllw''tinal horiln aend
s'ty, a lian t f I:olEi . g"lneros used
hottest. Yet this Iaromssution, this
gavaerlmesan, these' nttuor'tta, rrjpr.
•aetillg the tasalraty of the IterI re
poutlic a h:st ever existAe, have askedI
!you not ostly to vilate the law of the
l lannd, but also the law of natnre.
of Tlhey haIve aalitnedl nature, they
"" have Inlughed at merny, they have
St ttranlmls.l on hntest huma sitives aasil
'o lnve evea n made lighlt becausae the
b. wife, in this trial has sit by her bhts
Ie tandl's sidel. There is a paiiting is
- the Luana% r, a lpAthin old i eolaliiol.
P' of despair asdl of love; it repreretIn
't i the aaight of tne Creeritlstio . The
Y weaorl i, wralsal:ell in hshaldws stall s
anr dead, and yet in the dlarkneas
ais ieu knlelilg a form, It is Mary
.eMsnga!alen, with loving lips aseld
h b;asls ,pressed agaianst the blewelin
Sfeet of Cbriat. Skies were never
,lark enough nor starlems enolugh,
tI. was ntel u ave'r flenle ensoughl, ueor
jell elenough, thle qunick oilts of hea
v'all were as er lurid enough aatnd
at rrows of slandier never tew thick
i" staengh to drie noble wothma irollt
it ler bulastasd's side. (AlilsLase.J
SAnd d'as it Is in tall of Iknmnau .,apeeb
er ; tho Iholiet werdl is " osals i."
-i ...-.-- ---.-- .. .
A Chinese Compositor.
A ('Chinese ermpnnitnr (anllnot sit
a at his ".'ne.*" sn ounr prillt0.tn liI, biut
nonmlt walk fromt onte "'Wmase" to anll
10 othelr nlneaatntlyV, Is the claharaRters 4
needed e.n'vr msnch a hlmrge tnumlber
+1 that they rntesat I lint into anyr
thinll like thae lsare nusee in the
English newspaner effme. I In set.
' ine sL an ordlisnary ie'ee' of nmann
g sisipt the ('hlises- printer will waltz
nr , p aen down tiJi room for i few
momnleatla etstl thets o getaiwtn sairs.
I tr a lines of h"lower 'sen." TII.'ne he
i tkes feie elevator and gars ntp into! JA
t h e thirsl stoery after sometn i
' ''tps." anm tlIeh ount into the wand
rt shed after a handfuIIIl of astnnaiherse.
TlThe sltee.asfil( C('isesse comlnpoitor
a lew'st seel to eIno an;ery Inrtelligent,
hot li the tst lte a w aHswl ºwPdnrtrinn.
ie llav nark nnsl walk arlound over 'Vi
the Ihisileling all elay to met np a
atic'kfulll, anel then half thIe ,peopnle
in thin conultry colintl't read it after Its'
S [ChbltiL:ia Olmrrver.] T
SThere i n i elerav'etl lappeltite fr *"'
a . an-Itlal . It ai .n to prila site h' strn . ha
'ilIes' gonsnil,, lere- thteain half a lie.-t
- usel the atatlre' it ia a lie, in witfl
' tieeht'l snilll will s'nll at every. hee'I's"
iee a slay. Is tie ci'it. thie ines
lplperr sallty Ih. liovtr.ss of sleeer 'a
.cam r.leeerta, if the ehditor is neer
e''eary natal It1nesa enoIgh tto ptsill
l slh al iltem. Like daleath, Inaler Tr
"les esn ahitinag natrk." The tettesr n I
Ithe lasI, hte tmoe' loInotrallde itIa te
Iusefil lils 'nre'r, theb higier Ilel eM
Ieitiosn, tile mlorte attrarltie is "
a'sanlnl relaingl to him. The noae -
.n-teslhle asIel ulaftdr the alaadlerrats
asiAnalt. the ulorrit i relialeed. Tile
market for su'b ware is large, ae- I
lite, alaa L oIlautII.et
A Raintis 'uiluiseI writes to the etb,
'ew "Yrk Suts,' usuggastisg tihe A
enr~le aof clues by pIlol ltell la tIhe
Iatoldleel. "le Rusia,." lI writes,r
"thearo are maillny ase Of illegal
arrest, bet there Ire no cases of
ktull.breaking, enttlang an bhruisint
like tAos so ottes psrAtrmiA bq
I. your eldbher. It eem ta thatI
a police frn armedl with elale is
m incospatible with the dignity of
0Amricanll eitizeus. A olub aug.
"Nets tise i)h- of brutality. ignor.
ane,. moral depravity, and lawolee
iat ,l
no An EpieFrpal cthareb eogrnega
Ike tion in Philadelphia snpported ',a
ral. por and worthy old woman" np.
'l.e ward of ten yeurs. siad when she
ig drpl'.ed oil the other day it
,no war fnnd that alhe owned two
t s homes and bhd $10. 1001 il bank.
to blooeed s theb rnae. of
WIT Wie, it cireulame raro every part
of te body, and salem it is p
he and rich. good health is poi.
,i If disease has emered the Iyem
the nly sourne md quick way to drive
tad it out is to prifiy sd eatch the
hils ood.
These simple bCets are well
re- known. and the highes medial
, uethorities qree theat aaqgy but
iron will omre the bood to its
ml natural condiate;e; md also that
all the Iron p m lm hitheito
made blacete teeth, c ame head.
re. ache, msd are otherwise injurious.
IlowRe'sio Barralnas uthor-.
ougsy sed quCly silaUte wit
ve the blood, pal aid srd dmregthe
git. d thb- dive diseehe
ny paet of the esyem. mad it will
ap utm blacken the teeth, cause hed.
ellw "r mobpi, nd is poh
l elheem,
,il Savesd his Child.
a I st,. I3mmmw dmht m .
ira 3m.. Uslcm. " sa mmwll mtd.
:aesl. DIe my det, I wham
Wek1wall d revader meed aes
matiwa swaywlth oemd n.
I mI sucheat ynkdise. I was lets to
eh dave e sdythmi could ear t.
myte set 'srp.Ie a. I ma diamb a
sl- llkee sma e bo'el aa .emes
gole SirrTas sit b Ho Tea
hna.. A t.11k dal. p 1o
VmS 14e Ilysucmas wam cemsummd
e qulctly umed "aTl wa n-a
AME " - ieS .... .. I it
da iere etr bdetw rn ak tn an spn
ills OR L
I. b a' Io rrrus effectul.
Weakr ne, and renders theru grete
I rebel oId Ieaie to persons sffernag
from such weeting diee s as Con
iet n onlrr.Kdy I
HIE qtravel, htpu r, and rriua ·ordi
drmm dIIcn rll ell apth 4 wo
Th*.r In ue l 1 .
Imet ll Aa- ~ . J. RY
p -
!t. i n.r th e . A . v FI L E S t ir S I r e v. T
'L arl, in otm a r'niot altl to
a M. 80 Teattn Se street.m ihn
lto htE aE I.ntO i lin e..l t. rnt r .e t
lh 1'.\L r1/tr Mve 1nl Ih.i wur lt ,ste. I t rive
mi leINNI IAs. P .JorS.wt Ite is dri~mhIk
rni mr . I. A., M 7 Ith. 4h, :tlat n I
rtE trae.tl ha Il ltke avid r..g loar hoard.
WI i t. i'illt hm hi. r i atteand 1 P irtlhel
I miiiIt .. w Ilrl mm, Sb. . 4,r .mn m eon.
A Ihlic that I init Agewit gel nmliritin. T
-hnrrs or lar vnrins tarcatidn of Tb'ewitg.
iD. W. Brume , Richland. Ark. A11 or
ieha srad n ttleme o m hllr.lla . O..a
Ark , will Inm* pr-malh flwhS. tl t
.i h imnil ro lrt . L In iient o*tii r
S Tie sl h oflr the tliBrt l ie i w tir.l. r .
in. U A. ~J. MRY W. (AMP.R
i Orl alo. tr l i.,8 or IIt. II::hn Se -
F Itaka
iale s tbe only totoery evr vote1 on
w. aud cndorsed by the people uf ry tae.
LoulStna 8tate LttwyCemp. y.
Inenrpnorated in l'W f,r 25 years by the
L*gislatunr for EtduratLna,, l andI ('Cha.nt
bhli, iorlm.n.-- aii a Capital oif $t.0ON,Oi !,
Its vlhirlh r-nevw y folud of over i,,01tal
has sincl been mided.
By an ove-rwhehling popnlar votl. its
frnllhi.e w. nlmle as e a part ,f file prentvll
St ,s1" (',inltittloull adlopted Itkceruiber 2. A
I. 1079.
Its GrOnid Single N.nlimh.r dIraw ine s will
take. ,hlers ,itlhly. IT ,.'.,:a i(%ALPS51 I
PI'uol-,isX. look at flh fulls.wiugalsscnlsc,
CL..,8 K,
st NEW ORLE..ANS, To, da., OCT. 10'.
('ndler tlhe personal siInpeCrViin Ieand nla:t-"
agO~eIIIIt of
Gen. G. T. BEAUREGARD. of LoIslians,
and Gen. JUBAL A. EARLY, of Viginll.
Itn.fOo Tikli.e at l ivie Ihlhlarto. Eu.
LI" oT PRIa Ir.
I 1 CAPITAL PRIZE............7.t.W
I do do ............ " .U,
3 do do ............ 1,01.
h 2 PRIZE8 of ,,O............ 12,U4
I- 5 do 2,000............ lt.au,
10 do I,u0W............ Iia.ill
e 20 do 50............ II tilt
!0o do '2l............. *,ti.O
- :0 do lti............ 0'.ti,
Sit do 50r............ 25.010
1010 do 95............ '5,Ou0
4 9 Applroiomnaiou Prieeof 7 0.. 6,750
9 do do b60.. 4(lti
9 do do 2:O.. 2.'ru
1967 Pries, amoauntinllg to........ 166,00
Applieation for rates t.hr rclinh hould .
r s ,esi iltly t hea ouce of the C,,panpny is
Nce Orileas.
For further informleion, write elearl.y
giving full address. eltal wdersn I, ,,.
Ipram or .lgataredll Istr or Moeyr OrdclI
by mail, addressed only to
Mew Orleans.
WYOt tlefWNPUrrts Al
The New Orleans Demorat and New Or- T
leans Tunes cosoulkdated De
cimber 1, IlM.
A representative newspaper moust finod C
its way ito everry beeliuesl estelliabmuet As
sud to every laside around whichb lusters
even the moat onlrnary hIilellignice. Is
there any question its the maltds of the
people ilhiun iu the Sufthweterfl and
uif 8tmats thait the TIIsu-El)rtocuaT is U
that paper; that it etebudiee all of the ele
aeuta asutl plamesw all the qualities that 3t
they can espect to lead in a favorite jour
The enterprise, pnhb and progress uf the D
New Orlreian Lumecat during the past
riglhteern anellths have t-ecome proverbial.
No journal pulblibed in the ouelh has
maule ecrb pnrgreas in thei sa  period of
time. The New Orltans timen has been 14
for many ye-are recoglnisel as one of the
leading jnruale io the ounutry.
rlie coset,,lidatefl mast.e, Talt TIIsa
DxmecUnrT. will enmbeds ,he leat  leimeta, R
the highest virtur oItf Ilth. It will aim
ply be. without quelltlionl, the ideal plealr C,
of the bnelltees anIc. the* Iuerbhaic. plnut- 1
er. farme.r, thel fatl y. the people, of all
classes nlltl rcneltlletina. It is wiate of p
time to etanlleerate the zerxlelenlrite of its
inslue. II i*s he emblutlltlu t ell tlhec nut. C
eral iealtalltwr. Evt.r delrartmlentll iu it p
lhas l.rre rat*ld to the highetst stsallnrdl.
The tilyv itr ithe- Weekli TIMtre-)R.MoCaaT
should ren Inh r tvey pher of tusinemltas d 01
every bh1me in the P.outlhweaternl andl G(ol
The an.lllrilption rates for the Daily are
as follew.. payaeti in atl alce:
Oli year (eery dtay).................$12
8it UIatl teI ..... ....................
Three montlhs...................... 3
Onea montll ........................... I C
Potage, preptald.
Time ratel fur lte Weekly it as follow.:
Ofae year (Satrllnlay) .............. S 1O r,
Sixl ite-o ths .................. . 75
Three netll .. ........................ 50
Poeitage prepaid.
The Vtwkly is never lea than 10 pages
in nil., seal is reallv thle ueat and cheapest V
weekly alper publeshed.
The Demoarst'o lhatrated Almana
Fer tet0, sted
lead-Bee k of Gealrl Ileormatleo.
All eirgant work of t' Iailee, I eAist
inclhesl, ill lat. prinlltrdl il tIiIly t eiled
tIek pnla"r, illearatrtd thloroughly willth
itnlll Ielllttifei reilgrav ilta: astd eonttaiuillg,
Itw.etema all thet iileerastlolen p.rtatlning to
lthe relrudsar, ntat iseieri aced ge-neral iefcrua
stinolll l varlallea iIejetrta. tend eaj ti:ell~e tll -
ue tli e polit j iriat stiell iil dlit jioejt . ipnletls
tlenll. nanl*es of otll"'sla*., St.tt aseed nallliC(
lesl: rer-rdle of p:ast clectieran, l reo Irtleiallle,
reilrnelas. geloglral folrn.atins. etc., of 1I
tlte Sate-r off Lnetiaia.na, Texam, Arklaseta.
Tenaesre, Miaisaeltipi. Alablamna ald Flher.
kli, will lhe meaishl flea. l.fltage prepaid.
tle ever- hlel.rrilter of the Daily or We eLk
ly TIms l Drutca.tl.ct .
S ,tl tensurtlSan. ill regtittre-d letter,
posta.l rdlr r rdraft, at our risk.
Adllreaa 11el rnietllllillalle, etellt stel le-tter
Ne*w Orle-atl. La.
e "I
I ___
3o10:XIMI LA.
I BE T of ntlta'tlltoe gi el, stock by expe (
rietacetd groeols. It
Southern (Carriage Manufactory. l
TIhe lmeeli.r.igne d takes pleare. 111ee mek-*
inlg knlowt that he. i- Iepr.tereld tnrlanuelmeel- I"
tnera or repalir ('erreng., lttggie. na. I Maona
hacks, etc. Ready made werk ala ,e a en
thand. FR. ENDO.iM. I
l,,ierne. L.a.. Arn . lM. latwl i:. eel
1 psair byt- i Ms
at is sspehs 4e
tlhesaetendssist 111
e G u, lid lllM e. r,
S.-semlp _ hair ,
3 A!
dChf hue, . a. MrcIB r.z,
ru roit ._I )18M3,
I ,a, '. . R AL(I,
b." * P.P.' * POIE *.'
Sep.Pa· rb.~n ato, . PB~rr. AT
Cot~erts a
ind Ch-d Jaesice a. T. tFPi't ES.
r United Stta a Ceno, W.-. }11)r0
Is • p . 4(]
I. " F. JObAS,
ls Reprsentative.Sth Dim.. J.Pb1D a1nO.
11th Judlcal DBlastat
e Ditrict Judgl, E. A 0 DIA.
"i rttucy, A. BA___...
b 0th ISeaterIal Distrlt,
I of
wn Setaltor, J. D. 9 ATKISI,
the " J. c. VArCd
us. C(lalerne Prl-kh
st, RprCsentath'(I, A I.. ArFIS,
• , .I. R. I IIIF
per Clerk Dist.Court, DRFW" FTR/GI'8011
'' Aheri(T J. ll. t. TAI I Ca,
all Ti, Aseswr, W.J. iiiI R.
SParsh Treasnyrr, J. P11. Pl3 3'( 85,
' " Phytrico, P.R. RII('Tl r FOr N
' r ner5. 8. J PI(1 11F ',
lParish orecyor, B. R. COLEMAN.
.14 Wardt1, T. U. lIEAI (V.8 lret.,
ilof 1, I,. J. lAhT,
Y, W. 1.. (<ILs,
are 3, W.8.('lIAlI,
4, J(lli 1il I I.] . Jr.
112 5, J. W. 3'l A IA)D,
I 6, T. W. P( A I),
3 7, L. II. L.AY'
l Clerk of Board, J. 1. RAMILY:
0 Ward 1, Jotice, J. MI. BAREIR,
b'uontable, C. Il. T[l't' l ur ,
so Ward ,Juutlce, E. O. tllilteliAh,
Cuutable, W. 1. $: EiAMIlt.
Ward 3, Justice, J. A. !htl( KS,
ta C aontable, * JUIo , ( II(6N.
sit Ward 4,Jntatime. 3., . 1 ( l Al l N,
Conlltable, ' I: Al )rA1 I ]1
Ward 5. Jnstie. R. J. PI.II G.I1
'Cotis*ble, W'. . IIII ? IX
Wa:d C..llnstlc., J. 0. (. (( II AP
',t,table, I .' I If I 8,
. Ward T,.,stice, J. 11 1'1 N,
•t 'd (J. 1. nl' I I I ,
consbl" JN T ! ?! 11I
J 11 .1 P I$I1,
ou W rltd ...nsi ic", D.A.. ' I'  l 'I !i
S( 'nstale. JI.iJ Alt(.( K.
 Bard of iehool Dlrectorn.
Il. O. O. IILL, Pr..sdag t,,
il- J. H. C'HAPPEI.L, ,rwc ,vey.
'4, B. T. LEIDCET'lTIH, 1.. A. ( 1It ICEK.
of II. A. lA.Al(L.A.i, IT B1k1bL6L31AN,
is.- W. D. JI;fTITR.
,I:. Tow. of lHomert
ek. Mayor. J E. Hl'1E .
ter, C.hctmen, i. 6. (.1 L
't S. . (.IAI) LY
B.A. 1l1(lb
era W. W. A1.i l tti ,
SJ. It I) > FY*
SMarshrbal, A. .. J ',".s,
l,.rk. .I R. II \041,.,
Trra.urr. I V, l'. tis
Ih8. YEI\ YORK, l!.
hTI.', Is fir I1i oull u,:lk1e it fiftirellth
i t atll ll l .l ·. r ' i.l' l tl lh,-!*I it. pl*.,*. l lII ab*
a*lg i 1'atl, ,.h nitaii. *I alI U le. Ii all, . tlg
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The Rii1 clltic n "f Tih Pt1r (a also
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