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Claiborne guardian. [volume] (Homer, La.) 1877-188?, October 03, 1882, Image 3

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raieb ad Deprtrm of tlb Mas.
pArrerile-Dep-lr MIosiday, Wednet.
Wand FrC'day, at 4 a rm. Arrives Tiue.
lf,Thbnradla) ancd Saturday, at t p m.
gard-*-Depa;rts Wednesday and ain-
by, at i p to. Arrives uaen, day, at i m.
syarirua-D'prts Noted.day. Wedura
L' anl 4.atlrday, at7a im. Arriv*s aome
mat 5 p to.
L Ih .auaa-1)ep art t llitrday,Sit 7
, . Arrvre a..nr day:;. at 6 p en.
tas--D..pnatt daIly (ete*ept nnday),
,t7 agi. Arrives
at p m.
lmkl--Departs Wr-lnesday, at 7 a Im.
rtrivre Thursay, at 6 p tu.
.ass"-De*parta FPrfiay. At T' 3 t. Ar.
,;.ei Stardnay. at G p to.
fed's Mill-D-"parti Mfonday aud Fri.
,he. at 9 a In. A-rives ttesday and Sat.
clray, it a pm.
Morey Order lnrae from P a at to 4p m.
O0ce open from 9 toi 1 a on ou s8ntday.
\.vertier .h-onled take notice that all
i rtrlslm5entc ihoold he left t t th OGAtr
;4sc c hIv :,a0II ona MIondaty, elrse th..y
.tIt !tre ioer until the nest iwane of the
t.e.t. AII o'.e-rvance of this re'mnest
1i be of m'tetnl 'idvant:ag. "n the OcAS.
w oin I ither atvertier. Peranna who
,ar. ,.~t . '..,pi, of the UJL'ARIIlA
.,' 1;'ave. thilr orlera with nia no t.
•,!.r b'efc noon. Thip rule is impera.
N. E. Chareh, Soath.
hi.Mt--tr Iprechlrng nt Homrer en the tnd
..I 4ab .al,,hatlh ii each cmoutb, at 11
Slak t ,1 ,d- 7+ p m.
Ptrirtr e.rtinJg cvery Wednesday night
il " , I.k.
.t Atl'rta 3rd Sialath, andsl
.t L l",.,l Is! 8.ulI lath ill "*a Ilmon th.
J. It. STONE, Pator.
Romer Btptl0t Chureh.
r'!ret;,n Ih; the P.trator. Rev. W. P.
"rtRa. vr'r; 3rd ,nndal. at 11 a m asn
"m-s!.. .irturlarg ight b".fore.
Pr.- r..:.'tr.ing re.rv Torsallay i itght, at
pm,,. enltaal iv tthe Paltar.
Si ~.l ,r hl.t, I ,e'rv .,rulnayv mornirng at
". m--T. 41i-,It. nlmeritetendent.
, .r., . : ,re t,,rit.ed to cnoin t. or r.
,t f r. a'r" n,,*erev line the Unardliani.
wept earntlf unti, tbale. emucplnvyed in the
A.C .w l ,ont written andthrier.
B. D. HARRISON, Prop'r.
--- - --L- ---
'ea gi,.es, ciew prtces. at Zdliag o.
s. :t.tl.ani thin blood is abenlnttely ne-c
>,rr f.r t"!i n. re of ta ,n,,rat de,.l ity.
b:;': .... '.'situdr, Ac. The beat enrich
at* th. !t!oa il In Bro'ra' Iruu Bitter..
Bny Ti: .t vtace, thnini tec. er., frenm A.
ilu,. htla.. epcrt. La. HI kr. p. a f(ll
,'ck of :al tht. be.t hIr.iuda sofcecakoigantd
"'ulr. itiera, iiil erls at cle ligorvs.
ialal Lis ait. ;caid giv.e himia ynnor piatrunage..
Hi !irg eead wnll as irtuud ,tek of Fall
1 t ,,.. r ,,ds uis. , i ntrived, and he de-.
: -t I tl. Ir.of 2', ,i.It;; 1 the ,Itl We
w tI L. L J,..lau.n'e for Bndlweriaer
ett or -n , a'i.l the oilest anod purent
sky .u tu it.
(iAT lIt i. oft-ln tua ll iufia/lnce, wi bleb
'rker HI.air ltAl.taiuI ptr.nts hby retor
file thyouthful culor.
----4=0-- --- -
All kidt iof wiua sad litnnrt for sale
*rHllelurv & Brown, at bLuttou prices.
----t-... -
Atlrst-,lur IBI.ACK.IITH anl fiOal per
cnt ertll ilae rut at reunouerartivw pay,
- npl'hllratull at this urhee.
---- --41111110- ·--
A full .nr of tidlet articles at Mcllenry
iBroa ts drug store.
. - _ -- . .
lake oont family to Zullag' fie good
u-u g..edi. at lit tug priers.
If \,u 1ilsh to boy ycnr druego cheap go
a Mcllery a Brown's drlg store.
lclreury & Bruin i always keep on hand
lull hlne of pure tmu dlicies.
For hnrea sholing, half romand, &a., all
i uti1 f3l at Rankln'. shbop.
It to Kottc'l' :,r the new Patr.at Pelf•
ea.li:ug 8'ngle t linttle.
The piu'lr will d, wr*ll to rarry their
''.0:rq tu, T. It. Kortrlna'a. Hrehas no on*
Sar ,i NrthL Lonlsiuus. All work gouar
lwlfrowb lInt l iItwcAl HIc pepltltyr
4uly l i ,I ti ci One tf the mant tphltar
M in the lalli. Hia table Is alwya
aplid wibth the ibem to bihad io tLhe
rket, tad hia priel are moderate. Pal
i ltut BIcWh'a bhotl.
leat & Co.,are now rereieingosnf othe
;5ert and best alelctd stnck dofkney
'tintea ever roalght to Homaer. Go at
t and examine thrir stock.
Dbeilitatedl permnn. ad slamfeerCten
stlIg dlhear ench ua ensmptlet,
tnrafla, hielion ateertions, will be irrtlly
heatted by using Brewos len Dite.
Jsl.G O e, th 0eS esm(te teeesery
f Shtreparet, baa mald. essaenve
rationa So tbrihe ll sd Winter airte.
h o nothiug Io then aseekuefe il3w
eaenoi te baned to btl .sebtahseset
h weaY Is the bot ansd pent is the
ekgi, acd as aoe all hi. geoed. Due year
I enteerl. Iree Jule 6 om.
o4~mg1 of ma h ug.
do' te t e.a Sntd u
A ties * the l r ,.
t'rop are Iadmd i'al good planter. will
Pay int of debt, nod order to o eetine
piru"~perna you mas Itn low to I con...
mine. Tihm Bst sep in that direction ti to
gF to Zdlrag'l with y.ereolton, bides, la.,
mud our word for It you will gmetsll vahlu
for your prnlee, and as ftr the goods you
weed for your.slf and family we will assure
onu that tim tmk Illid In this sesme by
LZding l thb latest and beat stylem, and at
prices that will uerpen erytbiug bereto
fore oferds Iht this metiu of the couttry.
All .to have to do is to rall and ee fei
yourmselvs tut be counviutm. Call early,
for the stuck lecompltse.
We invite the opeant aolltuline of our
readers to the card of J. C. Baker. with
E. & B. Jaeubg. Mr. Baker s well and fm -
vorably knowu to iost of oar remders ani
requireh no eomoaeudathtn from sa. Of
the house be is with we cn my thalt it is
the largest in Shreveport, sad one of tb"
very best. I alweays carries a large stock
of alaout all kinds of amresbmadil, and is
both a wh l.lrule mud retail bone. T1.
drm huys goods in immtuse qouamttit.4 smnt
u a srnequreue an aell lower tLhu malli
er buhole. When prebasing goodl I.
Shrereport, either in perase or by orer.
do not forget the largest hbeo in tbhe ploe,
t & B. Jacobm'.
Boy all your confectioneries frum Ju.es
Ouerre, Shreveport, La., if you waut only
frebh and pure artilels.
Mimi M. A. Fliem, the fahlnublott and
poplanr mitlliner of Shreveport, i lly pre
paired to furi.sh all Fall and Wiuter go,-t
of the moint fashimale style at- ppopelar
ptrier. If 1 )s want somentbing rally nice
snld highly ftamhieublt , lrder rinm Mim
Files. Re 'd lher cart.
An inmenm s stck of gruceries Just re
relvd at ZullLg'a.
- - ----m.c--- -
Biy yomr crakers, mfmpa, cakes, e.,
from the trar BIkery,lhrevsport, La. By
no doinig .'u will always get a flesh art
cle. Readt cant. C. P. Thettard, the pro.
printer, in a gusl bmndness mrait and will do
the fair thing.
Read tIle ad. of Messrn. Utm & Smith,
leoalers in hardware amd macbiileri,
Shrevrl.ri, La. This is oln of the largest
and best b,nwoe of the kind is the State.
We coumtt'nitd it to thel pnlile as relimhle.
Their stuck is very large atl priccs to mnit
the tilnes.
There to toi mtrchnt itn sbreveport that
Is more mioplllur or enijoys a better reptoa.
tioln than N. Gregg, the succensor of Gregg
c& Ford. By hit fair antld liberal deallug
th, has mttde a htot uf friends and natuom
etl int this prilh. lIe deml eltenlively in
gro.erl. anmud general plautuaton supplies.
Stock aiw aye ecInplete and lire at tlhe
bottom of the manrket. Call and ezantimee
N. (ireyg's stuck mud prices before pitrchb:
ug rela where.
When )on are. In bhrovelrt remember
the fart thai W. S. HIveu will sell ainy
thing in his lin lower than ayhbody in
r)hrr etiort. Il dmls to usaddlery, barmn,
wugeus, hlugem, mtrtitg a agdaw, ae. Read
bin crunt. We comumeoml him to our riadoer
as a fair atd liberal dealer.
Shtreveliwrt prices t otn at Zodiag's.
For fresh tearl, aret-d asd maine erts, go
to ihelton', drug store.
BD virtue of a 'Pruclamation tinted by
Shis Itleellelcy. I. D. McEvuer, hUuv
*rllrur of the SltaI of Lootsae, anid It
utdielcer to the gerll*ral loaw of the State
louriunid, nollte I hereby given, that an
election allt be held to the parIsh uof( Ili
burue, .0.
Tecerday, 7th dy of November, 1883,
it bring the first Tueeda. after the irat
Monday ult sale mawth. l'ollo to Ibe poe
imet 7 o'Ciuot le th b oYoIrtim util ti o'*
l hik to the a"tetrhim. Said eieectsu p
.8g had for the plese -of ld .tlg a
reoeuttive theo a 4b C sas of t
I:lted 8Sates fIhm I he 'ifth t Q nal
Isterict of Looassist.
Now, ibe , by virtue f a esmb"
4, no wIe dtireuted by tle Uoverer ofl
6tite ti L utIaiam, 3. Jale. ,
tnttraiag ueIrw to Mad erth. oe
Vletorar, 1.a., do bhe y eader th saId
clation .h.lt tam held at the pLmm below
ulnsl, samt tba tahe 1us in below
imatuw are toureny appouned to hotld mli
elatrltm amd make uO relsara srufe to
n, meid returauig e&er, at be W·U r
boo iT tthe tawn o , Ioetr, ahid parah,
8memssiMU-J S itcay, . J 5Mb madW
lJ ntmera,rmgntomo. .
Gm* -W 3 UMontog. Iso W Tlghei
mutt T J ErkhpmttrkL, .nwmiwtmhs.W
NasedmlIl-W I Cupmdta, 5 1 ISeem
must J Wa'uo, ee emimeotoe.
*i~me COess Brdr-A Hehlawa. V V
Bell ujm- W M A ehsadlr. J A
,nale a ,, jtte,*.ema men,
imla .M Lelitd, J A lahismu
h... .wW a t , W
dei, m.-- S bWBe. ,T3e Wllb IAl
Tiput. .mom
jijm.W mmmm Al kyr.
3 Ma m~iO~
Orape ViM.l,
Or.ameital lhrhtery,
• ns,
Largest Stock in thel Soluth
And cerllt b'y non othlr Nure.ry is varie
ty or quality of stork.
All clnaL.se Fr it grown, nad -ep
rially thnue varietires bet adapted to our
soil and climate.
Earliest anlld latest Peaches and blight
i'rnf Peates spw. imltiea.
All trees guarsntewre trne to name, sand
inaur-ed to live whr. planteidand carle for
according to dttrrettnmm.
All trees grafti,. or Iudeil on semllings,
whirlc make tlipnuat vigoron aumt longest
lived trees.
I hao atn lnmense stock of Applle tree
in great variety, rantgilng fromln 4 to 7 (et
ins height.
Thie inmlic a ill uied it to their interest
to lhol their orladers for thin Nursery. ili.
tread lof iviul them, to irrralwqruille par
Tlhauke for past patrouage, and future
orders mldicitdl.
A. K. C'I.IN(iM \.N, Pro.'r.
Homer. .ea.. Ap-il 26. 1 2. 37:
To Whom It Nay Concers.
tMW1 IPlrsche, have iherI oUl all throghl
this co(mntrt frnm7m tceait. tS aon, doullar lwr
tree. Kno"i mg th1e fau"t t'mit tIhenr will tie
a griat dem.nalnd fm r Mol Imy Peaches in N.orth
Lonimiaila, as qmlrtk as tlih railrnadl is enm
plterd. (as they cnmmnnud u. h a Iargm.
price iin thie ummrkct-fronm live to seven
mlnllsr ptr humshel,j I have made arra.te.
meots , ith (l. W.i $ltomr, Proprmt-r f thel
t.rev.eport Tst N~rosery, ne of the oldirst
iaid mosts tiliabh' Intarsris is th lIaaeo.
ou, malaio hri lu l $11it nm nders I will
smil them in emnnemmion with everylhing
else, at the f(-flowing prtires, deliverd mm
amn Iinnt oni tbe V.. K. & 'T. P. R. R, and
at Mildmn n. II HI, nor, ini duo limre for
trulsp,.ti. next Spring:
Mluv Praehr, Itihldmd, per doses, $3 00;
per bhmlnlired. $2 (00;
81iamlarl IPeahes, from Jnume to later,
iwr dolt.n, $1 tl$; per hiundred, twi lve amd
a Ihalf c.nt, a piee;
Larcennt or Bamil Petrs, 75 Oet each.
All tren guansmtred to, live. and to be
trne to ianlne. Will state to my old rue
tomers a bhn have lot any of their trees
after enrrying ,at al) instroctlimn., in mak
iug oult y.nr orders, infi.tr nue how many
yono have list, and I will make themni gp.I.
The whaere is i nlmitte.l to my nstr.ra*rme
and flmlldmls. If yolu wanIt anythilng itn m!
line, dmi't be afraid to Pond sme your no
dltm. Orderr received first, will reeoive
Arst st'ntion.
w.e ta ordera tin withlonnt dellay. Now
w lhe tints. By a" diming, ,mm will b ears
to redrive the beat grown stmrk.
Address, J. F. DITTON,
P. O. BoD 147, Miadei, Ln.
Angut 30, SItm . 3:
oeglrmtrsi tehe Mt thu pvh is. et
Clatlsere will be mpsed as tls Cut.
horm Is tt town of laner asr. Mmnay,
ISmsl sr 4m , tbble, sad satims sill llet
edLr, Sept. , and at
Igm srs.ld, ward I, Meslay, Bspi. 6,1
owlds, ward 1t Tsslav, Settt. 1;
Haneville, ward 2, Wednadas_. p.
1t; adl RHsts Cess Roads Thrsday,
li $pdrIs, wer 4, Pri4. .
Athus, wa 5, S eturday, Us.I
oAtdy OmWe, wad 6, oldia. Oss 6i
Liahus, ward am Turdaym O 3. A
Aiasse, ward t, Wus , OesIa4. 4;
Homer It.. Ost. 4th till O h, Ia.
Theu prsas sal whl Iso altalsd
jIrlty or movd rate he parith In.
im* IBelet rte, or eohgtll d their wrda,
ate uquite to tgsto.
Rorst, La., Aagu U, lt. RIb
n. n. VPSUIA3,
(s .thlwm ss, t M ? B IUsmi)
OM.R, LA.,
D fw apvl.*
'653 mSC~
HRler iiMmqte PeiaI
Board and tuftu pwper.cib. X11 Ma.
ale Isaludad with slh ghsvu. $I, payable
monthly Is iadvaus. Wesablgstra,
Tuition, 3. 4 anti Jellan, per month,
Siwum whled iia tclear e letS. 041.1 y afnd
4 !.Oidn paid motbly.
IseMi t tee fr par two, 01.
FZ r frthet partied.a.. aMdIss
TA . 49LIlIL A. M.. Trets..
fusser. m".. priah. Le.
July to. Relies br
SWIt.l nm.mtwn *mmnnda. teptriember ei.i.
YVTm i.m r...l pt fo toal 00 per mouth.
malailrt mntthl,. Incldental bICN ) iper
sachlar far recd h mion. imayibhi in ad
vunte. POlsies rharsictI Ito date of en
trmeae till cluoneo a rI.tt.
Aug. .1J1 . . MOOR, Prhil5
Louisiana State University
The teaxt wade of this issttau bagitma
O lehebr 4lb, Bads,
saul clut. Juli 41b. 1tA.
sastd aperiatettl sI aiy, Is the usnai
Luliritgtltatitwlt'i. Cadets wlIlarsuuiuir
ot faster rouru-Cleiautieui, Iirentiie. Agri.
Sultursi and Mewlaulal. a liNian fro,
to .: h 1. Thm is as anneal fe e d610.
Total r inrs for bawd, eta. II the Uhl.
eitraly, $90 per mout..
Cetrits, oapes etutertg the LnivenuiIZ.
tautio iltmig u.uign.ed to quarters or cii.-.
it, rald every three tatkths tbrhewller.
haial Iphttll to the Prviarti she Tos..
'r rr.leait foe :smtwwrtba'ftgwii idvaimr.
t..ulrtr shll In rtquired. to pnrtewlis their
o.wl' t.rlv inwika aid aw that...
Furb fither iutlnsation d adkrng.
Satat, Bnnteu, La.. August lta, 1#.
Mansfield Female College,
N.ex t &isaolu(i ?elfns?? (eptember 13.
N INIIER of boarders hiee inerwiacti
1 ater ont. lad rd pser crg.
Nine, vapewanetul ittaght-i. Thaitingi
itatrouetiian givret in i.tt~rary, Sleientit..
Lta.tmereili.oil Nourmasl ru~nnras, andtioi.
Montic, Art, Slculwgratir, Typography asset
Wit ti mown, fr heo Imony, than and
other inatitulatl of tigb h tig rr.
?.ute fur cataltgur.
J. LANE IORI)EN. ('repadt?.
Ang.,iV. 1m..,
N EXT arnaint Itagina the FIRST MON
1)DY it, ?1 PrEMBE R, tripl.
Two i'r1~fia.t.r h.,tr Ibeet, rm--ntliy it.tsi
to Site Fraity. Tim "nueti r iwt,m.r Ise
aeioni.. tn. fu 9Ann and TrIT SU inted tirio
i-er-d $144 in tihe Prtpantr..ry, taid 014
it tin- Cllitr iJ,;iartatt-iit.
send for a catalo V.
Ht. II. Ili'tSII Prioi.tf.
Anug. 2, 1". t.:Vtu
Hayuesllle Isle and Female
`(II.L ilotolntb Juiy, SIS, by L. II
IV tum'.nnroake I'rlmipal, aid Mini
I.. T. Tuomsaa:t, Assistant, and Principal
Tnitite-O- 0, 0 60. $30 sad p4 f0pe-s
autnth. Meiae, extra, Iantrumnati farnu -
..I.04 00.
BLuatd in tows Of vYilcity at iaderate
Palienage ftrm the r oaluvrlieid.
July It, le 3W-tijas Prinipatl.
Ses. O. W. C. [sI, llNleaet.
T IIORPIWOTt lnstrdatone it, Iaau u .
L ltei-Stu iiil t er S. e .tilet lb.
I'rofruiaaitat tIoola ..t 1w aid ei
Fiee3 V. thllh· lotles. in theuVa
ninenw nttua, exslsaivm af Iwamt i.t t
eblttes, need not corsed froe ep to 04UU.
Foeiwº qreai Sep. It. For estabwurj ad.
iu J. L"Cairn 1, Jr., Clasrh adlt.lg
b~e, aufu. Ciliat s isas -rat~ d P
aselntW tatrk Mmle, he., 99
lap to Ju 991 u so,9 ut
3gwt*. WM.91 A. MnuELNuP
joYtll,m1 Seasohas, 991, Va.
if .kw gu ss#rw W~IW c wpsa
adO . saIS hys O ol. £ bigUhJ
baatulqblaghs asrl a C.I~s
vIi hasahes ersow k . k 9
besteo Op( oI~ dssp99,~ tow9 C
J A : UN' TrrS. JOSL. *. WI* * .
Hardware & .Machiaehy,
Noe: 8, 10 ndd 12 Spring Stroet;
5333lir VU 3T 4 * a t LbtISIAMIA.
Manufactui'ers Agente .for
sRdwy (NdrMroN 035, A LL uM'8 (trTON PhE8SE6,
Vic-rclf CASE dlfLLA. B.I1MALi m111.14,
SAV81MY PLO~W dý, .1Uio>i R AGUSSc; z,; ,.
S. Y. LEA IEL PAIST, CUUQ'b E%'apº4auti
Tb. CbieWe sad 000 als mte Market.
We a*r Sb. Dru*a in fiur the eugifl m amauu saudi innaaiu.I;l batmag a p.' l ab
belt atameb ani of the Wartsh, wClfrhlm i,,mu.. 1wºr"a. mail ma..mb asuusagla
aim.. the UrLah h aadtr aHeJa.talr tu t, .uum%. int that Itarn-" be
mated up toos acayr. frui, 1wacma am iuaa In- nraiqutrl.
Every ii Is Fully `eImmm l$ee
SlaekaaliL stall tarptft're' Tuttl,. Iron, W'ugnleutrk, I'utZe, flcam
Slel taoII BuiIdIrs Uasrslwarr, Uatlei. Inla, Pilpsa udItial.p,
uttinrnh' frg ºlet, 3tllfeg, (Gus t 'nuskimg.Vuslkla,
aer Win-. &c.. Irv., *r.
0' Send to i. tt Friria and CIreuiamsr U6e, II 111A. PrN.,. CzmnO
-ML M ~nee arfth
lot She.MMl
tllthe TSLU, UK N VE66.ftdi lMte E M U, IMU
w' TOW PMma m -. we jgg.l
MLA IUT,=EbUII es .Imrwm ,FU IK
ý..-  .ert~i .d a~di11a.Yar Y Jt~i S M
Nian- rmmem m
Cam's Chalybeate bpriups.
' HM6E Sprisi are. gamates Is, Culsumb,
1 icnsty, Ark.. two nmslrs tris l. heo It4.
floe, solid WIII elw. YonIs fromS HSerrNa. Str.
.sss idenreul kIsudsu f wss's. Will cusr t
alud. of eklh sIoalst.. OweI board to.
U. .ab*swed as m.ssbio rlte.
Tb. prnpIclear s for. 55. LU. J. W. I).
I)U. H. H. Lssglns, ase W.1V. '. '.wrlswnnd.
.:bltlmoss pariah. sslde Huusu. F. l.A. ke.
".f Masislis, Aski., .1 .4 "f is es ba ts f te-.
she... w~5sva astIl a15.srfi 5s.sbsir met..
)Lacaslern hloh assto Seoalshr.
K. 3. (VAMP. Pvoprtster.
Mhftb I1, iow. lo.f
IV. 6E5B l,
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