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Whllle they mnt tIwfor: the fire.
Nothing more did he desire
I ha to gt a little nigbher,
IfI be rontl;
Antd Inle heart heat higher andl ighsr,
And her lhok grew suter and elyer,
WVIu he sided aup cl.'a by her,
As be ahibul.
The:t he ventfired In ilnquire
If Icr islte.r Jane Mitt lur.
Atand her Motheir and her sire,
Were quite well?
And frotm tiale to t ime le'ad eve hea,
As thulngh he'd like to bny her,
Antd hin baehfnlnaea was dire,
For a spell.
Whin Iti hi hniky throat grew di er.
T'rhe. htt told her that the slairt
To himulf wonnld qniekly tie heir.
If she wonld:
Mtight he now aIn ask Iher siro.?
And he thotght he would expire,
Whent she snid, to his desire,
That he atttld!
--Hlrlingtnll i wkreye.
Anecdote of StonewIll Jackson.
At a council of ofl'cers, early in
the war, it was retia;rkled thatI
Majtor-a wais wittlaldl antd wo1aiI
Is nota:bhle to do the duly assigned
Iion. ' "Wouml'd," uaidl IJct'k? n.
'It' it is renally so, I think it linst
have been by an acc:idt'ntal dia .
charge ofldlty."
'A soldier had lost hlis arm and
wat rejoicing ov'er it. "Mvy graad
father," maid he, ''lost a le. in tIhe
revolutionary war, and our faanily
lhave atbeet brngringt a lalttt it 'ever
tinl.ce. ThIso i n T ory is : old onelli, iul
anowa '1n going tit be the I hl)' oa f lth
Ia ilti l."
AN IltlSlt Ns ItII rtI'Kf:.
A !I'ishmat fromt Iat ttle ('raek.
aijI'h.. t tas at ltIni llinnl hattle, atoll
wa.ts aomiiiawhat stattl'ld wtI'n tlthe
lt ili at, 1.lit a lai i a;lllit I aIt 'll
hleld of hils c'onlanio0I oi tih, left
asn:il was ktiinocked or l il hy a (catntin
hall. A few tlnal t'It i rll'hr. it c l etsil
ihll hr.ke the finiglt.'t of lhise Ct
r.dlt' onl ila aiher ahle. Thl hottaer
threw down his gialt and .ii ll,,al t irh
aiill, when lIthe Iti' latiai rt:a..l, d lto
Ihu : eil inin: 'Yoilm antIl wiiaI:ta,
pl'oalp eryin'; 3t ll n.take' uateil' ni l'
shout it than tilm' 11: toiat loot 0 !ir
111t THE KI.TTI.t: Wl\r..
llat a1aaaat011111t a;llp oilltell to roll
let' mettal for utialinln ftor (,t'i l.il
li rit 111itt rail',s rm , talaiaal tal al
ilallt ir of A.d. i' ntit y., litas.. fair
lis bell. Nit Ihaving ,ui an oar li.
It', ihe' l 'ntioi l d it toi his l i ift , at helt
site vealry pitlii,-t thlih otlahitl her
I tr. l it ' k It't h Iiittl h. ti:e v' !. lit r
deaat tall ta tlte let i'i t'a tsil onea
l te111111,t i It it a saet lo thh, -aaid.
'l. i .a Ita. hat a ill w ,e tailt lor lore
si'rves!" ' , ' da'tl,_ .ht'," atid IhB'
iwt aof a fai1e1,r, ''aur whole tlduty
'shla' kl ttlh. t twas t'it.
IN I a:NT (ta' TlIlL 1',l\t l l.t.
At tile hatitle of Ilanover ('ourt
lousetlt , Va., to Ii sergea tatsl mt in
the woolds; each dalew his knifi attal
thlI two botl 's wa er found together
t:lh witlh it knil'ua burietd i to the
A ('Ill KIN 'f"l:'.
A a'ertjait regiment was s;tattionedl
tot far frontm .la'iliati lill. 'aplt.
Nat Percival hoal roaatamm Id of one
of tlhe elt llcollpatnies-te 'crac'k en. i
la lny h general onsentll. lle dayl
a g'ittlemanl, tla',aila'ti natar Bha
• r . ap, r.a'at' it .,it h :a conntlalitat
selIiag farth tha . lt a'rti tt lar.
lad aic:i.ioua',.y, wia:kllly aad on
warrantald taken dive'rs fwain
frtm hih hian roast. lit' did not
1anrel aesti'ttiont 1aut1 bt lad that
ite aulipri;s might ce let'cted aittal
praaln'rly gaitiilhtal, ttand a .ttop plat
ta tBha lia'fariaans work.
Front eel ttita alesl'ritletioans wbhia'h
ahl ga'allmBananil gaie, the ('alohel
aispelaed that ts e.lak a'aamlatjai.':
ta" lah regi aitatat mnmast coitattin i Ba
iilta'rt' lita; so ta atraigh waav ualarm
ttolarat ( 'iait. Nat to hiai ha..al
qatitlUels. Thi n'la taiztt a et c antt
ia hiti pr'etaice Bhte g'ntlelanlta t'.
peated hii elhatrge.
"W'laat did 3oil sa' Ih lata aaahliers
took fromta your roost ?" .au,[ld ICa p
tain iNat.
Thte gelatlettaiata coaatitntal Otltiaa
fingers-one ilae raosta'er, f'tiatr hlay
ila beats atld tlare Ite  au1llht.
"Ritather a malil tlle'.tian ot
jowls, I sbonhll say, for a' aat'ht Ia. -
stid the Captain.
0(). those we're not all I lead."
'"What! had you more-m or e
fowls at tbat time, on your moost?"
"0. yes, a great many more."
Whereupon Capt. Nat torned to
bis superior, and with a -low bow,
layilng bil hand upon hbis ears, h.
promptly declared:
"Colonel, you see, air, that my
men colid not have been the marma
ders on that occasion. They would
not have left even a tail feather be.
When a certail Uniob glunboat
was going into actin, otid of the
men who wns on hil knees was
seieerilgly asked b3 his officer if he
was afreaid.
",No, I was praying," wts the
""Well, andl what ate you praying
for t"
"l'rt3 ing," answered the sailor,
"that tile eueme's bullets nmay he
distribllted in the same way as the
prize onnney is, principally among
I lie oflicer,."
Mankind'V Mistakes.
1. ie a msrake to labor a bet you
know ,on are not In a fit couditUon
to Ili) w,.
To sleep exlAosed to a dimect
Sih.anght in any reason.
To coilude that the amalleat
room in the houieU is large enoough to
sleep. i4n.
To1 think the more a person eats
the strtonger and healthier he will
I'To take ofl propelr c'lothiItg ,out of
Sse',,ion, atnlly La.ucanse you have be
'ITi go to bed att niildnight mnd
attri at dt.ely break anid imagine that
t. er I hour takenn firou sleep is an
114)ue gpeieed.
To iltelgine that i a little work or
e\erir e ta good. violeut or proloug
ed exert.,,e is better.
'To heseae that childhen can do
I nmu rutih ok ias grownu people, and
that theI more hours they stOdy the
rute,. e.y wv il l learn.
'I, eat ias if 3)o had llnly a min
i te to eat in, or to eat withouit au
all '"ilte, e) t Ie euntinuite altet it has
heteii &saliflied, ruerel.1 to s.tisl) the
,o ilg;li In that whateeer remedy
caillu e, 114 i to feel iileniellhll t 3 thl.
ter (:~; a lcohli c lle l nillillllt) ise good
le- i' l t e t el Cei, t ilhunt regard to
ililtllccr ettc.ela.
'liu re is iti l Ilnli: tlt ll'Prlteliton
ie.llllrte l t tth Lake 'aratoiga to
tlie efleet th liat tlle stilltnes of Ithe
water Is slaitnlell to tIhe' (irenet Splirii.
a;nd that;it wlhover dlist urbs it by
slieeking. whihe crolising, will eirek.
h i tie ealrls elae lie nf be firstet lslers
it is htehe tiliat a llEntigliih w4.
nlin, whll waes leinig taken l'across
in ii a (;llle l some Ilnli;cit, ut teredi
ia loadl Isy to eon% inice the'a of tlwir
t' lietshh e'barse. Thlne caiolleO reached'ilel
the' sllcre, sº;fe'li, ilien the llwomani
rallied the chief oni hisi unreduli
t'I. Ti'he GIreat Splirit i merlrtiful."
nil'werlle lith ee oriiful lMohali. k;
"he ktnows that a while wotian canll
nlot holdl lher tingue."--. , .Mail.
itov. t'littenien, of M isson ri,
stacted rlt'eenly to a reporter of the
I'iicionlatii l'nquirer, that ever y
ntlellthtl of thel .tlels gang, with
tlee 'tvenllilioll oif Fltuk ainage's, we're
eiliher eehaiei or inn Ihe lieniitenliiary.
'Trhe whe'rl'ebllontl of FIiillk .IJlloe'
it ateic i ee IlI Ireeil' ed iefc ir atlllion
to tle' e'the'' iita, liet is liviiing s ie
wihe're in lice norhthern inotion of
Ohio. A rewarld of 10,0t10 is stlill
ollerrel for his irnreast. It Lla thlniigliht
tiy mnl Ithat lrallnk will yet eouie
in aud steieil his i Iril.
Titee iter ill' tlhet Ceincitnentiti ('(Cm)
ulisertI;il is ei nlliuisc ·ennl..1ls;its: "!I
ie iia l t Ihiuik t' lll i hfl' v.ie n a lua b
twl 'pl'W er t ilnp' l t gi en A\ratei
Never ge, Idlilerra tree delring a
Iihutdler storie. It isn't fair to the
ligniniltg, whicth 11s18 often to spoil
a tery good tree to get at 'spoor
sort of a uniln.-j-l Erchacite.
They man.ke ai bnrnii ice iream
nonw. .\lnil it's sM slijlpery tiet ai
n.iii i;ll to lie duown on the flter
iail hold nOl with thlth )hindas to
I swallirw'any of it;
AJi eminent scientist says that
V ,Ieo a hIlyy cannot sit down with.
out her nose becoming red it shows
that there is imperfeet eirculation
of the hblond, canned by tight lacing.
Same with geoleason. A red nose
is a sure sign of tightneass some
An editor who was told that his
last article was clear as mnd said:
"Well, that covers the ground any
The Secret
of the universal success of
Brown's Iron Bitters is siml
ply this: It is the best Iron
preparation ever made; is
compounded on thoroughly
scientific, chemical and
medicinal principles, and
does just what is claimed for
it-no more and no less.
By thorough and rapid
assimilation with the blood,
it reaches every part of the
system, healing, puri i'ng
and strengthening. Com
mencing at the foundation
it builds up and restores lost
-health-in no other way can
lasting benefit be obtained.
I Dbearzer Ave., Chleag. Now. 1.
t I haw bere aa at suere fmt
eryaweak , aeubeh, btbuern, and
d11  atlmn its went loe..N laliy
M9tkit~t 1 aut pee me d46tre"
cesWd at but ltd. I have
tri everythitnreommenaded,h.he
kens the percrpi;ooms of dones
p ý"ihorn, b.ela , nh o r.lief unt.; I
tu BroD'e I ten. I tel
saoe of the old trtubleu, sad am a
are mua. I eam gettfn much
stroodeo, ad fe ien-mar. t a
a railroad oate, ad sow make
my trps rultary. Icoe se car
too much 'a ptoe of yu wender
Mlmsdia.. D. C. Mnc.
does not contain whiskey
or alcohol, and will not
blacken the teeth, or cause
headache and constipation.
It will cure dyspepsia, indi
gestion, heartburn, sleep
lessness, dizziness, nervous
debility, weakness, &c.
tun enty Sere', ins latme made by
Drov t,'ealclt Co.caltim.. Cled
rd lease and ,ada.mars es weeps.
JAMES C'IPtfO r, ......Propreter,
Mtilam utreet. ',wtweru Market mud Sprlun
atHt:VEI'OR'T, LA.
N:ov. 19, lt79. 44:y
hM 8l M. A. FILESI, of Shreve.
Imrt, hat rtll.,,edl to
No. s80 Texas sreet.
S;o, bas. al Ierge s,tl -e-:eic .etwoerk of
I 1..I. i tiH ll. i, the Iat.t .tihe . ic IfATt
tII Itl)\VEt'. Perfect ttl en dreoamuak
In 'l t emte,.ed.
Tr tnrvling publie and reglar bardl
eel * Gllid shis bkms an~ a notable
tliai.a" ml lw . bthe
-iac,. i. k j ta Stage
I hiave. ae, atrarhwd to al ht-el a cni,
.ned e-emmeuinoes tiable, wet llpplled wilth
thicr.led,-r malN water aid a ited oeteiatl
wcrl a cen hand tic oltase,. ttechk.
ith, irvielitg utheli a ttI ,thin w, !1 te 'ite
tit sc-all A. J. REYNOI.D)R.
T"lR in to infrm the pnhlie italt I am
ml *Ill iel th. ,lirke.t hrlil,d e,. and wish
r' at. ii,. ne can tied nles i' It,,n-r every 9M)t
itr llt. Any tote nr ,.tter leo in the petr
.dlie., or wllh aney In-bintei-i -teb.k. cill
re-ah iU. 1. t).T KINiitI.
1 1W I~lI tojiefru -y francis. ael ghle
o,rdtrse for alt- v:ru-els ,rnede ef Chewi.g
illd $moknig T()IACCO aUniul;ictireel by
1). W. Brmmati, Richland, Ark. All or.
alht r dreshreld to me at SNate-Lilne P. O..
Ark., will Ih prunmplyv Aillaa.
0. L. tianai. II,,mrr. La.. Ia ag*nist for
tlie'eala of the Brleueott toeh .ro.
J. M. W. CAH P.
Oibbber *, i\81. I:I a, ,
lnr " r . . s l
.. ol4,. ".
This is the only lttery aver voted as
and endorsed by the people of any State.
Loaldas StateLottery Compauy.
I.Porporated in Itri for es years by the
L.eglature for Edllcatinal and ('barita
hi. parlwwmn--a ith a (Capital of $1,000,UO0,
to which a ruwrve fond of over 5M1i,tlO
bhas siuce beau added.
By an overwbelming popnlar vote Its
fra:uebiwe was made a part of the present
St -t," ('oustltulionl adopted tUcaauber 2. A
D. 1t9.
Its (Iradl Single Number Drawings will
take pnlace. r inthly. IT NKv.'H ViCAL5K sI
PtI9TNYtr1s. Lonok at the fullowiugwachern.
At NEEW ORLEANS, Tue day, OCT. 10,
L'Uder the personal mnpervieson and man
agement of
i.a. T. . SEAURESARD, of Leeisalaa.
aud ea. JUSAL A. EARLY, ef Vllllla.
010,(000 Tirkets at Five DIkllar Earch
Fractions, in Fiftht, in prulaorI in.
1 CAPITAL PRIZE ...... ).5,00<
S do do .......... ,
I do dlo ......... 10,c*w
Y iPRIZES of te.0l00.......... .. twe,.
S0 do 1,000........... 10.,00
10 ido 1,0)............ l(,.IY41
dO d. SOiQ............ Itoqn
100 do 9W0............ 0,0(00
300 do 100............ 30.tqNo
500 do :.W ............ 2.,S 0
I000 do i,............ 25,000
9 Approzination Priae of $7-0.. 6,750
9 do do 5.. 4 ,
9 do do 2'O.. 2.o
1!9i7 Priz.e, anosting t.... ....)"6,5,0
Appl ratb al frMtelsr lIe.bnnmhl 1,,
madte usly to the oe od the ClmJantly ian
Lew OmlkaU.
PFor farthr itfLrmtlo,, write clearly.
giving fell address. Read erder. hV ex
pres orA Rita.rd lregr or Money Order
by mail, ~addrted only lto
N ,w Orleans.
The New Olelse Democrat nad New Or
leans Times Consolidated De
comber 1, 1mt1.
A reprsnseutao e nerpaper mst lad
tie way uinto every bainess establishlment
and to every Irelde aroend which clusters
even the meS ordinary inteiligenoe. Is
there any qMestion iu the minds of the
people living in the onathwester"1 anid
ul" States that the Truss-Do)gOCAT is
that paper, that it embodies all of the ele
ments and poeusess all the qnualities that
they can espect to lnd In a favorite jour
The enterprise, posh and progres of the
New Orlensu DamscntaT during the past
eighteen mntbe have beconme proverbial.
No jonrnal published in the oamlth has
made anrb iprogrees inl the same period of
time. The New Orleans times hasu een
for many years recognised as one of the
leading junrnael in the eountry.
the conm.olidlated issue, Tale TnMER
Dmueocu*, will emLmdy the beat elen.cnta,
the Ihighets virtnes of taoth. It will aim
ply be, without questio.,, the ideal pipler
of the business mul, the mechanic, pialt
er, farmer, the family, the people, of all
classes and conditions. It is waste of
timne to oenomerate the excellenries of its
isunes. It is the emlolimlent of tbhe mol
ernl newspaper. Every department in it
has Ih.en roaied to the highest standard.
The Daily or the Weekly TIMtl4-IlNInMCIlAT
shmull reach every place of ,insi0sm, amid
every bhome in the Nouthwestern suit Gulf
Tlle uhmacrirptinn rates for the Daily are
as follows, payable in advance:
One y.ear (every day) ................. $12
Six anmotimha ...................... 6
Three' mllths........................ 3
Ol.mo- tnIth .. ......................... I
P'ontgsr pr.lpaid.
The rates fior the Wee'mkly ma as follow:
One year (.atunrays) .............1 ..t
Rix emths........................ 75
Three months.......................
Pistage prepaid.
The Weekly is n.v-rr leas than 12 pages
in sir.'. and is really the Ieit aud cbheesanti
weekly palper puhlished.
The Democrst's lustrated Almana
For 1I2. and
Halnd-Book of General Infermatlon.
Al elegarlt mirk oTf I1 page. *}' +4
inlches ill size. printed on fluely tintemd
,imik paper, illnaitrIte tthloroulghly with
niset iheatifni e'graviUgn:; ud rtlainilg,
mmslesd all the infotrmtlinu miermluinimig t.
thi. calr-dar, stati.tical and generrul mfli II
al in nl varitmlnls siihjm.r ta, nllnt emspecially rap.
il . theill litie a il anei rii. l isiona. pl, ul u-i
ti, ru. anm of ,ti..rilr thate a)nmly munr m ei
pal; lmeirs of pasit  -li.cti ins. prmimlet itei
rismnosita . gerolIr'al formation, etc., mi
the ates tof Lisiana, Tra-DE , Arkansas
Tennmsaee, Misissippi. Atlalanm O ad Flo..r
ida. will be mailed free. postage preipaid.
to every suhaisriler of the Daily or . erk.
ly Tmvra-mh.l n -ircT.
Amnml rnmitranesm in regi tureid letter,
psmthml order or draft, :it mnr risk.
IRT of asttentill nll givelm atmck by eiper
1 rienced gromass.
Saoutbhern Carrliage, lanraetory.,
The nlhdetrign.d takesn plrasre n moI.
g_ known that ie is pr __par.l t _atl-nc
tore or relpair ('rrai:.n, Ilngy r". a,1'sgsll
Hacks, te.tc. Really madsl, rk alue s.i of
hand. FR. ENhloM.
Mnnroe. Ls.. A. t1 . I o0 1A:y
etouth er C rg anuf le t ct
rmmneoe. L a.. S Au., i . l--c y
i pi m sd I mlih
m I I Inh Ilml ll a I
bIbb wfi~s
hbh L~a a
State Oeers
Governor, 8. D. ezEXE.ty,
Lient. Ouvornor, G. L. WAL1,
Secretary of State, W. A. b'Itg,,
Attorney General, J. C-. ºEAl,
Auditor Pub. Accts., ALLEN JUNiL
Treasurer, E. A. .BUL,
Sop. Pub. Education, E. R. FAY.
Supreme Courtts
Chbief Justice, E. E. BErItr.' ,
Associates, C. E. FSaSig
. W. M. I EIy, a
"R. . 014Db.,
" F. P. POCII.
United States Senator. W. P. RELL.000.
. . . B. F. JoNA
Reprentat ive. 5th Die.. J. FLOYD IRIC."
Itb Jadlcial Dlstrlets
District Judge. E. M. ORAlAIM.
Atturney, A. BARKIbAIJ.
O0th Sleuatorlal Distrleh
Senator, J. D. WATXIl8
CIalberne Pariahs
Representatibee, A. L. ATKIlg
J. R. PlIII1
Clerk D)it. Court, DREW FEfRGI'oI0
Sheriff, J. H. M. TAJ.01,4
Ta: Assessor, W. .1. i]l I(Ig'
Parash Treauorer, J. H. lpiOhbe
" Physirian, R. R. RICH"ARl.y
Coroner. S. R. NICHA'itSNf'
Pariah Surveyor, B. R. COLEMAN.
Ward 8, T. D. MEADOWS PtI.
1, H. J. HART
', W. 1.. OALUE
4, JOHN MIl.I.E1i Ja.3
6. T. W. HOt ARD'
7, L. R. LAY'
Clerk of Board, J. R. RAMSEY'
WAtI:l OVtelltIa:
War. 1, Jutlrc,'. J. IM. BARBER, .
Colntable, C. H. THOMl1 O1,
Ward , Jnnutire, E. O. ( ItRI. IAN.
Cuastaelhle, W. H. hleMKAMI
Ward 3, Jiitice, J. A. BROOii
C'onatable, JOHN blLh1b.%
Wnrd 4. ,Ietile. .1. S. Elt HAl.l el
(',,ntaile., W It. Al 1 1 lIlk
Ward 5. Juste e, R. J. lItII)GiE1
, ',nt:biple, '\'. W . !.1 I1 } IX
Ward ;..Insti.. .1. . ('O)II AND
('.."I ":1l1., I .1 Frl(k .
W ard 7. .l1t51, I', J. F 'I'E( I ir'
.J. W. WILLl.
Ward -1. .lIte ,. It. A. . (A A''RAIFP
(,onstle. . , 1", Al(O(t .
Board of Nehool Dlreetors.
J. II. 4'HiAPI'L .I., See.retary,
H. T. I.EI>ItETITElt,. . A. (. i ICE,
Town of Homer:
M.ayor. J. E. HI'I.FE.
.e leitne t,, G. G. (GILL
14. Y. VI.Al I ET
t14. A. l11'(,t1'1
,, W. W. ARDItlI),
.Marhal. A. C. JONF. ,
h lerk. J. It RAMI.E',
l'r. asurer. II. W. HAIIlit'
I """. NI:W YO RK, blaI.
Th'b Str for 1'+". -Hll make itn fifleeuth
II'n ,, l re'olutioI undilr tihe llrer tt t
:i. ajtme'it, llltttlg, as *|Nl1a, feor all, big I
a.i little., Itillla :-teit grucious, r' tattetd
on l ulhlllppy, IIt p li l atn and Ibr-&
r ,ti'. I s, p at ,l naol vir l m3 , iutlligett
3i3d l hltll'r. 'The ,i'.'S a light in hilrt on
kluid ttit n aunkleel 4l ev. ry sort; bis kt
iti genllil w lllltlt Ih lto l th g n l, Lbiteslt
p.ullra lh t ll.slolnli I .t nll the bIliatrrslt
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- liheral pIolmrtueeit ,f literary, ase'istik.
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ritth ,ti.' Ihe' Ine 'o.Fry of the ela., pi',
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twrurv-*ight clmns, tbh
nota paid. ta 5e 'pt a mtnene.5t, '
-r: or. ti.l tt the. anda ,P.P
iht-page sbhre of lftvhla olsoeI . U
rice Is S rentts per monlth,ort.7OJrr'
noatat-e paid.
The Rndaly edition nof Tea bSe M
Inrua d separaltely at .1.3I a ' Z FI
The pr ice .f the Wawu.T lu~.
ags. fiftYeIl elnmems. Is 51 * P
1• paid. Foe elaho of ten 'dil "
*e will mend an ostie pFr . _I "
Pnbiher nof Tue Prp. New York Sl

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