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d$e Ipemsbe, ewe I. 0. .Lawraee' StWe
Pablisher sad Prprietor.
So1W s. EtULSE,
T.lglly-.-- NOeV. 14, 1881.
Perhaps those who are Indebted to the
OvatrmN thank that we do not mean bas
srhes when we call oa theuafto settle, but
are trying to beg money from the.. Now
we want it uaderstood that we aroe not
begging. We are asking for what i.
due ne-what we have worked br, and
what we propose to eollect by one mease
or oenther. We ak theLme I arrearsto et
tie, because e need the money. We can
not run a business on a credit always, nor
will we attempt sech a thing. it we ar
to get nothing for our work, we prefer not
to work at ll. The paper has been met
to eme parties hr years who have not
paid as a meat. We cannot aford to do
sueb a busines. We ask all thme on ar
rearm to asll and settle. We menu busi.
aew. The crop are good, sad thoes who
wish to pay as can do an. We watnt to
taid oet those who do not want to pay, so
we eac resort to remedie that wtill make
them pay.
Big frost this morning.
des sew advertising column.
The Police Jury will convene next Mou.
Seatiseltill guard the tomb of Gen.
The yellow fever a abating in Pcnanco.
Is. It will meen be a thing of the past.
The wind come down from the north
yeterday la way that indicated that the
straw-het sea was over It ls time.
This nce weas honored by a , leasant
call yeeterday from lion. T. J. Butler, of
Ileaville. Glad to see you, Mr. Butler
Aaothcr Communicatiou from Fiddle
tlolke is in the efce, baut i camle i too
tase for pnhlieation in this issu. Will at.
pear nest week.
Te fuaniest tblug of Tuesday's lection
a the election of Ben. Butler to the gover.
norship of Mameaehaetns, as a emorraat.
it to really laughable.
The dome of the Capitol at Washington
is being repalnted and will require fifteen
tons of white lead. We hope now it will
be cleaneod within also.
Thn Hop given last Friday night. by
Prof. James, at the close of his dancing
esbeol, was, we learna most enjoysbel
afair. All present had a merry, good
atenator Vest, of Missori, come near
trowelng a abort time sines. He wasu car
rled over a mill dam in his boat and came
near being swept away in the swift cur.
Ales. II. Stephens was inauguratedl
lovernor of Georgia on the 3rd inst. lie
is now seventy years old, lut his intellect
appears as clear andt vigorous as when in
his prime.
King has been returnuel to Congroes by
. large majority, but we hope the people of
Claiborne will have modesty enough not
to claim any of the credit. Him majority
as from Mta to eight thousand.
We are idformed by Prof. W. J. Leslie,
of Tulip, that yonag William Wateon pick
-d ve bhundrel and thirty pounds of cotton
one day the present soneso. Is there any.
body In the world anywhere, that can beat
the Cilborne boys cotton picking?
Our friend O. A. bmith, of Gordon, ward
two, was in town on Wednesday last, in
ine bhealth, looking well, and reported the
largest vote for General King, of any other
wart in the' patishb, in proportion to her
registcrd voters, except perhape want 7.
The Democrats gain sal Congressmen in
.exa.s, fare in Mimouri, avo in lndi.na,
three inC.alifrnat. funr in Wisconsin, three
in lows, two In Kansea, and soon to the
'ud of the roll. The Democrats will havre
: nuejritt of fity or sisty in the next Cona
We tar informed that Mr. William Sher
trd of the sixth ward had the misfortune
hoe ve his glan.bone destroyed by fre no
mst Friday worek. Nine bale of cotton
were borned. The Are originated from
the frictio n of the machinery. The lom
as a heavy one sad faelts nupon a good citi
lhreveport had a big blase ist tnn.
day one wek ago. The Gro originated in
the dry goods store ofMr. B. Wolf and
conemed tbhe entire half blck on which
the bhilding stood. The lao is estimated
at a houndred and twenoty.tiveJtbousand
dollres end is larrely covered by iunear
SThe people of CLlborne mast be mere
prompt in paying taxes than the people of
o blpariehe. We sotiee the other parishb
papees are faIl of delainqsat te males.
Theer eare m delaqueate in C('lalborne. at
lea oes have been advartiased as emeb.
Team uad peresemal Iprepty become de
ligemt tlhe fi o Ntovetoer. Oar peo
pie hIew dem mertably well to pay all
the ime m pauesem paperty by r~s
A political eydeTuwept over the soea
try las Tuesday. The remlt of the day's
work is good news for the enoUe oonatry.
The old rotten hull of the Republican
ship has been dri-en far out to see and
will not be able to come into harbor egals
for a geeration to some. From the North
and the eath, tihe Las and the West,
good tidlngs have come. The election
was a great Democratic triumph. The
country ras goes back on tSlparty of
great moral ileas. Grant, Conkliug, Ar.
thur & Co., have received a rebuke from
the etees of whteh they will never reoover.
The Republiean party is defeated, routed
and disorganised. New York has gone
Democratic by a majority unpreoidented
in the history of the government. Cleve
land was elected Overner over Folger by
a majority of a hundred and oinety-6ve
thousand, and bur or five Congressmen
gained In the State. In Peunmylvania
Pattlson, the Democratio eandidate wee
elelted Governor by a large majority, and
four Congressmen galned. Ben Butler was
elected Governor of Maachbneett on the
lemocratle ticket. The tidal wave also
passed over Kanesa, Iowa, and Wisconsin,
Iudlana,Caltfurni, Colorado, Connectient,
Missourl, Georgia, Alabama, Misalsippi,
South Carolina, Arkansas and Tesem.
The Forty-.igbht ('nonens will be Demo
cratic by a large majority. Louisiana
elects a solid delegation with the sxeep.
tion of tbh Third District where, in all
probabilty, Kellogg bas been successful.
Sahbone still holds hie grip upon Virginia,
and the Readjuatera' ticket has carried the
State. This Il the worst part of the day's
work. The old mother of States is still
left in the power of Mabuon and his tnla
mous band of eooeeesekere and public
plunders; but we will not complain
enough was done for oneo day. Victory
perched upon she standard of the Democra
ey and the loeases are nsignifiant in com.
parison to the gains.
The Repohllcae party is now more hope
leejy divided thean over. It seeme impos
sible that the breach in the ranks can be
eleeed up again. Thescess of the Demo
craeey I 'd4 ts almost a certainty. The
way bar been. chalked out and if the
Democratic ('Cngrrs elected lest Tueeday
is at all capable to the task that is be.fore
it, ia letuceratic President will be rieected
two years hence.
It would be tcdiuuls to go into the tno
of press dispatches and give exact rcedlle
from the thirty-three States that voted
last ToeC'lay. It will usnUe to say that
thbe neuve :, ~el. 1The' only bad news is t
the success of Mabono n Verginuia and the
election of Chalmers in MHissimilpi. With
these exceptions there is no bad news. It I
is good all along the lhoo. It gives the
Democracy the next Congress by a large
majority-gives thrcm governors of a largoe
majority of the States, and paves the way I
for the election of a Democratic President
in le' t.
- -.m----
For the GrtAntAN.
Nallyo ts it
A tow years ago, a young man, from a
distant Btate, landed oon the bank of one of
the btous in this State owing $5 for his
passage. He went to the nearest town,
walked into a business house and asked
the merchant if be "wanted to employ a
clerk or salesman," and was informed he
did not. An old farmer, standing near by,
and bearing the application and refusal,
remarked thbat h "wanted some rails split."
"What will you give'" asked the young
man. "A dollar a hundred," was the re
ply. "I will take the job," said the young
man. "Did you ever split rails?" asked
the farmer. "No," replied the candidate
for labor, "but I can. How far do you
live from townP' he asked. "15 miles"
said the gentleman, "on - roud." 'I
will be at your house to-night," said the
young maen, "and will go to work in the
meorning." He footed it 15 miles-went to
work. Ilia hands would blister and get
well-bhouldern would te ore, buhot would
get well; he would get tired, but would
rn at and go on at work. The first $ 00 he
received hbe sent to the captain of the boat
to pay his passage.
He made some 10,000 rails l-saved his
money. He thought he could do better at
a usaw-mill--aked for eagloyment. The
mill-man told him he "die not think be
would suit, a he had no eaperienee in the
business." "Well," mid the young man,
"let me try a month and we will know
what I ean do." At the end of the month
the man we reatisded sad enmployed him
at good wages. At this poiot arrived the
crisis in his life. He had, with a friend
that rom'med with bit, been in the babit
of taking lhioe dram three or four times a
day. lie felt the habit we growing on
him. One morning heponred out hiedrink
ee maal, looked at it, sad turned away.
"What's the matter" akedI bhi nompan
inn. "I here and now quit drinkling," said
lIe. That man now has a nice family, a
comfortable home, a sompeteney of world.
ly goods, aod ie a usedl sad honorable
member of seeoety.
Young men, don't sit ard withb yourea
hands in your pocket until oyen wear out
the meat of your pantaloose, waiting for son
easy place. If there is no demand for
clerks or saleemen, there are plenty of
_eM.te Sp 8ltt. JONAH.
----- __
The weather prophets have mstead it
agais. An early and a sevae winter wee
predicted. It is now tee middle ofr Nov
ter and there l yet uo sgns of winter.
The atmephee Is alemet weaem *eagh
for esummaer. Weather prophets ha aSter
Rams Roces, La. Oee. 30th, etl.
armtol Otranotrr-la compliance with
your request "to favor the OVUaomta with
ao occasional eoominnicntlon in reference
to the Capital, its imletitntino, Ac. Ac." I
shall deote ithb, the firet, to the State
University and A. & M. College.
of the Institution isa hesutifuland healthy
one--ting about 800 yards below the
State Houae, end standing on a blnffwhich
rises gradnally from the river, the build.
ing preeaete a magnleent appearance
from the river below the city; and from its
elevated galleries, overlooking many miles
of the great river, all the southern portion
of the city, and many fine sugar and cot
ton plantations, we have a view as corn
prebesive wit is varied and luterestingq
The grounds, both in front and rear, are
suceitstly rolling, with a little artificial
help, to render dramiage almost perfect;
so, while there is no local eaue for sick
ness, our proximity to the golf, with no
interveningobetractions, brings us partial
ly under the iniaene, of the salubrious
and eshilerating breasse of the sea.
of the Institution would surprise many
who have never visited the Capital. The
maiu edice ins 70 by gO leet, the central
portion of which i. 6 stories high, and its
estremities, called towers, are 4 stories.
Just opposite the towers, and perpendicu
lar to the main buiding, are two wings,
each 160 by 60 foet, and 3 stories high.
The walls are all crowned with battlti
meot., and opposite the first and second
looms the building is enircled with gal
leries and verandas, extending ill the ag.
gregtte more than 1800 feet. In addition
to the cellars, which are used for landlry.
cooking and storing purposes, there are 79
rooms and It closets; these embrace a mess
hall 100 by 4. feet, a library of 1600
volumes, an arsenal of 200 Eufleld riles, a
hospital, a chapel, class rooms, oueea,
museenm,edete rleeping rooe, &c. &c.
Many of these, notably the library, read
ing and dining rooms, are embelished with
paintings, engravings and statnry, which
not only serve to heighten the general ef.
fect, but cotmatitut great educastional
agencies in diung end developing the tastes
and morals of young men. In front of the
building is a beautiful yard, overshadowed
by a variety of ever-green shrubbery, and
traverse.' by windlug passages; in the rear
is an open lawn, oil which the cadets as
semble for drill, roll-call, parade anid class.
formation, and just back of this is the ma
chine shop and University garden, on
which latter enough regetables are raised
to supply the Institutiun; allof which is
encluced by a beautiful white picket fence.
Thn Board of Sunprvisors hbas recently
appropriated $000,(I) to the general repa.
ration of the buithliug, and the contract
was awsnr,-d to Meares. Hannon and Voes,
the skilled mechanies who had charge of
the marble and joiners work in the re
countructiun of th state House. Ludnr
their trained eyes and hands, the building
has been renovated from base to dome,
and is now externally and internally, as
clean as it is coummodious, as elegant as
it is maguiicenlt.
le Si (tIIm; slotP
has been established anld equipipld under
the administration of Col. .lohnbton, and
in it there are now 65 of our boys taking
lessons in the elements Of carpintry, furg
ing and turning. This enterprise is de
veloping a growing interest, and under
the supe-rvisi.n of Prof. Randolph, who is
quite an cuthusiast and adept in muechan.
ic,it it is ueomplishing moch good, and at.
tracting favorable notice and subastantinil
recognition from abroad. Recently H"
Dudlcy Coleuman & Bro., public spirited
citizu,, of N',w Ourl,-an, donated to it an
anmnuity ofuT0,~0 for two years, and that
nimble worman Mr. F. A. Burke, who in
conjunctlon with hi- hr hsband, has done s
munch for or State andl people, donated to
the some $,f0,00 worth of tcols and ma
chinery. In addlltion to this, tbu Board
has just alpplnlpriated .7J',O,) to theoen
largement of the shop and more equip
rsE " Ct "LTt
consisting of the President, Col. W. P.
Johnston, and Profs. McCullobh, Nicholson,
Sewell, MacGrnder, RanolmIph, Boyd, Col.
Roberteon and MsJ. Jones, representing in
the aggregate all the depsrtmenta of the
University exoept that of Agiicaltere, are
at their poss and acetively dischsrtg themr I
respective duties. A salary of 81500 00
has been appropriated to the Professorlhip
of Agriculture, bat it seems dienlt to
lid a man who uoderstande it practically
and theoetteslly. In the mes timae, Col
Mcolloeh, Prof. ChemInstry, it giving ir
etructlon to a goodly number of eadete in
them eubJect on which the elence and
art of agricalture depend.
oonseiet of Gon. L Jutromeakl, Hoe . E. .
Fay and Jsa. Allen Thomas, member of
D~ard of Inpervlsere, who represeat the
-eard ad saeri, and attoed to all the
-nascial isuters of the lastitation. The
oarganiat~obitble committee ie regalrdled
by many as anu exeelleeot Innovation, as it
relieves tbhe Predest Ifrom the purebeasing
of supplie, auditing aceounte, and eaper.
intending the domestic concerns of theb
Usivereitv; in faeet, It is a reliefto him
from those matters which have hitherto
crippled bhi eaciency. an inistered to
b.h dieomfiture.
ise1ptldm with medicIes ad cleanl co.
fortable beds; it is under the eperpvises
Irth oeon, pl, J, W. Duprwe, anlc~
perlenced and warm.hearted phy.sciam'
who v*its the heplital dsil, sat milat~t4s
to tbe tanm o the agtted
tic soaso wo assmarTsatm?
is under the sapervision of the steward,
Mr. L. Jadot. am esperleaed evreboseer,
who takees pecial pride in fouraising the
cadets with god wholenme hod, and is
keeping everything about the kitchen and
mess-hall "as bright as a new silver dol
rFtR xaATh5r 0oTC0.
in the building is ilint of II. Rtkaield. the
Secretary and Trr ..mh. . thn i rome of the
best scribes arnd aeeonrtlnte in the State.
He keeps tbhe unnsey, :not is of roars' the
most rlprtred mll n alusit the Inrstitte.
iiKU;ltot woasalb.
I'.tf'rttnately for ius the constinttion of
the State prohibits iulie institutions from
renumerstiug ministers of the Gospel for
I their services; yet, with the generous and
voluntary aseistaace of Revs. J. T. Dave.,
C. Goodrich, R. F. Pattersoau, and L. S.
Piker, ministers respectively-of the MSetho
dies, Episcopal, Presbyterian and :laltist
churches of Baton Rouge. ('ol. Johnston
has generally managed to begint the cer
eiss of esob day with divine services in
the chapel. All the cadets are required to
attend the church of their choice on Sun
Ttll: PRoePrgeTr
of tbe University for this saesson are very
promising; already 140 cadets have nmatric
nlated, 116 of whom are boarding in the
University. If the number inclreases in
the nsual ratio, at least 100 more will en
tir during the session. A. an index to the
degree of their advancement I will state
that, in the mathemoattleal department,
there are 15, in the last year of the A. B.
Course, and 45 in the penultimate year of
the same eoarse. The se-rate of the corps
is very-good, and the the goverunmet and
disciplir.e a adminiotered by the President
and Cnl. S. M. Robertson, the commandant,
and seconded by the professors, are ealca
la'ed to inspire an reprit de serper alike
creditable to the Institution and the
I would close this communication with
an appeal to our people to support this,
their own University, het hare already
intruded upon your valuable space. Suf
fice to say that, could Lolisianians once
fully appreciate the advantages to their
sons in after.life of having attended this
iustitution, instead of one out of the State,
we wmlld soon have a University of which
every lover of onnutstan would be proud.
J. W. NICIHOLSON, Prof. Math.
The Governor of Kentucky appears to he
determined to protect prisoners and accord
to accnsed persons fair sad impartial trial.
An attempt was made recently to to take
from the sheriff bome murderers while they
were being carried to trial in an adjoining
county. The Governor sent the malitia to r
protect the prisoners and when the citi
zena attenpted to capture the prisoners
the soldiers fired upon them and killed sil
or seven, and wounded a large number.
Some of the soldiers were killed, but the
mnob did not succeed in getting possession
of the murderers.
One of the most horrible occurrences we
remember to have ever read was the inrn.
Ing of the Pros idence Poor Asylum of Nuvs
Scotia. A fire broke out at midnight.
The building was an immense structure of
six stories. The top story of the Asylum
was used as a hospital and on this door
ass the sick. Attempts to reach these
proved ineffectual and the Rfames broke
npun them and roasted them todeantb.
Thirty one helpless persona here there
burned to death. The scene was frightful
beyond discription.
We hadt hop, ,I to thie clllht of theo Statlo
thint Kelleh,.: woutl hic dletatctt tn tie I
Third District lie has held a seat iu the
Senate b) (orce uf trauyd .aud perjuiry for
ixi yer.r .,Land 1sc hoped that Louisiana
woulld Ilt;ex .e rth ioe rid of him. Had the
Dornucrt.ts ,.f the Third District brought
out a guIen man Kellogg would bhae been
defeated. We are not sorry that Acklea
was defeated, but regret the election of
Kellogg. It may not be Democratic to
say it, lint we h.ped Beattle wtulbl be
elected. *
The j:atd mi Vienna was opened on
tbe night of the 11th inst. by a pses of
men suppoed to be from Jackson parish,
sawl four negro prsoners taken out and
two of thesmn murdered. One of the neogroes
im rade his escape an soon the door wars
Sopened, and another it a uppoued wuas al.
lowed t, rcape on the supposition that he
was innocent. The negroes were charged
with the r ,bbsry a d attemplted murder
of ao old white man by the name of Ray,
of which we give an aecount some time
The November nmaber of (lelden Days
is to hand and as usual ts full of chabrm
tag stories fot the yoeug. Its tone lo
whbolesome aud healthy--uothing in its
c,,lunis that any onue. ooul obj.ct to
Golden D1uys is published by James EIeer.
son, Philailclphis, at three dollars per
aunoum, and will besenat ti either weekly
or monthly toerm.
Not thbo leanst part of the great victory
last Tuesday was tbs deat ofo aeor Robe. I
on, thse errupt jobber and leader of the
publle plesdere I. the piesest Congres
Tb. tidal wave struck him and his Navy
and easrie4 ail under. The ounntry wil.
rqoie that Robenooa's bold upon the perseI
alrtap of the uateai bebees broke.
hnhacmsb and le hr the oerdian
'the est sali-blliouq rsmedy, sad is a
earsal cnre jr all dis iee eased by a
torpid Iler, ebh so ick beadarhe, doth
gretion, enar stomach, and nervous debil.
ty, sad le asure antidote against chills and
fever and all malaritl atteaks. Price, 9Sc.
rot ale by Joseph Shelton Homer, La.
Iett 6 vt1 )ruahensem.
Forid lintotetHeMI estroms and ame
Parker's Ginger Tonole in our family. This
delicious remedy neverintoaicates, is a true
hliod and bnda food, sad riding all the
vital functions never fails to invigorate.
It will be a long time bedAbt Arthur will
attempt to aominass sad elect another
Governor of New York. He will soon join
the list of retired politicises. Last Tues
day's work should satisfy the President
with polities. It was a bad day for Ar
J'e I, u nentt
til ( AUES OF LAND, situated with.
oin )u 1000 yards of the Court-house,
with good buildings, wod water, good or.
chard of apples, peaches and plums, scup.
pernung vineyard, &o.: 60 acres of which,
molttly fresh, s euder good feose and in
cultivation-the balance well wooded. A
brgsain may be had by applying early.
A.ppl at this office.
N'ov.14, Itlti. 14:5t
Sale for Partitionlem.
Steattf Loisian.a, I'rish of Claibornr.
SucceMlon of Y. D. Allen. Sr., deceased.
Swill wtI , at public outcry, at the late
residenos of the deceased, abett six teilue
north of Homer, on
Saturday, the Oib day of Deemiber, 1862,
Some Personal Property, and the slald
knowl as the Y. D. Allen. Sr., place.
Terms of sale cash, to effect a partatton.
0. T. WINN, Execntor.
Nov. It, LutJ. 14t:
Sherlir l Sale.
Sttr of fLouiiana, Pari of Cloiborne.
T. B. Neal, forn . C. Freeman, Tutrix,
R. .. Callahan and. Wm. Chewning.
In Dist. Court, Claiborne parish-No. -.
BY virtue of a writ of sisere and salre
in the above enttled caeae. issued bI
tse Clerk of the District Court in and for
sauld parish, and to moe directed. I have
seized and will proceed to siel to the last
sad highest bidder, within the legal hours
of sale, at the Court-bloue door it, the
town of Homer, on
Saturday, the 1th day of Oeeomber, ISU2,
the followig destibed property, to wit:
The southwest quarter of the nnrtheast
quarter and eouthu.ast quarterof the nortuh
weat quarter and the northert quiarter of
thu' miithtwest qOntrter and tihe nllrihwest
quarter of the southeast quarter of section
three (3), in township twenty (20) north,
of range seven (7) west, ecntailiaoug 100
arr.s more or Iess, with all the inmprove
mrnts theroln--all situated in the above
State and parish-it being the land sold to
said R. J. Callahan by F. h. . reeman, on
the 31st day of Agnust. A. 1D. 157I , and
known as the langstonl place.
Terms of sale cash, with the benrfit of'
epprulsemen r.
J. I. M. TAYI.OR, ,brifl.
Nov. 14, 1,2. (pf 9 t(U) ll:ts
Sherifr's Male.
Stale of Luiiaisn--I'ari.k of Cliborne,.
Miurroll, Neal & Carter vs. UI. l.iudetnmire.
In Pariah Court, No. 1372.
BY virtue of a writ of Bert taciaa is
s) ued by the Clerk of the District i('ort
in and for said parish and State, in the
abore entitled suit, and to me directed, I
have seized anid will proceed to sell, to
the last and highent bidder, within the
legal hours of sale, at the ('urf-,huuse
door in the town of Hlllomer, on
Saturday, the IUth December, 108t,
the following dearribed property, to wit:
The southeast quarter of northwest quar.
ter of section twenty.two, to nship twen.
ty, of range eight, cutatintg thirty-iuiue
acres amnd fl6-1loltha of an acre; also, the
north half of northeast quarter of section
twenty-two, township, wenty, range eight,
contaiting evenoty.in luacrma and33- 100ths
of an acre; also, the sonthwest quarter of
northeast quarter of section twenty.tlwo,
township twenty, range eight, contaiuing
thirty.nine acres and 66I100itb of an acre;
also, Sve hundred pounds of eerd cotitin
in house, and t wenty-three hundred liounds
of used onttoo in field npleked; also, one
hundred bushels ofcorn in bouse, and sight
hundred bundles of fodder in bouse, and
one bay horse mule, nium year old, named
Sold for cash, with the benefit of ap.
J. H. M. TAYLOR, Sheriff
Nov. 14, 1582. (pf 0) 14:t•
Stray otice.
Setat of Losteaes, Partia sf CIlvor-s.
TAEN uI by E. . Corr and poste
ward I, said parish and Statte, on the 7th
day of Nov., 158t, a certati red and white
sptted oow, with no harns, marked in the
riht ear with an anderalope, and a spllt
in the left ear, asd shoat 10 years old
also adua oolored hll yearling withost
mark when tlake up. The ow has sinace
had a calf. All appraisd ast 016 00.
Thbe owner of said Oetile canO get the
sa-e by proving property, •ad paviln all
costa, at any time wlthun 18 monthi from
dat* *f eeraylmnt.
Nav. 14, l98. Straymaster.
EIray Wetlee.
eat. of tLel·a a--Psri,. of Clslhee.r
by A. J. Brlnker and post.d
S o . b ber, J. P. in a aId r
ward I, said pareh and State, on the 7tbh
day of Nov., 194Ie, a certain ron pony with
white thee, unlntellgibIn brand on rigbh
bhoulder, 19 or 1. yelar old, and 13 haude
high--ppraied at Oi 00.
The ewner of said pon.r can get the same
by proving property aid paying all coste
aLt any time witbin twelve months from
date of estraymeot.
3. D. EAmnoU,
Nov. 14, lOa. 142
ARt -sW4as ~
L anderluned, like meat hw
baa demauode to meet, &ad thee
have bad bhi serviee ae reunaed a
him a belian hand. Hi- patsroy a
, opendane. or meran to meen ha
ion to other Come np fie and
I November 7, 18&. b1uaa UIa
Neee .to Tran-PFe.
GAVE notice sorametime elne that
on all personal rlnperty would
delinquent the rnt day oTfNveol
Tazr on anch property at. now del
and I am goint to fre enlleetionae
If aon prefer to pay the east of
and sales. yv eae stay ast home. All heI
taote will also be ettreted by law.
word to the wlae iL sanlel~nt.
.eritf and ae olico Tat Collerhe
Nov. 7, Ia . 10f
8 r
. . ,
Succeelom Sale.
Purcelion of W C. Knighlen, deceeued.
Slate o. Losliauna, Pearth qf Cleieas
r'eideuce of dee. aged, in aid erish aad
htnte, to the laat aud highest bidder, wi -
io the 2legal bors of ale, on
Ratauday. the ith lay of Don., Il8,
the followong deacribed property, to wit
The southeaat quarter of the ershea
qnarser, and 30 acree of the soeboetu p"
tin of the montbweat quarter of the oau
eant quarer of ectiou IS, abd 3)0 lired
outheantern lportion of the O.loailw
quarter of the ue'rthweet quarter o an.
tton 13, towns. ipl9. range 6 weet; lad the
eat bilf tbo outlwest quoarter, sad I
aree of thlasnt balf of the unnthwe
qnarter of the eouthweat quarter at -
tiou 12, and 20 aatee In the eaoutbwein
nur of uoethweet quarter of the aerthem
quarter, and 10 aree in the nothwe* .
net of the aauthwaet quarter ot the seith
weat quarter, and thb noutbhess teari41 ed
the northwet earlter of geothiS, " a*
ehlp 19, range a$-- eres mor eS le
with lnmprovrtaente there.
Also a lot of Corn sad FddaM, Catil.
Terma of sale eaa, to [email protected] a partilft.
Novemberi, 1 i.
I the year , are reteased to .uad
uettle; and all pee C Indebteld or il,
.or preioua, an hreiy noead tat..
immediate paymentl aie made thfoir l
and accaote, will he placed ilathe bd b
of sa lecar for coflet.on
OStober 3, 1Sh. JOsr L
SSter. and 3aFclES. o f Shrte o er "
port, bars rimov d Ito
N** 50 Tesem Slure
uFALL OODS, th e latwet uearle aI 10A9
liand DI1, . Peraect dte s i "
qn~rvr dthe ontbeer ouW t y

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