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Cuih Rfeeipts.
We sill contm*uo to publish under thiL
h~ading thbe uame of those whot esa h
,vek pa.t up their aa.itu.rptions. Tht h~st
,as ntrrnd, a a a memorandom for the pro.
tetiut tf abeleribers agains,t pl.aIle
aerrorr in our boaks:
, T Fa.rtv'.., ) () ,I M.l M':rtitt, fl rat
. 1 IFnrha, 2 01) l..eotl Ta;tmer, so
J F ltlne*s,' C OO 1E . haw. I ft
xd Marsh, J t(1 J B .tfrelaud, 4 0
J i Iearel, 2 (I) W F lr.ow, 2 11
A W rnckett. 2 7t J T Ne.lrlu,, 4 O
K J SIrlIg t, t2 .?A J ledIFrdernl, 2 (0
J J Alle ...... ................... 2 00
t! parties tde:,ted to 1:. J lridge are
requ'ated to call sad a:ttle at once. lie
ar nts hi' mraonry.
The .yluthltl crlor, heault; :iatl luoatre
St.' gratally r e.tlred to) gr.la hair by Par
k r' Hair lhihaiatn.
aata I'latns will maake hia'dlaaetters :'t
W. ,1. 'Tactor's.
!l kinttds of toilet nrticah, at ýheltlot'
attrttg atutee.
o Fg st'o kt'r w Il Ee tto .1. "4 , tr
,..t t ,fI'h Irat1 agee & )t< I'rrtaae htatlltng.
'la' tirel t .I .ntlutary, with a full "tt.rk of
t.pi natlnd f.nlcy d y gn.,d , *. tit1, ,I.,nte,
'lwaate. &e. lit' ft teail' are tatitr i to raIll
.li0 " aai1:tt ' hati- sta, k .uttl pi It .s.
Iteftl ln the Family.
\V'e UZlatly I ,-tve It tao lwitN'ta, to t 1e0.'1,,a.
,entld lo'e, tall,'' . tit I'.erk lea'.( ,gt r " alta1
haI bre tt"o a .a 1,'l tlh i,1 t Itat ly'. "a re, l;*e
tag 1a kne"v a.1 al utttlrtag tltet ,t.' I atatt
Sa' t~' 1u a It a it- pi.lt+'.-.Nal.:n .|It.;e.
I'te nal'iy it I: prla'atr.,ali"a that a1l.- .aat
,,lar the. It'ath anidl n d l I.,t ,a-naer ll.:ld
al lae etr (tl-na tip:l 11ta . :La 1 I irl , .tlp e a.
r.'ta",va a0al. It. Itro t t. Iru' t ln tta1 re.
Iouta ftarget tha' t.tat.1 t(all at t(l t'a art
ilones on liar tel.ht af Ileac. 't;, I- i. i, t
li t' the lin ia r ('rtet I::atI. .\Aha. , :, , 1 '' ir
get0'l' lemnen >1( 1,'I-thtla,.e f,'.'. Mr. Itnwti
"all f rniar h ,l ,ea.'.ce-lhe- -'lj,,r .t 1ia.
, 'clhark-6-'d certtes ra:. h.
Everybody Take Notice.
Ilt ardrr to potittely cl.eI ' .4at hL ta , .
Itrr a eta k t I ta .ntiftl g.,lls., ZaalIig dal1
eaffa'r avers' i artiiaa' at .iaati'nn. .'..a1411' :.t ntg
I . c. ;itti., aid ..aa:aiael I.all t,, l , ll:1
X llhi. Ila It
itmattr la., :. ,L:trdt i a " " .. l !,tra."a 1 'r
al, timnel, . Tih " 'C 1 ta a.t "' ' I,. ,, a.t "
! eird. I',.aak it, 1 ,t} I.... ,a',t.'.a -hp :at
tl.he hell 1teal.l. iatl i l'i ' , '.t- d t , '~1' ati '
.1 w' rk ia Iileet'-'laer -tt h'. I'.,.1 /'
o te. e tiara.ry & i t a ,',a t ;;t a.,,r'
r pure. medr i in, ot f ,ll .kina.a ta ,I a1', a t .'
''.lt a latI aottulnt Ir .r ,,. he a'' . .,'.
/ lat de.letr tn e.' + . It I ,t.- l :, ..,t 1' ' ,I
.1, .rr,,y , 1',1, lit ',,,
llr ', 1, t 1a t h, rt :at l. II.'a l I.a- t dt.' Iii ?..g '.I
tL tl it t I ." ltea, . "
Idr. ý. Y . .. a. .l , .. . lit' . - . :
ya.rr'. to '"ta i leh .,ll & lute at. alt
dl.u tihty lrthe Mo .h t .'et , o'd . r , 11. .,
, .a' ItalleFltaea "ttal ta'tla ,ta. .'tl tr. tl
":ae-' at Maitery & Jtr, at . ,h . -'a .
taatea latetIe tle altl ta ltaaa ,,a ' 1.a fi
n. t ,ltteory A Irut.ow 'h1 , ii , h
1.er at iGrl(tena et1l atattl. at here' hol iat fa'
r prrpaetw to .l0 :,II knut ..1 t" "
he r'aely e'st tea : ,e a ,l ta '! k.'.. t
. t l' . ar t gae' :,la rt d.ltad |al , .a
'trat Ut gratlt rala at 'I a,' .
t -ee luarte it lhat new le ua 1, -
If esoa,, rt t . ..t a ' , ' .I l' " t
.it J. , l l t0 o .. at I ,: . "'
t. t':t.a. 1..,.
Il e' tr ,ot . .ant t i
.I?. t'.bh tarta I'. at .. ,t .a I . l't *
t ll land 'at.,i i . '. . . I
.4t at.:ntal all: "la
.jaae.eaaf r.I"t e-tat aat..e , ta'
..,.1"lvs of thrn .t .' ,,; ru ,tt , it. .
Everybody Take Nothce.
l' aorder t. I ,,tn ely tl. , S a .' t h it' a
(ctre t.'ock'f lrftatttfal goe te. Z a. : a ,ill
S'ti'r every attal' at altta' u. a at.:' .t tag
't, .:- tl, a ttl a aottl t. la' a!1a *. till ill a.
Ito wae atta thle' hla..-t ata. et lia,
*.r ).aur atilt al }f oliaat--t t -. aa b. l'.
te k et it It .1 1 M . I . ' I.t e ,i , ,,,'' '. I t. i' t . .
tfan you t are h-aksttai f"a. I ,al 'at e i.
Milhen, La. ' n;.t'roe . tight r natal ga.eela
aawer at Maclenziate za haa at sa a. hIotatte.
'a North Lonuesa'u.t.
Jregptlrero cheaper thlaa aeey plaat tat tttn.
Not an ezpertment or cheep patent maeed
t a' is Brown's Iron Bhltter. It iee parr
aired by one of the olatet aittl mont r,.lta
,a heemtial Irmteanm,d will elo all that ii
mtaaed for it.
f'rts gents' eatd laiHe' shbam a eiaertl'
at I. 31, t. MaeK,.usZcC'. ThIe ltw l aed
'-apesl minuer in the nmarcerI are holel b3
" aKettale. Call aed be cte'iael.
.eor the beat ameale got to BroWO' hotet ,
- ;e'et corner pnhliac iqtlare.
I .a cheapeet plae to buy er,,g. am at
-i'{,nrty & Buswn's drug mtore. Try it
', fb:1t roe for yoraself.
I .:s,- aisetmagent fll kinde, af nt.oya.
,.tdte.t, urniw t&*., a W. J. Tayr's UtO
- b abs teo tbbimatrket.
agese'tdru* .te. (
At the resideu.e of Mr A. H. I lavisloi n
"' . PK,, V ad )iWrfaa, C. ý". r.
-'- t!. I yto.ea, onl.tD."
A Ige party aaembl.dst the readenr.e
of Mr. 1larlde to I ittcl'* the lnptaxts
of this aoullg and happy coupli'. The
groom left the followlur day with bhis
yauaug bride for hi, home in (teatoeaelle,
Texas. whither they ra're folltied by the
best wih..* nf thesr friends. W. ackuowl.
tige the receipt of a large and hanldsome
cake with the compliments of the bridt
and groom.
At the residenct of the hiida', ft'll,the.
Mr l ii. P. litwst I (h'ilaiorrte ait.
1,,n [)e*mti, the+ "Itb, h!'. Mr. J va FE
Mua*It oad .Mio E"si E ).Hw',ar'--ltv.
.IsuLa 1l. Smith ofictltiug.
And *o oar gool friend Moore his taken
unto hinself wifet. We caugrat uh at himl
rn hit exit fran the ,tate of single hlss.eda
I1a1 and n ieh that hi. married life usriay tI
full of joyt .nil ha-ppi,..es.
At the r'esit n,. af the bria,', f It, r.
Mr. lautah thipp, ,a, ta'Ltaraorne. ptarish, a
the 21st of lhetel ss.ih , 1°'2, itr. It I 4.
INtiloIs and .Mtw Et.t.ev IllPurl.--l:et.
Jaslmes H. llthl oa'iaatatag.
The I).',It''r antd hias younglllha ide hlvie
our lieut v sIw,.. .tay they at' ltng to
aenjoy the u ou0 I1nto A htich they hlyt, en
lered, antld uay they prtve lsutual hellas to
':al h ottier ii te larttle of life.
.It the raida.rt,'e ',f ft n ,aridl,.a f. ther.
I. W fi, :ra I. ~ne thei 11th last., liv lih the
l t . J. Ii .t '.,.II . 1Mr. I 'a,1 1ai r.i V ',TT
t' '11- i. 1 . lla,1' :, II . . h a, t Ii It.isri,,.
"' i. "; , ', l,p," $.n t, r ,." c t, gratul.i.
ioi a, ,' i "t I. . ,... . (i i. th ,ii .. Yu g, 111-.
a iltr'l iu 1 ;t ll ..t 1. 1 .a0 l.1 , they lar tilt' idly
prep red t.' nril..e life.' j I:r,a tugathtr.
May th, I live's hr hl'appy. II. I '. (.
1i,< t. Y t 1'-='!
'. 1. X iLt it j ti ak ('ai N\ ..'
li '.e i ' - ' I L. 1 t iii a Larl ' .,i k o1 f
, 0,t 1 a Id ,I', * I ge ts': cttIlui andl
tes1!ita ' 'tsl.I '. I eII. II h I al;i -i la t
ni the t,' ," is r llf t ihn Itl n.-,.r & Mt .( i
ni:a' I tuil t , la iri t ,f, t , l.r.a it:r ' xt.
Ili, f ., td .tie . t 7td t,, .ll ..: d ex:t ,
.i.lja a t M. ; H .ider 11 ,,. It.be1. , n iat , -
t '. .!' l t llX . lI Axt I h,I r I, 1 ithi- io t
o. " ., ," f i' ur it r.,,. X K irh ,l.
," Ii' ' . - a' I " h t ., h' iI -, I..,
al a '.t Ira a f , t ll - I. i 1 , L ..k
gI " t. '. . l "oi s' i Ia a' l .l .
,.' 111. 1 VI 1 I- . , ,.1 ti r ',..s
j -I ! i. ' id 1 r 1
,', t l, , , '.' 11''t. a, ir.s . - .l
pr ii ilata t a' t Uo ai itiai,' . .i ' a 11
ii I. 1' . ak a i ' a t. ais 1. r "
a' ' .. ,L ' . "a .a t ,. I a .. a ta .
aria at-a-' ,tia . , a , a 'ii l a-ac a '. *
I. . t. t1.. . Ii , ,'it l 'a. i t I I,'- ',.
,, aa . -,,l t ',ra. In a l'. . t1. . It. ,
,t , ,ir 1 ' a.t g 'i, . 1 , , a i at. . ' ,' . , 't
s .l, , a' " . t tr , -* i t.'m s pill ala.'t t.a , ail
naaitr Iralah . I t'.L ' ta easuraea 1 a a ari'
ma ntaat tCa" t ta ai' r r, , adars. It'h is- t'.
tire aai', aoa aci faif.l gnaaata. Zah.ia, will
I o a. '2 .t aniaa c'I ai' ahall at" tall lal Is
liear lalica' taa hait in, . a-. larv ,; .- t'tiel',a'i a ls
i1 at t laa tia i|ia ; hw.raathr alaat .'a '. W ..f.
'T'ast, r. It r 'a ria iti -ely tla, a , ha-l" p ct
The h Ist 51,an'S aaad taaluari, ,,s ala tay
The .lgrnin.g as up1a11'I"1 |lob la.'d t ari w to of
traneldiyr~s', Fafla,,t- patsaa wrre siu lbs
eaped. Teb other e ti renntnea aad
latiated it easigUisiUY the Ln ara
Coogrteaman Milla,ofTenaa, object, to
the bill pedilng before ('ongrei provid
iug for the reduction of letter postage to
two retnt. Hie ay the reduction wontl l
benefit the rich, the banker. and rich
corporatioun, andl that it ia time for Cu,n.
grees to dop onaethir.g fur the loloplr. The
reolnctiou it hi true wonkl benefit the rich,
but it wortld alte beaellt the poor, who
write lrtter as tell .III the, rich. We erl
natidledd hatJlte pour will have no obee.
tion to the bial baconumig a law.
'!Ih , wh. o are tslkig ibout the eler
tt""n ,f a J)ctnmocratic Presidert iu ItW4
t)arai.g cert:inat, are ve-ry much miatakeu. i
It all .aipernl ulpm what the pakty dae bI
the nelt tan, aaa. Ilfthepartydealwhat
the peopule daLra.e ii shaaoltd do and proves
itnelf to he a part' of r,,form In faet, tl iti
it may, anid in ell probability will, elect I
the alext l'reidillt. The vote givelt
the lkamneracy in the rrclnt deetihna was
:w much lt a vote of distrust Sald dlmtalir a
it "j a;i vote of coatenlrltce.
Toyv at cont, at a'llder'e.
w aied., Ut OIIee.
Y lMell:NIitY & TIHOWN, all persons
L ittebttl t, tatilmre fatrward and settle.
W'e watl tile uullnry ald naiait lave it. If
oaur dcbtr., igtare. thiis jnat rireia-It. we
will take. mnasurea to sttak.a the aan.ara, dlr
ias. HIt" wle wou't lhave to rlaourt toea
trat.i a. l,.aarte, hut we want mao1, r and
must hair it. Mcilt NIl Y & Iti(kO N.
I 1.1. p.tanrt indebted. aith, r to .Ira. 't.
\ I:. hill ,r uaya elf, who ,ti , unt cuaea *
ltrward anitI t.tthl or laatm kea :tlf.eTortt art
r: g..t.g.,n , t- w ith n.t** hy the tir-t it 1ºr.'.,n
,r. trill Ih- Iprrit Tlty Han d iti Uh i. i' in
iar '.a ,a ,tf 'uuaa t. All re itio..tii t. 'I.
lit tha:t tliE itatliata hrt-e tai'an taaliaci.dl
lnig attia,.il atih i I atll datiaraiiattl ta la ti a
a .'ttltntaa t. I lat thi timala v w.trariiug
t all -.tt, unaa ia Its from pat ina rart.
i:l:lli;fa , ill I..
.N-\,mh,.r Ji. l"J. I:
SIl'\V'S now iu ''mae thtf tt narl. ida the
S ainith dep;:,tia whl aIre authorizad to
'tvelar~ tlh ! Ita ita t of tall ttau , I""t .
-lal ioui.rt. I tw ilt .,* i hlav. a ItepI t .
it.vi twit. If ietatna prlafar tataal atr
.'thlii: l ia r t.ia *' .al'i pa.y Thli ,"..t- t tf
tlla aiall uu au.. tIh,"t can toi a ah'att t. 1 'l. ,
uIllt are In, iaul itdI tot t ita al td l ell 1i1
il f, i ll it .h k ta.x,,.
.I. 'I.. T. ./till .
n1,* toil' ,i ld ,.t-,,l J .' 'i, t' 'llevt' r.
S .' it,+ a. t t r :l. lt2. l 'i
SWI. 1 i- E1'.
in .Itnerican and Italian Marble.
Texas Stt.a Oppnitle ('ourthouac.
i t:F:YV:i tPiltr. 1..1.
ja N , II.TS'X . III:.A,.,Sr(IN .A
. l .1 . ano l iv, t1 vscriety 't ''mr-n
I ,.i ,rk 1.. I .lll I .te II 1i', Jun ' 4.
1 . I, a It tat t :... ' t tt. li.'-t l;ta " .o' !.
n iir. . it. l fi i. n ill
t!,l I {." I: 1 J.. t .h- ill .. i' lll t 'tt . ! . ,,, . .
i. . i., I ha I tt a it t* l. a ait. ll.t l t i
I, '. .1".i I , n at:i( ilEd Io ta .lie ~t -
1, i;. ; i tllh , t. :In, . i tt I ,a .. '"i,,l ..i
t i i it n 1., 1 I a, . lll i , i~'~ ,r 1'
. '1 tl. a *I tt 'a . itr a . ala (iaal
I .' . ..t . ra i .i- 'i ..1.. . I g, TOi at.
. 'a . t . f I.. . aau . iii,). i
p lar al. alt iI l l. ,l . 1.' taa e ti .
. I . , ii i i ". ti..' ,ii. . ItI ,h hl l',.
' iLat I 'iltl, r t t.a, Tti ai .
i Iftatt "nn i. , (.aia. t i lA r. 1... 'uo lit.
t'ath .1: I'f Nitrt'ii!, .r. It-, tl t 1Hit .
l,,edeisn-st En..ry .' Iuf*It", Jatne A.
tl.ll.uttlt .:'r o..." !J ,t "l. $i' rt. itW, Tuw u"
-hip ii 1t 1 ,7I .. 7 \ V , l.l ,. inell tl ita .
l i ' irne th b uinT ; wil:u0elar to
l. . Is. ata it Te' a. t r i alnce I linn, an i
i! t ,,,t' of. ast id ha r il, tit: T .eas
Itr, '.,,t, if i , : P. (I. John Eimlri'l.
ot I1taE I'. 0.; ItluV 'h . iander, of ha.
i; P. (i., an.id iW. 'Ur.1 of u lilan P. t.
i i .. tillI. JtIX. lartlhier io
La t ' ta 'e .., au t ~,rtb.I .ta
.1 . l-. tiaa nE fE t ?4E*aa I'Es 0s1 . I
_ ailtle I .. l tonlteott neerhll.
natt bit aaitaantaoai n recaalttaoaet;a up, Ild
conla ?h.titaa aia. lelal laaaa. h uaJ et-a. ar O
,I. Jot.., II. ae0n.a, ln Icrlem, ibor and
Ea. ht. l IFtA I Y . MR IetIr.
NOl.ec oh TE bll olEi. - of Sob..
tla0neecajioa of Richa inal aa deaces tt..
.tita oS Laaati,,..an-Iatrelsden . iaplea,
ntl(lat' hia eiah lgan tt, :lant. " W. tsb
jloah.n Tia. We h. I alai day Ho lad s
SaN. ..I~rtttIlabe a Mle E , a eaa ..
nt teu. c of Tablieam itabe.es.
aMa*1I teai nacahar Ita.I J ide-at .ef l
-. whiaf L ai:ual -,'.ri c alef,,lterd e
Ote ne we- e stglo
Homer Masonfic Female
rweltty.thiL An. Steai gi ieplt. 4, 11.
Boardand tuition per month, $l&. Mu
.ic includeod with the tbove, $ O payable
nonthly in advance. Washiug lxtra.
Tuition, 3. 4 and 5 dollars per month.
w.hen I pid at close of term; 5i 0, 3 511 and
1 !b0 hen paid monthly.
Ineidental fee per term, $1.
For further particulara. addresa
T. 4. SLIOH. A. 3., Preat..
Romer. Claiborne pariae. La.
July 26. lP$2. 5:y
How to Save Cor and Feodder.
Y irting W. it. MaIey's Patlet Tether,
yuu c.,tu stake a 'Jlhoe. Mule or ('ow in
any portion of the plantation, day or aygAl.
Sllnyn grass, oats, or other green rvgeta
tion, within one yard of the Irow lug crop
without the least damtage to the isae. soud
with perfect safety to the animal. A boy
ito yenrs old call move It ian one minute on,
fresh graoing grnnd. In a few daty you
msty stake hack on the Name ground. It
is lttosubhintg how small a piece ofgrollnd
will ke.,.p a tthors or row. The land meed
is ourlched by the droppings to an uatol
ilhiug d.egree.
F.trmt rights can e obtainedl at Bridgers
&: .Met rmc'sn, as here a nodell may he eeoi.
Flr;e lit.' agents wntelld to cllanvassl this
Ftr ternl mudt particulars. alddreoa
Holly tpringi I.e.
Feltr ore t.f I'4. :y
Steam Beer-Bottilag Establish.
- 3r4
I 1 rl$l':(lTF'l I.Y inthrm the, eithetr.
Sof North L..iUnai tiu th.,t I Idt g o li toon
toll oprttoin to Shrelrport. 1.., a steai
h..i.r.lr ,ttlig If :tldih ntii ett, with all Ithe
Li't Jilrot t', d machi 1,lry. "Ti'. bw',r I
tr .t up ino i. r
'elebrated AunheLar-laclh,
flitol their fimoo.s retntcry iti t. l.01,5.
iet| i ,tlr.itlll. pure .Ai olld n aIIdlh.tIrated,
it th'. I .t" t.1 lhinioe t ut ithis bottlthug tie
p tinlletlt I nil prpl.ar.t edto fInuisi lith At,.
It. t.ia-Me-k IlotIued thP . reeko.tiwwi..ks.
to *ht.:ip i Sl iti.o.p.tostt a. it 'Ill ii.'ti itgt
111 't. Lo1ri. fh,'rehy *..t ll1 t'1."ight i,
r r.'n th. to. ,e 1"..
tll t.t, i -lo.. t o. 1 I ll . lo ilhl I l.lli'i iilltv.
I ito sio s- i the h tlttlaet'iUie tur.tnpol.
h.,, to.ottlt , liuati hh-e :ioa  *.inldlito
.l oloitdil lltvit.tiotno i ,tenl,"d h.t 11 t~
. 1 tI m "y It.otl;itg .atiali~iiatot. 11o 1,it 1 i 'it
>l. IH" a la.
tiot it-lI ho. I *-iJ. I*
o iN will ihud thbt homie as eomuforthit.
a tot llt ,.ttn plierd is th r.suurce.rs-i 't o n
titiou of thi. c. n trv to l I'i til. Thlie
luarge=. are tvry r'asio:thl. . Str tE'
irnlan is Iep' it tllis HntH~l.
Itou, at. ots:.ttd to mi hum hClanew
.." , lowoodod t"Qt qth,h,. tro wllinppli.l t ithi
prov d .tit :nudti atr nl: ol, n gol s'llli, tkl il
oCf A1;V1, 1 tl.11II,
I I11 tI Il
,. . tfil" Tt. I. I I
.*0{ .l. I nut I i ."I/I
t l t.i .11,1
Iritll I .\ H I" I "
re S i.' oll on
:t ; t. . tIi. 1 ll.
o S/itt triona.
:1.t to t. to 1'"
. p t-it, r 0.0I n. to
.;, os , .11 ,,,.r 1. . 1,. oo '
at O ! ,tot. n.'rII' A
Everl body knows who has tried. nnd those who Lhaa 'L a*ll i1 at
at o.4e andt be coltviuced, that I will seI BETTIE 4 QlSb "
LESS MONEY team amy other kloe. Is t Ie vbitý)/
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'Fall and Winteri C·i.
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Men's, Youths', Boys' Children's 8uitg
and Overcoats.
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J.AS. I'. t "rz. JO. B. 8KITHi.
I- E. I.EbL1 IN
Hardware & Macbinery,
Now. $, 10 andi 1' Spring Strtet,
SUREVSEPORT. . . . . * iLOhTIiftA,
iIallliactullc'eR ) Agent for
I5lt1ilN I't)TT'I)N lilNS, .\I.I..(M'I ( 'O'rOT) l'It1:PE88 ;
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.\I':RY P'LoWS. .IUNE$ WtiU ON teak4,
N. Y. N.\MlEi. PA:INT, t'(H)K'S Evrpblatbt.
The heapesi ansd tReat /(di II slhb Market.
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Evesy 4in, it Fulaly 4duaramnted.
Blacksmith nal t'.arpentlwlet' Toa1' . Iaron, Wa\gVon-work, Null, Resvr
Shelf and Builderg Ilaralwarei. (.'atal.ry, iron I'ipl, and PittalnL;
Engineers' Supplies, Ilhltiltl, ('utm I'ackling, Cordage,
Barb Wire, &e., &e., &e.
I ' Send to its for l'rictae nad ('irculahrs of (iiua, M3ill. Pireses, Csane
, Mule, &e1. [abW4T lP9 l9
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Oroceries and
Western Produce,
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Pratt'" Iproved IRevehlrwi teld Gi1
,S. St 6 s ed Levee,
.sfiaErrPORr, LA.
Jemuury IN, I'*9. ý
I. H. Hol. (It Ina.t., P.lI.'L ,
BOOTYT &F FIn.$ll ,
(.L.a,,r o K. !4. , II.IA. )
[email protected](R.II.VRM I
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ThIt .',,.l1,, 0.1 . , to, . I, L. J. M'. II11 ,
Dr. "I. .. L.,ux.u: .u..! 1!t . -. t. r ib,ýfi e
('M jIwsth n, E arth. :.rd I ' . E If. L{K Al
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K. P. RA
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