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Claiborne guardian. (Homer, La.) 1877-188?, January 09, 1883, Image 4

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- A Horrible Story.
The Kidney Mail,.of &uguat 26, ca
contains a story, which, if true, fully
justifies strictures on the treatment to
of the lnatives by the Queensland
G;overnment of it much more severe I
character than any whichll have apl
peaetd in our renhliiln or thIse' of
any other English newsjippers:
"*A young police oUtieer oasI out
with his colored "leyso,' a. rc . fe.' rc'
ago, in one of tihe. northern dtlsI ncuts
of the colonly inhlabited bt the Myall h
tribe of '.blatcks." Some tlltllor Ihadl
been stolen, and, to vindicate theo
honor of the British flig,.-it 1hel,
Ilooved the jilich'temen to Iimake Ire s
primal. The rest of the story is best tt
given 'n the words of the Si,,dce3
journatlit. "They came Illonl te
camp of Myalls; surroundeild themeI. fu
antd forced themn to lie hospitable.
They ate their kanlgareoo. ldr.k It
their water, and manllde Icthem ccrl ' l t.
oree. After all wcas eclied, thlat
the blacks might hiet get ;way in c I
the night and tel teal tnole sheep, tie.
oflicer said to his 'Ilyi),' 'ijust oct T.
pull out your revolvers eIlldl lhct Iot
them.' The 'hoyts' did enot like it ait i
tirst, but the-officer ta as pIernempltory.
land was oboyeed. WV:hen tlhe Mytlse T.
were killed there were three oul ,
womenll wailing, whoie dlt tl notlin
worlth k~eepintg. 'Kill t'hean ito.'
said the olfeer, :end they tacre' il I
ed. Three younlg giCll (\al les. \cre' fig
not killed; one of them ascs ; hlut
ceftled about thle ankles'i aul tied toe i
II .aPe . ling. T'I e 'ieo ' rode'l c iccl
the morning. leaving thle oflier ceted
the yoeling gin thus secured. i'r,,
enetly tla tainger tentu ((caing (Iand it
is .le il hot tells tlt Ihesori and the il
toel atel ndil drlank thcgetibier'. VWiii ci
it et'me tihel to ive' it iwas re1
n'niitbrel that the young g. wa
tied uip. 'e iiimust loose lher firtt,
saidl the chief, and tellt for the keys.
lie itd ino kieys; licse hlls' had t li
ken them ;iaway. 'Whait waiS to lhe
dene I "I canno t hlose y huilltcit''is.
lie said: an id lbeitfore thIce ; ts IiU.
for rlctucliistr:ate'e, he h iae dr:wtile a
pistotel anlic l shot the gin thtgih tihe
braline, and tlc he ia.ked ci t helr
',et iat the Iukles, lcandl lso .avl e id i
6lt the Best.
There is no placie heire this hit
of' ;iice is i of molre lien than in
thei selection lof tolct ceilt incl ite
neieets for the farm. . gi.ood I. illhe
or ,plow islcheaper cat high pi ire',
tien i ulier one' a I.i- 4iiih ciil hI cei
tlnu i hall i ll li llut.h Illi' I Ia i 'od tooll
Weie can dl ncith mece aerk %1ite
I' cI eelslull l' oi ticOll c er- hiceh
r Tus I ul c i llh-thl:in uaih a It"l'
ne;l N l that It savtes lilh I ic . I
litehiles, it sce'el's a pIeeerpoei c a
tloaical .agent. Ye l a ill fild tliucch
less ill tempel r :iii d ir I ithil vIni thie I
I.Iarm wh l'eli' io r tI .,!- rl' ti- !', !
l.ie oil one e hicre ti' he i' me c dI .
II hloeu Hli' Ociilcl.cy liu l I it 1 0ii ie t "cl
Icc i lcc 'c, cc hlc te v'e'r t i- :'.l i v. c, ill.
'licceel ti give' %ec I leie 11h, 4e ie..l5
ill .ailce ' a;11; 'ecieccleilete'c Ill ccii' ili.
I it a . ieek tor ai cuot, a. .i:c. il ii i I
leuc a itlLia hi n.cth Helll 1,i le I .e I
lihei a' V cine.; e.' ticeiiii i \\ii h c .
titrtfuil or scolding, ,r. itf he le given
to proiflteiV. and soelit'i lcs ii nut.
li* icil eccei I .it it ' ex reecl''.c n cud00
toeut'clth' lccccc ele'Iegcit, acd c lh .It in
ecl, ii et :cii, ii icicn leicle' cci'e ccithic
heeariic7 litiace'e. Now all thliei icl
tictm'e, teici. cciil lie' icratc' ellecI it
'g'gcttiicg ciit' le't." 1ait tilcs i c t c
cill: c hici n 1 lilt hl i ve' ilci li' . ici r eici ci
ies lilee'iecicii lhc' io-t todi<. !el, i
ui Iccihil Ici ,ei t ic Iie' ,ic c cl i r
eqeecel cilechit ', 10ci turnl'iic.'il'd c'cih ci
&,ooul lece in ree tect icicrec, etch tche
other with cc dull licle icea l dccc. tihce
fornee'r will dcb.' a Icrege' leenee'ctccgi'
the ieonst weilk, ciecet cc i1 dlic it ceith
more ease. Aenil ctiot we h-ieve.
said about hoes cleglies tac dl iccccii
and apcliaiiices ci titie furce, without
exception.-.Y'. I'. Sui.
WVhey is it tledt cc eyotceg mlace icel
cc yointig wVilill i ill act ticthl ihicri
und honirs te'leler icc *e lice nic trihii
out saying a Saidrdl aiUl ehlitii, whliic
it is time for hiim tsu iccvy, c' nd cill
boer taSlklDI carerlat tcil tie fronet
.' cill lta" ei'iie ..'r.- 1
Facts Abut Love.
Nit. F';rctsndttutcly has nolticedtl
Thiat the boy who is tlie most
afratd of the girls is tilt- hi %t to It
corralled initoi aunlt Lt(l?
That thu little blbs jlrttler lih S
to git"Is.
TIhait they3 soon11 eliaige, niltcz to
go Ihack to tlhir eiriy3 love.
T'hait telie giils Ioi t Illi gil gis ti t.
Tlhiit L tIlt l -% }tit ii' or thlir
Isrefeltreict IS .I4I1 . S 1 tle 60% .1 tiil
Piou* of 11n Ibeta nevr.
That;I the tcunltrn lut-e the( nit-it lit,
causet hey love eve'ry :1 iui thie%
haveo. toe t~ake t-tt f htte Jaen iii.e h .ul i
'liuu t tiies hull ii I iel it.
T hat tie e t tu. ft. 1ltt(·s her ' .11.1 1111
so it1 thilit slte iltt .ii ilt thoughts it othr en
r Ilttht i h-l ovIesjii allt otu t ttIun'I i
Tutiher .ait-.l uhugiii i
Iiii· (Y hill~ It2I(.;I~( )igit ti 1 f)ll 1Ii~il
11.t111h i i ti i ;tilt I ai to
tiiik g i- l ;. lieaemoguh
'lie ,t lt, .tu11. iouIi~ o, hitl-ia funnei
one t11 111,1n tu~\ et ullgl l to 111:111% hills.
That1 11( I .Ltnl \\% 111.1x1111.4 are In "!,'
i, 1 e t III it 1 111 .
'l1.I.I ilil I ,ý iii 2. ti I t'. ' i n L iii
iii tell ti.
State Nicknames.
htlj l l iii- t cli IIII. 11.It..
li ti til -inti up lilt 1. :u+:I I.u
'ii 1 I iiiil---41 .I i
1et11 i..i ;.1 t s .,il~ wits. 1: tuIl
it to ht- lilt iii 1 .. 4
·I i~i· uI-\~iiic 1~I. .iallii
T 1ha I the 11.1111 to lilt 11i .1 1i 1 Ii . 1,
1.1 flit- P( l lt..n I il-ak. , .lu
he leruuiii -4 rIst"i~t 11to1:" .4111 :IW;
Iteihi Clitu (Il h Illl t (el i
liii~~ arluls Il~l~rni, arI
i .t ' it Iii l tic' li iii
Ai te :, ('o l --1' 11it .i1..it lt t! I 1
I II tna4 -1'"1. ute h ,t1. le .. tiu g
('Bttt e 0s-m.lI u t'
Ac well 041t I.r24'4 Ii 'II '4 l of ItIe
'pl4ume sits it is haVer% doij,?Iill 11'
tIatta il( .4(43V 1:2iii I4J9il.I. 4114 (ll.'.
(.ll1iii. 111" ( ali thatll~l I(. !,/ I
M .j4. I; J \ 4Iti t at 1. ,1 :( 14.4-1 . :11a 111
1i, n14 an 11 4( ,1 III I' 4 121 Il n
41i4. 44 I4I ~ ilt 11 \\1. 114 4.' 1 41 414 , Ii'. ':11
Ili tt 41114 4111( 1 fit I' 1.1.l l I\ j 11 11
4'ic l. F11)111 the 1)1',1. 1111111(1. 111'
41)114I gIe, h..1 'Al . 1 411 .14.4(.1
.h1)\\ ' 1)t ~ ; 1.11111 ,1 1" 1,). b t111:11
II : I 41 4 F J'' 4 I II
.2 I1 :: I a 9
n 4 1 41 j 4\11111!11 11411 11.
ii:t 41 aa.111\. 4'?~ii 1 SI:I1": 1141 1ý11.11 f1
.41(1114 14 :1 : I. t . '.142 It 11'1 141'1,-f I II I ii
111111. (ý IllI I ll :1*441141 I.
41 1 l'O l III . \ 1' ~ II 1: '11 ,1 II' .Ill
r" . 111 .1 1: 19 . ) I .. ''? ' 11'111.
.11.1 1 11' I4'I I ' I 4
- 11.1" '1n11 191 : .II ~ ~.1111 *'I I . It it
.,G .
1.2 44.I1 1111.1. 242, h 'I. . I~' t .1 I'. i
t t i u tI 111.4 I 1' 1411 i
4('11/11 \ 11.11 1.4 I II' 11 ':.1 Il .411 '
'I I.~ 111 1 i
F;1": . Il '111" :I'"1. 1. 111 1E ! I% .!
\'11 .~t:1 1 4!11 " .11:!1!1'. Ii
I 1ll9.' l t ',1' 111 .":1 !' 1,' ,1"
.; 1 1 " ; II \.l l .I\ .i 1 .I' -. :
I .aa.1 'Iýý.. )"..
- 1.~l ' I
E rnte rptris.
t 411%FN. 14.
*· !. I: F
I 1.1ilr ' ..r'i *m !Stl :I'I I
BA I W .·
Thiole rantdes. ing
is p~cflrre by those
wh have t:oe :t.(~any
orti.: r, an a,-.
Ou of its tupt e r
kahesad panty..
It eo: tams tnatena~t
only thai arn bonefiual
to Ito nonp and huw
uue~~~~ll Cslue ems FuisllsIk
Petrsr' Hi Iam fl oi~ls ilperfuiemd and Ii
aomnoedto p rcot f~ngc~th~haua eid ioe.
in e .and,'0 1rlhogl Hnscox& LCo N Y.
If y~ou o.a inthanic 00 fraruon woo out with
eun·ruon. no a mtho nl d m by~ koids baum
it' I dbl tiy rgo~ t~rrs' Iau~~ Tcsnc.
UI roa n.: luwyon, innutno or bela aeousa n
t~ao;od tiiootl uinaeoosr~nousreM. donottab.
inl~ ircat n swnui~antaqit ua PubursGrm Toaco
If vi lose Conu~oltynos. DyupoiAa. k
i: r!n CorsrFlt *ao on any d odonof the kangs
Bid Sri l ·cruslt auGluis Cwgb Cuipes is Bd
soyIn deacon or in·eakon and inquota sntmuianttali
C;*G t 1ntT'.~CaIonoe: itne ·iljn*oegaU aoeibnai
~~ouurfr' cto fe-st doto beet wil nero Iniosecait.
e· thrrdheedc~odlaofos ituaysanuyoeai.
o:Concu fron reFu wI .01noo..iaa. Sa WkncsC
Mac~,as 0. 7. 1oi. b imiMk5 bqi
GEKAT 5517 sriit D~oLA ifSY
d~absfulpuinuuarnud)ag~lyprn. thius
705) Cauai Ys aigam
I~ A~O ZLIo~uworw o r
IouiikiatinatStatt I PL1er3 t'onipnnly. r.
ý ý.ý ." 1 . 1."1 1ý"1 ý.. Iý .!1 ir"1 I rlii· I '.
; " 11 . 1 1 " ". .-\ .1 11 ( 1 1 1 .1 11 (!: 1 ý. : I. ý ý I.r. 11 1
\ I . ,'" ! ý I ý x ' ' 1 1 1 . .I t \ '111~
;. !l f. ? .,. -.' . r' " . :,f L:- -,;nn.
it - ti L A LAEIrLY. of Viiginla.I
I 'I! 1 1 / . 41:,.10114
,It r; ' ·. - ! :. V·lclL ::... f · Lu~'nI;'.(
'I I, II I . l~l~l:l l'IIIII
( I"· Iil IV' VI
XX,. tjt·i~~:i I ill !' I it1,I 1~111 I
-Sc il ,. ii I.
Z-- `------- - - me ta
--- hEALELR ·
in American and Italian larbi,
Texas St., Oppoelte Ceuthrt ( o. me,
.d yaea It
I.1·fr . rl:n~ very variety of C(ere.a
t" 1s wank. Iii. i·tis u- seated. lietiu aprau. hrJ ingetti
1,.: 11 ..is 6m ,si.5 1 I'til.r ilig tme buiaoss - rWn c
m a ,ll 2'. ilr:Il. hilsa. I glIlutea ra sl iamy work
l i 1 tae, i
t.. I,." tit't l"la'.l. 311i1 at tihe most reasonabe)56 ~ saI
pr, c+." t.'s"-.i s111. "li t.. IK5v care will Li
1.1.t * n (! JIII 1t121 iai'sIte· tbs-latcas * its insi
% ! ,. I, II % 111rn1 tillon App lictin
1). .-. ;u s2 .ii era) .L1. 1 11tit ti,.- Gu ardia mf h ,.it
'uiý .u t. !~r".l r: Illh t. 1i.jr Lll) uneand !I i.I i~t
Sit be Ili
.11 apcil
MINDEN HOTEL. .. t tri
'`Il tt~y. ;u,; I":, .I .til r.'JtnIar board. 1 til
.I %%i stIs 11114 h~tis .t + . " ti . i uu5rtabla I .h-w4I1
11 , 11 ..I1.I".ist asn for rrl..'slrrs'IAtid ens- '1.1- it F'isi
dii . "t it i I r' a !I isi'nilt. The W.M ti
"11 ii~ ." ýI't rr.'.."i,.nlsI.. The Stag. .ttý
1. 'at Milo hontel.'
I r.1 it tanclsrl t l thte a new
an!." 4.n 's:.;ils'r. '..tI vle flied with Attornt
meW aI ll .A. .1. REYNOLDS. !-r
- - -- - - Aumgust
aetmensituebw I'
trade-markse~I~, l-irº
the ntted ewesaa*ee1" n W .S le
ýnir an~a~d I W 46, r'sº _ý TC
or nfl oto herof mod els o maw.
toAduioe by mail fre ArTTC.
Paotents obtained trb neeanbledIn
the u 3nTIVrIC AMZIWAU, whickh. lt
the largest circulation, and isthe mast 11111 Inirt o
ential newpapaer of Its kind published Ia t. ?T P~s.
wol.TeavantageeofanehBabUleew1 :.l the Coi
patentee understands. .1 ly
Thitarge and .P .DIaoddI1 UlrsWI asses
and f. W taittd to be thebs pspstr doroM
ti soles. aameebantes.tvetbnoes. f se ITT
works, and other dreramimrat t of
pro reek pabliabd In any 9C1·os;u29 y. -f
copes y mil 10 .eat. Boldbyal`r11.
Asdrees Mona& Co. publliheos ef11 .t
Us Aierica. 261 Broahlway, NowoTatek. ",.,t tat
Handbook shout p~atente masled bee. t
--- ~ I s-tintt
I2. ; Ill Iim .; :uRmorxt N. O
oll tt.l t l. 1
t" t ,n; in~l 2111 W 111
. . 1, ls.t.irl (l.ltIt 111
it 11 sf. t i llt s
'5 'I'. i.T I
"; 11 1 11.1 k 11.. r taps
r. sl - L. I . 1..,.114,. ptI s'. Il l
n ~!, ! t l . 111J5o ntICo Ii
t " It tI ll: ..ihiK-"
i . t. "l t.ý 11111 I ill' ) )II(.+
lI, ., t. 2 r i s!".l Jt" isit i aiDpt Alt.
ti .··).II I \ I , g \11/(· 1 1.i., t... piiietIt'SI
.u i , ý I . . h"" ,, i t ,!, , . I l sc. ss allpa W
~'t .i". - 1n."..tlt 1. Ilaide plri'' W ~ Ill~
..fll 14 ut Un
it.. t~u fhI~fi~
141 . ill ..Ir iAttl
. " ' 't t. -" n , .tI . I Is is I ,2 2 o5 ln O
i'ii!·y Attot
zi 11111.'o11wI
illý SwIlf.l
,I *. inttel
(I .-t \1111\ sr.'··s..i. .
his iss: · -21 1111! iii8p
The Democrat's flauetritcd AIUS
Il~~-lo L *T I--ia Ittli t. 10
1st·;~ 's.'.t I. s'ItI11 [I" bIieiJ~ aeci
sire us s~sl (il tiiei nr
I 's.I.sti. ~i.'.115'l ill'lgh~ wit *c
it''l a ss2I14issitll iiit 1l.1 CCIld ~1~i
21.. I l tli'" l''.f ssf ' u sI'.'. Si''lt' aIm..---tk
222 ti' -sles i~ro,f Lio~imlimrIs, TezeI, At'II
il iil be1 mntilel pI'. lS~~~cf
tilt\. Ill l'cTI' sr!,s-liiei~~ ei the huill e l r
'liii 1 \ IIi yremltallsCO in regi.(r W'L
dab.tl~~liC pablil
jss..I'. s'.rdr' I'dat t ntr
TIlE. New rhee'.

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