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F..s. Pests.
The faeet that there is a great dif.
firesee Ia the lastag qgalties of
fece pos set ges, sad these
that are t 1 aesseud, or that there
is any preferace, a to the season
for eattlag, i tee o ofte entirely
overlooked by fhrmers; they use
posts just as they chanee to have
then; if they have them on hand all
seaseoed at the time they wish to
onue them, they set them, but if not,
and they have them growing, they
will eut them aad set them green.
This is not good economy, for a post
eat green and full of sap will not
season well in moist earth, but in
stead of drying it will soon begin to
decay. It is better to season posts
that are to be set in the earth, at
least one year before setting; by so
doing they will last nearly twice as
long as posts out at the same sea
son of the year, and set green; bnut
a post out tn September, and Net
green, will probably last nearly, if
not quite as long as one ant in
Martd or April, and seasoned a
year before setting.
There are more farmers that know
that it is not econoomy to set green
posts than there are that know that
there is a great preference as to the
meason of cutting. Timber, to be
good, should be ent soon after it
has made its growth for the season;
then the sap lias formed into wood,
leaving it comparatively dry; but if
cut the latter part of winter or the
first of spring the sap is flowing up
through all parts of the wood in
suech quantities as to make it very
diffMeult to dry it; hence its increas.
ed liability to decay.
Farmers who cat their own fence
pIsta should look ahead far ennouiglh
to enable them to ent them at the
right time, and lnave them seasoned
when they want them for tme.
For reasons that do not appear
very clearly to us, it is found by ex
periment that posts will last longer
if the top be set in tlhe ground.
Some give as a reason for this that
the moistare from the earth is more
readily drawn up in a iost set in
the natural 'ay, than if reversed.
Admitting this to be true, and that
the water thus drawn up causes the
post to decay, why will not the do
aeceding rain enter the large cnd of
the post, wheni reversed, and keep
the post even more nmoist than when
set the other enld up I ? ia a question
that has often occurred to na. But
whatever the cause, there seems to
be good evidence that a post set top
deown will .leat longer tlhan one set
the buatt end down.
The more difficult it iecomen to
get fence posts the closer shouli ihe
the attenition paid to entting, sea.
aoning and setting.- Icftsuwhusxrtta
Plowgh maon.
The syatenn of t ailw ' tinlancier
ing that is now most in f;.:e is a
system of sleculaticon, pure nid Silm
pie. First, a lot of mnK4lc'l go to
work and get rightsof way, genernl
ly for nothing, annid then get all Ithe'
other Ifrnchisee and donations t hat
the people g the preing te rpl)osed rIm
are willing to give for thle sake of
having thle road. Th'at is so much
clear protmt to the proprietors. Thet
the ronte is e.nrve. ed, and, it iossMi.
ble, nonney is borrowed to build the
raeed, on bonds sold at 15 to 25 Iwr
cent disconint. Stock equivalentto
the amonunt of bonmd, is isned| and
distributed arounntl to men who are
'"e the grond floor," but who, or
tat of whom, do hot riLsk olne dol.
lar in the enterplrise. Whmteover
tbhi stock may be worth-and ifthe
meed ia built it can hardly fail to he
worth somethiag-is clear gain.
Then the road in mortgiaged flr its
equipmeut, anml if the origintl
Ianboun sboed is sot maulelea.te
carry out all the sehumew anuld sop
port'nall tilse extrava(gnce of the
projectors, a seand, or even a third
ooortpgage is i~aseed. Soliy the tine
the road is inishedl and equiPiled it
is boanded *30,000, $40,000, or even
$30,000 iwr mile, asndl fully halfthis
debt, even more aonnetimes, repre.
seut tihe gain of the favoredl few
wLho seem eide of tine piroleet, bhot
lw.tn amnesrelul to get outside of it
t1esskvm_ tkrapty overtahkea it.
rgamb he Pres.
The Case of Wdts.
This paper remarked one day
that White was drunk. Instead of
rusbing down bare to annihilate
some one, be waited three long
days to let his temper cool, nul
thee climbed the stairs one step at
a time, took it easy along the hall,
and entered the editorial rooms
with a benign expression of counte
nance. When asked it he wan
ted an agricultural exchange or
had an item to leave, he calmly' re
"You stated the other day that I
was drunk."
"Yes, sir."
"I have called to demand person.
al satisfaction."
"I propose to manul somebody to
pulp and grease my boots with the
"Correct, sir."
"In fact, to clean out the ranch."
""Just so."
"But not now-not until spring.
Along about April next you may
look for me, and when I come you
had bett be prepared to die!
,ood.day, siN"
"Good idaly.
Now, how m nch better that, was
than to come rnta  ag in with a pia
tol or club, mauussig up the rooms
and disturbitug the 'outiue of the
o1T,, it is a favor we highly ap.
preciate, and every one of the staff
will try and live until spring in or.
der that Mr. White may not we disa
appointed when he calls on busi
ness.- Ietroit Free Prerm,
The first newspaper established
ill America was issued at Boston,
on the 23.th Iof Septembetr, 16'0.
The attentiont of the legislatitii' wa:n
called to this publieation, for ton
seconel edit, i', nlaplared. The only
copy now extant is in the State Pa.
l:'r Office at London. It is a sheet
of four quarto pages. one of which
is hlank. Richard Pierce was the
printter, ltenjaamin Hl;irris the pub
The first regular newspalper is
sued in North A.\nmerica was als
printed in, Ilohanm. It was (called
News Letltir, and copies of it are
still preserved in the Boston his
totical Society, bearing the diate ol
The oat tnewspaelr published ill
V'irginia was established in 178)
Thle paper was issued weekly. 'T'lh
price for advert ising was ten dollar:
for the first intsertion cond 1t evenl
dlollaris for each snhlseqtluent appear
ance. The ubhscription twas fift
dollars a year.
The first dahily inl New York wan
comiueneale.d Ma:rtch 1st, 1 TI. noati
e:tledl the New York Dailsy Adver
tiser, v Frlins i'l Child & ('o. TIeh
price was four cents a copy.--E'r.
Noute of thle IasacaI contlilenti
of oar tabile es, the conltents of tht:
castc r. ae ll conatain ;a aIi.y avreil.,th
alourislhaenlt. Ti e., are to lee' asu
Felan htait the whip andl spur are ti
the hlCrse, a:florelingno real at re-ntl I
but inaae0eailag the rate of sla.ed ni
Sit scrillee of ' ital. power. II thee
are able to irritate antidl blister tl:
outer nurfcee--like Ullltaielld-tllhe
caaanot be hIarnless to the dlelicat:
coats of the stomnach, but must te
fact them in a similtr ialalier ateI
to thIe anme extellt, thoughla th:
stomach is so inawnusible tlhat tla:
effects are naot immedtliately peHrcept
lisle. All of tlhee are "epleetisers.'
geadialg the aprtiite-or an artif
clal desire tor food--to lemCnala
what is not really ne.eded. 'The
tree appetite is at lhides of tile rea'
walsts of the boely, and tnedas toe
exeitsant, as we shll be likely th
tieke elanbuh withlout them.--Gol
de5 isle.
A aitilg laely wrote to the Phlilt.
delphima News iaqoairiag: "!1on
coan I avoitd beiaig uddtressel if !
walk out at aight withouat a Irote.
torY" The experienced editor c(
that psger tartly repllied: "\Wetl
an old slhawll anld carry a clothes
Tlile world cloes not reqlire a
maoult tobe intormed as to 'be re
The story i told tale inadl leea
turer, that lie onea gve an oppor
tunity for any one In the audience
to ask questions. A plain woman
arose and said: "Sir, allow me to
ask, what has sour belief done for
you? My belief bas saved my bos
band from a drunkard'as grave, and
made me a happy woman. What
has your belief done for you ? It
would bie difficult to put in less
words the one great unanswerable
argument for thet Christian faith.
It does hlat no oilier power can ac
c.,mlhiish; it redeems men and saves
them from thie ijUproftri in.-Golden
She aild she wanted a ticket to
Wyandotte and return, andi the pale
gentlemanly agent with the dark
mustach asked as he took up the,
pasteboard: "Single t" "It ain't ay
of your business as I know," she re.
saponucd, tartly. "'I mi~ght have
beent married a tdnce times if I'd a
felt like providin' for some lpoor
Ahiftnlsa wretch of a llan !
"Whenl I was young," remarked
tihe boardinig house keeper, "things
were thoronghly made-uo shama
work then." And one of the board.
ers said, "G(tess this chicken was
mtanntiaitured in those da3 s."
In religion, as in hutiness, many
men fil beaenuse they give tip. They
had several graces, hut lacked the
onie important one of perseveratne,'.
A billy goat is an excellent but.
ter, but is not good to spread on
hot rolls.
The Secret
of the universal success of
Brown's Iron Bittern is sim
ply this: It is the best Iron
preparation ever made; is
compounded on thoroughly
scientific, chemical and
medicinal principles, and
does just what is claimed for
it-no more and no less,
By thorough and rapid
assimilation with the blood,
it reaches every part of the
system, healing, purifying
and strengthening. Com
mencing at the foundation
it builds up and restores lost
health-in no other way can
lasting benefit be obtained.
1 Deaueo. A., Cuhl.., Nov. r
w Mas.. 5 at."
BaowN's IRoN 1TrrrS
does not contain whiskey
or alcohol, a ! will not
blacken the teeth, or cause
headache and constipation.
It will cure dyspepsia, indi
geston, hcartburn, sleep
lessness, dizziness, nervous
debility, weakness, &c.
does not cotn ia hiskey.
or a lcohol, ill not .
blacken thet maet, it.or.causet
t headache and hconstipation.ih,
It will cure dyspepsia emdi
nrlyst ion, heartburn, shleep -
ef, ssne,t adii nesrst nervousk ill
r V. aeh . T. . 1a KINId s m I .
lhnw... .heMay CaI bIm Cu :*e,
- a
W I1 It
E. & 3. JACOBS,
Cotton Factors,
- NI) Insiprt. r,, ani., wIhoih.ale dealert i.
1 I)RT OOI)n, Notiona, Orerles,
lardware. (Utlli,.ly. ,,iSnr. Thtmr,, Shoen,
Iatsa, l..inura. 'l iin',i,., a' d W..gari , Texas
atrel t, .lhrcvel-art. i..
it'llrat'st tit iio . :1,it liburai advance, inat1
on u'nmiugileiuts * tfs',uttn .2i3y
l ISS 3..\. I.VI.~S, of Jhlsr.~
L port, has remos t.l to
no. S. Texas IArel.
hit. hai I ,rlare sal i~ ,nit wiik nof
'FAI,. flo10JlhI. ih tleam at. um es, inl HAT?
ind a8iNNEM. Pcrfirt til ii dreaaisuLa
ing parasterst
OIape VLnc,
Ornamental nrnbbery,
Largest Sto·k in the South
And excelled Iby eo ether Nermery anI varie
ty or qllinlity of stok.
All c.lases ot Frtites grnwn, anid epe.
riallyv thlone varitllea lernt adaul,(tld otar
eil ale, climatlc.
:EarllfeRl anId late..t Peaches anti bllglht
prcft Pe~ar. n .cialtiee.
All tra.en guaranteed trne to name, and
iaeier.d to live na hell plautelad ad cared for
arr.relialg Ito ,liretioan.
All trees grceft t nr bnodede o, macdling.,
Shicllh al,,ake tie, micet elgeety en a tl longest
lived a r,.ee.
I han. : tee inoin., e cteeck of Ac.lelh tre-te
inl gret ll ariety.l)' ravgilg (from 4 to 7 feet
in hieighl.
The lbli, nill lieed at tl theCir ilalereu,
te hcihl theer ordecrs fer tlhi Nu·ery. ie-
-hei'l eel gie lig thcce I , tee l e t 'leccI.ilehe lea
"lh lic fter eIt ut tacti age. e, a tie fteure
-olr d-h, olh d.
A. K. ('.l%( 1.%N, tr-ner.
itouereae I e \peee gte )cwJ :17:
Jackon St., Nonroe, La.,
.It title NEvetl .I'I liale' ait the u nhacl htail:.
Ho I II. Jls llprll IIT .
Terma ............. $ per D iy.
Free BItus to antl flronm )epot.
1 R. l., ,tetrnri g tlci ,,ke hlic fl e e.a-: d.
ll iil the 11ellhi g.cen all. Ie thi lel,.er
:| l,.e etllr,,neg a exltl lth Iti iee at lllltl IIIe h," te -
chit I i lecne'e. hloeenceIce tee revele' t lane, llee -
.eee',e ef ahe *nne Sal hi, enw h,,eee lheet ehl
eth,,d. ee wrly e a-li r ,e lheaele," nIiclh
hlie l ee,.n lh-re,.hly aeteovate,,l.)
.lanuiary l'. 1-'.L 2:1
.MOI). :oE. i.A.
- l,,eT eef tetl.ent n encie ,ti .i k hy,.xle ,
S Ieel-ice.,l' gl aicllle.
Southern C(arrine Ianufaietory.
Th,'e ,iiiet,. ig,,, ik,, lh.ececre ate nekk
eng i.,, wn, th it h,' i- lp ,'iril a d tl ~~lOmln'tI
tue. ee paie uceic gen Ui ggia-e.W~agaeen,
lIsolid. lVlt. ENIi .11.
lIte l t 1. t. h.'1. eI ee. I, la y
u *... .... n*....s
-* - -.
h mi
seem salem me bmdses
i* .... i l
d mil l ill
.bmanil ilhU~=
mate amis mese !
This is the only Lottery everY [email protected] on
and endored Iby the people of Say Mate.
LoulslauaState Lottery G hmp y. t
Inrorpiorate'd in ldid for 2 y ears by the
I..gislcturi' fer Eeliicaetiueu anld Cbasitan.
ile jelr tMes-n itt a I eeteI of *t,010.utl, At
to nWihaIh a reserve funed of UYir 00p9, oi
hsse sictre Iwciu dlildetd. N!
fly an ovcrwuelouiisg pojosist vote it. s i
francubis e. wasitr a part of thie prrultu
$t..tr (Vcnstitist ui esinhlkptr Ih'eulper'J A
I1. In'79.
I ci
Its brand Ainhlr S Numnrr I~r:hwima will
take tittri.n tocuettul3. IT Nt:lrk Svdi84s i
P1%a~tro4rrO . Looki at the r ollouwiiigebem.
- a ' 1
"I.Aý-t It,
I",th. I·1·11
Bee. B. T. BEAUREGARD. of LSuaa. I
sad Gen. JUBAL A. EARLY, of V..llE.
lIal.iclf T'ituite i al 'ic.i I luullure Etchl.
Frartiuuiuu, in Fi'ttti. iii pruouortivi.
l.l"T oI I nl.
I ('AI'ItLAI. PRIZE......... i'UZElil
I it. tin .........t. I$0(11
I 41 Io ............ 1O,1It0
rIltr.:$ of lui.( Il.......... 12,000
tlo 2,1NNº............ 10,(111
111 d ists........... 10,01'i51
:1 I 110 ... ......... t... tI R e11 l
1141 :156....... ..... '20014
t111 111 1I01 ............ 30,0010
71 11 oi :a1............ 1ti,051
151 fpi 2............ 46,0(11
¶1 pjp~ et, SWi .f fiOc
I lii7 I'rizee*, ;itiloolting tip....p(ru,500
'A', mIii lltltfV.Ii ('vN7trY* tiui w~eslp4'r·
u* I~ flue' crrfslglfm·lett fiur si li t. ias~sfttl?
·III I sineulUIsseIst* lrawYi~ngs Of tir( Leermo-I
A *4I MYATK. I1tflY~lY CiiHP'(SI.:l;l "itin
'wll tlliiii)~nl(5I atiii l('iifru It,'.l irawiog
let),1 fey*. tnt nit IvirtuiM.l ~'A' ,piittkits
flip' ('i'nipov fec use' fltit ('i~rtiftisfa, 51111r
i uI'.e·imiti's gl (iilr uigiiLlltue~re' ,ttlI.,iHiw. ii'
Aiuiiliuzetiuoil fur rlite for n(b.. sheusId be'
mil,' onlly to the ofie ef Itche ('owsy· ito
hNew Ortesisa.
For further tnofrmstiom, write clspti,
igivingl fbi) addaws. ILmJ o~rilusI! ·
guesses or Rp.luet~rrd Le'ttu .e~egwyxeer
tey mail, so eanrn edb omte
'31. A. DAWME.r
New Orleans.
- D3AL33 -
in Amerleu and Itala IMarAle,
Tesas St., Oppeoon oemeo i,
. L_ LETS. atld every variety of Come
tery work, Imeatly executed. Beiagaprec.
ti'al workOmen, nuderCltanding my beilaese
ill all its branclhe, I gnarantee all my work
to, I~ flrut-clam. and at the most reseosable
piri4.e. Ordere itltrustedl to my cars will be
plromptly lilled. On hand always the latest
dclnsgms, which I will send onl pplleatlon.
Ivaiigna may Iw seen at the Ga(srdia of
flce. Mesrs: if arrison and Hlues are my
dluly authorized igeants for Clahlbore id!'
nllrrutllnditig parishes, and will exhibit de
signr anid recive orders.
(October 10, MIe. h:y
rlIIp" traveling public nud regular boar
! ,rs will find this hosmte as CuomtfOrtable
anl well uplllied as the resoureesand eoe
dition of the country will permit. The
charges ar very reramnahle. The Stage
8tand is kept at this Hotel.
I have also astached to my hotel a Aew
and commodious Rtable, welliappiledl witI
proveder and water, and a good ostler al
ways onrsand to attend to stock.
The traeling public will do well to live
me a call. A..[. REYNOLDS.
the Iml irlum, mount ian r
l4enum I llan olu1nedated l r
rlnier 1, tlCr.
A representative nle.wair most Vedl
Its ga s r in to v e |% ,t . ll ss h s iels.b 1> a w e t
ald to rvery fi.rstile 014t11 hie) rleatte
eveil the mlaet ordiarlll yr Isn hllseore. 1
theire any qurattIlin il lthe minds of th
lpeplh living Its fiIe unlllihweserat se
Ulnlt Staten that the J'IME. "IWIYNsPa*T to
"11h.t ipal ly; that it ri.1h hll l f tce ele
m ents and pu.aI .es Mill the ul alitno that
thi" clttl extmets to fineld in a faverite jer.
The (lnterlrit, pluslh andl progrss of h4e
A'w Orlteas I)Mats'reT dutrinke the m ast
ti glieeru mnithte have miamie r pherl-i
I n amlrlll pIublis.ed in the Soth i ls
dea rslch pnogress .11 ith amenw perhiod M
,til. Ti St New Orleans timles has teea
fir lltllty year regillied las onue of the
ladii.ng jrtl.nuts in th. eoautry.
I'lh, re.nneitidustl isule, T"s TIMi
I t el wit Eill amllnt .ly the bt alileen.tat
tlhe higlhest virtuet of hith. It will sn
ily e:. bt. without qtlrtio,, thae ideal paer
of the business mill. tlie melhllic, plel
er. farmer, the fnartily. tile Ipri'le, of an
time to entlmeralei tll, excelleniese of l
.iuses. It is tlhe llirem lllnt of the mid
r, neWl'1. .Evrl'y dllnrtnlr l in it
has:l !llneo railsd ho t),r hlghlent elclllrnl.
T!''Ie )arilyo r twe Orekly TIus.t ec.ha'OeSt
fhr old reach every nlaece of ls.ines llstd
I oemlae je tt ot in t" nhweauern nd t Onr
l, ,lemat e ws.
SThe aubmerirtinn raett tr' tr Jie It ily arm
Si lleowae pyhotlet iin, tlhe'ice:
Onef tear(every day).........- --tt ... pl
0 rix moa ths........ . ...... ............*
These months........................ I
One mo tbnt .......................- ....
The re r Weekly tl atim follm:
t)ne year (Maturtevla) ...:." ....... 7t il
ei o tuoiths... imn..I.a at t"
Three t oentbre .............ge - ......
l'ontae prepaid.
i'1te We. kl is ,gle r leim thtn Il pthe
I liae, and it ranlla thige Iiet a11 am clhetl.
Iei lkly pnl'r Iute lishted.|
T. hoe ioorttt'r InrLwted eA IGal
Hand-B**k oi 1enoral Itferlsila
An elel'ant work of 10 s t
inrhes in Sise prtuttd tkusle
Iok lpaper, illhutrrtd t
mntIe beautiful e ral a etriime eD
I eaide all te imll irelation per
StOe yelaendey dyti)tle.l.. .i ..d
Im the pomIat..l....e.d...m .
psto tetal I.. ... ..
to. h . .. .

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