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m * the CiihCI 'ojL Of, I3. i ing
C. W S3 `I1: & J. P. PIIIPPS,
1ifar.;s &. PruerrnlToaM.
rtoyer, La.,
Friday O.. .Oct. 5, 1S8S.
F EW C vo1and.,
') R VICE P1 ESiDEN r:
t o . G: Thurrn n
OF 01110
IBidnchalnrd still holdls the fort in
the Fou:tlh l.)istrict. iHe, is a
c gre:asman of untiring zeal and
iyst, 3an'd has acquired great
influence at the National Capital.
At Jacksonville, Fla., on the 2nd
iiist. there were 89 new cases of
yellow fever, but no deaths. 'To
tal uimber of cases to date, 2,828;
total umeflri of deaths to date,
Shreveport has raised the qur
anctine against the States 1f Mis
sissippi, Alabama, Georgia and
Florida sexcett the infectced places.
This will, not only benefit one
place but all places along the lines.
Rodger Q. Mill was in Dallas a
few days ago. lie says Indiana
is as sure to go for Cleveland :s
Texas, with a differcnc in majori
ty. Mills is a level-headed man
anil he would not make this as
sertion without reason.-.S`trcrc
rort Times.
W. A. Strong, ex-Secretary of
State, hlas been convicted of ecm
lbezzlement. lie however slipped
out of the court room bc'fore the
Jury returned the verdict and has I
not been heard from since.
We doubt if there is one in every I
thousand who supports Fisk for e
preasdentt, know anything of him I
or his views, only thdt he is in fa- .
r of prohibition. If elected pres- In
ident, olficially, he woali be as a
powerless to carry out his proti. t
bition views as)ie is now. p
Certain papers t mat supported a
Nibholls for governor, have recent
!ygone against him. For what 1)
rD it would take several in- 4
tense m oscopes to find out. It h
reminds us f Eustia~tbJr- a -
U· a
Cleveland, and<ii wt be accompan- tI
led by similir results. . te
The Fifth District does not a1
seem to want Sny congressman. it
The utter indifference about %be ti
nsatyr shows that the people es. r
timate it as one of no consequence. eC
ItJ. Floyd King was on hand, VI
with his original force, ihe would r
breathe the breath of life into the am
apparantly inanimate Fifth. 1
The yellow fever has subsided be
at Jackson Miss. The latest from fo
Jacksonville Fla. is that they have ia
about 100 new cases daily, of pl
these about one in ten die. Sev- di
oral other small .owns in that at
state have it. There is none at a
any other place so far as he l
The eoncert saloon law, ,over St
which there was recently so much D
useless dicuss~efn, has been de- ps
omargId uaconstitutional by Judge fe
fooi ofthje criminlaldistrict court co
ct New Orlsass. Ths matter was hel
dlscussed as though the law was IW
ol very grel interest to the Slate, th
when,'h fact,,it was of small con* us
seqenoeein whiit ever shape it ws
sayhresa bepaa·e -s. d. th
Me~ot~~ithstaqdig te constita
toa byeys I plain, unomatkable ha
* s~.day laignage, that shetiffs
4.n*t ealtoith t i1 rdberices in
g oSsr $r00 EOO for
$eot hi ariah hsi Is
i·b iarbt bseferl
Stt.ieg~qltrfi .severrat
tb ~IJry have Uixed des
OIp lA4gl in exeess 4hi
~ Xbprovnl. tht
**: : p~t~ tiLe: a
"lq 3t
~thy~apii *
ý'AYs . .: : '. " : y
- The unnersigned having recent
l- Iy purchased the entire GU aun.ts
outfit, wyill, from and l1'ter ti:s
Sldate assume the control and pub
ication of the pa)er.
It is our ,purpose tQ edit and
' publish a live, energetic, first
Scl:ass weekly journa:il, the mission
of which will be to Cenunciate the
doctrines and principuls of the
S. demociratic party, and to keep our
reacde:s col:tantly postcedl in te
gadr to all publc !]ttcIrs, politi
cal anl ot:terwite pei t ni. o t.'
the wcrlfure of the people.c
1c shall not wait the driit
and trend of public thouiht and
opinion for the purpose of fallow- I
ing blindly in its wake, but rather 1
shape our own course, and draw
conclusions andl direct our I
thoughts in pug.suanee of our I
ideas of right and wrong princi
pICS. The object of true j9urnal-:
ism being to elevate mankind, to
in benefit society in genetal, and( to t
a aid and assist the public in form
ad ing the right opijnins and reach- I
at ing the correct conclusions, we
al. shall endeavor at all times to make <
a correct and impartial survey of:
fll all matters afaccting tlie public E
of weal, ant openly an Iboldly give t
our views ana criticisms touching 1
?the same. I
te, WYe will from time to time dis a
cuss, and keep our readers postled c
ir- in regard to all matters of a paro. (
is- chi nature, that is the financial r
nd condition of our pailish. c
es. Realizing that no enterprise can L
ne prosper without the co-operation t
ý. and support of its patrons, we re" l
spectfully ask from the public 1
a their sympathy and support. C
na Jso. R Puwurs. t
i k
C Thcrc is no lass ofu nfoitunates p
whflose demands, wants anl needs e
of ippcal to our `finer sensibilities n
it with such a just and equitable e
d cause as our insane. Nowy that
ie our Asylum is to have a new s- n '
ns preintoudent it is sincerely hoped k(
that its busincss affairs will be C
-"better administered than they a
y were under its olId regime. Whet
fr e tlhe the affairs of the institutiaon P
in iunder the sulperintenden c of Dri o
- Jones were wisely and judiciously th
g. managed or not, yet it is a deplor cc
s able aind lamentible fact thatih in t
i the last few ysears numbers of be c'
plicbnts hami beniref thausen adhi th
Lance, ' ile present legislatur~e ll
appropriatedl $90,000 per annum 11
Sfor the nert twvo years, for the h- t
Lt benerft of this institution, and it
'- Jdoes seem to us that with the tiu ~"
s. mangeoro·f th, 1inetiti llo- eli
s able land in thestate belongicng to
i. this institution, which Is cultofa
tel for its beneften, that the amiont t
<1 appropriated is su0cient to care forn in
io a humane manner, all th e luna
doties in the state. TJme legislature tli
recently adjoulrned, t hroh its hlla
committees made a searchingr in- in
vlestiantion concerningits lanage- o
Ment, and fiom the strictures and
· , animad rcrsions ofthe Senate corn-c
mitted re mire obeeintet d that its of
butprpr and financial affoirs hare p
I been poorly managedl. These he- fai
I fortunante crnatues alr the seuc n
i1 ial wards of the state and everyrcr
f prtncup~le of law both humnan and
divine desnn tiat their welfare th
and comfort be wrathed over whith
alr jealous ceye.r
tomit a facet that in the last
State election negroes r oteed the cie
Democratic tikcnt. In RedRivter o n
parish a nnmber of ngeSa voted agm
for Nicholls. George Banks, the nge
;coloredl barbrlc Lnd Republicann
lieter, said he voted against tee]
Warrmuoth because he had sold in
Sthe negro oult, and that the (flly d tcc
use he had for the colored a get
waIb to gt offlee. This ha been
the aim of the Repbbelicans allste
along the line. Inthe past thry inl
have oinpletelay befoohed the ne- ap
gro, hut the latter has learnd, m~
late it is trea, that thei b l friend
is hisomhote beihbort ced ibe itheot
is a De fact thatSDr r ine, tihe..
ISe the laboring *claeeescna be ithe
dIeceived and ied into the belief, all i
awtoctickre ta. In ed iuerilt col
tlieir c itionitil llenosetrate Io
teihr Inuapa bity fo egoeroe roed
fNehtl. Fr Ge1r8t 1881 the a
W'~ arimot o b revnene h only.
nro labor anth he only tie
use hed war etheen o lOS
o her: le tIarthepato - Thiy
grobutthe later has learned,
is his ite n
is Deag(~t *8rerpor fletth
Thep 'isw political quiet in
,ct- Louisiana. The nomination and
IAXs election of Xic!iolls lhas accom
thl:s Plished this result. There was
- never a truer man to the people,
and it is to the credit of the State
and that sthe appreciates this great
it- man. His poplnlrity and streugth
n has never been surpassed, if equal
the ed, in this State and doubt
t!li ess never will be as long as irea
son controlls the judgment of
r tihe pcople.
liti- - **- -
' t 1. There is no doubt that a very'
I Irge majority of the people of the
riit U. i. wre opposed to a protective
and tariff, whlich ;s the leading issue in
ow- the coming presicde~t:l &lection. I
hier If every man were to cast his 'oO
raw without prejudice or previous po
our Iitical bias and with a thorough
our understsnding of the question,
nei protection would ' be dclfeatcd by
nal- an overwhelmning vote. But the
Sto right has for its enemies, many of
to the rich and powerful, who have
'rm- grown so by the effect of protec
ch"l tion. These men will use a vast
we amount of money. They will de
ake ceive the ignorant, by the corrupt
orf and frighten the timid. For the
.lic first time in 25 years this question
the has come squarely before the peo
ing plie for settlement at the ballot
box as nearly discntanglel from
lis any other issue as it probably cv
;ed er will he. A tariff to support in
Lro- dividuals, or a tariffl to run the
ial government is the question. T'Ihe
case has been argued for more than
an flifty years, and in the history of
ion the human race there has never
re- been a question upon whiich more
lic learning and talent htie been ex
pended. It will however be a hard
s. fought battle. The late war and
Ls. the years immediately succeeding
it gave an impetus and force to the
protective system hitherto un
kIown. With the minds of the
tes people divertedl to other and more
?ds exciting issues and the financial
ics necessities ('ftlhat great revolution
blc enabled it to acquire sufficientc
tat strength to in a great meas'ure
3n- control the governnment. We be
red leive it will be overthrown in the
be coining election. This would be c
e* a certainty but for the fact that a
- the protectionists have grown i
on powerf4jl by the too long neglect t
. of the opposition and further that t
l thousands of laboring men will be c
>r compel hold to vote for a protective a
in tariff against their convictions of II
righth Bnt foi party sluackles and 1
ithe piarty lash the great states of
re ,Iinnesota, Iown, Wisconsin, and ~
a Illinois being almost entircly.ag
ijercultural1, wout14,p rttaie r
t .orv- .llluiUI ~ICM·por~t tariff r~e- n
itorntSe vcral of these gave 14
nine, small majorities in the last b
election. There is well grounded 9
to hopes thatat least one or two of 13
I them sill support Cleveland be- ni
cause of the main issue involved P
in the olectidn. ei
3- S~
e The police jury is in session
ehis week, and we understand ti
have allowed several costs bills h4
in favor justeccs of the peace grow- id
ing out of matters which have not St
been finally settled In the district
court. It is a flugrant vtolation P
of the law for the police jury to di
approve and allow an account in m
1 favor of a justice of the peace oi
constable for fees and services in tu
Y criminal matters until the proceed.
ings have been carried to the dust. Ic
*e court and the matter as to whethl to
h er the parish or defendant will
pay the cost finally determined.
It is very often the case that com
I plaints are made before the justi
e ceo of the peace about some frivo- ha
r ions where no one is hnrt or dlam. pr
age done, and a dozen or more wit- TI
nesses are summoned and the re
n costs in the imatter amounts to fif. eC
teen or twenty dollars. NbIo it is an
i in violation of the law for thejus. an
P tice to present his accounts and by
i get them approved by the police "1'
j jury and paid by-the parisfr before re{
the matter ha. been disposed of oa
in the diet. court and his aceou""G,
approved by tl!h Judge and Cierk.- At
1. 1Iany of th~eistis whero the Do
uorendants are condemncd to pay lot
the costs ihey have property and ila
aroe ble to pay the costs, and it iw ifl
the duty of thejustice to exhaust; olt
6 all legal remedies to colkot his to
costs ouit of the defendaht before PrE
he is atuthorized by law, to collect lie
from tthe-aih. to
It reqaires 01- electoral, voteso
to olept. ThbSotithefil Democrat. C00
fbita.iS ca at l5li8; - C.ei'and and eel
*Th a will tb~rj toro~ne d 48 s
V~et6. a
gl $1, i~
~4ItDrne~v~ tiket o~*"k1" VL·~i
in . The Bagging Conspiracy.
and --
rn One of the most tearfully threat
ras ening ldangers besetting t is coun
pleI try, at this time, are trhe-so-called
;ate "trusts" organized by unscrupu
eat ious men of large capital or un
gtl limited credit, in order to ferce
l. any special necessary of life or
bt- other commodity, to a lhkighe
eCa price. Those engaged in them
of can be regarded only as highway-!
men-commercial assassins-fo r
their methods are governed by the
same secret plannings, anld nae
the practically those of the highway
ieand railway train roblbers, except
in ing that they are more mean,
a cowardly and dastardly, in that
o their persons are not endangered,
Sani thLcir ncefarious practices are
gli thus ati, esfd of the courage of the
bandit; and 1vo.c 3han all, they .
rob the pool, while t'; o:""s rob
the rich.
of Quite recently the country hast
LVC been cursed withI, and robh'd Iby
sugar "trusts,"tlotur ~trusts," oil
LC "trusts," and coffe "trusts." The
.tst effect of the last named was, that.
le- coffee advannced five cents a pou;ind
Ipt in one day, nearly all of which,'
he while it Inasted, was wrenchedti
t ·from the laboring class; and now
on conies the baggin' "trusts,"
"o which has advanced bagging six -
lot cents (or more) a yard, and
nn cries out to the f:armer "hands
up)," while the i"tru.sts" goes
Sthrough 'his pockets, to rob him
n- of threc million, or imore, dlilars.
hie Why, the Italian bandit; ('apt I
hie liidd, the pirate; Murrell, the
an hIorse thief and general plunderer;
and the bold and intrepid train
of robbers, excite admiration, when
Cr viewedl in contrast with these un
are seen, cowardly. sueak-Iti:ef rob
hx hers-merciless mercenary, mo
rdl nopolistic imostrosities that they
a e.
But the farmers and planters
n' all over the country ie aaroused
he particularly the Allianee-and are
I taking action. If they remain
he firm, and firmly united, and can
ire arrange to hold their eropt; until
la substitute for jute is found and
a bagging manufactured, they will
an break the "trust," annd, it is hop
nt ed, financiallhS break the origina
ire tors. aicders and abettors of the
e robber-conspiracy.
ie Many years ago cotton used to
be be manufactured into bagging tot
cover cotton with. It can he done
Rt again. The waste cotton, the fly
n irgs, and stained and frosted cot
et ton can be manufactured into cot'
a ton bagging. This consiumption
will redue the supply for the us
e uwi manufacturers and result in
re advancing the priceof the retrain
f der. But whether it does or not,
d It will demonstrate the indepen.
i <frnce of the producer, and his
shility to thwart the designs of
d the consupiracy. _
Ising cotton for bagging will
c not affect the price of cotton uu
e less to advance it. It will not en
hance insurance, not obstruct ~
s shipments by rail or ship. Tests
made in New Orleans triumphant
f ly demonstrated, ,not alone Its
!- equal fitness with jute, but its kn
IJperiority to it. Beipg of smooth
er exterior, sparks are less liable
to iodge in it in transportation.
So'it is safer.
It is probable that more iron
ties will be needed. Should there
s he, as iron manufictur'ing is rap- TI
idly comning to the front in the F
t South as a great an prosperous in- 8t
dusti,', the cotton prolgucetr will be mi
able not only to place himself in a ma
Sposition to overpower anh utterly s
n destroy his would be robbers, but F
Smaterially aid in developing the in
. iron industry, whose workman, in tin
turn, become consumers of the I
product of'the fields. th
Let the Alliances marshal their a"
.hosts, close ranks, and shoulder tl
to shoulder march forward to glo. j
rious triumph, which awaits them. se:
-Sunny South. ass
------~e- ~ orl
The 1st congressional district thi
has nominated T. S. Wilkinson I
present incumbent for Congress.
The convention passed a 8et of
resolutions. The 1st resolution
endorses the Chicago platform
and Cleveland's letter of accept
ance. The 3rd resolution passed
by the coniontion reads as follows:
"That we advocate the continued
reduction of the iPternal revenue I
on War Taxea &nl tavor a tarif
w(ieh shall s9 cotnjiensate the daJ
Amerlean laborer, that he shall men
not be reduced to the level of the Pl
low fame of labor employed in sim
ilar industries elsewhere." $udg n
ing the-conuvetion y this 3rd res
olhion tolieconsistent they ought "
to support Uarrieon. Itisfoom- hum
'pletely in unisonr with tli Repnb- .
lican creed as it is possible for it tdip
to be. Though they were Able to ihr
Sever and divide a hair 'twist tha
oprth and iorthwadit aide, thley p
coild not itasor their mtaiphysics 4d
soisors betweent this ?esolution ~j
andthe support o full fledged
xerbltp~s(ietjirehriff. They ~
have snrorsed f~iC~t i'st~~Sll Deocaic bm
&t#si,,,d trf~teuwnit4 sost p 8
#syldosdi1 eub:a pit.
The ncxt legi4l:ture ouglht to
pass a law making it a crime pun
at' ishable 1,v im:r isiolnnIeni in the
ti- penitent iry, flior any one to know.
.c1 in ly circulate, or give culrrency
j)l- to false replorts rJl:tive to the
un- pl'rvtalence of vellhw fever or any
rCCe other epdlemic in any of the cities
or of this State.-kS'rcreport Demo
hel ciralt.
elil - - "ýýe --
Congrcessm: n B:Inins of Georgia
I; has introuiuced a bill in Congress
t') of!er renward of $1,0CO,000 to
eany oi y who will discov'r the
trun ca:use of the gerni,of yellow
fever, with any eertain m( ans of
't- ablecting its prevention.-S hrc
un, port DcOrc)r((t
tat -
ýd, What has bCcome of Jas. G.
ir lilnine, the mnatrmetic statesman
he from M.aine? His silence is in
e. jurini IIlre Democnrats. It is p'rob
o0l ablo tliht Boss Quay lhas jiut t o
bits eni ! ir.-,S ,ec";.,'t Demo
S, t CPi t.
1 A gr p vine at Creen Cove
le Springs, Fla., L : year yield
ed about 12 .bushels of rapes,
d0 and this year will produce I5
oi r 20 brshela.
Wr - --- e --
I 8.
It I OXER......................Li.,
he D)EALar: Ix
S The' best grades
1 of Tobacco and Ci
o gars specialties.
v thing sold LOW
PIRt Li h potA e G .i oPVC
- mr
The wdll-known Opt iciataof10 N.
e F~ourth Btr., [nndcr Planter ijolnuse
- &. Louis, huss alppoitd G;. G. Gill, eCl~o
el mor, La.,a as Ag t tiir his celebratel D~ii
mood Spectacle and Eyeglasses, and I
also for his Dianond Non-Changeable
Sjioctacles atd Eyeglasses. 'han Glas
Hes nsar the greatest invention ever mad,,
? in Spetcaclee. By a pioper construe
tirn of the Lensayn prson purchasing a
pastr of thesce Non-Changenrtble? Glrlasea
niever juts to cbau1,. these Glnases from
the scan, and every pair purehaad are(
r guaranteed, so that if they over leave
the eyes [no aflutrter how)\ rnltctp or
scratched the Lenes are y the i all far
nish the party with a new Itair of Gias
*es free ofcharge. 0. G. Gill bass fall
assortment and iuvites all who wish to X
satisfy themselves of the great supori
orlly, of these Glasses over any anid all
others aow in use, to call and examine I
b the anmna, at 0. G. Gills, Iionaur, La.
West 8ide Publiq Sjuare.
DLstrict Couartf. Pbi9. t
Nancy Dal W, ife,
T. N. Willis, husband.
Nancy J. Davis, vs. T. N Willi
- No. 1059 ig3r4DistrictConr~
Sclalor Parlab Lothna.
In lthi case by reasoR M Jne iatt Anh
-t e r f e)fsitdant hertofore ta
rba by pflaintlfi and two entire judicial
day. having expired and the juidge
maet, by default net being set aside,
and on making said defauln final, the
Plaintiff having proven up her demand
mand the evidence on said trial heing in
favor of the Plalptiff and against De
fendant, It is therefot er orald, ad
judged and deoreed that the Plainliff, a
Nanyo Davis, wife, do havetind recover
uadgefentof aud froam her hmnssbtad,
. N W lis, for the slan of twelve e
hundred ($1200 00) dollars with ·i per
cent per annue Interest thereon *oT- r
this date. It is th-rtlher decreed that
the anaisy o aeq·uets apd gains
existing between thona be,
- sanme Is hereby disoived, and
that~l if tatd Defsndaos hereafter
bo A1'ito in prqperty, aand that the
Plai t~e and she is biteby authoriz
ed ·"mpowere4 to administer her
*wt~.l teaso a (satneole. It is further V
tI at the fatsfidain pay ahllICoets
-'Thus dose, road and signed ip open
ioert, on th,. the 1th day otf eptotu
SigLnniuf BaxtaasDAnjt, 01
:3rd Dfs't. of Louisiana
I bere1 orif that the above san .
*rag.Mage trso cpy at the origulas
nown l any oilo.e.
Givqpaaee y tiw4~1
-'1- -%
i tlh
~ities iLIIiIhN
0 to
elcd- '
pes, -
2 I5
Contains all the Home News, in
)D cluding a full and official account of
).) the proceedings of the Police Jury of
Li., Claiborne Parish and Town Council
of Homer, and the general news of
the day, together with more miscella
neous, instructive and interesting
D reading matter than any pap'r in
- North Louisiana.
The pape' is placed at a price with
in the reach of all--only ONE DOL
seven-column pape1r.
In politics THE GUARDIAN will
be thoroughly '°Democratic,but oppos
ed to Ring Rule and Monopolies, and
all corruption in high or low places
lIt is for an hIlonest, pure and cconom
ical Government, from the'Federal
Administration down.to the corporia-.
, tion of the town. Will be Fearless:
and outspoken on all public ques
There will not be less than Six
H Ilundren copies of THE GUARDIAN
issued from the start, and we expect
to have at least ONE THOUSAND
cash subscribers before two monthb
Advertisino rates reasonable,.and
will be furnished on application. Will
make as low rates as any paper haY
-ing anything like an equal circula-.
IEt Will '$' y to .Aidvertise i.z
We desire to make it imterestinu J
and instrUctive to the people ad
;everybody living in the Parish
· Claiborne and all rdjoining pariah
: Remember, the terms are
Z vance.
All con nunications a bne
1otherwise, to secur t atte
fi tion, shrluld be addr
d ":5 *ri ~~· i·-?~

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