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U1'Vfli812D EVERY 7FRIi)AY.
F Q 11, - LOUi iANA.
SOtiion Scs fur sale at Joe Sholtoi.'d.
'Bar tiame andl money by buying yotu
bingies from W. \. IWoonon.
Wrintera are not often woýrn td with
take btthoseo who sret rp thix is.suo of
thepaper had more pi to toove thlan thy
could manage.
Don't be afraidi to coco forward and
subscribe for this lipr'r. It was in a
Gill net once but it is now in as Sal
hoesPoulitry Iowdieri for prevention
sand cure of cholera in poultry, fir sale
Frank Sitaeird cn lit you up in Sad
sles, Iiridhs and tarn o a t low cash
here is the place fuor our moneys
worth af anything you wnut to buy
Jere at Frank Sherardcl's Calh flou.e.
Our train now wwets the V. S. & P,
both wanys, giving us two rttuaur trains
eaoh !ay.
W.J. 'naylor & Sun, tirtiiculsh, will
sell ys:u the chec pest gooda ccr banght
ina his tuwu.
E. H. oUleudolon Lind J, ' Il!ui,'rt
isgsqu :avejnet. rotutncd fru,, 4Farmer
villo where they attended t Appeal
Coact. __ j
fs ceased to worry the lurmm ra in thi.,
section,sinco tlhey have len aL thatI
goods are sold so ewap at Fla nk Sher
urd's Ca h Hlouse. -
Cold weather is couiing at now i:;
the time to buy your lilanl .&ad P.
.ljewencerg n ill sell yen chl r 'r than
anJ other srnrchsnt. Comne at xlaw
inc his lurgestock.
Cotton is Mtill rolling in ii lively
rate. The merchants aid payil guat
prices for it and selling goodaS their
custentoers at remarka!ly low pr s.
Slinuden has boinsted the sqlm dtile
flag, but W.V J. Taylor & 1on Lica e
price which still alarm the n. i s.
- We will be glad to haove corre sl.
ints tfrom ever section of the piah,
aud would also be gwla to hav4nr
.trreslpondents not as local agonts. .j
Call at Sherardi's and( examluel is
limense stock of Boots and Slhoes. ,
will find the cheapest and best -
gnus ever sold.
Geata furnishing goods and tn y
)ado Clothinu of t11 styluse id t is t
themost fastmtidiais tastes, at the pos
larlousn of P. Luewenberg.
Co. T. W. leool the newly appoitmi
aounmistaoner ofmIgruition hi up ft
< .l.Osewndingf few days with his &
fly and frimnds hn Homer. The Col.
'ilaem hod and 'talea full posdession
his otic sad I lamow alkinig imnmi
tioni*rlth the air of a profsslonual.
See Fraak Shorard's savcrtiseume
Sii this linse. y his energy, tir -
iog> amtl natitrasl businesg taet, Frn
t7&# iron for himself an enviable ruj
~A#atiom rs 6 bUl tinaI man, and is ott .
tbe moisrt misglegiaag enorebmachnts I
iortl Lousisa. o
~P4Jiia e leased flo Farmers' U! o
~t1h~seaad tespeedsuily sqhlcta theT
tirioftbrirctants and Mill who
*10p *i r fresghts toirecoive.
4V~ WJItwoib trk tnd shpi cotton
$a .tEMU* teases. Wilb ialde store
ghtw1 eFhp.p Reapecttmftly,
A LL1e.nman bCo, have opone4up
binteon'aorneva tiaWrenzee's
Ttss 1·hvy will deal atsf rsalily
4ir . ogode, sad have a large
has be delayed by tsam
that all he
I as sold otore
~g~o~frthk a st 39 days
$1sadtba (bo
lty rbjb; a
4W II#flt
4' ~ il
t Hat litafho clapel sire.
tho ta( INicrinatiive ran in to Huoer,
iet during this shirt time our town for
buiiOess and genteral ilmprovement hasn
4urpaasstl the exac4tationst of its muost
. saguino wel-wishira. The crowded
Iorse racks, the lung train of tfirn
wagons bearing Iro lieryey staple, the
quick step of tlhe imerchaut.man, I he
nuoi.e and bu: tlo of the street', all be
takens the s'gitni etint f'ict that Humer
is fast regaining her lost trade that was
haen in foroner years.
Our Inerehants farseeing and zealous
Sof tlheir own uttrcet, ore paying even
more for cotton than its actnal market
tvalue nd selling goods a. chealnp as any
I town in this State outside of Now Or
vleans. These indnccnents raust and
will attract trade, for no reacona
ble mtitan will go beyond the boun:ds of
Iis own parish to tradoe when he can do
as ucell and even better at home.
S The umost trouble we have now is in
getting our demuaud for luiaber suppli
Sed. Now citizens ate seeking homes
e with ms every week antd themr is a great
cartity fur dwelling houses, notwitli
stantldipg about fifty new ones, some of
which are now in construction, hav e
beenl built this year. Let every citi
zen, both of the town and the parish,
strive to make our towin wlhat it. shounldi
- be, the metropolis of North Lnuijiana.
Another Assisslnatluu.
Merideth FoIrd, the ..lored man shot
on the Neeley place a week ago l;anst
Saturdiay night, died lust Thursday
from the efl'cts of the ihooting. It
seems that the deceased attended a
pi rty on the night. of the sh::oting :u:d
whilu en his way honme was hot down
from his horao by soae nuiknown par
ties who had secretedt themselves in
:atbnsh n. ai thb r.ad-sidn. There is
no positive evideue. as to who did the
shiuoting, although Wesley and WVillie
'Smith, two brothers, Ihave been charg
,ed with the ofeane and are now in jail
awaiting the action of the Orand Jnry.
This is a cold blooded assassination a:ndl
the guilty parties, whoever they may
be, should he visited with the severiest
pecnalty of the law, howeover, the par
ties above mentioned should not, by
the publie, be adjudiged guilty antil
hrlit hide of the case Ihas been heard.,
Edncntion is !he chief corner stone of
rmaterial prozress. hlomer should be
come a great centre of learnin-. For
bealth and morals it is unsurp:ssed,
being in tl: etslremo i.orthern part of
the State aucnd' further removed than
any other place of inmport:ance, from
the malarial i'ullnences of the swamp
country. Its natural position givesit an
advantage in this respect over any
other townl in the State. It in fatal to
the best interest of a community both
materially, socially, and politically, to
neglect this great cealing interest aside
from the moral turpitude in failing to
properly shape the tminds of the rising
gen ration.
We laibored under considerable d.fi
culty bthis week in getting out our pa.
per, us our pr essdeUrs still sling on to
the GUwuA eixchusasgas and refuse to
allow us to see thma, adthongh they
ceased to publist the paser ovet two
mouths ago. We must, a lso, uppolo
giso for the heading of our pjiper not
appearing noater, but the trath is soein
prwton took out the head-line while the
paper wits tied up in litigation; bitt we
hare done the best We could undtur the
circemtaances. Exctanges with this
aper will pleasedirect pilainly to the
omecr GUARDIAs.
reat Reduction in Prices
f whiskey at the Parlor
O0 Whisiey reduced to$1 b0
50 " " to 200
00 " " ,to 2 60
1 0 " to 300
* All whiskies are guaranteed.
¶ bis locl tlinka thters should be less
l6. among our boys about niarryitag
itt# moruof it did. If yon are all
ln nino out of ten of the oposite sex
itok ip in the same asrIess with
7 li fe if she is properly appreach
your documents are fresh froum
Ii, Cler's s l'qill.
e was a suit ab~out sesen geeeo
in tSiUeinsasoe court of ward 7 this week
Sel~ woauld *brnish an extensive aod
frt-iss local, tU as the writer was
attorneys in this very lsor
i st-wo say it with pride
tosteat fraos forthert renarks.
aetation liglasta OfPythfihs
isasd amembers of Claiberne
S Iti27, L ofP. are specially ie
ttynd the next rogolar
night, Oct.11th,
to he trans
*ecet mouthi eqetrol of Alen .-3
lot. AU eqites bouh 66 y aemasy bl
we~lglbrta ~Lwfpre en l
lo~~~~~~~a tols~I~a~t Im~g
lIl owever
·whb_4. .u. t..m. aa. n
cr15s to announce that
a$nb re sent
8. s f te at
TlThe Parish Farmners' Union meets uIn
Homer to-day.
Frank Shirard is selling hats chenp
cheaper than can be bought anywhere
for cash.
A full line of clothing lfr sale cheap
at Fruak tSlhetarid'. Cash House.
Clear the tr.tce., and let me in Frank
Shlrard's Cheap Ciash Store.
Fra{k SIerardtl, at his cheap eusi
aºuse buys hides, wool beoswax ant.
Do you want a huandunsoe suit of
Clotlhes at low. figures? If to call on
G.G. Gill.
The young wan who sits up late at
night talking to his, or somebody elses
girl is liable to get left on the 5:45 a. to.
G. G. Gill has on haudl a large, comn
plete anid well astorted lot of Gouts
Clothing, Ladies' Dress Goods and
A candy a ew given at Mrs. A. It.
BusIIh's i;as T.tsday evening was
highly enjoyed by a paty of our young
cpeol e.
Mis:i BIloude Griffin, of ituaton, is inl
town on a visit to frieuds aJud rala
The Cheapest Cash lit'io in the Ton a
is Frauk Sherard'a. Call on him. lie
tentts to se evcry 1man1, woman and
child in Ný.th Louisiana.
La:lies Dress Goods at Frank Sher
nrd's, to suit the taste of thie most fis
f tdious and within reach of anybody's
purse. Geats unde.rwear a aspecialty.
amine those elegant and lovely Oloaks
at G. G. Gill's inatumoth store before
npurchasing :esewhcre.
If we have a few more mornlings and
nighlts as the last few praeeeding ones
Gen. Jack Frost will orive Col. ) w
Jack inio winter quartets.
Frank Sherard is never behind the
limes in keeping everything oa hand
necessary to the wants of his cuasto
mere. Call on him and be convinccd.
There will be a u.ass meenting in Ho
titer to day to select delegate a to relpre
noot Claiborno in the Congressional
Convention which assembles in Muoroo
on the 10th Inst.
G. G. Gilldefys co npetition in quan
tity, quality and prices of Clothing.
You will not bind a umore handsome stock
in any p!ace in the State, north of New
If you want musnic go to P. Loewen
berg's for Violins, Accordeens, Banjos
and Ihe gcuuine Gold-Ton:ue Harnumn
Buy your Jeans, .insays, Flannels
and all kinds of Dress Goods from P.
Loeweuberg if you want to get the
worth of your money.
Frank Shearrd wants to met you and
ifyou don't call on him ha will hunt yon
up and a'most give you his entire stock
of goods eelow cost.
A specialty. Don't forget that I have
ins of the best horse-sheors in the
State, and positively narnntes antis.
faction* W. WV. DOHMON.
Police Jury Proceedings.
The Police Jury of Claiborne
parish met Monda.y, Oct. 1, 1888.
Present TA Watson, President,
wardl 6; T Y ,O'B-mnnon, ward 1;
PR Neol, warm 2; 1AN Winn,
ward 3; TT Lowe, ward 4; R J
Bridges, ward 5; J MI McKenzie,
ward '7, and J A AycoC-k, ward 8.
Board called to or-der.
On motion, the repom-t of the
committee ,on rodding the court
house was rec-ive-d.
On motion, the following uamed
perisons were apl)Iointcd Cle-rks
of election in and for their respec
tire wards:
Ward 1, Summerfield, JCS rnith;
hart's Chapel, Thonias Leak;
ward 2, Gordon, tV E Goodenou
gh; Colquitt, Crawford Greer;
Tiger Creek, John Oukes; ward 3,
Haynesville, Phillip Gibson; Has
ty's X-Road, J H King; Norton's
Shop, W H Randle; ward 4. Crl-- i
ry's School-House, C '2- Oatrand;
Eureka, .A : ad on; ward 5,
At~ens, 3 L Candy; ward 6, Ay
Icock, B F Marsalis; Macedonia,
B F Pace; ward 7, Homer, HS
Taylor; Arizona, H W Minnifoe;
ward 8,'Lisbon, J J ppinger.
Be it enacted by-the Police Ju
ry of Claibore paris~h that . there
be. aid is bereby established a
public road from near Chrytetal
Springs, on the ih4mer avid Shirn
aloo road, to the flopper (pd
e road at, or pear the
O in D'Arbmhqne bot
tify out by the cerCi'
hereby ovle4 hen
out saii4 in Chrystal
Springs to between
3 sad 7/st . speebe
each of
ized to ir
subetJteco o4 to
and a a
sphaad oht
John Cupp), bridge lumber, $90 05
A J C:tarathus, for Picks, 6 25
Ledbetter& & Co., brg. nails 5 15
WV M Atkins, br'ge lumber, 131 32
R F Taylor, julror inquest, 2 35
VW F Bridges, " c 2 35
FC Greenwood, " 2 35
A E Wilder, 2 35
F U Allen, 2 35
Dr Turner, Coroner, 10 00
Dr A R Bush, Post Mortem, 10 00
. -11 Hay, bridge nails, 75
S'1' IHarris, bridge lumber, 13 00
I J M McKenzie, com'te service, 980
Clahorne Guardi. n tinýr.17 50
J 1'V Crow, brid her, 24 46
)r Turner, one quarter sala
ry as Parish Doctor. 31 28
F A Iiillev, bridge lumber, 8 81
J WV Crow, 19 52
F A Willey " " 26 20
A N Garland, bridge nail, 70
N 0 Smith, bridge lumber, 3 i
W J Mercer, assessing taxes,
1888, 310 20
E 11 McClendon, Dist. At
torney in case State vs.
Si'd Wallace, 15 00
State vs. :iaywood Perry, 14 00
" " Jane Marcus, 15 00
" " John Hayes, 15 00
On motion, the board contract
ed with the Sheriff to wait on the
Police Jury and serve all papers
issuedl by them, road overseer
commissions and road commis
sioners, and call the body togeth
or at called meetings, and for the
ensuing 12 minonths for seventy
n:ne doll:ars to be paid quarterly.
On motion, the salary of J. H.
Simmons, up to the filing of the
suit against him, by R. T. Mc
Clendon, amounts to $151 62
When, on motion, rln d ald
jourued till ha
S. I
. J.
say morning
Me sent.
Minutes of Monday's meeting
read and approved.
On motion the following bills
were allowed:
W. C. Boring, Constatl
amt. in various St
date, 0
Dr S R Richardson
in State cases, to da
Louisiana Weekly J
nal, public lprinting,
Committee on work at the
Farm reported that tiy3 had e.
amined the work done and filnd
the work of Mr. S. T'1'. Taylor done
in accorldance with the contract
and recommend that his part of
the work be paid for, and that the
woi-k ldone of Mr. Hyde be paid for
when he complies with his con
tract, which has not yet been done,
so far as the gutters are concern
Committee on Settlement with
the Parish Treasurer, reported
that they had received, from the
Treasurcer, cash vouchers against
the parish to the amount of
$2926.31, which they checked and
burned, except vouchers No. 596,
for $18.05, which is preserved.
Cash on band, as per Treasur
er's report, $4149.68.
Committee on work at the Poor
House and Farm, reported they
had examined the work and found
it done according to contract and
ecommended payment thereof.
On motion tile following bills
were allowed:
Clerk Police Jory, to date, $40 98
Gus Delany, bridge nails, 45
1 J Webb, Constable, 11 60
W J Taylor & Son, for jail, 70
W F Bridges. Justice oh the
Peace in State cases to
date 109 6)
Louisiana Weekley Journal,
Public Printing, . , 17 50
BC Parker, Constable, 7 85
S T Taylor, work on Poor
House and quai'terage, 137 50
CaIldwell & Touchstone, br'g
lumber, · 75 50
.T W Brooks, J, P. 9 05
Maddry Bros., br. lumber, 17 80
J Milenry, J. P. ' 10,00
(To be continued next weelC.)
John Fittpatrick.
-The preiclent, frohi reports, has
WilLfiro toe name of John Fitz
patrick as sehal for the East
ern DistJ'p f a Louisiana, presum
ing, it is , e that New Or
leans t 'him. .Now
comes onigressiotal
District d1 indorses
him for. hi Dis
trict comrn i otNew
Orleans it .jiar
ishles. Tho at.
ri. has no .ilari
tyiu ewO 't as
badly mist al
dgoi0l io for )tls a ver
saiWa ~he abitts o*hich he'
thie e #bmily on thl#s f
couz W e :Ioe b realde
will im~pIIh're (It he Jis
ever .ai lthatf; the
SI$ my;~~
Southwest Corner Public
IHoimer, La.
Thankful for past favors,
all comers are cordially in
vited to call. Terms mod
erate. W. W. BRnowN.
H. .
South Side Public Square,
Homer, La.
I respectfully in
vite my friends and
the traveling pub.
lic in general to
give me a call at
my house. I prom
ise good atttention
at reasonable rates.
West 4blic Square,
onr, La.
ki ~paoious Lots for Drov
Y · God Hqk*
7di ~o*
Larg cestRetailEstablishment in Nort'
Dry GooDs, Clothing, Furnishing
Boots, Shoos and Hats.
teatlqunrters for Iildies' Misses nuit Chiltdren'4
UlJnderweal', samples of satue miaiIlt on ap'p1ica
Orders in all depart ments wiil reeil ev prompt and careful :tten;tion. When
visi tig our city wet won iti l e. i aiied to IIaveO yVui ca'! nit t ae t a lo k tironigl
our inmmenso eslablishLnit, No,. D) and Texts Srt el, Sl I{E1 -
First MIouse South of Depot, Arecdia, Louisiala.
LOWEST prices given on Goods. Don't forgcet to call on me when you colie t1,
Areadin. I will make it to your interest.
B? Highiest prices paid for Cotton and all liinds of Country Produce,
and the LOWEST prices given on goods. Don't fotrget to call o: te whein
you conic to Arcadia. 1 will inake it to your Interest.
The LONG and S8ORT of It is that Ezonomioal People will Always go to,
-- J. A. W1TTER
TT\F9~3INES ..46..N ,IQT.0E9
having hought a large lot of Whiskey in bond at tlhe lowecst
rates, I can and will sell you cheaper and bettpr Uiqugra than has.
ever been offlered in Homer. I dely competition in quality alnd
M IIll,
Nos. 8, -10 and 12 Spiing Street,
Manufacturer's Agent For
General Plantation Supplies
Browon Cottoin Gins, Allum'. (Jotton Presses,
Ames Engines, Coleman's Mills,
Victor Cane Mills, &traub Mills,
Arery Plows, Coleman's Presses,
N. ". Enameled Paint, Cook's Evaporator,
Jone Wagon Serles, Great Western Cane Mills
Full Line of BI~lakatith at& Carponter's Tools.
Iron, Wagon Wotr; alle, 1eavy thes*'t ld'i Hardware, Cutlery, Irou
Pipe and Ei4MngsfEigineeis Slnpies, Belting, Gum Packing,
- Q4ar~ge, Itarb Wire, &c., &c.
. I G . GILL

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