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Homer guardian. (Homer, La.) 1888-1890, May 03, 1889, Image 1

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y <N
~Lt)~K A FIUIDA c~~ V ;,.
()riio 1.1
"Li (i :t r .
I~E ::·': N3
l t, (, 2t : I 1 . I +
TT (i,.,t1 i ; .; t·
{V I Ii ' . .
1 t- ^"'t:.. l' lý't ...:tlt::!·: 1:, c t !' ;.::.P ';c
I '~L I ". I : Itr
cu'al'o1 v (.I , 1'a'",` :t''III1 v;~ i r
nt ."! .. *1
Scccir ltl ii'av~ insunJul
T ird ·'ct·t laýK in ;tit- t a'It t,'1,N II'N
t . ''~l~cyitJ;t
,A~l (~f ;9
f ir~l:t~ c 1*!·ilt
II t hi 1 ;..
L i''' n tt it '
j*! Ii';;·; 1 C,.'
T `I~oc'f~ l 'a I, IL
~ AI' I d'.:dcI, t>..r *Jd
FistM C'id. .lr)i.iI'd'
scga1 .Io .iir,~ Ilin II oilo Ocia'ba.
'4"';ol· 9.onst:l l~.
.11.. 1 h~pp, of (r!iit liori
V .iIt 'r (.. o il ~xbg'
I. nicti'rkso, Wol~r & ii rrte
Bringin, Cnt~,
i 1uir(nI'o,,i itslr
W B uNt', " 2~o
11 A N 'hi~~o,
I 'I' tdaa, 'a 4k
JMM II'1'tiie, diarhal
.1 A Ayecsz, T~adlr
'Pdki , Cod1tlIC
'V I olnitd 3: ia~ ti )B
Brooks, ~ Atib2 Ma
/ A1
A. G" A II~
I_) -_
I I.&e/ tj tt' flr. .d
t. *tIi 1: . t :i t ll~ I}i f ''i ' t . it1
a.._.ý I \ N ,r it ii I P iC
I .1. .' .
i c u lsdr h pi- 'ivieLo
'tt't.r u'.eiiý co ~ a:uj.n tl JVI luouut xofl:
l:` i I.l i. 'IXI'" - J
I-!:I Iii o' l n n ilT.(:$r · 1"
O 1t0..1., LA.
"C. W.
I ý ý ý ; ! ), ý" ,: '. 1, ,ý
i;: st'I of t e , '0 ea', 77 arircu It,
J'tr l1 't t5 c andt S utate :uu 1 1'\'d1a
't. C r r'al t7tgV
ble I RReCtfuIth' tu,·cl ntDer nio v erv I(C to 8
OflC OppO itB GUAI:DIA Otlc
Io Ie. rcidec Eas Pubicsquiaron Mi
S, antree.
--.SP~IN~ TBRMI JAtN. 2nd 189~.
PnII~tAII D~rvrsIo~ PEat M0.NTI, S·2I)0
AOaDZMWC " " 3(00
Sr CoLLXGLITZ~, " " 4 00
A voc~ t pfsoeow mwth 400
Lc.*nig -in ~ctut4Iic~' eS anh 31
Jnekiet~ t1 , . 1·00
T/ES c/ F - ( gt - . Lo
ui3sI-in G)oods and 1ats." I
"11, 1 1 ; 1 1 . " "y,
1ao Tti'tI ( PC . .I
PRY 61001)`' C' , I'll!': `f, f I
\ ) IO '.S, ,0 T"'. IR L', 1 7"; (t
;re good:: alway on~naR CKOTOM PRICES.
' Srta 1 ~ 1 j7 n 6ý ý 1]
Re..,,:;' oubr th p ý,N rth o ý.d o the 1'JI ctic Sluatrc, is
X1 ,
- 3 by 7 I8 by ; 1 ('A Lihs, S& ze, 2-c . 4
1 ¶ i
J0 'r1-- I 2t
th0e- 1.0.x18-~ Bik ulig 1cu , La. 91)x
" i3LiiTDiL
1 orA : all. who lls`- Sash, Dors
U&¾ c t ( );cire Goods. I hlave in Stoclk and to arrive,
- 1) 7 Shby 12-12 Lights, Size, 2-4 Ax4-6
2-10x 7 9xlS- 12 "c " 2-7 jx6-6
2-l(Ix6-1O 10Ax-IS- 12 " "2-102 x6-6
2-SxG-5 12x16-- "
U1 Also a great variety of Moulding. Sec my Prices.
They are as low as the lowcest.
The Largcst DRY GOODS HOUSE in the State
outside New Orleans, covering 2900 square feet in
- spce for DRY GOODS,
And ever'ything for MAN, WOMAN or CHILD.
The only House that mnanufactures its Own Shoes.
The Pioneers and origiaos riginators of Low Price8 for the
Best Qualities.
u Texas Street, Shreveport, La.
SDr y G oods, Notion s,
Boots, Shoei
:-'-.j,- ~
· ~ <
One of ;: e 0 : u: l
of, n litu <: it, 0 th
b hill his a:; V I
wa 0A : 0 MV0.
"11 WO
told to ri:-ji to 1 :.
! my 1: , t
Iin to lini Xt t
(lbd 't i 1 W e (!,ie
was Cab and i:'` ni: .0,:tic Ii.; "
Ott, i,: :' (i m a
-Vt' ,,.,,1 I
pw 1ud ul l i' I ' . -C:! ::t 1
Slc I
oii,t to he lanc 1i
enr Itw s ce it a t 1, .:ncr :f
1 , t111011 'u 1
or \\ r1( o': e ,. " . !o : i a On . an! 1
'o 01 k ii tj1.i ;C ,lr. t"re
one e a:t .'i I wnL:o to l)KLt !a ut'
I coun e. a1Im ha 1 to ýgo li t
t1: tt Iii tic 1.' m s ` a
for live C::s l nd wnas l Pi a
'Tii1e 1 m11n I w,:s t ur) brasi .l
most (11 1 ) i iil' t I lf, '_ o1 I
beganoI tio l1iev( tiit nionI real
"ly hve to SCere te. filur' t'e , and
:a Bali or Ii ei'I m si 1 ..:1n; 1
n but on Wtli i^_ Q. ;, h u :; a. me
my il ormio' Ii'O'. V! can Let I
f was th11 oh?1(1l tna ;:1 the pe niten
triay :o joyful a' if I had Leon a
rcal conviet IpaJldoneiL out. iL
nno te ( I:.' .ise I hadn't Incc
warn11ed the n1atute of tihe joi,
when I r .:o:od' the (c.1e I Iai
m'fown mny r: pri and -, n s.irna
tion. Wa it aiceotod? ' X , n:!
Evc bo'l t' thii:ht t t. as i
L)le, but I1. don L want nauder t:'
Sperinc-e of the kind.". --. Y.i
he Itoire ant. ifhr.
"George, tOr,' 0he s:i ani1ht
or two bel)ehC the wedding, "do
Y'ou thin lk it posslile that 6r'
love and our married lift can be
come the common place, coldly
Spractical love and life o: the mar
-6 rieci people we see am ound us? 0,
George, wmvy heam t woulud break ifr
I thought so."
"1hut it wiji riot be so," said
George, pnssionatiy. "We love
(ach other too tenucilt', tot, loud
Sly for that. Ou ov'e is nto
the ordinar y I:inad, wmy darling,
amnd our liv'es will not be so. Ahi,
no, no, my angel; that cain neter
___ le."
.Anmd the other (dIii she sait:
:-Ž y Corge how would o
iulmnpkii lie 4essert? You wuld
A\ll rigit then, baked 1e a s
And 8 iiat VoB L':irjt tkt iotttl1
(if food for I be bobr. 01 I' cooii
tte von back :f or it, and uia:1 tiht
n you dea'tL kep1 dinncr wantinm.'
And be. with a faling ofIl of the
passion of ten yeats ago, a~n:s
"All might, Lou ; 1an I wish
-ou'd scw a button on thce bauck
part of these striped troust r of
mine; you'll find them hanging
over a chair in 0o1 lOer oo. litoeis
have the baCs Z.S lcYs ys tihe In:
D. were, nad iou watch the balyva
eg. cold. Tfhat, watciing of th'. ev'o
Ito moeks 1 ike muensels to iti.Thr
Ji'r ilel frces. 1111110.8
Ind., testif-s: "I can recommend
Electric Bitt*rs as time very best
remeulv. Every bottle solil has
S (rive[ relic'! in every case. One
rman took six bottles, andt was cur
ed of Rheumatism cf 10 yeam-s
stnndlin'g." Abraham Hare, drug.
gist, Bellyille, Ohio, aaivnms: "The
best selling medicine I have ever
haadled in my 20 yeals' exper
ience, is Electric Bitters." Thous.
anids of others have added their
testimony' 5o that the verdct, is
uLaniWous that Electric Bitters
do erire all diseases of the Liver,
AKipduys osr, Blood., Oaly Fa halt
1lS t.a ý' t tli 1 TLL :.; r o l(
a ' '
I -.. i I .
tiltli c :.:· t : " : I : :: ·ii .;i l 1. i( ' '
1 )) i
l' -·:'i. -I M ora O ur · " · (· i i i i lti : _ i~:;l
1 ii C''li_: i..::i I l'' il ' :I !~
iln i eC~ V is tiXC'l ('' M:it ii~l a k wi
a a.iIifl: ii i> ilt' calin"e yij .ia
VON iNY 'i'iiin t~.u.Iie Ii·
1 .1 fle nn'Ih c''-C t til
I ~ n lie~s 111 ,1. hi s Vc t ".mii :!t
( t .1 low the jioi: ; a
wid c'I 0:ik~tii~!V~f
C N -'k het' Clldjourn
ht Has he piepared l it(e
4. ILucas IIC lore his piofoessin?
l 5. Is lie Well. read, anid Well cdi-
6. Is he a 31n possesscd of
:!ood morals?
I if.:* Docu he alend teaclhwr's I1n
of .u+1~c( s of a tine tach)r.
5' (lul cl Inl, thuc wilb eld Teach
di, CI' iitttt fl tiiC l~c'2c~t' tvf
Notiue i ou ecl'' atn
ithi te wl-fateofvon ri~ chldt ici ao(tli
on tat day. Patia ona youic wil d
d i".l~ni~ P.r B .' II. ~iiio'..
An ~!n ~ilit;t OWJ~( iCV. in
ItO Aeu nhlew nl guopw ci',~ the invce
ti, cit of Mr. Itcti.To. hase r~ecenlyl
is i'cn te Lcnl~ i o I c-it on
ick to it a lU·~ - g ti~t t ote;: · thic
of li su:in. K iowk 1'; r to ili or tills
- -. RCoo~I. rizViul C cl22iClIl~e,
i and Itciih::d in Ioln vaiuK fo hun for
0 nti' I s cht m I;l·oi~' I. ~i o
hli' j iriol to oi~lC thrit Ilii i he reeril
ofhak ud ii iI upra
~itionctIr~fl AiOW('l i.:1' it 12 reethi v
)o ii, I'"t~it i'""' jitbaietatia a21 pcrn
" ,icll'-p'5e 'rnti it ix;1 ill hA flit j; od to
ilie j I'c ji lc i' (itro lr YIcnt tV:Iont
us. Bsi, 1ic (j ,9iri~J Cllt i ; 'U .o Uai
icir u gn stil ot )-.`I', ri~uli~l Itehl to s~e
t. is YOU, fl'alrifl') (k'i~s-- hoc)·.
,.rs MItfUUi:uL (r~egard·iog~ clu SUSp~i.
rer,; ciousily)-"Boissie, yoii (in!n t. iijss
ialt qit~h a borroingnr :iU~tio~i when
&~ ott~i~awayl froui hoizie You've
- ; i) 1yWh
I 1.'
,; ., ... ,Ij.. !t: ,... is ';` . {":i : i' `·!! \; t _:
L,) c" " It -i:i \'taiti
;r;' Hain Will b- :i (,ti ,
s o L\1 t1 , 1 . :t; t'
ti:;(`1( :1 I' m illlll,!i~i ;"1 :)..
H· I
t; I u i~0 .
tilt! i li' i C . i11t·
' 1(.:.,
* i
\ l:- c1 ;'ll d ti:iu Li Ilct) tile chn
'uIn ' .-.
a : C'H eIM :Ic arnd the l'.-t'k -
'.?;I A wt)LLh la
tIc "' '' I pl the ncw s i
[1r '·la ic Ini1i cotis f tli VoLifIocl
of "O n the --
'-1' i it ,s ae Ml . o
''have te doors cfi thc:i ol 100
1n "L:'t IcMANcian' yu
CIlt (oncerniiilg (~rtreisr.
~iinhrons ha~ve nftfwas been usedl
told. (f Sk Scotch (lo1Iific t1itic
'n picked a pI a 'iibbou gale:r drrippcdl
tly 1w b ~ on (,1 lie wlc. 6rvote on:
'iu t lit illn a h2ld hoo1d ; "'Lost h' Elilo
"~ inltendling to i'etur a it pobrljlciy~
Idi i itit a severe tepri Iian 1c. Butt hre
hi'· m ark; 0111 i soole ¶'OarS after'. 'I hen
I ha in:!' :liuec~i Eisa McIcugal -
>.''5 tIj~O 1ifSl~c siiCisf theC uIao&'l), SheO
fo~andl out rn here hot Iorst garic r
t" ~ied1. bet~n tn~u'i'ying.
It iB Cii)sI~i~Et1 lhtd I iicki tL lose
,,.~ Irili, it hecing tiie luieh~od i ng of
a'n g arter i6ss, that ofr a sweetheuirt
''?o~r riend. No part ofa womann's~
1J r~3 is said Li) have SUC~I j)oIYQL
'! Hinc: 1! hai'~iu':l I c s hot'1 gillte~s.
US~ 'i'~icg b1~c0iitdlincier tIC k otted; to.
)1"V "c't1ier or thllrown trele~LSSI) abu,1(1
wil to lter~ 1,1;·tU eene. z:
'be If a voutin l:to s- a.c)~~ ia a
sto e Itc~d abc slr',ti~d to( hecrvr~i'.
ter's alnt.iut t he hI t.1bo~ctrtl some.~
whori l11e, at thj satac1 Li :fl recitin g
thecse huesg:
TIhis knlot I. knit, this k~not I tie,
Ti)( sOc my13 love usi lie gotes b~y.
i'~e wu~t t~chcrgarter at'oufl(1be betb
dtl% pcst" noae~c thaes.--Li~'el·lli;l)E ffail u.

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