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ADl) WR Tk;ING TIH:[30.
Locil nI t 17 10^ O ; a :wi, T'rn'i;cnt
Adverlticssine:ts, f, 1.0 eI:;r miq-uaro for
Pest inacrtion *tt 7 c for racul sube
Obi!)ttri's, except th O in 11ple. notice,
chargý:I fr at t'ep tr .
Stninttg or r,'gtl!r anver:tiiumtents
tfkde r 'ey ill clell C bolt.
WO are a thtri:zt to anan;c!:e tein
i, tmE of V,'AL'TR'L WA RD as a :nrdi
it.:te for Cra (:t ion on t1le 14 -o:.deay
itn ?day, to It ati ebe til :<1-, of th*:
totn of iHe;i'r.
=;r, art a:tLind ; to .n:uilea 'ctho
antn of 'Ti:')i S 1{1U a a cau
(hiiti fobr r- lion (n, theb Iht Mouday
in t i)a to Ihi (i of Toown Marshdal.
BUS paintcs-all color, at Ihnltoi's.
Ge to G. G. GI'ls for lDrt"., '. tent
IlcinieLsi, 'aints, O:!:r, .3. c.
J1n't reen ed al ;r o Ilit ef "pri?:g
I am drtirmined not to be outtn(he,
citLLr in Prices or tu jlity o,'rfcls.
P. W. Mlathecws.
Iconsa.aoy handird, anit:bl1e fol
ch apply c; otton cult othetr furnsa wawk
for sale::i4 G. G. G:il's.
Cents Scerf-so-methinAzg elg;:at-;t
P. Loernweher 's.
Lnouidiua St;.r.to Lettery tic!ts for
wlo itt W
Then 1'; rk1 'y (N_. 0.) P r:4yn;:?, ti t5
pImt d the Cryan;AN1 A (i;i r (;i 1i)().
I". !{. Mr:COl.rkh ~ D'n., h've the o ~tt
'Cin oet;. in !trflt-yi raiacý llre st thid
tobieco fllIrr. TIry 'eai nt CU(1o'~l aI
wayS bUy 'r~m.
ltro tc'l~ rtil itrR I. iajt h~r ti~e hg·;
it. }-Fo* na'e bS i. 'I~yttir of Ilayne,.
iMi, La.
Do ni Wan &Co., l.o"awil! and rI:ilo
try hre in mnflsrda, (? ovI(e & c., I.avi.
Therving on i . conecPied aynitha, the
Iar:Itarli; Iit and ftor in h Ct sIIItca,
acodil UeAr thIan IYe yehar for Win 0.
Shoer! S~?.l
On~r stock of' Siotos~ iti nowrcepec
andl we iuararnt Le stlifafction as wo
qluality awul pr~ie~s. G~iye us a tr~iAl.
.F. N. McCOl .,hKLE th betR.
Lrmt in tr! n-ynbine ! an
t ea will ryelir Kiln Dried and Dresll
:d Lumcer, of the yArd at our mill, wh
11(41 north-weset tf romer, Inear ay-ig
Issithief) a2 $10.00 ptir thenmsun.! feet.
it We ma.nae a cily 1. Tof F TCLASS
i Luamer.
Lman & CFO .whD &oAKeS BRos.
Partis wanting lsrpcr of ac. di
evrntsions. dreoan or nudreaucd, wiih dt
well tohpply tothae nndorsiined. Wil.
furrnish on short noticownuiher at the
anlowest figuran.
Cat stult Tor Interest.
F. N. MOcCRrklo & lrE., at Willet's
i 6dh stand, are receiving newp goods dlai
Wly f all delcrKiption, and will mrke it
ed to the interest ourll prties to sal on
them bet'ore purchasing.
A lady hon~se-keaeper of g~ood recoin
*; mendrticns, whlo will do the cooking~
~ and house-work g~eneralty of a smarll
Sfmily' three miles westfof Mt. Zion
amip Groude, C0ll at irs lioeu or
L romer PO. La.
IDad KnobbersJ Testify.
P.T. sharp, Phyticin n and Drngdist,
Wyons, Iro., writes: I hdre wlodl C.
eC.l, Certain Ctoli t re to hundrred. of
furpleees, on the Memphtic ard Bald
I Zoob U. B., and citizens of Cross Coin
wJ s and I ue't know era failur to cure;
I eb~ould get au mny Icertfiates as.
.Vo sod bottles.
Sold tand, arante e dcib Joe Sholton.
Ladles, Tior Adttetimon.
to heLoswnberg, wol has Jtst retlron
ftom borthern tu, archcaoin
m stioko nth sGllgheaaLaoos,
ad r1% WiLLa'. IlgSstln. JARiri,
The Ilonier Glee Crub.
The above crtitled cub gave
t',r fir 4 ere`rt:1inmnnt at the
.)ur lL~s.e last FYidav njiht. Tie
crod ii atteidan ce was unus1ual1ly
l.rge ueh oe*asio n, all the
*eout* .i t!e ire Cyirt 1ou1e ;ill
being' (C''Inpied. The comte ,
=,:,:ou Shingle, or the Pcople's
l awyer," wai well rendered, the
~alteurs frequently bringing the
11 Clown with great applause.
Ti3 pica h iistrat d the t'nmpta
.tieons of lrkand aim .i shoe
bow CCe iiy 1o (emplvy(!r> arc sme
tin'es d'ped ti to '. uho the dtih'n
c St o(e Ti- The 1e, "L
.nc Five Shillinv s, was also well
reinared I ver?) f t kgly: ri!I
tratv I th ' 'iem ''a e j?.:jjjon and
i a w s a1&i of 't! x y6 larit
w'rith t'a7 ghk1-, and is enagh'jit at It
public Centeral t wit hout mon
f a d M shout frierds _r1:n homi
he can borro.
Tie' young la:iýk:", MiCses Oiac
l'reemais M, Hiagland, Kate 11am
y a nd.Sie Frtemlanl w'c:e all
etaut f uly' ndc 'ecomingli attired,
end played their respective `ro.les"
with case and grace. The young
men Who took part Were, U. L.
3Richardson. J. 'L. H~amsey, L. P.
lowen, Jim Ferl:guson. (idd Smith,
Jim S3imlmoss, Dolph Young lieu
y .Joi1ihson, Waiter Brown, and
C. M. Kirkpatrick. They piyed
their respective parts well, and dc
tieloed considerable talent for the
Let the amateurs be encouraged
and supported and we will soon
have a firt-class troupe in lo~mer.
oCre nmch!cides.
iL t TIurdiay a man by the name
of Dave Thomas shot and killed 11.
V. *ti!, a :eiiool teacher resid a1i7'
Sin the nhghborhood of the Perrits
in ..rd ix. The men had had a
d.dhicuity a few days before, and
I I'en they met soine harsh words
p7r ed t orteo drew hlis knife and
Thonmas shot him with a pii.tol
killing him instantly. Thomas is
still at large.
Joe Collins, a negro living about
two miles sotl of Ilomer was killed
by Tom Craine on last Saturday
night. It scems that Craiue had
gene to Collins' to visit the forraers
daughter, and when Collins re
turned from 1 ionzer and f1 ding
traine there ordered him to leave
the place, and at the same time at
tacked Lill with a stick, whereupon
Craine stabbed him in the breast
from the effect of which he died in
a few minutes. The accused was
arrested and lodged i14jail.
. The Pictice,
Oni accounit of the heavy ralins the
evening before, and the inclement
weather onyetrymo nth
codathe picnic was not near so
large as expected. However as the
baskcts had already boon preparcd,
qi J:eC a number went down to the
D'Arbomune bridge yertcrdav and
ihad a sumptuous baslket (hinner.
The mud and water prevented many
younlg people from going who are
somewhat disappointed in their ex
peetations. We sucr'est that at
some future day arrangements be
made for another picnic.
We are authorized to state that
Mr. J. W. Hlillmnan, who is now
at Arcadia, and who is wvell kuown
throughout this parish as the best
photographer ever known here,
will be in Homer in a short while
for the purpose of establishinga
photograph and art gallery. Par
ties wanting work in his line wvilI
consult their interest by holding
their until his arrival. Due notice
will be given through our columns
when lie opens his gallery.
Parties owing this office for job
work will confer quite a favor by
settling for the same. *We have to
pay cash for our job stock and as
our rates are equally as low as can
be had in the city we must have
.th~e cash at least within 30 days after
the work *is delivered. This is
intenided for all who owe us for job
Mr. ~Jim Holeman, formerly con
ductor on the L. N. & S. Railway,
spent a few days in Homer the pres
ent week. Mr. Holeman is an in
telligent and social young man with
a host of friends in this community,
who will always be glad to meet
We are glad to receive the Haynes
'iille STAR again, after its unfortu
nate suspension of a few months on
account of the burn. We wish Mr.
Dismuke success with his enterprise.
We are among those who believe
that the more newspapers there are
the better it is for the people.
The Criminal cases on appeal
from the last District Court are still
pending and undecided by the Su
preme Court. We understand the
Governor has sent for the record in
tjie Rob ~WAght case. In this the1
GOolinoisi. little too ~previous.
DIto jeans Tobacco for sale at F N.
MvKorkl & Imka
VWavo lic:k Rack Un11 Noverlty raids
at 1'. Lo(vziecnkri..
W'itt and iRt:etl Oinion iitt s at Sheti
ton's D)i g Sto s.
W. A. Joh!iston's popnlar corner is
he ldqual tit for Fihi Tackle.
Li'ip,' CaBlhmer" Snalfs at P. Loe
nvcil;t'ro'y. &oini'th int lovely.
f.Fiale cigars aiind the best rnds of
itobacco at Juoe Stcl toi's Drug store.
I inve Syrup of 'ii r:r'nt irades for sale
at F. N. it to alt & llim.
L ~ Aia'R"( J.rar'ys and Ith'd Silkc
1 2
'emt.. at P. TLerlbnherg's.
I. W Mhhthewsa Bells liqnorscloaper
thian the e pr-est.
Fish line, hk: t lsl, hbin" and er'c;
thing IIIde( for fiahing puirpiss at
F. N. McCorklo & B3r., have ta large
assortmuint of Gnt;s andi Ladies' Straw
Hat. Prices low dtown.
A new lot of school hoks, FltaEs,
coly books, &c., just reacivcl at Shel
Do you want it fina Cigar for a small
pricc? Ii so call on F. N. McCorkle &
If 3you want g girl tobacea )t low
lpriccJ go to G. G. G:ll's. llH's got it.
First class nuulantldred Sb its at three
dollars per o02 half dozeon at P. Loc weii
Boiler iron, boiler rivets, and boiler
patch holt2, also boiler patches cut and
drilled to orlder by
'* Dykesrille, Lt.
You Should Know It.
Reed's Chill Cnure (ntaina n poison
anti is plr2an it to tat-e. A box of pills
free v it each bIttle. For vale by J.
Tiaylor, Ilnynesv ille , Ll. anti all d~rutg
We Ask
that `yon give Retd't Chill Ca.re a trial
aid if' o0n do not findtl it the lost reoIeI
:iy on toe market for culhille, fevcrs and
afe don't use it.
L:adies, Bridgr:*nuin, Collicr & Co.,
rhill ;,ive on hall ill a ftew days a lIrge
lot of Faus itud Parasols. Don't pur
chase olewhero until you see then.
Apricot Juice and first-class Whis'y,
suitably con!l:oiult-d tog1thuor makes a
delicious drink. R. W. Mal'ttewa has
got. it.
We lhave a flat c(las Job Press in our
llon andl are new prepared to do all
kin's of job Tri lingb in the ,cntes
style nail on the shortest notice.
R. W. Mathetrs sells all kinds of Li
quors cheaper t:han they cani be bonnght
elsewhere ini thl town' Sae niocry by
purcua inig Irom h!im,.
lIee sweeps of the best p::ttern and
genine Scovil lIthes vciy cheap. Sold
by ~W. W. Don:.ox,
Hanmer, La.
illilnery Uoods!
Mis. Lizz:o Taylor, the milier, is pre
piar.dl to ujake and lit all kinds of
dresses on short notice and at the low
eat pIFiCes.
F. N. McCorkle & Bro., keep on hand
Country Ground Meal for sale; also
niBted Meal. They pay highest prices
for C3ountry produce.
A large and well selected stock of
ladies' and gentlemen's straw hate,
cheap at P. Loeweuberg's.
Thie G UL'AInIDA and the Now Orleans
, Weekly TI ES-DEI.1oCRAr-th c largest
and best p:lper in tho South-for $2 00
per year.
W. J. Taylot & Son are determined
to sell goods chenper than they can be
bought elsewhere in the town of He
:imer. They mean exactly what they
say. Try thIem and see.
Great Demand.
Oakland City, Ind., Sept.27, 1886.
C. C. C. "Certain Chill Cure" is meet
ing with greater demand than ever at
present. I have with privilege in ease
of failure, of customer returning for
money, with happy reaults se far, not a
bottle having baon returned.
Yours truly, IRA LUTES, drnggist.
Sold and guaranteed by Joe CIhelton
To The People.
I am now located in Haynesville and
have supplied myself with the latest
improved tools and instruments for all
kinds of fire and complicated work. I
use only the best of material and guar
antee satisfaction in every instance.
Those not'acqnainted with ae and my
work, I refer ti.em to 16 months practi
cal experience in the establishment of
W. A. Johnston, having done all the
regjiiriug done in the establishment
during the 16 months. I take pleas.
ure in stating I have as nicely equipped
work benoh as will be found in North
Louisiana. I will be in fomer Friday
evening and Saturday morning and
those that bave work to he done, will
find me at the esore of Bridgeman, Col
lier & Co., whore I will be prepared to
examine work, and all work iitrnsted
to me, 1 will carry to my shop in
Hayneaville, repair, and can be obtain
ed from my shop, or, I will return all
work to. the above named place for de
livery, every two weeks. Aiy favors
e~wifl~ u 4~ wilb h~~ PFIt
Preliminary Trials. I
Last Wednesday the eases of the
state against Tomrn Craine for mur
der, and Aylmoer Ios:s for burglary
cai:e up becfore Judge Barke:dale on I
a preliminary investigatlon. I a
the case of Craine, the District At
torney appeared for the state 2;;,
C. IV. Seals for the (thcendan t.
The witnte ses on the miaý' fac ;
were the two sons anl wife of
Collins', the deceased mn'iu. A:l
of the witnesses testitlicd sb:Lta
tially, that Collins came homn't front
Ilonwmr on last Saturday nighilt and
found Torn Crain hitting in one of
the rooms of his house talkingi withi
his, Colliins', boys. That Collins
ordered Craiie to leave the premis
es, when he started out followed
by the former who carried a large
hickory stick in his hand. Soon
after the parties got out on the gal
lery an altercation occurred at which
time Collins was stabbed to death.
The accused testilied that Collins
attacked him with the stick and
dealt him several blows, one of
which was on the head, and after
he had been struck, stabbed him.
After hearing all the evitl'uce
the Judge admitted chejO p:risoier to
bail in the sum of 85Ci.
In the case of Rose, the exandi.a
tion being waived the appeararue
bond was lixed in the suii of $75.
Just licceolred.
I have just received in stock of
tool. and mraterials , which vonists of
everything to do firat-closs work, and
amn uow roudy to do all kinds: of fine
work on very short notice. I solicit
work from all patti of tho country, and
pay transportation of r.i goods. Send
me your work by Rlei tu red mail anli
it will havyi pronmpt attcttion. All work
dloo Pt roasonailo priite nud fiily
guarnatcud. W. M. WOOD,
llaynuetvillk, La.
Young men who are easeiy teas
:d on.nn old 01 dint suojct should
be careflul how they walk into an
editor's sanctum and unlock their
wrath Fimiply because the afore
said editor indulged in a very
;mall smile at the Gxl)ense of the
aforesaid young men who are
tonchous on the above mentioned
old "tiry subject."
"lId shook and ho ihook, till his h Ua
kr.r was cha.enic,"
"lie tlht'n bought it bottle of ChcatL
ani's Chill Touic,"
lie saidl to lhis ftiends, though a ahak
er of yore,"
"Thanks to the C. C. Tonic, I'm a
shaker no more."
-For sale by J. 11. Taylor, HIIaynes
villt, La., and W. M. Sellers, Saumner
tield, L;t.
Those fne fmli tIgies at WV. W. Dorntou'd.
Socuni one of these High Orade Bag
gies hcforo thyae re all gone. reopoe
kuow a good iining when they see it,
amid thiis atucCon!itM for the remarkable
stles Dormon ish making. All guaran
The L. N. & s. has a new whim
tie on the engine, or else the old
one has a severe cold. At any
rate there is no necd of aanone
being left thecse sleepy ntwlthiags,
for it blows like unto Gabtiel's
Go to W. A. Jobhistoit'. and examine
the bert thing ever invented in the
way of Scisosrs. Starke's Roversablo
Double Edge-two pair in ontt-at same
prica or other good scissors. Lad ies,
come and uxamine them if you want to
seo soumetbimig nice.
Millbnery Goods.
For everything in tho Milliuery line,
iucluding a flue assortment of mice
Spring hits, call at Mr.. Lizzie Tay
1 or's.
Don't you know what it ist Go to
Ward's Soda Fount and call for it.
You will And it to be the most delicious
and exhiiiating summer drinks on this
side of the north pole.
Dr. Frank Henry has been ap
pointedt contable to succeed J. W.
Clingman who is temporarily ab
sent from home.
"Don't trust to Inuk," but rub on a
little of Hunt's Cure fur Itch, Totter,
Ringworm or Ectenma.
-For sale by J. H. Taylor, Haynes
villo, Ln., and Wio. Sellers, Surumnei
Held, La.
Attention Ladies!
Whmn you come to town exanuno the
nice millinery stock of Mrn. Lizzie Ttiv
lor and get prices for cutting Mud mnk.
hag dresses.
Johnie Dormon has bnen quite
sick for the last few (lays at his
brouher's, W. W. Dormon.
Joe ahelton's Drug store is anways
well supplied with Fresh Drugs of all
If you want led Steads, Chairs, or
furuiture of any kimid try (i. G. Gill; ho
has them cheaper than aver.
Aasbton Whiskey, the finest seld in
town at R. W. Mathews.
Fiue OilPalnCatge at W. J. .Taylot
A Iarg.a lot of furnitiure, fist. caw and
cheep nt 11'.J. 'Tylfor &. itk.
hresl ;r.: e; ('. :r t 'r tl cc.!
mornil > r:; .' eli r: g to cottonl
utid fout'into n-s
Wa ;1 OuI l]cul clhes io)
Irci:1iin' 'I- L lv:'ra by the tiet mCi-
chants (1 IHIo!er.
Wearc nai!L t % ::h F'v info'
matlion re!iv tothe extension;(;; of:
thle L. 5." . rliLu:l "!I" -\ew
York:rs ;' a'. w st. ¾ ' 1 is
all thlA out- '. of :t.
We have -o lr'l i n thlg pro or
con a: to (r-p p rpembin this vi
ciniy. Thec;corr they arc ex~el
Ilomner 1). Cope, who ,;vc an
entertUa mncit hlec a few y:ire
ago, is now in Manrli:1, pligting
Daoner. and 41Ytli n .
Brit"oman, Colliir & ('.. iri avras
alive to thie wan s of thri rchIyoa flme,
and if they have not whnt you want in
t:i i ui nla; ii ci: they wN I i order it
on Mhoot tint:('e. toll 'n them ou r any
;Ln you want in tha lun of genci::1
Judge 13Barksdaie camto IIuI o0I the,
train Monday event ! Cur the pur
pose of hearing the preliminary
trial in the cases against Tow
Craine, charged with killing Joe
Collins, and A plmer 1aoss, charg
ed with burglary.
If you ask wh:It is ths quiekost, best
and saf.'t Chil Tonic, tho answCr will
itavariably be, "My Licht, nee Chee
thamni', it is pleasant, tuo, and gliaran
-For va!c by J. H. Taylor, HLynes
ville, Lo., 'mid Wil. Sellers, Slununle -
1ild, La.
A picnic will be held by the
Gibbs College at Kecucr's Creek
on the N. & S. Railroad, hbout c
milhles feom Gibbs on Satttrdav,
May the 4th. Round trip from
Homer, good for the1 (lay, 50cts.
Excellent Ct ling. All are invi
The pulpit, the bench and the bar
recommend Cheath-atn's Chill Tonic as
the finest antipeuiodic in use, being
free from poison and guarmantecd.
-For sale by J. H. Taylor, Hlayues
ville, La., and W\m. Sellrs, S-iummr
fuidd, La.,
Caz ra_ e and lot in the town of Ho
fmo, with all convetitnces ntceasary.
Good gtrden alrtady planted. Apply
to A. S. FOrD),
Homer, La.
The time for assessing propurty is
rinsed unil there nrc a nuniber yet who
liavi not given in their property. I
hureby 2iotify the public that the ofilco
in Iloner will remain open all tihe
time for asiessnieuts, until the books
are closed. J. S. RICHIARDSON,
All parties indebted tomne on account
of 1688~ are hereby notified to settle the
smamo at once. All outstantiing ac
counts will, on the firns d~ay of May, be
placed in the hutnda of ani attorney foi
hespecl fully.
Noiceo is hereby given that the comn
mttIete aponc Imy the 8tliool Board
,,f Ch(tlso o parI.s to - x;unine appli
cault, f.er I e it; le sivuhoil, inill lilli1
far tisLjt pC.'4 o : iI-ncr, nt dho Maulu
Colle-ebuii:ctg, oni Siitirdiiy, the 18th
diay of May, 1880~, and at Lisbon on the
Lthl (lay (t May, for the purpose oftex
aluliflig teachers mu the public echools.
All teanhers will take due notice and
mcet tlme conmniltoc at thme nucat conven
ienti of the above pl'ce con the dey
specified. D. W. H~Antis,
Dhairman of Executive Committee;
1\'O2-kE 'J iELECTION.
NOTICE is hcvohy given thaut an
elactinn will ho heid ia thu own of IHo
iner on Momnlay, May the 6th, 183 for
time c::ctian of a Mitor and live :ikt
naim timd ti 4ar.dleu, A,sec:or and Ccl
leettir, to .9erve for ihe -n~suiiig year,
an 8. J. M,~nit, J. Tr. ilhim3y and W
F. Buidgrsae imOappo itteul conuisiii ion
crs to hold sauimdceleciou ;iccordinmg to
April 12, 188.
$2000 REWARD.
Be it enacted by tho Police Jury of
Clisiorne parish, That there he oand ao
licrehy ottered a reward of $~50 00 tot
the apprehension and couvietion of the
murderer or murderers of W~ilimam Mmii
grove, who was mar-dered duritng the
month of April or May,1kS4, near the
town ot Athens in tbe parish of Clii
hou ne. And, that the Governor of the.
tStat, is hereby requested to ofler a lib
cral reward for the same pturpose.
Approved April 3, 1889.
(tigncd) T. A. WATSON,
President P. J.
Attest: J. R. RIMBEY, Clerk P. J.
~Yqu wiU 1n4 -the f:rgest stock. ot
!J I t' ,.
lii~14.1 1 i T f r i ~ (I :11i
i y-! :: 11 1 i l Tt, II( l ": 1:14
S ' : r r T ·ICý ,) tat;
fr IC''"'
liS: C n! 1'0 11 Xl ', 5 J.
j ^ý ý Ii '.i. , I'-_,:'r \.'2 `i Iný'1 nc Liv
;ý-ý ': .j. y. 1·:! c~i~i.. `f. I:;s f nr 'c.r
t;"' if."{ C'' I I?'' Pf~ i, ' I" t.I !t ::!:::
,T a"S '; C IT ý' 'u 1, T ,1\' t" TC.
A' , cn'4....
cm e it 4. ' · t
t1 "r' r* , e. L c 7aiotor Rc
t11^1) nto mnorn OIf Z'. u p. I' I. .:..
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Gordon A. I)i. GLADDEN, M.~r 1,1.
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