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Local natices]lOe a line, Transient
AdvertisemoUts, $t1.0 per square for
irst insertion and 75c for each stibse
qaest insertion.
Obituaries, except the simdple notice,
ehargad for at regular rates.
Standitl or regular adverttsements
taken by special contiadt.
Box paints-all colors, at Sheltou's.
Blue jeans Tubacco for sale at T' N.
MlcKorkle & Bro
Wave Rick Rack and Novelty Braids
at P. Loewcubrie's.
White and retd Onion sctts at Shel
toe's Drug Store.
W. A. Jhubston's Impul;r corner it
besdquartets for Fishing Tackle.
Ladies' t!a!hmaere Scarfs at P. Loe
wenberg's. Solnethilng lovely.
Fiae cigars and the best brands of
Tobacco at Joe Shelton's Drug Store.
Fine Syrup of different grades for sale
at F. N. McCorkle & pro.
Ge to G. G. Gill's for Drugs, Patent
Mtid'ines, l'aints, Oils, & e.
Just received a large lot of Spring
Clothing, Shoes and Hats at G. G. Uill's,
which are selling rapidly. Call early
sad mats your us'ect.ous.
I am determined not to be outdone,
eiter in ,rices or quality of goods.
R. W. Mathews.
Gents Scarfs-something elegant--at
P. Loewenberg's.
Louislana State Lettery tickets for
sale at Ward's.
ilhe Weckloy (N. 0.) Picayune, a 1t
ipage paper, and the GUARInIAN fur $2
s year. Subscripvtions received at thia
Do yon want good "Chawing?" If sa
try Bridgeman, Collier & Cu's Indian
The Celebrated Waco Jeans panut
cheap, and will never wear out, at
Bti dgeman, Collier & Co's.
Pills and violent cathartics will not
cure constipatiou; they aggravate the
casau. Try Caacarlne; It Is the only sunre
care 0e and $1.
The Wekley (N. O.) PIcayune, thl
largest and best paper in the south
-and the GtUARsIAN one year for *2.00.
S F. N. lMeCorkle & Bro.,halr the beat
, Cheroots in towrn--genuino Hlavanus
tobaeoe filler. Try 'ea cld ycs'll a01
ways buy 'em.
Reeud's Chill Care Is a knowledgsd
the '8ucees of the Age" by all whs
isae'e tested its great mrits by using
i.t. -- For sale by J. Ta) ler of Haynes
File, La.
Pills and violent cathartics leave the
hawels in an exhausted conditina. Ca_
dariosg acts as toal, strengthens anwd
ar igerates.
~,~i'emman & Co., wholesale and retail
sdalers i- Hardware, 8tove dto., bave
erything on band econaeted with the
nIrdwar line, sad for the CASH can
s. heaper thaa any hoene iletown.
~Or stoek of Shoes is new complete,
we guarantee satisfactien as to
ality and pries. Give us a trial.
, F. {. MeCORKLE & BRO.
Lm:. er Lumber!!
Ie will delddiver iln Drid and Dreae
Lumaber, on the yard at oear mill, 11
lea north-wret of Homer, neroT Hay
lls, as ~1Q0 per thCbeuad feet.
* make a spelaly of FIRST CLASSB
rtle wanting lumber of any di.
us, dressoed or andresemd, will do
apply to th aunderigned. Will
lab n shora t notice lumber at tbe
Corlmit Tear Imterest.
.: M Corkle & Bre., at Whlset's
A, l teeirlng mew goods dl
I dscriptions, aad'wil make it
Slaterast of all parti, to all on
Isl rhh ..r.. stif.
iSharp, Pblbila sad Druggist,
. Atk., writes I have Dud C.
Oi Chill ars to hndreds of
Sth. Memphl aa d Bold
LBR. sad eitisme of Care Coar
tea'$kw oft ailbareto eas
tobs jestl tetbars
Fenoial ud leaetal.
Mr. Hall Gantt paid the Otiardian
a visit last W'ednesdlay,
.ames Dormonj ani attorney of
Arenada, is here attendling court.
Judge Barksdale is here dispens
ing jtistice between man and man,
fIr. W. '. Stewart, an attorney
fromh Minden, attended court here
a few days this week in the interest
of a Webster client,
'lhrough the efforts of the ladies
the Baptist Church will soon get a
new dress of paint both outside, and
The many friends of Dr. Ihush
were glad to have him spend a few
days in Homer thl.s week, le said
ha needed the news at Gordon, and
paid for the (;L'.uuiA one year.
Jtio. B. Everett, Esq., of Far
mervilld is attending court. lie
has kindly consented to try several
cases pending in which Judge Bark
sdale is recused.
At the request of citi~ens from
the community of Ilaynesville, we
publish in this ifue, the splendidt
address of Prof. hlenry Stevens;
made on the memorial occasion
April 26th.
Mr, F. C. Greenwood. the ettfi
cieut represettative of the Famous
Life Association, is spending a few
days at home with his family. lie
says his company Is getting the ad
vantage of the old=time companies
in many parts of this State,
Mr3 J. T Banrnett, the enter
prising steamnznill man and Post
master at lMarsalis, was in our of=
lice this week and paid up for the
(.';ri.iNts. lie doesn't seem to be
troubled mntil ove the ththoughts of
being removed from his lucrativC
position of Post-master.
Maj. Beardsley will soon have a
new coach on the L. N. & S. rail
road. A free ride to everybody
over a 100 years old the first trip he
makes to Gibbs with his new coach.
Come all Ye old-timers and "get a
move on you."
Dick Collier, B. A. Bridges, C O
Ferguson, E A Kelly, Tom Beene,
Tom Harris and A. E. Wilder are
out on Dorcheat fishing this week.
We would like to have joined them,
but our moral and abstemious na
tire restraias us from any crowd
where 'snake bite' is the principle
ingredient in the provision box.
We are going to give a "pie''
eating this evening at 2 o'clock and
the man or boy that cats the most
pie in 2 minutes will get a present
of $1. Do without your dinners
to-day, boys, and you'll stand a
better show to win the prize.
The Town Election.
An election was held last Monday
to elect a mayor, marshal and five
aldermen for the town of Hlomer to
serve for the next twelve months.
Very little interest and no excite
ment was manifested, owing to the
fact that but one ticket was placed
inthe field. Walter Ward was re
elected mayor and Thomas Harris
marshal. The aldermen are A. E.
Wilder, C. O. Ferguson, J. T.
Otts, J. E. Hulse and R. WI. Col
lier, all menmbers of the old board
except R. W. Collier, who was run
instead of E. R. White, the lattcr
Ideclining to serve another term.
These are all competent and exper
ienced men, and Homer will con
tinue to have a good municipal ad
That Cow Case.
The celebrated cow case entitled,
Ned Johnson vs. Elizabeth Reyn
olds, appealed from the justice
court of ward 6, has at last dragged
its weary length to an end in the
District Court. The heroine of the
litigation was not produced in court,
for the reason that the search war
rant issued had not found her
whereabouts. The array of law
yers in this case was composed not
only of the best barristers at the
Homer br, but of the adjoining
parishes. Sam Barkedale, Gener
al Young, J. E. Moore and L. F.
It. Reynolds, Esqre. representing
the defense, while J. A. Dormon,
W3 W. Patterson, J. W. Holbert
and J. A. Richardson,. Esqrs., sp
peared for the plaintiff. Supposing
these eight lawyers each received a
fee of ~0,00, as they no doubt did,
the lItigants spent 6400.00 to get
the case presented in the District
Court, Add to this 6100.00 for
costs in both cotrts and we have
$600,00, besides the loss of time,
and vexztion of spirit1 We are not
able to arrive at the exact value of
the burden of this litigatih, for
the reason the witnesses differ as to
her intrinsic worth. The plaintit,
er Johnson, swore she was worth
AB(sg dollars, but another wit'
nes sof high repute teastled she
was not worth over two-bits, for
the reason that no one save Ned
aJohaiio has evasrbeen able toilik
Ladies' Red Jerseys and Red Silk
Vests at P. LoeWenberg's.
R. W Mathews sells liquors cheaper
that the cheapest.
flsb lines, hooks, barbs and every
thing needed for tishlng purposes at
P. M. McCorkle & llro., have a large
assortment of Gents and Ladies' Straw
Hats. Prices low down,
A new lot of school books, alates,
copy books, Ac., just received at Shel
Do yen want a fine Cigar for a small
pricef It so call on F. N. McCorkle £
If you want good tobacco at loW
prices go to G. G, Gill's. HI's got it.
First classa nlanndred Shirts at three
dollars per one half dozen at P. Loewen
A large lot of furniture, first class and
cheap at W.J. Taylor & Son's.
Constipation is the catse of many dis
ases, Casearine is the cure.
Fresh Otange Cider at Kinnabrow
& Ward's at one dollar per gallon.
Hoes, already handled, suitable for
chopping cotton and other farm work
for sale at G. G. Gill's.
Boiler iron, boiler rivets, and boiler
patch bolts, also boiler patches out and
drilled to order by
Dykesville, La.
You Should Know It.
Roed's Chill Cure contains no poison
and isplrasant t tao e. A box of pills
free with each bottle. For saile by J.
Taylor, llayneavil!e, La. and all drug
We Ask
that you give Reed's Chill Care a trial
and if you do not find it filhe best tente
dy on the market for chills, fevers and
ague don't use it.
Ladles, Bridgemnan, Collier & Co.,
*ill have on hand in a few days alarge
lot of Fats and Parasols. Don't pur
chase slewhere tntil you see them.
Apricot Juice and first-class Whisky,
suitably compounded together makes a
delicious drink. R. W. Mahtcws has
got it.
We have a brst class Job Press In our
ofiles and are new prepared to do all
kinds of job printing in the neates
style sand on the shortest notice.
R. W. Mathews sells all kinds of Li
qnors cheaper th:h they c an be lboght
elsewhere in the town Save money by
purchasing from him.
Heel sweeps of the besatpaltern and
geuniue Scovil Iloes very cheap. Sold
by W W W. Donaox,
lHomer, La.
Aillittlery t4odl
Mrs. Lizzne Taylor1 the milier, is pre
pared to make and lit all kinds of
dreess on sItort notice and at the low
eat prices.
F. N. McCorkle & Bro., keep on hand
Coaauntry Oruand Meal for sale; also
Boltad Moeal. They payhighest prices
for eountry produce.
A large and well selected stock of
ladies' and gentlemen's straw hatsi
cheap at P. Loowcuberg's.
The GUARDIAn and the New Orleans
Weekly TIM .-DaF.OCaRT--the largest
sad best paper in the South-for 2 00
per year.
W. J. Taylor & Son are determined
tosell goods cheaper than they can be
bought elsewhere in the town of IIe
mer. They mean exactly what they
say. Try them and see.
Bridgeman, Collier & Co., are aiways
alive to the wants of their eusonaers,
and if they have not what you want in
their ilmens stock they will order it
on short notice. Call on them for any
thing you want in the line of general
Ityou ask what is the quelkest, best
and safest Chill Tonic, the answer will
invariably be, "My friend, un Choea
thab's, it is pleasant, too, and guaran
-For sale by J. H. Taylor, Hayne
ville La., and Wt. Sellers, BuSammer
fieold, La.
One aose sad lot in the town of Ho
mer, with all bonvenienes aoessary.
Good garton already planted. Apply
to A. S. FORD,
Homer, La.
The pulpit, the bench lad the bar
reioeamend Cheatham'rs Chill Tonie as
the inest antiperiodle i une, being
-he from poisen and guarauteed.
-For sale by J. H. Taylor, Haynes
rill., La., and Wasn, Sellers, 8naner
field, La.,
Tou will and the larget stock of
elothing in town at 0. O. Gill's., Go
ead eam
reat Deasad.
•Oaklad City,lnd., Sept.3, 1886.,
:0.0 . C. Cstad ChilulCo" Is met,
~L I*peS dma Uiaa wer a
Picnic on the L. N. & S. U. IR.
A more beautiful day never
dawned for a picnic occasion than
was last Saturday, and a merrier
party of l~leasure.seekers never
left IHomer to attend an occasion
of the kind than the one which
left early on the morning train for
Keener's Creek, six miles this side
of Gibbs. A one hour's ride car
ried us to our destination; sad
and desolate we felt when the
train left us In the woods. Two
hours and a half rewarded us,
however. At 9:30 we heard the
whistle; the old horse came up
puffing and blowing with a car
load of friends and acquaintances
from Gibbs, and baskets innumer
able. They also had hammocks
and a croquent sett. About 10
o'clock a harp was found, and the
IIomierites tripped the light fan
tastic toe on nature's cn-erald-hu,
ed carpet, spread beneath the
heavy and luxuriant foliage of the
torost, At noon we were invited
to partake of the many good things
from the cuisine departmnc-t. Af
ter dinner our company, hearing
the entrancing strains of a violin,
and guitar, repaired again to the
dancing ground. The manipula
tors of the violin and guitar were
seated on a convenient stand a:d
seemed to be ready for the occa
sion, as they proceeded to draw
forth the swelling .strains that
sent the waltzers here and there
and everywhere. Trusts were in,
numerable that day from our wor
thy friend Mr. Bowen-oranges,
bananas, soda-water, &c. &c.
Our party left fior home a short
time before old Sol had driven his
goldlen chariot beyond the western
Thanks to the good people of
Gibbs for the many courtesies
shown us on that memorable oc
casion. N-IPuETOS.
On the lst day of May, one dark bay
horse mule, 15 hands high and about 15
years old, and one deep bay horse pony
about 14 l.ands hligh, 9 years old, main
hanging on lsft side and both hind feet
white. Any informatieu leadiug to their
recovery will be hig!'ly appreciated by
Summnmrfeld, La.,
"11e shook and he shook, till his rha
ker was ehronic,"
"lie then bought a bottle of Cheath
am's Chill Tonic,"
He said to his friends, though a shak
er of yore,"
"Thanks to the C. C. Tonic, I'm a
shaker no more."
--Foer sale by J. 1. Taylor, HIaynes
ville, La., and W. "M. Sellers, Summer
fiold, La.
Those fine Boggies at W. W. Dormon's.
Soecre one of these lligh Grade Bug
gias before they are all gone. People
know a good thing when they see it1
and this aceonts for the remarkable
sales Dormuon is making. All guaran
Go to W. A. Johnston's and examine
the best thing over invented in the
way of Scissors. Starke'. Reversabhle
Double Edge-two pnar in one-at same
prices or other good scissors. Ladies,
come and examrine them if you want to
seoo something nice.
The bowels often require at lild but
effective stimalant, andT Cascarineis the
very thing. 50c and $1.
IWlinery Goods.
For everJthing in the Millinery line,
including a fne assortment of aise
Spring hats, call at Mrs. Lizsio Tay
Don't you know what it ist Go to
Ward's Sode Fount and call for it.
You will find it to be the most delicious
and exhiliating summier drinks on this
side:of the north pole.
"Don't trust to luck," bt rub on a
little of Hunt's Cure for Itch, Tetter,
Ringworm or Eczema,
-For sale by J. H. Taylor, Haynes
vills, La., and Wm. SIellers, Summet
field, Ia.
Dyspepsia and indigestieon destrey all
energy of mind and body. Cascarine is
a positive cure.
Attention Ihltest.
When yen come to town examine the
nice millinerystoek of Mrs. Lizzie Tay
lor and get prices feorutting and mak
A eallew oomple otn and dry skin are
signs ofea iserdered liver, which Oas
¢frine will regulate.
Joe Shelton's Drug store is always
well supplied with Frmh Drugs of alL
If you want Bed4 Steads, Chairs, or
fraisture of ay kind try O. OG. UI; he
has the ehe oper than ever.
&Ahtes Whiskeyi the naest sld is
It , , .,: . . . . .
I "'
Criminal Cases Heard From.
The criminal cases appealed
from this parish, have at last been
decided by the Supreme C.mrt
sitting in New Orleans. The
verdict of the jury and judgment
of the lower court in all the cases,
were aflirmed. Unless the sentence
is commuted, Rob. Wright will
be hung, at such a time in the
near future, as the governor may
designate. For the information
of the public we will state, that a
recent law of this state, requires
that all executions of the death
penalty be done in the presence
of not less than five nor more than
twenty persns.
Of the other prisoners whose
cases were appealed, 'I'on Bugg
will be imprisoned at hard labor
in the penetentiary for life, Bill
Ware for twelve years. Julius
Canty flve years and Tom Beck four
years. As soon as the mr ndate of
the Supreme Court is received the
sheriff will convey the last named
lprisoners to Baton Rouge.
The writer made quite a pleas
ant visit to Tulip last Saturday
attending the memorial services.
'There was a large crowd of people
i out to show their respect for the
I hallowed dead. They had met
the evening before and cleared off
r the glare yard, and on Saturday
r the decorating of graves and other
s memorial services were held. We
are glad to see that these beauti
ful and impressive ceremonies are
more commonly held in our parish
than they formerly were. While
t the exercises cannot benefit the
, silent sleepers, friends and kindred
of former days, yet they are calou
lated, to benefit the living, for the
f memory of the good deeds of the
a loved and lost, has a subduing
and hallowing influence over us
all. The people of the Tulip com
munity, than which there is no
better in the parish, annually set
y apart one day for the purpose of
5 paying suitable tribute to their
honored dead.
t Call at Bridgeman, Collier & Co's for
r the largest dims bar of soap In the
l world.
liistnct Court,
.The non-jury term of the District
Court is in session this week.
There are no cases of any impor
portance except to the parties
litigant. The first part of the
Sweek was taken up in trying Jus
tice Court Cases, in wlhich the
Smost prominent features are'the
Scost bills for the justices, consta
bles, ahd Witnesses. These boh
jury terms are generally dull abd
n. interestibg tootesiders, and the
Sgeneral public scarcely know that
Scourt is in session. The te-hi will
hlkely hold two weeks.
The Bail Road Boom.
From all accounts It seems as if
Sthe rail road extention project
e had failed. We are not able to
e find out the cause of the failure to
" extend it, but presume Mlaj.
OBeardsly and the N'ew York
capitalist could not agree. While
& the prospects at present arefavor'
e abletowards extending it, still we
have an abiding faith, that in the
hear future some one will either
,, extend this road on, or else build
e another line running north and
-south through this parish.
Just Rtceited.
I have just recolved my stock of
* tools and materials, which consists of
.I everything to do first4-elass work, and
a am now ready to do all kinds of fine
s work On very short notice. I solicit
work from all parts of the country, and
pay transportation of all goods. BoSend
me your work by Reg astered mail and
it will have prompt attention. All work
done at reasonable prics and fully
guaranteed. W.M. WOOD,
Ilaytuestille, La.
s i time for aseauing property is
closed and there are a numbur joyet who
have not given in their property. I
hereby notify the public that the odie
in Homer will remain open alsil the
e the for assessments, untll the books
are closed J. J. 8. RICHARDSON,
IHomer, May 3rd, 1889. -t
All parties indebted to me on account
of 1888 are hereby notifed to settle theb
same at once. All onstetnding sa
s counts will, on the frss day of May, be
I placed in the hands of an attorney for
SHomer, April IS, 189.
Coastipatioen predaee piles Cases
tine removoes the ears and eoets a
$250 00 REW1tARD.
le it enacted by the Police Jury ef I
Clailihrne parish, That tIhere Ih, sl it
lhereby offcrel a reward of .'2510 0tt liar
the npprehtuaion and coanvi'tion of the
murderer or nmurdrers of VWil;ia S Mie
grove, who was murdt red during the
month of April or Mlay, 18, neaur the
town of Athena in ti'' parish of ('lsi
borne. And, that the Governor of the
State is hereby requested to ot',r a lib- I
eral reward for the same purpose.
Approved April 3, 189.
($ignrt) T. A. WATSON,
President P. J.
Attest: J. R. RRatsJv, Clerk P. J.
Dry Goods, C'lothing, Furnishing Goods,
Iealdquarters for Ladies' Misses and
Children's Underweara, sa.un
pes of same rumailud on
Orders in a'l departments will rercive
prompt and careful attention. Wh'ien
visiting our city we wuald he pleased
to have you call and take a look throngh
our immense estallishmlent, Nos. 220
and 222 ''exas Street,
Notice is hereby given that thOe eon
mittee appointed by the School Board
of Clatboreo parish to examine appli
cants for the public schools, will meet
for that pur'pose ia I[olner, at the Male
College builhiing, on Saturday, thu 18th
day of May, 189, and at Lisbon on the
25th day of May, for the purpose of ex
aanining teachers in the public schools.
All teachers will take due notice and
meet the committee at the most conven
ient of the above places on the dey
specified. D. W. lARInS,
Dhairman ofExecutive Committee.
State of Louislana. Parish of Clulborne.
Succession of Daniel Cooper, De'ed.
N OTICZ is hereby given that I will
sell on ISATUDAY, MAY 11, 18,9,
at the court houseo door in the town of
Homer, to the last and higheut bidder,
all of the property belonging to the
above named estate, consisting of
household and kitchen furniture, and
an Undivided half interest in and to a
house and lot, bounded West by the
Susan Miller lot, South by John Elia
lot, East by East Main Street and North
r by street 8outh of J. O. Tankersly's
pasture lot, nor Depot grounds.
Ter:r a of bale cash to pay debts.
W. J. TAYLOR, Admn'r"
April 3, 188I.
The Original WinO.
C. F. Simmons, St. Louis, Prop't
M. A. Simmons Liver Medicine, E t'd
1a51€ ia the U. S. Court DaFIa'as J.
5 H. illa, Prop'r A. Q. Simmons Llv.
er Regulator, lt'd by Zeilin 1a68,
M. A. 8. I. M. ha~ for 47 ycar
cured Irsiostsroi BILaOUltssss
ArrattraT Soaa SrOMACH, Lrce
e . . Rey, T b. Reams, Pastor M. I
* Chureh, Adams, Tenn., writes: "1
thik I shoutld have beena dead but
or ydr y Geatdha M. A. Sirn.
hon Liver Mediciae. I have
rsanetimes had to stbstitaute
a "Zellin's stuff' for your Modl.
tne, but it don't thswer the
DrJ. R. Graves, littor The
* Li it, Memphis, Tens. sa5t
I rccveda package of yokri Liver
dcdlicte, sad have used balfof it.
Itworksl chaarm. I wanat ano
better Liver Regulator sad ear.
taialy no aobre Ztellin's mantuyr
West Side'Public 8quare,
Spacious lota for drovers,. good tHacks,
Buggi.,, at Horses for bhire. Careful
r drivers St. ; ell fed and cared for at
low prices.
A Good Dwelling Ilonse-almost new
-situated in the town ofllayneavillas,
La., with Ive rootms, a nice lot and a
good well of water attached. For fur
ther particulars address or apply to
Uayneaerille, La.
TinHE SPRING Term of thils IN
iTI'TUTION opens with the
And the future prospects of the School
are better than ever before. The pres
Seat attendance is good and teachers
and pupils are full of energy and seal.
The teachers have rexperience and
ability, anl the instraetion given is
THoIOltO H andt PRACTICAL. Courses,
r CzENTruzC attd CLAeICAtL. Disoiplin.,
firm but mild, sld the nmoral training
and influence i of the best.
Board and Taitiou as low as consist
ent with lrt.cla)s oplportanitlem.
Parents antd Gutardians will do well
to put their cObildtren in this School, as
no care will be spared to promote their
intelleetnal, moral and social training.
Mrs. Alice liz hba charge of the Mn
asl Department, aundMiss Lola Brown of
ehe Art Delpartment.
I.-. F. 8J, MI ADOWS
5; ~ ~ :·5 flS iN.FAOS
Under special con
tract with the PO
LICE JURY it pub
lishes all the official
proceedings of the
Publishes all pro
ceedings of the
Publishes all pro
ceedings of the
LU IS Fully Equiplped
For the execution of Eyery De
scription of JOB WORK at City
Subucriptiom price ONE
The 'Ne Orleans Weekly Pi~
a acge and Tbo GLAnnIAN for
ONE DOLLAR per year ,
Addre al l cammnatcations to
pij pp:: s~,,

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