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C .. ..4 - ' , , . ,?t e.,
S.EALS & OGVt I l, tI
E .te.'. .' .t the o.'.tflirc at Jlomrn r h
Lbni~d finaa, as end-Clan. Matthf. I
OIlt Journa! oflase f1 a grlsh. -
()ffie lp-*Sljlits in thl e ('lingman
(; I laey Itrirk tuilding.
" Ii
''he GtumnA oflice i low loat- °
rd up-stairs in the Clingunan-(Glad
wvy brink muiling. South aide pub
lit squtare.
New Orleans has recently or iP
ganiztle a p i l fire departlmentl
* --·--- -- hl
A white woman is to be hanged
in Easton, Pa.. in a few days. Sie h
will pay the dleath penalty for a
murdering her husbandl.
The City Item says: Mrs. P
Grohrc C'leeland new parts her N
hair on theb left side of her head b
witlh a quite nobby eflect. a
S[ I -LI
Old St. Landry has nacted well g
her part. All the regulators in- r
dicted in that parish have r been t
convicted and sentenced to the d
penaitentikmr. e c
A nowe paper is being published
in Shreveport. cdlled The Even
intg Star. It ii edited by B. C.
White, with I). U. Lyons as basl
ness manager.
Th- City tcr
Speaker Reed has appointed b
Mr. McKinley. cbairuan of the ti
trays and mesas comette, sad rt
iCannon cheirasdn of the Celit- ti
tee on apprprriations. et
Farmervtile is t.o leu aw ew
jail which will be gloired with
steel vaults. That preeperous
little ity s salso working hard for g
a iitroary.
< hnt'ite tr b i t pubelieshed a
ian* of the emi abt Thet E1 air
Fill has lost suppet i the ti , 4
aht least, aitd tkai ias M1re4s t:bwe
dBliope of its fblrp.asage. tg
Imous sons of I the. st, bare F
iip ei s. Jake Eilia, tIe prize
4ghtui;l'rad cu ed -t trial yeter
day. ailI. ai oght thaat the re
i trtll be the sawr as in the 
sel if S ulliven.
Judge Marks, of- Nw Ofelijs,
waho is a aphIticanot ti~e plr I
tionEt&ll s h &ta, s t that city,
4as ai t retired. tl om WashingI l
'" idia ores it as ahir opinion I
l ' h 1Wr9noth will lllao b. con*
. f tJ ¶ih Breweri , of'Kanda
1? !-bP9ghpvp4elated ssoelate:Ju5.
sece of the Suprenm Court oiC l
1pib :I, j ti sh aceedi Justc
¶, Xqttew ar ·.o is i t aimlltob
g. a t Is t.path bt thte oehtry
'" ut a -ekwilderld a' good lawyer
y ta.Lhese who kaOw him.
rTwo 'omrg 4dl1e, on. Of.vhse
atudet liudk o pf-liOtli tie
Sboe w ho forld sil arouhd
o,, im the shortest time.
1to ioal. Og Emsa salld the
i n ,ot Ill niu , -
- . 4-?~ ,nt ed le ilai lint
Nor th firalisL. Ile ousg wre
2.l& tal tpeck of
," j ble4 l.1e h.ba.Isiee mLn
A, A i ooasldmamlbto i saloaietl wra
¶Gh talfWaiion' 1bw days
. lA-,ll&liLdJaedils law.ppyet
: Ikr batere I r h r
j!:.tyth rme whn thow If 5is,
'.i i pw ea.t,
 llml nt i
H/ I/1 0 OF' 1' E .108T
Onesof ti brightest hghts of I
the century" has at last gone out, C
the great hero of the Lost ('ause c
has flnally fallen, Jefferson Davis
has been gathered to his lathers. t
Ilis ashes rest in peace in a south
ern city, and millions of our loyal c
citizens are ready to bow at his
sepulcher and do him homage. L
The lamentations of the South are
heard all o'er the land, and she a
mourns as she has never mourned c
before. There was perhaps, never t
in all the history or the world, a a
man whose death brought about v
anch sorrow and regret as this s
distinguisbed soldier, patriot and t1
.itizen. t
For a quarter of a century the
people of the South, and all lor t
ers of civil liberty everywhere, a
had honored and revered this c
great man. We loved him for his I
high character, for his great wis- I
(dom and for the Justness of the
eaus he h espoused. The prine'. 1
pies for which he fought. and for s
which he was disfranchised and I
branded a traitor and a rebel, are "
as dear to the Southern heart is a
the otlspring is to the parent who c
gave it birth. Then, ask not s
wherefore all this wailing and all t
these lamentations. The heroic a
deeds of the grand old man are t
embalmed in the hearts of his
eountrymien and will live there,
"As long as hearts have passions,
As long as life has woes."
The foul mouth enemy of this
dear Southland, the narrow heart '
ed ingrate in whose bosom still
burn the tres of hatred and see
tionalismn, may scoff at oar pre
tensions, and call the ceremonies
that have been bad over the chiefl
tain's grave, a falso sentimentali
ty, but weo are sincere jn our con
victiso and are joined to our idol. '
The veterans who wore the
gray and fought for Southern
rights, Southier liberties and
eteresl principles, all :ear testa
mesy t the unperiebable virtues
at the departed here. II the
death of the Prssident of the Con- C
federsey, the life of one of the '
greatest and grandest of heroes,
has ended,
"We tell his dooe withat a sigh;
'Fee te Freedem's noew, ad Fame's
On of ietiw fhmortal ames
That were not brr to die."
Thefollowinlg is an extract from a
the prayer ot Mr. Milburn, the a
blind chapala of Congress, utter- I
ed at the openiLg of the House on (
the next meoaning alter the intelti.
gence of the death of Jefferson
Davis had been re.olved in Wash- a
,igtoun: ""
SIn his plrayer this morning tile
calapiiu said: Almighty God,the
land is full of sorrow, slinert I
wsePingtfor bher cbtilren and will I
not be comforted because they are
not; fathers for their first born
thd pride and stay ot their future
ears; children thir parents. and
mint o( in Ihn cold amnos.
pihers of deoath mourning the de
parture from earth of a man dear
to their hearts, who had reached
the term of four score years.
Grant that the solemn mystery of
death, the common heritage of 'us
all, the msamagof whleh all must
I know sre long, may soften and
Shallow oar hearts andfeelings In
i. the noble geatlenas of the
a goldea text uttered by the most
eaoko sss a of the centuty,
Ila whom tenderness of heart tpade
r of statroa aind eharacter
I mere Illustrious: "Charity for all;
I lso for -o..' "
TIter is much promise rf war,
I lrere, anad biooy among the
prominent RepublIcan of this
stateyet. Kellogg wil)l p rer a
pamphletIn a few days parportnlag
Sto give. a hitor of the leIof War.
,moth.. R it aid tha, t it will con
tainu gra I many hard things
aboat Uhe Gellector mE oa-Gov.
e The r ple of the Suth, will
m.taukL umoament ia honoer of
m their gret chieftals The prepe
,sitionla i4-t otory good rad loyal
oft tieaue wolr% t itdli pay one
ob olmr. STir gi all a cbance
madtuos ees the amont of
the etit South.
,. Retes. , the peent Sec
) amp of aI teuguki to.o
the 4. .... .. e, .e. DW,,,s
the aboive ained instittlir, i) h
the !,reso (f the state. thfie Gr".1- ;
M,.sN ha:s been with that portion
of the pre., which ~ . heree that
the University is nnl doing so
well Is it shouBl, and that it i
costly education which is obtain
ecl there, hut we have never
thought that the blamne resled
upon President Nicholson. We
are infoirmed that the board of
directors are to meet soon and
take same action towards electing
a new president. As lfor our-part
we would like to see ('ol. Nichol
son succeed himself, if he should,
desire to hold the position another
term. Col. Nicholson was raised
in this parish and stands high at
the home of his boyhood. We re
gard him as one of the best dis
ciphlnarianp we ever knew, and
having spent a few years under
him as pupil, we think we know
a Ihereof we speak. As above stated
we cannot believe that he is in
any man:ner blamable for the
University not coming up to the
expectation of the people. The
affairs of the school are in a better
condition now than when he :as.
sumed control,and we are inclined
to the opinion that it wold be
against the interest of Institution
to elect a new man.
On another page of this paper
will be found the story of a con
vict, concerning his treatment by
Capt. Sanchez, who has charge of
a squad of convicts in Catahoula
parish, which If true, is enough to
bring shame and disgrace upon
the entire state for permitting
such treatment as this to her con
victs, The story or the convict
as related to a TimeosDemocrat
reporter, gives an account of one
of the most cruel and inhuman
whippings we ever read of. He
states that it is not frequent that
such whlippi.gs as this are ad
ministered at thi,| camp. It be
comes the duty of the proper
authorities to inquire into this
affair and lf the charges he true to
suspepd this cruel man in charge
of the camp in Cataboula parish,
furthermore it is their duty to see
that lie is indicted by the grand
jury, sad that punishment com.
mensurate.wlth the crime he has
comlmitted beadmnllstered. Tak
Ing the statement of the convicl
a tree, and so far the peniten tiary
authorities have not denied it,
this captatn has committed an
offense more grave and revolting
to hsmanity, than til'e one for
which the convict was serving his
sentence. All persons who violate
thelaw should be punished in
accordance with the penalty for
the rne, but it was never in
tended by the law makers, that
persons who have ben convicted,
should suffer the sentence of the
eonrt, and in addition be subject
ed to stuch tortutes and cruel
treatment, as'they' oftentimes :.
cieve at the hands of these convict
We suppose Maj. Burke has
quit the earth, for we no longer
readlhis telegrams in which ihe
proposes to make matters all
Mr. James Baker has taken a
eontracet on the new railroad be
low Arcadia, and has gone to his
work. Hie carried with him, we
learn, ave very Ine mules.
Since the crops have been gath.
ered the farmers' attention is en
gaged in building, and repsaing;
In consequence the saw mills are
all busy.
•Mr. Olin Harris now answes
proudly to the. name of papa, a
bouncing boy is the sex.,
;r. Merril Brown has a very
silek chtild with slow fever.
MiN s Adella Coleman sad Mr.
Wa, Wartsn were mrriied on the
8th last May thew jouriey
thrgh~' lr~t er bo ptesmnt and
lappy, may dame fertone always
sInik upon thei and eev er allor
their larder to bi empty, iusy
ffspring ble their unaion and
erewa thetr happy household with
oy mad ghdnut
SSeveal farmeri around Artiona
are hasag thef cetton to Arec.
duaJbecgasurof better prlees. Fuf.
ty Mbt per lle.fromu Homerto
U G glbbe i. thmrassl thenmrerhq ts
v etHooner sa't omipet with Ar
rit eee~to ulaIiee
~ tbhu$ 4
cotton at ter(?'e lulaCes. \e wa..
der- if s.mle enterprising :crn
don'tct rt II tt'ts 1 an,] huntl v(o
ilnn to [litldncT n ,at 2 cents. IftI' lhI'
We any perhaps rare smieilhilig
more to sac about, this little rail
road in the fautre.
Mr. Frank Rohersol hs an pall
of the finest hogs we have seen
.n' the parish. -'They are of the
Essex breed, and they are eertlai'lyr
eaiuti's. We oon't see why rfr.
mInrs don't pay more attention
to raising fine stt'ek than they do.
. L. M1.
iay aect any portion of the body where the
mucous membrane is found. But eatarh ea1
the bead is by far the most common, and the
most liable to be neglected. It cannot bd
cared by local applications. Being a tonsN
1 tutional disease it requires
Ringing a constitutional remedy like
Noises Hood's Sarsaparilla, whclh,
working through the blood
eradicates the Impurity which causes and pro.
motes the eatarh, and soon effects a perms'
Lent cure. At the same time Hood's 8arsy.
parilla builds up the whole system, and makes
one feel renewed In strength
and health. If you suffer Impure"
from catarrh, be sure to Blood
try Hood's Sarsaparila.
"I used Hood's Sarsaparilla for catarrh, sad
received great relief and beneft from it. The
catarrh was very disagreeable, especially ln
the winter, causing constant discharge from
my Rose; ringing noises
Hood's t mr ears, and pains to
Sarsaparlla the basl of my ea d.
The effort to clear my
bead In the morning by hawking and spitting
was painful. Hood's Sarsaparilla gave me
relief immediately, while in time I was en
tirely cured. I am never without the medi
tine In my house as I think It
is worth its weight in gold." Cures
Rug. G. B. GIB, 1029 Eighth Cata
8t, N. W., Washington, D. C.
" Iwas troubled with that annoying disease,
nasal eatarrh, and never found relief till
I took Hood's Sarsaparilla." J. I. totr'r,
Karksburg, Ky. N. B. Be sure to geo
.mHood's Sarsaparilla'
telalldruggists. i1; sizforgl ?replredonly
V . L HOOD a CO., Apothcaries, Lowell, Yas,
1100 Doses One Dollar
Succession Sale.
In Third District Court Claihorne Par
ihi, L.nisiiann.--ltcet.sio, of
T. F. Neal, Deceiased.
B T virtue of a lomIIItssionl islnld to
tme out of the above niueui court,
I will rell or cause to be sold at 10
o'clock TLUESDAY, the 26th of NOV.,
aItS, at the resideluce of thi late Thom.
as F. Neal, sitalited abhot three lilles
nlorth-east ot llaynsrville, a large lot
of personal itrop.rSt, beluniging to saitd
succession, comtisºting of twelve hlaed
of good horses anid mulesr, about 4110
linnlisels of c'l'rn, t wenty bales of elo ton,
a lot of hugs ano eatlte. tarot inlille
tnouts, ho'usaehold and kitchenu furui
ture, dto.
And by virtue of the same commnis
sion, I will sell at tile Santia place on
TUESDAY, the 17ith of 1ECEMBER,
18-9, it 10 o'clock A. M., three valen
ble and well daiprov.ed tracts of laud, f
belonging to said succession, known i
and'deseribed as follows: W1} of SEt
of sec. 17. 17, and, S of S V} ee. 17; andl
NiVe of XNW, aiid .tl of NWt, and
fSE of NWH't of see. t20, T 23, 117, conl
taint.g240 crers ore roor loss, knownl as
the hore. place of T. F. Neal, dec'di, tlhe
same being purchased by hims from W.
P. Longino.
The next tract is the II. M. Longino
placeaend doelribed as follonw: W1 of
,El nud NVE of SEt, andi Ea of NEt of'
seoo. 20, T e3, H 7, eontaining 00 acres '
more or lees with all iuprdfrehents.
The *ther truot was pattaed lby 'T.
P. ei froS R. I. 1Ki'irkpatrick, allnld is
described is follow., to-wit: Wi of
NEt soa. 20, T '13, it7,contahinii g ,l
mores with all improvcuaents.
' ·.uMs O sir.a.
The real estate ar to be solel for snah,
the crop be sold for cash, and eaneh otli
er article of personal propelty nta
bringing, over .5i0.00 he aalhlufor eash.
EacL article above C5.00 Uad Iest ex
ceeding $100.00, one-halif eash andl the
balance on twelve months tinte with
good security and notes beariug eight
per cent interest from samle, antA elCh
article bringing nuoze than t100.00 to
be sold on twelve, months tilue Wiith
aPiovld ectityr thet t i pnaRtaser gir
ing his note bearilng eiglht per cent ia
terest from date of sale. Sale to be
made with benefit ofappr:siuetm..ut.
N-15-4-t Amiuinstrati
Children likd to take C. C. C., the
pleasant and guaranteed ture for Fe
ver, Ague and Malaria--better than
quinine. Sold by Joe Shelton.
Those of the gentler sex are the great
est advocates of Casearine. It is just
what is needed by most womnen.
Casoearine acts as a tonic o the hbow
els. It is the only positivo cure for
constipation. 0oe and tl.
eIllree's WlNlE OF CIRUl for fe
mae dsease.
"Hunt's Core" guarmanteed to
cure itch, ringworm, tetter, ecze
ma and all foterms of skin diseases.
Nbutralgo Penreesa And those
troubled with nervousness resulting frlo
care or orork will berclloed by talking
ar~osroossC1'~ B.1ftirs. Genuine
I Ut ikre m urandemnebtinesac wlr e
zIouteren 4£Jonos, Jonesboro, Ark.,
writel " C C Certali (hiil Cure gives
'iaivreal stisfalttn? :Pleasant to
take. No a ear, no pay. Sold by Joe
Ye Sheoald mew it.
Reed'e Chill Care contains no poison
sad is pleasant to take. A box of pills
~re wath each bottle. For sale by J.
Taylor Hayneviler, La. and all drug
gise. "
BAGGING JUTE-IO~ j 11o, staudard.
t T1ES-.-$l1h, bundle.
FWUKOU -4 00~W75per bbL
G(OFL'EB- 18326 per lb.
. AL-tielsi S .P 3 d iper e igstelw
.tII*OCaaOhtee, staf.e per tb.
AITBi~wlia;- rl asll. =
2Aceu4s~zs:sr b
My Entire Line is Complete
in Every Respect.
No Trouble to Show Goods.
Call and See for Yourself.
A. SOUR & CO.,
- rEOLESAL brAL1ItB x-
Brogans and Hats.
Nos. 111 193 and 12 C 'ammaa street,
Merchant Tailor,
If you are in need of a neat
stylish suit of clothes write me
for sample and prices.
and Notary Public,
and Re:s Estate Agent.
Will buy, leseaund sell rel estate ofev.
ery deseription. W ill also reprsI*t The
General F.re awd Li(. lthrauee Agonoy
of New Orleans will make the c.leotion
of claims a specialty.
MrOfie tps-tairs il the old postolite
building, formerly occupied by Dr. J. F.
And China,
g8, G iY & CO.,,
Nos. 123 and 125 Texas Street,
6-7 ly.
rn HOMJR i.
On the West Side of the
Publje Square, with
As Poprietor.
T Met lbtr BrandsoWNISXtEZ,
. 00 TABLE,
A.sibQ 1.i~sa
SII1. vr'om1.. LA., November i. j88.;S
Owing to the clanmtge of the firm of A. SoIur, a*l'. i
order to wind up the old busines, I have been apHitetd
administrator of the succession, and have to tendernvy re=
port to the attorneys relrwe~ntinlg the successiion of A.
Sour by the first of l)ec.ember, and . wishing to withhold
nll acconmits fnri public investigation and the law,
I herein req ust all due the fr nlto A. Stnr, to be kind.
enough and remit name to me, with as !h?tc ekiay'ras fossie
ilr; 'twill save lbAh bother and expen.se. With many
thainks for the patronage given the old firm, I rdte" solicit
a conttnnllnCe of same to the new firm of II. Sor & '"o.
'T'rustinlg you will see the ne.essity of this no tike, and
take NO oFrEiL at s~.name, I e am, With many thanks for
past favors. Yoaurs. very ten'yv, IIENRY SOUR.
o -
it took the First Prize at the Paris and Cincinnati Ezpositioe
for its Simplicity of Constructiont, Durability of 'Parts, Adapti}l1ity
of Adjustment, LJght and Quick Running, and almost noeseless. I
am now selling the above machine in (laiborne and Webster hPrishes
and selling them at prices lower than was ever- heard of before. Just
thlunkof it, a'Sl4rawer White Machino, with Walut table, cover sand
drawers, for $32 50. 5 drawers for $35 00. 7 drawers for the
small sum of $37 50, and the entire machine guaranteed for five
years. If you need a machine come and see me or send me word or
write to me and I will bring you one.- You can't to better.
Yours Respectfully,
Have the Best Ready-Made Clothing
and Furnishing Goods
A Large Assortment of Hats, Umbrellas and Valises,
Always on Hand.
JOE ALLEN, Proprietor;
Opp. City Hotel, - Shreveport, La.
fThe owIl place in the city where Laies can dine on
Sattendeud, £t Water Fish .( all kinds, Oysters, Crabs,
Shrimps and Game consrtantly on hand.
Whbelesale and Retail Dealers in -
Furniture,Mattresses, Window Sliades
Ware'oons, No. Teoas Street, ucar Le e, ,
.- : - ... R i
" -, :   % .. ' ,:,._.,::: -.,::. . :o,.. . . : .
. SOUI .,
A. sOUR,

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