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AI.)EI 'l4ING 2l' J TE1'R:.
I cul:. I 2 1 oi ii o 1 :l n i )j, 1 r'
I iich.i . - 1.5 0''- 1 (t I.It.t i.l5 - u : .; 01O
d2 icin ys.. '2..ý!3 4..'i0 (i.00 10.0(0t 1 .1)i
4 iiclites . (;l I ,Ol 10 00) 15.)1 oU 00
Ii i lce-s.. n.00 i2.Ud' 1.02t)t.0 I 2; U0
Situclie.. h 100 I5. u.20.t00ii .(lll :335.0
j cIuimnn. 15.u0igl.00.010.0 1.0 60.00
I cýllimn . A ..14;:35.1;.th145l.44 ii 1.0('1 0.00
iLocal ntlic)s IUC ia Ii Tn, Irusieint
Aldvertislements, $1..O per sl01are for
first insertion iltl 7el for each inabac
queut iinscrtiun.
Obiniiu~ies .vxcept the simple notice,
chi:rgl ti at reglg r rates.
The (GuAlnIAN office is now locat
ed up-stairs in the Clingmlan-Glad
ney brick building, South side pub
lic fell uare.t
JOvercoats have eeg i very pea
R. L. Collier has just receivedt a
fresh stoxk of Garden Seeds. Cult on
Quite a heavy rain, fullowed by
wind, fell last unday.
Fresh Onion ets ati R. W. Collier'r.
Jllr.y Je biss Jle the way, who
is next o, tfollow sui t tir
C: othinlg and Hats at McCorklu Bi's
iat very low figures. of
lir. aR. L. Richardson spents
few day is pleasantly in Mind last
liats of all stylcs and grad, s at eMc
Cokt l & Iru'.
Miss Emlma Lou 1 almeir, of the
Miuden Normal ehool, h as ere
this week.
Freslh Oni sept lad : kirden BrO ds
at Collier'. l
Mr. and Mrs. Joe almr. withly
a few friends, took dinner at their
ithtirs. alteday, near Coltouitt.
skh ars ! Suods atq W. Co!l
Miss Lucy Uudcrwood, of Arca
Cia, attended the wedding Wedlnes
day, and is the guest of Mrs. Joe
Br]idgenman &. Bro. have a tine nssort
mtPnt of bilggy 'ai v.ignlin hlarness
wlslt thiey are otofring at reLarkable
low figtris.
SeMr. F. UI e llen . hal turned
ace Stu. is re e been
several da'y purcas in town tmls.
pre okl:g Cater thoie cinterest oih
Iihous and itgi Taylor repite mat-r.
Wi isM iad famlyh
t Yall o ridnto i &ler, we welcome
.. a " ayulor hit sor al Ptt "of blackiniih
toolarinh e ir liretl to well. Cadlle and
rids howhe in the Taylor respite mat-'
. ter. ,
-ridle lwhich are beig sold att rock
ottom priee. i. *
l .B; dfeis pileon of the Blood andn
Skil D efor sile by Joseph Shel
well represented so far as the names
of birds go. Asides from its own l
. 1, 1ttle in.deibted ti Sherard &
/   are reqnested to call inudettli,
tr ' hi, their 4 conitts i ie plased
a a e.kamd. otun -tto o"r colec- L
I~', JdFIW4~~ Louisiana t
,A, .tJ t _.~f-, spent . a
. ary. mary. "' :
MI4 bdgble44, are Iereby bi
e It paid , di
)lrst of an
S~. tesa ei
4 afl
.. an ~
Railroad Meeting.
Pt;I ul;tla to pl'eVI.iou~ inounc-.
nit.s mII1d.t ini the pir:rish papers
-lhere wats a meI;tin of the StioUCk
, h.,eer, of the L. N. & S. R. I.
heI in IIoener on Vved nesdav
o the l thl inst. A majority of the
paid up stock holders were present
to and took part in the meeting.
,t Among the steckholders weref
,r Gen. Stuart L. Wood lior,, general
'- attorney of the road, and Joseph
P. Howell treasurer both of New
' York. Alter a discussion of all
matters pertaining to the business
of the meeting, by a resolution
u:aanimouiy passed it was decid
ed to sell all the property rigdhts
t- and franchises belonging to to the
SL. N. & S. comp:ny to to te L'oui
stanf & Nortlh Western Company.
This latter cormpany agrees to
assume all obligations and liabili.
- ties that previusly devolved on
the old company. It was under
stood that the new comr'any will
issueccertilicates of stock to all par
ties who pay up their notes which
wii fall fldue the first of MIarch.
The only thing unfair we see in
the matter is, that the number of
shares in tihe corporation have
been inercased to such a large
lo numher until the shares, of the
citizens of Claiborne and Bieu
ville who made contriibutione to
the amount of $40,000, have been
practically absorbed. According
a to our understanding it cc st about
$120,000 to build and equip the
road from here to G.ils. The
c- eltizxns then who contr:butLed the
$40.000 would be the equitable
e owners of one-third of the pald up
-, stock in this road, for reall'. t he~I
are lbut 1200 shares.
There must necessarily be s.ome
fictitious or watered stock in tl:id.
company. ' We are told th:at the
;l 3600 shares .arise from the fact,
r that stock was issued on a basis of1
' *20000 a mile, and there being
- 18 miles of road it would have
taken $36,000 to built it, Ilt the
facts are that not one-hllf of that
amino.nt was used 1f'r this purp"ose.
ie Hence our conclusionr that there
iuest be some watered or fictitious
t_ stock which help constitute these
ý 3600 shares. Then with the lights
.e before us it looks something like
the cittzen, will lose the $40,000,
d evrtpt as to the benefits which we
Sal derive from the railroad. Upon
the whole it is a great deal better
!o: tfi to lose the $40,000 and get
I the benefits of the road, than to
havre.beeu dept-ried of the road
ani keptour $40,000. We Iha-e
Y been led to make the above
C obaervations for the reason ethnt
it occurllrled to is that the cti,
pony was not dealing naltogethler
SThe ncw CnI1lpany l.::ove cur hlst
C wishes arid we hope tlwey will
retch Alexandria on the South
i an I Kansas Cit3 on the Nort-th by
1 this time next year. As they have
l)lentv of means at their command
we see no reason why they should
i complete the road in this time
i if they so desire.
Notiee to Everybody.
I have mnoved my fBar and Provision
SSior one door north of ja;iil in tIhe house
formerly occupied by R. W. Matihowls,
where I will be glad to see mny old cus.- t
tuoers land 1as many new ones aIs has
the cash in their Fockets.
The Lilliputian Wonde'rs will give c
a performance at the Brick. College 9
next Monday evening. This is
unlike any show ever given im 10o
mer before and is said to be well
worth the money charged for ad
mittance. See their ad elsewhere
in this issue:
All persons isdebted to the firm bf
Longbno & Gladney, now dissolved,
either.by note or acconnt for drugs or
fJr profeaslobal services are hereby no
tiffed to coine forwar ad a settle the
sannid wfth Mr. J. K. Willet ait once as
the money is needed.
: MIke No Mistake.
If you have made up your mlifd to
buy uHood's 8irsanparillh do~at be in
daced ttao k any other. Hood's Sar
asparilla is a peculiar medicine, pua
sesilng, by. virtue of its peculiar com
Ebinaloou, propqrtlDidUro, preparation, c
eurative pwert saperior to say other
ahiele · of the kind before the peopyle.
Fer all'at fetions ar.iirgfthitn i-ipnr
flood orlow state of uaystem It lieii
iAggpaled.. Beur· to geI -food's. tl
tUomI' with~, .la- y (*or h, the
railroad King.' !tr hard tod decid
which is on top jUtist yet, butit iit
to bhe hoped tjrat the Queen City oA
ioitant will "Wipe the earth
op" wit hipii and givehdlaea'a
such a rglugle as tiey hhak iPi r
 :.:,- ."t I- - _• ' R . ,t l
c- On last Wednesnay evenint at
Is 7 o'clck M!r. Je I: '.lncr lh,i Mi.s I
L:a Ghi npeyt to tlit'e iarriagtu atl
Star an tie th wo hying hearts were
llm.'mile to beat as one.
L Long blfoi'e the appointed time
a' large crtow, co(mposedi of socie
It tygoels and the elite of the town
Shad assemnhled :at ihe P1resbyte
re ian church to witness the mar.
.'ine rite. 'The soft sweet strainc
of the neddling march, executedi
Sly Mirs. Bennio Wilder, announo
11 ed the approach ol the bridal par
s ty. The bride and groom were
n jireceded by the fillowing attend
Sants: Mr. Ben Weatherslhy and
Miss Daisy Simmons, Mr. O. P.
" Ogilvie and Miss Lucy Under
wood, J)r. A, 1). Gladney and
" Miss Emma Lou Palmer. Then
came the lovely bride and happy
* groom, They took their position
n in the altar under a beautiful
- narh of evergree-i, suspenling
over their headIs the initial letters
-G. P. The ceremony was pro
nonunced by Rý'. MIr. S:les, of the
' Preshyteri:n cii hurch, and was
Shea:utiful, imnprssive and appro
)t priate. The bride was attired in
ea heautiful and costly evening
e costume of (.reamn Armure silk,
;e trimmed in heavy brocaded rilb
1' ban and lace. She ppele:lred beau
'' tiul and lovely as she solemnly
n subscribed to the marriage vows.
g The groom wore the conventional
It Prince .Albert stuit and looked
C prou, amnd handsome.
e r" Alr the ceremony a large
crowd of the invited guests re
i paired to the home of the brldQ,
P where a sunmlltiouS anti Ibountiful
c (,psit Was sp)re-l.
On 'iThurisday the bride and
Sgroom, " ceom p:nled ly friends
d-and relatdves, went out to the
e 'home of the groom's parents r.t
, Colqiitt, and dined with the 'old
if' folks at home.''
g The (-;uAwmDI. is sincere in of
0 feriug congr:atulations to the hap
( py roung couple. We trust that
t the sautlest days of their lives are
o'er, that their fondest and hi:p;
e piest dreams may culminate in a
glorious reality, and that their
C watch word even down to tlhe
8 tomb may be, "Each to the other
e and both to God."
,,I ___-
e Some of the herbs in l[all's Hair Rc
mIi wr'r, that wolnerfil preparltiuon for
retor'iug lhe color anu tliickeuiii lho
growth of the hair, grow pluntifully in
New Einglandl.
Sfor sale by the following moruhants in
SClaiborne Parish:. ,
J 1'eph Shsltoe, I)omer.
L Engino & Gltadney
JII. ILTayhr, ]aynesville
,1. l. Laelbtttor, )
Wan. Slle'n, Sanmiurlilit .
Itemi gnthlered from tile Star.
Miss Love Webblj, of Minden,
has been secured by Prol; Mead.
ows to take charge of the music 0
dlepartment of thile High School.
Pri'l. S. E. L. Brown has Cre
sntlod his school at Antioch.
MissLynn Ilonry is visiting t
An effort is being made to unite
the two schools. The Star says:
"If every one Interested will but a
do his duty in-this matter pastd
differences will fade away and the
ditiulties which heretofore have
seemned unsnrmountable will ran
ish like cihantf' before the wind anti
Haynuasville can have one of the
best schools in north Louisiana."
Try BLACK-DRAUGHT ten for Col c
Flatnulency and wiud on thle stoumacb
as c:llluned by indigestion. Crscarnem is
the best remedy; 1
Mr. Clharles Morton left' Wed
nesday for New Orleanis, where he
will purchase a large stock of el
goods for his store at Lisbon.
Curce lndigestion, Dyrpe [ta, ailarl. Nery
ousness, aud tu'enrl Oc!lt"'. Phyai'Iansre- .
ommnuIt.., All dealoers efit. Genuline has
rade mark and crossed -d, lines on wrapper.
Ward Three oeard Pron.
We are intorfned that, inli'e'
contest for licepse or no licensj
in ward 3 last Wednesday tbhat n
reemine m -r'wetob e day ta
anairasil:majorit~y. iTbi being f
the case no liquors will be sold in
that. wrd dringi 8g.O .
.C(asearne is on 'ccellent remedy for %.
MiMFftiil lmid lh wrtI6b; 1¶Iaanhnt to (L
Mk, Andersoo Ya% who ha, s .
en raveling in ti idiast ao the
The Neormal School,
(icard of Dr. J. C, Willis which
at We ar i tills issrequested by th e reis ai
eyoung man of splendid attain.
Sments, of tleavng grate Norduated withol at
Nl atchiitoches to annt~ouncet thait here
adistnerion at the Vaannual session i be di-t
rmedical college a few yetats ago.
vided intos possessed of goodur montral
Seachits and being attentivll e tobusi.r
ess, wganized in the nor him a liberalnt
si at the of patronage.ach term. By
c;this cinuºt!;t miass stitdcizts who fLid
We werov pleasednt to reminee at this
week cor, J. II. Cahill, advance
ýltion will be enabledl to attend duri
aing either te for evHillyer's Lillputcson
I sive veirs until they' com~plete thoa
. Wonder Co., whstilch show. at the
brick college Monday, Tuesday
a nod W~ednesday nights, Jan. ?0,
S21T anot r. This is a good sehow,
A during the prese lnd no doubt will7
i strecoivets, a number much largerge.
lgila' tan ever liefore l nsi:g hde at
plehsnt.-.m hut ,re rentedy, Cnsentriic.
I for its graduates a teachture by is
digesteaion nd headhe, take Cascrinsing.
T1heC nest term will b~egin 0on Moni
and he enrled.
" day, February Con3rd, 1890. e
Inr onic iMc lree'sgltoNE for tC kid-)uI
ys, Lirer and n wels. For sio by
ig Dr. Wes Traylor purchased the
is Shelton house and lot last Saturday
o" for the sum lf $O0, Mr. 1)re
ºe Ferguson aniii i~r. (argule bought
oethe largest portin of the drowldged
ithe tcis day of the sale Dr. J. C.who
ve teted its grCot merits by usingthe
ýndrugs from Mr. Fergu son and rents d
ig the store housa e. Tayle oftire sale
villnte d to about $4.0. It is
) thought that with the amounts co-sk
that yletedou givthe aed'cs duChille that therial
v estate will pay about fd it the beston $1.00.
dy on MElr market for chills, foers and
ague don't usease it.
We arc autito razed by Capt. II.
;e R. We Ib prslent of the Clai.
e- borne Fair Assoclaria, Indige to state
c, that preparations are being mad
Sto holds fa, t is . ake . A lort
cult nres quickly. and For sale by all dealers n
medi e had inGet the gespring. Let our
"is. arm. C. Certain toll Cure,"i the
IC alcres reach- for tlhe conltest in
most plant to tke of all fever andoin.
Try BLACK"DRAUoHT tea gar Dyspepsia.
AWe call special Warrattentioedn to thcure
card (or Dr. J. C. Willis which
Chills andler in this issue. eph is ihel
Childre young man of splendid attain C. ..0., the
nleasants, having garaduated withdre for Fe
ver, Ague and Malaria--better than
a iqustine. tiold by Jthe VaShelton. -derbilt
r. medical college a feŽw yesats ago.
e Thoe iof the gentler sex are the good mrat
't' llsbitsan 8111 eing attentive tobusi
ness, we bespeak foir him a liberal
sht advocates of Ojnarine. It isjst
what is neded¢ by most women.
Ca Warine weracts lased a to to meet the bowis
o°s. It is the only positive cure for
constipation. [00 'and $1.
"Hunt.'s Cure. H ,uaranteedtton
cure itco, rhigworm, hetter, eeze
,ms and[ a'|. forms of skin diseases.
Robertson & Jonee Jonesboro, Ark.,
wilte:. "0 ;0 0 Certain Chill~ure gives
aniverenl satisfaction." Pleasant, to
take. no.cen, no pay. Sold by*Joe
Shelfon. '
e Lode thW neighbor." You n an 2ey
a1 do th2h if.yon allow squr neighbor to
s anff with Itobitettervlingworm, etc,
'vithiant advisinig hinm to use Iunt's
ar ys'le rsJ. and'aIoor, Hdaynesville,
IA;a4warSles4anded La.
eIf yearap pliberal o, nothing willg
}hgnhate islaw 1utk-e y usi: g. that.
P~uttcs Cehn Co greoat~ Tolnio~
wy; Liver ndflowc nd For tjob
Coniieneicing Momniay, January 20 !
Together with
Ballinger's European Novelty aMnd
Grand Gift Carnival.
Giving away more Costly and Valuable PRESENTS than
any other Show traveling. Giving away over ONE
IIUNL)RED PRESENTS each night with a
'T Th~ree - -our bJa.oer I
Children with One Present Envelope ........................... .2.5c
Reserved Seats with two Present Envelopes..........50c
Change of Programe Each Night.
I have recently establishltld a CGren
it Ilonse in lnotiter, o( College street, aund
amI praparcd to sell cttt-llowers tand
chloicae Hot-lionuse platlls ,at antly seanson
of toe year. I hIave over 300 spaecinien
10 plants tili I wolhd like to have all
d call and see, amoon which aro quite a
variety of Fish anatl Fancy Leaved Go
e ialli ns, Bonvariildias, Fuclhsias, Helio
io Iropes, :and abolt 13 varieties of Bego
itunas, and a great manay oither rare
plallts; also a large lot of ever-hloomll
e ilng roses, includilng " aireihal Nitl,"
). "Cloth of Goll;~ "'1 hle Bride," Siunset,
Miatinaisoit, etc.
Address all orders to
ox 107. liomer, La,
Ba it enact.cLI by thes maylior and se
LC lectaitea of the town\v of Ilonaer, Louisi
le ana, that th tirilng or diselarging of
tire crackerslt, Raoianlt caindles, or othler
t" lire works iof aly descriltion, is hl aredly
I' ohibited wit bin the incolrporat.ion of
the towna of IHamer, atld any persotn or
II persons violailllog this orldhianlce by
t tiring or dischargisg any hloc erat ktr',
Rloanlt catndles or other tihe works
w i ithin the incorporntioir limits of t ie
said town o:f Ilotiner, shall. Iupon con.
vietiOln blfi.re the m:ayor, Le liiied not
less than live nor m!orel thlan iift"y daal
lats., or ill default of payment be im
plrisoneld in town lock-up lfor iiot more
e than tea duays. Provided, that this or
alilancc shall anot depirive the mat or of
the power to permit citizens of the
Stowin to discýhalge ithe armns in e;it 8
where hIe italy aeemnl it necetssary'V or ex
pedieat. WALTER WARiD,
Attest: S. J. M.tF:ETr. Matyor.
I Be it enacted by the mlayoo and so
lecttietn of t he town of Holmer, Louisi
iana, that a licenso tax for 1:90 of sav-.
I onty-live per cennt, of the state license
is borclhy levied tlaud lasfteassed iby tihe
corporation of IHomer illpo.n all trades
pinr"uit. ocupatlions tand callings ulponi
which the state of Lonlsiallln i lovies a
Slicelnse tax. WALTER WAIW),
e Attest: S, J. MIAFtETT, Malor.
P. 0. O. BOX NO. 7.
I l:ave made arrangements atnd ams
prepared to receive orders and make
i urchallaes of Millinery, Dresses, Dress
SGoods., Wedditig Trousseans, Laces,
Jewelry, Carpetsa, Pianos, Organs, Min
siC, Books, Household Goods, Furnitture,
SCotifect ionarles, indeed ev6rything
needed in the famntily that the tradet
'furnishes. My oxtenlsive acquaintitence
with bnsinaess houses in the city antd
- experience gives Inc nulrivaled fatcilt
Stites for talling orders that may be sent
Parjies residing out of the city who
tiesire goods can slre the exloanso of a
trip 'utin| obtain better prices by order
ing what they wuall throungs nie thain
by purehasing themselves.
In orderiang stat s lpecilically wihat is
wanted acid the limlit of youlrilnvest
I tent. ahd sond money with the order.
My charges are 2 1-2 per cent for plur
chasing. lRespectfnully,
References: Shireveveport Times and
the merchahts of Shreveport. c
In Third District Court Clhiborne Par
iuh, Louisiana--Snecession of (
T. F. Neal, Deceased, c
]TOTICE is hereby given that the ad
Nr ministratix of, the above named 1
estate has filed a taldeau of debts
against salid estate and prays for the I
sameo to be homoiogated. Now, tliere
fore anless opposition be made within
the time prescribed by' law, the prayer 1
aofthe applicant will be granted and I
sadd tableau made the judge.ment of the f
Thlais, done and signed oleFally on (
this, the26tah day of Dec., 18i89.
Clerk D. C.
Milam, bet. Spring and Market Sts.
Cotton Factors
Commission - Merchants; "
S p,, r Va lisJatiu &i rotne S ta,
WOE L 0A . * I.
Also clhopped Corn, Ry', 3ar.
IC y an(l Millet Seed, and th le iin
e e4t food in the world for mill h
cowS, which we anufaclll mel o on
our mills. T'ry Mix.'d Uronud
Food and be convinced o0 the
truth of our assert ioll,.
hGrain and Hay Dealers,
jinc - ýxtl
Jewelry, Silver-Plated Ware,
Plush Goods, Albums,
Spectacles, Etc., Etc.
Rleplairing a Specialty. All
work goaranteed. Orders and work
sent by mail will recei-e special at
Tulane University of L
The next Annai1 Session of high
School, Cellhge, and of the 11. Sophie
Newcomub Meniorial College for young
women, will begin Tunesday, October 1.
En trace examination on Monday, Sep
tember 30t.h,
Hligh School Course 3 years. College
Course 4 years. All dcpartnentus sup
plied with labo atories and other aids
to practical ius :uction. The Manual
Training depart-.neit is well equipped r
with apparatius ftro wood working, black
snmithing,fording' brazing and solder
ing anid machine construction.
Parallel Collegt Courses lead !o the
degreeof B.cMhClor of Arts or 3acheldr
of 8S ance" There is a practical course
in fl ectrical Engineer.ing add a conm
pi e plant of the Editon System for in- I
, nction.
The Hi. Soplhie Newcomb Memcrinl
College for young womeno offers a full
course in seitine and letters.
Special courses in Altl md Literature.
There is an Academical Department t
'which prepausto students for the Col ]
lego. College course, $100 pe.r annum.
Preparatory course oftwo years, $8 pert
The Law Department opens Novem
ber 18th, 11C. . Miller, Dean Medical.
Depastment, opens October 21st, Stan
ford E. Chaillu, M. D., Dean
For general catalogues, Uidress Wmn.
O. Rogers, Seoretary of the Tnlane Jitil
versity, New Orleans, La. 30 6-rm.
The exerci~es of Homer School at
Claiborne Colloge, will .close Friday,
the 20thiUit,'a hd sanms will be resunm
ed the first bMonday in January, 1890.
Studente will be charged from day of
entrance till close of session. T.rmn
in Literary Department trom $2 to $5
per monuth-according to advancement.
Music per mionth, . $5 00
Eleeatlo, ", 1 00
Board Ia toardilg Hall, $10 00 (
Incidental fee per session, 1 00
Patrons are hereby notified that all
existing eottracts and, agreemoents
maiel duiig M. Martin's connection
with the scdhol, will expire on tihe 20th
of December, 1889.
Alhberal patrotnge is solicited by the
Associato Principles.
Mis. H. C. LlanncEz,
8. D. SAxx.
"Tie tlowers: that blooim in the Spring
time, tra la,"
"Fqund hin i;mck inll t.o bed with chills, V
plooh bll," -
"ut. Cheuthtam's Chqll Tonic got hi,
up on his feetlets,"
""And hl now daily utna,, while walk
ing thie srtreeldts," :
"It uuatlttlc!y iuied his rahakes,
IlM11EI;R, LA..
e Olers his prtof\ ional stie ices 1o tIhe
opl" o,, i llIAni r a t tIciiity. lDirsc eba,
11i',e :it (. .:. ill's I)r ngstore.
J. C. WilIi, M. I).,
lhMl:! , LA.
Oflfice at .J. C. Willis &. (''s Dlrug
II Sltor-- Sheltoiin's (ihl Si ltlu . 1
".A I I: tll , lAld.l.u , 'I'I?\ ..)
A\'IN( pilur aneit lly lit.ud It 1
J1om iir tendeirs hiis irtia:siouilser-1\
vices to theI public ill lthe practice ,,
Slccial attention giveon to chrounie
diseases of Ihitlh sexes -will vinit aly
Spa it of the countrliy auit jLr'uriui silrgi
cal opicratio l)0s.
O iice up-staits over U. G. G(ill's lstore.
lResidlcncc oppºsito the irCieslytCrlini
chluich. F-t.
Dr. T. N. Nix,
IIO.M ll, LA.
have permiianontly loeaited in hiomeri
lild resapeltifully sIh' it the pnatirnagi of
the pnhlie. C#IC O1feo ip itairsi, over
f the ohi Ciid i aniili hre.
R. G. A. I1 ARPER,
OGice H[Iiou's-8 ai. min. to 12 in., and i p.
mii.to & [. in.
ir OMnc np-stairas in the McCrintie
Now Brick Building.
Physician and Surgeon,
1Ofice Ip-stair: in the McCranio
New Brick Building.
E. If. MfcClendon. C. W. Sesits
YWill practice in all thie Corts of
the T1 ird Jndicial I)istrlet miid thi 8n
prento Court of the Stato. PLartnerlrip
limit¶dto civil buainesn.
TOMeieenp-ltnlrts over .. O, Gill's
Deoaler in all kinds of
Champion Wronght Iron Fences whlioh
require n:o brick or stone uiniiliatioin,
ald all kinuds of Oirnliielital Ironi work
for hnildingsAuneh as Colun m,
Verlnida it , Cct nigs, Fn
iJa WeatherVanes.
' Amlricca and Itallan
We giarantee to sell mriarlce oeapet
than any otlhr hirn. Get our prices be.
fore buying. Orders by jlaipromptly
attended to.
J. W. DOWNS, Manager,
Shreveport, La
Dry Goods,
And Boots, Shoes, Hats,
Caps and ready made
Also a full and complete line of
Pswties wiLing to purtchaso any
articl to be found in a General Store
will do well to got my priees benfore
pnrchasing. I will tell as cheap as Ilje
clielhist, as nmy gioods are purelneuat
very low. 3--22-89.
rNeedbig a tolic, or ebhilren that watt build.
tink p. tshout llke
It is pleakant to tele, cures 3Jalaria, ndi
svunm,aad so8umeuwn. Aldeuraleskeepl

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