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*O. P. O ILTIE & CO.,
Entered at the Poetedoo at Homer,
Louisiana, as tiSecond-Class Matter.
O.icli Journal of Olaibeorea Parsh.
Office Up-Stairs in the Clingman
Gladnoy Brick Building.
Fr'iday, June 13, 1890.
The Warmoth faction seem to
be on the upper round of the
Louisiana Republican ladder, as
widened by the appointment of
dGen. W. S. McMillan as surveyor
-eatcustoms at New Orleans.
An old lady of Letart, Ohio, who
has attained her one hundred and
thEird birthday, is at the head of
mlully 2,000 living decendants,
embracing six generations-a
distinction probably neoother per
seon in the wouarld can justly
The Alabam . Republicane~are
in a bad way. They nominated
a carpet bagger who has been ip
the State only three years, for
Governor, but the laws of the
State require a much longer resi
dence to a man elligible to-office,
and the Repubtcans will have to'
scrape around and get another;
tean who is not quite so fresh
The 4iadisoriminate use in this
.canstry "ot the ,adjective nice is
illustrated In an amusing manner
.:by a Henderson, N. C., undertake f,
Iw advertises .in the local.paper
s' nice line of burial rebes" and'R
.Mtae finest bearseeaetf Raleigh."
i.Ealso asserts-adoubtlesswithout
:.y iantentio; ot making a pun
-tha his matto 4s: "The very
beat wak a. tkeivesy lowest living
paeL. 'rinatesek,
*tls>sttaed s a matter of r
4bstei v by the South on it s
ovtbi defameits, that a Georgia 1
tarmer recently raieid twenty 1
} [email protected] antl shippedd
" t!1 ao sadt, Ohio and other
' It `did not state that so'me
'I'i.' -o !« -bbi a t
ate.Jn4heir ctnnection,it is a
°that Sog*thermo'tn bera _i
&10 hrchvColumbia4l. m
la ofd idm<ne, are d
4thn a steelParrot. n
Seals' bill Pro
qlat a~sfr ite bie d Ij
sAU4 tkn wllass
blg bet thae
The great question of tarifft
"which agitates the country 'in
connection with McKinley's name,
has elicited comments from every
- nook and corner of the land. That
or. it is a measure in direct antago
nism to the enunciated principles
= of Demoracy; that it does not
meet the approval of the toiling
masses; that its ultimate inten
n tionsrare the perpetuity of the
power that has brought it into
existence; that it is a compensa
tion in return for election
S"boodle;" that it is to be made
to the future lever to boast its
1e authors again into place and
's authority, if it can be utilized,
°f have been clearly portrayed,
ýr Notwithstanding the broad and
untenable assertions that it is for
o revenue, and its protective plati
d tudes are in the interests of home
ý productions Lnd the fostering of
sAnimrican industries, no one who
a carefully scans its provisions, will
f, for a single instant concede. Its
whole tendency is in the interest
of the manufacturing corporations
in order to increase their revenue's
Sand profits fQr the express purpose
to secure means to purchase the
neat election at the polls.
r The Maine Democracy, Indis
mayed by long years ot defeat,
planting themselves with heroic
':fortitude on the principles of their
.party; still hopeful of theeventual
r triumph of enunciated doctrines
Sthat are rapidly attaining national
ascendancy, boldly anneounce that
, the triumph of Harrison and his
s party was due to corrupt methods,
r aad the open purchase of floaters1
in New York and Indiana. 1
r They further announce in their
hrecent platform: "Since his
accession to power, he (Harrison)
t has-shielded the bribers, reward
e the 'men who furnished the
corruption funds, and muzzled the
press, by subsidizing its editors
withilarge omcee, and the Re
publican leaders in Congress pro
I' . poseto enact a tariff act not for
ire'eoue, not even for protection,
rbut as a job to procure means a
with which to purchase the next
Selection at the polls."
phis bold dj:'iicialisn of the
ration on this iital ques
tien, which has become the great
slogan of Democracey, plainly"
.indicates that it will be the para
mounst issue in the next presi- P
dential campaign, and the arrdaina
Thekqf the Republieans on this
revenlaf~ measure, is nadeniably
rnak iaby every step In the
progre./ ata.! eventual adoption of
* shes hin tariff bill, by means
which ais a Alsgrace to modern
isglasisn Iza great republic.
Ihe Seanes is now wrestlnag
wibt the ob1 , and while some
moddlcaadohs ay 'be inserted ii A
oWrtas ac of thp House bill, '
itcnscsrel behepedlthat body
-will amagll deviate from the
lIuena at, and will further is
est.e to * spirit Wcklh en
robbery and help in
order atrqarled "boodle" ay l
p. Iuase Repuba an pwer iand
t. - -- di
- ldi
We makethe follwing etracit
from ht *in oAhfthe Loui- to
~a W~atht 8rv~cP iiiesue& t
1'her was-an· a'age of 2.12b
ui orth Louisianan h
~%~Wk atn, suitiiishline,
ly~5?soye aseasonalw
0lot o
bw~wath. ·
&: *reM
~, ·,#* i~E T~ttufmr: a Qi
made in this oveaowed section.
From Rapiden southward cotton,
cane and corn are doing. .;hl3.
in The backwater is falling rapidly
ae, and the replanted cotton and corn
'ry are sprinting up with remarkable
Lat rapidity,
° Where not affected by flood,
les crops are decidedly promising; the
ot corn and cane are being laid by,
ng and the real growing season for
cane is beingentered. The cotton
he in South Louisiana is. nearly
to ready to bloom, and except in a
a- few localities where repeated heavy
on rains have caused it to become
de grassy and shedding, presents a
its favorable appearance. Corn is in
id tassel in many places and is in a
d, uniformly excellent condition.
Rice planting is about completed
id and a report from Southwest
or Louisiana states that the acreage
Li- has been nearly doubled this
Lil -
to The bill for the proposed divl
eiou of the parishes into judicial
i districts was presented to the
ý House last Monday, by Hon. H. P.
9e Wells of Richland. In this pro
e position the parish of Orleans is
excluded, while the act provides
for twenty districts, as follows:
t, First District--Caddo, Bossier
ic and Webster parishes.
Ir Second District -Claiborne, Winn
al and Bienville parishes.
as Third District-Union, Lincoln
and Jackson parishes.
Fourth District-Morehouse,
La Ouachita and Caldwell parishes
Fifth District--West Carroll,
Richland, Franklin and Catahoula
r Sixth District-East Carroll and
M Madison parishes.
Seventh District--Tensas and 1
Concordia parishes.
e Eighth District-De Soto, Red
e River and Sabine parishes.
Ninth District-Natchitoches,
Grant and Vernon parishes. i
Tenth District--Rapides and e
r Avoyelles darishes.
Eleventh Distrct--St. Landry. 
and Acadia parishes.
Twelfth District--Calcasieu, 1
CaIneros anI rer.ilion} parishes. 1
Thirteenth District-East t
Feliciana, West Felicibna and c
Pointe Coupee parishes.
:Fourteenth Distrit--Ea t Baton r
Rouge and West Baton Rouge i
parishes. t
Fitteenth District--St. Ieglena, e
Tangipahoa, Washington and 5. t
Tammany parishes. . /
Sixteenth Dibtrict-St. MhTry
Sand Assumption parishes.
Seventeenth District---Lafourche a
and Tenrebonne parishes. "
Eighteenth District-St. Martin, a
LafaSyette and Iberia phrishes. t
Nineteenth District--Iberrille, fi
Ascension, bt. James and St. John t
Twentieth District-St. Chparles, ii
Jefferson and Plaquemine 'par- 14
ishes. d
For each of the districts theig I
sball be elected at the next gener
al election for State ofmcers, t
one ludge, except for the Firsel
distrtict, in ¶vhich two jud shall II
beelected. For each dis ict one B
district attorney shall be electeld.
In the Times ofyester-da orn'
ltg wve And the following ia ! fal
.in regard to the judiciary:
Theio sub-committee app~tf~t
by theolqt judiciary omm
haveagreed upon a bill.
F:.irst District-. Caddo,njudge. .
S8ecood DistrictA-Bossier and
Thijrdt Ditrtnct-Clatborne. atId
'Feirth Distric- Union. 1tincln
taid Jackson. -
ilftlh Dietrlet-Ma~rehouse,
Nibtan Die ttict-Sabjne, Depo o
~r~YeQ~i fr:amrneteewl.
*e'e Iid;a
W4 beL oiis4l; :,P-~c;~
~ .1
i :13
ly Considerable business has been
rn transacted since my last letter.
,le The separate car bill, which. pro
vides that railway companies shall
furnish separate compartments for
he white and colored passengers, the
three cents a mile bill, the anti
'r trust bill and several others of im
Dn portance have passed the lower I
ly House, with good prospects of pas
a sing the Senate.
vy The committee, of which your
ie correspondent is a member, ap
a pointed to revise and reduce the
in judicial districts of the State has
a prepared a bill which reduces the
n. district Judges and district Attor
ýd neys from thirty to twenty. I
st think the bill will become a law;
;e if not it will owe its defeat to cer
is tain politicians who are seeking to
arrange their districts for their
own pIolitical aggrandizement, and
who have no cares for the good of
the State.
1 The Cotn-t of appeals will either
to be abolished or the number of
judges reduced to one half the
D number we now have, that iK, a
i constitutional amendment f,'r one
s of the purposes just mentioned
will be submitted to the pheojie.
i. The members of both houscs are
practically a u.nit in regard to re
n ducing the expenses of tlhe Judici
n A bill has been introduced ap
propriating money for the purpose
,, of constructing additional build
ings to the Insane Asylum. The
I, only trouble now with the asylum
R at Jackson is lack of room. They t
have plenty of means under the
I appropriation of 1888, but on ac
count of limited space many h*e
] been denied admission. Some fa
vor an additional asylum located
j in a different part of the State, c
while others simply favor an in.
ý, crease in size of the present build- a
ings. I feel safe in saying that
I something will be done to better
accommodate our unfortunate in
The Lottery is still impeding
legislation to some extF.i , t!hocu gh
St is cone ded b·"every one except
t the reporters of the Times-I)emo- t
I crat that the measure is defeated. al
They claim they have the necessa
I ry two-thirds but still they do not
introduce t!e bill- The ftcts are
they lack ten members of having
ienough to carry the amendment
through the House. So far all
their efforts to break the solid ranks
of out forces have failed, notnwith. c
standing they have offered money
and polititical position for recruits
to the Lottery side. We are a J
small band but time will show
that we are strong 'enough to dle
feat Morris and Baldwin with all
their money.
Should we succeed in establish- '
ing a better Judiciary syste.m with
less expense-to the people and in
defeating the propositions of the
Lottery, which is the greatest
Iprse both politically and morally
thgt any people ever had; thon\a we
will ol have hoped against fate or
labored ii . 8;
Baton Rouge ,.S .'
7*i#"-i·--+**-~"- ,
Notice sla thebygign tht? No
o taxes for tt e ~'e"t''":
oiner will 'main open for 1We
g whtch tune *tx- 8i5
pay'rn niy coward for the pur. tbl
.p.e of-changing mand oorreeting maid
lits .. . J 8. RIOIARIL SON, sta
Homer. La., Juno 2, 18Jd, Assessor. poi
1 I~b~l:::J' :~Ia
:'..' -4
* LOOK!f
h., 2C., SC., AND fe.,
127 Texas St., SHREVEPORT, LA.
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Large Steak Dishes .......... ...... .. 8c each Cream Pitchers.................. 4 each
Large Deep Dishes.................... . 13c each Large Deep Bowls .......................14c each
Large Wash Basins....................... c each Sugar Bowls............... ................1c each
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re -
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c- rchw:ndise, Dwellings, lfouse
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1- ompanies. A share of your patron
age is solicited.
e Dealer in all kinds of
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On the Weft sde of the
Public Squ ~', with
` As Pr prictor.;
The very best Jin d.so VIIKEY,
WINES, BRANDY iud Ol ~fU cnu al
way s boi had at tli s Jar.f Connected
with i the house t era ýis 4acd
Whero gantlm1Y, o. c inined, can en
joy a sociable gieifthotut being din-j
turbed by twdisr .
l y.
Now own by mes; IWs sired by old
Saim lion .nn, ho by \ash.tenaw Chief;
She by Pill's Black lIiwk; damn by Jim
Hiekory, a thoroughb ed tfir-uilornii
net; Sam Himsto i, Ji s., darn by Can
sinu AI. Clay; eeccond iam, Novias Clay;
tbird dam, Gray Eagl .
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stands 151 haids higin; weiglhs 1,100
pornds; is very afylihhand cohmpaotly
built. Ie won tihe 3t cute a2d 9-40
tr'otting racers at the aledoe 'County
Fair, llebanom, Mo. A. bettel saddle
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ROSES, PiO~~~I C pLNS t.
A' sc ~ 'o~uit h i~~E
31yR~lFfl;ltPo am n h ietG~e
.t~S l·L) ~c:t 'l~ctyIT~,~ell~~~Cor~, b~ol,1
* (, *~ 4':inllo l, Jnlc Y~c R t~ll.r·pard,& . c. l nt
Ali ,t lr. c iiwo l lr~~ ~ t i~re 's riaotRt
½ l ctrc b j1··rr! i~e~d t io nLu rlil ~rl i
a.-i~ CL~PS C~~IA4

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