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*. "<■ *nm - . ■ » 0 »
wqà&ÿmx.à xm'*s*.w&k,
■ i r. > ,: ,..„>* -i*i* - X
HkîiS* ■
Q- A. Taxjai
ci -j&JÊiï***
irisl Jtmol af th
Tcrm~ T wo Dollars n Tear. in advaner.
or ji.jO after two month».
t OLUME îf
irnmmi 44
Wk$ ^àrtisonbnrg J nbcpfnbfnt. ,
TERMS : . ~
Two IMILlars per annum ia advance, o
7 tv* Dotting and Firrr Oiarfi after the lapse of
twe nxomths.
No Subscription di«continued nntil all arrears are
" AdVerKemc AU inserted at $1 per square for the
first insertion, tad Fifty cents for each continuance,
ter uasa or les» constitute a Square.) A literal
deduction made to those who advertise hy the year
s.rtd on long advertisements.
Kér annonocing candidatesfor Parish offices *5
will be charged—for ail other office«, $10, invariably |
in advance. _*
Joe Paivt.tffl cxeoaied with neatness and punc
tuality. Payable pn «oUwfiry. a - - -
Ifaaai.vass and Diitn, and Religious notices
published free of charge. "A
Yearly Contract* Payable Quarterly.
Steamboat notices for the season ...... *15 00 ■
One aqnsre one year ...... . 15 00
. *• *• six wontUs . . .......*. ...SCO
Two squares one - year ................ 25 Oh
•r six months .. . 15,uu
One column one rear .......80 00
a a six months .... .'....... 4800
Professional card«, uot over live lines, per
* year. ..... <'........... ........ 10 00
All tetters pertaining to the br.siness of the eStab
ishment tobe addrc«sed J, Q*A. T,ai.. arasso.
newspaper law.*
1 . Subscribers who do not give Ex pc css Notice
to the contrary, are considered as wishing to con
tinue their subscription. *
2. If subscribers order the discontinuance ofthei
pa »erg, tue pObüsUer Biay cötuiqM to send them#
all that is due be paid. #
3. If subscribers negiecl or retase to 'take their
papei s rrou) j^a.effico to which they are directed,
tbey *re lietff responsible nnlil they have sealed
their bills and ordered tbe'r paper discouiitnie<] w
' 4.IT subscribers remove to other places, without
ioformVg the publisher, and ttfApspei- is sent to
the foi mer diiectioi, they are WRRespotisible.
j. The courts hove decided that refaftrnv to take
a paper oc periodical from thf office, or removing
• odiavingdt uncolhiiifot, is f.ima facte evidence
af thtentional frana. ...
6. The Drifted States courts have also vepe.itcdly
decided that a postmaster w%o jiejects to give .-ca
sonable notice, fis regEfficdby the Post Office E
paltmenu, of the neglect or refusal rtf a lie. sim to
taka fram the office newspaper* addressed lotion,
tenders the poi master liable to the poblislter for the
subscription price.
7. Newspapers sri not chargeable with postage
wi thin ihecoi ntyor parish in which they *i*e printed
Ma Rk s é iv'ÊWMj uy
Hardware, Cioiinng , MtdtciMc, SAot% Halt,
And alt Articles genéiplly kept f ti a Cpaotry Store,
Mr vail visitv lowest rstess, jit the ft fob
Co sam-or CmabOoMa axd Skrut Sr*w«vs.
41'ARRl^ON BURG. * ' -
Pf* Kfcep coeAtsnt?v f su )o|1ri 1 with ftliffitre | Ll
re.ally *el«St4d strtek. irlj^cli we o3er OUfu/ffag
•»re ,
t » •!*'». 4!ensleUpg of
Plantation .Öry G't
rH, wr>9o, ai,A$8
Is In e:idfe**'va.ii*tn.
JTUINU; • v !
S; '3\ :
, ,|t . U s 'X*
end ¥- ; '
LES —a full «ni
''■km r leim
J. H. Bcktos, ;
0 . r. Wocc,
June 1«,
Jt. Gaue, ,
8, V. Fi»ocsov.
...... WW*™
ftv) Orrtanu.
j Dr. J. «/#*«£
in CoWMM "
[ Honete^
' .«m v aR
mu RM A R Y
detati% «
aud famished, in ail
pÜM i i isisi^the
: Nfltise Hwfioee, i
.-.fliVM dft-nï
urJ) ;4ï
twin v ......
. ' «r.» . — i ---
Wi ' "
DR. W. fi. LOTE,
OFFICE,: : : : s : : : : : : fuTïtlNlTY, I,A
Jan. 28, 1861.-y.
* Jehu r. Etant,
Address Trinity; J,|f Feb IS, '61
AFFICE—Residence of Mr. G.H.Fjtidfo.Ffench'
U Fork, Little River, La. AH calls attended
with strict attention. A fall stock of Me licines.
— -—--—
W û.^Pa, îsbe
Il of Catahoula, Caldwell, Franklin and'lPonfoi
dia. W Ht also «(tend the Sessions of the Supieiue ■
Court at Mpnrqeisnd Ne* Orleans. 1
May 9, I860.
it. ». ernrr.
"c«5 v
-------OA WKIMfi.
JHtprntfs at ft».
Ofiice—-Harriioulauf, L«.
tw Will Practice in the Fa >. ishes of Catahoula,
onpordm, Fi*nklidnnd Caldwell. -
r.. G. SMITO.
Will yraei'e* iu the pariehe* of Coneordia, Cota
Aoa/a, Caldwell, and Franklin. '
Office—H arrisonburg, La.
Maj SÔ, JSftfL v . 8:51:ly
JTTORXErS at Ta w.
W ILL PRACTICE in Catahoula an«f adjoining
'PufisbMi !
Mftw λ BtrrtttlbBFg, Ll. j
H. Burg, La. Ang. M, 1.880. %i
£«tt> Mfilift.
C. 8PFNTCER Hf A^O a n d O. Ttf ATO,
IIAVIXG formed a legal ,padnersTiip to
14 take.yffeçt on tlie first of May 1^01^ will
after that dale piomptly «üend io all legal
busine«« coi.Hd'-d to ilienr in the Parishes of
Catahoula and FiankTTn.
H. Dn g, ta. ApWI W,Hs6i. Y-41-ïf.
I lieivice* tb the pnb
ÄJI xtall^ left ftbsepbergei's störe
'y attende«) to.
ce, next door to Randolph'snfew build
ing. ' ' " ' ' ' ' " •"
La; Ap»l tt.\m,' Ÿ-4 1-v...
■; DÉ. 9. »4W,
- il RftRiGfiONBilRG, -JuAi«
Mfij fi, JAM- :> .v ->i.- ii « 4fi;y
n i ' ■■ ■ » '■ . - . ' -. r - - r *■ : -
■ ■ JHI . .V .&ai-. ÂkOHMMï '' '
%•*4eèm 9mi9t* m*ÊÊʱ
ha mn*s o*rÊÿjw, mBggh
om the country. ^ lhm l
faêfiJÊÊhm h« êi ;•* Km
;v., . . wiw. &*> .mmtfx»
V w * , . ' j ,,} n^rrifioffifty r».
t- - »■*-— 1
the citizens
m. TT.. 0. RTNRi
ANDERS. H18 seseieee -to the i
' i'Pt ft- ' ' "• igi.~
JSbMhoS'ir.s Jr».
i their anmerous friends
et the
» their eeteblish
s prepared
B*gf »
Frofcuuor'u Zndigo fiery, |
Eveiy one who has long enjoyed the ae- j
qoainthnoe of that feectious and witty phil
osophpr, Professor Mapes, of Nest York,)
Iiy, 1,1 idling » »lory. I
1 l' e . re ^ ents of Suffolk county,^ which
consists of that part of Long Isla nd far
down EasL ar? .mugU/ «eAcUnng )»«)pl*, andr
strong dash of the genuine Yankee in their !
character, and of -the peculiar humor that
pertains thereto. *
Sfcfne years ago, there lived in the county j
town (a small sea side village,) of that coun- j
ly, a queer kind of a waif upon theunso-^
Mcje^jr of that yîcînity, whom we
■ , Y> > a /l uecr kind of a waif upon theunso
1 phistic.V^d society of that vicinity, whotn we
i will call Sam Jones; one of those lazy, Ioung
,ing idlers, who live from hand to moiilli, no I
I ~ . ■ , , . ------ » —
I one knows how, hanging aronnd the doors
rof the wayside taverns, and sleeping on the
I benches of corner groceries and alehouses:
I their noses poked into averybody's business,
ane their tongees wagging, intérrogativeiy,
' *
, whenever they meet with a chance visitor to'
! their neighborhood. Sam was a native of
this village, and assumed to know the name,
the age, the ocCtipsfion, and the history of
'? T'ff'. * *** ,0m °f
and pretended to a smaUering of law knowl
Was always!
'perfect gala
above ali thi
every roan, woman and child in it. 'He
edge. Beiifg a veritable Peter Peebles, in
in every respect save that of any earthly;
personai interest in any case that ever came I
before jutlge and j.ury, the aenuai session of
the Circuit Court for that ppunty, which . ,
as always keld In Sam's native town, was a
a season with him. He loved
ings, to go into the Couri-house,
practitioners at those '
sessions, at the time of which we write, was | ov
a learned but, fomewli«t eccentric lawyef of,
- be . '^ ew York * .Griffin. One
AVEnmiV lfcla !n onr» mn (U» ___ ! J._ J !
and lounge away his time, listening totbe| b
examination of tesimony, Gje -arguments .
of counsel, and the sumruiDgs up of the
judged '■
Among the legal
evening lfcte in autumn, this distinguished
counsellor, having been engaged during the
day arguing a somewhat important case in
court, was enjoying his eigar and a glass of t
i • miU**P
U| s appealed to,
iQR^-of Utfit terpi in
hbw: wa tôikS* £2ï$tÏ2g.
in, was enjoying tris cigar and a glass
ed,%iien he was" accosted-. '$$T ' lïe inevit
CTe Sam Jones, as follw^'
"Good em)in,*,Çquar] That was reyther I
* tou S.- °', i°iL r ' n ; 4? co ^ rt
warn t iff I Oouldn t git the bang of.it, no
"°Jr. i
TO/?!"!* MW'J f^Bond®d,lh*!t. : i$!fM n,
c ^^ f J^ ra ; , aTeri tS^; I of
itérai avVage? Waff I never hiorR tel] ;
juar Oriffios?' eagerly ipqui|:e4 f hr
itu ar
, . .. •*•}
eonddded, ffiiys &
' Oh! Aliî Xo, a-s| J sec., W*J, now, come
to think on it, I did once know of a case of !
gluVal av'rage; that happened down ia these
pf. ru .* Jim HzriMy*' Pollard and )
fzteifef« •
live down here to Pntcnog Sqi
used to ipfe'ftfrti, ana Syéii on
&«ffcà*itapâèto Mod^igs, fiMl# MNsft thev
b«|Mh UfMRid «Gnd ft, with ' ^
Jell ;
used to
iy Gfiiid oB this bfiainecs in
fwk, 46
Squar, tint
pMüeésishâpe. îb^ bMh Hewd 4i the same
bouse, and their old men, they was fisher
mta, aad they '«me in partMershtoe, toè! It
w«b *U one c«j«m, all roenw, y<w see,
8 q 0 », *ad they wim alt woelriag for the
Leaefitof the aonsara." r »*41 .'*■**>
"Yes, I peneeive," remmhad the grave
counsellor, who wawlisteiniig ma attentively
as Sam eould possibly have desired—"! an
dekthnd "
1 Wls:
Wh» '
ïroîd men
, >WÖpni,
to rat that
*■ m**
»pf, you
*Yt _______
WWwWg* am* HH
g**a黫»ytewHfcd»4b efttt^alMM th
Polls rd, araekfif*^ ftarai y»i*d
«psta*H ahd' pfifidfi t he sHD H d»Vec«fHt.
and ad the kidlRoj" and fifMs Pollard ah
iowad sbo beitter Idi. mNr»fiou see,'
twJjlM, ^ lîniiüili^ÜflWI ÜraW^Äel
••■IMJv wlo UlWMir^MwinKI pvWCf nil
*7 \
| the skehiy, when she seed s'unthin' on the
j side of the bake pot, that she didn't want to
get mixt with the indigo. So she just
stoopeddeOwn a little, and sbo gave a little
I ope professor says mat uie counsellor went
to fed that wig ht gom e what posed! :
thest- - . ? » ^r"~~ . .
andr - JW» Cult*»«.—: D aniel Wehster said,
»jkndwith truth,"That two successive
! of tie turnip crop in England, would hank
ril P« the country. Here wood and man ufac
turipginterests would be prostrated, while
j iheiopply of mutton—depend«# upon the.'
j cro|--conW not he replaced by other meats."
j nd yet the planters and farmers of the
»^-for wei had almost said of.
Mu issippi—place no more value upon tur
I n 'P than they do upon Irish potatoes— and
fj • ,ir * . , ,
ot mem a mere patch, for summer, is plante ^
—9hil$t, at this very time, there are millions
of (fcllarS worth of bought corn and meat in
the lands of those very thriftless people,
pWIfc» the 20th of July to the 20th of Au
" ......
year, came along, all knew what
therhan^e/or corn was; and all could have as
sow» down from one to ten acres of turnip, it
wh^h would hare fed hogs, catttle and slieep,
™ eat aec, ' reJ . a ' ^ at
nW'corn saved, no doubt, by some. Aye, to
wit ï top fodder for the last two months, and of
f^f hogs on turnips ! Why* sir, when wo
ma *e onr erop herein 1831, we fed ;
I mu fes and horses in a cow lot, in an open
troifeh—cows and all together—the cows
. , wo f d cut the shuck from l he ear of corn, At
bo^iever cot a grain. Well, it matters not. |
Far more importRiit trntlis you doubt, and we
fia| bo fault with your unbelief. Jus so with
1 J eHch lbem to eat turnips. Cook (
a little meal and a few cotton seed, and
. tan make pork fit for a Laplander, even 1
jwiftonttk nieil. _
' *^ e 80 "figeLy of turnips, Mid have had
ov *' tweoty-six aqres. How »fter the Iasi io
pWing' or ^sweeping ^ cotton, and 4o it
• _ -
»hin» P.tr Pula P.arroB nrura ;
b ?
. 'T' 1
cnn make pork fit for a Laplander, even
0ne *1»%. By mistake, Rutft Bagas were
for ®nr table, and they were so su- ' the
pwortbat we have them daily-^and to the the
fl#%«f March. They are good keepbrs,
i. Umtk
:' n
project ; to
T^BaomarN Water.—W hen the
offiuppiying Brooklyn with pure water was j
firjl spoken *f In the CJity Council, a Cora- ; and
milte wm Appinted to make inquiries and '
jeÉft.Srat ae to the quality of the water to
befcocttrtd, in comparison with the water 1 «
of *e well* ; and second as to the cost of
the^queduc't, Ac. The Bnoklyn Bi i^r^ives,
hr (fccovered fe (be water
& c
*' , -1 '
rules ajegenerab f jwt
of the Hrooklvn ia
.„rAffl.i.% 0« P caU. ' !
Articles on fftfi wAtér question. !
iou-What proper, In ofcht would
1 analysis of Brooklyn pell water j
! that
of tl
) Qi
fir—I cannot say, but it is estimated
ir united tails would reach the length |
! M
taste j
rr »
poaeé aqueduct.
tioa—Do you r tffi»u*aa.n^e ? «MAfKP
W *f" w*
. ? T ~ rJ n 1 th l. J.. ".Fi* 1 . : 1
that w ater for nice dnnking mould (
»atroaglj of eiL J; i. >s . • j
iou—Can you explain v Thfi reason *
\ why o water of Gowanus Creek is less cat
ft'tÿno than formerly Î
An rer—It is supposed to hafiefinmoêbh- £
uectU with the iwcreased manufi.otmw of
saueaj ». ... >•••.{.
ion—Whaj; corporation would, bfi
:ely to billig a certain and constant
auppf; ftwater Jwtoahofiftyt
An^fer- -The ccrporatioo of milkmen.
rv .^~ r MV------
For. GABOBNfifS.—Never train or
plant unnaturally, climbers do
i hanging about. Traitors wifi do -
Qfiow it as ft would grotv nat*,
supply only « cases where na- j
for it is jte ! best for plants. - ,
«•ft« to Bloom. Onlyof e j
. iy prararve the fallen leaves of trees,
andpre tre as many as you can ; «vhen fot
ted toU nedy thbyjtn ^invaluable.
Keep our seeds, bums, tubers, drc., m a
plaoow tre aeitfcor best, «or frost, nor damp
can rça< them; for either of theso would
destroy any.
Do n<f was
d«r dev
labor ue|
waste rain water, save all vou can,
• '-pm^ ' .....
Uêw Wni» to BU
thMypafi *nfij »fit * monthVrBW,
Nr ftflatit shfifNh. !o¥s of root,
'a ^tinrtseponrtiog^ psrtinn pf Ike
krai? -,. F -Mr'tn-A - ■. iiK .,c.e? ' 1
Enccntee toads and robins, «niera you
have pet Berry tree». Theygain their liv
l«8 tj dfco mg insets.— Homestead.
l/fagßil ! - U» * f l ^ ^ rA.' .-I s
A. *«f4f«<lil* r weot to coraait Dr. Car.
tar, who iKnrathiug of a wit. The doctor
told him ®t hffi comblshit was droroy—
[water fioHwrtfng «Whiiiil till ah*
might .ftoeofiw-b»' fo ype d .
replied* u^'ra8«rfffi»i«t
iver qf'mkj watcr—It pej U
sam t>r. 0., "art sure it
'ÏHM beéaiM, yo^!f^>^
A Military Pig. j
to During the last war with Great Britain, a 1
very remarkable circumstance occurred 'in
connection with the invasion of (jfftada. A
two on their war, they notim! two nitrs
: fighting, and delayed their march to see Tt
out - After they had resumed liieir march,
the pig which had been the victor in the '
failures-contosCwaa observed to fo! ow ( em
At iight, when Chev en^mped ,he n^»
found a shelter near, and halted aho The
next day ihe ni—.e coin •„ ' ,i ,L ' w J
before; and dies it march, d «very day -md
halted every night with the s*ld+î r-, ôr neat i
them. When th«v cameonnc.b,.
at which place the troops'were to cross the'
the water
a^ferry Leaf, the pig, on getting to
....." rb promptly plunged iu and '
swam across, and then waited on the other
side, until the cortege crossed over and then ■
renewed its post upon one side of the tnovino
column. Thus the animal ke-»t up with the "
troops until they eroded the ' Slate of oh in J-"
:d Lake Erie. On the journey* iiîv
.? r0 'v familiar with their LnrJ« t I
a net receiving a ,,r 1
• 1 J - a RlM,C of lju <
and reached Lake Erie.
as the men
it became
■ns issued to the soldiers.
at times, do onp thought of putting the knife
to the throat of llu-ir fellow-soldier. What *
of provisions'as'the'trorins foauY^'hemselvet
- ' " 1 loemsewes
_ ______________ v _ __ , ViIV „ ,,,,,
they had wa/rfid' ' sW^ndlf the' X
; fared as (be lest at times it «till «mint «Ton ,
and manifested as much patriotism" in its own
line as bipeds it accompanied did in theirs
At the margin of the Lake she embarked' I
| with the troop«, and went as far as Ea-s ! t.
Island. But
, be
into Canada, site obstinately' 1 reffi^to' era- *
( lark a second time. Some of the men at
tributed her conduct to cctmtitutional scru
1 pies, and observed that she kuew it was con
Jtrary to the Constitution to force a militia
pig over the line.' She therefore had leave
io remain.
After tho campaign bad closed, the troops f
- recrossed the Lake, having left some of their i
; __* 1. - * . • 3 • . . !
horses on the American%ide. As soon as
' the line w-rt formed, to the great Surprise of
the troops, there was the pig on tlfä ri-hf of
the lia«-, ready to rammo her march with the
st. U.v ihut -1:4» iW wi«xoi tVos .. ti ul * ..
:' n * an, J tfi 0 ' animal mflered jrieatjy on the
homtward ftta li. ;>he iSau« .„ii, however,
to reach Mavsvilfe, where the troops re
Thereshe gave out.
crossed the Ohio river. _________ ^ ^
and was placed in trusty hafeds bv OoVeiadr
Shelby, ami finally »aften to the Governor's
hotné, where she pissed thq rest of her da vs
« ease and int'ofence;
There are many in Kentucky who
now attesUh.e Zj$ oFî^reœaUabiTslmT"
i iJtfc h ot this remarkable story.
K* '
-1 ' Clear at Mtr*.-^ Mr. Oheetum,-Pve
f jwt dropped m to engage voUr services in
ia aueetioR M law ' "Ah \r. r'
! Sr*&5 iîtÂV'r' %&
! mouth azo • thodocr 'î-nn nfF ^1,
KÄ to* mt^r
j ficult case Mr. Green 6 ; excemlingly 'dfficbl't, !
Itavelim like iTbreew 0 " You *£* we'must
| prove the identity of alibi > then after !
■*-**»**,/«£ t
i,s U e a copras corjurnm and lev» «MMs»tM
?,mtw **",»wwiSr ». hk!£* /.(«» tZTHm
i a, , mptqntum j ury, and After eoitriutfvely
1 ptoymg4he nue y ?-«, *bave the raw tmani
( mously decided'in our favor by virtue of the
defutfibu» pfopora Mr.
* G bee turn l wethro ug hG aft ; flora easy ft is
»** folks that can.urnler<tamj. : '' t < !
Uq folk
£ |*sç
'ec u Lim Shkki'.- — la the Pun j» ut», Iodia,
there is a. breed of sheep so small that '
'gfowu oneisnot larger than one* ofuir
t^mh» of »ahquiLfour woektold. These «sen
^ ______ _ _________
|tnfes baye, surd I bonefi, a full, llashy caasass,
[sad the mutton is excel font.- .£ach ewe bas
two lamb» per annum, an 1 vidkisabout thfoe
[pounds of fine wool. This ahOcp weald be
excellent for our country, and some spirited
[stoek-xaiser shoulJ import a tloek of (hem.
- The habits of Uw sheop sre as.domesticated
as a.dog; it feeds on evejiy kind of vegetable,
j grain and fruit, and takts emmbs aad fruit
paring» from the hands of its master. The
country,, whic^.this «beep, bftsbit* lira a
climate very similar in température to that
of England. ,• _ ■ » j
AAfit/ ;':yf-w-e te-- *..'
"Wh^tareyoR doing, niy son!" said a
father to his bqy BiUj. "Srapking a sweet
few cigar, father;* I made it? "TWKv it
aw«y, this minute ; don't- yen know that *
, boy that «moka» sweet fera wilt «mot«* to
j banco, and if fie smokes tnbucco liowiil drink
ami if
It*,lie* heiWill steal! aad: if lie *«Se;ilt he wHI
ffiOtmnU murder, and ifftfi morders he will be
^wuf !" Ac. ;--<>§>■.- • r.l _ '
lesv'r- tr^ -r -wew-idw—< -I •*> .
A queer suit has been decided iu favor of
aid if he «trials, rafiwhe will lie, afit! if
the plaintiff at Chicago. A ^eU-to-do man
went <o an intelligence office, saying In*.he
wantod a wife.and wofildM* tojry her first
as a sffi-vfmti He pnWIfdown,,and[agreed.
to cash upanot^ g if he roartie^We g.rh
ÏÏÏÛTb ' ÿ - refu^ the
owing; acnco tna ^ a|t . y _
** MM, SZ£-h fi h
•.t. rtw.Mh •MiiiJfotaHffi
main nnkutmed
j Givk V • C
1 A child \ ^ EWB! ' Ar ®""
ted with a non «,.LI" , bpco t raes àejigb
names and thin^'which ^r^ famiH^* °
lid will vw«., _______ • *. *
should herself lw ' a - j
pied becomes, fortiipjd.against theTlh. oHifc
and is braced for any eu^r^enc" ('i-d-Von*
' amused bv raudi.tr L «»« t ' ' - "
L ^
Slow many though L™ '**^
«pent tlieif enrnm-rl in 1! * V(
il nn " ® nr , n ' 0 ^ t * rven * ro S
How many nafents wl beeM f re ^ 1Mg '
dollars U hooks for th Yr' femi'ies woulJ
,i„ , . Minnies, wouid
daughter who'ïïd ÄoLuv a ' m * S °" *
and thought
lessly fallen into temptation!
m _
a \r rr
, " am pshire editor was lately rob
be ' ! | w J'" e traveling. How mach tho thief
" 1 !a(le tlie operation may he discovered In
J-" 6 '"d'goant epistle be immediately sent to
iiîv v,ct .' m ' returnin o ,be pooket-boqk :
I dïKÏÏS ^ b S° t
1 f| on t keep no sreb. For a man dressed as
well as you was to go round with »•-*
))fu . ,
* - 1 sta ! n P 3 * and
w,lh nothing in' it buta lot of newspaper
scraps, a pair of wooden combs, two news
. . a pass from a railroad
lîYfil 0 ''' '/ V c ; ntüm P tibld imposition^Bthe
, A 1 " ear / 0 " «" editorlre
lurn ,f. our trasb * I never robs only.gentlo
w,: T/*---- „
t. ____ ? ,^1 KR _ FOa IIoas .^ AN ' D Cattle, to
be used with a syringe daily :
SB?f * r ° f ,€ad ' 1 drw,,,n
w Vi?«".
Hilrato of silver
Tincture of Digitalis, J an ounce.
Soft water, 1 pint.
Shake when used. This also constitutes a
fine cooling lotion for severe brusiefi : from
kicks or otherwise.
Blood warts may soon be removed by ap
plying the following lotion for a few success
1 drachn^ !
Spft water, I ounce. Mix.
Collie and suppression of urine in horse,
may be quickly relie d by adrrr : n'»t<»r«ng in
a pint (>f warm ale or water, the fouowffig
mixture :
SW*^t spirits of nitre,
Laudanum, of each 1 ounce.
Oil of juniper. £ an ounce. Mix.
How Pxf Knew hts Pig.— rat McKinstry
at Cincinnati, charged 1 tennis Doolsfn with
"stalin' his pig." Pal proved the loss-of the
j" nia ] :l, ï * ll l# wM,traced to the prisoner's
««SrS'S k ' ,,0W ^^ a Uow
I>S 7iI-C tL#wo • ,
1 ^«re, tlmvwasno mistakingfitio
^1, Ju, . , S a —Mad you any other reason for
a I> * trksk *~J ,b< ' vdl>e «["'J P { S; T eP
! t sq3 Tto tr "beîe l ***
t ex, «ÄaSÄ
b " ■ ,w '"" v off -
Upon such conclusive testimony Dennis
was found guilty and sentenced to inprjson
nient at hard labor six mouths.
"A Slice Bigger than the Loaf."—
Wlide, walking through church street a few
evenings since, "The Subscriber*' came ul>
.with tarn negro boys, aged respectively ten *4
F«w*. The younger one car
*h.app)e ; W bishand, and tho elder one
wtw ffri » y ,rW • 0 . ,—
*as uaing all hise^quosoe to obtain just one
i The larger ont took the apphr, opened'a
t mouAh lhat WOB W hav « beerr creditable to n
i^ 5 ?* ,l> » catffish, aqd brought Udown od the
/ r "' r * * ( ' av ' n o ^ ut a ver . v small portion op th«
,er .
' ^ ^ iun< l er » Jiinl" »aid the little one, looking
a P at *^ e operation with astonishment,"just
Jon Uke the apple and give me th« bite,
| won 1 J ou -''
J ; . , - -rf--w»/.w— -t! » , <
! In pqc of the States they passeef an act
that nd dog should go at large without a
'muzzle, and aman #ä* brought tip for In
fringing the statute, i In defence, he rlleged
, that his dog had amorale. , "Hufir js /that?"
-quoth the justice. "Ob!" ssiltha defenden',
rthe act says nothing of where the muzzle
Mhould be placed, and as I thought the
natural would libs the fresh '
muzzle on his tail."
air, I put the
"fTna Liov a»» t«b Vermin. —An old wri
ter has reçoiJed an honorable aneciofo of
Klizabeth, characteristic of that true majestv
wMch wsa in her thoughts as well as her
When she
came to the Crown, a
knight of therealm.-Who had behaved insol
enlJ t . W ^ Eih,hcth, fell upon
bis knem to her and.4sm.gbt her pstdon,
j ^ h« , e i,t to the Tower; shë"H
»Tfplied; mildir- "Dotor know that weara
descended of the lion, Whose nature is not to
*V " h " r
"W"? ».
».«h, ,w
a triumph in « baft one.

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