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The Carrollton sun. (City of Carrollton, Parish of Jefferson, La.) 185?-1???, June 30, 1860, Image 1

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ad; .i-~fbdi~Y:~-Lr -iL 'Y. #. P tbBI~~s ~in
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OITY 0 TQMrRsEG 1 2 - , mnm1*Lw '
3 [From t~ WSY*T '
S-i mroC s astir, hde_
24oPe,4l ef so pleasant per
s ge*
S. With i oaken rule, all
Bless me, ai4't it pleasant, tho.
Teaching aitict school? m:
roups of smiling faces V
S Greebt you every morn; =w
S.core of rosy lasses
- *Z 'W-itr, zWoa'id bonnet torn.
'ed ttle urchins,:' th
,k dirty faces fobpd,
bm oeso statesmen tob
SAd men of high .nown. tot
Troupes of .young imaprtals or e
. "N th ydur wato lift care,
_ ~3aou1dod at' your biddsi ' so
r d M lds of virtue rare; WI
ihalf so pleasant,
til boot, ma
eeg gyo. ideas mai
r 4waw " to'shoot"
4o pleasant, i co~r
dg rwd,
Eer in
With a pomhpous at
fords of all oreation
1 c. 'a
Scolds about the
. CaRs the
Te acher gets a lo
S Bout his orful" .
Means to make impr sons,'
Big boy little smaytest,
eacherd get the "dr .sing;"
a Scholars rue and noils
. Brear ing aery rule
enob would lose his pat
T- reachring istric sto
i boy Little youthleto
t e Ah\mner gets alte o
Uef ob 'Bout his ";orfu e
SBookars Ruled and no l t I
_ Breakino every r
n WVeighers' and Sugar Brokers' ibist, hour. ¬
i order. ulrlloe to him
. AJ nm sinPASCAL, ret nt the
No. 4 Co0mmercial Place, , t
lemost dMi, t and Delicate wat t.
ud uriCL and promuptly execut, ec
Boksgu aRld and terms mbdeon en
 marl4-1 tion
And General Collector, e to i
tr and Watch
o. onin L a:definite.
Siroe t t ork
.most diLW t aed Delicatee '
~r tinlmed, br Atraolacd the
g d nd terstreetse
atchin Ir sar
·q~'. IlPeb
"W.dn't ti nwere aw m la
u Weuadn't I set ! *' ringlet and ibb o
hadbd "-population an example of brilliant ink
perfii*aP" Wouldn't I 'make. my dse
geerailly" submissive and def~iential ``
all the geitlemen, "and talk.to them a
though .they, 4 a soul above their " sll
.pandersi! ! be
What a glorious woman I should make!
I`wouldn't turn up my: ljtty nose and
,pet;because of., liojf bacco juice on
the pavemeant; ind if.lihad a husband I
ounldn't mak sib fsue fss about a "
tobacco-smoke to the house, or a ~ ni
tobacco-spit n my dreas,'Wnthe hea
or carpet! ! ..+
The deaa rable man ! I should an
so proud o(i16 digritypnd moustaches! ws
What's a little tobacco, indeql,,that a wo- aa
mran should 'set herself un. to abridge a me
man's comfort . Be
"And if ever I got mar iid," (and of
co.useq 1 ibold, for to what end L+a
womaq created, if not.to take a A' ge~
tosew op hisbuttons ai menad his gloves -for
.'wouldn't I make a model"'-wife? Y
D you s4pose that l. would fret and
grrmble,.if he should bring home son* th4
in to dinner, and I- was unprepared, or the
id not feel well, or hadn't a stick of woop bl~
aut to get dinner with ? si
.' "sId like to see .myself stoop to such soi
littleness "' And I -sever would ask hi r
! . amui the ' ildren whtle I went to
,o ~Admn his nwapaer and to
watthil. reothe room a
j Not` hat was wo
e 'fof not to tshce care of th'e
ln Ithey; wer. sick in the night of
)ln't as him to get p and bother ki
ins ! A'd i~ .s' :bring a lit- bi
now in (o ypn sup- re
like a lamp" m
am re o elean tit
And ifie chose to'keep dinner wait- H
aeg an hour or two,occasionally, I wouldn't at
irl arnisay, *That's always the way
t I en'; they never think of "x
rouble !" No; I'd. always g
smile when he came in, and p
lmp and hang up his coat, and C
o children to be quiet, so father
couri read undisturbed; and I would be •
aS.whist as a mouse, and not bother him
with questiona about this, that and thb
And if he chose to spend his evenings
at the club or elsewhere,-"I wouldn't look
5 alSck as an overchared thunder-cloud" 3
when he did come, and act as if my sense
of %onor and justice had been terribly
If he took a drive or a ride occasionally,
I wouldn't act as if I expected he would 1
aot ask me to go, and be found in tears and
1 simpering when he came back. If I wan- I
n- ted a new press or bonnet, I'd ask him if I t
ire could get it, and how much I should pay,
rO. etc.; and if he said "I didatt need it," or
not he " hadn't the montey," I wou'dn't flare
An up and twit him about his broadcloth, his
try gold studs, cigars, wine, etc.; but I would
ur. give up mildly, meekly and pleasantly, and
im wouldn't be always teasing' him to buy
the finery for me !
ten And if he went to concerts, lectures and
,is. theJike, I wouldn't expect to go too. Why
pns must a woman always have a finger in
to every pie ?.
rk- In jhort, I would always act and seem
just au'woman should; and act towards
gentlemen as onerld to the lords of
he creation, v~Ft*havrar n unalienable, unde
niable, indisputable right to act land think
en just r .they please, under all circum
stances *
srac, ood gracious! what a wide field
rveL there is for improvement" among the de
Sltuded, selfish daughters of womea! It
SfonputS inme clear out of patience to think of
Tae chaelf the reforms there should be made!
l"0), ifl only were a"' woman ! CHUaLr.
S P. 8.S I forgot to say that if I were a
Swoman, knd if I had a husbanrd, and if- he
should tO be sick a little, and was
obli ayat home .a few days, and
to iliation of being waited
and think he ought to
r," and never think I
;'r done eneogh .far
- " oney lesson on this pubject the
fr of ange ounse r," C
fri not loo de
* th am spiritshe
sme, t je rset ing
to even a oo ousnessi wre ing h
sad wi foreverwarrying ;14
had reached me, I was afloat on a dan- trio
gerous sea, my boat gliding swiftly NaI
forward, and the Syren's song already COO
1k my ears.: ove
"One nifrt webad a.wine party in n
the town, which ended "k' icesses, the tho
thought of which ' s called a burning twh
blush to my cheer a hundred tinles tier
sience. I had not been very well for dec
some days previously, suffering from
constan headache and low febrile .
Iymptoms. The dissipation of a higlt cot
turned the- le upon the .Tpong side .
and C I on thupeiexo that itt
wf e~at to 4 jysician.
r an4 pold man, , the old schoola
of en, and wise, thoughtful ang
kin& ?,e commenced, at onde, th6
business of finds jpt everything in
regard to my h $ pr1nciples and
modes of thou b ere was some
Sthi;i)n him thii so ins pried maei wth of
ionfldece that I' coneealed nothing. ki
He looked grave, and offered a remonr ca
strance. nE
y "Oh,' said I, almost lightly, 'young I
f men must sow theirwild oats. The th
ground will be so nch the better of
d prepared for seeding wheat after the at
Scrop is taken.'
"'An error of the gravest character,' a
She replied seriously, 'and one that has h
e uined its thousands and its tens of dt
thousands of young men. Is a garden is
obetter prepared for the reception of
_ l -ed for.having first permitted t
eds? I put the question to tl
Syour common sense. Are there not
some soils so filled with all manner of
Sevil seeds, that the gardener, with his a
utmost toil and care, can scarcely to
move the vigorous plants that spring t
d to life in the warm sunshine and rain? t
d It is no mere comparison, that of the r
n. human soul to a garden. It is, in reality,
I a spiritual garden. Truth is the good
y, seed which is sown in this garden,
or false principles the evil seed, or-ild
e oats,' which the enemy's hand scatters,
is .if permitted, upon its virgin soiL Now,
ld is it not an insult to reason to say
ad that the rman will be a wiser, truer,
Uy better man for having false principles,
leading at once to an evil life, sown
ad upon the ground of his mind in youth,
hy as it would be to say that a garden
in would be more thrifty in after years
for being first permitted to grow weeds?
em " 'My stranger friend, I have lived
rds almost to the.omnletion of life's earthly
of cycle, and have seen a sad number of
in young men lost to the world, lost to
themselves, and lost, I fear, to the com
pany of God's blessed angels, in con
sequence of that 4sindgb f(alse idea
d sown into the earth of their minhds.
e- Oh, cast it out at once! Keep youtrself
It pure. Let tight principles, chaste
oC thoughts, noble purposes, manly am,
S row in your garden--tno t the accursed
* wild, oats ! Be temperate, prudeut,
virtuous, obedient to su honor
c able,'kind Aim to be a iman-not a
sensulist. Go ern your a man,
a instead of letting pass io Petie, or
ad any sensual desire vulWha 4tyr
iat. to ow no more i o ste.
o will find trouble en hin your
life with the seed t'cy seaer .
your jelds."° , 7
" The scales,.e/ friend,
*It W55tu$'~l35 Kee
Welhusgtog s td" Washing -At Tai
the installation of Lord Brouhi as
Chancellor of Edinburgh Univ ~ty, on AnT
tbe 18th ult, he "deliveredi leegthy td- ThI'
dress iippo "Seholarslhipand fits T~dle," ia' TS
the course of whichbhe made tie follow- The
Wag allusaii to' Wellygtia t nod Wash
ington: The bistoltol later th ese, indeed The
of ur o aoury, ilbblds a iontrast to
the f dthe vicei .whic we lhve But
been i dthe contmplation of 'Tru
wl ' eU 'tacite .sorrow fbr the Kel
great genius wblht4 and
atiborrence of the i ss to For
which they turned it. _i .1-.l
trious captain apd statesmams 8 defqiated
Napoleon's .inshaet in ti crase' of his
country ani 'allies, and who ended by
overcoming leon himself, it might
not pe fit to speak in this *.Rf because
though no one' can have iuat doubt
who he would have acted in a like pose
tion, yet he never had, the opportunity of
declining an assumption of power beyond
tlIaw. li4t in Washington we may 1
template every excellence, military Sel
ands civil, applied to the service of his pm
conuqay and of mankind-a triumphant eni
wwaiaorg unshakent in confidence when He
the moit sanguine had a right to despair, to
a suocessful ruler in all the difficulties of
|a course wholly untried--directing the
motion of a new government tsr a
great people; the first time b as an
experiment had tt by man-i
voluntVil. iosy retiring an
f- rom wpjp  _ the venerationI
of all pait , ti of all man
kind, that the' tig. knmen might be o
conserved, and thatt hts example might at
never be ijppealed to by vulgar tyrants. Wi
g It will be the duty of the historian and WI
the sage, In all ages, to omit no occasion le
of commemorating this illustriois man a
and until the time shall be no more, will
a test of the progress which our race at
has made in visdom and virtue, be sa
,f derived from the veneration paid to the e0
immortal name of Washington. C
The Time Fied--It is satisfactory v
to the Second Advent people to know ri
to that J. V. Himes, the leader of the o
ot American flock, has made an agreement g
of with Dr. Cumming, whereby the end of
,is all things, including the world, is to
- take place in 1867. So long as these
Ig two lights were at variance concerning c
n? the time of the catastrophe, of course o
he nothing could be done.
Queer Dain'cs- A party of males I
and females '(ere arrested on the
ild streets of Pmouth, Ohio, the other
day, the feaies being dressed in
' male attire, `(the men in petticoats. 1
ay Their object Ia to have a little fun. 1
r, T he Angel and the Ass-As a
es, dandy was wending his way through
wn a narrow passage he muet a pretty
th, girl, and said to her:
Len "Pray, my dear, what do you call
an this assage?"
as? t Sa m's sage," she replied.
d "Ah, then," said he "I am like
ed Balaam-stopped by an angel."
hly "And I," rejoined the girl, as she
of brushed past i , "am like the angel-
to stopped by an ass."
m- g A physician thus addressed a
surgeon while in their patient's cham
ber: "You must not forget to phle
e tomise the old gentleman to-morrow."
"I won't suffer it !" ried the sick
man, in a fright. " Don't be alarmed,
ne sir," replied the surgeon, "the doctor
only orders you to be bled." t;Oh,
or for the bleeding," replied he, Sthat
o matters little; but as for the other, I
awould o Aie than endure it.")
* Z- a -ning*) ·I ais
p street, I
W. $ROEiSE, Phoenix Coffe'
heKeaLl! the bearetof tl
Jl. ! . i haste, ,  ,+
T ehi ` . Atm1. 3 4Iu "
Keeping up one eontlu i.ue '
*'*+ . ,, "oth, h
Andnevereh . ah*te t
This g"utg just to -
Taking Hiht c h hedi o y A : .
These are the features.Ef the
That give o ren. rI.sfer its ep .
'But td bring us real, g
Keep cool don't strive
wealth too fast,:
Fortunes quick made are
to last.
' " Mother, have I got any jz-<
drend" asked an urchin of 'eight  -
mers. "Whyao... Wheat vs t that l et
your head, sly boy?" - r Bee aso e l a `ie
in a book to-day at sehoo iout t
dren's children." "Heret iady, it yr
child ip feverish, washhim'in Ice wtar,
and put him to bed."
P Mr. Yates, who has been [email protected]
Secretary of the Great Eastern Cpm- o
pany from the commencement of the
enterprise, is at present in New York.
He comes to adjust matters in re r
tohe arrival of the Great Esta
:tAN OXJ, eah stamsip an e
Ssa a tvessealJ~sg s , s o 'oner or slo p
e fiatb ' 'gat la the r a .tr
and Couenllof the City of Carrollde,
That tis bcti nd is hereby m any
the rWher Crfintmissakny to suer
-vieary l the Port or Lsandng
Sof this Ch, plant tie posts, direct
pt steamboats and other vessels and all :o
. water craft where to land and tie up
d whethey are to remain at the Lauding"
for any period over 24 hours, and o .
leot the charges hereinafter imposed on
n all such vessels and water eraft.
11 2. Be it further Ordained, That each
:e steamboat, each steamship and eachl
)e sail vessel, ship, brig,schooner or sloop,
each flatboat, keelboat or other water
craft laying at the landing shall pay the
City Ten Dollars per month; provided,
that this section shall not apply to any
7 vessel or water craft making a tempg
Sary landing for reception or disoharge
we of freight or passengers or other pur
at poses, and provided it does not apply to
boats to be broken up on the batture.
within ten days after they are tied up
to there by any resident of Carrollton.
so 3. Be it further Ordained, That the
ig charges imposed by the second section '
se of this ordinance shall be payable in
advance and to facilitate the matter the
Comptroller shall countersign and de
.os liver to the Commissary and charge
he him with a requisite number of blanks,
for the collection of which, the Com
Ler missary shall be responsible; and forth
in with after the collection of any of said
ts. bills he shall pay over the pmnount ool
c. locted to the City Treasurer and file
the Treisurers receipt therefor, with
a the Comptroller.
gb 4. Be it further Ordained, That for
any interference with the Commissary
in the discharge of his duty as laid
down in this ordinance, and for any
all neglect or refusal to comply with the
direction; of the Commissary as ex
pressed in section first of this ordi
e nance, the person offending shall be
liablE for and pay a fiae of $25. Re
she coverable before any court of compe
il-v- tent jurisdiction.
5. Be it further Ordaiudeu That in
cases of neglet or refusal t- pay the
ba charges imposed by this iinamo~
un within 24 hours aftee demeun t.o
cases of fineas lasedl as pet
,, the Commissary &fkrSoted ta a
bill for the samerain .theus
ick Cith te,
Sod, and4ho atiorneys redee ltr
tor bill il with the ~to er
Oh, 6. Be it vrther Ordew#rt hat
that vessels or wateroraft lacr e las
r, I whh they have paid, the lcile .
return apro-rata of the mol
so paid, on applicationunln~
party interefted,; gi~,U 4 enport, a
Nayn New Owith the or
r Y st aeopLten. were rcpenle& ; ni

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