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The Carrollton sun. (City of Carrollton, Parish of Jefferson, La.) 185?-1???, August 04, 1860, Image 1

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BY M. G. DAVIS: T su' Si.u's I Lr Al. ,." IL'B lEIh.
"Indeed it won't," exclaimed aunt
Bial, starting from her seat as this for.:
cible though holnely abage o ed to
her, gazing aroumnl with frienzi
while tears, hurg'., p,"arly teoas,.
ed, falling one 1vy oie froi
eye-lashes. "Alas ! here h
all the mllorninig-three ilo
for wood or kilndling or $o
burn. Goodness! it grow
colder every liinute.i
Horning 1 had lromise of
o'clock 'certain ;' and Inow it .i
day noon;" ;dropping upon fie
from which s! a i::td recently arisen,
burying her face, ill her hands he
sobbing as thlouglgh her heart woul
break. Again liht, started up as if on
couraged by thli kindling of a new
hope. '"No use-no ust!" sle mur
mured, as dejetctedly as at first; " I
have lIrnId up every ,ourd and stave,
in short, every comibustible except the
the furniture, iand hleaven knows there
is noe10 too, much of that. What is to
be done ?"
Aunt Bhal was a w-oman of strong
goid sense ;i11 il kind heart; yet, as
we have alrieady discovered a fault
somewhere, we are sorry to attribute it
as ind eed we n1ut, to tlle delinqencie
of the lother, it" ilot the better half-to
her ll1us1, 1dl's iegli.ge' ce.
" Don't I. know well enough," she
contiiined wvitli something of bitterness
ill her tone, '-that illy John never ful
filled a pr,nise inll season-nover one
since we were Ilnarried. ]~efore nmr
riage, however, lie ws punctual eonugh;
yes-yes, r reimember." But as her
thoughtful lmo',d merged into .a ·heneis
chrm!el--'.(, dear ! I would takelta-
of myself, but the childrn. n--" with
thoughts of these, herhli~sehdold tretu-"
sures, she started up with suddoen.
For her children she had ladoredl, n .
had drawn tlhem around her until tlie
souls were knit togecther, dcarer to her,
oven, than her own heart's Ib, ((1. Shel
hastily remlived all preparut lions for
dinner which she had 1 een making.
straightway putting her lhouse alld lier
self in order. She worked with a
heavy heart, thiniking that but for
her childrh n she should go mad; for
she had been similarly tried in varions
domestic afl'irs and social duties. UInt
Aunt Bial never thought she was com
plaining of heri hiusbatnd.-l1e was such
good collIanyi, such alln olpen, honest
hcart'd fellow, tihe ii'iglilors would say,
one can't really hell liking hint-'"pity,
though, lie is so slack !"
Just as the last pin was adjusted,
Annt iHiul heard the patter aml rush of
little feet ul,1,i0n the stels. and t.l. eager,
clamnerous voices of her (lil ill','1 re
turned from school. She na::-i, lhste to
open the door antl wvhelei. i (nil \vciit Za
smile. She brolught o r,,: ril I hl, v,-,,h.
cont-nts of her larder, whiclih , n'.-ist,,l
of a plate of craickers. cl.eerfililv li
tributingthom, there Inil:r ',4 ): i.tift fir
herself. Presently, ro'li:i ;Ih oi,.
with kiss and good-b;y . ,I .,
iagain for e th 'e s lch l,1-r1 ,,1 . ti;4 -'::1;'etli!
mother that she' 4::'. 14,4' ni' :. ,
oreis,, ill tlhe ,, ,'li air l :.. L ": "'t, a..r h
hi r chilly r,,n , - . ( i : i ,. .) r
lftter theilll, sl' I' ;1t l ' :! ) t ,lp';y
- yes, to ,1'1y t r'' - .. r 1 iril "1 a:l
f i i' rIi,,' 14111'1 44)- 'I" I i 1 I. 4 \ i" 1 'i - lih . -
of f)rtl i--Al l1 iii . l 'r-. It' l:'viu'
d1tc1,1 h 1,r l xu ie' ý-tI i l t i ll, r i4
dulgent. 1 1 4 tin 4 1Ir t:s  . i,'r I-t;triu
the w itll s f iii .t , , vi i i'r ti .
rou'i hly. SIi 1 ,.14 . ,, 4 Ii,' e 14' , *W
li:tt l id waý l thi.re--thut h I. ]: li'..
givi gof tiih i ,i-it itri I'_.h'I aw l \+.i,,n
to the week :1,11 uee(.ttfil.
l4t44 iniI ] lr e; ,'v ;, thaIit 'w ' -', . tJil
In nid wilb w\veepin . <-lac ,ljl-stedlhi h.
lhat l4d l .. -.ttiIi f,,rill 14l i : IIt,0w
'.rr1·nt , i all tit in " ' vil v -v .iar
l tot f)r ll 4']'4t4 ' 1 ' it1: '1 4t r t) ' le tvb il
vnown. yi t fr l '4 - ,t4, ', .-t
Sher w4ould iii -lit lI 'if te' Ii:
wi I 1.. 1. . 1...". 14 '
"ir e w eiw. 44,,4 " ''.v'
lew 1(ile nn now i ,rii'l' nt,! i'-,4 1 wh,,
tir .: tre , ,v r'e ,, 1 1i .
wrater.*- 11 h,,i ,' l a i. ,i . :_:t, l
turned home, they,
bright fire..
per. ;
eater in the ev
s herself
an eve
n rs s9rted
other with
or ir lessons
his soon im
rted its uence to her
espondei arc t that she
r ag ed for el:
r i wore all well
c , e g reslponsi
bl pr sin society;
an owi the' , weary, des
, waiting &u e sly wishing
seCs of emergency, e(very \vo
mai may not he a seticonld Aunt Bial;
yet kind words and at cheerful 1en'ap(r
may be, t, lthe harassed and over
I'r ouehlit uici of husband, father and
neiglhbor, the very needful spark to
}tt, hint over the dark way,
:fosv often it is that from a father we
imWpressiomns. A father's smile, a
mthr's .frown, acts like mag'ic ulna
the*honmo circle. If he abuse not his
blessed privilege, what warin lhea:rts ai(d
willing hands surrounmd him; like 11he
leaves and braunches 4,f t io ink, they
sway to and fro, breaking the full force
of the tempest.
llad I)og Excitement1.-We learn
firom the Eagle that Gruiid Rapids
(Michigan) is in a f'iror ,f (ex(.itement
on the dog qu(esti.on. Cattle amnd hogs
have both been bitten, and human life
threatened. The cattle of Mr. DeFries,
of Paris, Kent ouinty, were bitten
some time since, while rulning at large
in a field adjoining -thl'laruse. A son
of Mr. DeFirts, heaniipg the lnoise, rau
out of the house iccomnpanicd by his
dog. T'rhe mad dog---a large m,1d plw
er'ful nliinal--nt once l e4'the cattle hnd
rushed upon the young. uI~'' and his
(1og. After biting tih dog, tle rabid
auniml t alitaektd the young mllnut, spring
in,. dir(etly at hii throat. Youn ID)
1 ries, who is a lpowoirful nd " g1'1u "
fellow rec:eivd, d-his .s: ait;anmt ,vith a
I(.en(, 4(do, us 1,41(4,\v t jis (lhnc h iied fist,
trikinig sraight fMl il . ::hahlhr.
'1(4 l i(44w t((4k 4t fl ,,I iin 11 1h:r Lt f
the i lf'llhit l 1 a ,li :i l, (.41Ni:4, hint fly
it1"" thlr.44;. hli 'e a:ir ten di-toms . n4tý s4"':
,,v l i. 1 (. il ( I.. - ( his '4 (., ,l
s'-til . ; '. (V 1 1 4low a ,:,'4-I 1.rk44 i
1,'( 1;. "I'l ,.y o(, t1 m1 1(14 ill. ill Ily ji : l, . I
1 i4(4(. th1 .l1 rI tr'' le :ray v'il Ir i- Ii .n v
1ii ti , a(dl Ict in4414id i(li:,'i4( I ·h. i . -nil.
his 1ri,1 w r(' 1,r,,k ,44 it:. :: ( h . w s, Ill.
3- )n41 t(4( t., past thI ('e4 lu ility 4.tf (,m -
ui1 tim) f urtni i niss(hi'. I.
' ci ('ireUiltnr(u( w . h,,41' .ht ( If ,144
a I. ,t sin (ll ,r 4 I ,14 14 , 1" f iý, il - , 4,t
i1 th 4y 4iI ni4 t s144, . . " l4 l:: ,1 ,14 4144'-" w ;
InlT,l ll 1 1(1 1g'it, hr(i' n l',, b ' l I '4
n,:nr , 'u r (41(. tohat l'e wn, Ih 01u1: 14lly vi
4, il 41 11 ' " . ('441. T .... " t 4.. 1 4 1'
l,> . , t ,, -\ )1 4 1 4. f I i , e : al v, 1 : i
4 : 1. - ,, i, ,. 1. 4 . . . "," - 1 4 4' 4.
" '. l . . ' . e 1 '. : . , , . .I'. .;1
r.,e 1 ,. . . 1 '11( t4 ( .1 -4'4
r'l'h,. Ai!4(t4ui-tr. ta,, h ' : :.1 r, T' - ,
' ( . -!. O, rtil it 44'rs',n :Lt y '.' .v -
, 4'! th.4 0 ',,:t:cr u.at,.r. port'..'::". t1,
1,e last lioston Saturday
enttemen who aro fanmiliar
as it stood some fiift'cc
1ill recollect. that it was
connected wiah otl4her parts ,of
World by 1bridlcs. T'hose
liar with it must take the aver
this relator as a sad and sober
_$ Boston paper of b(l'sseh(.cld mnct
a said aboriginal anid meldi:ebal
s of 3Bostonic existncee, the I'd
advertisement app14eared on,1,
"' HoinsE FRl SALE,:.-A. fine sorrel
se, sixteen ainds high; excellent for
inge alnd 1brken to tho saddle, is
ow offered ,n 4adv44;1tag-eous t1in1s to
a'-v one wishing 1to 1lurchase. Sle
reason for the s:ale that, tihe 'wn,'r
wilhes to leave tho city. Address
Robertt , No .. Tre,llt
On the f,4llolwing day, as ]Holert
C- was walkil,,4 up ('Chestnut street,
on route for his ('etlltilln-rom-l , lhe was
overtaken Iby a friend, who, after pass
inlg t the usual co.plinllits of the seaus54,
"1 see you wish to disposo of your
sorrel. "
"Yes," replied ;1ob leisurely, in a
"G(),1 horse?" ventured his friend.
"Suhlinllc !" ret1uned i 1hl.
"I ,"+tonu' yoiu'll warranit hinmi ?" and
iLohl took a longi puff" atl his ciiar.
't )t co( irs. I sha1111 1 ral warra t li lit
erally to 1 my a44v .rtis'ti ent."'
"A.\ll yo will . g-Iarlnltco hin good
alnd :-liili.i l) 3 y411l know, 11h,, I've
half :1 mind to invest per1soniUaally ? I
think the 4only reason you ltave for
selling is that you)i wish to leave the
'"Corr'ct to the letter."
After a few mnoui ts' thought, the
bargain ;l was strlick, l1ull in half an hour
lo4, smiled pleasantly to rb his friendt
gallop down the stdtlastn~ido the
Afternoon c;amn arounrl", and the pur
chuser came with it.
" obh." lie sali+ dlinully, d'Bob.'
"Yours to comiland, sit.."
"lHobl. I d-on't +'_nt to gt. find
frenzy a4lu,,t, lilmy sorrel. ", i'trthn)
great reslpectt for thit sofel, wfen I
rnmber l p"r his edigree aud n ll that
.sort of tlhini-"
")llillllled by Lady Suli;lk."
"An'l dnclmsneed by nyself ! 1h1, ly
thullnder--nlow, I swear, lBob, you know
that 1 am11 to-" ''
"'I should say not," was~ the iceek
"But I swear, lIh, it's too aadl."
"No, you don't tell me so.."
liBtut I insist that 1 144 l 1l y,.u ,.
'I'lThie misei'rablle nbru'e woine't --h\1! 14',
li' ll lip, o ',l l y (4.l "ir 5' illll l i44. ( ''
kltlew lie w4i,1n't ;v r ih his 1( '1."
"Sloldnid ilinuti ! llt I'll ahidLe by
lily w lrral.ity.
":111d literally to .ýyoul: wdv,'li:.-,,
"W1el!, 1i1., he go-s very wells t1i 1,
c.(m4es to a ,1rief:'. 41i11d tlrenii h 3tI,.
I"' It ils)y 'w ll, 'v '. (:" vat v e4r yt¶lti4 !it
l'.yil,4" h1111 v r :v) , -:vi "( ce' i' .
"Not a stel."
"I tllew it, saii li(,',, (- ,,l
"Knlie w it ! T]it'ii 4 1 l'' . . f
V4Il"4 Wiollr4aliy ! ' ]\1 'w it! 4 .- yp '!
4,41 <'illff 't .] iL'' l f h . i tl' .! t
1th1 ,t4 h. i i 1 4f 4 ., } - i'-I4(. it ,Kit4 .
Iplaiinl; iii the Ilm o ii'i 1):11. r, ", 1' r,
-o 14 ,r w i4 lli4' l " 1') I ri ,11 ills 1 1 ,,t. !
hI ave ,l e 1,v l hI re. I . a4l! -44! a
.l' ..1 i' tf ,i ca1 llu, i 'll -,4 4i i tl , i!.
!(.. w ith . I. • f n .. \ ... i' '; - .n
. eT I . \ i.. ,I. ~"t sh
" " I. ,, '.-i'he Richmnond
' , ,' - ower .lide-water sec
4.O , 4 ,.... 4 '', i JIf Ual sh fl 1h 4 tl firll.
a-ed a va!d o' vxtrlirdingfy, 1ubir4!4auce.
.1 few ,tiay o cwlaw near Nr',n: 4
, 4 . -i ,: . h uc l ad t - ,'r . . Yr b ... ,',, b ,4 ,,i .
e mt,'rklalc ifealthl of the Country/
Tlhe Now York Herald, of the l"7th, has
the following remarks on the health, crops
and atmospheric phenomena of the sumn
During no summer, probably, within
the imemory of the living generation has
this country enjoyed more uninterrupted
good hea:lt than tihe present. In the mil
tropolis tihe iiortality returns show :a nmost
gratifying diminutiol of ' deaths ec::el week.
fromu the return: of last year andi the pre
vious ya:trs; while thr1h glhout tflie enire
cotllitr', froml Nho'th to l Sottii,not a single
ca:;ie to epidemic disense of any kinld hal.
occurredl. 'Th'ii is certainly vtry remirk
able, antd is soimethinig to feel grattiul Iir.
In like manner the clops were in.ver beflo e
- got! all over the contlilent; and in coni
nection with thiese: cir in-lttlnce.4 it is a
curious fact that we never bell re had pre
sented to us so many atlmospheric pheno
mena as this year.
The air seems heavily charged with
electricity ; tihe Inort.lerln lights have beein
freque:tly ilulminiatiig thle skies with
singular brilliancy in v ;rious q .uai ters; ter
rific tornadoes have swept over the face of
the land : thmunder stormns hate becen hie
quent and violent ; a comret is at irsent
visible in California ; we have had an
eclipse of the sun, visible nearly all over
tihe country; and, to crown all, tihe greatest
meteor that was ever seen has visited us.
In short, we have this year the best health,
the finest crops, lthe heaviest tornadoes and
the biggest meteor ever known.
What connection theme natural pllheno
mona may have with the health and the
crops of the country we leave to t lie learned
pundits to discover, and it is a very inter
esting subject for investigation.
A' City Treasury " Dead Broke."
While the legislative commission at Phil
adelphia, or that portion of it which did
not think it proper or advisable to resign,
is solemnl, sitting and arranging plans
fbr sp ,dinig betweetl'two and three mill
ions o4 idollars of the city tax payers'
money, to furnish enormous and extrava
gant public buildings, the city treasurer is
unable to find money eno.ghi from this
year's assessment to pay a live dollar war
rapt due for, labor or other service to the
city. The ordinary expeiises tit the gov
ernment have scooped out the entire trea
sury, and left it "dead broke." do says
tie.Ledger'of that city.
I3 The Court if (;Claima has tll, ,llred
to meet on thel 15tlh of rl tob l tr. llnt little
but.iness has been done It hI last -,1ar, on
account of Ihi lit.leo favor in 1 h i tihe
court. was held.
4toncqrniuii 'I'iinsii- :21m11 % n/111, in 111("
Tha' t hi ll' o i lii th, rii l I II  t ' "I i'llI
hi i i m wrifimm fr tl -tll," v io
f h' r , " it hy lt 1"1,11 , o11 1 ;,, !I
11111 If S ty'. 'il i. t 1 hd,' :i,11, thl i y a1 ., ,111
lye i f i 1 11:,r ii1 ' | t I I /h , i
'-. Bi, i/ ,,,, /r, hn 'l;:iT ti;f1
1 l .. •'1 , I .,,, 1 d t, 1 ( h . ,. ,r 1 1' 111
1 1 I ' w t! , t i , . ,) 1 , 1 nfr l :, I 4 ll it
lr.-1 ' ll, t 1l 1 h I0 itt;f th h-i ; ' .
i ttl l I . rrn  h i tIi, i i i .l d i ll:, ' t i l. l lt I
li ' i i- t1l:h t il ii' fa
al' y l" r m- ,! , ,i 1, hr i l t '.y,,
: i. 11`i, rit ,f~l 1 l ( I / ,,,,/, T fI i, it,
ol l b, " : 1 1. 1 illy ý1 f i tll| o f t' " , , il
aih . I~ !t1,,1rn w ndit i. L ' r m ri" |,,r t l f.r
1'; I. ,(" flit 11 ' , 1 r h, int d, 'IIl'll t .
8. ' 1 -' I " I r iap li ty ir II 1 t( I - ,
1 h', '.. :1.. n., tn" , " t. rmit r r igl fr ti
If . r fn i -I '-I 11
1 " ' twtnt .v. j ()rd , :on 1 ' Ii If atl
'1'o Provide for I*Btc ordlil I vilevgcn
Illd to IIegultl" 'l'Iax nsit;.
i'I4Ns, d il.I ly 17,Jill;0.
IBc it O,'',. .,11 by the Alayior and
C(ouncil " Ie ( 'itc e/" ('a rrorll/n, That
it is the duty of tle Attlorney of this
city nind li ihe hreby di re(ted, illn fcc'r
d(:tnc, withi Sectihl 17 of, the Act to,
la' warporato the City of ('urrolltol, tik
c:l-.o to beh ro recorded i en th Mortgiago
t)llie tf fl the Parish of Jofl'itrion, all
tax Ihills i1hich renti u11)npaid Ot. thl ecund
of t ilt ticlily 4,1' 21) dtl)ys, for anuwl rine
as ix1'1l by bI'lt' io t Iti of said act.; and
to thiat Ol iitiidl fitr that purpose, it is
1!4r14bl.y Ilntlt, his duty to propare a list
'hlor,,I'll' |the Iui'nis of the debtors, tho
lillmiinllt dto by '1(a11h, the year for which
it. is d(ue i:1n1i t le( description of the pro
p)' '. 21, tns l,111tI oi ;lit' lhill, on which the
tax i 1 14: ;which list shrill ho madeo and
sigut'd 1,y ;,himl forthwilithI aftelr Lthe x1li
lration of 4:Siilh (h1 if ol 2t days iuiti iled
wvithli ti' t Ih 'l, rlier ln the heale . l)pssibll
(l'iy, to bie il'tered ont his Bo1oks ac
,tdiing to law. The Attorney shall
iulko .JtiJlgltmellts by default against all
pl)lrsn who lhae nJot answered and then
stay latw pI'toe'elings, on all unansworod
t:ix sit.s ultil fi'rithtr ordersi of tho
Council. In all a tswvered suits he shall
proce(ed accoreling to law.
lie it /rl/her ()rlai, 'd/, That all bills
for pavinglll (' thler work done on1 tho
Strl'eetis ld sidohwalks and for which the
frioit. Owlinel'S I1o liabhle according to law,
nmll nIl hills for work lawfully done
on privalt prol)ert y olndl for which the
owner is liilhle, shall eII recorded in tho
,lurtlgageo( lflico Iby the (. Collector pre
violus to Iieing plit' ill tilet, IiuiId of the
Atlornoy for suit.
(oncernina thae Politce of Ih.e I'nlluJilt of
Jclfrmon-- l4clit llnnk.
IPit(i,4'd .Iuly 'Jth, 1 tl10.
Be it Orduin'ed, etc., That nll whito
male residents of the Left  huik of the
Parishl, above the age of' t weinty-ono
aild underli tlh( t age 4, forlty-five years,
shall 0 slulject, to ptro'l dilty whio
or(hderd by tioe Polic.e Co'uiiiiittfoo, nial
notifil Iby tlh, Syndic, except in cas1i
of f.ickssor fr uom l other plltusiblo
ca.se, proviedh, ,,ny prsoni called
ulponll to, p)rtl;,il11 patr, 4 duty shall ho
pernlittld to put anitllher person ill his
''Tt, tilte I'c,,linle lury h1U11111 a ually
at, Ith ir iirSt A ugI s.: I el ilg e ,ct IL
night-Ipli(c to be ntid4hr the supervision
amil li ,tIion) of Ili'e 'y lici, whi o n1ust
Olti ii Iiits (uh'll Mi ldl ll) lir i .(ti s uitchll
Wi k o111 t111e ',Police ('unlonittoo, ltind
n.uiak weekly rcit. It o said Com
'Pihe 1',,li.,.re- 111 (',, ist of twIm good
tin t! I 'it l v;r'twr t y ii 'ti :11 IL a nlary of liffty
d[,lliari ( .:II) p141- mi,ilt h ou h wih, wloi ) -
411 Y it "hall I ' t ill toil 'v ry night
r1lIl ' 1 1 ' 1 , ili t ll . , l l ilt, jurisdictioln
if I 11 ,lit 'ic l It.'y, s4 It'iy be ord,'red
by ll II Il',i ' (C',,IV liltic ) to tile Sylndi'c.
All oinl,.rs of III,, (CollilitI to I b t
•i ii'lly : ,. 'r4 'l.
'l11, I:1t1, t hull :ounoiht of 1101. 14.1113
1il:, 1t .1',',' iti'I y 1 .1 i li1 , 11 ll. ll lly II
1 1 l it ,, 1: l pi l l" I ' 4 to b(, .40 1 4I1
i 11i 1,, ,e ' % I" ( 'i t , , ,41.  |'.afety lr
y r - it, ilt It€ II 1 it' IIIyni.ic m ust
'I1.1' 1',, 1 4l, . , ,;11,1 . 11 I.,ll arrlYsti )ll
nu i1, t ~ h 14 l ~4 ":It , p41'1ylx, . "t l .1iiy,
t,4,lrl l ,',1' r.- ai Ia1i lt li I ti til l i g.'i
'I .ll, v lli ... 1I . 0',, , rr,1i all
nwll 1.. 111titv, , , 01,:1 ,' il, f w.'i ti ,ut
I , -"COll" i fi' p I it i 3 i,, lit i l ''1' r, 1'lv', -
"'l, i t. :41111 h o 1 I ilt
)t i., f< r t eit ,rrrl I : I tl; i v [111 1 t 1€ry O f 4" 1.
A, i l" l l :t t" i. lh i,'l lli ,'y jil y 'i ll: .t
i1n4 . 1,;-, " . ( ,"; - . r or imllld y"or

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